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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Pete Buttigieg Just Declared Strike Two Of The Biden Administration’s Attempts To Destroy America

 When two homosexual men adopt a child, can both of them declare a paternity leave, or does one of them have to declare the maternity aspect of the government’s established right to go home and loaf with the new kid? Little Peter Buttigieg, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, and the cause of the fleet of cargo ships stranded outside of our major seaports awaiting their turn to off-load their containers (and all of this expensive and disruptive confusion was because Mr. Buttigieg was not paying attention and was not doing his job) has already called his partner his husband, so how can he be the wife and take paternity leave at the same time? Or are they both “husbands”? Policies and ideas created by radical, progressive, Democrats are often very difficult to understand. I guess it’s just a yin-and-yang, give-and-take thing needed to maintain balance, or is actually intended to cause confusion, and we just have to accept it.

Anyway, Pete Buttigieg, or little Peter as his friends call him, declared a few months ago that he was taking a paternity leave, not because he had a wife who had just had a difficult delivery of a child and needed his help at home, and not because his new child needed more attention than his wife could provide temporarily, but because as a leftist Democrat with a cushy government job that he doesn’t really do anyway, he’s lazy and liked the idea of getting paid his $160,000 salary while sitting around the house doing nothing all day; kind of like when he’s at work.

We know that the job he was doing, or was not doing but was fully paid to do, in the form of assuring that the supply chain that keeps our nation operating is functioning properly, was failing miserably, while Peter sat at home and watched soap operas. Our Alfred E. Neuman look-alike from South Bend, Indiana, didn’t  know goods were rotting at sea awaiting a port to open so the ships could dock, and he didn’t care, because his boss is Joey Biden, and Biden sure as hell doesn’t care about something as un-sexy as supply chains. After all, Joey didn’t make Kamala responsible for securing the border that she was appointed Czar of, and he doesn’t make little Peter responsible for the flow of goods into America, either.

Our Peter just announced that the transportation industry, which includes each of every citizen’s personal automotive vehicle, is causing an “urgent crisis” which is “inextricably linked to Joey Biden’s… climate goals” and these vehicles are destroying America with too many deaths and too much pollution. What mayor Pete is trying to tell us is that we are on the cusp of Strike Two of Biden’s attempts to destroy America (following the Strike One crisis of lying about the danger of the 99.7 percent survivable covid, and mandating masks and vaccines, neither of which work as intended) and our personal transportation vehicles are in the government’s sights.

In case you missed the true destructive nature of Biden’s Strike One attack on our constitution and our liberties, the covid virus, which was no more deadly than the common cold, unless the patient was over-weight or had another co-morbidity that had already wrecked the body’s defense system, the fearful reports turned out to be a leftist lie that allowed the Biden administration to force worthless masks and the non-functioning vaccines on the entire population. So in spite of the fact that Joey has destroyed many American lives by firing citizens for not getting vaxxed, and the limping economy that he will not release and allow to grow freely, at least America remains more free than Australia or Canada, both of which nations continue to persecute their citizens with mandates and concentration camps to re-educate those who don’t have their minds right about the not-so-dangerous covid.

So now little Peter has given us an advanced warning that the gasoline-powered automobile will be the reason we all have to stay inside our homes, permanently park our vehicles, and why we cannot expect delivery trucks to any longer deliver or pick up goods, because the pollution from these evil vehicles is so horribly toxic that we will all start to die soon if we don‘t vacate our cars. This is just another part of the far left’s climate fear propaganda about the ice caps melting, the earth’s crops all withering under too much heat, people dropping dead in the streets due to the excessive heat, and the rest of us starving to death, so you must give up your car, or buy a government-approved electric car, and then try to pay your monthly electricity bill in addition to the heating and air conditioning you are already paying for. And not spoken of in polite leftist society, is that when the nation begins to experience brown-outs like California has frequently and which will happen when we depend on wind for electric power, the electric vehicles will become completely useless.

Joey and his leftist pals hope that you are not aware of the Dust Bowl days that America experienced in the 1930s, when farm-belt America had years of excessive heat, dust and wind, a situation in which few crops made it to market, and that there were many fewer cars and trucks operating at the time to cause the much feared “warming/change“ that AOC and Bernie are clouding young minds with today. Fortunately the federal government at that time didn’t want to become a dictatorship, so the problems were overcome naturally, and America was preserved, for a while, until the leftist takeover of all things political by Democrats in 2021, and now our government tells us that everything we want to do will kill us.

A sensible person would be remiss if that person didn’t know the opinion on warming/change of the Chinese Communist dictator when he said that he would not put restrictions on his citizens and disrupt their lives with artificial restrictions on things like automobiles and air conditioners, although the Chinese nation pollutes at a much greater level than anything America has even been capable of. But Americans are being asked to pay a high price to get rid of pollution, while the real polluters, like China, allow their economy to roar ahead, and build dirty-coal power plants by the dozens, with no such restrictions.

It’s clear that our government is becoming more dictatorial all the time with masks, vaccines and soon, restrictions on travel and gasoline consumption, as the clamps come down on our liberties and freedoms in favor of Democrat control over our lives.