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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, November 27, 2015

A Fence Is Not Intended for Offence, It’s For Defence

It amazes me how anyone can be offended by a fence to “defend” our border.  It’s not an offensive tool, it’s only for defense, like the fence around the White House or around John Kerrey’s or Michael Moore’s mansions, or even Barack Obama’s future homes in Hawaii or Chicago. It’s to keep people who don’t belong in, out.  It steps on no one’s toes and doesn’t invade their space, it just keeps them from invading your space. I googled “fence” and found an article that lists thirty-three fencing projects in almost as many nations, with 12 national fences being constructed or in place by 2015, and many of those current fences are for the purpose of blocking the Muslim flood of “refugees” coming into Europe from Syria and other ISIS-caused disasters.  Strangely missing from the list is Israel, which got tired of shooters and bombers killing its citizens on its streets and built fences to keep out the Palestinian terrorists formerly entering Israel with no effort, and accomplished peace and defense by building very successful fences to keep the terrorists isolated to their territory.

There have been fences for as long as we’ve had history. The Great Wall of China was constructed to keep the Mongol hoards out of civilized China, and the Roman Empire was partially protected by Hadrian’s Wall between northern England and Scotland. The Berlin wall was an exception to many walls, and is diametrically the opposite to any wall constructed by America, in that it can be likened to a prison wall, because it was intended to keep people in more than to keep anyone out. France’s Maginot Line was a well-intended but ill-thought-out wall that was circumvented by the Nazi’s. The Maginot Line has some similarity to the wall the US needs along its southern border, which is constantly being circumvented by invaders of the United States.  It’s been said that fences assure good neighbors, and that statement is true.

Only comfortable, well-fed, looney tunes liberals lack the imagination to understand that our own pleasant lives in America are being threatened by aliens who do not understand a Democracy like ours, are often sick and poorly educated, and too often are violent people, as proven by various sanctuary city killings.  Liberals are letting their political leanings get in the way of theirs and their children’s futures, which will be limited and bleak if tens of thousands of people continue to get into America and immediately go on welfare and create large areas of non-assimilated people. This inability of liberals to see the logical outcome of their sincerely felt emotions and desires is in keeping with political scientist Edward Banfield’s findings that the reason criminals keep committing crimes is because they are people who act on impulse and they cannot foresee the results and outcomes of their criminal actions; liberals are not criminals, but they are unable to look at all into the future and determine what a breakdown of the laws and principles that have made this nation great and prosperous will do to future generations.  Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were firm believers in strong borders in order to protect our national identity.

America needs a wall from the Gulf to the Pacific, and we need it now.

Obama Aids Our Enemies In Their War Against America

It’s been a very frustrating seven years while Obama has been in office, and the most frustrating has been the period of time since ISIS was proclaimed as being  a JV team and watching Obama do nothing as he pretended to fight this maximum foe.  With the numerous things Obama has said and done lately it’s now obvious why his actions have been so at odds with reality and the opposite of what he should have been doing: he is working against America in the war with ISIS; in his ill thought-out acceptance of “refugees” from Syria; in the invasion of illegals coming across our southern borders; in the praise of Missouri students for shutting down that university; in his tepid response to the latest terrorist attack on Paris; in his swooning attempts to please Putin and give him whatever he wants; in his signing the Iran nuke deal which assures the Mullahs of possessing a nuclear device in the near future; in his reluctance to really attack and rid us of ISIS and then stating that they had been contained a day before they attacked Paris and killed 128 people; and the U.N. Climate Summit he will soon attend which will establish the Climate Justice court from which perch anti-American dictators all over the world can attack and get reparations from American corporations, and probably from our government directly if Obama has anything to say about it. These judgements from this Climate Justice court will be for the purpose of economic justice for all of the imagined nasty things America and capitalism have done to the downtrodden of the world. 

In a recent news conference Obama became offended and petulant when he was asked some questions about the lack of effectiveness and sincerity resulting from his failure to contain or defeat ISIS.  But each of the questions were long overdue from the liberal press who to this point have been fawning defenders of Obama and were, in this event, right on target with their probing questions.

One of Obama’s excuses for not being diligent in his conduction of a war on ISIS, who have already killed Americans and other nationalities around the world, was that America is deserving of ridicule for itself being a bad actor on the national scene. What Obama did not inform us of, is that if America is such a bad nation, why would the Syrian “refugees” want to come here and why would Obama insist that they do so.  But in spite of the fact that there is no vetting process for people relocating from Syria and that it’s a certainty that some of these “refugees” will be ISIS operatives who will take actions against this nation once they are established and able to get orders from their terrorist leaders, Obama still insists that they come to reside in America. Why?

Iran wants a nuclear device, and in spite of the harm that we know Iran will do with such a weapon as they fulfill their promise of Death to America, along with the destruction of Israel, Obama not only signed the deal that assures Iran of getting a nuclear device, he also freed up billions of dollars of impounded money for them to spend on their spread of Islamic terrorism around the world. Nothing Obama does makes Americans believe that he is on our side in this religious war.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is Obama Coordinating GITMO Prisoner Releases With ISIS?

As an extreme example of how tone-deaf the Obama administration is, aside from saying that the  murders of 128 Parisian citizens on November 13th was merely a “setback” for Obama (everything is about Obama) and his attempts to “contain” ISIS, on the same weekend that the terrorist murders occurred, the Obama administration quietly released 5 terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo. Could this strange overlapping of the three events be more than it seems to be?

Is there a coordination between these events? It seems unlikely that there could be a mere coincidence that would have Obama stating that ISIS is “contained” just hours before terrorists attacked Paris and killed 128 innocent people, and then find out that there was also a release of GITMO prisoners at the same time. One finds it difficult to believe such events, related to Obama and terrorists, happening within such a limited time frame without something nefarious taking place. Was the attack merely a cover-up to direct attention away from the GITMO release and a way for Obama to limit publicity of the release of people who were captured while fighting to kill Americans?

A little speculation may enlighten the situation a bit: If Obama had only released 1 prisoner, could the lives of 103 French civilians have been saved?  Or if Obama had released 10 GITMO would ISIS have killed 256 innocent people?  It’s an interesting question, but given that the Parisian attack was a day ahead of the release, Obama would have been wise to have retained all of the prisoners for at least a decent period of time before springing them.

I’m just sayin’….

University Students Make Racist Demands, And Liberal Administrators Cave

Who says today’s young people don’t play old-time, traditional games anymore? The radicals and black students at Kansas University are playing the fond old game of follow-the-leader after watching the Missouri University student body punch the MU administration a few times and get away with it. Young people have traditionally attended college to learn, but at MU and KU what the black students are learning is that if they make racist demands they’ll get what they want. The very fact that these black students are attending the university is proof that racism isn’t an issue at KU or MU, and when student demands are made for idiotic things not related to education, it can be assumed that those students making the demands are there for political reasons that have nothing to do with higher education.

On the other hand, the current-day radicals making these demands are learning that the liberal administrators at our major universities do not hold any hard and fast principles of what it takes to properly educate a student body because they will buckle under to any and all threats so as not to appear to be racists.  Is that principled leadership? Are the administrators actually being racist by surrendering traditional education principles to the students’ demands? I see only “liberal privilege” in the black students’ demands and in their disruption of all the other students’ educations. But for conservatives, it’s sort of fun to watch the liberal administrators at KU and MU take a few punches from the young students spouting their “white privilege” crap at the president and faculty.  It’s like we’re living the sixties all over again.

Some enlightening feed-back is being provided to anyone observing these ridiculous goings-on: by caving to the student’s off-the-wall demands liberal administrators are either admitting that their long-held policies of educating students are wrong, as mentioned above, or the administrators are themselves being racists by backing off from the policies that are known to provide a solid educational background for students to make them successful in the current and future competitive world. I ask the administrators of KU and MU: which is it? If you believe that studying the book Fifty Shades of Grey is really offering a sound education and that free education and a forgiveness of college loans is sustainable without forcing future confiscatory taxes to be paid by the very students who are now insisting on these idiotic things, then announce your decision and go with it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Again With Obama’s Policy Of “I Didn’t Know”

Our very ill-informed president (he didn’t know about the IRS scandal until he read about it in the newspaper; he never did know about Hillary’s illegal email server until the House investigators uncovered it; he didn’t know about the failure of the Obamacare database that caused a delay in launching that horrible vehicle) once again doesn’t know about the most important thing he is charged with: the security of the United States and the safety of its citizens.

It seems that Obama didn’t know that ISIS was powerful and gaining ground everywhere they moved, so in his ignorance he derisively labeled them a JV team and assumed they were yesterday’s news.  But just before the Paris attack on November 13th he stupidly said that ISIS was “contained”, so he must have had some inclination that they were a threat to someone, somewhere.  But still, in spite of all the holes in Obama’s latest story, he claims that he had not been informed of the threat of ISIS and, of course, blames his lack of knowledge on the intelligence gathering agencies who are charged with keeping him informed.

But forget for a minute that Obama is famous for playing golf and not reading his daily intelligence updates nor sitting through his daily intelligence briefings. Obama only gets his news from television or newspapers, according to him.  Maybe if he would discipline himself long enough to listen to his intelligence agencies he would have current information.  But being informed would necessitate his making a decision or actually taking action, so Obama would rather remain ignorant of current events and just play dumb after a disaster strikes.

Someone in the White House must think we’re a bunch of fools in their attempt to blame the intelligence services for Obama’s lack of knowledge.  Wasn’t it these same intelligence agencies that tracked Osama Bin Laden, which allowed Obama to act like a conquering hero when that international criminal was killed? And then Obama’s next stage of defense is to claim that his staff shielded him from the truth. The only way his staff would keep information from him was if he wanted it that way. And knowing how our Obama likes to strut and posture and act like a presidential playboy, easily and smoothly moving through life from the helicopter, to the 747, to the Limo, to the White House, to the golf course, they must have learned early to not bother him with messy details like the terrorist threat to America and the fact that we are losing the war in Syria and he was kept in the dark that his plan is not working.

We all know by now that Obama is a lying, hands-off individual who doesn’t want to be involved with anything except the “fundamental transformation of America” and releasing harmful EPA regulations that kill jobs and halt business expansion. 

The big problem with believing that Obama was not kept informed by his staff or the intelligence agencies is that we lowly citizens out here in fly-over country did know of the failure of Obama’s policies and were well aware of the threat of ISIS and the horrible things they were doing, and we heard all of these things discussed daily, all day long, on TV and on the radio. If the average person knew of the dangers our nation faces there is no excuse for the president not also knowing these public facts. So the only thing a sensible person can assume is that Obama either didn’t act on the intelligence reports or they never got to him, both of which are criminal and both of which are his fault.  Shame on this low-life scum!

The New York Daily News had an appropriate headline recently announcing Obama’s “New Terror Plan: Be Afraid”. The headline provides good advice, because with Obama in office we should all be very afraid for our nation’s future, and we all know that Obama has no idea what to do to protect America and will take no decisive action to rid the world of the threat of ISIS. Be very afraid of this man.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama’s Advisors Are Responsible For The Harm He Does To America

Those who pay attention have known that Obama is a barely controlled psychopathic ultra-leftist who’s been permitted to make destructive decision after destructive decision related to the American economy, and has absolutely refused to offer any effective resistance to ISIS or any other terrorist group, because his staff has not forced his hand by exposing him as being a person who doesn’t really understand the threat that our enemies present, doesn’t read daily security briefings and updates, and doesn’t listen to the expert advice given him by non-leftist advisors. Obama’s leftist advisors keep him in the dark about the truth of the threats to American citizens because they know he’ll go into a fit if these unwanted realities are brought to his attention.  So they’d rather see him play another round of golf than try to make him listen to security warnings because to insist that he pay attention to being president and protecting the nation would be to end their careers.

His advisors have also kept silent about Obama’s inability to look at decisions he’s made and evaluate whether they are working or not and make adjustments as required to assure his policies are functional, because they are selfishly protecting not only the leftist ideology his advisors all adhere to, but are keeping an eye on the money they know they’ll be able to demand in two years when Obama is out of office, by negotiating book deals that expose the Obama they know, a man frozen with hatred of America and conservatives, who refuses to attack the Islam he loves and the radical Islamists he admires. Obama will not consider the harm nor the benefit to America in any of his decisions.

We know Obama has no regard for the welfare of America nor of Americans, but one would think that his staff, many of whom have young children who will not have the secret service protection for the rest of their lives that the Obamas will have, and whose children will have to live in a diminished and poorer America that the Obama administration has produced, not to mention the terrorist threats that young people will live under the rest of their lives due to Obama’s reluctance to obliterate the enemy we know is out there, would want to protect at least their children’s futures by exposing a dithering Obama. But leftists are leftists and they all stick together and defend each other, even at the expense of our nation’s, and their own children’s, liberty and prosperity.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Do Soldiers Have A Right-To-Fight To Defend Their Nation?

With Obama’s insistence that he will only symbolically oppose the international terrorist threat facing our nation by allowing a few bombing sorties into the Syrian desert, and his insistence that he will commit no ground forces to the effort of destroying ISIS, he is not only denying American volunteer military forces their right-to-fight to eliminate those who would destroy our nation, but he is also defending the terrorists from the destruction they deserve at the hands of our military forces. It’s frustrating when our volunteer Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel are ordered by Obama to sit by and watch as our nation is attacked, with no response given to the attackers. And to add insult to injury, they’re forced to sit idly by and watch Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, issue a verbal message of justification and understanding as to why the terrorists are killing innocent civilians. And it must be equally maddening for our trained volunteer warriors to be dispatched to foreign countries to guard Ebola camps while watching Paris and New York being attacked and thousands of people threatened with death by the filthy, rag-tag rabble of ISIS. Our military forces all volunteered to fight those who threaten America, and Obama refuses to allow them to do the very thing they most want to do.

Can anyone imagine FDR not allowing combat troops to fight the Japanese following their attack on Pearl Harbor?  Roosevelt promptly ordered the military build-up and response that eventually won that war and defeated Imperial Japan. And can anyone imagine not declaring war and not responding militarily to the Nazis following their invasions of European nations and the sinking of our civilian ships on the open seas?

One spends much time wondering why Obama is so insistent on not fighting when he has willing and able forces at the ready who can fight and easily win against the forces of ISIS. And why is he so insistent on allowing thousands of illegals to cross our southern border, along with the invasion of thousands of Syrian “refugees” who cannot be vetted to assure they are peaceful and not a part of the ISIS network intent on attacking America. Most of these so-called “refugees” are young men who have deserted their wives, children and parents to suffer ISIS attacks back home while they enjoy life in America, or attack America, whichever is the case, neither of which fact can be confirmed by our government.

 I believe the sad truth is that Obama is not so much opposed to fighting an enemy, rather he is protecting the terrorists from real American military opposition in order to give ISIS more time to grow, expand, arm themselves and launch more murderous attacks, like the one recently in Paris.  One also believes that he would not be unhappy if one of the terrorist attacks delivered a death blow to the America that Obama believes has mistreated the world and has become wealthy and powerful beyond what is proper in a world of poverty and want.

Given the draft-dodging, anti-war, 1960s, Weather Underground radicals that Obama is so fond of, has allied himself with, and with whom he so readily identifies and associates, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t want to fight an enemy that is intent on destroying America, and it also sheds some light on the insanely dangerous agreement Obama made with Iran that enables them to get a nuclear device quickly, with which they have stated that they will bring “death to America”.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The World Has Been “Fundamentally Transformed” By Terrorists, Leaving Obama And His Legacy Behind

Our slow-thinking, leftist-leaning president has done all he can to accomplish his arrogant intention of “fundamentally transforming America”, but in his single-minded dislike of America he doesn’t realize that terrorists have left him behind by fundamentally transforming the world. He is either unwilling or unable to realize and admit that, after pulling troops out of Iraq and releasing terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo, both of which doubtful accomplishments he considers his legacy, along with the nuke deal with Iran, that America is at war with the terrorists and we must engage and kill this enemy or see more murderous attacks on ourselves and our allies as happened last week in Paris. French President Francois Hollande realizes this stark reality, and now the French air force is using intelligence obtained from American sources to bomb targets in Syria where terrorists are operating.  If Obama thought he was hurting the terrorists with the few American bombing sorties he has reluctantly allowed to be performed each day for the last year, one wonders why American aircraft all along have not been using the intelligence we are now giving France and really make an effort to destroy our enemy from all directions, not just “contain” them?

The world, and the American liberal media, now seem to have turned on Obama, with his insensitive, regrettable remark about the Paris attacks being a mere “setback” to his limited and ineffective containment strikes on terrorist camps in Syria.  Obama is a leftist ideologue who is rigid in his thinking and is unable to change his opinions even when his plans are proven to be illogical and unworkable.  And his unfeeling, insensitive downgrading of the massive killings in Paris was an offense to the French nation.

Obama continues to insist that America will take thousands of Syrian “refugees”, most of whom are young men who have left their women, children and old people behind in Syria to deal with the terrorists while they enjoy life in America. It’s as though Obama was never introduced to the most basic lessons that most of us learned in childhood, such as the tale of the Trojan horse. But when one considers that Obama was brought up on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Revolution” and was from childhood inculcated with a hate for a free and capitalistic America, one can understand why Obama will jump at any attempt to strike a blow at America, and a new wave of “refugees” is a perfect attack vehicle for America’s enemies. There is no way to properly vet people trying to enter America when the nation they are coming from no longer effectively exists and has been taken over by our enemies.  Even James Comey, Obama’s Director of the FBI, agrees that vetting cannot be done on these so-called “refugees”.

We can all rejoice that France has finally found their backbone and are taking the war to the terrorists, and then we can only hope that Obama will learn a lesson and do his duty to defend and protect America and its constitution.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Obama’s “Leading From Behind” Strategy Is Like Driving A Car From The Back Seat: It Gets People Killed

Why are our leaders so stupid that it takes a major terrorist attack like the one last week in Paris, the Charlie Hebdo killings, the Fort Hood Massacre, the Boston marathon bombing, or the underwear bomber to spark them into a response? And by the time an attack is launched only dead bodies remain and it’s too late at that point to take preventive action and do anything except mourn the dead!  Aren’t these Washington elites able to listen to the third or fourth violent terrorist threat, hear Iran’s continuous diatribes of “death to America” and witness the second or third actual military-style terrorist attack on a peaceful, innocent target, and realize that these terrorists are murderously serious and that they intend to kill us all?  It almost appears that our leftist leaders, such as our sitting president, Barack Obama, want an attack on America so they can suspend the Constitution, silence their political opponents, confiscate all the guns, cancel the next presidential election and declare martial law.  Obama has stated that his current orders to make occasional, meaningless bombing runs in Syria in order to “contain” ISIS is working and will remain the policy of his administration. And we know from last Friday’s massive terrorist attack in Paris how well Obama’s “containment” policy is working. 

One of these times the outcome of a terrorist attack will be terminal for a western nation, perhaps the United States. If such a devastating attack occurs, we’ll either see our nation militarily invaded and taken over by terrorists, have a major city destroyed by a nuclear weapon, or Obama will simply surrender to the terrorists and open the gates to a Muslim occupation of America and the imposition of Sharia law on our population. And this could happen, per the sick logic of Obama’s pals in the typical university professor’s lounge, because America has been economically and socially unjust to the down-trodden poor people of the world and Americans need to know what it’s like to be defeated and at the mercy of a conquering power. Under Obama’s rule this could all come true, because he is doing nothing substantive to defeat and destroy our enemies nor to protect America from those who daily threaten our very existence.

Obama’s assertion that the Syrian “refugees” he is anxious to import into the United States will be robustly and rigorously vetted to weed out the terrorists is a total and psychopathic lie: Syria has no kind of dependable, stable government that is able to investigate and honestly report the status and background of any Syrian citizen, let alone a terrorist that Syria wants to get into the U.S. in order to do America harm.  The entire Obama administration is a pack of lying, anti-American fools.

Leaders lead, and followers sit in the back seat and watch events unfold from behind, but leaders certainly don’t “lead from behind”. And anyone who believes this idiotic phrase, so loved by the liberal press in their attempt to give the impression that Obama cares about foreign affairs and is involved in protecting America in this dangerous world, is setting our nation up for destruction.  In this vein we must be constantly reminded of Obama’s stated intention to “fundamentally transform America” and one strongly suspects that we’re moving in the exact direction Obama wants America to go.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Obama Is So Radically Out Of Touch That He’s A Danger To America

It would be difficult to find an American leader, even lovable, good-ole boy Jimmy Carter, who is more out of touch with world events, and presents a threat to America that is equal to the threat of Barack Obama. Only Friday, November 13th, Obama stated that ISIS is not getting stronger, but instead, under his stern and attentive leadership, has been “contained”.  So, of course, that very evening Muslim/ISIS terrorists attacked Paris and savagely killed dozens of innocent people. That’s some containment, Barry.

Obama ignores the tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” (mainly young men of military age who have evidently left their women, children and old people back in Syria to suffer and be killed while these young men experience the social benefits and pleasures of Germany, Denmark and Sweden) who are at this moment invading Europe, and now thousands of these supposed “refugees” are being invited by Obama to settle in America.  And while all of this unimaginable folly is taking place under Obama’s nose and at his bidding, a new wave of Central Americans is invading America’s southern border. Obama has also solemnly stated that the greatest threat the world faces is the lie of Global warming and not terrorism.  Do Obama’s statements and acts align with the facts as we know them in the world? Or is this just Obama’s way of making his promise to “fundamentally transform America” a reality?  If it is, it’s working.

Maybe while Obama is in Paris later this month attending the U.N. Climate Summit and plotting with the Castro brothers, Kim Jong-Il and other third world dictators to prosecute Exxon and General Motors in the United Nations “Climate Justice” court for those and other companies’ imagined “climate crimes”, he should consider the true nature of evil in the world and concentrate on trying to rid us of terrorists who want to end our lives and our entire way of life, and stop punishing his own peace-loving nation with his lies of global warming/change. And also while at the U.N. “Climate Justice” event, while he’s telling the world how racist, violent and generally nasty the United States is, he can try to address the Paris terrorist murders and the Muslim invasion that is terrifying all of Europe, not that discussing and dealing with the Muslim takeover of Europe is as important as telling the world how unexceptional America is, but what else does Obama have to do? After all, it’s too cool outside to golf, and it is way too inconvenient to meet with his military advisors to discuss killing ISIS terrorists immediately and completely, before they do finally find a way to wage their religious war in the streets of American cities or set off a nuclear device in Los Angeles or New York.

But that’s our Barry, and that’s why we love him so dearly.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Maybe Al Gore Can Explain To The Dead Bodies In Paris How Global Warming Is A Greater Threat Than Terrorism

So here’s our beloved Al Gore, broadcasting his Eiffel Tower Climate Telethon, which was concocted to warn the world of the threat to life on earth from the proven lie of Global warming/Climate change, while a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower ISIS terrorists were killing dozens of innocent people who were just trying to dine out, relax and enjoy themselves and not have to listen to Gore’s worn out warming crap about the world being destroyed by the very likes of Al Gore, who lives in a mansion, is chauffeured from place-to-place in a limousine and flies around the world on a private jet.

The death toll in Paris was caused in part by radical leftists like Al Gore and Barack Obama, who insist that Muslims present no threat to civilization, that in fact Christianity has been more dangerous and violent than Islam, and that we should allow more of the invading Syrian “refugees” into America and Europe to better demonstrate our compassion, but that global warming will assuredly kill us all if we don’t give up the things that have made us free and prosperous.  I hope it’s being made obvious to these leftist radical politicians that the lie of global warming had better start heating up soon or the terrorists that our dear leaders seem to favor will have killed us all before their touted warming can have any impact, even the miniscule impact they predict will happen in 50 years.

Poor ole Al. If it’s not terrorists proving how wrong his comparative threat levels are, it’s a snowfall in Florida or a blizzard in October casting a cooling pall on one of his warming events. The real world seems to have no impact nor make any impression on these lying politicians. But people suffer and die, as we saw yesterday in Paris, when our leaders stop paying attention to actual threats and try pushing their radical agenda down the throats of the gullible citizens who trust and depend on them.

Even though France has been on maximum high alert since the Charlie Hebdo terrorist murders in Paris in January of this year, it seems that French President Francois Hollande let his attention be diverted, because he and other leftists from around the world have been planning and salivating the United Nations Climate Summit to be held later this month in Paris, where they will establish a “Climate Justice” court where they can punish “climate criminals” like the energy producers who allow us to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the evil manufacturers who give us the products that allow us to live pleasant, safer lives, and fine these nasty “climate criminal” corporations billions of dollars so the North Korean and Ethiopian dictators can finally have some “economic justice” and give their citizens the things that have been deprived them by the evil, selfish western powers (meaning the United States is the principle cause of third-world suffering and poverty and not the anti-capitalist dictators who have kept these and other poverty-stricken nations in the desperate condition they find themselves) .

 When leaders take their eyes off the real threats to their nations and their citizens and concentrate on their pet social and economic projects, people suffer and die.  I hope Paris awakens our sleepy Obama and the idiot Gore to the actual, as opposed to their theoretical, dangers in the world.  And, just in case you hadn’t heard, only yesterday Obama stated that ISIS is not getting stronger but that they have been “contained”. In my mind Paris proves how out-of-touch and dangerous Obama is.

Friday, November 13, 2015

What Americans Need Is A “Safe Space” From Spoiled College Punks Who Are Themselves A Microaggression On Society

When the most coddled and protected elites of a nation begin protesting that they are being mistreated and need a “safe space” to escape the harshness of daily living and the offensive things one sees, hears and smells during the day, we know we’re in trouble.

In the recent university protests we’ve seen college-level juveniles lie about college presidents they didn’t like and about professors they disagreed with, deny first amendment rights to fellow students, threaten violence when they didn’t get their way, scream at professors who tried to reason with them, lie about events that did not happen, and make demands that are stupid at best and unachievable at any rate.

I’d like to see the college president at Missouri who was forced to resign from his job, which it probably took him years of dedicated work to achieve, sue his detractors for lying about him, and sue the university for not defending one of their own administrators against fascist tactics. But he probably got a princely buy-out from the university if he, as a good liberal, would just walk away, keep his mouth shut and not make any waves that would offend the good students of his school.

Perhaps a re-introduction of the time-tested swat paddle would be good for these protected brats.  They should be ashamed of themselves for disrupting an education that is beyond the reach of many others who can’t afford the high price of college today, and especially ashamed should be the son of a millionaire who pretended to go on a hunger strike because he lost his healthcare to the Obamacare farce.  Liberalism and Obama took his healthcare, but he’s too uninformed to know it.

These poor, sensitive dears, want the police to investigate the slightest word uttered that they don’t like, yet they loudly make charges of racism against Asian and black students and professors who have opinions that differ from themselves, and many of the hated professors likely had to work to pay for their own educations, not get it free as these young loons are demanding.

Our precious students have even coined a word to describe the things they hear daily that offend their sensitive ears: microaggression.  And exactly how these students will be protected from these microaggressions once they are out of school and enter the competitive world is still to be determined.  They will likely be unable to compete with the more hardy workers who did not have the umbrella of college to shield them from the rigors of life.  If college students are offended by simple Halloween costumes, they’ll never succeed outside the college campus.

What is really lacking in the lives of the protesting students is a sense of humor and proportion, and they think too much of their own selfish selves.  Not long ago Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they will no longer be giving concerts at college campuses because the students either don’t get the humor these comedians poke at everyone, or they really are too sensitive and unyielding to listen to it.  Colleges are training people who will be perpetually offended by everything they see and hear.  But healthy young people brought up in a varied society like America can’t really be offended by the life around them or they would never have made it past 15 years of age.  I fear this a false face they are putting on in a pretense of being compassionate and racially sensitive, because they buy into their own lies of calling others racists and haters. These young people believe they are better than anyone else and they want to show it, or maybe they just need to reinforce their own sense of goodness to themselves.

At this point the colleges being impacted by these protests and demonstrations should be denied funds to operate for one more day. Close these liberal protest factories and send the students home if these places of higher learning are so offensive. After all, if the liberals who run these colleges and universities are doing such a bad job that liberal students are offended by the “systematic oppression” they feel, they deserve to be closed.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

As The Left’s Global Warming Lies Collapse, Obama Prepares For Paris By Further Crushing America’s Economy

Recent studies and reports have proven that “settled science” and other proclamations about a warming earth are exactly wrong, but facts have never stood in the way of liberal lies.  There is vast evidence that the Sun is about to enter a solar minimum phase similar to that experienced in the Middle Ages when the earth became cloudier and cooler.

But never mind the real science that exposes the left’s lies. The Obama administration, with its much touted “fundamental transformation of America”, is already crushing what’s left of the American economy via the EPA with its Clean Power Plan, which will negatively impact our electricity supply and will increase the costs to consumers for the electricity delivered to their homes.  Obama is moving in advance of the United Nation’s Paris conference where delegates from impoverished, anti-capitalist, dictator nations the world over will create a “Climate Justice” court to punish America for living too comfortably and too freely, by finding us guilty of “climate” crimes and gaining billions if not trillions of dollars in fines against us.

In spite of the exposed lies told by liberals about the warming/change issue, “scientists” from around the world are pushing to tax the U.S. population via U.N. regulations, and fine U.S. corporations via the “Climate Justice” court, thereby destroying our economy and ruining our lives, along with the lives of our children and grandchildren, just to keep the research money trough of billions of dollars open and flowing to liberal “scientists”.

And all of the Obama and the U.N. destruction is occurring at the same time that Europe is being invaded by millions of Muslim “refugees”, ISIS is stronger and more violent than it’s ever been, Russia is on the move to regain its empire of buffer states and the American military is being dismantled and undermined by the Obama administration.

The warming lies exposed in the Climategate revelation in 2009 have not slowed the attacks on America, and now our own president, along with the world, as represented by the United Nations and its fascist/communist members, are about to lower the boom on America and its fragile economy. The big question is: who will be left to oppose the Islamic murderers if the United States military is sufficiently defunded and demoralized to the point where it can no longer fight our enemies?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miami Herald Headline: How Could So Much Go So Wrong?

The headline above, if seen six or seven years ago, would have been frightening to Americans who feared for their country with the likes of Obama in the White House. But today Americans have become hardened to the announcement of a new Obama executive order that crushes some long-respected law, reverses a social norm that’s always been the way we do things, or perhaps the issuance of a new regulation from the EPA halting electrical power generation from this time forward that will kill thousands of jobs. But the surprising thing about this Miami Herald headline is that it’s not about Obama and his “fundamental transformation of America”. It’s instead about Brazil.

It seems the U.S. is not the only nation being torn to shreds by its leftist leader. The Miami Herald is reporting on Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff, and the thing one notices about the article, which doesn’t mention Barack Obama at all, is the similarity between Ms. Rousseff and our Obama.

Dilma Rousseff is the leader of the ultra-leftist Working Party in Brazil, was imprisoned in 1970 for being an Urban Guerilla participant and for advocating Marxist politics. Barack Obama is the leader of the ultra-leftist liberal/Democrat/progressive party in America, is denying healthcare to his fellow citizens, was close friends with terrorists who bombed and killed in the 1960s, has added 4 trillion dollars to America’s debt and attended the congregation of Jeremiah Wright who spewed anti-American opinions from the pulpit of his church.  Plus Obama speaks in terms of Marxist economics and rules America with dictatorial executive orders in order to “fundamentally transform” it against the will of America’s citizens.

Brazil and America are faced with political corruption, unemployment, soaring budget deficits, a suffering national credit rating, a divided populace, declining wages and serious public health concerns.  But what else can you expect when radical leftists get control of a modern, wealthy nation?  They rake off the wealth for themselves, their friends, and their welfare-recipient dependents, and leave us peons, the ones who actually earned and created the wealth that they squander, to fend for ourselves as we and our children struggle to pay off their enormous debts.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama Says “No” To Keystone, But Has No Reasoning Nor Thinking Behind It At All

Aside from consideration about the pros and cons of pipelines and whether the environment in general would be served or hurt, Obama’s decision to kill the Keystone project is contrary to everything this nation stands for, so of course he opposed it.

He said that not enough jobs would be created by the effort and that we don’t need the additional oil, but the people who were ready and willing to spend millions of dollars of their own money on the construction and labor speak louder than Obama’s thoughtless, selfish negativity.  Did the people who built this great nation (the Morgans and the Rockefellers for example) concern themselves with the number of jobs their projects would create? And the “need” for a project is many times only realized with the passing of time, not with a conscious determination of need, and especially not the decision of a leftist president.  These builders of our nation envisioned something that could benefit themselves and they went for it, thereby benefitting thousands of people who were employed by them at the time, or who invested in them later.  We can all be thankful that these “Robber Barons” did the things they did, because they were (and still are) the difference between a do-nothing nation, and a nation like the United States, which has done terrific things.

We know Obama hates oil products, and it was a foregone conclusion that he would oppose this oil pipeline, which stood a good chance of actually making a profit for its investors, and we know as well that Obama won’t hesitate to approve solar or wind power projects, which earn a profit for very few people (and in the case of Solyndra and other such scandals, they benefitted mainly Obama in the form of donations to his campaigns), and waste billions of dollars of tax-payers’ money.

But Obama overthinks things like Keystone and considers them through a leftist prism.  What does it really matter how many jobs are created by a project like Keystone? We know that small businesses provide jobs way out of proportion to their size when put up against large corporations.  And even if only a few jobs are created, those few families are very appreciative of the income, and they’ll pay income taxes, which should please Obama.  And where is old, dumb Joe Biden, Obama’s jobs guy; he should have been able to talk Obama into letting the project proceed just for the jobs it would create.  But Commies will be Commies, and Obama’s dictatorial crushing of the project regardless of how much it could benefit people he doesn’t know, and a country he obviously hates, is proof of what type of person and leader he is.

Obama’s nyet to the project is why the current unemployment rate is so high in the U.S. and why there are so many people on welfare: Obama will always say no to anything that he and big government are not the center of; leftists want all projects to be run of, by and for government, and they don’t want money to be made that they are not the recipients of.

What liberal fools like Obama will never realize and never admit is that the majority of the world lives in worse circumstances than Americans, not because America’s Capitalism is evil nor due to the alleged plunder of colonial powers, but precisely because of decisions like the one Obama just made: a command decision to not engage in a new project because the ruler doesn’t like it and won’t permit it.  The reason Americans live better than most of the world is that our tradition of Capitalism and free enterprise allows people to follow their dreams and risk their own money in an attempt to enrich themselves, their families and others who may work for them or invest in their ideas.  Obama’s liberalism crushes individual citizens’ dreams and the entire society suffers, just as our economy is currently suffering under Obama’s dictatorial, leftist rule.  Rulings against this new pipeline made from above, as we just witnessed from Obama, will make it necessary to continue to buy oil from the Arabs, who hate us, as opposed to buying oil from Canada, which is a friendly nation located nearby.  Which would be the better choice for America: Arabia or Canada?  Obama’s opinion is that Arabia is a better source of our nation’s oil. 

One may recall Obama’s “Yes, we can” slogan. Well, the “we” in that phrase applies to the pontifical “we” of Pope Obama and his big government, but it does not include an allowance for “Yes, you can” because if “you” want to build something or create something in Obama’s America, he will deny it.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Immoral Democrat Party “List Of Shame”

Here is a short list of the damage being done to our country by the immoral Democrat party:

The immorality of the “Fundamental Transformation of America” proclaimed by Barack Obama and the elimination of a prosperous, wealthy nation by drowning it in regulations and presidential edicts.

The Immorality of using Ethanol as a source of fuel, as ordered by the federal government, thus driving up the cost of corn which much of the world uses as a basic food source, making the poor even poorer and hungrier.

The Immorality of inviting and transporting Central Americans, en masse, to illegally emigrate to the United States (which was done by the Obama administration), causing rapes, deaths and enslavements to an unknown number of young girls as they crossed the violent hell of Mexico to get here.

The Immorality of destroying tens of thousands of jobs via the massive EPA regulations flowing from this administration.

The Immorality of denying Americans their own healthcare insurance and forcing on them an expensive piece of crap called the ADA.

The Immorality of trapping poor people into a virtual state of perpetual slavery by promising them just enough free stuff to keep them in poverty conditions, in exchange for their vote for  Democrat candidates, whose election then further perpetuates the poor’s terrible conditions and prevents them from living free, prosperous and independent lives.

The immorality of Obama allowing the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie to be unchallenged, which was the opening act in the torrent of murders of police officers in our major cities.

The immorality of ignoring the street killings in Chicago, New York City and Baltimore, while Obama solemnly frets about the civil rights of the LGBT crowd.

The immorality of letting ISIS grow to the point where they are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East and are now becoming a direct threat to the United States.

The immorality of Obama’s agreement with Iran, assuring the Mullahs of getting a nuclear weapon, and giving them billions of dollars to expand terrorism around the world.

The immorality of illegally opening our borders to illegal immigrants, thereby causing present and future social and economic problems in the United States and encouraging the break-up of immigrating families between their native nations and ours.

The immorality of executive orders which contradict legally legislated and passed laws.

The immorality of Obama’s pushing the lie of global warming/climate change and proposing that a United Nations “Climate Justice” court be able to prosecute, find guilty and punish American corporations, and the American government, for alleged “climate” violations and abuses.

The immorality of structuring the General Motors bankruptcy so the investors lost their money, and the government then gaining control of the company so the Obama administration could, in turn, award it to the automobile unions in exchange for massive political contributions to Democrat candidates.

The immorality of crony capitalism in which companies are manipulated by the government with special consideration and favors, to the direct disadvantage on non-favored companies.

The immorality of an 18 trillion dollar debt, half of which was added on Obama’s watch.

The immorality of Obama saying he favors the Key Stone pipeline while his administration was blocking it all the time, and finally killed it.

The immorality of repeatedly saying “you can keep your doctor; you can keep your plan; the average family will save $2500 a year on healthcare; no boots on the ground”, when he knew it was all a lie.

The immorality of the Commander in Chief not allowing volunteer military personnel to fight an enemy that is killing and enslaving tens of thousands of people, and has threatened to destroy America, when fighting our nation’s enemies is why they joined the military in the first place.

The immorality of the Obama administration for canceling the D.C. school subsidy program that had for years enabled minority school children in the area to escape the local failed government schools and attend a school of their parents’ choosing in order to get a good education; and this outrage was committed by Obama to make the teachers’ union happy and assure their votes and donations in future elections.  Whatever happened to a citizen’s right to choose?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Leftist Press Attacks Ben Carson No Matter What He Says Or Does

Our predictable leftist press is, of course, angrily opposed to Ben Carson, this time because they are unable to find proof of his claim that in his youth he committed some violent acts.  So let me understand the logic of this folly: if Carson were able or willing to prove his past violence would the press then consider that he would be a great candidate for president? But since there is no proof of violence, are the liberals instead saying that his apparent history of nonviolence makes him a bad candidate?  Do you suppose that if the leftist press were able to locate someone who said he or she had been attacked by Carson, that the press would then praise Carson for his acts of violence and his subsequent conversion to religion and his becoming a world respected surgeon?  Who the hell knows what these leftist idiots would say, except that if Carson is a Republican and a conservative, he’s a bad person and not acceptable for any elected office.

You can bet that whatever is learned about Carson’s past he will be criticized for it. The whole thing is so stupid that one wonders at the sanity of our liberal press corps.  Are they calling him a liar of are they just laying the ground so they can be critical of him for being either violent or nonviolent, whichever they can prove?

On the other side of the political aisle, when Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of raping and beating her (and this type of activity is in keeping with much of what we know about Clinton’s personality and his past actions) the press just yawned, turned their backs on Broaddrick and resumed their attacks on Republicans.  They were unable to disprove the allegation of violence, which they momentarily and timidly tried to do, but they were certainly not going to present the accusation to him and press the case to make him admit his violent act.  And of course the press is not interested at all in Hillary’s lying about Benghazi and her risking national security by sending and receiving classified emails on an unsecure server. And forget that Hillary has lied in the past and seems to be making a habit of it in her presidential run (remember her lying claim that she landed under enemy fire in Bosnia?).

Could the race of a black, successful non-liberal presidential candidate play any part in the press’s attacks on Carson?  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How Can Anyone Want Liberal Leadership When Liberal Leaders Are So Ignorant Of Basic Events And So Reluctant To Learn?

I’ve noticed in recent televised encounters with liberal spokespersons that they argue and quote the same wrong “facts” every time they are challenged when debating with a conservative.  Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives who monitor such things have played montages of liberal newscasters and pundits stating the same exact leftist talking-point phrases, almost to the letter, about current events, that prove they are given daily guidance from their political leaders and then slavishly follow those orders.  For example leading up to the George Bush election, on one occasion nine liberal newscasters and commentators used a phrase about Bush having no “gravitas”.  I had never heard any of them use the word gravitas before, but on that day all of them used the same word, and some of them used the same entire phrase to impugn Bush.  And this is just one of many examples of liberals obviously being told what to say, and some were so lazy that they used the entire phrase shoved at them without making any individualized modifications to it in order to make it at least somewhat fresh. This slavish reporting could be an indication that liberals are not very smart, or at least they are not trusted by their betters to stick to the party line, but have to have the “facts” pumped to them even if the facts are wrong.

Some other examples of liberals being given talking points and not varying from the party line are:

When Bob Beckel was on the Fox program The Five, he would repeatedly make a statement about Obamacare that would be refuted by the conservatives on the panel.  Each time he would ask where they got the evidence of their position and each time he was told that the New York Times had reported the fact and that maybe he should read his own party newspaper once in a while and he would learn something.  But thereafter, each time that the same subject came up Beckel would again quote his incorrect “fact” and argue with the other panel members that his wrong statement was indeed correct, and they would again tell him their information came from the New York Times. I have no doubt that Beckel is still stating that Obamacare is working great and that everyone is happy with it and it’s a great success, and he’s still wrong.

Charlie Rose was interviewing Marco Rubio recently and was shocked when Rubio said Hillary had lied to the American people about the nature and source of the attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans working there.  Rose was stunned that Rubio would call Hillary a liar so Rubio had to tell Rose that the House Committee questioning Hillary about the Benghazi disaster had found emails sent from Hillary to her daughter and to an Egyptian diplomat admitting that it was an organized, military-style attack, but that she later went on television and told the American people that it was just a spontaneous demonstration about the offensive video that had briefly been on the internet. It would not surprise me at all if Charlie Rose, if asked today about the Benghazi murders of four Americans, would sincerely tell you the bad video caused it and that Hillary came out of the House hearings in good shape.

It’s been proven, using Senate personnel pay records, that Hillary paid females on her Senate staff less than she paid her male employees.  Yet Hillary is always applauded by her adoring audiences when she shoots her mouth off about the scandal of women being paid less than men. She shows no shame at all for telling the lie and implicitly stating that of course she always paid employees the same wage. Has she no shame? Are her supporters so stupid and uninformed that they don’t know the truth?  But it’s a fact that liberals never have to face real statistics, they just call the party line a fact and press on. Unfortunately it appears that liberals are liars and that they prefer to tell lies to support their causes, and they prefer Hillary because they like a lying candidate who gets away with it, just like old Bill did. 

Liberals always wring their hands and moan about the minimum wage being too low to support a family.  When told that the low wage was never intended to support a family but rather provides an entry level position for young people to begin their careers before moving on to a better, higher paying job, they will never admit the truth and give in to the logic of minimum wages being only a starting point in a career and the reason for the low pay.  When they insist that the minimum wage should be $15.00 an hour they refuse to understand the common sense logic that raising the minimum wage makes the cost of everything we buy increase, thereby negatively impacting the lowest paid among us the hardest and worst. And forget trying to make liberals understand that businesses have limited money to spend on wages and that when the minimum wage is raised you reduce the number of minimum wage earners that can be employed, meaning that several low-paying positions may have to be eliminated when the wage of the position is increased.

Liberals seem to be unable to admit they are wrong and seem to be unable to stop lying about their “facts”. Obama still struts onto a stage and takes credit for giving the nation Obamacare, although the premiums and deductibles are so high that many people who prior to the ACA were able to use their insurance, are now not able to afford to use it under Obama’s fraudulent plan.

Any fact that’s contrary to a position held by a liberal  will be ignored by that liberal and the actual fact that disproves the liberal “fact” will be discarded and forgotten immediately.  Whether liberals are only out to win an argument or are fearful of accepting a position contrary to their distorted talking points is uncertain, but it is certain that a position of national political leadership with a liberal occupying that position is a dangerous thing because liberals refuse to learn and will never admit they are wrong.  They just keep pressing forward and making a bad situation worse instead of solving the issue.

Additional examples of liberal lies from the top guy, repeated over and over and over:
You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. The average family will save $2500 a year on health coverage. No boots on the ground. All lies, told by the president of the United States, lying directly to the citizens of the (formerly) freest nation on earth, and in spite of all the problems with Obamacare, this man will not admit to there being any problems at all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Next Leftist Push Is “Climate Justice” And The U.S. Is Once Again The Culprit They’ll Punish

When Obama goes to Paris in December of this year his mission will be to punish the United States on the international stage for being free and prosperous.  He’s already set back much of America’s prosperity via domestic EPA regulations, the issuance of massive quantities of executive orders and just plain ignoring existing laws, so now it’s time to let the Somalis, Cubans and North Koreans of the world flail away at us and loot us in an international court of “Climate Justice”.

The Paris meeting will be under the auspices of the U.N. Climate Summit where they will create an “International Tribune/Court of Climate Justice” which will enable the “poor” nations of the world (poor like China which owns trillions of dollars of our debt) can get a break from the economic dominance of the mean, dictatorial United States. Of course the reason there are so many poor nations in the world is because there are so many nations living under dictatorial rule that don’t allow capitalism to generate wealth and prosperity for their citizens.

Most of us laugh at Jesse Jackson’s social justice pitch because we know it’s just an attempt to shake-down soft drink, beer and other industries for some cash which major corporations can afford to dole out to Jesse and his pals in order to shut them up, but these guys at the United Nations are serious about this Climate Justice thing: they will form a court to punish the U.S. for its imagined climate change abuses and they’ll make us pay big for our alleged crimes by transferring immense chunks of our wealth to third world treasuries (or rather to the Swiss bank accounts of third world nations’ dictators).

Obama has been the king of big, liberal government failures with his red lines, his resets, his Iran nuke deal, his retreat from Iraq, his billions of dollars wasted on Solar products that no one wants, his 18 trillion dollar debt, his destruction of healthcare through the Obamacare fraud, and now he’s going to allow the “poor” countries of the world to not only loot the U.S. treasury via wealth transfers to abused countries but will also enable the looting of private American companies via an international court that wants a significant wealth transfer from Americans and will get it under Obama’s plan, and all based on the lie of climate change/global warming.

CFACT and World News Daily have reported extensively on these matters and citizens of the United States had better pressure their legislators to oppose this latest push by Obama for international courts or our nation will be unrecognizable at the end of his administration.  This abuse by a radical, America-hating president is what happens when our legislators take the threat of impeachment off the table and the president gets free rein to commit any crimes against his own countrymen that he wants to, and Obama will further escalate his evil plans and schemes unless congress gets some courage and begins opposing him.

Comfortable, compliant and relatively wealthy Americans must learn quickly that the things Obama is cooking up to punish and “fundamentally transform” America are not on a par with the costs of LBJ’s welfare state, nor the social security promise of FDR, both of which programs our economy was able to absorb and still keep producing wealth and jobs.  The things Obama now has in store for us (millions of illegals, who will never be sent home, driving down the wages of formerly good jobs;  trillions of dollars of debt that will never be paid off; welfare housing to be located in middle-class neighborhoods that can never be removed; children poorly educated in government schools who will never get a decent education, and, because of political indoctrination in the classroom, will never learn enough about our constitutional system to oppose tyranny, and these poorly educated young people will likely become poorly paid adults, especially when you consider the number of illegals competing for the reduced number of jobs.  And we must be reminded that because of Obama’s refusal to fight ISIS in Iran and Syria, Europe is now drowning in a sea of refugees, mostly young Muslim men from Middle Eastern nations, whose plan is to transform Europe just as Obama’s promise was to “fundamentally transform America”.

The U.N.s ”Climate Justice” court will very likely fine General Motors and Ford billions of dollars for selling automobiles that burn the evil carbon product of gasoline, which will likely cause the companies to halt production of vehicles that people want to own and ramp up the production of electric cars that no one will buy, thereby stalling profits of automobile and many other impacted and targeted industries and causing those industries’ employees and investors economic suffering for the outrageous third world punishment of our domestic industries.  And the jobs lost via this idiotic “climate justice’ court will be gone forever.

Once a nation is destroyed by outside forces that nation is gone and the pleasant lives of its citizens are history.  We must wake up as American citizens and force our legislators to address these terminal issues, now!

None of Obama’s schemes related to the United Nations Climate Court plan can be undone once they are implemented.  We will have to live with the international punishment and the trillions of dollars we will be forced to hand over to third world nations, and when our military runs out of money, as Obama has already begun assuring will happen, American citizens will be forced to live and exist at the mercy of Nigeria, Vietnam, North Korea and many other rogue nations.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Won’t Obama Allow Military Volunteers To Fight Our Enemies?

Following the attacks on the World Trade Center many young men and women voluntarily joined a branch of the military in order to fight our nation’s enemies.  Under the Bush administration they were allowed to actually do some fighting and kill some bad guys, but Obama stands firmly on the position of not putting troops in harm’s way (or as our Barry so trendily phrases it: he’ll put no “boots on the ground”), and under Obama even those few who have been allowed to bear arms for America have had such strict rules of engagement imposed on them that they are practically made sitting ducks at the mercy of opposing forces. Again, Obama has made another in a string of stupid, typically liberal decisions: the military is populated by volunteers who “volunteered” to fight for their nation’s survival and their own personal liberties, and Obama prevents them from doing the very thing they signed up to do.

What we need, under the pacifist administration of Obama, is a volunteer/volunteer force (those who volunteered for military service and then volunteered for actual combat within that service).  Maybe those who sign up for this new V/V force (we might call this the “55” battalion) would be deemed by Obama to have expressed themselves loudly enough in their desire to fight for America that they would actually to be allowed to do so. But Obama would probably still say no, although his Secretary of Defense has recently said something to the effect that they would be more of a mind to allow forces to enter a fight as long as it wasn’t “combat”, or some such typical idiotic nonsensical gibberish from this confused, idiot administration.

To have a willing military made up of all-volunteer people and then to prohibit them from fighting a known, armed enemy that has repeatedly sworn to destroy our nation, is beyond comprehension.  If Obama’s term in office was not near an end I would suggest we legislatively form the new V/V military organization, made up of current military personnel who would specifically volunteer for combat duty, and place it under the command of someone other than the president, so we could begin some serious aggressive action against foreign enemies.

It’s the most frustrating thing a citizen can experience, to sit and watch a president and his liberal colleagues intentionally destroy their nation’s economy and let our national security and our borders go undefended, which is exactly what Obama is doing, and realize we can do nothing to assist in our nation’s defense.  It makes one appreciative of those decent Germans in the 1930s and 1940s who opposed Hitler and his brown shirts and were killed for their opposition, and it generates some understanding of how so many other good people in Germany remained silent as Hitler killed and tortured his way across Europe: they had no way of opposing the national German army and the dictator Hitler. 

With Obama’s recent deal giving the Mullahs in Iran the money and ability to develop a nuclear weapon and the vehicle to deliver it, all in an effort to build his “legacy”, it makes one wonder how Obama has missed the parallel between the Peace in our Time statement of Neville Chamberlain in 1938, and Obama’s foolish and dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015.  Obama’s idiot “legacy” will dog his memory forever, just as Chamberlain is ridiculed by all who understand the evil he unleashed in Europe that led directly to World War II.