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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Destruction Of Our Entire World

 Aside from the death of a close family member or of a dear friend, and even these tragic events are in line with everything we understand about nature and life-and-death, perhaps the most personally disturbing thing that can happen is to see the goodness and justice that we considered to be not only Western civilization but the very essence of our own nation, going to hell in a short period of time under corrupt leadership in the Oval Office.

Joseph Biden became president and immediately reversed Donald Trump’s carefully built American energy self-sufficiency by killing the Key Stone pipeline, which, along with other pumping projects on government land, provided our nation with the energy needed to continue our personal lives and to fuel the military as well, in case we are attacked by a foreign military and needed an emergency source of fuel to help defend our nation.

Of course the price of fuel for American consumers began to shoot upward, and Russia and Saudi Arabia were asked, by the same idiot (Biden) who ended our energy independence, to increase oil levels that they were providing to us, but at a higher rate per barrel. And to top off this foolishness at the highest levels of (corrupt) government, squinting Joey insulted us by idiotically stating that he was seeking ways to make gasoline more affordable, while ending the very source of oil that had lowered prices and increased supplies during the Trump years. Biden need only look at himself and reverse his own corrupt policies in order to help every American buy less expensive gas and diesel for their vehicles. But Joey refuses to help Americans in these dangerous times, and instead serves the Socialist goals of America’s woke, environmental radicals.

The next step in Joey’s project of harming America was to levy and enforce mandates on masking and vaccinations for all Americans, while the covid disease itself was waning and causing fewer deaths than this already-weak disease had been causing.

But overseas, in two nations that we thought were the very essence of freedom, liberty and common sense, in Australia and Canada, we began to see totalitarian rule run amok with concentration camps for those caught outside exercising without a worthless mask, or an individual being caught anywhere while unvaccinated, or for driving a truck into the capitol city and honking a horn, in protest for mandating that every trucker had to be vaccinated or they could not reenter their own country after delivering a load into the U.S. Especially upsetting has been the Canadian North-West Mounted Police beating a peaceful protester in Ottawa. Since childhood I have loved the Mounties and the aura of them and their always getting their man. But after the display of violence they showed us during the truckers movement, I’m disgusted with Canada and its police force. The whole mess of Canada is just far-left radicals performing the violence that leftists always demonstrate.

It seems that the bottom has dropped out of all we knew to be just and correct in the world. Is imprisonment next for those of us who, although being vaccinated these last ten or so years for various annual flu-causing diseases with drugs that were fully tested and approved, refused to be injected with an experimental covid drug that has not been properly tested and approved, and for a disease that was 99.7 percent survivable, if you were otherwise a healthy person with no co-morbidities to cause extended health problems?

Future mandates concerning things that we used to just shrug off, like the common cold or the annual flu, will be a certainty now that leftist politicians have become used to issuing orders that the populace must obey, and the fines and punishment for these future health emergencies, like reports of too much carbon dioxide being in the air causing lung problems for certain individuals, which will require the outlawing of cars and trucks until the air quality meets the standards established by our rulers, are on the near horizon and are coming at us very quickly, in this pre-totalitarian nation.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Democrats Think Black People Prefer Slavery To Freedom

 In an article published by the Washington Post last week, the best Democrat minds in America tried to establish the lie that freedom is a “white supremacy” thing that blacks would neither understand nor enjoy. I would like to remind the leftist fools at WAPO that our current constitution includes blacks and whites under the banner of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and I don’t know what kind of supremacist would include lesser people than the supremacists themselves in their supremacist documents, but these leftist propagandists are wrong, as usual.

One wonders at the idiocy of current revisionist Democrat thinking, when they make statements like black people neither seeking nor enjoying freedom. What was the underground railroad if not a source of freedom from slavery? And what was the purpose of America’s Civil War if not an attack on slavery and an attempt to liberate people from that horror?

Since the WAPO piece insists, or at the very least certainly suggests, that blacks don’t wish to be free, one has to assume that the leftists fools who are responsible for that publication believe that blacks should remain in slavery where they are most comfortable, which would be in violation of American legislation seeking liberty for all, and in contradiction to the American constitution.

Of course the Washington Post writers took the occasion to attack white people in general and the Canadian truckers convoy in particular, all of whom the WAPO numbskulls assume are white or they would not be seeking freedom from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s mandates, because they were seeking freedom from totalitarian rule by the leftist ruler of Canada, but what else can you expect from leftists?

What fools Democrats are, and what lies they tell while attempting to divide Americans and incite strife and, as is particular to the habits of the political left, stir up violence between the races. Damn these superiorist, leftist, idiots to hell.

Democrats, the party of the KKK, the party of governors who stood in schoolhouse doors, the party of Jim Crow and Bull Connor, don’t give a damn about black people and their attitudes on personal freedom. Democrats only want to call white people supremacists and racists hoping that they will become silenced by these intimidating epithets, but this line of crap from the political left is getting old and worn, and soon there will be a mid-term election which will shellac Democrats and make them and their name-calling irrelevant.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Fight To Keep America From The Claws Of Woke, Corrupt Government Begins In Earnest

 The old, leftist phantom of global warming/climate change is once again raising its corrupt, lying head from deep within the Biden administration. So far the federal court set to hear Joey Biden’s confused reasoning as to why trillions of dollars should be misappropriated to offset the “social costs” (the left’s term for the cost of carbon pollution) of greenhouse gas emissions that Joey claims is harming America, has been decided in favor of the plaintiff states and their attorneys general, but you can bet the leftist fools in the Biden administration will appeal the decision and be right back in our faces with more of their intended takeover of industry in America, along with the destruction of the pleasant lives we all live in current-day America.

The “social costs” B.S. is only secondarily about economics (the so-called “social costs” that are making the radical left lose sleep at night) but is primarily about the American constitution and our liberties and freedom. Democrats gleefully strip our rights from us in exchange for their imagined environmental occurrences, and they want our liberties in exchange for their political gain.

Biden single-handedly began his latest move to make all vehicles electric instead of internal combustion, and the electricity to make everything run in his perfect world must come from wind or solar, not coal, gas or nuclear power. Never forget that Biden killed the Key Stone pipeline on his first day in office, and look at the misery and inflation this has cost in just a year, and Biden is pushing for more such destruction during his last three years.

All of this foolishness and harm to Americans is based on the lying, completely unproved and unprovable theory of warming/change, which the radical left attributes to driving automobiles and heating and cooling your homes. The whole warming/change thing is a total fabrication lacking zero evidence of being anything measurable or understood.

It’s a shame when an American citizen who is an aged, retired, veteran taxpayer has to be more concerned about keeping the current presidential Democrat office-holder from taking American citizens’ constitutional rights to live freely and prosperously away from them based on the continued lie of weather changes related to too much CO2 in the air, than to live comfortably the rest of his/her life and enjoy their lifetime of work and savings. The political left are simply environmental terrorists who have depended on a constant harangue of lies and threats to frighten people into believing that we must dismantle the greatest nation on earth and make it more like Cuba and North Korea.

But instead of enjoying retirement Americans have to keep an eye on big government and try to alert our fellow Americans to the threats to their very way of life, and their reduced ability to seek their own path to happiness, instead of the Democrat path to perdition and suffering, while trying to anticipate the next destructive move AOC and Bernie will make. Our own government is trying to make us less comfortable and less wealthy instead of assuring our safety and security in a very dangerous world; it sort of reminds us of the way German citizens must have felt in 1936 when Hitler began putting “deplorable” citizens in concentration camps and threatening to invade one country after another, and how helpless German citizens must have felt to not be able to stop the Furher’s rush to power and violence and his attempts to silence descent and contrary thought as the Nazi/fascist government moved toward war and suffering and the eventual destruction of Germany, in spite of its many centuries-long contributions to civilization and society.

American conservatives won round one against the Biden fascist team by convincing the judge hearing the climate/change case that the “social cost” of carbon pollution could not be calculated, but a more important point is that leftists think they can base the worth of a nation and the worth of the lives of citizens of that nation on any monetary cost they consider necessary to offset.

One would suggest that living well in a clean nation cannot be expressed in the crass terms of monetary value, and it’s a certainty that depending on the on-and-off availability of sun to power solar plants and wind to power turbine generators, could easily leave America without power to support our lives, and that impossible-to-calculate cost should overrule the entire “social cost” of the Biden administration and bury it forever. But we know that leftists never give up on their unrelenting quests for power, so they’ll appeal, get a leftist judge to agree with their stupid “social costs“, and the battle will continue. But this is a battle for the life of our nation, so it cannot be lost.

Democrat politicians will soon be using “health emergencies” based on too much “carbon pollution”, and the destruction they will do with this new “emergency” will make forced lockdowns and masking mandates seem like a day in the park. Their insistence that hurricanes are more numerous and more destructive today than they were years ago is wrong on both counts, and has no basis in science nor human experience. We must oppose our leftist politicians at every step and not allow them to take over our nation for their own selfish satisfaction for something to do to entertain themselves.

Monday, February 14, 2022

A Sort Of Unscientific But Reasonable And Sensible Explanation For The “Scourge” Of Covid

 For years Americans have been encouraged, and in latter years they’ve even been threatened with a job loss, if they didn’t get an annual cold/flu shot. Some of the annual shots were effective and some weren’t, because even the smartest scientist could not predict the exact make-up of the virus coming next year. But all of those who got the annual shots have received a lot of anti-viral fluids injected into their bodies.

Now comes the pandemic we called the Wuhan, or just covid, for those with a politically correct attitude. This virus was quite weak (99.7 percent of those people without a co-morbidity survived the illness) but this relative weakness still caused our government to trash our constitution, lockdown the nation, mandated masking, caused untold misery, joblessness, mental illness, drunkenness, drug addiction and many other negative sufferings for the American population, and allowed Democrats to use it to win the 2020 presidential election and take control of all businesses, schools and personal lives in America.

But the odd thing is that some people who refused to be injected by the Biden administration mandates survived the pandemic and were more active, healthy and far less fearful these last two years than those people who readily allowed themselves to be injected with an experimental, emergency-use drug.

Here’s the unscientific, yet logical assumption as to why non-vaxxed people thrived during the two-year-plus pandemic, but first let’s assume that those who got the covid vaccine also took the many cold/flu shots from previous years, and that those who refused the covid vaccine also refused the annual shots from years past. The theory is that those who got the covid vaccinations and still got sick following the shots, became sick because the covid vaccine was only partially effective, and they possibly responded negatively to the virus because all of the previous flu/cold shots caused their immune systems to become weakened or non-responsive as their bodies became dependent on the annual shots to provide antibodies foreign to the human body. So over time the body didn’t, or couldn’t, any longer provide natural defense, and left the patient open to a full covid attack which their weakened immune systems could no longer fend off naturally.

This theory could also partially explain why children and youngsters were so little impacted by the covid (although the Biden administration and the CDC ignored children’s natural resistance to the disease and still insisted on injecting them with an experimental substance) because the very youthfulness of the children meant that they had not been given previous years’ cold/flu shots, so their immune systems were strong and could ward off the disease more easily than adults, who had been taking flu shots for many years.

At the same time, the health and vigor of those adults who did not take the covid vaccine would be explained by the fact that many, if not all, of the non-vaxxers had not taken the cold/flu shots in previous years, and they survived the pandemic easily because their immune systems were strong from NOT having had useless drugs pumped into their bodies the past number of years, and their healthy immune systems rejected the covid disease easily, as it had rejected annual bouts of the flu in those previous years.

The term “use it before your lose it” has been stated about a number of events and situations in American society, but we accept the premise that ignoring parts of the body, like always riding short distances in a car when you could easily walk to your destination and gotten valuable exercise for your legs and heart and lungs in the process, while the non-use of your legs makes them weaker from their lack of use, possibly describes what happened with covid in a lazy society like America, where cars, as with annual flu shots, are used perhaps too much of the time when walking was possible. Maybe the annual flu shots, taken as a fearful precautionary way of avoiding a sore throat or a stuffy nose caused by that year’s flu infection, topped off by an experimental drug perhaps developed too quickly with the panicked intention of preventing covid infection, which it failed at miserably, caused a weakening of the immune systems of many people and allowed them to get really sick when the covid hit them.

Americans have possibly weakened ourselves and our immune systems making us no longer fully able to fight disease within our bodies. There have been many examples of people who are fully vaccinated and boosted still getting sick multiple times with covid, and they possibly got sick because of the vaccine, not in spite of it.

So maybe this is unfortunately a teachable moment, warning us to not pump even well-intentioned chemicals into our bodies just to avoid a sore throat and a runny nose, and let our bodies use their immune systems so as not to diminish immunity via misuse of unnecessary, and possibly dangerous, drugs.

But unfortunately government employees have become wealthy by permitting big pharma to develop new drugs, so there is little chance of allowing our bodies to do what they were designed to do, without artificial help from untested drugs.

I’m just sayin’.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Democrats’ Habit Of Blaming Everyone But The One Who Actually Performed The Deed May Come Back To Bite Them

 The political left is blaming the gun manufacturers for gun deaths, and soon they’ll be blaming automobile manufacturers for traffic deaths. Could we therefore soon see them illogically blaming the IRS for tax fraud and blaming sugar refiners for obesity and diabetes deaths?

But the area where old Joey Biden is not only making a deadly decision, but which could leave the government open to law suits from relatives of the ones who may die from illegal drug usage, is his decision to give crack pipes and other illegal drug paraphernalia to drug addicts. Our pudding-headed president is only making a deadly and illegal act more available and is giving tacit federal permission to continue the fatal habit, but he’s also making the federal government liable for deaths and illnesses resulting from his idiotic plan to support illegal drug usage.

How stupid can the Democrat politicians be to deny treatment for addicts, and instead give them the very illegal products that are making them sick, and then further urging them to continue or increase their deadly usage, with the tab being picked up by the tax payers?

When you combine this blame-game of the political left with its current, rush-rush,  emergency attempts to put the lockdowns, masking and mandated vaccinations behind them for fear they will badly lose the mid-term elections in a landslide, you find that Democrats are simply riverboat gamblers running from their latest scam. These fool, Democrat politicians are charlatans running for the hills so they won’t be blamed for the harm they’ve done to America and its citizens. The thing that patriotic Americans must do is constantly remind fellow voters of the misery and dictatorial rule that Democrats impose when they are elected to powerful positions. And don’t forget the disastrous Afghanistan retreat, the unpunished 2020 riots, the buried and unreported Hunter Biden scandal, the illegal votes cast for Democrats in the 2020 election, and the Jan 6 investigation that has been thoroughly illegal from the beginning.

In other words, NEVER FORGET Democrat power grabs, illegal tactics and their tendency to mandate everything, in the next election.  Democrats have proven that they can’t be trusted with power.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Masking Mandates Involving Cloth Masks, Double Masks, Face Shields And Panty Hose Are Old Hat. What’s Next From Joey: Jock Straps?

 The administration of weepy Joey Biden has been adamant that the faces of Americans will be firmly sealed, often by porous and poorly designed materials, to protect us from a very weak and easily survivable virus, brought to America by the Communist Party of China, with the most recent material added to Joey’s suggested stylish donnings being lady’s panty hose stretched over the existing and worthless paper mask, so popular with leftist Democrats. One wonders if a used jock strap might be the next mandated face covering.

Our government, headed by the mush-brained Joey Biden, has gone completely nuts, no pun intended,  and one wonders when this over-stepping and dictating to Americans will ever end. Maybe the next mandate after jock straps will be connecting one of Joey’s new, free crack pipes, intended for addicts who would like to obliterate their minds with Joey’s free crack paraphernalia, to the noses of Americans so they can at least be using the latest woke designs for fashionable leftists.

And on top of all other considerations that should concern us, and in keeping with the political left’s insistence on blaming gun manufacturers for gun deaths and soon they will be blaming automobile manufacturers for traffic deaths, very soon the families of addicts who die from their illegal habit will be able to sue the federal government for these unfortunate deaths, because weepy Joey Biden is giving free crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia to all addicts, who will continue their deadly habit, instead of giving them treatment that may end their use of illegal drugs and give them rewarding, productive lives.

Remember all of the Democrat idiocy in the mid-term elections, and vote the Democrat bums out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Pete Buttigieg Just Declared Strike Two Of The Biden Administration’s Attempts To Destroy America

 When two homosexual men adopt a child, can both of them declare a paternity leave, or does one of them have to declare the maternity aspect of the government’s established right to go home and loaf with the new kid? Little Peter Buttigieg, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, and the cause of the fleet of cargo ships stranded outside of our major seaports awaiting their turn to off-load their containers (and all of this expensive and disruptive confusion was because Mr. Buttigieg was not paying attention and was not doing his job) has already called his partner his husband, so how can he be the wife and take paternity leave at the same time? Or are they both “husbands”? Policies and ideas created by radical, progressive, Democrats are often very difficult to understand. I guess it’s just a yin-and-yang, give-and-take thing needed to maintain balance, or is actually intended to cause confusion, and we just have to accept it.

Anyway, Pete Buttigieg, or little Peter as his friends call him, declared a few months ago that he was taking a paternity leave, not because he had a wife who had just had a difficult delivery of a child and needed his help at home, and not because his new child needed more attention than his wife could provide temporarily, but because as a leftist Democrat with a cushy government job that he doesn’t really do anyway, he’s lazy and liked the idea of getting paid his $160,000 salary while sitting around the house doing nothing all day; kind of like when he’s at work.

We know that the job he was doing, or was not doing but was fully paid to do, in the form of assuring that the supply chain that keeps our nation operating is functioning properly, was failing miserably, while Peter sat at home and watched soap operas. Our Alfred E. Neuman look-alike from South Bend, Indiana, didn’t  know goods were rotting at sea awaiting a port to open so the ships could dock, and he didn’t care, because his boss is Joey Biden, and Biden sure as hell doesn’t care about something as un-sexy as supply chains. After all, Joey didn’t make Kamala responsible for securing the border that she was appointed Czar of, and he doesn’t make little Peter responsible for the flow of goods into America, either.

Our Peter just announced that the transportation industry, which includes each of every citizen’s personal automotive vehicle, is causing an “urgent crisis” which is “inextricably linked to Joey Biden’s… climate goals” and these vehicles are destroying America with too many deaths and too much pollution. What mayor Pete is trying to tell us is that we are on the cusp of Strike Two of Biden’s attempts to destroy America (following the Strike One crisis of lying about the danger of the 99.7 percent survivable covid, and mandating masks and vaccines, neither of which work as intended) and our personal transportation vehicles are in the government’s sights.

In case you missed the true destructive nature of Biden’s Strike One attack on our constitution and our liberties, the covid virus, which was no more deadly than the common cold, unless the patient was over-weight or had another co-morbidity that had already wrecked the body’s defense system, the fearful reports turned out to be a leftist lie that allowed the Biden administration to force worthless masks and the non-functioning vaccines on the entire population. So in spite of the fact that Joey has destroyed many American lives by firing citizens for not getting vaxxed, and the limping economy that he will not release and allow to grow freely, at least America remains more free than Australia or Canada, both of which nations continue to persecute their citizens with mandates and concentration camps to re-educate those who don’t have their minds right about the not-so-dangerous covid.

So now little Peter has given us an advanced warning that the gasoline-powered automobile will be the reason we all have to stay inside our homes, permanently park our vehicles, and why we cannot expect delivery trucks to any longer deliver or pick up goods, because the pollution from these evil vehicles is so horribly toxic that we will all start to die soon if we don‘t vacate our cars. This is just another part of the far left’s climate fear propaganda about the ice caps melting, the earth’s crops all withering under too much heat, people dropping dead in the streets due to the excessive heat, and the rest of us starving to death, so you must give up your car, or buy a government-approved electric car, and then try to pay your monthly electricity bill in addition to the heating and air conditioning you are already paying for. And not spoken of in polite leftist society, is that when the nation begins to experience brown-outs like California has frequently and which will happen when we depend on wind for electric power, the electric vehicles will become completely useless.

Joey and his leftist pals hope that you are not aware of the Dust Bowl days that America experienced in the 1930s, when farm-belt America had years of excessive heat, dust and wind, a situation in which few crops made it to market, and that there were many fewer cars and trucks operating at the time to cause the much feared “warming/change“ that AOC and Bernie are clouding young minds with today. Fortunately the federal government at that time didn’t want to become a dictatorship, so the problems were overcome naturally, and America was preserved, for a while, until the leftist takeover of all things political by Democrats in 2021, and now our government tells us that everything we want to do will kill us.

A sensible person would be remiss if that person didn’t know the opinion on warming/change of the Chinese Communist dictator when he said that he would not put restrictions on his citizens and disrupt their lives with artificial restrictions on things like automobiles and air conditioners, although the Chinese nation pollutes at a much greater level than anything America has even been capable of. But Americans are being asked to pay a high price to get rid of pollution, while the real polluters, like China, allow their economy to roar ahead, and build dirty-coal power plants by the dozens, with no such restrictions.

It’s clear that our government is becoming more dictatorial all the time with masks, vaccines and soon, restrictions on travel and gasoline consumption, as the clamps come down on our liberties and freedoms in favor of Democrat control over our lives.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

So Biden Insists On Nominating A Black Female To The Supreme Court?

 In today’s woke, insane, Democrat-run America, can Joey Biden’s insistence on nominating a black female to the Supreme Court be satisfied with a minimum of controversy? How about the already-established-as-a-black-female Rachel Dolezal being nominated to the post? Maybe this is too yesterday to work, and it happened before the left went completely nuts and lost their minds. So let’s consider other options for our Joey.

What about a white male who identifies as a black female? Would this person be considered? Would Joey know of such a person being desirous of the SCOTUS seat, or would Joey have to search and find him/her? It seems obvious that this person must be considered if Joey is serious about his party’s idiotic, woke, progressive nonsense of self-identity.

And what if the most qualified person is a black woman who identifies as an Asian male? If Joey believes the crap coming from his party he would have to deny the biological woman from consideration, because, per the phony Democrat rhetoric, her identity as a male actually makes her/him ineligible because Democrat policy is that identity, not biology, wins.

The racist Joey Biden made the racist announcement of his intended black female  appointment months ago, so now that he’s president he will fulfill that racist promise from the highly visible position of the Oval Office, which means he’ll have to overcome the stupid verbiage of his party and make a decision that will satisfy no one.

If a white male who identifies as a black female is nominated, the blacks will be angry, and if a white male who identifies as a black female is rejected, the trans community will scream bloody murder. But why would a woke, black, Democrat progressive object to the appointment of a white male who identifies as a black female? Don’t they understand the insanity being practiced by Democrats in 2022 under the guise of self-identity? If they want to go along with the progressive idiocy of the Democrat party, they should know that they have to play the idiotic sham and pretend that all is well with the no-holds-barred political game being played in Washington today. Or do they think that the identity thing is a pile of crap, like the sane members of American society do?

Unfortunately, Joey is a doomed fool no matter which way he jumps, so his party will go along with anything he decides, because, after all, he’s the only woke president they have, and in his dotage he‘s playing the lying game that Democrats seem to favor.

Democrats have created a who’s-on-first parody with their illogical, dumb policy positions and this insanity could work to their detriment one day. But for now, Joey is so far gone with his mental deterioration that he just grins and goes along with whatever his handlers tell him to do, so our beloved Joey will be fine, not to worry.