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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Of High Cheeks, Is The Racist, Not Trump

So again we hear from the party of racism, complaining about how racist they think Donald Trump is for reminding Americans of the actual racist deeds of Democrats. As President Trump was thanking some Navajo code-talkers yesterday for their essential service in World War II, he happened to mention a play-like Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who, in order to get a job reserved for Americans of Indian descent, claimed to Harvard University that she was 1/32 Cherokee because she had high cheekbones, just like all Indians do, according the to racist Squaw Lizzie.

The high cheekbones comment is, of course, racist in that it assumes that all Indians look alike and that they all say “How” when they greet you on the street. But not only did Squaw Lizzie complain about the President’s totally true comment about her Harvard job application, but Lizzie is a true racist in her claim to be part Cherokee with no proof offered beyond her cheekbones, and she took a job that some actual Indian descendant could really use. The leftist press jumped in and joined the squawking Squaw about President Trump’s very appropriate and true comments about her.

Also commented on by our subversive press was that the ceremony honoring the Navajo Indians for their critical assistance in WWII, which was performed in a room with a prominent painting of Andrew Jackson in the background. Because of this painting the press railed about the terrible treatment that Indian tribes suffered while Jackson was President and called the mere presence of the painting to be racist. One must admit that for political reasons the picture might have been removed for the actual presentation to the Navajos, but why does everything have to be about politics? Jackson was indeed president as the west was being claimed and settled by Americans coming from the east coast, so what is the harm?

But as usual the liberal press stepped in a big pile of it when they criticized Trump for having the award ceremony under Jackson’s stern gaze, because Jackson was a Democrat during the years he was president and history tells us that enormous mistreatment of Indians was performed by the presidency of Andrew Jackson, so we thank our liberal press for bringing this to our attention.

Aside from the press calling attention to the anti-Indian, Democrat presidency of Andrew Jackson, here are a few more facts that could be provided to remind and warn Americans away from the party of Hillary and Obama: Democrats formed and controlled the Ku Klux Klan as it killed blacks across the south in the 1800s. Democrats prevented the vote being given to women for many years as Republicans tried to allow this practice. Democrats repeatedly voted down the civil rights act that Republicans tried to get enacted. The dogs released to attack blacks as they marched for equal treatment under the law in Alabama were released by Democrat sheriffs and police chiefs. The politicians who stood in school-house doors, blocking entry to black children, were Democrat politicians. The party that is currently keeping blacks unemployed and unable to find jobs is the Democrat party, which welcomes illegal aliens who take jobs that Americans are prevented from taking. The party that has forbidden school choice as a sop to the teacher’s unions is the Democrat party, so poor black students have to suffer in low-quality public schools. The cities that have the highest crime rates and the highest black-on-black murder rates in the nation have Democrat mayors. American Indians were repeatedly lied to and mistreated in the 1800s by a Democrat President Andrew Jackson. The president who swore to “fundamentally transform America” and then set about doing so by illegally and unconstitutionally opening up our southern border to all who would enter, was a Democrat. The cities that are proclaimed to be sanctuary cities where crimes by illegal aliens are not reported and where decent poor people suffer from illegal alien gangs who prey on them, are governed by Democrat mayors.

And the squaw that used her high cheekbones to take a very lucrative job at Harvard from an American Indian who may have been much better qualified to occupy such a position was Democrat Elizabeth Warren, better known as Pocahontas for her self-proclaimed and never proven claim to be 1/32 American Indian.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Football Star Favors Life In Mexico Over America, But Oddly Remains Here

On November 20th, The Independent, and other publications, ran an article informing readers that Oakland Raiders football player Marshawn Lynch, while attending a league game in Mexico City, stood for the Mexican anthem, but not for the American anthem, clearly showing his preference for the flag, and life in general, in Mexico. This show of disrespect in a foreign country goes far beyond the usual claptrap these idiot football stars demonstrate each week at NFL games about imagined police violence against black men, and is a direct slap at America and all things American.

Of course the author of the article had to remind the reader that the fun pass-time of taking-a-knee was to protest the alleged killing of black men by American police officers, while the violent Rap music of American performers celebrating the assassination of police officers, some of whom are black, and the beating and raping of black “bitches and hos” is passed over as though it has no bearing on the violent lives of too many young black men living in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.. But of course the anti-police attitude of the Black Lives Matters people and the rap singing is something the liberal press would rather not discuss.

But returning to the immediate subject of standing for the Mexican anthem and disrespecting the American anthem, only people like Marshawn Lynch, who is not aware of the millions of Mexican citizens who have escaped the repression, corruption and poverty of Mexico and illegally crossed the dangerous border with the United States in order to be able to have a more pleasant life for themselves and their children in America, would take-a-knee against their own nation. Millionaire football players should perhaps think about such things as they express their preference for life in Mexico and the dislike they seem to have for their comfortable up-scale homes in America. The United States has given these football players a chance to live well and become wealthy, while no parallel path to the good life exists for the citizens of Mexico, so the unfortunate Mexican citizens have to resort to illegal entry to America in order to live a freer and more pleasant life in the United States.

America is a refuge of safety and a promise of a pleasant life for the entire world, and that’s why Mexico is emptying to the north. And that’s also why standing for the Mexican anthem and disrespecting the American anthem is so inappropriate and so wrong.

Monday, November 27, 2017

With Liberal Democrats, It’s DeJa Vu All Over Again

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers are examples of Democrats who just keep on giving to Republicans and providing entertainment for them in this Christmas/Thanksgiving season. After several weeks of unending criticism and verbal punishment being heaped on the Democrats for the sexual excesses of one of the Democrat party’s biggest contributors, Harvey Weinstein, and their own internal DNC officials, like Donna Brazile, exposing Hillary’s crooked ways of handling primary elections, and after the Democrat Minority Leader in the House praised the “transformative” nature of the Democrat “zero tolerance” initiative for sexual harassment, we finally gave them credit for realizing the error of their ways. And then BAM! we have Nancy Pelosi defending John Conyers, only the latest in a long line of such Democrat perverts, as an “icon” and insisting that he be left alone and remain in office.

Missing in Nancy’s defense of the old “coot”, as Geraldo Rivera called Conyers a week ago, was the old Carville/Begala defense of Bill Clinton which stated that we need to get our attention off of sex and back to the serious business of serving the American people, because, don’t you see, all of these charges, from Bill Clinton to John Conyers, are just and only about sex. And to top all of that off, Al Franken, although he has admitted to a string of sexually inappropriate actions, states that he will not resign and will continue to occupy his Senate seat, while he certainly will continue to grope the seats of various females he comes into contact with.

Talk about tone deaf fools and you’re talking about the modern Democrat Party. And all of this two-faced crap follows weeks of criticizing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for uncorroborated accusations from 30 years ago, while we know that thousands of dollars were paid to at least one female victim of Conyers, and the hush money came from public, tax-payer funds, not from Conyers’ own pocket. This is just all too rich.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

For Democrat Congressmen, Geraldo Reopens The “It’s Just About Sex” Defense

In 1995, with Republican Congressman Bob Packwood as the accused party in a charge of sexually unwanted attention, the event was expanded by the liberal press into an unforgivable attack against the entire world of womanhood. But in 2017, for sitting Democrat and darling liberal Congressman John Conyers, it’s just the old Carville/Begala/Clinton defense of “it’s just about sex, now let’s get back to the serious business of serving the American people” method of dismissing the charges; but only if you’re a Democrat. Being a Democrat must be a cool, fun thing to be.

On the Fox News Network on Saturday morning, Geraldo Rivera pushed the old liberal crap of sex offenses only being about playful, harmless sex when it relates to a Democrat congressman, but it’s the end of the world when a Republican is the accused party. I am anxiously awaiting the Democrat defense when the idiot Joe Biden, known as Handy Joe for his habit of having his hands all over whatever woman he’s near, declares his candidacy for president in 2020. One can bet that the press will have no record of Biden being “handy”, and he’ll be described as the only Democrat who can muster the “gravitas”, as the liberal press in Washington likes to describe Democrats, to beat Trump in the next presidential election.

It’s true that Conyers is just an old, harmless “coot”, as Geraldo offhandedly describes him, but harassment is harassment regardless of the age or the political party the accused is affiliated with, and one wonders if perhaps the word “coot” is a racially insulting word when uttered against a black Congressman, as Geraldo did on Saturday. I’m just asking a serious, solemn question in this racially-charged atmosphere of American politics.

But so was Bob Packwood an old coot in 1995, and that did not keep the Democrats and the liberal press from running him out of town with their own form of harassment based on the constitutional freedom of the press to selectively decide which stories they will go forward with, and which they will spike, for political reasons, of course.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Could Liberals Be Getting “Religion”?

For the last twenty-plus years the defenders of Bill Clinton have been using terms like “trailer trash” and “it’s only about sex” and “Ken Starr is a sexual pervert” to defend our Slick Willy, and now all of a sudden, Harvey Weinstein, Carlos Danger, Al Franken and even Bill Clinton are being taken to task for their inappropriate, and even violent (as in “put some ice on that”) sexual attentions. But it’s difficult for one to believe that this turn of events in the fortunes of the Democrat party is merely intended to indict Bill and get him and Hillary out of the political way so the Democrats can begin getting their politicians elected again.

A simpler explanation is that they are really beginning to see the light and place blame for inappropriate actions where it belongs and not try to make everything they touch respond to their political maneuverings and machinations, and they’re actually making the hard decision to get rid of the bad actors in their political midst.

In this regard, there was quite an inhalation of startled American breath when Hillary made her “deplorables” comment in the 2016 campaign, and since then, and especially with the election of Donald Trump with his plain, forthright, honest way of speaking and acting, it appears that liberals have learned that conservatives are not Hitler-like, and that Democrat voters have been broadly lied to by the leftist press about a variety of things, and the entire blue-shaded population of America is rouging up a bit.

It may not be religion they are experiencing, because one is wise to fear that the religion of radical environmentalism and not the religion of our nation's founding fathers and mothers is the only "religion" Democrats recognize, but the left is learning right from wrong, and America is the better for it. With Democrats turning their guns on the Clinton Crime family, maybe they’ve learned that winning isn’t everything, and that honesty and integrity, even in the swamp of Washington, are important.

See how one real, sincere reformer like President Trump can begin setting the DC establishment on the course to Making America Great Again? It’s a beautiful thing.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Do Democrats Really Regret The Abuses Of The Clintons?

So it’s been twenty years since Bill Clinton’s celebrated abuse of women, and twenty years after Bill was found guilty in a court of law for his Monica Lewinsky event and after paying nearly a million dollars to Paula Jones for his actions against her, and only now will Democrats admit that he should have been removed from office and sent back to Arkansas in mid-presidency. And please stop the idiotic drivel about the press being young at the time and not realizing the seriousness of Clinton’s actions. The reason the press covered up for the Clintons is that they were liberals, and liberals can never be stopped from the anti-American, criminal and anti-Constitutional actions they practice.

How many years will it be until the press admits that Barack Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America” was a bad idea and destructive to America? But they let him make disastrous changes to our society and permitted him to disobey the constitution because they are all a pack of America-hating liberals, and that’s why the liberal press remained silent while Obama attacked America from inside the Oval Office.

But one must be reminded that the concern for women and for the rule of law only occurs after twenty years of the Clintons undermining our system of government and soon after Hillary’s making a fat profit selling American Uranium to the Russians, and after years of top Democrats benefiting from Clinton patronage and support and the influence money that kept Democrats in power and allowed them to dominate in politics. So now the new wave of liberals want to dump the old personalities and set up a new anti-American political establishment to undermine freedom and the constitution. So it’s out with the Clintons and good riddance to them.

The sudden concern on the part of Democrats for what is right, as opposed to their usual preference for what is wrong and deviant, is not enough at this late date. The American public would be wise to ignore the left’s pleas for understanding and forgiveness for past wrong-doings. They knew what the Clintons were up to and they are culpable in the anti-American things they did.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Even Republicans Discriminate Against Republicans

Mitch McConnell recently said that based merely on uncorroborated allegations of sexual abuse, he would not allow Roy Moore to take a seat in the Senate if the citizens of Alabama elected him to that office.

But when there is photographic evidence and even an admission of culpability in the Al Franken abuse case, Mitch calls for an ethics investigation, which is a process that goes on for years and ends up as a cover-up for sitting Senate members, and there is never any punishment for anything the Senator may have done that was improper or illegal. There are many cases of sexual misconduct guilty verdicts judged against sitting Senators every year and they are always settled quietly, and the victim is paid off and silenced by the government, at tax-payer expense. And the offending Senators remain in office with full benefits and status.

I don’t understand the double standard that is always tilted against Republicans. It’s apparent that Roy Moore, himself a Republican, is a political opponent of Mitch McConnell’s, and it seems that Al Franken, a rabid leftist, is a political ally of McConnell’s. Talk about your odd bed-fellows in politics and this is a classic example of political oddness.

With the admission and the photograph to use as evidence against Franken, he should be drummed out of the Senate immediately instead of wasting time and money with a worthless ethics investigation that will assuredly end with him firmly seated in the Senate, and firmly opposed to any and all of President Trump’s initiatives. And if the people of Alabama elect Roy Moore, his entrance to the United States Senate should not be impeded.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Democrats Claim They Were Too Young To Know That Clinton Rape Was Wrong

The lying Democrats are trying to make America believe that the sexual crimes of Bill Clinton, before and during his time in the Oval Office, were not properly understood at the time because Democrat contributors and supporters and the members of the press were too young to know the damage that could be done to a woman who was raped, so they allowed Bill Clinton to remain in office. One can recall James Carville and Paul Begala adding to the humiliation of Monica Lewinski and Paula Jones by calling them trailer trash and stating that these women were picked up when a dollar bill was dragged through a trailer park. The Democrat party made Special Counsel Ken Starr, and not Bill Clinton, look like the sex fiend when they trashed him for investigating the sex crimes of Clinton and for uncovering and exposing Slick Willy’s many indiscretions.

More recently we have seen former major supporters of Hillary and Bill claim that Bill should have been removed from office when it was learned and confirmed, with evidence, that he had indeed sexually mistreated women while in the Oval Office. One such former Clinton political colleague was Kirsten Gillibrand, and Doug Schoen, also a former pal of Bill and Hillary, is also jumping on the anti-Clinton bandwagon and taking them to task for the bad things they did in the 1990s. Additionally, in the past two weeks, Donna Brazile, a Hillary-appointed chair to the Democrat National Committee, even wrote a book about how crooked Hillary’s presidential campaign was in 2016.

Where were these loyal Democrats and their newly found ethics standards during the time that the Clintons ruled Washington and were getting away with crimes against women and against the nation? Their claims that they were too immature to know that rape was wrong is total crap: the entire nation was screaming in outrage for Clinton’s removal from office, but their faithful Democrat supporters and the dominant liberal press were enjoying the limelight and the power that the Clintons offered, and they kept their mouths shut while innocent women were attacked.

One can logically conclude that if Democrats didn’t know of the inappropriateness and criminal nature of rape in the 1990s, they certainly can’t know what’s wrong with forcing the unconstitutional Obamacare on the nation, supporting sex and race self-identity, pushing LGBT restrooms, insisting that sanctuary cities are good for the country and that higher taxes will spur the economy. Democrats have proven themselves to be deviant creeps and must be kept out of public office.

One could easily argue that the loyal Democrats who blindly supported the Clinton power machine are now turning on their former leaders because a new political day is dawning with the presidency of Donald Trump and his honesty and openness, and the former Clinton coven is running for cover and trying to disassociate themselves from the Clinton crime family, which is taking a nose dive to destruction, and hopefully prison, in 2017.

One thing seems to tie liberals to a defective and devious Democrat administration: the promise of status and free-wheeling power. And when that power is gone they turn on the old, corrupt bosses and act as though they, too, were victims of the old power structure. Soon the fleeing characters will align themselves with a new Democrat victor, and the corruption will start all over again.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Idiot Republicans Are At It Again

When will the idiots in the Republican party learn that they are at war with a Democrat party that commits crimes, lies and sells our national Uranium supplies to the Russians, and when will they learn that they must play hard-ball with these scoundrels if our nation is to survive?

Roy Moore has been accused of inappropriate activity with a fourteen year old girl, 30 years ago. This accusation comes from out of the blue, from a period of time when Roy Moore was a practicing Democrat involved with local Alabama politics. Why, after all this time, are we just hearing abut this, at a time when Mr. Moore is a Republican and involved with national politics?

We know that Democrats are liars and will do and say anything to defeat their political enemies. Why don’t Republicans, who have so far buckled under to these ancient and dubious accusations, allow the accused some shred of doubt as to his guilt? Why don’t they insist on some evidence and not just this hear-say from three decades ago? And why are they not screaming from the rafters about Bill Clinton, who was convicted in a court of law, while a sitting Democrat president, of multiple sexual attacks and has been treated as a political hero these last 20 years? Why wasn’t he kicked out of the presidency and reviled by Democrats for the hard evidence of his crimes, while our current Democrats are basing all of this controversy about Moore on the word of a woman who was silent all these years? Democrats are practiced liars and will do anything to win, especially since Donald Trump began ruining their entire day with his honest, common sense, America-first policies. Why don’t Republicans fight back and demand proof of the charges against Moore, while supporting Mr. Moore in the mean time?

If Mr. Moore withdraws himself from the Senate competition at this time the Democrats will have won again, and they will be more encouraged to lie about Republican candidates in the future. If this accusation is not opposed, there will be no end to the future accusations about every Republican candidate that the Democrats will be able to produce. Republicans must learn to fight fake news just as Donald Trump has taught them the last eleven months he’s been in office.

America is based on the principle that one is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty, and we must adhere to this tradition. Republicans have taken up the Democrat banner that if accused we must assume guilt, but I think the people of Alabama are smarter than our stupid Republican party and are better able to make their own decision as to whom they want to represent them in the United States Senate. The reason that these charges were brought so near to an election is so that there is no time to gather evidence and have the charges fully investigated, and I put forth that this is just a Democrat trick to undermine our entire system of elections in America. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans must keep in mind that at any time the Democrats could post unsubstantiated harassment accusations against any one of them in order to get power transferred back to the criminal Democrat party, and these gentlemen would expect an assumption of innocence and would insist that some proof be produced if such a situation occurred and they were the target.

The Republican party must face the real, filthy world that Democrats occupy and learn how to deal with these creeps in an intelligent manner and not buy their crap in an attempt to appear compassionate and bighearted. In the absence of proof of Democrat charges, Republicans must move ahead and win elections.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Are America’s Political Parties Competing On A Level Field?

There is no comparison between the two major political parties in America. The Democrats are lawless and have no regard for decency and honesty, whereas the Republicans obey the laws and mostly practice Christian beliefs.

Some examples on the left:
Obamacare was unconstitutional and caused many families great stress and expense.
Barack Obama and his pals disregarded immigration laws and opened up our borders.
Republican political personalities (Ran Paul and Steve Scalise, along with nearly everyone who campaigned for Trump in 2016) have been subjected to extreme violence from the left.
Liberals love hate laws, which can be manipulated to mean anything they want them to mean, and are nearly always duplicates of real laws already on the books.
The liberal press interprets the constitutional protection of the press to allow them to NOT print the news they want to keep under wraps.
Liberals are prepared to put the Little Sisters of the Poor in jail if they don’t pay for abortions.
Liberals have no problem using the IRS to shut up their opponents.
Liberals want to take everyone’s guns away, period.
Liberals protect people in the country illegally, thereby putting poor people living near the sanctuary enclaves at risk from these protected criminals.
We’ve seen increasing cases of Christians being insulted and reviled for practicing their religion, and violence on these people will soon follow.
Liberals want LGBT/sexual identity access to restrooms, which will put children at risk of being exposed, no pun intended, to things they should not see.
Liberals think it’s a great idea to sell baby body parts.
Democrats want to “fundamentally transform America”.

Some examples on the right:

Republicans by and large obey all laws, don’t do unconstitutional things, want to protect the nation and always publish news stories uncomplimentary to their side of the aisle. But most of all they want to preserve the precious and fragile freedoms and prosperity this nation has been blessed with.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Democrats Attack Donna Brazile; Could It Be Racism?

Donna Brazile, a trusted and long-time part of Democrat politics who served for a period as Hillary’s hand-picked chairperson for the DNC, is now being called a kook and a liar since her recent book exposed Hillary’s and the DNC’s rigging of the 2016 Democrat presidential primary election. Is this unprecedented abuse of a Democrat big-wig because Ms Brazile’s a woman who has gotten too pushy, or because of her dark skin color and the fact that she has gotten uppity with her white handlers? One is only asking. Whatever the reason, she has gone from being the Democrat mouthpiece to being the Democrat’s whipping-donkey.

Aside from the fact that Ms Brazile should have exposed all of the DNC tricks and Hillary’s personal traits and her official misbehavior during the election, so poor old Bernie could get a fair shake and so the Democrat voters could be allowed to see the real workings of a future Hillary administration, the book is a welcome burst of sunshine on the left. But she delayed her principles until after the election, in which she and her party were rejected by the American people because we already knew of Hillary’s absolute crookedness. And there is no reason to doubt the truth of Ms Brazile’s new book.

It’s logical to believe the revelations in the new book because everyone knows that Hillary is a creep and a nasty person, and we all saw the rigging of the Democrat primary campaign against her opponent, plus Donald Trump made the primary rigging a major part of his speeches during the entire campaign season.

Hillary is a revoltingly distasteful person, but because the liberal networks and the leftist media love her and her politics, they kept her behavior under cover, so she has been able to get away with it, until now. But now she has a trusted Democrat insider exposing the unlawful and unprincipled practices of the Democrat party.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Increasing Levels Of Violence From The American Political Left

First it was Steve Scalise, the Republican Majority Whip in the House of Representatives, who was shot and nearly killed by a dedicated follower of Bernie Sanders when a leftist radical took his rifle to a Washington baseball diamond and fired rounds at congressional Republicans assembled there. Now we learn that Senator Ran Paul was physically attacked at his home by a neighbor who is a known radical leftist extremist. When one recalls the many Democrat attacks that Trump supporters had to suffer during the 2016 presidential campaign, and the ANTIFA violence and the old Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and violent actions the left meted out, one wonders how our free election system can survive with all of the punishment Republicans and conservatives are forced to withstand and have to survive in order to carry on an election season. And don’t forget the soft violence the Obama IRS forced conservatives to bear up under during the 2012 election.

If a headline along the lines of Increasing Levels Of Violence From The Political Left were seen a few years ago, one would have been justified in thinking it was a headline from Berlin, Germany in 1936, but now the Nazis radicals are in America where they are called Democrats, and they are multiplying.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Top Democrats Are Being Called Rapists And Slave Owners, By Top Democrats

Isn’t it the most amazing thing that Republicans and conservatives are repeatedly accused of being rapists, sexists and racists with no proof advanced to support these accusations, but it’s only liberal Democrats who are being confirmed of doing such things from the highest levels of the Democrat Party!

On November 4th the Washington Post stated that in Donna Brazile’s new book she described her dealings with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, and in her opinion she was “being treated like a slave” by the Hillary people. And who cannot be aware that top Democrat liberal Harvey Weinstein is currently being investigated by the New York Police Department, the FBI and foreign investigative sources for rape and other mistreatment of women?

Going back a little further in time, one recalls the old news of Bill Clinton and his perjury conviction for his nasty treatment of a young female White House intern, and his rather large cash payment to Paula Jones for the way he treated her when he was Governor of Arkansas. One can make the crass point that Democrats, and one would include here the infamous Carlos Danger-Weiner and the waitress sandwich that Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd liked to create when they visited a Washington restaurant, are just a free-wheeling, fun-loving bunch of guys, except that in the real world people are hurt by the things Democrats are doing, both politically and personally.

In Donna Brazile’s new book, again per the Washington Post, she is quoted as saying that she believed Hillary’s campaign “took minority constituents for granted”, which is exactly what Donald Trump said about Democrat policy numerous times during the 2016 presidential campaign: Democrats keep minorities poor and in need of welfare and other big-government handouts in order to get their votes so as to keep Democrats in power and doling out the goodies at tax-payer expense.

Although one appreciates that Donna Brazile has exposed the crooked dealings of Crooked Hillary, one still wonders why she was silent about Hillary’s mal-dealings and mis-dealings before the election. It would appear that she was silent in order to protect her appointed, political position at the DNC, hoping that Hillary would get elected and appoint her to a high-ranking position in the Hillary Clinton administration. But Hillary famously lost and now Ms Brazile is finished with her and is ready to make some money at Hillary’s expense, which I’m liking a lot. So Ms Brazile remained silent while Hillary’s campaign fell apart, but kept specific notes in order to profit from a book deal after the election. Whether Hillary lost or won the election, Brazile stood to make some serious money; sort of sounds like the Democrat criticism of a capitalist/Republican doesn’t it? This just goes to show that liberal Democrats love money as well as Republicans, but they’ll stab each other in the back to get it.

If Ms Brazile really cared so much about Democrat policies and about Hillary’s political future as the female savior of the world, she would have made internal changes to the DNC or resigned under protest for things she thought were hurting the future of all liberal Democrats. But she stayed on and hoped for a better tomorrow serving under a ruthless, cheating, lying, female leader of a Democrat party that is totally and completely coming apart at the seams.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

To Democrats, “Diversity” Means We Need More Immigrants Who Hate America

The constant leftist, Democrat push for “diversity”, something that occurs naturally and plentifully in nature and society but in the opinion of Democrats can never be attained, must eventually be curtailed by a thinking nation. The Democrats’ precious, undefined “diversity” is being engineered and imposed on the nation using their own magical statistics to inform us when we have a sufficient mix and balance of “diversity”, assuming that their idea of balance will ever happen.

There is a natural, wide range of diversity even among people of the same sex, the same race and the same skin color. So with all of this diversity that naturally occurs and which is ignored by Democrats, we are now forced to assume that liberals harping on even more “diversity” means that they want a more, very selective, mode of diversity among immigrants which gives preference to those radicals entering the country who hate America and what it stands for. Given that Democrats want to import more people under Barack Obama’s and Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa program, the same program that last week killed New York City residents and foreign tourists alike, it would seem that they prefer admitting those who not only hate America but those who have sworn to kill Americans as well.

Liberal insistence on continuing leftist programs that are not just harmful but are also deadly is the classic definition of insanity: doing the same failed thing repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome each time. How else can one explain the liberal insistence on bringing in people from nations who have sworn they want to kill us and who will use their religion as justification for doing so? A logical conclusion is that Democrats are insane.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Foundation Of Liberal Thinking Is Built On Racist Sand

Simply stated, liberals, who are mostly white and largely upper-middle class or wealthy, really believe that blacks and other dark-skinned people are inferior to whites and therefore need a hand up in order to live comfortable lives. This thinking is racist and will never be admitted to by liberals, but it’s true and it’s behind the racist treatment of blacks, resulting from liberal legislation and government action the last 50 years, and it’s why there is so much poverty and welfare existing in minority neighborhoods: because liberal won’t leave dark skinned people alone to advance themselves because liberals believe that they can’t advance themselves and on their own merit.

Related to the misguided racist policies of liberals is the magic that explains the liberty and prosperity of America which liberals declare is ill-gotten and hasn’t been legitimately earned by Americans:

1) The founders of America created the Constitution that gave citizens rights and restricted what the government can do.
2) Our Constitution allowed capitalism to expand with limited government tampering and destruction and permitted the nation and it’s citizens to flourish and prosper.

The fact that America’s founders were white Europeans is purely chance. Similarly persuaded brown and black people could also have taken the side of regular citizens and protected them from domination by the government, which is the beauty of our Constitution, but no one, whether they were black, white or green, had ever, throughout history, generated a document like our Constitution, which enumerates the few things government can do, and leaves all other pursuits to the free citizenry.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Democrats Are Like George Costanza: Their Inclinations Are Always Wrong

In one of the Seinfeld television episodes, George Costanza realized that he was a failure in life (he was always broke, he had no job, he had no girl friend and he lived with his parents) because he always made the wrong decisions if left to his initial reaction to any of life’s barrage of choices and decisions. He learned in one of the Seinfeld episodes that if he went with the opposite of his initial decisions he would be making the correct decision, since his first reaction was always wrong and proved to be counter productive and made his life worse. Unfortunately for American citizens, our Constanza-like Democrat party has not learned their lesson and continues to go with their first big-government, establishment policy decisions, which always, and without fail, work to the detriment of the American public’s freedom and prosperity.

President Donald Trump is the reverse image of the Costanza character: even though he takes mountains of abuse from the left and the anti-Trump right, so far he’s proven that his decisions are the correct ones to make and he continues to move forward, in spite of the constant opposition by Democrats, who most recently said that his tax proposals would raise taxes on the middle class and hurt them the most, but they were quickly slapped down by the Washington Post, which is itself no defender of Donald Trump, for the lies they were spreading about his tax reform.

Similarly, we are now learning that everything Hillary said about her email system, her rigged presidential nomination and the Uranium One treasonous actions, were lies. Her own personally selected DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile, has written a book detailing the underhanded things she did to cheat Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters during the 2016 primary season. Now congress is investigating her felonious Uranium One dealings, and those who have tracked Hillary’s crooked career have no doubt that she is in real trouble this time, and her former allies in the DNC will no longer defend her.

It seems likely that the Obama administration, now seen to be killing Americans with their ultra-left “Diversity Visa” program, will also find itself in hot water as events proceed. And one must keep in mind that none of these revelations would have come about but for the non-establishment, total transparency and honesty of Donald Trump.

Democrats must be opposed at every turn and their policies and practices must be defeated firmly and permanently in order for America to regain its rightful place of leadership in a dangerous, violent world.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Trying To Understand The Liberal Hangup On “Diversity”

It’s too bad that liberals are so hung up on their driving force of “diversity” that they have forgotten about liberty and freedom and national identity. Diversity is not something one has to intentionally create or search for, it’s ever-present in everything we see and do. No two people are the same and no two ideas are the same, yet liberals are making the nation weary with their insistence on selecting certain “diverse” people to settle here, even when those people too often try to kill Americans once they get here.

One thing that liberals insist on which says nothing about the diversity of the person, is skin color. They pretend that a racial skin color achievement assures diversity, which is simply junk thought. There is more similarity between a black American male and a white American male than there is between a white American male and a white Lithuanian male. Skin color has nothing to do with any real diversity, except that in America liberal politicians have made very comfortable careers for themselves out of serving up this brand of racism. One symbol of real diversity would be for liberals to allow conservatives enter into their decision making process. Maybe hire a conservative commentator on CNN or MSNBC; this would be achieving diversity and would be a sign that liberal Democrats are sincere about real diversity. But they are not sincere, and they won’t do it.

The lie of politically engineered and driven “diversity” is that assuring a specific balance of race and gender in a population does not assure a safe, secure and prosperous nation. A random, blind sample of a population will assure a world of diversity among citizens who want to participate. After all, America was at its strongest and dominated the world following World War II, and that was long before we had a Civil Rights Act. So it would appear that looking at race and gender and allowing only a chosen few to participate based on these irrelevant criteria is a waste of time, and a waste of valuable talent.

For their pie-in-the-sky objective of achieving phony “diversity’, liberals have insisted for the last eight years on bringing massive numbers of Middle Eastern Muslims into America, only to find that much too often these objects and symbols of diversity are terrorists whose only objective is to kill Americans.

Liberal idiocy expands when you consider that the recent perpetrator of the terrorist killings in lower Manhattan was admitted to the United States under the liberal “diversity lottery” program. So we let this animal into our nation not knowing what his political leanings were nor knowing how he would act once he got here, but we achieved the liberal nirvana of “diversity” simply by his being here, and liberals went away pleased and proud of themselves for being such good people. But their good intentions led to the murder of many Americans and tourists who were simply trying to enjoy themselves one pleasant fall day in New York City. Despite tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees already in America, we had not yet achieved “diversity” and had to let one more Uzbekistani into the country, and this single symbol of liberal goodness killed Americans to show his gratitude.

The truth of the matter is that liberal Democrats need dependent, unassimilated welfare recipients that will vote for them and keep them in office, so they seek new dependent class individuals all the time and simply label them “diversity”. Shame on these damned fools for playing games with peoples’ lives

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Obama’s True Legacy: His Liberal Policies Are Killing Americans

Thanks to the idiotic, thoughtless and politically correct policies of Barack Obama, yesterday, on Halloween Day, we saw Americans, and some foreign tourists visiting New York City to enjoy its great freedom and beauty, murdered by a Muslim terrorist who was allowed to enter America on the absent-minded, pointlessly liberal policy of “diversity”. So, using liberal thinking, one might be justified in saying that “diversity” is killing Americans. The special foolishness of seeking “diversity” in the first place is that real diversity exists on its own, can be found everywhere and does not need Liberal Democrats to seek it out and identify it and declare it to exist in their skewed policies and programs.

When Obama entered the Oval Office he swore to “fundamentally transform America” and the man was good at his word in this single instance: America has been transformed into a nation of free-flowing immigrants, both legal and illegal, who are stalking Americans trying to find a way to kill them for the sole reason that they are Americans, and if some unfortunate Argentinians and Belgians are killed in the process, as unfortunately happened yesterday, the Muslim murderers take those deaths as an added plus.

Then add to Obama’s accomplishments the express and specific threats of North Korea launching missiles at Guam and over the Japanese Islands, and reading the Iranian statment that they may also launch missiles at our over-seas military bases while they develop a nuclear missile under Obama’s malicious, intentional and dunder-headed agreement with that rogue nation, I’d say that our former president was quite successful at “transforming America”. He allowed the North Koreans to develop nuclear weapons and he gave the Iranians time and the money to pay for their own nuclear development. I can recall Obama making public statements that Iran would never be allowed to obtain or develop such weapons, but what else can one expect from a practiced liar?

Then there’s good old Chuck Schumer, a man who consistently makes some of the most idiotic statements possible, providing an example of his brilliance when he made the statement that Donald Trump is an “anti-terror fraud after the New York Attack”. Our Chuck evidently forgets that it was Donald Trump who asked for more stringent immigration controls that liberal Democrats screamed bloody-murder over and that liberal Federal judges halted, and that the recent killings in NYC resulted from a man who entered America under Obama’s watch and his policies, not Trump’s, and was given access under the crazy scheme of the liberal “diversity visa program”. But liberals like Schumer are practiced liars and one can bet that they next words out of their mouths will be falsehoods, because the previous ones were.