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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, December 29, 2023

A Question For Democrats: Is America On The Right Track And Headed In The Right Direction?

 American citizens of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, every time someone questioned the policies of the nation with the simple statement “the nation is headed in the wrong direction”, some fool Democrat would cleverly state “but we’re on the right track”, thereby killing any investigation into what mischief the Clintonistas were performing.  And of course conversely, the Clinton supporters would respond to the claim that “the nation is on the wrong track” with the clever rejoinder of “ but we’re headed in the right direction”.

So allow me to be the first to clearly state that the Biden administration is on the wrong track and headed in the wrong direction with all of its corruption, its ill-thought-out policies, edicts and illegal actions.

Setting aside all of the disasters that have raised their heads under Joey’s watch, including illegally opening our borders to every person in the world who wants to come here; the raping of the petroleum industry by forcing a concentration on electric vehicles; the bankrupting of our auto industry by forcing auto makers to make the unwanted electric vehicles, or else the full power of the government will descend on the company that opposes the big government edict; the Democrats are practicing open dictatorial powers with the unending persecution of Donald Trump, mainly because he is so popular and stands to defeat old Joey in the 2024 election, which would assure the defeat and good riddance to the woke, anti-Israel and anti-American idiots now running our nation.

With the far left Democrats in power, any enemy of the United States is pandered to, spoken kindly of in the filthy United Nations, and offered presents if they will just be kind to the Biden employees and policies, while our friends, including Israel, are treated like dirt. 

A couple of good examples of Biden Democrat’s love for our sworn enemies are our dealings with Iran and China: Iran is actually attacking and possibly killing American troops in Lebanon and Iraq, destroying whatever military equipment we have left after Biden gave away billions of dollars of materiel when he suddenly cut and ran from Afghanistan, plus Iran is near completion of a nuclear weapon and continues to state that they will kill America at the first opportunity. And China has sworn to overtake America on the world stage while building military arms that can out-perform our own weapons, and Joey is so beholden to China for his family fortune that he panders embarrassingly to the slightest whim of the Chinese leader.

Our nation faces untold attacks from the millions of illegal aliens Biden has invited to America, and it’s a cinch that every American family will suffer personal attacks and very likely suffer murdered family members, as the criminal crowd from around the world, and especially the Mexican drug cartels that Biden has allowed to grow in number, viciousness and wealth, begins to realize that all of these new entrants to America cannot possibly make an honest living and become fed up with the bare essentials that the government can provide them, and become a criminal movement that will spread across America and destroy this wonderful nation.

And don’t forget the efforts of the Democrats, even at the state level, who are trying to deny Trump a fair shot at winning the presidential election in 2024 by denying him a slot on their ballots. If you think the Democrat’s treatment of Trump is bad today, just wait until he is elected again in November 2024 and Biden still has dictatorial power for the two-month period between Trump’s election and his actually becoming president in January 2025. The Democrats, in their impossible hate for Trump and their fear of his policies, will go ape-s**t with schemes, political-legal charges against him, and very likely attempts on his life, because they are so frightened of this patriotic, America-loving, constitution-loving man, and in fear of his return to constitutional power and the rule of law.

America is on the wrong track, headed in the wrong direction, and there’s no relief in sight on the horizon because far-left Democrats are so desirous of a permanent hold on power that there is no possible way they will be removed peacefully from power in 2024. Just wait and see. 

There is an evil loose in America, and that evil is the Democrat party.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

“Woke” College Presidents Are Finally Being Shaken Awake

 The very people who call conservatives’ statements and comments dis-information, mis-information and violence; the very same people who repeatedly sling the phony DEI crap at us to prove how fairly and equitably they treat the world around them; the very people who look down their noses at us peons out here in fly-over country from their elevated, robed and capped positions as leaders of American wisdom and education; in other words the presidents of some of America’s Ivy League universities, who are now being shaken out of their “woke” coma as lecturers of all things fair and equitable, are being proven the liars and charlatans we always suspected them to be.

These idiots in America’s leading universities are having their high-paying jobs threatened, and hopefully will soon have those jobs taken from them, as the smoke clears from the violent, leftist, pro-Palestinian thugs’ habits of disrupting, threatening and blocking traffic as they defame Jewish students and demand that Israel stop ridding the world of the Hamas animals who killed its citizens on October 7.

This is just what we need: a good house-cleaning to get rid of the leftist, university presidential scum destroying education in America. One might even call this “awokening” of college presidents as a high-level example of cancelling, which the political left has come to love doing to anyone they don’t agree with these last several years.

And the exposure of the pro-Hamas cretins and their far-left political allies who treat non-woke (in this case Jewish) citizens like war criminals, while Israel is only practicing self-defense against murderers and barbarians, comes on the heel of the major universities being exposed to the world for actively recruiting and enrolling students in their elite establishments who should not be there, meaning that they have been discriminating against Asian and Jewish students for years. And these are the people, based on merit and achievement, not “woke” racial or gender identity considerations, who should be in the nation’s top schools.

These “woke”, elite, leftist colleges are having their fancy, dainty lunches handed to them, and we must continue the fight against anything related to ESG and DEI by voting all Democrats out of office in 2024. The scum of American education has been exposed, now let’s wash it away with our votes next year.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Where Is America Heading?

 America is currently being led by religious climate fanatics, idiots and fools of the political left. If the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East don’t kill us outright, as they‘ve sworn to do, the far left Democrat party will crush us with imprisonment, financial ruin and deprivation just as they are trying to do to Donald Trump, and all for partisan political reasons.

In line with their insane and lying climate fanaticism, the Biden administration has plans to restrict and then cut off the nation’s electricity supply (as they’ve done in Gavin Newsom’s California for years with repeat brown-outs and black-outs, making it impossible to live a life all Americans have become used to and making it impossible for Californians to charge their compulsory electric vehicles) and Democrats will halt the delivery of food across the nation via their hate of diesel fuel and gasoline, based on the lie of an impending environmental disaster that doesn’t exist. 

But will this unfounded religious fanaticism with warming/change one day be the reason for our leftist president to declare a national health emergency, in which he would state that only the immediate halting of the use of all carbon products, especially gasoline and diesel fuel, will save the nation from burning up? Of course if Biden does declare such an emergency and end our constitutional rights to conduct our lives as we please, he will be destroying the nation and terminating our constitutional rights with Socialistic and Communistic declarations and rulings. And of course, with all of this direct and intentional abuse of our inalienable rights at the federal level, there will likely be no more elections in America as Biden’s FBI rounds up all of us Ultra-MAGA trouble makers and puts us in prison.

Joey Biden’s anti-Capitalist and unconstitutional order to automobile manufacturers that they must begin making Electric Vehicles without regard to whether Americans want the beasts in their garages, has caused GM, Ford and other auto makers to spend billions of dollars to fulfill Biden’s destructive Green Agenda, and it appears that these billions of dollars will have to be taken as a loss to the manufacturers because the vehicles are not being bought by the American public. This idiocy is contradicted by Biden’s claims that he is a Capitalist, while he destroys Capitalism.

The follow-up to Biden’s dictatorial order to force the manufacturing of  EVs has even caused some governors, most especially Gavin Newsom of California, to dictate specific dates at which gasoline-powered automobiles will no longer be allowed in their states. The series of Democrat edicts and un-American governmental power grabs have created chaos in the jobs markets, corporate headquarters and in the way Americans conduct their day-to-day lives.

Our president is also setting up certain national disaster with his open borders policy which allows millions of foreign illegals, and absolutely certainly many criminals and terrorists among them, to freely enter our nation and immediately become dependent on governmental handouts in order to stay alive. This dependence on big government and lack of low-paying jobs will eventually lead to resentment and misery on the part of illegals, which will result in gangland-style criminal behavior in which Mexican drug cartels will recruit from these millions of impoverished illegals and crime will escalate beyond even its already sky-high rate seen today in Democrat-run cities and states. Biden’s open borders will lead to non-ending crimes that will plague life in America forever and will threaten Americans in their homes and neighborhoods.

Our once enlightened, prosperous and pleasant nation has been turned into a complete wreck after only three years of the far-left Biden and his zombie-like, idiotic policies. And whether or not the mentally disabled Joey seeks a second term, or perhaps another Democrat who shares his disregard for our constitution and for the inalienable rights of American citizens to conduct their lives free from fear of the government and a dictator issuing orders, all Democrats must be voted out of office in 2024 or our nation will be forever lost.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Gavin Newsom Is A Smirking, Eyeball Rolling, Bobble-Headed Phony

 Gavin Newsom, or as I prefer to call him, Gavin Nuisance, had his French Laundry lunch handed to him by Ron DeSantis last Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s Blue versus Red program on the Fox News Channel.

Nuisance looked like a skinny Bill Clinton with his jerky body movements, his phony smirk, and his bobbling head which only got worse as the evening wore on and DeSantis and Hannity presented him with the numerous unfortunate truths about his failing state of California. These truths included examples of his former position of mayor of San Francisco and his current position of governor of the state and the bad results he’s produced trying to run California like his own, private Socialist preserve, which have caused the citizens of that state to flee for more conservative and welcoming environments in more conservative locales, like DeSantis’ state of Florida, where citizens can live like Americans and not like Commie coolies wearing useless masks and taking worthless vaccinations at the ruler‘s command.

Nuisance’s head nearly bobbled off when DeSantis presented a map of San Francisco clearly showing the locations of piles of human feces that visitors to the city are encouraged to avoid. This publicly known and utilized map demonstrates how completely unsuccessful Nuisance been in his efforts to dictate behavior in California, and what a failure he has been as the top executive in the one-time most popular, beautiful and wealthy state in America.

This bobble-headed ruler will most certainly run for president on the Democrat ticket in 2024 when the current designated presidential candidate, old mental-defective Joey Biden, is forced out by public demand, and it’s critically important that Americans learn what an incompetent man he is so they can avoid voting for him like the plague.

Mr. Newsom presides over the state of California in bad faith to the citizens of that state and with contempt for the United States constitution, which he believes should be bent and twisted at his convenience and in accord with his Socialistic, woke ideas of how to run a state government.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Here’s How America Can Assure The Quick Release Of All American Hostages Held By Hamas

 All thinking people know that the only thing terrorists understand and respond to is violence, so America should immediately tell Iran that if the Americans still held as hostages in Gaza are not released by midnight tonight (the night the proposed message is sent) our military would, at 00:01 Israeli time, lunch a cruise missile on the home of the head governmental Mullah in Teheran. If every American citizen is not released during the next 24-hour period following the transmission of our message, another cruise missile would be released on the home of the second highest Mullah in Iran, with each successive 24-hour period finding another Iranian official without a home. And we should publish the GPS coordinates of each of these criminal sub-humans’ homes to prove we mean business. President Donald Trump terminated one of Iran’s most important terrorist  officials and we had peace again from the international murderers in Teheran while the decisive Trump was in office.

Next our officials should notify Iran that if any more attacks were made on our military forces in Syria, we would follow the same procedure as listed above with the intention of getting rid of the human trash ruling Iran.

And if there are any more local and personal attacks on Israeli citizens by the filth we call Hamas, we would pull out our GPS targeting device and launch missiles at Teheran once again.

However, the pussies in the Biden administration don’t have the conviction and understanding of right-and-wrong to take such steps, because we might offend some Palestinian students who are daily rioting and disrupting the private lives of American citizens, and who should all be instantly deported from of this once great nation for the trouble and harm they cause. It’s easy to see why no nation in the Middle East will take the Hamas/Palestinian refugees that are so violently attacking Israel; these people are thugs and trouble makers and no national leader wants them close to their own populations, which includes Israel. But Joey Biden insists that at two-state solution is what Israel must accept, even though Hamas has sworn to never stop killing Jews. So the stupidity of the Biden administration is the cause of the current terrorist attack in Israel, because this stupid man will not see with his own eyes the violence of the terrorists, and he will not hear with his own ears the promises of Muslim terrorists to kill all Jews and to kill all Americans as well. This supreme ignorance on the part of arrogant and reckless American government officials will only cause more killing and suffering as the terrorists put into action the threats they have made, and Iran is still building missiles that will deliver the nuclear bombs they continue to develop, with Israel and the United States being the targets of the nukes.

Pray for America, and if elections are still being held by then, vote for conservatives in 2024.