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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Freedom Can Be A Dangerous Thing

AOC, as well as being stupid, is also free and is a powerful elected Representative from her home district in New York, and as a result of her guaranteed freedom to say idiotic things, she is at liberty to also say anti-American things that threaten our great nation. When people with power say things that undermine our constitution and the laws of the nation, the citizens of the country are directly threatened with a loss of liberties and their economic prosperity.

The liberty to speak one’s mind comes with some responsibility and assumes the speaker has an idea worth hearing, and it also assumes that the speaker has enough intelligence to express decent, well-thought-out opinions, and that a real resolution to the problems being expressed will be forthcoming. But with the current radical Democrats in our government, no worthwhile ideas are expressed and no solutions to any of our national problems are proposed. All we get out of Washington is political and racial division that is hurting our nation.

I was thrilled with the victories of the women’s soccer team, but they’ve undermined their great success with their politicization of the game and the misuse of their fame. They’ve also mocked and insulted President Trump by turning down his invitation to visit the White House to celebrate their victory. They love the radical AOC and the crazy Nancy Pelosi but publicly ridicule our president, and that is a slap in the face of all who voted for Trump and support his policies.

Therefore, I want nothing to do with the women’s soccer team from this point on and I’ll not watch any more of their games, just as I’ll watch no sport in which Colin Kaepernick participates. I’m sick of a few pampered, celebrated and over-paid American citizens making fun of the people who make America function, and I’ll not be a party to their further celebration.

Freedom comes with responsibilities, and when freedom does not accompany responsibility, it can become dangerous and threatening to those of us who don’t have celebrity status and must sit quietly by while our nation is torn apart by people trusted and sworn, under oath, to protect it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

AOC Is Absolutely Not AOK

Prior to the Democrat takeover of the House of Representatives in 2018, Nancy Pelosi alone represented everything anti-American in America’s current political world. Then along came an unknown woman named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was probably just interested in having a good time with her friends at the local pub, and all of a sudden this woman knew everything about everything and she was an expert on every subject know to the human race, and she also knew that global warming, which was of course caused by the United States, was the downfall of the earth, and she knew exactly when the warming would extinguish life as we know it. 

Except she didn’t know the difference between pronouncing the name of the nation of Chile and the soup called chili. And she didn’t know what a garbage disposal unit was. And she was amazed at seeing vegetables grow out of dirt. And when questioned about her 12-year prediction of the end of the world due to the lie of global warming she said that she was just speaking rhetorically and didn’t mean to be taken seriously with the 12-year thing.

With her lack of ability to relate to things beyond her limited experience tending bar and waiting tables on Long Island, she took up the cause of immigration and immediately blamed President Trump for all of the suffering of the invading criminal people who have crossed our border illegally, and she bought the lie that Trump had people drinking out of toilets.

Additionally, our dear AOC has not shied away from the job of blaming America first for all of the world’s ills. This stupid, clueless restaurant server is so wrong about so much that one would think that she would slink away in shame for her many ignorant utterances. If we need someone to push a Cloward-Piven movement against America she’d be the one to take on the task, but I’ll bet she has never heard of Cloward-Piven in spite of the fact that she carries their message everywhere she goes and pushes their anti-American diatribe at each and every occasion.

The woman is not well, but that will not stop her from shooting her mouth off and proving how vapid she is. She and her kind of Democrat politician must be defeated in the next election or serious problems facing our nation will never get discussed, let alone solved, in the swamp of Washington.

Monday, July 8, 2019

There Is No End To The American Left’s Re-Writing Of History

Recently we’ve seen attempts from the pro-Socialist leftists in America to re-write history, and un-write it as well, and their insistence on being ridiculously reactive to events that happened hundreds of years ago. We’re told on a daily basis that America is a racist nation because we won’t allow illegal Central Americans to freely enter our nation so they can collect welfare and get free healthcare from big government, with no consideration being made to protect our unique and peaceful society from disruptive entities from more emotional and unlawful invaders.

Democrats love this name calling of the greatest nation on earth because it fulfils and furthers the Cloward-Piven philosophy they adhere to of putting such enormous demands and strains on our economy that the nation will go bust trying to support more millions of freeloaders, thereby giving Democrats the opportunity to take dictatorial control and run the nation any way they want when the crunch finally arrives.

In the past year we’ve gone through a period of time when statues, and in nearly all cases the statues have been of Democrat personalities, have been torn down by leftist rabble because they were said to represent racist causes, and in the last couple of days a mural in California has been found of George Washington pictured unflatteringly with slaves and Indians. The lefty governor of California stated that he will have this fifty-year old mural painted over because of the shame it represents, so now George Washington is on the chopping block, and we’ll probably hear more about his short-comings in the near future, and no attempts to praise him for the good things he did for America will be allowed. The Nazi’s burned books, and American Democrats are trashing statues and destroying works of historical art. Two years ago Americans could never have imagined such vandalism and anti-American destructiveness taking place in this nation, but one fears that Democrats are just beginning their destruction of America, and to a large extent their acts of domestic terror are influenced by skin color: in other words, they are the racists they have been looking for.

The thing that leftists don’t understand is that if all statues and paintings are destroyed,  there will be no trace left of the regrettable things done in America in our distant past, therefore allowing some revisionist in the future to perhaps claim that slavery was never practiced in America, and that American Indians were never mistreated as Europeans moved west, because all of the evidence will have been removed. We need to keep these reminders in front of us so similar practices can be halted if such things are contemplated in the future. And if all traces of past abuse are erased, there will be no way to measure the progress American has made to correct the injustices of the past, and this is probably the cause of the Democrat insistence on tearing everything down: it does not serve their rhetoric to have proof of our progress toward equality under the law, and of our good and sincere intents in this area of our national existence.

We should also have reminders of past events and attitudes so we can discuss why people believed the things they believed one hundred years ago, and come to some conclusion as to how their thinking was wrong. And since most of the statues that have been torn down were of Southern Democrat heroes, America should further discuss the racism that the Democrat party practices to this very day.

While America is being criticized daily as a racist, violent nation, people like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung are worshipped by the political left as heroes, even though they leave behind them a chain of misery, suffering and death, mostly among the poorest people on earth, as they murdered their own fellow citizens in order to make themselves more powerful.

There is no escaping the degree of anti-American and anti-constitutional attitudes of the American left, and these people are serious customers who will undo our nation with glee if they are allowed to gain power in 2020

Friday, July 5, 2019

Democrats Were Wrong Again About Trump, As Usual, As Always

One would think that after being wrong about President Trump at every turn for the last two years, Democrats would be a bit more circumspect in their negative and hateful remarks about our president. But, unfortunately, the radical hate from the left allows no adult, intelligent thoughts to be part of their political comments, proposals and planning.

The week prior to the July 4th celebrations in Washington, DC, all we heard from Democrats was the claims that the militarization of the event, by displaying a couple of tanks along the parade route, would be used by the president to make himself appear more powerful in an attempt to gain popular support, and leftists complained about the predicted celebration and elevation of himself in the speech he was to give in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The actual event, however, proved the Trump-haters wrong once again. The parade and the display of military hardware was all tasteful and was a celebration of the people who serve the nation in the various branches of the military, and the president’s speech was solely and only an expression of gratitude of those who have served, and to the many who have lost their lives, serving in the United States military.

In similar presidential speeches in the past, Barack Obama used personal pronouns by the dozens to brag about his success and his brilliant presidency and the great things he has done (like giving Cuba everything the Castro brothers asked for in an attempt to keep those rogues in power, and giving the Iranian Mullahs billions of dollars to help them develop a nuclear weapon and to continue to spread terrorism around the world) and I don’t recall any single reference made by President Trump in his speech yesterday to anything he has personally done or to the numerous successes his administration has accomplished, in spite of partisan investigations from the day he took office. All of his comments were in celebration of America and in honor of those who selflessly serve the nation.

At this point it’s obviously impossible for Democrats and their allies in the press to admit that President Trump is a decent man who is serving the citizens of this great nation. But it’s necessary to remind all right-thinking citizens of just how wrong the radical leftists are about everything they say and about all of the policies the Democrat candidates are espousing, in the tragic event that one of them should get elected to the presidency in 2020.

Intelligent people will be aware that rogue, dictatorial nations are born when leftists push a Socialist agenda every day of every week, whether in a political season or during a non-political year, and they’ll recall that it was Democrat presidential candidate, Howard Dean, who advised his party to wage a political campaign year-round, and that this has led us to having our president criticized every day of his presidency for imagined wrongs and misdeeds. Democrats will not relax their radical leftist agenda for one day and won’t even take time out on July 4th to celebrate our nation and our military heroes, and instead keep up a steady campaign against President Trump.

The United States is headed toward the political and economic failure that we see worsening daily in Venezuela, and unless American citizens reject the ultra-partisan lies and proposals coming from Democrats, we’ll one day join that Socialist and ruined nation on the trash heap of history.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Free The Shoes!

One sadly reads that the sport shoe maker, Nike has removed a line of its shoes from public access because one fool, stupid football player says they are offensive to him and not up to his standards and that he can’t endorse them. And my response to his being offended is, So What! To think that a shoe manufacturer will no longer sell shoes that some out-of-work jock doesn’t like is confusing.

Does Nike not want the profit that would come from the sale of the shoes? Do they not care about the buying public and what we want to buy? Do they think that we give a damn what an ex-football player thinks of any particular shoe style?

It seems that this former athlete objected to the American flag on the shoe. If that’s the case, then I support his decision to not support the shoe, but be reminded that this idiot jock would never have to buy the shoes; they would be given to him by Nike, along with the multi-million dollar endorsement fee he would be awarded. So his opinion is quite weak in my opinion.

One would suggest that Nike do two things immediately:
1) Fire Colin Kaepernick as a paid spokesman for the company.
2) Free the Betsy Ross shoes so people who love America can buy these shoes.

Companies like Nike should bury the radical politics inspired by people like Kaepernick and concentrate on making their business more of a success. The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, did the right thing when he decided to pull financial incentives from Nike following this political stunt. Americans are sick of seeing their nation abused and insulted with political tricks like this one, and we’d like them stopped.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

These Damned, Two-Faced, Hate-Filled Democrats!

When Barack Obama went to Cuba and gave the murderous Castro brothers everything they wanted from America to help them survive the poverty they created in their Communist Island paradise/prison, without getting anything in return from the Castros to benefit America nor to give relief to the thousands of political prisoners held in Cuban dungeons, the American press and the Democrats swooned over how well the Cubans received Obama and how great Obama was for helping to bailout the dictatorial regime only 90 miles from Key West.

But when President Trump goes to North Korea to speak with Kim Jong-un about reversing his nuclear policy, a move that would make America, Japan and South Korea safer and more secure, the leftist press and the idiots who are running for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination all scream bloody-murder about President Trump kowtowing to the North Korean dictator. And one must be reminded that Obama was giving stuff away to a dictator, whereas President Trump is just trying to convince Kim to stop doing things that threaten America and the entire Pacific region.

Does the American left not know right from wrong, good from evil? Do they so hate President Trump, and do they so want to deprive him of basic foreign relations successes during his administration, successes that would be good for Americans, that they will oppose his attempts to make the world safer and help get rid of nuclear threats, with their constant harping about him and his policies?

The Democrat party, and this includes the national, liberal press corps, too, has shown itself to be not only anti-Trump, but anti-American as well, and they can never be forgiven for these wrongs against America.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Now Democrats Are Calling Each Other Racists

Thursday night during the second Democrat debate, Kamala Harris berated Joey Biden for being a racist. Be reminded that Lunch Bucket Joe was Barack Obama’s hand-picked choice for Vice President in both of Obama’s administrations. Is Obama a fool who ran for office with a racist on the Democrat ticket without ever knowing it?  It was kind of fun watching Biden squirm as Harris dumped on him.

One can assume that all of the past racist charges against President Trump were not enough to get Democrats where they wanted to go with them, so Democrat candidates are now forced to viciously attack their own leading candidate for the nomination in order to position themselves as the top rated politician in the current campaign. Democrats have always found it easy to brand someone a racist hoping it would shut the person up and make them go away, but turning on old Joe with such a charge seems strange and extremely desperate.

The nasty mouths of Democrats don’t display them in a favorable light, but at least they are using their nastiness on other Democrats and are leaving President Trump alone for a change. As interested observers watch this casual name-calling by Democrats, more and more Americans will realize that Democrats are simply mean, unprincipled people, and this realization will harm them in the general election in 2020.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Democrat Presidential Candidates Should Be In Mental Institutions, Not The White House

Democrats believe that men have menstrual periods. Democrats believe that men can become pregnant. We’ve heard such idiotic things said by leftists and not one Democrat presidential candidate will go on record denouncing these stupid ideas. This silence from Democrats seeking the highest position in the land should disqualify them for their silence and for thereby pushing these lies on the American people.

Recently in a Democrat debate forum, one of the candidates, Julian Castro, demanded “reproductive justice”, whatever the hell that is, which is an indicator of his mental imbalance, just as the silence of the other candidates proves they are all in agreement in this stupidity.

I’ve read that “reproductive justice” means allowing a transgender female to get an abortion, but since a “transgender female” is really a male who self-identifies as a female, then what does the idiotic phrase mean? After all, abortions are given freely by Planned Parenthood every day, so it’s not the abortion that‘s the problem. But how does a biological male get an abortion, and equally confounding is how he got pregnant in the first place. How does a  doctor perform an abortion on a male body, and how was the pregnancy originally discovered?

Radical leftists are a threat to health all over the world. In England with the national health service, if a biological male self-identifies as a female, the government health board will no longer allow him to be tested for prostate disease, because now he’s legally a female. And if a biological female self-identifies as a male, the government will no longer test her for breast cancer nor give her pap smears. So people in England who self-identify as something other than their birth sex/gender, are at a health risk because leftists are pushing this stupidity on the public and denying tests we know are important to the health of the actual biological sex of the individual.

So when American Democrats again take the White House and once again force government healthcare on the nation, the same mindless policies that England has enacted to make self-identity legal and binding and to treat patients only as the sex they identify to be and not as they biologically are, will be forced on American citizens with the disastrous results any thinking person can predict.

We’d better re-elect Trump for a second term, because the Democrat alternative is a danger to us all. GO TRUMP!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Child Death Prods Democrats To Give Border Money That Trump Requested Two Years Ago

Two years ago President Trump asked the House Democrats to give him money needed to protect America from an invasion of illegals coming across our southern border, and Democrats refused to give him the money.

A year ago the president warned of an emergency at the southern border and again asked for money, and this time he identified foreign children being brought across the border as being at risk due to lack of facilities to house them safely. Democrats called the emergency a “fake emergency” and a “contrived emergency” and accused the president of lying about the situation, and they again refused to give any money that professionals at the border were requesting.

A few days ago we all saw a photo of a child who had drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande river. At that time Democrats jumped on the same bandwagon and claimed that President Trump had mismanaged the disaster on the border and that the death was his fault. But on June 27, 2019, reality finally struck the Democrats and they passed a 4.6 billion dollar package to add the facilities the president had been requesting since he took office.

It’s a shame that Democrats only stop playing politics with lives when a child’s death is the result. Nancy Pelosi breaks into tears about the “spark of divinity” that the murderous MS-13 gangs possess, and yet she allows a bad situation to exist at our southern border until an innocent child gets killed crossing illegally.

And the guilt of Democrats is multiplied when one considers that the liberal left has caused this disaster at the border to continue by advertising that the American border is open, that all invaders will be admitted, and that gangs of immigrants should head north and seek sanctuary here. Democrats refused to give the president the money he needs to protect Americans from dangerous people crossing the border, and they challenged his every move and action to stop the flow, using the liberal court system to block his attempts to keep American safe and to stop the flow of children coming to America, often with people who are no relation to the children.

The Democrat party is not only a threat to America and its citizens, they are also a threat to Mexicans and Central Americans who are coming here at the direct invitation of American leftists, and are often injured or killed as a result of taking their word. Democrats are liars and must be kept out of positions of power.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Radical Left Just Gets Stupider And Stupider

In addition to the insistence from the political left that reparations be paid to descendants of slaves, which practice ended over 150 years ago with no assistance from the Democrat party with its Ku Klux Klan, school-door-blocking, racist policies, one now hears of a woman who wants reparations paid to her as a fat, black woman because… well just because. Actually the claim is that fat, black women are the most seriously discriminated against victims in America, ranking higher than lesbians, trans-genders and one-eyed, hunch-backed women, but it’s actually rather difficult to prove this particular group has been more discriminated against than blacks in general.

I have a solution to her plight: If the abused fat, black woman wants to punish those responsible for a lifetime of discrimination against her, she needs to identify those people and organizations, including her parents, who were responsible for her birth and for the care given her that allowed her so survive childhood. Then I’d suggest she sue Planned Parenthood for the reparations, because, with their efforts to kill as many babies as possible, and with their success rate for killing black babies at a forty-percent level in New York City, it may be that she has a case against Planned Parenthood for allowing this particular fat, black person to survive the womb. Some investigation is needed to determine why this woman’s existence was not terminated soon after conception, because not terminating the pregnancy forced her to live a miserable life for the last 30 or so years.

One can reasonably predict that in addition to this miserable person being fat and black, it‘s a cinch she‘s not very bright, either.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

San Francisco Dogs Now Carry People-Bags

If you’re familiar with the tendency of pet owners to carry doggy-bags in order to clean up after their dogs, then you need to be made aware of the recent need for dogs in San Francisco to carry people-bags to clean up after the derelicts who poop in the streets of that once beautiful and pristine city.

Unfortunately for Frisco pooches, they can’t subscribe to the feces maps in that sanctuary-prone, Democrat-run city, so when dogs are walked in the City by the Bay they are likely to step in something smelly, left by the homeless scum attracted to San Francisco and other California cities, by the lawless, corrupt Democrats who now run California.

Given the tendency for America to follow trends begun in California, the future of this nation is on display for all to see in the broken down, health risk of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Human excrement in the streets is not one of the things the Democrat party has promised as part of their 2020 program for America, but so far it’s all they have delivered to the nation.

Although I’m certain that the dogs and their need to use their sensitive olfactory gifts are pleased with the piles of human waste to sniff, humans should not live like dogs with feces in the streets of our major cities.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Is “The American Experiment” Still Only An “Experiment”? I Don’t Think So.

What is often termed as being “The American Experiment” the last 200-plus years has gone far beyond anything that could correctly be called “an experiment”. The American success story is a working example to the world of how to form a government and finance an economy, if only observers are smart enough to take notes and learn.

After many years of our nation proving that it is the wealthiest, strongest, freest nation on earth, the experimenting is over, and we know a nation based on a constitution that is adhered to and an economy that is financed by capitalism is an example for the rest of the world to emulate, because it works to the benefit of all citizens.

The problem is that ambitious rogues, often American citizens serving within our own government, insist on undermining a good thing in order to make it benefit their own selfish plans, and they end by looting the system when they promise those citizens who have their hands extended for free stuff, everything they want, at the expense of all of those citizens who have created, or at least supported and contributed to, our national miracle.

The Democrat party, with its promises of a guaranteed income, free healthcare, free college and a forgiveness of all education loans, along with their simultaneous effort to undermine our stable society with an influx of uneducated, non-English-speaking aliens, who have never known anything but cutthroat governing and rule by the mob, will destroy our successful experiment and will turn that success into certain failure.

The only “experiment” America is facing today is how much damage the radical Democrat left can do to our constitution, our legal system and our economy before they cause a total collapse of society into civil war and chaos.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Biggest Problem With Democrats: They Believe Their Own Lies.

When the idiot New York Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says that the Trump administration has set up concentration camps along the southern border (never mind the fact that these “camps” are in Oklahoma, far from the border with Mexico, and that they are monitored carefully by independent sources to be sure they treat those inside decently) this stupid, valley-girl-sounding woman really believes she is correct, both about the confinement and about the location of the facility. When someone is this ignorant and uninformed, there is no sense telling them they are wrong because their position on the matter is fixed, and their ability and willingness to learn the truth is absent, in this case because the Democrat party line assumes the dogma of a religion, which is therefore infallible and must not be doubted.

Prior to the release of the Mueller report, which the radical, Trump-hating left was assured would indict President Trump on collusion and investigation tampering, the leftist press announced several “bombshells” that would imprison various Trump family members and would force Trump to resign the presidency. Each of these bombshells was announced by the radical cable news networks, and was then immediately forgotten and  the next lie was presented and breathlessly announced, because they were all lies, that the press wanted desperately to believe, so they peddled the lies with certainty in order to persuade the ignorant masses they speak to, and lie to, each and every day.

When the radical left pitches another fictitious global warming scare telling the lesser-informed among us of another fixed date at which time the world will be destroyed because Americans run their air conditioners too much, even with the proof over the last 60 years that Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Ted Danson, Prince Charles and numerous other celebrities were totally wrong about the warming thing and wrong about the firmly set  timing of the end of civilization, these leftists don‘t even bat an eye. The general public’s, and especially the Democrat leaderships’, ignorance of past events and lack of knowledge about the subject matter they are commenting on is so stupendous and obvious, that only truly dumb people would continue to push their lying claims, especially when one of the latest claimants, Ms. AOC herself, says her claim of the earth ending in 12 years was just a phrase and was not intended to be taken literally, but was just an expression used to make her point. And still current Democrat presidential candidates use the lying 12-year due date as proof of the end of planet earth, in spite of AOC having recalled the disastrous event.

When uninformed, stupid people believe and hold firmly to things provably wrong, they will go to their graves embracing these lies, still believing they were correct all the while. The problem that immediately endangers our nation and it’s constitutional principles is that today’s Democrats firmly believe that their semi-religious announcements must be followed, under punishment of federal law, regardless of how wrong and destructive their ideas are to our way of life and our liberties and regardless of the cost to the citizens of the United States.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Democrats: The More Mistaken They Are, The Louder They Get

If one is a keen observer, one will notice that over the last year, the more the left loses arguments with President Trump, the louder and more aggressive they become in defense of their losing, lying political positions.

Using Juan Williams as an example (because he appears on Fox News and I refuse to watch CNN or the other lying networks carrying Democrat liars), this particular Democrat apologist was in agreement and happy with Democrat positions and attitudes while the Mueller investigation was underway, because the Democrats assumed that his team of anti-Trump investigators would reach a verdict injurious to Trump. So he and other leftists were calm, relatively reasoned and judicious in their opposition to any conservative position, even the positions of President Trump. But since the termination of the investigation and Mueller’s lack of an indictment of Trump on any grounds, and especially during the last two weeks, Williams has been ragingly in-the-face of anyone who took a position contrary to the Democrat talking points, and has developed the habit of talking over anyone else on Fox’s The Five program. Mr. Williams has begun to seem a bit unhinged in his arguments, because Trump has been correct about everything he’s said the last two years. So Mr. Williams has lost his calm, dignified luster and has begun looking like all of the other confused, radical Democrats who rage insanely against President Trump‘s insistence on keeping America prosperous, strong and free.

In general, the more Trump is proven correct on any issue, and the more he’s proven innocent of any wrongdoing, the louder and more aggressive the leftist commentators and press become. And the leftist attack on democracy in America, along with the constant insult and mocking of citizens who voted for and currently support President Trump, will not end soon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Even Radical Leftists Believe That National Borders Matter

The new leftist immigration group named Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which can be translated to mean People Without Borders, is lying every time they state their name. These are radical “open borders” people whose published position is that American borders should not be respected and that everyone who wants to enter the United States should be allowed to do so, at their liberty. But even borders haters know which borders to head for when they need help, and America’s borders are the first place helpless people think of when they need protection, or just plain want free handouts.

But if the “People” actually recognize no borders, then why do they always flock to the nirvana of America and not seek refuge in the Socialist paradise of Venezuela, or perhaps the lovely Zimbabwe? And why are millions of people trying to get away from their home nations and make the dangerous trek across the length of Mexico to seek entry here? The truth of the matter is that national borders do matter a lot. Some nations and some cultures practice bad things that people don’t want to live with, and they rule with a harshness that people don’t want to live under.

The United States has a representative government, whereas Central America often has governments that are dictatorships. The United States has a constitution that assures the poorest among its citizens rights that cannot be denied, whereas Central America only assures its citizens misery and poverty. The United States has been made wealthy by practicing capitalism, which assures those citizens who follow the rules a comfortable, even wealthy, middle class, whereas Central American citizens are only offered tyrannical rule and grinding poverty. The difference between the borders of the United States and the borders of Guatemala are vast and growing. And the borders of the United States represent freedom and liberty that all sensible people want. But in order to assure our pleasant way of life we must protect ourselves and guard our borders or evildoers will destroy what we have.

Of course borders matter, because some nations have bad governments and some don‘t, and populations  gravitate to the better ones. It’s only the anti-American left and America’s filthy Democrat party that would insist that borders should all be open and that they really don’t matter much, except to the unfortunate individuals who get stuck within the wrong borders, and at that point borders become a life-or-death matter.

And, of course, the Democrat party is anxious to open the borders of the U.S. because they want a group of minority, poor, non-English-speaking, dependant voter base to assure their domination of power in the United States. With the presidency of Donald Trump the Democrats see their schemes evaporating in the wake of a man who actually has the welfare of American citizens in mind, and they will do anything to prevent more of his ilk from being elected again in the future.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Is The World Still Twelve Years From Oblivion, Or Not?

Let me see if I have this straight: In November of 2018 AOC claimed that planetary destruction was 12 years away, due to global warming. Then about two weeks ago, because of all the ribbing she was getting for the 12-year prediction with no evidence at all of such an event approaching, she said that she was just speaking figuratively about the world coming to an end and didn’t mean its actual destruction, so never mind.

Now one hears that presidential candidate Joe Biden, as part of his push to get the vote of radical Democrats in 2020, is reviving AOC’s Green New Deal, and is once again pushing a multi-trillion dollar government scheme to halt global warming/climate change by denying American citizens their constitutional liberties and freedoms, and is planning to take over all aspects of our lives while spending vast sums of money in a noble, but stupid and economically destructive, attempt to “save” the planet.  Actually what the planet needs is a way to save it from leftist, radical, Democrat crackpot ideas.

So one fool Democrat, AOC, initially insists in the most dire and drastic terms that only big government can save us from a certain death in 12 years, then calls off the necessary, drastic domination of government in Americans’ lives saying that she was just kidding, and another fool Democrat, Joey Biden, calls for a new takeover of the American way of life. No one who has half a brain can be fooled into thinking that the dumb, gaff-ridden Biden has any idea of what threats there are to the earth, and even if he did believe AOC’s crap about death in12 years, he would be absolutely incapable of formulating a plan to save humanity. So we all know that one of his many radical committees, trying to get him into the Oval Office, has put this new trillion-dollar scheme together and Joe was completely ignorant of the plan until they explain it to him later, at which time he’ll begin giving speeches in its favor as though he understands what the hell he’s talking about.

Beside the fact that Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson, Al Gore, Prince Charles and other leftist kooks have predicted the end of the world for varying periods of time over the last 50 years, we’ve learned that they were flat wrong, or just lying for political advantage, and we now have Lunch Bucket Joe Biden trying to steal votes from AOC by using her lying rhetoric as she seemingly retreats from her own idiotic claims.

What kind of fools are Democrats becoming, and what destruction are they planning for the United States?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Are Democrats Nuts Or What?

After years of Democrats investigating President Trump for the lie of Russian Collusion, and finding nothing they can use to remove him from office, and in fact during this investigation we’ve learned that the FBI and the FISA Court colluded to illegally spy on and eventually intended the removal of the president, Democrats have lost their minds trying to indict the first president in a very long time who represents the American people and not a ponderous, corrupt leftist government that wishes only to tax American citizens and deprive them of many constitutional rights.

And at this opportune time Nancy Pelosi said she wants to unilaterally imprison the president, not just impeach him, for winning the Oval Office in the most recent presidential election. So having spent two years investigating him and having found no reason to impeach him, now these Democrat fools want to imprison him.

Unfortunately for Nanny Pelosi and her pals, it appears that Democrats from the Obama era will be wearing prison stripes before anything indictable is found to put Trump in jeopardy.  Democrats are so enraged at losing the 2016 presidential election that they are ignoring the real world around them that doesn’t have Trump in it, and they are conforming to the example set by international Socialists around the world by attempting to imprison the political opponent who defeated them in the last election, even though there is no evidence to justify such a move. American Democrats are finally demonstrating their radical Socialist agenda and their unconstitutional schemes for America, and  the picture they paint isn’t pretty.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Democrat Demand For Trump’s Tax Records Is A Feint

The repeated demands of Democrats for President Trump’s tax records has consistently been met with a denial from the president. Anyone and everyone would deny enemy eyes from ever seeing one’s tax records, and the Democrats knew they would be denied access.
But they were also sly enough to know that they would be able to use Trump’s denial as an argument that he has something in his records that he wants to be kept secret, something that would hurt him in the public’s eye if it ever got out.

But Democrats forgot that Americans know that the corrupt Obama administration was in power when Trump, and about sixteen other Republicans, began campaigning to be the Republican candidate for president, and we also clearly remember the Lois Lerner IRS scandal that denied Republicans equal political tax treatment with Democrats in the Obama re-election effort for his second term in office.

Knowing Democrats the way we do, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Obama’s political pals in the IRS have thoroughly scoured Trump’s tax documents looking for any dirt they could find to use against, and since Mueller made no mention of embarrassing information in Trump’s tax files when his report was finally published, you can bet that all is well for Trump, tax-wise, and it‘s wise for him to continue to keep his records secret, because at some point there will be an IRS leak that will mysteriously occur, and this will be another slap in the face for Democrats when the MAGA-man is vindicated once again and makes Swalwell, Schiff, Nadler and other scoundrel Democrats look like the ball-faced fools they are.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Leftists Are Leftists, And They All Behave, And Corrupt, The Same

In the Soviet Union the leftists murdered and destroyed on their way to the nirvana of Communism.

In Cuba leftists tortured and imprisoned those peasants who opposed their domination.

In Nazi Germany the National Socialists threatened and murdered in order to stifle opposition to their totalitarian tendencies.

In Venezuela the formerly wealthy population was reduced to poverty by the totalitarian, Socialist government of Hugo Chavez.

In Central America Che Guevara killed peasants who resisted his revolution and who would not join his Communist project of terror.

In the United States, ANTIFA beats and terrorizes any conservatives who won’t agree with their leftist goals and support the radical Democrat party.

In the United States the Obama administration used the IRS as a tool to eliminate conservative opposition to his second term in office. Also in the United States the Obama administration created the Fast and Furious scheme, which killed many innocent people, and at least one federal agent, in order to further Obama’s desire to confiscate American citizens’ self defense weapons.. And, still developing with Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the illegal acts taken against Donald Trump by the Obama administration, is the Obama administration’s use of the FBI and the FISA court in an attempt to keep Donald Trump from being elected president, and then trying to get him removed from office via the Mueller investigation. Such corruption has never been seen in America prior to Obama, but it has been exposed as part of the leftist, Socialist-leaning Obama administration and its firm conviction that no one but Hillary Clinton would be allowed to follow “The One’s” presidency .

All over the world leftists use violence and intimidation in order to get their way and gain control over governmental policies and objectives. The only way Americans can avoid the  planned takeover of our government by the far left is to vote the Democrat bums out and keep Republicans in charge of the government and the welfare of the nation.

Monday, June 3, 2019

American Democrats: Lying In The Morning, Lying In The Evening, Lying At Suppertime

With apologies to the McGuire Sisters for wrecking the lyrics of their 1958 song, Summertime, I submit this opinion piece because the song’s rhythm and words came to mind recently as I watched Hillary Clinton give a commencement speech at Hunter college, during which she lied about the Trump administration from beginning to end while additionally claiming that Trump personally had broken laws and should be in jail. This radical rant demonstrates how out-of-touch Hillary is, when, on July 5, 2016, even James Comey told us of the numerous crimes committed by Hillary when she was Obama’s Secretary of State. Comey at that time was still head the FBI and should have known what he was talking about.

Of course, the liberal press noted no factual conflict with Hillary’s lies and saw no comparison her own past misdeeds. What kind of lying, blindfolded press would allow this brand of dishonesty to go unchallenged when everyone knows the truth of these matters? It’s not enough to say that the press is (are) an agent of the Democrat party. There is some serious problem with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NYT and other liberal journalist groups when they allow this sort of dishonest activity to exist and even thrive.

How can such a lying press be trusted to ever report honestly on current events impacting our nation and let the public know when a Democrat president goes astray while in office? Given the silence of the press in its NOT reporting the immigrant invasion at our southern border and, in fact, their active pretense that groups of immigrants were NOT forming a year or so ago as President Trump warned the nation of this impending disaster, and as Fox News had a reporter traveling with the crowd as it moved north through Mexico, leftist media members have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. The fools at CNN continually and repeatedly stated that there was no such mass of people marching north until the thousands of invaders hit Tijuana and caused havoc there a few weeks later.

In spite of their often  understandable dislike of the president, is there no real world that the Democrats recognize that would inform the leftist press of the real nature of Hillary and of their own dangerous, deranged, hate of President Trump?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mueller: We Couldn’t Prove Trump’s Innocence, So We Just Assumed His Guilt

If America’s legal system assumes innocence until proven guilty, then Mueller, his crew and the Democrat party, have corrupted it to a frightening level. What happened to the venerated assumption of innocence until proven guilty?

Democrats and the leftist press repeatedly state that the president isn’t above the law, so they claim his automatic guilt despite the absence of corroborating evidence, and while practicing the hate of him that all Democrats share, they place him below the law, which is a damaging corruption of our entire judicial system.

What all of the Trump-haters seem to be forgetting is that it’s not the duty of a prosecutor to prove an accused person’s innocence. The prosecutor is supposed to prove only the guilt of the accused, and Mueller was unable to prove the required guilt, so the leftist, pathologically demented enemies of President Trump generated the unproven charge of guilt, and the nation suffers.

The social divisiveness and bad feelings among American citizens that Democrats and the leftist press are bringing to this great nation are damaging beyond description, and it’s all about the Democrats and their terrible candidate losing the 2016 presidential election to a man who insists on serving the interests of American citizens over making political alliances with corrupt, anti-American, entities.

If Mueller’s two-year, in-depth investigation found no proof of President Trump’s culpability in Russian collusion or investigation tampering, one is forced to wonder where is the fool Adam Schiff’s absolute proof of Trump’s guilt, a claim this dithering idiot made numerous times during the lengthy investigation. If Mueller and his professional investigators couldn’t find any evidence, where did little Adam find it, and why didn’t he show it to Mueller, so Mueller could give his Democrat, Trump-hating cohorts the evidence they so desired, and thereby remain in their good graces, instead of looking like he got his thumb stuck up his arse while digging for non-existent evidence, which will not get him invited to any more parties in Martha’s Vineyard during the summer retreat there by our upper crust personalities.

May all Democrats rot in hell for what they’re doing to America.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Swamp-Worm Turns

Since the vindication of Donald Trump by Robert Mueller, with the end of the Mueller collusion investigation, the leftist press and the cable channels have been bragging about the new House investigations that Democrats will use to replace the Mueller probe and keep the Trump administration on the ropes.

But now Attorney General Barr has found backbone where former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was unable to find even a chicken bone for a spine, and the top level investigations now underway are being used to find out the ways the Obama administration used the FBI and the DOJ to attempt to keep Trump from being elected, and then tried to get him removed from office once the election turned against Obama’s hand-picked candidate to succeed him in the Oval Office.

So after two years of multiple investigations waged against Donald Trump, and now with new, Democrat-threatening investigations continuing in the post-Mueller era, CNN and MSNBC are outraged that the sitting president’s administration is finally able to go on the offensive and is ready to fight with the radical left and find out exactly how legal the Steele Dossier was and how the FISA court was illegally convinced to allow spying on a political opponent of Barack Obama.  The leftists whine and moan about the multiple investigations now directed at them and how unnecessary, expensive and unproductive they are, yada, yada.

But there are also some other divergent concerns facing a free America. We have instances of anti-Semitic, Jew-hating expressions by members of Congress who are Muslims and who wish to direct American foreign policy against the only nation in the Middle East that has free elections and doesn’t punish women for being women and doesn’t kill homosexuals because of their personal practices. Even if the women expressing these idiotic and hateful ideas were not Muslims, they would still be typical of and true-to-form for current radical, anti-Semitic, Democrat thinking.

And then there’s AOC and her universe-size mouth, warning us about the end of the world in twelve years, then backs off from her predictions of global disaster by telling us that she was just using a random expression, and the twelve year thing was just rhetoric, so, never mind. This fool woman can never be trusted again with anything she says, because she’s a Democrat leftist, and all they do is lie, at every opportunity, about everything.

The worm has turned in our nation’s capitol, and now that the Democrats are on the receiving end of the investigation stick they don’t like it very much. But their protests of indignation at how inappropriate the new investigations are, and how much they will cost, and how divisive they are, are a pleasure to hear after the way they persecuted Donald Trump and all of his supporters and voters these last two years.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Coming Soon To America: Unstable Government

America has now reached the point where our formerly stable government will begin performing like the British government did following World War II: when the Labour party was in power things were nationalized, and when the Conservatives were in power things were privatized. Both of these circumstances created uncertainty in the stability of the government due to fear of partisan, authoritarian rule and doubt that the economy would be allowed to function without government guidance, or, on the other hand, that the government may harm any industry or company that was not politically correct nor subservient enough to the ruling party of the moment.

The partisan hate and distrust in America’s national capitol since Barack Obama took office has created an atmosphere in which neither party will leave in place the policy changes of the outgoing party. So our once smooth transition of power will become messy, and our entire society will suffer as partisan rulers disrupt the rule of law under our constitution, a process that has made America the envy of the world.

The Democrats started this spreading of distrust and hate with their opposition to Donald Trump and his election, when they generated false documents and employed the use of the FBI and the DOJ to try to defeat the Republican presidential candidate in 2016, which has justifiably caused Republicans to distrust the motives and actions of Democrats in all aspects.

Democrats will always oppose policies proposed by conservatives because conservative policies are always successful in providing liberty and prosperity, and liberty and prosperity are contrary to the dependence on government that Democrats need in order to get re-elected and keep their power. Likewise, when Democrats propose unconstitutional policies like the government take-over of healthcare and providing free education to all college students, Republicans oppose such terrible policies because they undermine a free and wealthy nation.

Following the insulting and disrespectful treatment that Attorney General Barr got from Democrats like Hawaii Senator Mazie Horono during the Senate hearing on May 1st, how can Republicans even try to cooperate with Democrats when all they get is obstruction, rejection and personal attacks for their efforts?

Democrats have viciously attacked President Trump, his family and his staff, and it’s inevitable that the working relationship between the two parties will deteriorate even further as “progressives” continue to lose their bearings and their minds during the Trump presidency.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Senate Democrats Harass And Threaten A.G. Barr, Beginning Their Own Obstruction Of Justice

America’s Democrat party was severely jolted on May 1, 2019, when Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice is investigating the FBI’s use of a phony Dossier to get a FISA court’s permission to spy on the Trump presidential campaign, and perhaps spy on other 2016 Republican candidates as well. Beginning with the May 1st visit to the Senate to answer questions related to the Mueller investigation and Barr’s handling of the Mueller end-product report document, Democrats began insulting the Attorney General, demanding his resignation and calling him and other Trump staffers scandalous names. One can easily take this abuse as an intended method of frightening Mr. Barr into fearing the same intimidating treatment against himself and his family that Democrats have dished out to President Trump, his family and associates, these last two years.

The Obstruction of Justice charge comes from the Democrat attempts to damage the reputation of Mr. Barr and cast doubt on his honesty and integrity, so they can undermine any investigation the DOJ may undertake to gather information into the false Steele dossier and the resulting court-approved spying on candidate Trump that led to the formal investigation of President Trump following the campaign of 2016. Democrats are fearful of the Trump administration since it was cleared by Mueller of  any charges related to collusion or obstruction of justice following the long-lasting investigation. They fear the new Attorney General will now investigate them, and the truth coming from such an investigation will likely destroy the Democrat party forever.

With all of the insults and disrespect Democrats showed Mr. Barr during the May 1st hearing, they’ve made it clear that they intend to ridicule, criticize and slander him further  so as to weaken him in the hope that he will withdraw from the AG position for fear of personal economic harm and the damage to his reputation that he will certainly get from the insane Democrats and their pals in the radical press as the actions and decisions of the Obama administration come under greater scrutiny.

The constant mantra from the Democrats these last two years has been that Trump obstructed justice via attempts to derail the Mueller investigation by threatening to fire Mueller, tweeting about the unfairness of the investigation into non-existent collusion, and numerous comments he made in criticism of the on-going Mueller harassment of himself and his associates. But now the Democrats have actually committed the obstruction that they could only verbally try to attach to Trump, and we’ll see how long Mr. Barr can bear up under Democrat slander and lies. We’ll also see how Barr’s investigation into the Obama administration’s spying on their political opponents, using the full power of the federal government to try to imprison Trump, looks when all of the evidence comes to light.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When President Trump Was Asked What Age Is Too Old To Run For The Presidency, I wish He Had Said….

Last Friday, as President Trump was on the way to speak at the NRA convention, a member of the press asked him what age was too old to run for the presidency.

I wish he had said that he wasn’t sure what age was too old to run for the presidency, but he knew who was too dumb and too corrupt to run, providing examples of Biden, Bernie, Hillary and all of the other anti-American, constitution-hating Democrat candidates who are littering the political scene.

But as usual he responded politely to this leading question, and simply said that there should be no limit placed on the maximum age for an American to run for the White House.

Opportunity missed.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Obama Built That

One will fondly recall the indignation of Barack Obama during his “you didn’t build that” phase, when he insisted that the only creator of wealth, convenience and jobs in America was the government, and all innovators and entrepreneurs were just taking a free ride on the back of the magnificent government which made electricity, water, gas and the internet available to the American public. Of course the fool man was wrong about the origin of America’s wealthy and comfortable middle class, but one related area where Obama was absolutely correct about government being culpable, is the subject of extreme, outrageous student debt.

Our beloved former president was so desirous of keeping the liberals in big colleges and universities in the leftist Democrat camp that he took over the industry of granting college loans, thereby assuring that colleges could charge as much as they wanted to for their courses and the government loan agency would approve the loan and assure that colleges could increase their course prices, grow their staffs and give professors and administrators fat pay increases, all on the backs of unsuspecting students.

In the world of college loans made by private lenders there was necessarily competition for the loans and these private lenders would likely have recognized the growing and excessive costs of college and the mounting value of the loans being approved, and would also likely have sounded an alarm. Obama was indignant about the subject of competition and the idea of controlling costs and making a profit, and rejected such old fashioned ideas as being inapplicable to student loans.

The same subject arose recently when Maxine Waters called several banking CEOs before her committee and asked them why they weren’t doing more to help students to be able to limit and control their student debt levels.

Ms. Waters was unaware that Obama had taken the student loan industry under his wing and she looked like the fool she is when the CEOs told her they had not given out any student loans for over nine years. In other words, the subject that she was trying to pin on the private industry banking community was solely the fault of the government agency that Obama edicted would henceforth be charged with awarding student loans.

Although Ms. Waters was made aware that the government was responsible for the outrageous level of student indebtedness that could limit their future economic welfare for many years, she dropped the subject immediately when she learned it was the fault of government, and that it was the left’s hero, the man who swore to “fundamentally transform America”, who put this fiasco into motion. When private industry is at fault there are always leftists who will use every tool at their disposal, including the threat of imprisonment and punitive regulations to hurt a company’s profitability, in an attempt to get the rogues under control. But when government is hurting the very nation and the citizens it is its duty to protect, the subject is covered up and forgotten ASAP.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

In The Anita Hill Controversy, Joe Biden Lacks Logic And Cojones

Poor old Lunch Bucket Joe. He’s now being attacked by leftist gals, with whom, as a good “progressive”, radical Democrat, he should be on good terms and standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight to defeat the evil Donald Trump. But things have changed in the Democrat party and poor old Joe got left behind. Now he’s the enemy, not the savior Obama was, and the fact that he served Obama like the slavish fool he was and is, doesn’t give him any leverage at all with today’s savage, radical feminists.

Now old Joe is being criticized by his fellow leftists for the treatment he gave Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991. So what does old Joe do when the radical feminists attack him? He begs forgiveness and apologizes for the things, real or imagined, that he said and did during the Thomas hearings.

What is forgotten in all of this idiotic leftist fretting and complaining is that Clarence Thomas, a black lawyer and judge of some repute, was nominated by President George H.W. Bush to the Supreme Court, and was being attacked in an attempt to have his nomination defeated by liberals who were using Anita Hill as their battering ram in an attempt to keep a black conservative off of the Supreme Court bench.

It appears that feminists want silk-glove treatment for themselves when they try to ruin a man’s career by inserting themselves into the political fray. All Joe Biden did was to subject Hill to an inquiry that made her actually have to defend herself and her baseless and inappropriate charges against Clarence Thomas. Hill should be apologizing to Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden instead of expecting Biden to beg forgiveness for doing the job a Senator is expected to do when a Supreme Court nominee is being destroyed in public.

The Anita Hill event was the precursor to the Kavanaugh hearings where we were supposed to believe the girl’s testimony, with no questioning of her being allowed and no expecting her to produce any evidence at all to support her charges, with the assumption that the man is automatically guilty as charged.

If Biden had any cojones he’d tell the feminists to stick their criticism of him where the sun don’t shine and ask them why they were so anxious to indict Mr. Thomas, himself a protected black man, based on the unsubstantiated charges against him. As Mr. Thomas asserted during the hearings, he felt that he was being strung up in an electronic lynching engineered by Democrats, and they owe him an apology for the mistreatment they heaped on him during that event.

But our Joey doesn’t want to offend the girls and expect them to abide by the same rules men have to live by. If Mr. Biden’s actions when confronted by nasty feminists is so wimpy that he’d quickly surrender to their diatribe, I fear how he would react to real threats by the likes or Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un in the real world of life and death.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why Does Joe Biden Always….

Why does Joe Biden always squint his eyes when he speaks to audiences? Do his eyes hurt? Is he near-sighted? Does this action indicate senility? Is this just a reaction to difficulty with his hearing? Or is squinting just his way of indicating sincerity and intensity? No matter what the reason, he needs to stop it, because it makes him look silly.

Why does Joe Biden over-act and over-react when things happen to him? There were many times when he over-reacted to something Barack Obama said or did that made him look odd and out-of-control for a period of time.

Why does Joe Biden always say “man” at the end of sentences, as in “I’m a serious candidate, man”. Does he not realize how falsely hip and at the same time out-of-date that this mode of speaking makes him sound?

Why does Joe Biden so often become personal, phony, confidential and hands-on with black people? He always calls blacks “man” and performs the 1970s multiple-soul handshakes with them that reminds one of some of the lesser television programs of past decades. And how about using the word “bro” as a greeting? It’s as though Biden learned how to show pretend respect to blacks in the 1970s by seeming to undermine his own superior social standing, and he never learned to accept that blacks are now fully up-to-speed on equality, but old Joe is lagging in this area a bit.

Why does Joe Biden say “think about it” all the time? It’s probably because he’s such a slow thinker and so dumb that his handlers have to tell him to “think about it” every time he comes up with an inappropriate idea, so he feels he has to tell everyone else to “think about it” as a normal response to their ideas, even though the average person thinks very well for themselves without having to be told to.

Old Lunch Bucket Joe is a fool who has become wealthy on a government salary, and he served faithfully during the eight years of the corrupt, America-hating, Obama administration, so I suppose we can excuse this go-along-to-get-along man from any culpability in the many crimes of the Obama era. And anyone who believes that Biden requested that Obama NOT endorse his candidacy is only fooling himself.

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Serious Question About Politics In The Idiotic World Democrats Have Built

If Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, himself a gay man, is elected president, and given that he has a husband to whom he is married, will this husband count as the first “first man” to occupy the White House?

In the same relationship, with Mayor Pete being the wife in this homosexual marriage, would his election to the presidency, given conflicting pronouns to the contrary, make him to be the first female to become president?

In the world of sexual self-identity and allowing people to identify to be whomever they wish to be in all regards, Democrats create situations that muddy the political and social waters every time they open their mouths.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Left Is Having The Mueller Report Their Way

Prior to the release of the Mueller report leftist Democrats claimed that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary in the 2016 election, and after the release of the Mueller report our leftists are still claiming that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, plus they now add the claim that Trump obstructed justice to boot, and they attribute both of these charges to poor old Robert Mueller and his report.

There would not be any hand-wringing discussions underway about Trump innocence or guilt, and Robert Mueller would not be ordered to report to the Democrats in the House of Representatives to give testimony, and Mr. Mueller himself would not be the target of leftist press harassment outside his church on Easter Sunday, if the report had indeed indicted President Trump as the radical leftists have stated. If the Mueller report had clearly stated that the Trump candidacy had colluded and if it had clearly found that President Trump attempted to halt and interfere with the Mueller probe in any way, Democrats in the House would already have voted to impeach and they would be pushing the Senate to convict. But these things have not happened because the report did not find against Trump, even in a round-about way.

For example, the leftist press claims that the Mueller report found that Trump is likely guilty of obstruction of justice because the report stated that the investigators could not prove that he didn’t obstruct, although no criminal investigator/prosecutor will ever attempt to prove innocence. Their job is for prove guilt only, and the report clearly stated that it was unable to prove any guilt. So our leftist radicals are left with weak reasoning and insulting arguments in their attempts to get the nation riled up over the most exhaustive and expensive criminal investigation our nation has ever contrived.

So the Trump-hating Deep State has taken the report that they’ve anxiously awaited for two years in anticipation of its indictment of our president, misread its findings, misstated it conclusions and is now embarking on a new anti-Trump tirade as though the Mueller report never happened.

Are Democrats demented fools or what?

Democrats Confuse “The Survival Of The Fittest” With “Acceptance Of The Least Fit”

Darwin’s theory of the Survival of the Fittest was the reason Europeans were able to arrive in the strange New World and take control of the diverse tribal population on the massive land mass so easily: they had more technology at their disposal, their medical science was superior to the Amerind medicine man, and Europeans from a variety of nations were willing to form a larger society for their mutual benefit and cooperate with each other in order to form one successful nation, with one economy and one language, in North America.

But now that the nation of America has been so successful that it has set new records for the entire world in the form of individual citizen wealth, personal freedom and comfort, it is being forced by progressive Democrats to allow people from inferior nations to come here in wholesale numbers in order to escape mistreatment and poverty from their native countries. Of course, Democrats are also interested in forming an infinite voter base to keep themselves in power for decades to come, which may also enter into their push to establish sanctuary cities and demand that our borders be thrown open to all who wish to enter our nation regardless of health, education, criminal background, ability to speak our language, and regardless of any ability to hold and keep a job.

When the people that the Democrats are so anxious to welcome to our nation resort to waving their native flags in protest against perceived injustices in the America they just entered, and when those illegal entrants commit repeat crimes and join organizations dedicated to undermining our nation and its laws, it’s time to review exactly what Democrats are trying to accomplish with their radical ideas and their un-American and unconstitutional policies. I think it’s fair to assume that Democrats are not keeping an eye on the future prosperity of America nor on the welfare of American citizens, but are selfishly taking short term losses in an attempt to hold long-term elected power, all to the detriment of Americans who have worked all their lives to earn good livings for themselves and their children, and these same citizens are seeing all of their plans dissolve as waves of invaders enter our borders and slowly change our entire way of living and our entire way of life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What Do Our Radical, Democrat Presidential Candidates Think They Are Doing?

The current pack of Democrat presidential candidates, and other non-national Democrat politicians, are drifting to the political left at an alarming rate and seem to be in a competition with each other to get the leftist press’s attention and get limelight coverage for their radical views on all the cable news panels.

Bernie Sanders, our resident Socialist, frowning, curmudgeon, was filmed in the 1970’s smiling brightly as he honeymooned in the Soviet Union where he felt like he was among like-minded friends, is now pretending that he hates Communism and only wants to get proper services to Americans who have been so mistreated by their backward government.

Beto O’Rourke recently asked his youthful audience what they wanted him to propose to do as president and he promised to do what they wanted as soon as he was elected. Now there’s a purposeful, thoughtful politician for you. And he probably would try to implement everything the young people want whether it was a good idea or not. He’ll go as far left as necessary to gain power, period.

Elizabeth Warren, the woman whose wealth came from indebted, over-borrowed college students, whose cushy Harvard professorship came at the expense of minority individuals for whom her pretense of having Indian blood was reserved, is of course concerned by the indebtedness of those students and the joblessness of actual people of Indian blood, whose job she stole.

Candidates Harris, Booker and the other wealthy Democrat candidates, are very concerned with the poverty that the Democrat party has imposed on people of all races unfortunate enough to listen to and believe their lies these last 20 years. But we hear no real solutions coming from these candidates’ mouths, except for their promises of infinite giveaways and big-government programs that will cost trillions of dollars and will collapse our economy, and perhaps the occasional proposal that we import millions of additional Central American caravan occupants as a way of fixing our national need for more poor, uneducated, unhealthy, Spanish-speaking people that our nation is faced with.

Then there’s the newly elected governor of the sanctuary state of California, Gavin Newsom, who quickly after election flew off to San Salvador to advise that population of the benefits of coming to America and enjoying the pleasant way of life we (used to) have here, while the state he left behind is crumbling and being inundated with human feces, druggy needles, homeless camp sites, disease, impoverishment and over-taxed citizens, and Newsom will not take one step to prevent illegals from entering his state.

Are Democrats taking these drastic, unprecedented positions to attract young, starry-eyed voters in an attempt to get favorable cable TV coverage from a corrupt press corps, or do they actually believe the nonsense and foolish drivel they spout each and every day of their lives?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Massive Illogic Of Democrats

Just as any sensible person may wonder at the stupidity of Marxism, which states its case in favor of Communism as being inevitable and obvious because of the necessary conflict between economic classes within a nation, while at the same time making every idiotic effort and argument to encourage and incite this conflict among a population which has lived peacefully together for over 200 years, one may also wonder at the idiocy of Democrat radicals who want to completely up-end our successful nation with the imagined end of saving us from global destruction via their warming/change lies, and at the same time that they announce the earth’s doom they want our vote to help prevent the global disaster they promise in 12 years as they try to frighten us by claiming the end of the earth to be inevitable. Leftists are confused people.

Add to this idiocy by considering that fact that the main leader of the Socialist Green New Deal takeover of America is a self-made millionaire named Bernie Sanders, who has made his fortune in America and its Capitalist system, which can make anyone wealthy if they just work a little at it. The fool Sanders, and all of the Democrat candidates running for the presidency in 2020, are unified in proposing policies that are certain to destroy the American economic system to which they owe their own personal wealth. How stupid can people be?

More recently we have the bizarre situation of Democrats insisting that illegal aliens be allowed to enter the United States at will and settle in various cities throughout the nation, with no health checks, no criminal records checks, no English-speaking requirements and no skills requirements. But when President Trump suggests that all illegal aliens flowing into our nation be sent directly to sanctuary cities and be forced to stay in these locations who pretend to love and want them, liberals get all upset and begin dreaming up theories as to why this perfectly genius idea would be illegal, as if illegality matters to Democrats, and moan and wail that this would swamp their already failing Democrat-led cities with unwanted invaders that they can‘t afford to accept.

Democrats are predictable in doing things that are expensive and detrimental to our society, but perhaps the most disturbing thing about them is that their actions are contrary to the welfare of American citizens and to the future benefit of foreign invaders as well, and the fools can’t see the harm they do to everyone.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Maxine Waters: What’s Wrong With America

On April 11, 2019, The Blaze reported that Maxine Waters, the new Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, attempted to corner and embarrass several banking CEOs who were called before her committee, by asking them what they were doing to help students pay for the enormous debts they posses after completing four years of college. She was, of course, making the unspecified charge that they were just big-businesses making profits off of the backs of innocent students by lending them tuition money at a confiscatory rate of interest.

Not only was this stupid woman trying to blame these private business owners for the punitive loans to which private citizens too frequently voluntarily commit themselves, but her own government was responsible for forcing a situation in which only one monopolistic lender was permitted to make these loans, and that sole lender was her own government, and she had no idea this concentration of power had happened during the Obama administration.

But this idiot woman, after learning that the loans she so hates were given by her own government, didn’t have the courage, the presence of mind nor the intelligence to call the directors of the big-government student loan agencies and ask how they planned help the indebted students, because, in the minds of radical Democrats like Ms. Watrers, the government never hurts people, only private corporations hurt people. So this entire line of questioning was quickly dropped due to a lack of interest by the House Committee and its lame-brained chairwoman.

Big government attempts to give the impression that they care for the rights and treatment of citizens whenever private corporations, seeking to make a profit, are the culprits.  But when it’s the government itself causing a citizen discomfort, all attention to the issue seems to evaporate.

As is typical of Democrats like Maxine Waters, her committee hearing was conducted not to solve a problem and help students avoid deep debt when they graduate from college, it was rather to punish some non-Socialist American banking companies and threaten them with harsh regulations if they would not agree to lower their fees and provide student loans for a lower price. But having been shown to be a fool and not knowing the subject that she is charged with responsibility for, Ms. Waters allowed the subject to be dropped and nothing was resolved by her questions nor by the banking CEO’s waste of time and effort after being ordered to report to her hearing.

Ms. Waters, in her waste-time grilling of the bankers, could have mentioned at least three things that could help students graduate with less debt: 1) The government should get out of the business of being a monopoly in the student loan business and allow private companies to introduce competition and lower costs into the industry. The enormous levels of debt that college students graduate with has largely occurred since Barack Obama single-handedly took monopolistic of the entire industry, and having the government back out of the loan industry could perhaps allow students to accumulate less debt. 2) Colleges should be challenged to be more competitive with their tuition charges and should be encouraged to cut their costs so they could charge students less to attend college. 3) Colleges should be challenged to underwrite all or part of the costs of their tuition so students don’t have to go bankrupt just to get through college. Many colleges and universities have billions of dollars of money stashed away and it’s shameful that they don’t share their wealth with students, in line with the socialist, anti-Capitalist principles their professors preach to their students.

The pity is that Ms. Waters makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth and she’s not smart enough to know it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Predictions of Enviro-Religious Doom Has AOS’s Believers Seeking Redemption

One supposes that even liberal Democrats can at times see the error of their ways, and will occasionally seek forgiveness for the things they believe they’ve done wrong. The current fretting by Warming/Change advocates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie  Sanders, has all of the qualities of the periodic predictions of doom and gloom that we’ve seen occasionally from kooks of all kinds who will tell us to “repent” of our sinful ways and start getting right with the Lord, or else we will be exterminated. One of the more recent such predictions came with the Harmonic Convergence of a few years ago. Other scares have come with the alignment of the stars or the passing of the moon in front of the sun.

So when Bernie and AOS gave us their shrill prediction that the end of the world would be here in twelve years (actually it’s now only eleven and a half years because six months have already passed, and I’ve seen no temperature spikes or weather occurrences that concern me so far) most sensible people took this warning as the kook, Shamanic, religious freak blast we’ve seen so many times in the past as these nuts prepare to meet their maker. But since today’s Democrats have no traditional belief in an all-powerful God, I don’t know exactly what these weirdos believe in nor what they fear.

This bunch of leftists are somewhat different from the Harmonic Convergence fears of a few years ago. This crowd is high on the seductive religion of politics and power, and they claim that environmental science is the source of their wisdom, although the science of even simple weather forecasts is an inexact one. So how can one predict the end of the earth in twelve years when next week’s temperature prediction often deviates from the scientific forecast made by “scientists” using expensive instruments and technology?

Another obstacle to believing this latest Warming farce is that real science is built on verifiable, repeatable results, whereas the current predictions of earthly doom come from computer modeling, and we know that computers only produce data based on what was input in the first place, and this modeling is exactly what environmentalists are using as their source of information. It’s just another case of garbage-in, garbage-out. That’s not a firm base on which to mount a life-changing set of rules for an entire nation to live or die by.

Perhaps the Bernie/ AOS people got the latest predictions of global destruction from the ever-reliable Al Gore, the father of all of this nonsense. But old Al predicted the melting of the earth’s polar ice caps some years ago, and that hasn’t happened yet, nor has his prediction of the demise of the Polar Bears become fact. And along with Gore and his nut-job predictions, is Ted Danson, who predicted the death of the Oceans about twenty years ago, and Paul Ehrlich who, in the 1960s, predicted total global war due to a lack of food; neither of which predictions has come to pass. And not only have these Warming/Change advocates not apologized for their past mistakes and lies, but now they are doubling down and coming again for our money and our liberties with this new 12-year scam.

So forgive me if I don’t buy this latest load of crap coming from radical Democrats who have proven to have no concern for the lives of the average American out in fly-over country, but want total power to tax, control and destroy the economy and take away the liberties of the greatest nation on the planet. But even if one tries to ignore them, they WILL NOT go away. They must be defeated at the ballot box if we are to rid ourselves of this filthy vermin.

Monday, April 8, 2019

One Way To Halt Radical Leftists From Imposing Socialism On Us: Just Say NO!

In the 1980s when drug use became so large a problem that the Reagan administration took up the cause of those being harmed by the criminals getting rich off of this substance, Nancy Reagan proposed a strategy that will always work to solve such a problem: Just Say NO!

In today’s ultra-left environment with too much illegal drug-flow across our borders and too may illegal aliens accompanying them, we should use Mrs. Reagan’s approach to these problems and tell our legislators we want a stop to these issues. And voters must take a “Just Say NO” attitude to the tendencies of radical leftists whose ideas will bury our nation.

NO to illegal drugs. NO to illegal aliens. NO to dope-smoking Democrat candidates. NO to free healthcare. NO to free college. NO to socialism and big-government proposals. NO to eliminating the Electoral College. NO to packing the Supreme Court. NO to allowing children and illegal aliens to vote in presidential elections.

It’s up to adults to say NO to children when they do things that will harm themselves, thereby protecting them from their own worst impulses, so it’s a good thing to say NO to Democrats for their childish, harmful impulses in things political.

But it will also be helpful if the nation said a resounding YES to a border-control wall, lower taxes and fewer regulations, all of which are just some of the ideas of President Trump. In of these select instances, Just Say YES!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The George Washington University Argument Over The Moniker “Colonials”, Is Based In American Student Ignorance

The Snow-Flake students at George Washington University are all aflutter about their school mascot being called the “Colonials”. The first thing that comes to mind in this controversy, given the students’ criticism of our founding fathers, is that it’s obvious that the students consider George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to have been “colonialists” when actually it was England that was the colonizer, and the nation that Washington and Jefferson lived in was the colony. So England’s King George is the one who the students should hate in this stupid debate, and not Washington, Jefferson, nor the cute, comic character the school designed to lead cheers, or whatever its purpose is.

I feel certain that the GWU students don’t realize that the residents of England’s colony in America fought against the concept of colonization, and the students’ opposition to what their protest group pretends to be offended by is why the Declaration of Independence was created and signed by the leaders of the colony, in a bid for their independence from England and their opposition to being a colony.

France, Spain and England formed colonies in North America and throughout the world, so the colony thing was nothing new on the face of the earth. But under the leadership of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and many others, the new, independent nation of the United States of America was formed from a foreign-run colony and became the most wealthy and free nation the world has ever seen. Today’s very easily offended, well-fed and comfortable students seem to resent that they were born into such wealth that they can attend an exclusive university like George Washington and get a great education. But it also appears that today’s students have no idea how precious a college education is and how blessed they are to be living in America, where they are able to protest the most childish things at the drop of a hat and have their juvenile opinions taken seriously.

In an article published March 7, 2019, by Fox News, author Benno Kass quotes one GWU student who seems to be confusing the meaning of colonialism with the idea of a superior and more advanced civilization replacing a less-advanced one, when she bemoaned the fact that native tribes in North America were replaced by the more scientifically advanced Europeans, and that the ways of the native tribes gave way to the invading Europeans. The whole idea of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is what happened with the demise of the Indians in North America.

 As happens all over the world, weaker, less advanced populations, and those unable or unwilling to change when faced with a mightier force, will always become losers. And if the student who resents the fact that American Indians lost their land to the European expansion, which led directly to the prosperous society in which this student finds herself today where she is well-fed, housed and clothed, then she needs to hasten her elite education, get a high-paying job, and begin, herself personally, buying up homes and real estate in the Maryland and Virginia area and donating those properties, again at her own expense, to the native tribes who are still established along the East coast, and maybe this will make her feel better about George and Thomas and the marvelous things they did that has assured our pleasant lives in America today.

But I will also hasten to relieve the conscience of this suffering student by reminding her that most American Indian tribes fought each other for land all the time, so what the Europeans did in North American is nothing new on the American, nor the world stage, again referring back to Darwin‘s survival of the fittest. Many of the Indian tribes in North America have become vastly wealthy living on tribal lands where they run their casinos and hotels at a great profit, so it‘s not as though the tribes haven’t received some significant compensation for the suffering of their forebears.

But the opposite of prosperity can also be found in too-numerous, government sponsored tribal reservations where Indian populations live in poverty and lead less than ideal lives. However, liberal college students have to recognize that these unfortunate people are where they are because of American liberal Democrats and their policy of establishing dependent, subservient populations, like those in Democrat sanctuary cities, where people can live on government handouts, stay poor and unhappy, and it’s all due to Democrat, “progressive” policies and Democrats’ constant search for dependant people to vote for them each election day, in exchange for a free meal and a dilapidated place to live.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Biden Is Being Eaten Alive By His Own Party

There must be something that the Democrat party sees in Joe Biden that makes them believe that he could become the Democrat candidate in the 2020 presidential race. It must be that he’s an old, mature, sensible guy who sees no logic nor reason in the ultra leftist crap coming out of radical Democrat mouths as they mock everything America stands for and propose policies that would certainly destroy the prosperity and security of America in this increasingly dangerous world.

I personally see nothing in Biden that would lead me to entrust him with American policy nor the defense of this nation, but that’s because I’m old fashion enough to have faith in the constitution and to believe that public servants should be truthful and seek protection of the citizens of the United States first, and not propose that we take possession of the world’s starving, sick legions who want to come here.

What we see in the current criticism of Biden is exactly what we saw with the kerfuffle over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The same bunch of Democrats, led by the leftist press and their never-ending hit pieces, induced women to come forward and register complaints from years ago against a public figure whom they don’t agree with politically and who they see as an opponent, and they present the same old sexual claims of mistreatment and abuse in an attempt to defeat the unfortunate man. Whether the accused is Republican or Democrat, the current radical-left Democrats now in charge of the party will attack that opponent without mercy, because they care only about winning and pushing America ever-more to the left, politically.

But if you are one of the current radical left Democrat personalities, like Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who has been believably accused by two women of having recently raped them, the press takes a hands-off attitude and lets the charges go without any real attention, in hopes that the issue will just go away, so the radical left movement can continue its encroachment on the lives of Americans.

Old Lunchbox Joe should have known that he’s too far right in a far-left party to get any support from the glamorous leaders of the party, but they hope that he learns his lesson soon and backs out of contention for the nomination so they don’t have to bring all guns blazing to get rid of him. If Biden considers what Democrats have done to President Trump for the past two years, with no evidence at all of his having done anything illegal or improper, maybe he’ll soon realize that he has no chance of winning against such fierce, nasty people, who will never accept a defeat from anyone.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Post-ISIS Question To Jihadis And Terrorists Everywhere: Why Is Your God Allowing You To Lose?

Of course all thinking people the world over know that the reason ISIS is losing it’s battle with the civilized world, aside from the fact that the wishy-washy Obama is gone and has been replaced in the Oval Office with a man of determination and principle, is that the goals of ISIS are evil and contrary to the way decent people behave, and that the mission of the western world in its opposition to these horrible people is in keeping with the teachings of Christianity and the way civilizations should behave, and the way people should be treated.

And now that a real man is in the Oval Office we are finally seeing the defeat of terrorism in the Middle East. So in light of this defeat of persons and policies who claim to have Allah on their side in their murderous and criminal efforts, one can wisely ask them why they are losing the battle with the western powers. If the murderous cause of terrorists is just and right and has their God on their side, then how is it possible for them to lose these latest critical battles, especially when they were so successful and had occupied so much land in their earlier, murderous, Obama-era tirade?

It’s obvious that the cause of terrorism is not a search for justice, nor is it an effort to find what’s right, and neither God nor Allah is on the side of these monsters. Just as the western powers brought defeat to the Hitler-Mussolini dictatorships of World War II, so the forces of decency and kindness have defeated the same sorts of murderous fiends in the Middle East. The deity of terrorism, whatever name this monster may go by, has deserted them and their cause because it’s counter to civilization.

It’s also possible that Allah, as opposed to simply denying them a win, is punishing the ISIS murderers for their absolute bestiality and insanity and the crimes they’ve committed against all that is good in the world. No God of peace would allow such a terrible swamp of criminals to exist for very long, and it appears their time is about up, thank God.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Carl Rove Is What’s Wrong With The Republican Party

On March, 27, 2019, in the Wall Street Journal, Carl Rove expressed the notion that President Trump should move on from Mueller and not dwell on the criminal and unconstitutional things that he, and America, was forced to endure these last two years, with the false collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice charges, the name-calling and the daily lies that the lying press, and fools like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, dumped on him. Mr. Rove suggests, now that the Mueller investigation is finished and no collusion was found, that President Trump just turn the other cheek and “move on” with his work and forget what the likes of Brenner, Clapper, McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, all of whom were answerable to Barack Obama during his last year in office, and all of whom plotted, as members of the Obama administration, to keep the Trump campaign from winning the 2016 election and assure a Hillary win. The reason Mr. Rove thinks that the president should simply forgive and forget is that he believes that going after his political rivals would turn off the non-aligned, swing voters in the 2020 election.

This is proof that Mr. Rove, an old Republican hand, is one of the reasons for the wishy-washy, go-along-to-get-along, losing Republican party has allowed the leftists to take control of  politics for the last 40 years. Just show your enemies that you are not as bad as the Democrats and CNN say you are, and everything will be fine, the losing Republicans say. But Democrats play for keeps, while Republicans just play for the sake of the political game, and that’s why Republicans always lose. President Trump is showing Republicans a new way to play the game of politics: play hard and WIN once in a while, instead of losing all the time.

We know that the total weight of the FBI, the FISA court and the Department of Justice was brought to bear on the Trump campaign, complete with spying and fabricated documents intended to either keep Trump from winning or assure his impeachment if he were to win, and this third-world, corrupt activity must be met with stern determination if it’s ever to be halted . President Trump has survived hell these last two years, and many people close to him have had their lives destroyed, and the lame result to the Mueller investigation simply stating that they found no proof of collusion, does not settle the issue.

It’s a cinch that the Leftist press will not make any remarks critical of the Democrat party when it’s in power using the full force of the federal government to keep their rival party from gaining the White House.  With no recognition at all that President Trump had won the two-year battle with the fake investigation, networks like CNN immediately pivoted and began re-issuing  the same old comments about the illegality of the Trump administration all over again, the day after the Mueller verdict came out, and the Democrat party is still intent on investigating the Trump campaign in an effort to dig up any trash that Mueller may have missed that can be used against Trump.

It’s one thing for the lying press to tell themselves lies about the Trump administration, but it’s unacceptable to allow them to keep telling American citizens the same old lies they told prior to the end of the investigation, just because they hate Donald Trump.

President Trump, as Commander in Chief and the nation’s Chief Executive Officer, has a responsibility to root out criminal activity, and if any criminal activity was done by the Obama administration, the FBI or the DOJ, then that’s where the president’s Attorney General must look, and put people in jail if they are found guilty of wrongdoing. This may be the last time we have a truly honest president whose expressed intention was to drain the Washington swamp, and we have only two years left until we may get a president who will bury all of the wrong-doing we’ve seen mounted against Donald Trump. President Trump is the only one who has the principles to go after the bad guys, while Carl Rove tries to call him off. And as far as the swing voters go, I believe that the president can gain many voters to his side when the DOJ produces evidence against those who plotted against Trump and tried to deny those of us who voted for him, the true result of our vote.

The corrupt events that occurred during the Obama administration that led to the Mueller investigation, along with the more current abandoning of charges against Jussie Smollett for his hate-crime against all who voted for Donald Trump, must be investigated to the fullest extent possible and each perpetrator punished fully if found guilty, in an attempt to eliminate the Democrat tendency toward corrupting everything they touch. Maybe if we put enough Democrat/progressive fools in jail they’ll learn their lesson and stop undermining this nation, its laws and its constitution.

The corruption of the leftist media and  their allies in the Democrat party, know no bounds.