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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Michelle Obama Reflects On Hillary Clinton

I just saw a video that surprised me in this election year. Michelle Obama is giving a talk critical of Hillary, who I thought was running for Obama’s third term as president. In reference to the accusations of rape and intern abuse by husband Bill Clinton, both inside and outside the White House, Michelle stated that a woman (she is here referring to Hillary) “who can’t run (her) own house, can’t run the White House”. So it appears that Michelle is opposing Hillary in her run against Donald Trump. Shocking!

Oops! Never mind. The video I just saw was recorded when Barack Obama opposed Hillary in their 2008 campaign when each sought to be the Democrat candidate for president. So with the passage of time also comes a change in attitude by the Obamas toward candidate Hillary and her philandering husband. In 2008 Hillary was a worthless fool to be scorned, destroyed and discarded. Now Hillary is the most qualified person in the world, perhaps in the universe, to run for president, and is fully endorsed by Barack and Michelle Obama. Ain’t it a beautiful thing?

Are Democrats filthy scum or what? These lying Democrat bastards will destroy an opponent in a minute when they are opposed for a position of power, and then worship them and praise them when a power shift is in the offing and they feel the situation is favorable to endorse their former deadly enemy. How can anyone ever trust anything a Democrat/liberal/progressive says, when every word they utter is a lie?

We need to take this useful information with us when we listen to anything on the TV or radio, when we read anything in print and when we go to the voting booth in November. If liberals are saying it, or endorsing it, or are stating that it’s a fact, it’s probably a lie and should be ignored and the opposite should be strongly suspected as being the truth.

Let’s rid our nation of liberals and vote Trump in November; you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be making America great again.

Charlotte Is Burning. So Where’s The Community Organizer When We Need Him? Oh, That’s Right, It’s Obama.

A week ago when Charlotte was being torn apart with nightly riots, Obama let the chaos rein for a few strategic nights and then said that the protests have gone too far and that feelings of frustration and anger must be expressed the right way, not by burning property and beating people. This tells me that community organizers, like our Obama, think rioting, burning and beating people for two of three nights is acceptable, but a fourth night is too much. Me thinks he delayed a little too long to be able to pretend that he’s the brave savior who stopped the mayhem.

Since Obama is a community organizer with great experience with pushing the emotional buttons of young black people, one would think that he would show some leadership and advise the crowds in Charlotte the correct way to behave, and make the crowds understand the illogic of hating white people when a black police officer, working under the command of a black police chief, kills a black man out of fear that the suspect had a gun that he would use on the police officer.

Then one realizes that Obama’s intended successor, Hillary Clinton, is in need of a pulpit from which to preach her sermon of hate, racism and division, which directs our attention to the fact that violence, suffering and property damage is exactly what Obama, the community organizer, wants and needs in order to help Hillary get elected, and you understand the pure evil of the Obama administration.

But the thinking of liberal Democrats is severely flawed, because logical, sensible, real-world thought doesn’t lead one to sympathize with the Hillary/Obama government when uncontrolled rioting breaks out nearly every week in one city after another, and when the police are being assassinated in the streets, as happened in Dallas a short while ago. Intelligent people blame the Hillary/Obama government for their failure to lead the nation in peace and prosperity for all Americans, and for even thinking that riots serve their attempts to assure a third Obama administration in the person of Hillary Clinton.

Obama is the experienced community organizer, and things are going in the direction of racial division and chaos just as he intends them to, and in the direction that Hillary will continue, in the unfortunate event that she should be elected president.

Vote Trump.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Republicans Share Much Responsibility For The FBI and DOJ Corruption

It’s true that the American people are primarily responsible for the horrible, terrible,  no good, very bad Obama administration (after all, they elected him), but the Republicans, even after they knew full well that Obama was a liar, that he was a law breaker, that he despised the constitution, that he had sworn to “fundamentally transform America”, that he hated our armed forces and would place them at greater danger than their job description would normally suggest, still did not impeach the fool man because they were fearful of being thought of as politically incorrect, and perhaps would have offended an independent voter or two, who would be angry with them if they bounced our socialist, America-hating president out of office. They even voted to give Obama the money he needs to fund and implement the anti-American, leftist policies he has developed.

If the congressional Republicans had opposed Obama and begun impeachment proceedings against him in his first term, Hillary would likely at this time be in prison and not campaigning for president. The FBI would have been saved much embarrassment for the stupid things James Comey has done to undermine the reputation of that great agency, and the Department of Justice would not have been polluted by the current Attorney General, who is the ultimate decider of prosecutions and grand juries, which legal process is what would have been the next step for Mrs. Clinton after a real and full investigation of her very serious misdeeds.

Our politicians are always shooting off their mouths about being leaders who make the tough decisions, but along the lines of Hillary and Obama, who were both missing-in-action when Benghazi exploded and four Americans were killed, the Republican establishment took no tough stance on immigration, the IRS scandal, opposition to Obamacare, Hillary’s serial problems with emails, exposing top secret information via an unsecure server, having an illegal server and not following court and congressional orders to preserve her work documents, all of which would have Hillary wearing stripes if the investigation had been done without the influence, and I’m quite certain, the specific instructions, of Barack Obama to keep the investigation under wraps and make sure it goes nowhere.

Say what you will about Republicans, but they will more often than not obey laws and the constitution. But Democrats of late are offended by the constitution because it prevents them from, in Obama’s words, “fundamentally transforming America” and getting the alleged “work of the people” done, even when that means doing it extra-legally.

So I say: damn and to hell with the sitting establishment Republicans who not only will not seriously oppose leftists when they do unconstitutional or unlawful things, but they do strongly oppose someone like Donald Trump when he makes a pitch to right the ship of state and get back to what made America great in the first place. The never-Trump chorus helped hold the door open to the likes of Hillary Clinton, who would undoubtedly be worse than Obama. 

Does Obama Ever Consider The Real World When He Makes His Ideological Decisions?

The lack of a Status of Forces agreement is the reason the Obama administration repeatedly gives for the ill-thought and ill-conceived pull-out of American troops from Iraq, a move that lead directly to the buildup of ISIS and the horror they have caused in the Middle East, and around the world.

So now, in the face of more terror than the world has ever seen before, Obama is putting troops back into Iraq, and do you think we have a Status of Forces agreement in place to protect our military people there? No. Now Obama is good with the lack of a Status of Forces agreement to protect the troops, the very thing he appeared to be so very concerned about when he performed his Iraqi retreat.

Obama was too anti-war to deign to negotiate with the president of Iraq and apply some pressure to come to an agreement for the Status of Forces, so he just withdrew the troops and claimed victory. Our idiot president wouldn’t listen to his military advisors when he yanked all military forces from a theater that had been pacified, and against their advice removed all military people, so now he is having to re-introduce troops in the hope that some peace can be found there.

The false notion that the former Iraqi president would not permit a Status of Forces to be put in place is just one of thousands of lies that Obama spreads. Obama didn’t like the fighting in Iraq because the war was begun by George Bush, and Iraq had been pacified under the Bush administration, so of course, Obama must undo the Bush success by removing the troops and then claiming that nothing was really accomplished there. But now our Obama is back-tracking on his brilliant decision and is sending troops back. But of course he claims that they are not going to war. No, they are just advisors and instructors, but they are subject to being wounded and killed just like in a real, actual, gun-shooting war.

Unfortunately the take-over of Iraq and Syria by ISIS is now a fait accompli, and American lives have to be risked, again, because of another foolish decision made by Obama. This president, who has to be taught logic and good judgement as an on-the-job-training effort, is a failure at everything, except playing golf.

It’s unfortunate, and it’s incontrovertible, that every decision Obama has made was from a leftist ideological position, and it was wrong and proved to be a detriment to the United States.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Americans Want Their FBI And DOJ Back

Americans have always been able to breathe a sigh of relief when they read about the excesses of Hitler and Stalin and the evil things they did, including imprisoning or even executing their citizens under their evil systems of justice. We’ve always been glad that these things couldn’t happen here.

Well, think again, muchacho. Under the leadership of Barack Obama, his FBI and DOJ have, as a corrupt part of their Hillary Clinton email investigation, handed out immunity to all people associated with her email/server/national security issues. When you also include all of Hillary’s accomplices who took the fifth and skated free, we now realize that no one will ever be punished for the crimes Hillary and her staff committed. And we know why James Comey gave Hillary a pass on prosecution, even after listing the many things she did that an average citizen would have been sent to jail for doing: if she were prosecuted it would destroy her campaign for president. So, true to form, our Barry assured that prosecution would be impossible for the email-related crimes, while at the same time protecting his own skinny butt from being flushed out by Hillary’s staff, because, in spite of his assuring everyone that the first he learned of Hillary’s illegal server was on the evening news when everyone else learned of it, a recent document dump proves that he was emailing Hillary at her off-net system under a pseudonym, so he knew all along what she was doing and permitted it to continue.

So now the United States has joined the big league of scoundrel governments with the corruption and lies of Barack Obama and his administration of filth. How does it feel to live under totalitarian rule? How does it feel to know that a political big-shot, working contrary to the welfare of you and your family, all the while making herself fabulously wealthy, can break laws and threaten the security of the nation, and receive no punishment at all? In fact, her crimes seem to be what got her the presidential endorsement from the crooked Obama.

The political corruption that is the Obama administration, along with the Hillary campaign for president, is causing Americans to lose faith in their government and any chance that bad people at the top will be punished for their crimes. We’ve watched a year of constant and escalating reports of the crimes of Hillary Clinton, and then to have no punishment for this two-bit partisan hack is unforgivable. And even though the director of the FBI made the case for her prosecution, we still get no referral to the DOJ and see no action against this felon.

And the BS reason given for not going forward with Hillary’s prosecution: the FBI claimed it doesn’t want to appear to be interfering with the 2016 presidential campaign. What a crock of crap! If a crime is committed by a candidate and the investigation continues to the cusp of the presidential election, thereby harming the political campaign of the one who committed the crimes, then that’s the risk the culprit assumed when she committed the offenses, and the FBI is, indeed, an interfering party if they halt the investigation so the felon can continue to run for president. This is unbelievable!

Lady Justice wears a blindfold as she impartially weighs the evidence, but the FBI and the DOJ possessed perfect vision when they entered the election season and halted the full investigation of Hillary Clinton, in order to assure her election so she could continue Barack Obama’s legacy of providing nuclear weapons to Iran and pushing his promised “fundamental transformation of America”. This whole thing is filthy dirty and is “not who we are as a nation” as Obama likes to tell us. Unfortunately, it’s exactly who Obama and Hillary are as people and as politicians, and they are, regrettably, the current and perhaps future leaders of the nation. May God have mercy on the United States.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Obama’s “New Normals” Are Mounting, And The Future Is Bleak

One prominent “Normal” aspect of American life has been liberty followed closely by economic prosperity. Under the leadership of Barack Obama both of these assumed “normals”, which attracted people to America from all over the world, have been replaced by a series of lesser “new normals” that don’t bode well for the future of our nation nor for our children’s continued prosperity and liberty. The short list of negative “new normals” is:

Non-ending terrorism.

A high jobless rate.

Decreased income levels for middle class workers.

An unpayable national debt.

Continued racial divide.

Distrust of police officers.

Continuous foreign wars.

Urban riots, burning, killing and property destruction.

Un-checked illegal immigration.

Constant flow of unvetted Middle East “refugees”.

Unaffordable healthcare.

Unending poverty, especially in America’s urban centers.

Terrorist nations getting nuclear weapons from Obama’s Iran nuke deal.

If one is to believe their own eyes and ears, Obama’s words and actions have specifically and intentionally caused each of these horrors to develop, and he’s done his best to make certain that each one only gets more concentrated, imbedded and permanent in American life.

Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of this destruction of America and must be defeated in the next election.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary’s Racist Plantation/Campaign Staff Think Lester Holt Is Their “Boy”

Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, was all over the television after yesterday telling George Stephanopoulos that he expected Lester Holt, the NBC African/American TV anchor designated to moderate the Trump/Hillary presidential debate tonight, to be a fact-checker during the debate, because they fear that Donald Trump will tell a lie that will survive without challenge and make him look good against Hillary.

I have news for Mr. Mook: his candidate has been lying for over a year about her email scandal, and then lying about the lies, to boot. She lied about landing in an aircraft under enemy fire; she lied about the number of email devices she had; she lied about the cause of the Benghazi attack; she lied about lying about the cause of the Benghazi attack to the parents of the four Americans killed there; she lied about passing all required emails to the State Department when she left the SecState job, and to the FBI when they told her to; she lied about the DNC collaborating against Bernie Sanders to make certain that he had no chance of defeating Hillary in their competition for the Democrat presidential candidacy; she lied about not destroying any emails that she was required by court order to maintain. In short, Hillary is the liar in this event, not Donald Trump, and our Massa Hillary doesn’t think she’s up to the job of repudiating what Trump says and correcting the record as she sees it, so she is telling, dare I say, ordering?, the African-American moderator to do exactly what she expects him to do during the debate, as though he doesn’t know how to do the job he’s been hired to do.

Very racist of the Hillary people, I’d say. How is it that liberals think they can give orders to blacks and expect them to jump at their every command? Mr. Mook needs to be informed that the debate stage is not the liberal plantation they think it is, so Hillary had better prepare herself for a lively debate as she and Trump exchange barbs. And this situation is very humiliating for the unfortunate Mr. Holt, who will now catch hell no matter what he does during the debate.

Oh, the times certainly are a-changin’, and liberals are scared to death, aren’t they, Mr. Mook?

Obama Makes A Racist, Personal Plea For Democrats To Vote For Hillary

It’s one thing when a politician makes a personal plea for like-minded voters to elect a candidate who will continue his/her agenda, but when that person is the sitting president, with a failed economy and a racially divided nation as his reference, and he makes the plea based on his race and insists that all who are also racists must vote for his successor, that politician has stepped over the line of decency.

So it was with Obama earlier this week when he demanded that Hillary be elected so to not let our Barry down and have his destructive policies be reversed by Donald Trump. The Democrats must be terrified of Trump and must know that they’re losing the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans, black and white alike, if the sitting president has to make racists appeals instead of convincing voters to further his failed, racist, anti-American policies.

“Hillary Has Always Worked For The Children”. Yeah, Right.

On a cable channel this morning a Hillary flack-catcher went on for an eternity about how Hillary had only and always worked for the children. What a crock of crap!

The woman who is now worth over a tenth of a billion dollars and who does not run a business and doesn’t have a job, and who is now spending well over a billion dollars seeking the presidency in order to gain the fame and even more personal fortune related to that position, while she could be spending all that money on actual children in need, has the nerve to claim that she has worked for the children all her life. Here are a few questions about her life’s work that I would like for Donald Trump to ask her tonight in the debate:

Was the Bimbo Eruption and related abuses of women, for Bill Clinton’s presidential election, done for the children?

Was her lie about having only one email device done for the children?

Did she expose national security on her unsecured email system for the sake of the children?

Were the deaths in Benghazi for the children?

Did she and her party entrap poor people (and their children) into a lifetime of dependence on government via a corrupt welfare system, done for the children?

Is an actual fifteen percent national unemployment rate good for the children?

Have our borders been swung open to all comers for the children?

Was not being prosecuted for perjury in statements to congress and for violating national security rules, done for the children?

Was breaking the laws of the State Department and using an illegal server done for the children?

Does a woman who can’t even step into a van without a step-stool for assistance think that her ill health can serve the children if she’s elected president?

Is opening a woman’s restroom to any pretend LGBTQ adherent benefitting female children?

Is a nuke deal with Iran, giving them the money and the freedom to develop a nuclear weapon, serving the future welfare of children?

Does lying about a family’s healthcare under Obamacare enhance the health of children?

Does having the Director of the FBI call Hillary an incompetent who is “extremely careless” serve the children’s future under such a president?

Everything Hillary Clinton has done has served Hillary Clinton, and no one else. She has lied and cheated her way to the top, and now she is asking for the power of the presidency, which includes the investigative power of the DOJ and the FBI, in order to block any investigations into her future or past actions, schemes and crooked deals. Why does our nation deserve such a fool presidential candidate at such a violent and threatening time in our history? 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Presidential Debates: Obama Was An Empty Chair, Hillary Is An Empty Pant Suit

Who can forget Clint Eastwood debating an imaginary Obama in an empty chair? And who can erase from their mind the image of candidate Hillary invariably appearing in a dumpy pant suit, and more often than not with her hair greasy, matted and unwashed. Who advises this woman on her personal hygiene anyway, and why does she even need an advisor to make herself presentable?

The empty chair of Obama was four years ago, but the empty pant suit and greasy hair of Hillary are today, and America’s tomorrows depend on Donald Trump winning the upcoming debates and being elected president and ending the unconstitutional spending and illegal immigration and crony capitalism that is eating our nation alive, so we need him to prevail in the first debate, to be held Monday evening.

The liberal press is probably as upset as Clinton herself  (“why am I not 50 points ahead..,” she screamed in a union ad) with Trump being equal to her or out-pacing her in opinion polling for a race that was assured to dump Trump on the ash heap of history, but is instead proving to have attracted Americans of all political stripes to Donald Trump’s anti-establishment, pro-American cause, and promises to upset the way the news and the nation’s politics are performed for years to come.

Liberals still don’t know what hit them, but they do know that the liberal press and liberal cable networks are suffering, and the leftist opinions of these old liberal establishments are being rejected and discarded by viewers before their very eyes. Hillary’s lament at not leading Trump by at least 50 points in the polling is an example of how suddenly the falsity of liberalism is being dashed by the reality of Americans’ concern for their nation and the prosperity and security of their families as they watch the witless Obama give away the store of American greatness and threaten the destruction of all we hold dear.

The Left Insists On Everything Being A Consideration Of Race

The lack of common sense among liberals is astounding. On Fox’s afternoon program “The Five” one hears the program’s liberal member, Juan Williams, boringly often complaining that young black men are killed by police at a greater rate than their racial representation in the nation would predict, ignoring the fact that young black men commit crimes out of all proportion to the number of blacks in the larger population.

Eric Bolling, one of the conservative members of the program, has repeatedly reminded Williams that even though blacks make up a small percentage of the American population, they are sought out by the police in proportion to their commission of crimes, not in proportion to their racial percentage of the population, and the number of crimes they commit is far greater than their shear percentage of the overall population. Additionally when Bolling informs Williams that in just plain statistical numbers, the police kill a greater number of whites each year than they kill blacks, Williams still cries racism, as all good liberals are trained to do. And oddly enough, as we are seeing in Charlotte and the rioting there, when a black police officer kills a black suspect, liberals still find a way to accuse whites of racism. It’s pretty much all white guilt, all the time with liberals

Liberals like Williams go out of their way searching for things that enable them to claim racism, and they will not recognize, or at least refuse to admit, the truth, when it’s presented to them.

As an example of the lack of comparative thought leftists apply to their racist claims, what liberals like Juan Williams fail to take into consideration is that men, who make up about fifty percent of the population, commit crimes way out of proportion to the crimes committed by women, yet liberals don’t call the police sexists for arresting or even shooting more men than women, because there is no political gain to be had from this approach, and there’s no emotion in it, and leftists are all about politics and contrived, phony, emotion and outrage.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Obama’s Failed Economy Leaves Many Poor Blacks With Only One Excuse To Get Out Of Bed And Do Something: Rioting For Any Reason

The failed Obama administration and it’s absolute inability to ignite an economy that would create jobs, along with Obama’s massive immigration effort that finds illegal aliens taking jobs that Americans could use, has been the source of the new normal of rioting during the last year. Instead of holding jobs that allow people to feel pride in accomplishment and envision economic success in their future, many young black men are taking up rioting as their new profession. Add to this mix Obama’s silence when the police are involved in the shootings of young black men, a silence that encourages people already excited and emotionally involved, to take to the streets and destroy. All past presidents have urged patience in the face of uncertain public happenings, asking the population to await the professional processing of evidence and investigation before taking to the streets and venting their anger and frustration, but Obama’s silence encourages violent reaction which results in deaths and property destruction.

And it must be added that Obama’s repeated references to police brutality and his constant refrain of racism in America don’t help the situation.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Is An Obama “Narrative” Similar To The Islamic Command For Believers To “Lie For The Faith”?

Recently Obama’s press secretary, Josh Ernest, said that Obama’s position on the war with ISIS was limited to Obama’s latest “narrative”, warning America that war could be won or lost based on the turning of a phrase in the administration’s “narrative”, or there may be no war at all, depending on the phrasing of the “narrative”.

Was it this “narrative” thing that Obama read from when he repeatedly swore that we could keep our doctor and our plan, period, under Obamacare? Was it part of the “narrative” when Obama promised that we could clamp sanctions back on Iran quickly if they were caught cheating on the famous nuke deal that Obama signed, the deeply flawed agreement that Obama considers to be his legacy? Does the “narrative” mean different things at different times depending on the audience and Obama’s need to convince gullible citizens, or the left-leaning press, of a new untruth that he’s pushing?

In Obama’s world, a narrative is simply a lie told to manipulate opinion, as was the case with Obama’s predecessor, Slick Willy Clinton and his ability to play the press like a cheap fiddle. They marveled at his ability to lie, re-lie and lie again and not miss a beat, while at the same time intimidating establishment Republicans into total silence and offering no opposition to what were obvious lies that can, and are, hurting American citizens.

Obama’s obvious love of Islam has lead him to copy from the Islamic playbook and “lie for the faith” of liberalism via his “narratives”. 

The Democrats’ Racist, Sexist America

Isn’t it amazing that the woman who is the current Democrat candidate for president, and the black man who is the current sitting president, achieved their elevated positions in the sexist, racist nation that they claim America to be? Does that make any sense?

How is it that women and blacks have achieved elevated power positions in a nation that hates women and blacks? But that’s what liberals say about America, and it proves that the imagined sexism, and the pretend racism don’t exist. But in spite of evidence looking them right in the face, the fool Democrat/progressives just keep playing the same old lying, negative tune. The very fact that women and blacks hold positions of power in government, and in private life become wealthy beyond the dreams of most working people, prove that Americans are not prejudiced people.

The liberal Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, has the gall to declare that Republicans are conducting a War on Women, when Hillary herself led the vicious attack campaign, at the time called the Bimbo Eruption, to silence and destroy any woman that Bill Clinton had had an affair with, or who dared to accuse him of raping them, in order to keep them from speaking out and disrupting his presidential campaign in the 1990s.

And it’s only a liberal Democrat who, as the black sitting president, could declare that America holds racist tendencies while he has allowed the wholesale shootings and gang-murders of young black men in Chicago and Baltimore and did nothing to stop the carnage these last seven years and while overseeing a failing economy that has destroyed jobs for those same young black men. 

Are Democrats intentionally fools, or can they just not help themselves?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Democrats/Progressives Claim To Be The Only Good People, The Remainder Are All Deplorable, They Say.

The Democrats, the party that is tripping over itself in a rush to open up traditionally forbidden voting rights to occupants of federal prisons, for the sole purpose of getting those felon’s votes in the next election, have the nerve to call Republicans “deplorable” because Donald Trump is their candidate for president.  The never-imprisoned, never-investigated, never-prosecuted Republican voters are considered to be the unredeemable dregs of society, while murderers, rapists and thieves who were tried, found guilty and imprisoned for their crimes (and probably always voted Democrat anyway) are the good guys because, given their choice of a career in crime, they can be trusted to vote Democrat in the November election. Maybe Trump’s quip about “Crooked” Hillary is not so far off base after all.

Who are these idiot Democrats anyway?

A Kennedy Claims That Bush ‘41 Will Vote For Hillary

A member of the Kennedy clan said yesterday that in a recent meeting with George Bush the elder, he told her that he will vote for Hillary in the next election.

One must keep in mind that President George H.W. Bush (‘41) is famous for his “read my lips” promise to oppose any new taxes when he occupied the Oval Office, a promise that he quickly vacated with a little pressure from liberals who didn’t take his statement seriously and knew he could be manipulated. So if he indeed did tell the Kennedy that he will vote for Hillary, she should be careful about believing the statement on its face value. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the liberal Kennedy misread ‘41’s lips, or maybe she wishfully read his lips, and interpreted them as she desired them to read.

It’s hard for me to believe that a great American like George H.W. Bush would stoop so low as to develop a pique toward Donald Trump just because Mr. Trump beat Jeb Bush in the Republican primary, to the point that he would put the entire nation at risk and vote for the ultra-left Hillary Clinton. And I also just plain don’t believe what a Kennedy has to say. Liberals all share the Islamic frame of mind that it’s admirable to lie for the faith, and I believe that’s what this Kennedy is doing: lying for the faith of liberalism. 

When Is A War Not A War? When it’s An Obama Narrative.

According to Josh Ernest, Obama’s press secretary, the war with ISIS is actually being won, based on Obama’s “narrative” (in other words one of his lies told for political gain and position). So now we know why Obama continues to say ISIS is being contained: he’s referring to the spin that he and his press pals are spreading. As long as the real world can be ignored, and as long as the press doesn’t stand up to and challenge the Obama lies, Obama can continue the false narrative that people are not being beheaded by ISIS, that America and Europe are not being attacked by radical Muslim terrorists and that Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon, in spite of the nuke agreement Obama signed with them.

It’s a national disgrace that the Commander in Chief of America’s armed forces (that would be Obama) would even think of developing a “narrative” that both claims there is no war and at the same time claims that we are winning the war, and all the while the poor military personnel who are fighting and dying to fulfill the Commander’s orders, and who are abiding by the anti-American-soldier Rules of Engagement created by the same fool Commander, are trying to serve their country in the traditional manner but see no practical nor favorable outcome resulting from their efforts.

And our subservient liberal press goes along with the narrative lie because they absolutely refuse to do anything to oppose our first black president, who is also the chief liberal who is “fundamentally transforming America”, a nation that the liberal press obviously hates as much as Obama does.

The former Soviet Union’s Izvestia and Pravda news organizations behaved for Stalin and the communist party exactly like our liberal press and liberal cable channels behave for Obama, Hillary and other ultra-leftists: they repeat the narrative lies told by these liberal talking heads, and they let the lies go unchallenged on those rare occasions when they don’t express outright agreement with them directly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Democrats Repeat The Untrue Charge That Trump’s Words Recruit Fighters For ISIS

The Democrat establishment continues their idiotic dialog that Donald Trump’s mean, nasty words about Islamic terrorists, and his acorn for Syrian immigrants, are what encourages people to become recruits for the murderous cause of ISIS.

But the truth is that the military-style killing of Osama Bin Laden undeniably angered militant Islamists more than Trump’s words ever could have, and the killing has driven a record number of recruits to the ranks is ISIS.

 And who, do you think, ordered the tracking and death of Bin Laden: Our glorious savior and leader, Barack Obama. And his administration didn’t just execute the deed and then return to the task of “fundamentally transforming America”.  They bragged about it without end, and strutted, and stuck out their chests, as though they personally faced the dangers involved in getting to the compound to kill the terrorist leader, as the actual American military heroes did.

So when the left states that Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general are causing radical Muslims to take up arms with ISIS, they need to be reminded of the killing of Bin Laden and all the other ISIS leaders killed by drones at the order of our fearless Obama, and ask if their terminations might not have caused some radical Islamists to join ISIS in order to fight the west. Liberals and their narratives and false arguments are such fools.

“A Zip Code Should Not Determine A Child’s Future”

The title above comes from a HUD/Fair Housing bill board I saw at a local rather up-scale shopping center recently.  It’s completely propaganda, as one would expect from a document issued during the Obama administration, and it suggests that a racist, homophobic attitude is typical of Americans and that our nation seeks to block the eventual success of children of poor families and contain them in the unpleasant surroundings of the birth, which is a complete lie.

Although it may be true that a zip code reflects the income level and general economic means of a parent, it in no way holds that parent’s child back from their own individual success in life if that child stays in school, obeys the law, gets a job and works while saving and investing for the future. The sky is the limit in America for a bright, hard-working young person, unlike many other countries where family and class define a person’s future. And it’s a certainty that young women living in Muslim countries have no possibility of any success in life at all since they’re forbidden an education and cannot work outside the home. The Obama administration forgot to mention that unfortunate piece of information in their “fair housing” poster. As regards the treatment of female children, America is far superior to any Muslim nation, but leftists in America choose to ignore that fact while abusing Americans, especially the “deplorable” Republican Americans, of racism, sexism and homophobia.

American society is probably the most flexible, inclusive and expansive society in the world, with no one caring what neighborhood or zip code a person comes from. An employer, for example, only cares how the abilities of the job seeker can benefit their business, and beyond that a business owner has no interest in their personal lives nor their zip code of origin. In the past, the incomes of young people typically rose above the income level of their parents, although in the Obama years that tradition has stalled and young people are no longer out-earning their parents. But no one pays attention to what zip code a child was born into.

Unfortunately, under liberal rule at the federal government level, a good education is becoming very difficult to obtain for children attending public schools, and that will increasingly limit the life-long advancement of children from every zip code, and especially the zip codes that represent the poorest neighborhoods.

In fact, on the subject of zip codes, the Obama administration is itself proposing laws that will negatively impact the future living standards and possibly the income levels of many, and likely most, young people. Obama is preparing to mandate that future welfare housing be built in upper- and middle-class neighborhoods, which will assure the destruction of real estate values and will trap people to live in neighborhoods that are threatening and dangerous. This idiotic proposal is supposed to assure “fairness” by making wealthier people live the less pleasant lives of the poorest people in the nation. But all it will do is make all Americans equally miserable, and will undermine any attempts for children of poor families to work hard and rise above their beginnings.

It’s not individual Americans that limit or decide where people live and how much money they earn, but it is the government that has destroyed jobs, politicized education and generated racial divides that will negatively impact the lives of the poorest among us for generations to come.

Monday, September 19, 2016

If Obama Were A Terrorist…..

If Obama were a terrorist he would bring thousands of unvetted Syrian “refugees” to America.

If Obama were a terrorist he would seek terms of engagement for fighting ISIS that placed American troops in increased danger.

If Obama were a terrorist he would open our southern border to allow uncontrolled entry to all persons possessing ill-will toward America.

If Obama were a terrorist he would try to convince Americans that ISIS had been contained (and he would do so immediately before an enormous and deadly terrorist attack on Paris).

If Obama were a terrorist he would be unable to say the words “Radical Muslim terrorist”.

If Obama were a terrorist he would prematurely withdraw American troops from Iraq.

If Obama were a terrorist he would seek to empty Gitmo of terrorist prisoners being held there.

If Obama were a terrorist he would alienate his administration from our ally, Israel.

If Obama were a terrorist he would halt police observations and monitoring of radical Mosques.

If Obama were a terrorist he would seek close personal relations with Cuba’s Castro brothers.

If Obama were a terrorist he would draw a red line in the Syrian sand, and when that line was crossed he would go play golf.

If Obama were a terrorist he would remain silent as terrorists hit targets in New York and New Jersey.

If Obama were a terrorist he would negotiate a deal with Iran that gives them billions of dollars to spread terrorism and allows them to develop a nuclear weapon at their leisure.

I’m not saying that Obama is a terrorist, but when a newly elected president promises to “fundamentally transform America” it’s hard to believe that he likes this nation very much.

If Obama Were Anti-American…..

If Obama were anti-American he would increase our national debt to $20 Trillion.

If Obama were anti-American he would take away a citizen’s right to select his/her own health insurance company.

If Obama were anti-American he would campaign for a Democrat presidential candidate who had exposed national intelligence information on her email server.

If Obama were anti-American he would plead with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to grant more time for Obama to meet Putin’s demands.

If Obama were anti-American he would seek close personal relations with Cuba’s Castro brothers.

If Obama were anti-American he would encourage the EPA to issue mountains of job-killing regulations each month.

If Obama were anti-American he would encourage the DOJ to take control of local police departments, charging the locals, of course, with racism.

If Obama were anti-American he would invite the Black Lives Matter crowd to the White House.

If Obama were anti-American he would encourage talk of a continuing American racism and a continuing racial divide.

If Obama were anti-American he would encourage American citizens to accept continued welfare and would give welfare recipients goodies, like free cell phones, to keep them happy with their welfare status.

If Obama were anti-American he would be silent as police officers were systematically assassinated by black criminals.

If Obama were anti-American he would remain silent while hundreds of black gang members in Chicago killed each other weekly, and would blame their deaths on a gun, not on the terrible lives the gang members live in which they use guns on each other in order to break the mind-destroying monotony of their jobless, pointless, lives.

If Obama were anti-American he would strongly support LGBTQ restrooms, as if this were a national crisis issue, and call this affront a “civil right”.

If Obama were anti-American he would assure that his DOJ did not prosecute his Secretary of State who lied under oath to congress and exposed national secrets to our enemies.

If Obama were anti-American he would favor the United Nations taking control of the internet.

If Obama were anti-American he would assure that millions of Americans remained dependent on welfare handouts to support themselves, in exchange for those dependent persons’ votes for Democrats each election day.

If Obama were anti-American he would illegally open our borders for unfettered entry to all comers.

If Obama were anti-American he would not punish any IRS employees who illegally and selectively blocked tax-exempt status to conservatives under his administration.

If Obama were anti-American he would push for control over American industry in order to halt the lie of global warming.

If Obama were anti-American he would promise to “fundamentally transform America” at the outset of his administration.

If Obama were anti-American he would make occasional foreign apology tours in which he would bad-mouth America and tell the world that we have much to apologize for and that it’s our fault that billions of people the world over suffer in poverty.

If Obama were anti-American he would have his FED chairwoman keep interest rates at a bare minimum in order to cause a boom in the stock market, thereby making his failed economy look good.

If Obama were anti-American he would sign an agreement with Iran, the nation that swears it will destroy America, giving them billions of dollars to spread terrorism and assure that they will quickly develop a nuclear weapon to fulfill their evil promise for our destruction.

If Obama were anti-American he would edict that the DHS monitor and assure a fair and accurate election in November.

I’m not saying that Obama is anti-American, but when a newly elected president promises to “fundamentally transform America” it’s hard to believe that he likes this nation very much.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Liberals Claim To Know What Hispanics Want Better Than Hispanics Do

Recent articles in The Thinker and The Hill express the position that Hispanics have broader and more areas of concern in life than the single subject of immigration when they consider the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. They care even more for the economy, health care, jobs and the deficit because these subject impact their lives and the lives of their families more than the appeal and faux persuasiveness of immigration. And very often Hispanics who are American citizens don’t want immigration reform, they want our immigration laws enforced and illegals kept out because criminals crossing our border are as much a threat to them and their welfare as it is to any other American citizen.

The warning from Democrats that Trump is losing Hispanic support by concentrating on building a wall on the border is quickly placed in doubt because if Democrats thought that Trump was hurting his chances of being elected by pushing the idea of erecting the wall they would shut up and let him hang himself. But they are speaking out against Trump because there is much in his message to gain Hispanic support and they want him silenced.

Racial identity among immigrants is often confusing and contrary to what an outsider would think. The word Hispanic, according to Pew researchers who take their position from Federal policy, does not define a race, but is rather an ethnicity and can include many people outside what is generally considered a unique voting block of easily identifiable people. Many in this group may describe themselves as black or white, as well as those who are Mexican and Central American.

 The reason why Trump’s message of keeping out illegals is potentially persuasive with Hispanics: Just like all other Americans, Hispanics residing legally in America want their property and families protected from illegal aliens who, having already broken the laws of the United States by just being here, may also commit other crimes, while also taking jobs that legal Americans may very well need.

Too often illegal aliens will settle in neighborhoods where Mexican-American citizens reside, and the illegals’ influence on these neighborhoods, and more importantly their influence on the children of the neighborhood’s legal residents, is of great concern to those seeking a successful and peaceful life in America.

The Certainty Of Disaster Rides With A Hillary Presidency

The foolish people who claim that they fear the uncertainty of a Donald Trump presidency are too short sighted to realize that his patriotism and understanding of finance and business, along with his many years working successfully in the private sector and not being polluted by the life of a politician, is much more favorable to America’s future than the ultra-leftist revolution and destruction of all things American that Hillary’s campaign promises.

Donald Trump has run profitable big businesses for many years and the success of these enterprises proves that his decision-making is wise and well considered. On the other hand we know that Hillary can’t even manage to take a drink of water now and then in order to prevent dehydration, so how will she handle the nation’s healthcare, LGBTQ restroom considerations and college loan matters if her attention span is so short and her thinking so limited as to negatively impact her own physical health?

If you think that Barack Obama wreaked havoc on American life with his “fundamental transformation of America”, just wait until Hillary gets her hands on the reins of power and spends another four years appointing leftist judges, issuing executive orders, importing tens of thousands more Syrians, legalizing and granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens already here and spending trillions more dollars that we don’t have on big-government programs that will require vast millions of additional tax dollars from working Americans to make possible. The results of a Hillary Clinton administration could be deplorable.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary Claims That Being Denied Your Own Gun Makes You Safer, But Take Her Gun And You’re Encouraging Her Assassination.

Typical liberal trash talk from the Clinton campaign about some innocent and truthful remarks from Donald Trump have enlivened the press in the last two days. Trump merely made the obviously accurate statement that since Hillary and her liberal/progressive allies want to take all guns from the possession of normal people, why not remove Hillary’s guns (possessed of course by the private and secret service bodyguards that surround her every minute) and see how secure that makes her feel. After all, liberals always make the argument that your gun threatens you and your family just by being in your home, so the many guns that surround Hillary all day, every day, must be an even greater threat to her. So, following her own logic, Trump suggested getting rid of this evil threat that hangs over Hillary.

There has been much discussion the last year of so about white privilege and how white people have benefits and privileges that no other group in America has. But from my perspective, I see only liberal privilege.  Some examples are the multi-million dollar Manhattan penthouse that Chelsea Clinton lives in. Chelsea pulled down a six-figure income from NBC without once appearing on the air nor writing a substantive article for the network. She was paid this enormous salary, right out of college, to buy access to her liberal family: liberal privilege.

Hillary not being prosecuted for her email crimes and her national security violations while serving as Secretary of State is another example of liberal privilege, while, at the same time, the Department of Justice is going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio with all the heft they can generate because he DID abide by the law and made every effort to capture and punish law-breakers in Arizona. The liberal gets a privilege to skate free, while the non-liberal goes to jail, in the opinion of the Obama DOJ.

Then there’s the example of Hillary Clinton, a liberal, anti-gun politician, who gets to have many guns defending and protecting her as the beneficiary of this privilege, while everyone else feels the constitution being eroded by the liberal push to outlaw guns. And in anticipation of the liberal comeback that Trump is also surrounded by secret service guns, the difference is that he supports the second amendment, and Hillary, the liberal, doesn’t.

As is typical and expected when dealing with liberals, Hillary’s campaign spokesman, Robby Mook, claimed that Trump was “inciting people to violence” with his remark about Hillary’s guns. But Mr. Mook is admitting something that liberals never like to speak about when they condemn gun ownership for the violence committed by criminals carrying guns: our society, especially during the Obama administration, has become extremely violent in general and violently anti-police in particular, and the need for a personal defense system has become more critical than during the years prior to Obama. And, as can be expected, the Associated Press even jumped on the Hillary bandwagon by stating that Trump’s statement was a “call for Clinton’s assassination”, an intention that only occurs in the liberal-privileged mind.

Of course the Clinton campaign objected to Trump’s comments, they always do. And they inevitably misrepresent what the Republican, any Republican, says, especially Trump, who has a way of going to the heart of Democrat lies and their confusion, and prodding them painfully, but always softly, verbally and non-violently.

Friday, September 16, 2016

When Is A Legacy Not a Legacy? (Hint: when Obama Claims It)

A legacy is normally thought of as a positive thing handed down from one generation to the next, or in the example of a presidency, from one administration to future administrations, that will be looked upon favorably by successive administrations as beneficial to society in general. But occasionally the big-shot, arrogant posturing of one generation, in this case the “peace in our time” agreement between Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler, is scorned by successive administrations for its thoughtless, destructive nature, and in the case of Chamberlain, the man is considered a numbskull idiot for making an agreement with Hitler that led directly to World War II. So what Chamberlain thought was his legacy turned out to be the document that will mock his name forever.

In the last year, our Barry Obama has not only assured war and destruction with his presumed “legacy” Iran nuke deal, he has assured the rapid development of a nuclear weapon that will be shared with tyrants around the world as soon as the terrorist capitol of the world, Iran and its war-mongering Mullahs, have developed it sufficiently to be shipped and used efficiently and with stealth.

Obama’s “legacy” will be death and destruction on a scale that even Chamberlain’s WWII could not match, and everyone in America with a brain warned him of this exact outcome to his signing the deal. But Obama was too smart and arrogant to listen, and has only lately, after the sanctions have been lifted, after he has praised Iran for following the agreement faithfully, and after he gave Iran $1.4 Billion in order to show the Mullahs that he was not the bad, embarrassing things that they have been publicly calling him, he suddenly admits that the deal was a bad one and, perhaps, should not have happened.

When politically motivated rush jobs are accomplished for the purpose of establishing a “legacy” the outcome is often not quite as planned. Obama rushed to sign the deal with Iran and now the resulting nuclear development by that terrorist nation and its nuclear spread can’t be stopped. He opened our southern border and now the chaos of disease, crime and homelessness can’t be reversed as thousands of family units freely cross our border. He pushed Obamacare through congress and now the entire nation’s health care is threatened with increased costs and deteriorating service.

Obama’s legacy will be that of a laughed-at fool, and Neville Chamberlain is glad to cede the top spot of foolishness to him. But that’s the price Obama must pay for trying to “fundamentally transform America”.

Obama Signed The Deal, Praised Iran And Gave Them $1.4 Billion, And Only Now Realizes They Are A Threat? I Don’t Think So.

Only now does our fool president think that maybe, just maybe, Iran is not a good player and maybe the Iran nuke deal was a bad idea.  And all of this heavy mental lifting on Obama’s part occurs after a year of substantial violations to the agreement, after giving the Mullahs $1.4 Billion in cash, and after weeks of our naval ships being harassed in international waters by Iran’s Navy while our State Department repeatedly assured us that there’s no harm being done and that Iran was abiding by the terms of the agreement.

Let me try to understand the time lines here: Two years ago everyone who could think logically and realistically was telling Obama that Iran is an international terrorist organization and the sanctions against them must be kept in place. Fourteen months ago Obama, in his usual arrogant, I’m smarter than anyone else manner, signed the Iran nuke agreement assuring the world that the sanctions could be quickly re-applied if there was a violation, that inspections could be done within 24 hours of our sensing a potential violation, and that Iran could not get any nuclear materials that we didn’t know about. And keep in mind that Israel was telling Obama of all the bad things Iran was doing and would continue to do in the future if the deal was signed.

Then Obama signed the deal (and as far as we know the Iranians have refused to ever sign it) and we learned that there were many harmful (to us) side agreements that were never announced by Obama which negated every sanction and inspection provision that we were repeatedly told would keep Iran weak and in line. All lies, all the time, as usual, from Obama.

Immediately after Obama signed the deal Iran began mocking him and insulting America. Then they bought nuclear materials through secret channels that kept them from needing any required approvals. Then Iran began testing missiles that could deliver a nuclear weapon. Then Iran captured one of our ships and made the sailors kneel before them and apologize for being in an international area near Iran. Next we gave Iran $1.4 Billion in foreign currency cash (exactly like a drug dealer would do) and they began harassing maneuvers that were threatening to our ships in the area and on at least one occasion had to be diverted with cannon fire warning-shots to encourage them to stop buzzing our ships.

Obama is a total liar to the American public and is an Islam lover who wants to be in good graces with Iran and has done all he can during the last months of his failed administration to gain their favor, make them happy and to humiliate America, and I would not be surprised to one day learn that Obama will personally receive millions of dollars of the cash he gave Iran for being a good Muslim advocate while he led America to ruin.

Anyone who thinks Obama’s piece of crap Iran nuke deal is his legacy, as legacies are traditionally considered, is a fool.  It’s just another arrogant mistake along the lines of Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” horribly destructive agreement with Adolph Hitler.