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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Compare “Fundamentally Transform America” With “Make America Great Again”

It’s the battle of the slogans: Obama is all upset and critical of Trump for the changes The Donald wants to make to our nation in order to “Make America Great Again”, while Obama wants to defend his desire and promise to “fundamentally transform America”. Anyone who has an open mind at all can determine from these two slogans who is right and who is wrong.

Obama is not only destroying our constitution by ignoring its insistence on a separation of powers between the three branches of government, and it’s restrictions on what each branch of government is permitted to do, but based on the hate he obviously has for America, Obama is intentionally limiting what our citizens have the liberty to do, and in allowing wildly idiotic and nation-changing things to occur (like LGBT restrooms) he demonstrates a disdain for both America and its citizens. The words of his “fundamental transform of America” confirm that he wants us to be more like Cuba and North Korea and wants America to be less comfortable, have fewer jobs, to become increasingly more impoverished and for its citizens to have to depend on welfare and big-government handouts for their sustenance.

Donald Trump has seen what Obama’s hateful words and policies have done to America in just the seven years of Obama’s presidency and he wants to “Make America Great Again” by rolling back Obamacare; ending Obama’s coal industry destruction; halting the throwing of money at the solar industry just to see the companies formed go bankrupt because they are not sustainable; halt the emptying of Gitmo of dangerous Islamic radicals who once freed go directly back to killing Americans and our allies in their war of terror on civilization; and by closing our borders to prevent terrorists from entering.

If there had not been an Obama with his intention to make America impoverished, there would likely have not been a Donald Trump who uses plain talk describing his plan to “Make America Great Again”. So of course Obama gets hot under the collar when he sees a serious candidate like Trump, who we all believe will do the things he says he intends to do.

Obama was serious about “fundamentally transforming America” and we are much worse off for it. We can only hope and pray that Trump is being truthful with his expression of the things he wants to do, and those of us who realize the precarious condition of the United States hope he will be able to reverse Obama’s “transformation” and get America back on its unique and successful constitutional path once again. And Lying Hillary must necessarily be defeated in November.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Democrat Benghazi Report Blames Trump For Four Dead Americans?

Who but the most complete, cold-blooded and brazen fool and political hack, could rewrite history to the extent of mentioning Donald Trump in relation to an event in which he had no part at all, and was not even in politics at the time?

Democrats, that’s who.

In the Democrat version of the House Benghazi attack in which four Americans were killed on Hillary’s and Obama’s watch, Trump was mentioned 23 times. For those of us with common sense who wondered where the President of the United States was during this attack, and who wondered why Hillary had repeatedly denied adequate security for the Benghazi staff, and who wondered why the American military was not immediately dispatched to Benghazi to give assistance to the Americans under military attack there, the inclusion in the Democrat report on this event of references to Donald Trump seems to me to be a definite indicator of how frightened Democrats are of the terrible role Hillary played in the event and how exposed to criticism she is for doing nothing to save the Americans, and then lying about the You Tube video while four dead bodies were being brought back to the States for burial.

This whole thing stinks of totalitarian rule and covering up evidence that would convict the rulers of the government for their bad behavior and incompetence.  It’s a common theme in such cases that the cover-up following the crime is where perpetrators of crimes are often caught and punished. Hillary should be cast out on the street in shame for her terrible decisions, and Obama should be impeached for being AWOL while his nation was at war and Americans were being killed.

If Hillary is elected president we will see more of this type of scandal and many more Americans will be at risk of death at the hands of her Democrat administration. The woman doesn’t know what the truth looks like and lies so often and about so much that even she has come to believe her lies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Enough Already With Hillary’s Chapter 11 References

Lady Hillary has had a good time and gotten some laughs at Donald Trump’s expense (one of her better lines was that Donald Trump has written several books, but all of them end with chapter 11) but no one ever became a billionaire by filing for bankruptcy. Donald Trump has had some financial woes, but most of his real estate efforts have been well run and have been successful, unlike Hillary’s get-rich-quick schemes like Cattle Futures and the White Water real estate deal that became a bust while hurting people who invested in their little scheme.

The Clintons are nothing but low-life, wanna be money grubbers who won’t make the effort, nor are they smart enough nor patient enough, to build a legitimate, successful business as Trump has done. Instead they’ve become wealthy by trading on the Clinton political name, making outrageously costly speeches, charging a fortune for each one, and trading government access in exchange for donations to their “charity”  that is supposed to help the needy. But only the Clintons have sufficient “need” to make any real money on the funds given by the rich and powerful around the world who donate to the “charity”, doubtless in the anticipation of what these foreign donors will get in exchange after Hillary becomes president. We must all pray that the next occupant of the Oval Office is not named Clinton.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Instead Of Reporting The News, The Liberal Press Creates The News, And Always To The Disadvantage of Conservatives

Last week the press got their knickers in a twist because Trump was in Scotland at the time of the Brexit vote, so the press took this occasion to criticize Trump for being, well, Trump, with his unique ability to be in the right place at the right time. Then after commenting way too often about where Trump was and what he did and said, the liberal press takes the next opportunity to again report on and criticize the quantity of reports that were generated, by their own reporters, by and about Trump the previous week, and they pretended anger, at this point, at Trump for all of their own reports. And, of course, all of the repeated reporting was critical of where Trump was, what he did, how he did it and what he said. If this isn’t self-generating news coverage that finds a way to take a conservative candidate to task about every simple event that occurs during the day, I don’t know what it is.

Meanwhile, Hillary remains under overlapping FBI investigations; one of her staff assistants took the fifth more than 125 times during questioning; State Department staff diplomats publically scold Obama concerning his foreign policy failures in Syria; and Obama gets a slap in the face from Britons for his Brexit remarks a week prior to the vote on that issue, but the news is all about Trump and his supposed negative, misjudged actions and remarks the previous week, while liberal policies, failures and scandals, that are actually hurting people and families on a daily basis, go unreported to any serious, responsible, depth.

How can a free nation, one that depends on an honest reporting of the news to keep its citizens informed, continue to exist with dishonest reporting like this? There is no possibility that the liberal press is not in Obama’s and Hillary’s corner, and they must also desire a “fundamental transformation of America” just as Obama does. And liberals thereby escape any negative reporting in the news.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Obama Plays The Fool All Day, Every Day

Recently our fool president poked fun at Donald Trump by insultingly informing the American citizens that being president is a hard job and requires knowledge and stability of character to do it properly (and, of course, this statement follows a series of selfie photos that showed our dignified president assuming numerous ridiculous poses and stances, and follows several appearances with late-night comedy shows and between two ferns where our president talks some trash and spreads some lies), which of course reconfirms our pride in our dignified leader and the respect America has enjoyed the world-over with the America-hating Obama in office.

Then last week we learned of a rather severe, embarrassing slap delivered to Obama, when top ranking diplomats from the State Department sent a unified message to Obama informing him that his Syria policy is a disaster and must be changed quickly in order to limit the carnage being visited on the people of Syria. One wonders if our dunce president thinks the career diplomats have an understanding of the importance of the things of which they speak and if they have sufficient knowledge, dignity and maturity to know what they’re talking about.

Assuming Obama ever gave any real thought to Syrian policy in the first place, will he have the courage to take the diplomats’ advice and re-think his policy stance and perhaps follow their strong advice to make a change? I doubt it. One just does not counter the decisions of Obama, because his decisions are intended to “fundamentally transform America” and nothing short of this goal will be allowed. This policy of not re-thinking failing policy is firmly adhered to by Obama in his opinion that a gun, not a person, killed the partiers in Orlando, and that if guns were made off-limits to law-abiding citizens the massacre in Orlando could not have happened, even though criminals who would commit murder would not hesitate a minute to steal a gun or otherwise obtain one illegally, in order to inflict the murderous injuries intended. That’s why we call them criminals, and that’s why the stupid left is so wrong to try to take the right to possess a weapon away from Americans. The old saying is more true today than it was when it was originally coined: if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Former “Occupy Wall Street” Fools Now Occupy The House Floor

The chumps who formerly were so proud of their allies in the Occupy movement, in other words, the liberal/progressive Democrats, are taking their idiocy to laughable ends by now occupying Congress.

The liberals were all upset about not getting their way and being blocked from attempts to undermine the Constitutional provision about citizens being able to keep and possess fire arms, so they went on a pissy-rant and sat down on the floor of the House of Representatives. This is not too surprising, as the trash and dirt will nearly always end up on the floor sooner or later and have to be swept away. I just hope they didn’t get the floor dirty while occupying it.

And the liberal press had not a word to say about this limited shut-down of government, unlike the treatment the Republicans receive when they take a principled stance on anything. The main stream press always depicts Republicans as hurting the children, the poor and the homeless by halting governmental functions, but when the Dems bring the House functions to a halt, this blocking of the “peoples’ business” is fine with the press.

The nation has left the liberal/progressives behind and they have no idea where to turn next. But do expect more demonstrations and increasing levels of violent activity from them and their hired guns as their influence wanes and they get increasingly frustrated. And one should be extra watchful of Obama, because he sees his “fundamental transformation of America” turning to dust as the nation prepares to fundamentally transform Obamacare and Barry’s open borders immigration policies. The left’s Brown Shirts that have caused violence at some Trump rallies are still with us, and we need to be ready when the left fully releases them to halt the new direction of the United States.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Do We Defeat Terrorism? According to Loretta Lynch: Compassion, Unity And Love

It’s not demoralizing enough that Obama’s own staff has repeatedly given honest, realistic and discouraging assessments of how the Obama administration is losing our fight with ISIS and related terrorist groups and individuals, which assessments are one-hundred-eighty degrees out of phase from the lying, dreamy, pleasant descriptions that Obama himself gives of how he has dealt with this very serious issue and how we are supposedly winning against our enemies. But now we have evidence, from the mouth of Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, that we will use dope-smoking, hippy thinking to defeat the enemy that has sworn to kill us. She says that the way to ward off more Orlando-style terrorist attacks is to use “compassion, unity and love”. No dope-smoker could have stated Obama-reality better.

How nuts must someone be to suggest that the way to defeat terrorism and make America and the world safe is to exercise “compassion, unity and love”? This type of statement is a slap in the face of the victims of the Orlando attack, to suggest that we haven’t been nice enough and to place blame for this failing on the part of the people who were simply enjoying themselves in the Orlando night club until an Islamic hate monger killed them. What the hell kind of people are the fools in the Obama administration?

So let’s see how the Attorney General’s plan would work: Instead of using technology and proven police work to halt crimes and gather evidence to convict law breakers, are we now going to depend on love and the chanting of mantras to stop them? This would suggest that prior to Orlando we were not “loving” enough, but now we are suddenly awash with love and no more crimes will be committed? So why was the Obama administration lacking in love until just now?  Oh, I remember: he has been too busy “fundamentally transforming America” to be loving. He was spending all of his time undermining the nation’s economy and dividing the population along economic, sexual identity and racial lines, but now he’s ready to feel the love. Yeah, right.

Can the American people soon expect that counterfeiters, bank robbers and kidnappers will be encouraged to halt their illegal ways via compassion and love instead of being finger printed and DNA tested? Will Obama demand that the fence and the walls surrounding the White House be taken down due to his new-found love and compassion as a means to ward off evil and discourage bad guys?

One phrase that Ms. Lynch did not use in addition to the newly concocted words of compassion, unity and love that will solve all of the nation’s problems, was “turn the other cheek”. But we can’t use that phrase because it sounds too Christian, and we can’t have these crazy Christians running around verbally “attacking” everyone with Bibles, crucifixes and words of love. No, it’s better to quote a nut-job like John Lennon rather than Christ. The old 1960s songs “All we need is love” and “What the world needs now is love sweet love” come to mind with Lynch’s idiotic statements. But the Attorney General’s na├»ve, superior attitude is not encouraging.

I assume we’ll now have the IRS using love to convince conservatives not to try to get tax exemption for their groups to compete with liberal Democrats, instead of using the threat of imprisonment and fines to keep them out of the game of politics. And maybe Lois Lerner can be brought back to lead the IRS in this new direction, but she never appeared to be much of a “love” person to me.

Poor Loretta Lynch. Last week she was forced to state the policy of redacting any hateful Islamic language and phrasing found in the transcript recently released of the words used by the Orlando killer as he was attacking the night club. But the outcry to this stupidity was so great that the government soon released the entire screed. Then she is forced to claim to be using passive, non-violent, Gandhi-like thinking to halt crime. I believe that it’s obvious at this point: we have a dangerous, anti-American bunch of fools in the White House, and we’re in deep trouble if we don’t get them out of there real soon.

And of course Ms. Lynch added insult to injury when she vacuously stated that we may never know the motivation of the Orlando killer.  Sadly, everyone except Lynch and Obama know exactly what the motivation was: jihad and the killing of Americans. The words spoken by the killer proved his love for ISIS and his desire to eliminate America as an influence in the world.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Obama Is Out-Of-Touch, Yet Is Blissfully Ignorant Of This Fact, Which Makes Him All The More Dangerous To Americans.

Americans are watching the intentional destruction of their nation, destruction that is directed by Barack Obama and being passively allowed to proceed by Republicans in the House and Senate.

We have learned that the FBI, in each of their investigations of terrorist killings, has been called off of any investigation of Islamic persons of interest by Obama, because he has unilaterally decided that Islam is a religion of peace and no investigation is necessary of anyone practicing that religion. This decision not to investigate (under the little-known Countering Violent Extremism law) resembles his murderous rules of engagement that soldiers must follow when in battle zones, which places our military personnel in mortal danger, rather than the enemy being in any danger from American forces.

To demonstrate how out-of-touch our president is in this critical game that is destroying America, on Thursday of last week, John Brennan, the Director of the CIA, told us how dangerous, strong and wide-spread  ISIS is and how threatened the world has become with terrorists living within our borders and attacking citizens at will, all of which warnings were the exact opposite of the pretty picture that Obama painted a few days earlier about ISIS being weakened and on the run, and terrorists being fearful of showing their faces in the presence of the determined, severe Obama administration. This idiotic statement of Obama’s is similar to the self-congratulatory speech he delivered just one day before the massive terrorist attack on Paris last November, in which our clueless president informed the nation and the world that ISIS had been “contained”  under his wise leadership. Obama is, and will always be, a fool and a liar, and he is the most dangerous force in America today, and that danger is pointed directly at Main Street, USA.

Monday, June 20, 2016

An Attempt To Make The Case That Obama’s Destructive Presidency, In The Long-Run, May Be Good For America

When one reflects on the last seven years it is quite impressive how public opinion on all things Obama has shifted from his being thought a be a hero, to everyone now realizing that he is a thoughtless fool with no idea what he’s doing in the Oval Office. Oh, sure, the press still fawns  over him, but that’s the job of the leftist press and they will do it regardless of what a failure Obama has been in terms of assuring safe borders and the protection of the constitutional rights of all citizens. He has been extraordinarily successful in the only area he considers important: He has “fundamentally transformed America”, or at least fundamentally pointed America in a direction meant to destroy it.

Several years ago, I believe it was the prolific author Thomas Sowell, who commented on the slow but certain leftward drift of American politics. He was at the time in his sixties and believed he would be dead before America could drift to total destruction. But that was before Obama. Barack Obama pushed the pedal to the metal and has caused so much chaos, confusion and division in our nation in just seven years that the end seems very near indeed.

But Obama’s sudden jolt to the left and to totalitarianism may have been a mistake for those who, like him, hate America and encouraged this redirection. After all, with the coming of Obama, we did get the Tea Parties and their allies suddenly activated and involved in politics; we did get a candidate in Donald Trump to state politically incorrect things that most loyal and patriotic Americans were either afraid to say or felt they would be helpless to stop the intentional destruction of all they held dear. And we have seen the rejection by the public of the old Republican establishment who seemed to compete with leftist Democrats to see who could move the nation left the quickest.

On top of everything else, Obama’s seeming hand-picked candidate to succeed him in the presidency has been a complete and total failure considering her leftist lurch to try to out-do the socialist Bernie Sanders; her email scandal; her lies about the deaths in Benghazi; her terrible record of non-accomplishments as Secretary of State; and the revelations of her and Bill’s past scandals which the left believed were safely buried, but have been unearthed for a new generation to see and consider.

Of course it’s true that there is pressure from all sides to dump Trump and get the Republican party back on track again in order to protect the careers of the professional politicians who, like Harry Reid have become multi-millionaires on a comparatively Spartan Senate salary, and occupy elected positions which many politicians eventually leave to join the influence-buying and peddling pressure groups on Washington’s K Street, where some real money can be made if one will only play the game and serve the corporate and big-government ends of getting the votes that will serve the lobbyists.

Obama made a big mistake by turning his back on the United States constitution and the laws of our nation. He awakened the so-called Sleeping Giant hiding just under the surface of America’s comfortable and contented majority, and they are pissed!

There is no doubt that there are things that have been done by Obama that will plague the nation forever (illegal immigration; healthcare uncertainty;  bad schools; racial divide; an influx  of terrorist “refugees” who intend us only ill; a debt that’s likely to be unrepayable) but if true patriotic Americans are elected to the House, Senate and the White House this year, the nation will survive once again, and maybe, to borrow from and slightly modify Donald Trump’s slogan, just maybe, we can “Make America, America Again”. At the very least, Obama has made us long for the good ole days prior to his arrival, and that’s a wake-up call and a good start.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Libs Are Wrong, As Usual: Orlando Was Not About Gays Or Guns

Liberals seem to have trouble keeping their eyes on the ball. The common denominator between 911 (where no guns were used) and Orlando (where guns were used) was not the use of guns, but rather the intent of radical, hate-filled religious fanatics to kill westerners in general and Americans in particular.

Liberals are so reflexively and narrow-mindedly anti-gun-oriented that they place themselves and the nation at risk by not recognizing that guns can prevent terrorists from murdering at will and at random if good people possess them.

Particularly frightening was to see our president, the one person who should be re-evaluating how Orlando happened, not the method of killing used, and trying to improve security to be sure no future terrorists can use any killing method to murder again, belaboring us with his by-now patented rant against guns. Instead of real-world solutions we have to listen to a sweating, defensive Obama blaming an inanimate object for how it’s used in a demented human’s hands. Obama thinks he’s assured himself a legacy with his abortive Obamacare and his near-criminal, lying nuke deal with Iran, but he’ll always be remembered for not thinking clearly and improving security procedures to halt the killing of Americans while he lectures an opposition political candidate and a harmless gun-owner’s group for the acts committed by a religious hate-filled monster. The rant Obama committed a few days ago, in the shadow of the greatest mass murder attack in American history, showed us a small, simple-thinking man who cannot rid himself of his prejudices and think clearly about the future. His only solution to prevent terrorists using aircraft and bombs to kill masses of people is to ban guns, and this plan will not work and is on the face of it, stupid.

The gun that killed in Orlando was in the killer’s hands the day before the killings, and it didn’t hurt a soul until the killer picked it up and pulled the trigger. The gun was just the method used, among many methods available, to kill on this occasion. Tomorrow the method may well be bombs and grenades, but Obama will not take any step to protect Americans that does not include the further undermining of our constitution by this simple man, who announced his evil intentions toward our nation with his plan to fundamentally transform America”, and depriving Americans of their right to possess fire arms is one of the desired means to achieve this transformation.

Our nation is at great risk if our leaders can’t determine reality from their preferred fantasy and properly respond to the Islamic terrorist threat against our nation and our way of life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Post-Orlando, Obama Resembles A Petulant, Name-Calling Child More Than A Responsible President

Yesterday we witnessed the breakdown of Barack Obama as he made an inflamed speech in an attempt to defend his inattention to America’s terrorist threat from his beloved Islam, a speech he delivered in the back-wash of the Orlando nightclub massacre and criticism he is receiving from all corners for his inability to attack and defeat the people who are killing Americans and other citizens around the world. The LGBT crowd seems to be getting that message, and one hears that they are showing more favorable support for Donald Trump since the Orlando attack because he has the courage and resolve to propose measures that will try to identity and stop the people who have threatened to kill Americans and end our way of life, as opposed to Obama who to this day continues his PC nonsense and will not be the strong leader we need in a time of war, which this definitely is, and will not take measures needed to prevent the gay-hating Islamic terrorists from killing gay Americans.

If Obama were able to concentrate his attention as much on halting terrorist Islamic murderers as he does with his attempts to unconstitutionally take self-defense weapons from Americans, the nation and the world would be much better off and safer. But when a president enters office swearing to want to “fundamentally transform America”, and when he has expressed a love for Islam’s morning call to prayer, while also demonstrating his disregard for the American constitution and the hated “guns and religion” tendencies of the American population’s bitter clingers, what can you expect?

So our Barry is more out-spoken and displays more antipathy toward Donald Trump than he does toward the terrorist murderer in Orlando.

BREXIT: Obama’s Idiotic Statement Confirms That England Would Indeed Be Better Off To Leave The EU

A few weeks ago our beloved ruler shot off his mouth and involved himself in British and European politics when he expressed the pontifical, know-it-all opinion that England would be badly hurt if they voted to leave the European Union, and then our fool president slipped in a threat that if they voted to separate themselves from the EU, American money and support for England would dry up. Obama is nothing if he’s not a smooth talker when addressing our allies.

The problem with Obama’s intrusion in England’s internal politics, and forgetting his long antipathy toward England, is that the man maintains a collectivist, socialist attitude and he’s always wrong. Of course he likes the European Union, because it behaves like a dictator and tries to control the internal politics and economic decisions of all member-states of the EU, much like Obama’s disastrous, dictatorial ruling style as president of the US.

In order to better judge the accuracy of Obama’s decisions and to gain a better view of his advice to Britons to vote against exiting the European Union, let’s review some of his major decisions while America’s president and see if we can glean some insight to his success rate:

Obama was wrong to force government healthcare on all Americans; he’s wrong about allowing untold numbers of illegal aliens to cross our borders and enter the United States, illegally, every day; he’s wrong about the LGBT restroom edict; he’s wrong about forcing welfare housing on middle class neighborhoods; he’s wrong about denying Americans the constitutional right to possess weapons for their own defense; he’s wrong about the cause and commission of radical Islamic terror attacks around the world; he was wrong to unilaterally withdraw troops from Iraq when he did; he was wrong to sign the Nuke agreement with Iran; he’s wrong to allow the influx of Syrian “refugees” into America despite the warning from the FBI that they cannot be properly vetted and despite the fact that ISIS said they would infiltrate the “refugees” with terrorists; he was wrong to re-establish diplomatic relations with a still-communist Cuba; he was wrong about the Arab Spring and the advisability of becoming pals with the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt collapsed; he was wrong and lying about the cause of the attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi; he was wrong about establishing the Fast and Furious scheme to influence the ownership of weapons on Americans in contradiction to the second amendment of our constitution; he was wrong about the stimulus that was supposed to assure a quick recovery following the real estate and economic collapse at the beginning of his administration; he is wrong to continue to increase the debt of the United States beyond what can possibly be repaid; he’s been wrong to disregard duly passed laws and any restraint the constitution places on his actions and decisions; he’s been wrong to allow the EPA to continue to issue ill-advised regulations that have slowed business growth to a trickle; he’s wrong, and his administration is lying, about the true state of unemployment in America; and he has been dangerously wrong to not completely annihilate ISIS instead of conducting his repeated, insincere, largely ineffective and mostly wasteful, bombing runs on Syria.

 I think one can see a trend developing here. But how can a president not be wrong when his philosophy for governing is to “fundamentally transform America”?

In short, the man is wrong every time he opens his mouth or makes a policy decision, and he’s wrong about the advisability of England exiting the European Union. Here’s how one can accurately make decisions about almost anything: listen to Obama and then do the exact opposite.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How Can The Majority Rule In A Democracy When Big-Government Promotes Only The Welfare Of The Aberrant Minority Position?

How can the left pretend that they support things that will make America even more successful and wealthy, and make a majority of its citizens more comfortable, when they repeatedly and constantly refer to meaningless identity political subjects, such as being the first woman presidential candidate, or the first black president? These are historical points to consider, but what value to any American can possibly come from the first black president when he states that his primary goal is to “fundamentally transform America”, and then successfully sets about to accomplish his stated goal by doing things that amount to causing the destruction of all things that made America great?

LGBT restrooms are not an issue springing from any evidence that the LGBT population in America was being discriminated against nor deprived of facilities to fulfill normal bodily functions. In fact, the whole push from Washington to allow men into women’s restrooms was without even the pretense of there being any discrimination; it was all about “identity” politics. It was simply an order from Obama that we must obey. A vast majority of Americans have no favorable opinion in the LGBT restroom edict, but it’s all Washington and the liberal press can discuss, and it has caused the Obama administration to threaten to withhold education funds from any state that refuses to implement this idiotic “identity” scheme.

Additionally, we have thousands of illegal aliens crossing our borders every day and we have no idea who they are nor where they’re being settled, but Obama is hell bent on allowing perverted men into the lady’s loo. We need a president who will stop trying to bend our nation to his desired vision of what we should be, and let Americans live their own lives in their own ways. Obama basks in the glory of a false legacy for allowing illegals to cross our borders and for allowing LGBT people to enter inappropriate restrooms, but does nothing to stop a murdering terrorist from gunning down people in a bar in Orlando. The man has his priorities in all the wrong places.

Gay marriage is a wholly created issue that a majority of Americans have never shown any interest in promoting because marriage is not defined as being between two people of the same sex. Marriage has evolved over thousands of years as being the best way to raise a family. But Identity politics and a radical leftist attitude from Obama, who formerly opposed gay marriage in order to get re-elected, by the way, has made this appear to be the most important and urgent issue America faces, while millions of Americans are forced to accept welfare because they can’t find a job in the Obama/Biden economy with its job-killing edicts and its torrent of regulations.

Healthcare for the poor was a relatively non-issue (anyone in America, poor, citizen or non-citizen could go into any hospital and get medical assistance immediately at any time) until Obama found it to be a means to his “fundamental transformation of America”, at which time the Democrats lied daily about citizens being able to keep their plans and their doctors, forced a legislative vote without allowing proper time for the legislators to read the bill, and we ended up with this horrible law that denies people the healthcare insurance they want and has premiums and deductibles that in effect create a situation where even those with coverage under Obamacare cannot afford to use the coverage they’re forced to buy.

Under Obama only illegal immigration is considered good immigration. In a recent Hollywood video, created at the urging of the Obama administration, we saw numerous celebrities telling us how valuable immigrants are and what good people they are and how hard they work, when the subject that is dividing our nation is not immigration itself, but rather illegal immigration and how destructive these people are and how dangerous they have made America as they too often commit their second and third illegal acts: the first act being the breaking of our laws by entering illegally.

We’ve heard reports of boys, who claim to identify as girls, becoming track champions after joining a high school girls’ track team. So who, indeed, has come a long way, baby? Girls who work hard to train for a sport are being beaten by boys who joined their team, and this serves the girls in what way? I see evidence here of an Obama War on Women.

The vast majority of Americans know our nation is NOT winning the war with ISIS; NOT protecting our borders from illegal entry; NOT creating jobs for the massive number of unemployed Americans; NOT allowing choice in where we get healthcare and NOT allowing competition that would lower the cost of coverage; NOT making any attempt to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. But we do see an action front from government to force aberrant behavior into our faces and down our throats. Obama really has “fundamentally transformed America”, and we don’t appreciate it.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Liberal Politics of “Identity” And “Deeming” Is A Dangerous And Slippery Slope

In the 2010 mid-term election Democrats went on an insane tear as they prepared to “deem” that Obamacare was law, without taking a vote on the issue, justifying this illegal and unconstitutional proposal because of its importance and pressing need. Fortunately they decided to take a vote and the Affordable Care Act became law the constitutional way, not by edict. But the attempt to subvert law, custom and tradition by Democrats was off to a good start and is reaching fruition these 6 years later with the liberal’s push to get their ideas shoved down the nation’s throat by introducing us to the identity politics of sexual orientation, in which men can enter a women’s restroom because he “identifies” as a woman, or “deems” himself to be a woman, at least on the day and at the time he enters the wrong restroom.
Taking this fantasy attitude a little further down the road to societal destruction, in recent months liberals have decided to “deem” conservatives who deny that climate change/global warming exists to be criminals and they have put forth the warning that change/warming deniers should be prosecuted for their disbelief in the lie of warming/change. In this regard they are taking up the banner of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union’s tendency to silence anyone, via jailing or summary execution, for not obeying the ruler’s edicts, with the logic that all Soviet orders were correct and just. So anyone who denied, criticized or disobeyed them was “deemed” to be insane and had to be eliminated before the insanity of disbelief were to spread to the general population. Where does this dictatorial thinking end? I fear it doesn’t end. This threat of prosecution for holding an opinion that is contrary to the ruling party’s official line is terrorism, pure and simple, and is intended to silence the critics of the Obama administration.

Once a political party or a society place themselves above the law, or make themselves and their pronouncements into the law, terror reigns and all fairness and sanity disappear.

With the current identity politics of Obama and the Democrats, we are one small step nearer to “deeming” that illegal aliens are indeed American citizens because they “identify” with America, and because they are here and want to vote for Obama’s wonderful Democrat candidates so as to assure the Democrat continued, sensible but totalitarian ruling power.

With all of the facts that have been exposed about Hillary’s illegal personal email server and that her mishandling of sensitive and secure emails broke the law as it applies to all Americans except her, I have no doubt that Obama will “deem” her to be innocent because she is a liberal candidate and meant no harm. This would, of course, undermine any pretense of national security and a rule of law, but that’s what liberals/progressives do, at least under the unlawful and unconstitutional Obama administration.

And has the dominant liberal press and electronic media, whose Constitutional responsibility it is to inform the public of events and facts important to their lives, alerted us to the danger involved in liberal lawlessness? No, they have not. But this silence is in keeping with Obama’s and the liberals’ ”deeming” that legal and constitutional restrictions on their actions don’t exist and should be ignored because their actions must be allowed to take precedence over any old-fashioned attitudes of legality and tradition.

Also consider that in the last few days, liberal violence against Trump supporters is blamed on Donald Trump and not the violent perps who were hired by the left to disrupt Trump’s peaceful gatherings. And of course the liberal press is blaming Trump’s spoken words, not the left’s violent acts, for the problem. Trump’s words are “deemed” to have caused the justified violent actions that injured people and damaged private property. This reversal of blame for violence is typical of liberal blame transference to their opponents.

Obama long ago promised to “fundamentally transform America” and he has been successful in achieving this goal. But these final few months of the Obama presidency will prove to be incredibly violent and dangerous for the future existence of America, and he and his party’s surge of illegality and inappropriate behavior must be opposed. When the president of the United States actually states that his allies should bring a gun to a knife fight, we know we have a dangerous struggle ahead of us.

If Bernie Is A Sexist For Running Against Hillary, Isn’t Hillary an Age-ist And Anti-Jewish For Running Against Bernie?

The name-calling and identity politics that passes for truth and reason in the Democrat Party is not only directed at competitors outside the Party. Recently a Hillary supporter called Bernie Sanders a sexist because he would not drop out of the race for the Democrat candidacy for president. So much for traditional campaigning in an effort to persuade the public that your candidate is the better one and that his/her ideas are the best ideas. Now the Democrat establishment candidate (Hillary) is calling the Democrat anti-establishment candidate (Bernie) the same names that they typically reserved for Republicans.

Using the edgy logic that Democrats are known for, couldn’t Hillary be called an age-ist for wanting the 74 year old Sanders out of the race, and why isn’t she called anti-Jewish for denying the Jewish Sanders the historic event of being the first Jewish presidential candidate?

I guess liberals think historical precedent is of value only when they choose to relate politics to race and sex, but not when religion or age are the topics. Actually, when considered historically, the 40 years that the Israelites wandered aimlessly in the wilderness is a larger point to consider than the race or sex of otherwise wealthy, comfortable people like Obama or Hillary. Our Bernie overcame the trials of his forebears and is still active in the game. Maybe he should be the Democrat standard-bearer and not the spoiled, political opportunist, Hillary, who is being investigated by the FBI for multiple legal issues.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Liberals Use Their Own Elitist, Dictatorial Accusations Against Each Other

Republicans, who have been repeatedly accused by Democrats of waging a War on Women, got a reprieve of sorts recently when a Hillary supporter accused Bernie Sanders of being a sexist because he will not drop out of the Democrat primary race and give the candidacy to Hillary, and they wanted this act of self-immolation from Bernie even before all of the voting was over. This habit of liberals of always accusing their political opponents of sexism, racism, of just plain hate, is now being directed to one of their own number, and it feels good to have the words directed at someone other than a Republican or a conservative for a change.

This idiotic tactic of liberal politicians calling their opponents nasty names and accusing them of one “ism” or another instead of debating the issues, is laying the groundwork for there eventually being no opposition candidate permitted if a woman, or a minority, or an LGBT or anyone except a White, Male Conservative, wants an elected position, which is itself a sexist position for liberals to cause to happen. This is an extension of the blatant racism that got Obama elected twice and has prevented the Republicans in Congress from denying him funding for his scandalous schemes to “fundamentally transform America” and has kept the cowardly Republicans from impeaching this lawless president out of fear of being called nasty names by leftists.

The extreme, illogical positions that liberals are taking during this era of Trump demonstrates how precariously their power is perched and how fearful they are of their own downfall in the upcoming election.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who Are The Ultimate “Never-Trump” Advocates?

Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are the ultimate “never-Trump” advocates, with principled Conservatives/Republicans coming up far to the rear of that group in number and voting clout.

Conservatives/Republicans had better understand this fact or they will wake up on November 9th to discover that Obama’s third term place-filler has been elected to office for the next four years, and this bunch of America-hating radical fools, whether Hillary, Bernie, dumb ole Joe Biden or Pocahontas, having observed Obama’s successful, dictatorial style for eight years, and having had a good lesson demonstrating how weak House and Senate Republicans are and how easy it is for a president to disobey the constitution and the laws of the nation and rule by executive order,  will be loaded for bear and will quickly complete Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”.

Warning registered. Enough said.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Can Donald Trump Take Credit For The Apparent Disintegration Of The Liberal Left?

The Donald Trump campaign has been a phenomenon never before seen in American politics. No matter what he says or does and no matter what the smart set in Washington and New York say about him, and the negative predictions they make regarding his political future, he just keeps winning and gaining supporters. So, given his personal success in this presidential campaign, can he take credit for the following things that indicate the Democrat party is falling apart?
Elk Hart, Indiana: Obama stammers like a drunken myna bird throughout his non-speech in an attempt to blame Trump’s ideas for the injury Obama’s leftist policies have actually caused this great nation.

Katie Couric produces a concocted video lie about second amendment defenders, then gets caught in the lie and apologizes for it!

Hillary is being opposed by even Susan Sarandon for the lies she tells.

Doug Schoen predicts that Hillary will lose in the presidential election.

Bill Clinton’s past women troubles are being exposed (no pun intended) to a new generation of voters, and the new voters don’t like what they see.

Obamacare is failing badly, everywhere it’s tried.

We now know that the justification for dealing with Iran “moderates” on the nuke deal was all lies coming straight out of the White House.

Trump takes the liberal press to school in a “sleaze” lecture session and liberal cable channels run the video of it.

The socialism and anti-capitalism of the Democrat party is now in the open for all to see.

The various Clinton scandals are now being discussed more openly than they ever were prior to Hillary’s run for president.

The demonizing of police departments by the Obama Department of Justice is causing an increase in crime across America, and everyone knows it.

The violent anti-Trump demonstrations are backfiring on the Democrats who are funding and organizing them.

Predictions that the seventeen or so Republican presidential candidates beating up on each other during the primary campaign would destroy the Republican Party have been found to be premature, when actually the competition between Bernie and Hillary to see who can run the swiftest to the left and promise the most goodies to the greatest number of voters is taking the Democrat Party down hard.

I know that not all of the above bits of evidence that leftists are falling apart can be attributed to Donald Trump, but certainly some of them can be, and all of them have occurred during Trump’s tenure as the assumed head of the Republican Party, so I’ll give him credit for the entire package anyway.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Barack Insane Obama: Stammering For The Faith

Last week Barack Obama made a speech in Elkhart, Indiana, that was supposed to be a renunciation of Donald Trump and his announced policies should he become president, but it turned into a stammering fest as Obama got stuck on his words and repeated them so many times that he sounded like an old 45 RPM record that got stuck in a defective groove. It would appear that Donald Trump has the liberal establishment so shook up and fearful that their Hate America First effort is crumbling and coming down on their heads.

Obama was, of course, preaching to the faithful (whether he was addressing the Islamic faithful or the liberal Democrat faithful I’m not sure) and vaguely denounced Trump for his future plans. But the problem with all of Obama’s complaints about Trump is that the subjects Obama selects to criticize are the very things that Obama himself has actually concentrated on and undermined or destroyed as president: social and racial division; elevated national unemployment rate; illegal immigration; illegal punishment of his political opponents; increased poverty levels; over-regulation that causes businesses to either shut down or have to lay employees off; increased welfare roles; illegal and unconstitutional acts from the Oval Office, etc.

As Obama just kept repeating the same word, “If, If, If, If…” for such a long time I was concerned that the man had gone mental (well, he is mental, but this was different).

Friday, June 3, 2016

For Liberals, A Lack Of Evidence Is All The Evidence They Need To Prove Their Dubious, Radical Points

Ever wonder how liberals, who generally are prosperous and live well under capitalism, can possibly want to introduce the proven failure of socialism and Marxism into our society?

Have you ever heard Obama speak with absolute and complete sincerity of the “success” of his terribly failed and divisive administration?

How many times have you heard members of the Obama White House proudly state that they, via the misnamed Affordable Care Act, have provided healthcare to a needy nation?

And I’m sure everyone has heard “Crazy” Bernie Sanders say that he will provide free college education to all citizens, and heard “Lying” Hillary say that her only goal is “working for you”, and I assume that her words mean that she is going to “work” for the 300 million Americans who have built the most wealthy nation in the world, in her belief that they are too stupid and too lazy to work for themselves and their families and continue the unprecedented prosperity they attained, without government interference in their personal lives.

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary liberals seem to really believe that their policies are good and will serve the general welfare of all Americans. These people really believe the crap they spew. But they don’t realize that just passing a law that sounds good doesn’t make it good, and that sometimes the law has to be revised or completely eliminated if it doesn’t do the good things it was intended to do. Obamacare is now the law and it doesn’t matter at all to Obama and his liberals the many American citizens who have reported that they can no longer afford healthcare under the ACA, with its high deductibles and high premiums. They will continue to shove this abortive legislation down our throats, against our will. Big-government advocates will never allow common sense solutions stand in the way of their convoluted and corrupt takeover and control of our lives.

With global warming/climate change, it doesn’t matter how unseasonably cool it gets nor how many of the leftist’s dire predictions are proven wrong, these people firmly cling to their off-the-wall predictions of environmental catastrophe. And since evidence of any warming on a global scale is lacking, the liberals try to convince the ignorant population of its existence by telling us that many scientists “believe” in the warming/change lies. But they forget to mention that many other scientists believe warming is not happening. But beyond the belief systems of scientists, we need scientific proof that warming/change is occurring, and there is no such proof aside from the computer modeling the leftists consider to be proof, and the modeling is only providing the outcome that the computer software people input to the system, which offers no proof at all.

It’s as though liberals are unable to evaluate evidence that’s right in front of them. Once they’ve decided on a course of action there’s no deviating from the faulty, injurious ideas regardless of the disastrous outcomes and unintended consequences.

It’s easy and logical to lump warming supporters into a category of self-serving ideologues who are worried about losing their lucrative government contracts to study the environment, but there’s something more basic than simply serving their own self-interest, and that’s serving the continued freedom and prosperity of the American people, and they are not serving that end at all.

Escalating Violence Against Trump And His Supporters By Bernie And Hillary’s Thugs Prove The Need For A Trump Presidency

Right on cue from the leftist revolutionaries who are committing escalating acts of violence against Donald Trump and his peaceful supporters, we see a century-past movement reminiscent of the Russian Bolshevik revolution of 1917, and it’s oddly and appropriately enough coming right on the tail end of the leftist Obama administration with its divisiveness, racism, intolerance and unconstitutional maneuverings.

Last night in San Jose, this new Democrat violence took a mean turn when a young woman who attended the Trump speech was trapped by a mob and physically attacked while around her the radical Bernie/Hillary supporters were waving Mexican flags and burning American flags. I guess it’s clear what cause, principles and nation these violent creatures were supporting. And if you want an example of a War On Women, the progressive, Democrat leftists have presented it with this violent attack on a woman. Perhaps the defining event, in the midst of this violence, was the Democrat Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, himself a Hillary supporter, who dutifully condemned the violence, and of course, blamed it on Donald Trump and his followers.

It amazes me how people can escape a corrupt, impoverished nation like Mexico to find sanctuary in America, and then begin destroying the very thing they left Mexico to find in the first place: stability, peace and prosperity. How short-sighted can people be? And I assume they are only trying to assure the election of Bernie or Hillary, both of whom promise them a non-ending string of goodies from the federal government, but not the freedom and liberty they should be seeking. These violent events can only assure a corrupt, violent presidency if the leftist candidate wins the White House in November.

Thank you, Barack Obama, for laying the groundwork for this violence and divisiveness as your administration ends in a blaze of destruction. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leftist, PETA Crowd Thinks Gorilla Lives Matter, Not Black Lives

When the child who fell into the cage of Harambe, a silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was safely rescued after the gorilla was killed, leftists couldn’t wait to start doubting that the correct political entity came out of the situation alive (and I use the word “political” knowing full well what that word means in this morally and intellectually adrift nation). The gorilla had begun acting erratically and seemed to be threatening the safety of the child, so the gorilla was killed.  Most people learning of the outcome breathed a sigh of relief at the safe rescue of the child, but not all.

As is predictable in the erratic, insane and everything-is-political period of Barack Obama’s administration, PETA began decrying the gorilla’s death, while at the same time they seemed to resent the safe return of the child to his mother’s arms.

No one was wishing for the death of the gorilla, but given the threat to the human boy, the outcome of this event is preferable to the possible contrary ending. Leftists seem to have developed an updated version of their black lives matter chatter which has now been revised to: human-lives-don’t-matter.

Unsurprisingly, leftists quickly blamed the child’s parents for allowing the child out of their sight long enough to fall into the cage. This was a moment of clarity and truth for leftists, both for seeming to prefer the welfare of animals over humans, but also because this was a real-life example of black-lives-matter, which at least reduced the volume of the PETA bunch AFTER they found out the child has black parents. OOPS!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched Against The United States, Would Obama Have The Courage Or Desire To Retaliate To Save America?

Last week Obama was in Hiroshima, once again apologizing for America’s past actions in the world. Whenever the subject arises of the United States using an atomic weapon, it must be remembered that Japan started the war with their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, and it was Harry Truman who had the courage to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to save millions of lives, Japanese as well as American, and to put an end to the war. As Obama strutted around like a big shot in front of the Japanese, I couldn’t help but wonder, in the current-day proliferation of nuclear weapons, if Obama would have the courage to order the launch of our missiles against a nation which had already launched a first-strike nuclear attack on the United States. I seriously doubt it. I believe this fool, America-hating man, would sit on the decision until a part of the United States was destroyed, and he would, instead of destroying the attacking nation, likely seek forgiveness and understanding from the attacker for whatever fantasy reason they had for launching against us. Thomas Sowell, the prolific author, is on record as believing that in a situation such as this, where America is threatened with imminent nuclear destruction, Obama would not only fail to counter-attack, but he would immediately surrender to the attacking nation. This sounds exactly like the Obama I know.

Another approach in considering what Obama would do under attack, is to consider his hate and disgust for our military and the volunteers who fill its ranks. It’s likely that just on the basis of the response to an attack being a military action, he would decide to not counter, and let the US be destroyed. As Commander in Chief of our armed forces, the President is sworn to defend our Constitution and defend the security of the nation, which, as a pacifist leftist, is a difficult, if not an impossible, thing for him to do.

Considering the haste and ease with which Obama signed an agreement to give a nuke to Iran, who could believe that he could then launch one of our missiles against them if they attacked us? This action would be an admission that he was wrong to give them nuclear capacity in the first place, and Obama will never admit that an action of his was in error. And of course, since an Islamic missile would be considered a missile of peace from the religion of peace, how could the militant United States afford to attack it and expose ourselves to being called war mongers and Islam haters?

I fear that Obama’s long-demonstrated hate for America and dislike of our power and wealth would cause him to fault on the side of any enemy. Obama believes it’s just not fair that America should have such power and comfort in a world of poverty and misery, so he would probably delay a defensive decision and cause the destruction of America.

Any man, and especially the President of the United States, who boldly stated that he intended to “fundamentally transform America”, would very likely not oppose a nuclear attack on America, using the illogic that the best way to “fundamentally transform America” is to destroy it and then rebuild it in a sane and humane way with the likes of Obama as its fuhrer. And in my opinion, that’s the hate-America thinking of our Barack Insane Obama. Given the destruction to our laws and our constitution that Obama has caused while working internally inside our government, I have no doubt he would side with an enemy that launched an attack that could destroy us externally as well.