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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BREXIT: Obama’s Idiotic Statement Confirms That England Would Indeed Be Better Off To Leave The EU

A few weeks ago our beloved ruler shot off his mouth and involved himself in British and European politics when he expressed the pontifical, know-it-all opinion that England would be badly hurt if they voted to leave the European Union, and then our fool president slipped in a threat that if they voted to separate themselves from the EU, American money and support for England would dry up. Obama is nothing if he’s not a smooth talker when addressing our allies.

The problem with Obama’s intrusion in England’s internal politics, and forgetting his long antipathy toward England, is that the man maintains a collectivist, socialist attitude and he’s always wrong. Of course he likes the European Union, because it behaves like a dictator and tries to control the internal politics and economic decisions of all member-states of the EU, much like Obama’s disastrous, dictatorial ruling style as president of the US.

In order to better judge the accuracy of Obama’s decisions and to gain a better view of his advice to Britons to vote against exiting the European Union, let’s review some of his major decisions while America’s president and see if we can glean some insight to his success rate:

Obama was wrong to force government healthcare on all Americans; he’s wrong about allowing untold numbers of illegal aliens to cross our borders and enter the United States, illegally, every day; he’s wrong about the LGBT restroom edict; he’s wrong about forcing welfare housing on middle class neighborhoods; he’s wrong about denying Americans the constitutional right to possess weapons for their own defense; he’s wrong about the cause and commission of radical Islamic terror attacks around the world; he was wrong to unilaterally withdraw troops from Iraq when he did; he was wrong to sign the Nuke agreement with Iran; he’s wrong to allow the influx of Syrian “refugees” into America despite the warning from the FBI that they cannot be properly vetted and despite the fact that ISIS said they would infiltrate the “refugees” with terrorists; he was wrong to re-establish diplomatic relations with a still-communist Cuba; he was wrong about the Arab Spring and the advisability of becoming pals with the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt collapsed; he was wrong and lying about the cause of the attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi; he was wrong about establishing the Fast and Furious scheme to influence the ownership of weapons on Americans in contradiction to the second amendment of our constitution; he was wrong about the stimulus that was supposed to assure a quick recovery following the real estate and economic collapse at the beginning of his administration; he is wrong to continue to increase the debt of the United States beyond what can possibly be repaid; he’s been wrong to disregard duly passed laws and any restraint the constitution places on his actions and decisions; he’s been wrong to allow the EPA to continue to issue ill-advised regulations that have slowed business growth to a trickle; he’s wrong, and his administration is lying, about the true state of unemployment in America; and he has been dangerously wrong to not completely annihilate ISIS instead of conducting his repeated, insincere, largely ineffective and mostly wasteful, bombing runs on Syria.

 I think one can see a trend developing here. But how can a president not be wrong when his philosophy for governing is to “fundamentally transform America”?

In short, the man is wrong every time he opens his mouth or makes a policy decision, and he’s wrong about the advisability of England exiting the European Union. Here’s how one can accurately make decisions about almost anything: listen to Obama and then do the exact opposite.