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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Trump’s Election Began The Democrat Demise, Then Democrats’ Own Actions Assured Their Collapse

Democrats are too self-centered to be able to admit a bad action or position, and they’re too self-absorbed to change their misguided policies. Instead of recognizing the sea-change that occurred at Trump’s 2016 election, and instead of trying to learn why Hillary lost that election and perhaps making some changes to their far-left policies, they doubled down on their destructive policy proposals while at the same time trying to frame and remove President Trump in order to get rid of his ideas and his successes. And now they are staring at political doom for their impeachment schemes, such as the Mueller investigation, the Russian collaboration and the Ukraine phone call, which have all backfired on Democrats and their Soviet-style plans for the domination of America.

Unfortunately a large part of our government is crumbling as a result of the long-term corrupt actions of radical Democrats, grasping to hold on to power in the era of Trump. 
Yet, in spite of all of the roadblocks Democrats place in his path, President Trump presses on through the fog and continues to make his reforms and necessary changes while the Democrats scheme and lie to Americans about everything. And on top of their attempted framing of the president, people like Adam Schiff repeatedly lie and present even more false evidence against Trump related to, of all places, Ukraine.

The American public realizes the depth of the Democrat plague being visited on us and they are rejecting the anti-capitalist, unconstitutional proposals coming from the party of the left, as one Trump rally after another demonstrates.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Earth Is One Year Nearer Doom, But Where’s The Warming?

In November of 2018, AOC, Bernie Sanders or some other elite Democrat fool predicted that global warming would kill every creature on earth in 12 years due to excess heating caused by the cars we drive, our air conditioners and cow flatulence.

So now a full year has expired since that dramatic political prediction, in other words we have only 11 years left until doomsday, and one could logically expect that we would have seen the temperature increase by about 8 percent this last summer as we approach the radical, Democrat death-wish due date with destiny.

Stated differently, about 8 percent of the time to doomsday has passed, so the temperature should have gotten about 8 percent warmer, but it hasn’t.

Where I live the temperature in the Summer months easily exceeds 100 degrees for several days in July and August, but during the Summer of 2019 we only had two or three days that the temperature went above 100 degrees, and it never approached the 110 degrees, more or less, that the 8 percent promised increase in each of the 12 years to destruction would have produced.

So with a cooler than promised Summer, where does this evidence of the stupidity and lies of the radical left and their warming hoax leave these idiots? If they were decent, well-meaning people they would hang their heads in shame and admit that they were wrong. But they are lying scoundrels and they just keep on lying about the whole warming/change thing and making the young people in our nation fear the future that awaits them. If this isn’t child abuse I don’t know what it could be called.

 Our nation has never had a political party that wanted to inflict fear into the younger generation. Both parties have traditionally told the young that they could provide a better life and an increased income that would allow them to live well if they voted their party line. Now Democrats tell everyone they will live lives of misery and poverty as the Democrat party raises their taxes, deprives them of air conditioners, takes away their gas-powered cars, eliminates commercial jet transportation so citizens will not be able to vacation as they please. We are also told that our diets will be controlled by the government because grazing animals are destroying the world as quickly as your Toyota and Al Gore‘s personal jet, so you’ll have to give up beef and all of it’s by-products.

With all of this doom and gloom malarkey being thrown around by Democrat candidates for president, who the hell would vote Democrat in 2020? Citizens should monitor their local temperature the next eleven years and see if they detect any warming above the norm for their region of the nation during the 12-years-to-destruction promised by elite Democrats. This will prove to each and every one who pays attention that we citizens are being systematically lied to by the people who want to control our lives: we call the Democrats.

Friday, October 25, 2019

The Danger To A Wealthy, Prosperous Nation

When a nation is poor its citizens work hard in order to simply stay alive and raise their families. As the nation grows and prospers, and most don’t by the way, citizens take pride in their accomplishments and their improved circumstances, and their children share in this success and pride because they see their parents working hard to earn that success.

But after a generation or two, and after the living standards of the entire nation improve, the hard work and the personal sacrifice and hardship that was needed to achieve it are easily forgotten. Add to this the tax-payer provided welfare that assures even poor citizens eat well, live comfortably and wear expensive sneakers, and you have a situation where reality is forgotten.

Then when the politics of the nation inevitably swings to the left and its founding documents are disregarded as being passe, and when politicians promise a variety of government-provided goodies that will be paid for by taxing the middle class, you have a society that has forgotten where their comfortable lives came from.

Anyone who has paid attention to the current round-up of Democrat candidates for president, and anyone who has heard their anti-American rants and their unconstitutional promises made to their radical audience, is aware of just how fragile our nation is with candidates who promise free stuff just to get elected. For example, the campaign verbiage of Beto, Warren and Sanders makes America sound like a nation whose black citizens are still in chains, its women are kept barefoot and pregnant and its Hispanic citizens are assigned only to picking tomatoes in the dusty and hot fields of California.

When the most influential and wealthy citizens of a nation think their nation is immoral, and that its success and wealth are unjustified, that nation is doomed, and that’s exactly where America is with the current Democrat party and our ultra-left press.

Also, when the highest ranking government officials generate and plant false documents and information in order to frame their political opponents in order to keep them from winning in the next election, you know that corruption is a direct threat to every honest citizen and that our rulers have no respect at all for votes cast by the nation‘s citizens.

And finally, when the nation’s press spikes news reports that are contrary to their political sentiments and fawns over information favorable to their political persuasion, that nation is in danger. The Obama administration and its allies were responsible for each of the above crimes against America prior to and during the 2016 election, and Democrats must be voted out of office at each and every opportunity if we are to ever return to our successful, functioning and law-abiding national history.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Pelosi’s Coded, Racist Remarks About Black Leader

Following the recent death of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi called the respected black leader the Democrats’ “North Star”. Is this some vague racist comment about Mr. Cumming’s large physical size, likening him to a large lump of stone floating in space? It would be understandable to suspect racism as being the origin of Pelosi’s offensive remarks related to size and laziness, because Mr. Cummings was a large man who, in his latter days, made his way around the Capitol in a wheeled, motor conveyance.

The racism of the Democrat left is often hidden in clever code, lost in words that sound like praise, but we all know what people like Pelosi mean when they say these things. And to make Ms. Pelosi’s insult even worse, the North Star reference joins the racist white aspect of her reference to the star’s color as seen on the horizon, when the actual color of Mr. Cummings was not the white that Democrats prefer.

The North Star was, of course, used to guide Eighteenth-Century, wind-driven ships, and Ms Pelosi here seems to be showing how outdated and old fashioned she thinks Mr. Cummings was in his thinking and his actions. Did a reference have to be made to the whiteness of the North Star, which contrasts to Mr. Cumming’s dark skin and aligns with the Democrat old South preference for white skin?

Nancy Pelosi should demonstrate her shame at these crude, racist remarks about one of her fallen comrades and resign her position immediately. We all know of the Democrats’ devious decoding-ring, racist language, and this is such a classic example of Democrat racist referencing that even Senator Robert Byrd, the old KKK leader who was a highly respected Democrat and was praised by Barack Obama and the Clintons as being a great American and an example for the nation to follow, would be shocked. Ms. Pelosi should be removed from her official government responsibilities immediately for her blatant racism.

Of course anyone familiar with the term tongue-in-cheek will recognize the above description of Nancy Pelosi as being just that. But it’s as accurate as the repeated racist charges launched against President Trump by the filthy Democrats who refuse to admit they were beaten in the 2016 election and who refuse to allow President Trump to implement his policies, and who further also refuse to work with him on legislation that the citizens of America want to become policy.

The Democrats and their in-house appendix, the U.S. press, take the most innocent comments and actions of President Trump and try to impeach him for them. These people are insane and  all Democrat politicians must be voted out of office in 2020.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Beto Promises To Take Your Guns

Beto O’Rourke, a onetime leader among the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, describes his plan for the government “buy-back” of America’s guns, as being comprised of citizens voluntarily obeying the demands he would make and peacefully turning in their weapons with no objections and no pushback. But how likely is this forced “buy-back” of personal arms to remain peaceful?

And what’s the sense of taking weapons from peaceful, law-abiding people, who would passively hand them over to government representatives? If these people are so law-abiding and peaceful, then what is the sense in taking their weapons? If they are lacking a criminal record, what threat do they represent? This seems to be a simple case of the government, under leftist, progressive, Democrat rule, being given an inch of power and taking a mile‘s worth, in disobedience to the constitution.

And why run the risk of making criminals of otherwise honest, law-abiding people if they should object to this government overreach? If they have no criminal record and have lived peaceful lives, are they really, logically suspected of being potential mass killers? But the leftist, idiot Democrats will risk getting law enforcement officers killed, and possibly causing mass uprisings and wild-west shootouts, in order to violate and nullify the second amendment. This radical move by Democrats, itself borders on an act of domestic terrorism.

And then after all of this disruption and unconstitutional behavior on the part of Democrats, criminals will still have their guns and there will be fewer armed patriots available to oppose them should trouble develop in their homes or on a larger scale in a city.

Democrats must be kept out of all elected offices, because these people are deranged and dangerous.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Can A Strong Military Protect America From Our Own Corrupt Politicians?

Why do we have a strong, patriotic military, when our nation is being taken over and transformed by a corrupt set of Socialist politicians posing as traditional Democrats who use our formerly free and responsible press as a cover and cheer leader for their plotting and corruption? Even though the military can protect our nation from an invasion by foreign forces, the politicians currently in power, along with the corrupt press, are destroying the nation  from within, which will in turn destroy our precious constitution and the rights of each and every one of us. How is this political invasion of America any different from a foreign attack, and why pay for a strong military and ask young men and women to sacrifice for our defense, when we’re losing our nation anyway?

The liberal press refuses to tell the American public the truth about the lie of Russian collusion that was charged against President Trump, or about Ukrainian influence peddling by the Biden family, which means far too many people in America know next to nothing about the truth of these and other serious matters. In their latest attempt to get any dirt on Trump that could be used to defeat him, the forces of the American left are conducting investigations behind closed doors so that the truth of these kangaroo court artifices that Democrats are using will not be shared with the American public because the lying press is sure as hell not going to tell the truth about Democrat misfeasance. Lying Democrats like Adam Schiff simply tell everyone the current anti-Trump lie that the Trump haters want the nation to hear, and the truth is buried in the unprecedented dark political process of impeachment that Democrats are plotting.

The way things are going in present-day America, as the vicious left plots to undo everything that has made America great and prosperous, we’re wasting the blood of patriots by risking their lives as the military fights for freedom in foreign countries, while the America-haters at home purposely undermine our liberties and our constitutional rights for their lying, crap ideas of environmental disaster and the alleged racism of all police officers. It’s a cinch that there are no leftists risking life and limb in the military; they’re too busy working to destroy America from within.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What Do Atheists Worship? Environmentalism?

American Democrats eschew traditional religion and instead worship at the altar of lies and environmentalism, whose sacrament is climate warming/change rubbish.

One will look a long time before one can find such a screeching, scowling, nasty, angry,
growling and superior attitude than was demonstrated during a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Action Summit recently in New York. When Greta Lundberg spoke at the conference she spoke from a position of privilege. She arrived in New York aboard her own personal sailing yacht that had conducted her from Sweden, and considering the crew and the energy it took to cross the ocean, and the fact that she had to fly some of the crew from Sweden to New York, her trip imprinted a large carbon footprint on the precious, fragile environment and did untold harm to the very environment that liberals do so worship.

Democrats and the leftist press have so thoroughly lied to our nation about the climate that when young Thunberg demonstrated severe anguish and fear due to her trust in the lies of the environmental lobby, who preach that the world is coming to an end because, they predict that the temperature will rise less than one degree in the next 50 years, we were not surprised. This young girl is of course over-reacting, but it’s liberal adults who are at fault because they have lied to her and made her fearful of the future. This fear is nothing short of child abuse, on a grand scale, as the fear of death-by-warming is pushed on impressive young people by professional leftist politicians.

If an adult wants advice on life, they’ll often not seek council from a teenager, especially someone who demonstrates a rather unbalanced mental state and, due to her youthful age, has not accomplished anything that would encourage anyone to seek her out for advice. So why would any sensible person listen to Greta Lundberg and her ranting?

But the young Swedish girl proves that “liberal privilege” is at work in the climate scheming business, just as these privileged individuals have superior benefits bestowed on them everywhere by polite society. Ms Lundberg is a millionaire from a very leftist/Socialist nation who, because of her wealth and position, gets to lecture the world. But especially she is attacking President Trump and his supporters, from the official podium of the United Nations conference where she pretends to care about the levels of carbon dioxide and related vague terms she knows nothing about. The problem is, she’s been lied to just like all other children listening to the tripe put out by liberal Democrats have been lied to, about the climate fiasco, and liberal politicians use her and other young, impressionable people to push their lie, which, as intended by these environmental charlatans, also frightens other unsophisticated, unthinking people, silly. If this is not a form of child abuse I don’t know what it is.

Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

Following the dismal presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter, the wealth of America, and of individual Americans, grew during and after the Reagan administration. But leftists couldn’t abide Americans living well without Democrat control, so as soon as Reagan was gone, liberals began applying regulations and using anti-capital verbiage when referring to corporations and profit-making. The situation only became worse during the Obama administration, which led directly to the non-growth, economic stagnation and high unemployment rate during Obama’s eight years in office. Liberals can’t leave well-enough alone and have to make people less wealthy and more dependent on them once they get any form of power. Liberals are mentally deranged.

Upon taking office, Donald Trump immediately made the economic atmosphere more favorable for business and ended the Obama economic down-turn by cutting regulations on businesses and speaking favorably about business and industry, which led directly to a surging economy and full employment for all classes of citizens, and enormous growth in Americans’ 401Ks and personal investments. This rosy picture, of course, has caused the current flock of Democrat candidates for president to compete with each other to sound more Socialist, more anti-business, more in favor of higher taxes and more prone to increasing the size and scope of big government once they are elected. This will inevitably cause a new era of economic suffering and a loss of wealth, if one of these fools becomes president. One conclusion thinking people can draw of these unthinking, negative tendencies of liberals to always do the wrong thing, is that Democrats must enjoy seeing people suffer and go without jobs, because those are the natural and inevitable outcomes of Liberal policies.

On subjects of a non-economic variety, liberals and the liberal press ignored the Obama Fast and Furious scandal, and they failed to mention Obama passing a message intended for Russia’s President Putin to “give him more time” to get elected, but will not hesitate to go after President Trump for merely telling the Ukraine president he wanted help investigating corruption committed in Ukraine by Joe Biden when Biden was vice president and colluded on his son’s behalf to become a highly-paid board member of a Ukrainian oil company.

Numerous American cities, run for long periods of time by Democrats, are having a rough time dealing with homelessness, unemployment and high crime rates. Yet they ignore the simple solutions of enforcing existing laws and using appropriate sentencing guidelines for punishing criminal cases, which are things that successful cities use. The path to running a successful city is available to Democrats and is on display in all low-crime and relatively low-unemployment cities, but Democrats must be daft and mentally challenged to constantly use the wrong social and legal policies, when the successful path is right in front of them, if they only had the eyes and the courage to see.

Scandals mean nothing to liberals, unless something inane that they don’t approve of is performed by a conservative.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Instead Of Honestly Covering The CIA, The Liberal Press Provides Cover For The CIA

Recently a member of the CIA became a whistleblower by bringing to light something President Trump said, that the agent didn’t like, in a conversation with the president of Ukraine, even though the subject of Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine president had nothing to do with CIA security. The CIA whistleblower did not have first-hand knowledge of our president’s conversation, but went ahead anyway and exposed the conversation between two national presidents, in the hope that President Trump would be impeached by the hate-Trump Democrats in the House. So one of Trump’s own employees in the Executive branch, and a member of the CIA, which was created to protect our nation from forces that want to undermine our constitutional democracy, plotted to overthrow a duly elected president, thereby undermining and negating the votes of millions of Americans who elected Trump, and we’re supposed to thank the fool who did it. Can you say traitorous CIA agent? And can we agree that Democrats were colluding against our president with the CIA agent?

However the situation was considerably different when the CIA was trying to defeat Communism in the latter decades of the 20th Century. In those long-forgotten years the leftist press and American Democrats held the CIA in complete disregard and considered them to be evil because they were opposing leftist, foreign governments.

A truthful and honest press would be trying to find out why a CIA officer is trying to weaken America’s international relations while at the same time trying to reverse the 2016 election by using weak-sister charges against President Trump to make it sound like the president has sold nuclear secrets to any number of our foreign enemies. The case could almost be made that the CIA is colluding with Russia to get rid of our president. And now we hear that another CIA officer who does have firsthand knowledge of Trump’s “outrageous” conversation with the president of Ukraine, has come forward to add gravitas to the first whistleblower’s charges.

The efforts of the Obama administration to be sure that President Trump didn’t defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election failed, and the Mueller investigation was unable to find any evidence of collusion or obstruction on the part of the Trump team, so now we learn of CIA employees reporting complaints against the president, and instead of resigning in protest, these agents are calling for impeachment. Of course the liberal press cheers for the impeachment of President Trump for speaking with the president of Ukraine, as though the so-called “improper” comments are impeachable acts of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, we have the transcript of the conversation between the two presidents for anyone to read, and it’s a lame and tame document that proves President Trump did exactly what he should have done about corrupt international dealings at the uppermost echelons of our government during the Obama administration, and still the drumbeat of impeachment drones on, because Democrats, knowing that there is no way they can beat President Trump in 2020, want to gather all of the dirt they can pull together on Trump early on, even if the dirt is clean in any sensible person’s judgment, just so then can throw around the charge that he was investigated for impeachment or eventually actually impeached, in an attempt to gain votes against him in 2020.

This is all just an extension of the previous, treasonous Mueller effort to over-throw a duly elected president for the lie of collusion and to deny those who voted for Trump their constitutional right to have a president they agree with for a change.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Real Threat To Our Democracy

The real threat to America is not the promise of impeachment of President Trump (although that would be a major threat), and not the deep state corruption that is overwhelming Washington. The real threat is that the Democrats and the extreme, liberal press will not investigate corruption at any level if the perp is a liberal, whether the corruption is at the FISA court or the Steele dossier or to the admitted corruption of Joe Biden and his son, but they will attack President Trump viciously and ruthlessly for even the most innocent, or even imagined, offenses. Democrat leftists will persecute any unfortunate conservative in the hope that in the process they will find something to use against him or her, while real illegal, dangerous and corrupt things have been proven or even admitted to by leftists, and the Democrats will not investigate any of it.

The greatest power the press possesses is not their ability to print any article they choose, even if they prefer their fake news over real, informative news. It’s their power to ignore any subject they want to cover up, that threatens a free nation. The liberal press in the United States is totally corrupt and is working solely for the benefit of the Democrat party.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Democrats’ Lesson Learned: Take A Punch At Trump, Pull Back A Stump

Donald Trump is the most amazing public figure we’ve ever seen. He’s had the vast weight and power of the federal bureaucracy along with the devious and crooked Obama administration, thrown at him in an attempt to end his political career, and he’s survived each and every attack and every crooked news report aimed at his presidency.

A short list of some of the battles he’s fought the swamp over would include the FISA Court approval to spy on him, based on the Hillary-bought Steele Dossier; the FBI agents’ attempts to frame him; the Mueller investigation; Adam Schiff and his unimpeachable “proof” of Trump collusion, followed by Schiff’s Ukraine charges; the two Kavanaugh attacks; various attacks on the Trump family; the daily lies told by cable channels and the liberal press, and so on.

President Trump just takes the lickin’ and keeps on tickin‘, and then he lowers the boom on his enemies and walks away with their hides. In spite of the unending attacks on him, he continues to fight back and taunt his political enemies with telling results.

And the most entertaining thing is that Trump is nearly always in good humor, and his favorability rating with the American public keeps rising. Democrats must be filling their knickers with this losing fight against a fabulous winner.

If the Democrats have not earned by this time that President Trump is a hard man to beat, they’ll soon learn, when the A.G. and the I.G reports are made pubic, that if you take a swing at Trump, you’ll pull back only a stump.

Go Trump!!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

From Climate Change To Gender-Identity Bathrooms To The Food We Eat, Leftists Are Always Intrusive, And Always Wrong

The lie of climate change is not based on science, it’s based on liberal group-think, and the only purpose for this travesty is to gain control over the lives of Americans and keep them in line with their leaders’ desires and instructions. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks that the warming/change lie is real and that leftists know what the hell they’re talking about. The entire fiasco is based on leftist consensus, not on science. If any theory is not repeatable and not confirmed as true and verifiable by peers to the one pushing the theory, then it’s not based on science. No one can predict the future, not even Democrat liberals, and there is no way of knowing what the weather will be next week or next year. There are too many variables to allow anyone to know what the temperature or the weather will be in the future, so the lie about warming/change being based on science is all crap thinking.

No one is currently being inconvenienced with separate bathrooms for males and females, but the politically correct brigade is now on the warpath, again, to eliminate anything in bathrooms that could be related to a particular, binary sex. One must assume that our beloved leftists will soon insist on having a separate public restroom for each of the fifty-eight self-identity genders.

We have been told for the last 30 or so years to avoid red meat, don’t use butter on anything and stay away from eggs and milk. But now the food chain has been turned on its head because we are currently being told that eating meat, drinking milk, enjoying eggs and using butter on a potato is Okay. Thanks a lot, big brother, for allowing we pitiful fools out here in fly-over country to eat and enjoy the food we want, and although our politically correct, educated, uber-class will not admit it, it’s obvious that we were right all along to include good-tasting, nutritious food in our diets and ignore the advice of leftist experts.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Dems’ Hate And Fear Of Trump Prove His Value To America

If the Democrats simply despised and disliked President Trump for beating their gal in 2016, one could understand their thinking, because that’s exactly what patriotic conservatives did with the Obama administration for eight years, as he sought to “Fundamentally Transform America”. Conservatives learned to live with an Obama administration because he was the duly elected president and the people who voted for him deserved his politics and his schemes to be put into practice.

But the Democrat opposition to President Trump is so deep and so dark that it borders on mental imbalance, so it’s safe to assume that President Trump’s very presence and his active policies of preserving our laws and our constitution are a direct threat to the political left, and it’s possible that his pro-American actions are blocking some of Obama’s promised “transformations”. But whatever the reason for the Democrat gut-hate for Trump, it’s certain that they are misdirected and are powered by something deeply anti-American, because they can see with their own two eyes the improvements to American citizens and the advancement of our economy under Trump policies, and still they lie and scheme to get him out of office.

It’s obvious that President Trump stands as a bulwark between a strong, free America and the political, economic and security abyss that the political left offers and has intended for our nation for a long time.

This visceral, deep and even violent reaction of Democrats to our president means that he is exactly the person for the job of making American great again, and if we lose him, the abyss awaits.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Democrats Have Become The Party Of Sedition And Destruction

If you are in search of forces opposed to American tradition and the American constitution, and if you want to locate people who want to end American prosperity and put a stop to our precious liberties, you have to look no further than our once-great press, members of the Democrat party in general, and the current Democrat candidates for president in particular.

Our nation has had to suffer through two years of staged investigation into pretend collusion that Donald Trump never committed, having to endure crimes that Hillary and Joe Biden did actually commit that no official will investigate and present to a Grand Jury, all at the hands of Obama-era officials. The Mueller investigation was a devious attempt to invalidate the 2016 election and deny the people who voted for Trump their electoral win. The Mueller investigation was, plain and simple, an attempted coup against the United States of America and a devious plan to overthrow its constitution.

We’ve seen the process to nominate a candidate to the Supreme Court be completely scandalized by the American left with charges accusing Brett Kavanaugh of various misdeeds, only to find that no corroborating testimony and no person with firsthand knowledge of the alleged incidents exists to validate the charges, and no one has paid a legal price for this dishonest behavior.

We see the House Democrats posturing like they are investigating impeachment against President Trump, while they disobey all past precedent and lie about the actual impeachment process being underway. We’ve even seen the Democrat head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, read a fabricated account of a conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine, during an official session of the Intelligence committee. In other words, Mr. Schiff was lying about an official act of President Trump, as our president conducted official government business with a foreign ally, and Mr. Schiff’s lie was a formal, intentional governmental act and document the Democrats were using as part of a formal inquiry against President Trump.

We’ve seen one “bombshell” after another, and one alleged “crime” after another, and heard of various acts of collusion, and been told of one impeachable act after another with no evidence offered for any of it and none produced to validate any of the Democrat lies. We have, however, seen acts of sedition and plots to overthrow an elected president repeatedly come from the political left.

We’ve heard one unconstitutional proposal after another come from the Democrat candidates for president, and we’ve heard police-hating speeches from these fools in their attempt to forge an anti-police and anti-ICE attitude in America. We’ve also heard constant charges of racism come from the Democrat candidates, along with idiotic comments from the likes of the squaws on the Democrat House of Representatives “squad” as they practice their seditious habits.

On top of all of the above offenses of America’s political left, they Democrat candidates propose forbidding citizens to eat the food they like, forbidding Americans to drive piston-engine, internal combustion automobiles, forbidding American citizens to fly in commercial or private aircraft, and they plan to spend trillions of dollars we don‘t have, in addition to the trillions our nation is already in debt for, on the fabricated lie of warming/change. And, of course, they promise to take all of your weapons of self-defense away from you. How can any sane citizen vote for the political left, which has already made themselves insane with their hate of Donald Trump and his conservative supporters?

Today’s Democrat party is a pack of seditious, anti-American swamp-dwellers who will do all in their power to undermine the United States and the wonderful life we have here, and that’s why they must be denied power, because they will use it for evil purposes.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

When Atheist Politicians Preach The Bible, Watch Out!

When The Godless heathens of Socialism/Communism, which is what the current Democrat presidential candidates are, begin to gratuitously and unexpectedly inform us what the Bible teaches and what God would have us do as citizens, you know you’re being scammed by professional charlatans.

People like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, who up to this time have told us only of the wonderful and numerous government give-away programs they will force on Americans if one of them becomes president, and have paid no attention to the immorality of their proposed policies of taxing the population to the hilt in order to pay for all of the Socialist programs they will impose on us, are beginning to swing their sales pitch more to the political center. They don’t remind us of the immorality of taking our healthcare away in favor of single-payer, government-provided healthcare. And in spite of their aborting thousands of babies each year, and in spite of their having assured us of their intention of taking our self-defense weapons from us once they gain power, these scoundrels are in the process of getting votes from a broader, more centrist voting population base by telling us what God would have us do and how He would have us vote. Of course, in their opinion, God would have each of us vote Democrat in the next election in order to get more stuff.

But one must be aware that warming/change environmentalism, which is all the buzz among anti-capitalist Democrats at the moment and is the reason we must all lose our personal automobiles, stop using commercial airlines to take vacations and completely change our diets, is based on faith, not fact or science. So the “faith” that Democrat presidential candidates practice and proselytize for has nothing to do with Christianity or Judaism as Americans have come to know them, but are instead based on radical, big-government ideas of how society should be run and who should have the absolute power resulting from the government controlling citizens‘ lives, not on any preachings of the Bible.

The 1960s radical, John Lennon, once declared God to be dead. So how is it that his radical, political heirs, the current Democrat candidates for president, have now reversed course and, instead of insulting people have religious beliefs by calling them dumb and unsophisticated, are instead speaking respectfully of God and His plans for humanity. This pretense of religion and adherence to the Bible coming from the American political left is all a scam. But if the subject is the environment and an evermore controlling government, then we are talking about some true, faithful believers residing in the Democrat party.

The fact that people who disparage everything that is American and everything that has made America great and prosperous, and who hate the American constitution to boot, would try to convince us that we need more big government and more government control over our lives in order to please our God, is obscene and must be rejected by Americans.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Democrats Want An “Assure That Only Criminals Have Guns” Law

The least smart of the current Democrat candidates for president, the mal-named Beto O’Rourke, has put his foot in his mouth by publicly stating that if elected, he will confiscate the guns of all patriotic, peaceful citizens of the United States. All of the Democrat candidates are in agreement with old Beto, they are just too aware that speaking the truth about your intentions for public policy, once elected, is a bad policy for a Democrat presidential candidate. But the cat’s out of the bag and voting Americans have to consider what’s being proposed by our Democrat politicians.

Do Democrats have a plan to rid Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis and other liberal-run cities of the guns possessed by criminals breaking laws and murdering each other in those cities? No.

Do Democrats worry about the leftist, Obama-era policies that allowed the Parkland killer, a known threat to students in his school, to keep a gun long after he proved himself a threat? No.

Do Democrats recognize that the millions of gun owned by decent, law-abiding people, are not a threat to anyone? No.

Have Democrats proposed a criminal-gun-buy-back program? No.

Do Democrats have common sense? Any thinking person would think not.

Do Democrats respect the constitution of the United States? No.

Can Democrats be trusted to protect American citizens, or at least allow American citizens to protect themselves? No.

Why can Democrats not see that if law-abiding citizens, whose guns reside peacefully and quietly in their closets at home, are deprived of their guns, that only criminals will have guns? This is such an obvious fact and truth that only someone willfully trying to deny the truth would espouse such an idea as taking citizens’ guns.

Why would Democrats want to punish law-abiding citizens by making them defenseless and vulnerable to the armed criminal element? Because they’re Democrats; enough said.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Democrats Govern By Hate And Pique

Even under the far left Obama administration many illegal aliens were sent back home after illegally crossing our southern border. But with the insane hate of our nation’s radical, hate-filled, far-left Democrats, President Trump is blocked from keeping illegals out of our country or sending them back once they’ve invaded our borders.

Under Obama, illegals were detained in fenced-in areas. But now that Trump is president this humane process is called holding people in Nazi-like concentration camps and is forbidden.

Under Obama, children were separated from their adult handlers until the status of the adults was verified as being non-threatening to the children. But under Donald Trump this care taken to protect children is called inhumane and is considered a criminal separation of families.

California governor, Gavin Newsom, needs federal money to help with his state’s horrible homeless problem, but forbids President Trump from taking any federal involvement to eradicate the dangerous drug and disease situations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. And just to spite the presidency of Donald Trump and his insistence on building new walls to protect our borders, liberals across the nation established sanctuary cities that would harbor and protect illegal aliens, including those with criminal records, from federal arrest or confinement.

Montgomery county, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC, encourages illegal aliens to settle there, and many of these people have lately begun to commit rapes for exceeding their statistical representation in the county.

President Trump issues an executive order to block entry into the United States of citizens from various Muslim nations that have sworn to destroy our nation and kill our citizens, so, of course, Democrats scream “racism” and liberal judges deny this order and allow these people into America, at our great risk.

President Trump insists on ICE being able to arrest illegal aliens accused of rape or murder and Democrats pass laws forbidding local police forces to aid ICE in any way in their attempts to keep bad guys off the streets, thereby putting innocent people at risk from these criminals, especially other illegal aliens who may reside in the areas where these criminals prowl and hunt.

President Trump is pro-life, so Democrat legislatures in New York and Virginia voted to terminate the lives of babies AFTER they are born and are independent of their mothers.

Democrats are unbalanced and are making decisions on governance with the sole objective of opposing anything President Trump proposes, not what’s best for American citizens and the nation.

It seems an appropriate question to ask: Are they still called the Democrat Party, or have they become The Donner Party? One is justified in asking such a question because today’s hateful, anti-American Democrat party seems intent on self-destruction and making itself unattractive to governing in the future, because of its politics of pure hate and opposition to common sense governing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An Updated “Never Forget “ List

In addition to America’s long-standing “Never Forget” slogan resulting from the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, I offer the following “Never Forget” list:

Never Forget the American left’s opening of our southern border in order to let an invasion force of illegal aliens into our nation, and never forgive the Democrats for objecting to each and every one of President Trump’s attempts to solve and end this on-going attack on America. The United States already allows legal immigrants into our nation on an unprecedented scale, so there is no truth to the leftist lie that America hates foreigners.

Never Forget the unreasonable and insane hate coming from the Democrat party against anything traditional and constitutional in America. Only outright radicalism is acceptable to them.

Never Forget Beto O’Rourke’s promise to take weapons away from peaceful American citizens, while offering no plan to get guns out of the hands of gangs and criminals.

Never Forget the mocking of the World Trade Center attack by Representative Ilhan Omar when she said of the World Trade Center tragedy: “some people did something“.

Never Forget the evil mistreatment and mal-treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by the radical, hateful, leftist Democrats.

Never Forget the abuse of, and the tragic constitutional denial experienced by Trump voters, along with the disruption of the presidency of President Trump, by the insidious political crimes of the FBI, the CIA and the State Department under the leadership of Barack Obama, all of which insults to decent Americans and to American tradition were followed by the lengthy, corrupt, Mueller investigation.

Never Forget that the Democrats, the party of the KKK and slavery, are in current times the party of killing babies in the third and fourth trimesters.

Never Forget that the Democrats are so radical that they have sworn that if President Trump nominates another conservative to the Supreme Court, that they will “pack” the court the next time a Democrat is elected president.

Never Forget the lying CNN, NYT, MSNBC and WAPO, who have misled the American citizens daily about everything since Donald Trump was elected to the White House.

We must also never forget that today’s Democrat party is the most vicious, heartless, immoral, anti-American and hate-filled gang of thugs this side of Pol Pot, and they must go down to defeat to Donald Trump in 2020, or else…

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Why Are There Any Democrats Still Living In America?

For a very long time we have heard liberals in the entertainment industry threaten to leave America if a Republican was elected president; and then following the election, decent Americans have been forced to feel the disappointment of those liberals still being here after the Republican was elected. They won’t go away!

So, considering the current bunch of leftist misfits running for president on the Democrat ticket, and taking into account their obvious hate for their fellow American citizens, plus their dislike and disrespect for our constitution and our traditions, why don’t these complaining, belly-aching, Commie-loving people move to Cuba, Albania or Venezuela where their radical ideas are already in place and fully implemented and are currently causing the poverty, sickness and misery for their unfortunate citizens that Socialism/Communism always causes?

Or for a more gradual, closer-at-hand move that would not be quite so shocking to their sensitivities, perhaps they could relocate to Canada, where they can experience the full brunt of government-provided healthcare and see what that’s like. When they get sick and the hospitals north of the border are closed until the government next authorizes enough money to reopen them, perhaps some of their Canadian neighbors can direct them to the nearest American hospital where they can visit quickly and get the life-saving attention they need.

But, no, the America-hating Democrats won’t leave, so we patriotic Americans have to sit and watch the radical Democrats candidates swear to nullify our constitution, take away our private healthcare, confiscate our weapons and undermine the duly elected administration of Donald Trump, instead of relocating to some s**thole country that actually practices the Socialism today’s Democrats want to impose on America.

Maybe we could deport one Democrat presidential candidate for each illegal alien that crosses our southern border; at least most illegal aliens hurt our nation accidentally by being financial burdens and taking jobs that Americans would like to have, whereas radical Democrats severely injure the nation intentionally with their offensive verbal attacks on our country, their shredding of our constitution and their corrupt policies and actions.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Corrupt Democrats Are Now Seeking To Take Over The Supreme Court

Never missing a chance to revile President Trump and to subvert the will of the American people, now Rhode Island Democrat, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse steps forward to demand of the Supreme Court that they be attentive to politics in making their judicial decisions, or else! The good Senator seems to have forgotten that the Supreme Court is not a political entity and should look to the constitution for guidance when considering cases before them, not to politics.

When President Obama nominated two liberal Democrat women to the Supreme Court, liberals paid little attention, because they were getting their political way. When President Obama nominated his third Supreme Court justice in the person of Merrick Garland, liberals saw nothing wrong with the president nominating multiple candidates for the position that they all agreed with politically. And, oh, did Democrats squeal when President Trump and Mitch McConnell announced that Mr. Garland would not be considered for the Supreme Court because the end of Obama’s second term was near.

But now that President Trump is, seemingly, on the verge of nominating a third candidate for the job, leftists are up in arms about his nerve in abiding by the constitution and doing what the people who voted for him want him to do. Promises made, promises kept.

Democrats can defame and destroy the reputations of decent Supreme Court nominees like Robert Bork and Brett Kavanaugh, and they consider this a fun game. But just let a Republican president not allow the advancement of a Democrat nominee, and let this same Republican president appoint two and possibly three conservatives to the bench, and the Democrats start making threatening and intimidating remarks.

The game of nominating a Supreme Court justice is played like this: A Republican president nominates a person who will act conservatively (hopefully) and obey the constitution if confirmed, and a Democrat president appoints a liberal, leftist candidate who decides cases politically (always) and who will try to socially re-arrange America along Marxist standards.

It’s just the luck of the draw that any given president will have enough court vacancies occur on his watch to enable him to nominate a candidate that will swing the Court to a majority he agrees with politically.  So now Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is threatening the Supreme Court because, with the justices President Trump has appointed, Senator Whitehouse fears the Supreme Court, in alignment with the constitution, could decide a case on the subject of a citizen’s right to possess a self-defense weapon, in favor of an American citizen being able to defend himself, and Senator Whitehouse is calling the Supreme Court, which has leaned sharply left these last thirty years or so, as being “just another arm of the GOP”, and he threatens court-packing if the Court gets another conservative nomination from President Trump.

Liberals don’t even pretend to be non-political when it comes to the Judiciary, because leftist judges can subvert a duly elected president with made-up decisions from the bench that disallow executive decisions they don’t like. And now the likes of Sen. Whitehouse levels threats against the Court in order to get their political way. One must take Democrat threats seriously because we’ve learned that they will use violence and unconstitutional actions to get their way and to subvert the policies of a duly elected conservative president.

In the not too distant past we saw Hillary Clinton order union thugs to beat and harass Trump supporters in 2016; we’ve seen a Democrat president use the FBI and the FISA court to spy on the candidacy and then harassed the functioning administration of the newly elected Republican president, followed by a two-year investigation of his every move and meeting; and we’ve seen the fascist group, ANTIFA beating and burning to intimidate all Americans to let that terrorist group have their way; and of course when a Democrat loses an election, the loser starts belly-aching and demanding a new election and recounts into the distant future. Plus the left is trying to assure success in future elections with the assistance of Google searches, which provides search results that are slanted sharply to the political left.

Democrats will not accept a political loss, so they threaten and intimidate their way to power. Senator Whitehouse is only concerned with his party’s political influence and a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. He cares not a whit about an impartial Supreme Court that follows the guidance of the constitution, but prefers the recent talking points of America-hating people like George Soros and Bill Ayers, who are personally invested in destroying America.

Monday, September 9, 2019

How Do We Hold Democrats Responsible For Their Lies When They Keep Moving The Goal Post?

Democrats are liars one hundred percent of the time, but when one tries to hold them responsible for their lies they have already gone elsewhere, practicing new lies, and are impossible to trap in order to challenge them with their numerous obfuscations.

Some of the major lies told by leftists are listed below, and I’ve never seen a Democrat forced to answer to these obvious lies and misrepresentations.

In 1968 Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb which predicted a major period of starvation and conflict, the world over, before 1980, as overpopulation caused mass deaths and competition for too little food. I’ve not heard any more about this issue, and leftists have made no attempt to prove their claim of disaster, these nearly 40 years later.

Just today (September 6, 2019) I heard New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio state that he has a 12-year plan to protect and create jobs. But how can he believe that New York City will even still exist in 12 years when the Democrat smart set has declared that in only 11 years the earth will be burned to a crisp and all citizens of earth will be dead? Obviously the fool man does not believe the line of crap his party is dishing out.

A week or so ago Barack Obama bought a multi-million dollar ocean-front mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. So how can an otherwise smart man make such a stupid purchase and spend so much money, when he and his pals believe the earth is about to burn up, or at least be inundated by the ocean?  Or maybe he believes his own line of bull when he claimed that his presidency was going to stop the rise of the ocean. If the latter possibility was the case, why would Obama not claim credit for halting the ocean rising and ending global warming, thereby saving the lives of all people on earth, for which he would be a renewed hero to his faithful followers and perhaps get another Nobel peace prize.

In 1980 Ted Danson told us repeatedly, in Public Service Announcements, that the earth’s oceans would be dead in 10 years, but nearly 30 additional years have passed and the oceans are still alive and still feeding the world. How does Mr. Danson account for this error on his part?

In November of 2018 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said that in 12 years from her announcement the world would end. But nearly a full year has passed since her stupid assertion, or 1/12th of the period of time to our demise, and the weather and the temperature still closely resemble the weather of last year, and 2 years ago, and 10 years ago, at this time of year. Why isn’t it 1/12th warmer than last year, since we are that much closer to her 12-year forecast? And why doesn’t this fool women, who considers herself to be quite the Rock Star, have to present evidence that her lying claims are true?

The twenty or so Democrat presidential candidates are all wringing their hands and speaking of the “existential threat” that warming/change presents to the earth, and they are competing with each other by listing the things that American citizens will have taken from them if the particular candidate is elected in 2020. But even though American citizens will have to live simpler, more brutish, lives under a Democrat administration, the candidates will not do so now or then, as they continue to make their carbon foot-print larger by flying in private jets and being transported in large SUVs every day as they campaign.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Who The Hell Do These Democrat Presidential Candidates Think They Are, Anyway?

In traditional times, before the Democrat party completely lost its mind, presidential candidates would promise to make you wealthier, make you safer and make you freer if you would vote for them. But in the post-Obama era what you want and need is of no concern to the new Democrat masters. In the past the promises of politicians added value and pleasure to your life, whereas today’s Democrats are proudly boasting about the things you will lose if they are elected. The current crowd of leftist Democrats are all donning the cap of totalitarianism with their unrelenting push for their Green New Deal, under the lying banner of warming/change.

Using the left’s unfounded and unscientific assertions about the environment and the weather, they are telling us that upon their election they would do the following things immediately, with neither congressional nor popular approval:

Your fire arms will be forcibly taken from you (then only criminals will have guns).
Eating meat of any kind will be prohibited.
Air travel will be prohibited.
All college debt will be erased.
Your taxes will go up substantially.
Healthcare will be provided by the government only.
The internal combustion engine will be prohibited.
The southern border will be opened to all poor and sick people to enter our nation freely.

Unstated by the above policy assertions of Democrats, is that if any one of them becomes president your life will become more impoverished and uncomfortable.

And if a Democrat becomes president in 2020 and this Socialist feeding frenzy begins, not only will things you like be prohibited, but many things you don’t like will become mandatory. And the constitution and its protections for all citizens will become a thing of the past.

Who in their right mind would vote for the new dictatorship from the left and the destruction of personal liberty that such an election of these Democrat clowns would introduce? Democrats have gone totally insane with their anti-Trump, pro-immigration, pro-Socialism, climate change crap.

And one of the most irritating things that leftists say when conservatives oppose their economy-destroying Green New Deal ideas, is that “all conservatives can do is say no to leftist schemes to save the planet, and that conservatives offer no solutions of their own to the threats of warming”. Of course Democrats miss the point completely, because conservatives don’t buy into the environmental, warming/change lies, so there’s nothing to seek solutions to. If the earth is going through a warming phase, or a new ice age, we can do nothing about it anyway.

Everything Democrats do, and most of what they say, is scandalous and unconstitutional, and any wise person would ignore these fools and let them babble deliriously among themselves.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

What Will Future Generations of Americans Think Of The Current Obama Era?

Twenty-First century American Democrats are highly destructive people. It’s common for today’s current radical Democrats to want to tear down statues they don’t like or to destroy art that offends them. They are also fond of ridiculing Americans of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries by calling them all racists because of the unfortunate introduction of slavery into colonial North America, a method of getting work done mainly by non-industrial Southern Democrats. But what will future Americans think of our current Democrat-run society with its love of abortions on demand and its insistence that a person is whatever gender they want to be today, along with the leftist insistence that preferred personal pronouns must agree with the gender a person has selected to be on any given day?

How will anyone of the future, those who were raised free of the abusive and toxic personality of Barack Obama, view today’s Democrat leftist position of allowing men to use women’s restrooms, and how will they consider our current, confused policy of allowing into our country immigrants from Central America, Mexico the Middle East and Africa,  people who are poor, sick, and uneducated who are reintroducing diseases our nation has eradicated, and raping and murdering Americans in numbers far beyond their representation in our nation?

Who in the future will be able to forgive Democrats for persecuting our nation’s own police officers by calling them racists and murderers? And who in the future will forgive the current radical, hate-America sub-culture of calling all white people racists, but failing to mention that black people are killing each other at an astounding rate while the corrupt American liberal press just ignores this politically incorrect statistic?

Who in their right mind can look at our current society and the persistence from the radical left of persecuting a sitting, duly elected president, who, in spite of the left’s roadblocks, has fixed many things that have gone wrong in our government for the last fifty years or more, and especially everything the Obama administration messed up. And how can future citizens think that the early Twenty-First century America had any sane people living in it, given all of the evidence of societal insanity on the political left?

Who in the future will be able to forgive a nation for damaging its own economy by blocking economic expansion with an insistence on a destructive Green New Deal and by giving the lie of global warming more than just a passing mention before moving on the actually important issues facing our nation, which the political left ignores?

If the current campaign promises of Democrat candidates, vying for the presidency, actually are elected to the White House and implement their trillions of dollars of idiotic, big government give-away programs, how will future generations, living in much-reduced economic circumstances of greatly increased poverty and a more threatening and uncomfortable world which will result from the wasteful policies that Democrats propose, be able to come to any conclusion about 2019 Democrats other than that they are  totalitarian Communists scheming to destroy America? Barack Obama promised to Fundamentally Transform America, and today’s Democrats are on course to do exactly that.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Actual American “Offended/Victim” Class Is On The Offense

The only real “victims” in America are not the gays, nor the blacks, nor Hispanics, nor uneducated, welfare-dependent people who assemble under the umbrella of the Democrat party and pretend to be “offended” by other peoples’ wealth and success in life. Nor are the social “victims”, those who are offended by the words of President Trump or the success and power of the United States as compared with the poverty of Communist Cuba, victims in any real sense of the word. Equally suspicious in their claim of victimization are those hard leftists who protest the use of a gender pronoun to identify a man or a woman, or a tweet that Donald Trump may have sent out recently.

The real American offended/victim class, those who have been certifiably injured and offended the last several years, is made up of decent, patriotic, non-Democrat Americans who were bad-mouthed by Hillary Clinton as being “deplorables” in the 2016 election campaign, or were hurt or offended by Barack Obama’s world apology tour taken shortly after he was elected the first time, in which he begged forgiveness of the world for the evil and poverty that America forced on all the nations of the globe with our power and wealth.

The real societal victims in America are conservatives and Trump supporters who are the subjects of leftist defamation and who are justifiably offended for their mistreatment by DNC commentators and the liberal press. The list of Americans who can justifiably consider themselves to be “victims” of the American left would include police officers, military personnel and veterans, taxpayers, parents and entrepreneurs who work long hours and risk their money to make a business successful. These people are tired of their constitution being undermined and weakened as Democrat leftists attempt to subvert this marvelous document. They’re tired of having their police force called murderers when they rarely and tragically have to pull a trigger as they do their dangerous jobs.

American patriots are “victims” of people of the political left who live off the hard work of others and who, themselves, pretend to be mistreated, just for the political benefit of it.

We conservatives, the real victims of the left‘s actions and rhetoric, are tired and offended by radical Democrats establishing sanctuary cities in which illegal aliens are allowed to reside beyond the arm of immigration officials, and in which criminals are protected from the law and continue to commit a statistically unrepresentative number of serious crimes. And we’re tired of people from third-world nations thinking that they can waltz into the United States and be set up by the government for a lifetime of benefits and pleasure without having to work for their keep, in exchange for a promise to vote Democrat so as to keep this radical left party in control of our nation, forever.

Patriotic, compassionate, peaceful Americans were the “victims” of Barack Obama’s eight years of undermining our constitution while he engaged in the name-calling of Christians, was a pusher of the farces of self-identity and global warming, and was a promoter of hate for America’s police officers. And we’re sick, or should I say we’re “offended“, by the radical decisions coming from the left, asserting that there are fifty-eight different gender options that one may select depending on how they feel this morning, and that detaining or sending immigrants back to their home nations after crossing our border illegally in massive volumes, is mistreating them. We’re equally offended that our president was persecuted daily by the two-year long Mueller investigation, and we, as victims of the dominant leftist Democrat party, insist that any members of the FISA court, or the FBI or the State Department or the CIA, who were party to this trumped-up investigation, go to jail and serve hard time for their crimes against the citizens and voters of America.

Conservatives and Trump supporters are patriotic Americans who resent the radical political left for politicizing everything that occurs in this nation, and we resent the terms ‘racist” and “white nationalists” being thrown around so easily for the slightest provocation.

We are determined to take back America, and with the leadership of Donald Trump and the example he is setting by pushing back on all of these anti-American notions, we’ll succeed and assure a bright, sensible, prosperous future for our children.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Only People Who Want Government To Run Citizens’ Lives, Are The People Who Want To Run The Government

Throughout the history of the United States, politicians have often spoken in favor of limited government because most sensible people fear that a powerful central government could easily harm them and their interests. In addition, thinking people understand that the system of limited government that our constitution assures, provides the best lives for the majority of the people.

But with the brazen, radical-left policy proposals of the current Democrat presidential candidates, announcing one big-government project after another and proposing reversing the sensible, long-practiced administration of government that the constitution enumerates, and in an attempt to gain favor and win votes from citizens who have the misdirected idea that a Socialist government is a good government and are therefore savagely looking for handouts from the next Socialist rulers, we see darkness on the horizon if any of these fools is elected. These would-be Socialists hope to run the government and gain control over their opponents and the unwashed masses in fly-over country. This takeover of government would relieve the new ruler from having to account for any excessive use of power they may commit, and would allow them to get away with any extra-constitutional dealings and corruption, just as Obama and Hillary thought they were above the law by spying on the Trump campaign, and they thought that there would never be any accounting for their crimes, once Hillary won the White House.

Since the Democrat candidates each hope to be the maximum ruler in 2021, they have no problem with a big, all-intrusive government which would not demand accounting from the winner. Equally reassuring to our Socialist-Democrat presidential candidates is their lie of global warming, which is accompanied with a latent promise that these good Socialist folks will save the world from climate disaster and then they would expect eternal gratitude from the citizens whose lives they allegedly saved, in the form of a permanent ruling position and an increase in everyone’s taxes, in order to keep the ruler comfortable and peaceably disposed toward the dependent citizens.

The gang of 20-or-so Democrat candidates will promise everything to all citizens, in violation of the constitution, just to get elected and be able to run roughshod over the citizens of America and deny the nation of the protections from a too-large government built into the constitution and its enumerated duties of government.

America must re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Democrats Will Accept Nothing Short Of A Total Invasion And Inundation Of Our Nation

Barack Obama built and used the “cages”, in which illegal aliens are detained until final status of their condition is determined, but only Donald Trump has been criticized for using them.

All suspected criminals, whether in the general population or at a border crossing, are separated from their children while being processed for final disposition, but only Donald Trump is accused of child abuse for this widely accepted procedure.

Democrats have dumped abuse on President Trump for there not being enough facilities to humanely house illegal alien immigrants at our southern border, but Democrats also refuse to approve additional funds to build more and better facilities. So Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, typical treatment from modern-day Democrats.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused President Trump of forcing immigrants held at the border to drink from toilets, Then we found out that this terribly stupid woman did not verify what she was charging Trump with and that the facilities at the border are a combination of sink and toilet in one unit, with the sink providing water from above and the toilet being part of the lower unit, a system frequently found where space and money are limited and the cost must be kept at a minimum. It must also be said that this type of water closet is assuredly nicer and more sanitary than the toilet facilities the illegals had at home.

For twenty years the United States government recognized and employed the Florez agreement of limiting the holding time for immigrant children to 20 days, and the Democrats were good with that, until the Trump administration came along, and then the accepted process became a Nazi concentration camp which separated children from their families, in the words of American Democrats. So in order to assure that families stayed together and that illegal families were not released into the interior of the United States until their cases were decided by immigration judges, the Trump administration began the process of keeping families together and holding them in government facilities until their cases were finalized. But as one could anticipate, Democrats were outraged by this procedure because the families could be held for up to sixty days. This is another situation that Trump can’t win either way.

It’s become obvious to any impartial observer that Democrats want two things: to abuse Donald Trump and to assign the worst names to the Trump administration, and allow all illegal aliens to freely enter our nation in order to bolster the Democrat voter roles so Dems can rule the nation in perpetuity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Old Gray Lady Is Donning A Hoody Of Radical, Leftist Red

The New York Times, also occasionally known as the Old Gray Lady, and formerly known as a newspaper where subscribers could get an update on the latest news and happenings at the city, state and national level, has now embarked on a journey of political plotting against our sitting president and our national constitution. This effort to get Trump is just a continuation, in a different form, of the Mueller investigation into the lie of Russian collusion that lasted two years and produced only a “never mind” from the Democrats and their corrupt pals in the press. These corrupt, America-hating, Trump-despising leftists will never stop persecuting and abusing their political opponents.

There is a notion that money corrupts anything we do in life, but America is witnessing the absolute corruption of everything decent and typically American with a radical left political stunt instigated by the New York Times, called The 1619 Project, that will seep into all aspects of our most cherished national institutions, all of which are being turned a bright, colorful red by the leftist Times: they are going to run infomercials claiming that America was formed as a racist nation and remains so to this day, and they will claim that Donald Trump is the devious leader of the current, racist entity called the United States. This is all being done to assure the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, and it is all contrary to logic and clear thinking, and everything a constitutionally protected newspaper should  be doing.

There was a time when political corruption such as that which occurred in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or any third world dictatorship, was exposed and condemned by our national news agencies. But now the corruption is home-raised and takes the form of the New York Times, which has moved from the political left to the radical, anti-American far left, and has vacated its former dignified position as the paper of record, to being just another hate-Trump rag pushing its Socialist ideas on an innocent public. The Trump derangement syndrome has taken the Old Gray Lady and defiled her.

It’s come to the attention of all who will pay attention to such things, that the NYT, instead of reporting the news that exposes political corruption (the Steele dossier comes to mind here as a false, lying document that the Times will not publicize) has now moved to a strict anti-Trump policy of immersing itself in far left political filth by designing a series of future publications attempting to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The Times no longer pretends to be reporting the news, they now intend to be creating the news with their publications. One wonders why we spent billions of dollars and expended so many young lives fighting Nazi Socialists in World War II only to see entities within our own nation take up the reins of political corruption, violence and fear offered by leftist, Democrats and the New York Times.

But at least the radical traditions of the New York Times seem to be holding firm. In the 1920s and 1930s a reporter, Walter Duranty, working for the Times and located in Moscow, published articles swooning over the superior freedom and liberty of the fortunate Soviet citizens, and how much nicer Stalin’s Potemkin Villages were than anything constructed in the United States. And this reporting was done at the same time that Stalin conducted a reign of terror over Soviet citizens with his 3 am police roundups, Lubyanka prison tortures and his mass starvation in Ukraine. So now the Old Lady is just getting back into the familiar territory created by Mr. Duranty, by preaching hate against a duly elected president and lying about American traditions.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The New York Times Undermines, No, Make That “Is Destroying“, Our Constitution

It wasn’t enough that Democrats illegally spied on the Trump campaign and later on his administration, then accused him of collusion with Russia, then put the nation through two years of a ginned-up investigation based on the lie of collusion, then called Trump a racist and a white nationalist (whatever that term means) for every word he spoke. Now we learn that the New York Times has already planned the articles they will run the next two years in their paper and on-line, in an attempt to campaign against Trump for the 2020 election.

High on the NYT list of future articles on the Trump administration is propaganda similar to what we’ve seen these last two weeks: promises of certain economic disaster and a recession, soon, and all blamed on our president. If the left can convince Americans that the economy is about to fail they will use this circumstance to attempt to defeat President Trump in 2020, so they are hopeful for a national economic collapse leading ideally to a depression, which events Democrats always tell us will hurt minorities and women worst, but they don‘t care who’s hurt as long as President Trump is damaged by it as well.

Democrats, and their wholly-owned subsidiary, the NYT, are anxious to call all Republicans and all conservatives, and especially Donald Trump, racists and haters of foreigners (in other words, conservatives are still considered to be deplorables). Do they not recall  how unsuccessful Hillary was by calling patriotic Americans nasty names? For being such practiced and accomplished politicians, Democrats certainly have short memories about what works and what doesn’t work when throwing insults and charges at their political opponents.

One might ask the question of the NYT: instead of planning the politically motivated news to be reported later in the form of politically slanted stories, what happened to reporting the actual news impartially, so Americans can understand current events and make up their minds about who will be the next president? But one would also have to realize that the NYT doesn’t give a damn about what the voting citizens want, they are too used to telling the less sophisticated among us what to like and what to dislike, to bother with reporting the news. They are actively in the business of politicizing everything in order to experience a win for their leftist cause. Honest reporting of the news and current events would not cause Americans to hate President Trump, so the leftist press will have to demonize him. Revising history, name-calling of American citizens and defaming our constitution is what the NYT is doing, not reporting the news to their readers. One fears this hate-Trump ideology borders on insanity, and that makes them unbalanced and dangerous.

With over twenty Democrat presidential hopefuls currently campaigning, all demanding Socialist/Communist policies and a free-for-all handout of government services and finances, we now have a news agency, able to print what it wants under protection of our constitution, firming up plans to lie to American citizens about their nation and their president. These leftist, anti-American fools have no idea of the harm and self-destruction they are doing to themselves and their industry. Their hate is consuming them.

If anyone is searching for evidence of, or is in doubt that Donald Trump is, the patriot who will save America from the freedom-hating left who are forever aligned to destroy America, this project of the New York Times to lie about America’s history and to undermine our liberties and our prosperity, is all you need to be able to identify the forces that will, if they are allowed to succeed, impoverish and imprison Americans, just because the NYT doesn’t like them.

Donald Trump must win again in 2020, or else…

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Leftists Don’t Want “That Conversation” Or Any Conversation

Whether the subject is immigration, climate change, race relations, healthcare, ANTIFA, gun control or respecting the police, the left always says that they welcome “that conversation”, when in truth the left wants to discuss nothing and is only interested in their own unlimited power and control over American citizens’ lives, which they seek to obtain via their acts of intimidation, domestic terrorism and lawlessness.

Following mass shooting events, leftists always jump to conclusions about the cause of the attack and preventing future such events, and they claim that confiscating guns is the only possible solution to halting these crimes, and then they blame President Trump and Republicans for the commission of these horrible occurrences. The one thing Democrats don’t want on any subject concerning policy in America today is a “conversation“, because they lose all exchanges where their unworkable and idiotic ideas are discussed, for the simple reason that they have no ideas that would convince anyone that their policies will work. They just want to be obeyed with their preposterous and unworkable prescriptions for solving any societal problem.

Democrats don’t want to discuss anything, because, they want only power and control over the lives of Americans, just like Mao, Stalin and Hitler controlled their countries, and we know how those leftist, Socialist regimes were finally resolved and the misery and deaths that their leftist ideas caused. President Trump was voted into the White House because Democrats are destroying America with their idiotic, unworkable  and radical ideas. The leftist press lies about current events and supports the lies pushed by Democrats, who have only destructive and worthless ideas.

However, Donald Trump, at his own volition, is indeed providing Democrats with “that conversation” by meeting with members of the press nearly daily and answering all of their questions and responding to their accusations with honesty and openness, thereby surprising them with responses that liberals cannot counter in any sensible way. It’s not that the American press politicizes the news, which they do, it’s that they refuse to even report the news that is favorable to President Trump or that puts Democrats politics and actions in a bad light.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What Has Become Of The “Squad”?

It’s been blissfully quiet for the last several days with no one screaming at President Trump nor calling America a racist, white nationalist nation, and I wonder where the “squad” went to make things so peaceful.

The “squad” (or maybe it’s the “squats” or perhaps the “squaws”, I can never remember for certain) is a radical group of Democrat Congresswomen made up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, who make enough noise to be called a platoon instead of a mere squad, and have become famous for taking Republicans and the nation to task for being so nasty to foreigners, and even though each woman is a minority of some sort and living the life of royalty as leaders at the pinnacle of government and celebrity in Washington, they claim that America is treating them, and all other minorities, like chattel.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi sent them to the corner for a “time-out” for a week or so in an attempt to tame their nasty mouths and to teach them a little discipline and respect in their dealings with we peons out here in fly-over country whom they abuse, name-call and rule over.

At any rate, the quiet is very pleasant and I appreciate it while it lasts, because I know the radical, insane Democrats will continue to level their wild charges against President Trump into a crescendo as we approach the 2020 election, during which period of time there will be no peace to be found at all in this divided nation.

When Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” the “squad” was just the radical, hate-America group he had in mind, and if the crazies, like the “squad” in particular, and Democrats in general, are not soundly defeated in the 2020 election, our nation is doomed to sink into the swamp that Washington has proven itself to be.

Russian Election Tampering: Who Were The Beneficiaries And Who Stopped The Tampering?

Democrats continue to squeal about Donald Trump being elected to the presidency in 2016 and claim that Russia’s involvement in the election was the cause of Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton.

One large problem with this theory, that the Democrats never bring up, is that Barack Obama was the president in 2016 and that his FBI and his State Department were spying, illegally, on the Trump campaign staff, and after two years of investigation by Robert Mueller there was never any evidence presented or discovered that Trump had any involvement with Russia in any collusive way to assure his election win.

And on top of that fact, which is contrary to the Democrat claim that President Trump is working with Vladimir Putin to assure Republican wins in all elections, the Democrats won a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, so one wonders if we can now assume that the Democrats are scheming with Russia to win elections.

One could almost make a logical assertion that with the Democrat win in 2018, it appears that President Trump has halted any tampering that Russia may have been doing in our elections, and that Democrats were the beneficiaries of Trump’s having fixed the imagined Russian election tampering that Democrats have been getting their knickers all in a twist about these last two years, which is something Barack Obama was incapable of doing during his term of presidency.

Democrats should just say “Thanks, President Trump“!

Monday, August 12, 2019

I’m A Trump Voter: Patriotic, Quiet, Peaceful And Seething

The filthy left in America is intentionally taking criminal, apolitical actions (shootings and beatings are the most recent mode of leftist political operation) and turning these traditionally non-political actions into the new politics of the Democrat party. They are turning these things into political actions for the sake of being able to blame President Trump for causing them, just because he occupies the White House.

The Democrat party of the racist KKK and the violent ANTIFA, is risking actual civil war in America because they think their anti-Trump verbiage will serve them and their radical goals well in 2020. They care not a whit for the pain and suffering their radical actions will cause peaceful Americans, and of course they have no regard for American laws nor our constitution, either. The left is only interested in gaining raw political power to enable them to cause more pain than patriotic Americans are willing to withstand.

The left has stated in the past that they believe that no matter what disaster befalls our population, that it’s always “women and minorities hardest hit”. Well, this idiotic belief is probably true when it comes to civil strife, but they have no regard for the suffering of what they consider the lesser people of our society because they are fascist enough to only care about gaining the power to rule, and have no regard at all for those who may suffer from their radical actions. The “seething” mentioned in the title of this piece comes from the blatant, lying Socialist/Communist politicization of everything that happens daily in America, and in the opinion of Democrats it’s always Trump and his supporters who are to blame. Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 because the dishonesty and violence of the political left is so obvious that all decent Americans will see it and be repulsed by it.

The American radical left continues to behave like the violent Nazi/Communists they are, practicing social violence, physical violence and political violence as they move methodically to destroy our laws, our constitution and our pleasant, prosperous way of life, all with the goal of undermining the current sitting President of the United States.

To Socialist/leftists it’s all about what outright violence can buy, and how they can win battles with the threat of violence hanging over the heads of their opponents.  There was a time when a conservative Republican possessed some  societal and political rights and was allowed by the press to present their side of any argument and allow American citizens to decide the path they considered wisest for the nation to follow into the future. But those glorious days of a free and balanced press are long gone.

The American leftist press are all on the side of the radical Democrats, so only the leftist side of any argument is allowed to be heard by the American public. At the same time, the true principles of conservatism and capitalism are presented in a negative light, and, of course, President Trump is always presented as a diabolical creature whose only goal is to subjugate minorities and spread hate for all foreigners, which is a provable lie if Trump’s business life and his current presidency are viewed honestly and truthfully.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Again, Dems With Hateful, Counter-Trump, Radical Leftist Positions

In the past two years we have been informed by articles, speeches and documentation from liberal newspapers and magazines, all of which have detailed the disaster that the city of Baltimore has become under long-term Democrat rule. But when President Trump joins the criticism of poverty and crime existing in this Democrat-controlled city, all of a sudden the Democrats join forces against the president and condemn any comments he issues on their party rule of a formerly great city, and they begin calling Trump a racist, even though many liberals, including a former mayor of Baltimore and the House of Representatives member who represents part of the city, have all made similar comments in the past. It’s obvious that liberal Democrats have been unable or unwilling to make necessary changes to correct the ruin of Baltimore due to the traditional liberal inability to end the corruption their money buys, or they fear trying to halt the criminal element who will be put out of business if meaningful changes are made.

Democrats destroy everything they touch, with Baltimore being only the most recently exposed and discussed failure. If big cities run by Democrats are to be saved from further destruction, Democrats must be defeated and kept from influential positions in those cities. It’s a simple fix, and it must be done.

This discussion about Baltimore is only the latest example of the hate-Trump mentality infesting Democrats these last two years. Even with the former Baltimore mayor and the current House representative denouncing and speaking sharply about the crime, the rats and the decay plaguing Baltimore, as soon as Trump joins the discussion all Democrats turn on him as though it were his fault or he were making the entire condemnation up, and they resort to calling him names. The filth and hate of Democrats are a plague on the nation, and they must be defeated in the 2020 election, for the sake of the nation.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What The Hell Is Bernie Sanders Talking About?

Poor old Bernie Sanders is all over the idea of allowing illegal aliens into our country with no restrictions and no security checks at the border, yet Tuesday night during the Democrat debate, when asked how he would protect the nation from an invasion of bad people crossing the border, he said he will have “strong border protection”.

One wonders what this fool man is talking about.

How can our border be opened for all to pass through and still have any controls on the persons passing through it? How do you have border control while, at the same time, you fire all of the border guards, as nearly all of the Democrat presidential candidates intend to do?

Bernie is not only a fool radical, he’s a dangerous, fool, radical.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mueller, Democrats And The Lie Of The “Purview”

During the Democrat’s hate-Trump show-trial last Wednesday in the House of Representatives, one Republican asked Mr. Mueller about the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS aspects of his two-year investigation, and Mr. Mueller very quickly, perhaps a little too quickly and sounding a little too rehearsed, stated that those things were beyond his “purview” during the investigation. In other words, during his investigation he believed he was allowed to look at the 20-year old financial dealings of Paul Manafort, dealings that occurred long before Manafort ever met Donald Trump and concerning things that happened years before Manafort began working for Trump, but he was not allowed to look into critical aspects of the Trump investigation that involved illegal dealings of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration denying the Trump campaign basic legal and human rights that, until now, were standard operating procedure in the United States of America.

If what Mr. Mueller said was truthful, then his purview was obviously to get the goods on Donald Trump at all cost and at any pain it may cause to ancillary persons associated with Trump or his campaign, and leave Hillary Clinton and her crooked associates-in-crime out of the picture completely.  This purview, of course, places a Democrat above the law.

So by Mueller’s own admission, Russia, a nation that Hillary colluded with much more closely that Trump could ever do, and contrary to all claims that the Democrats have advanced for over two years, was not a subject of the investigation; the only objective in the two-year fiasco this nation has been subjected to was the destruction of Trump and any of his associates that Mueller and his vicious investigators could get their legal claws on. Now that’s a “purview” in the tradition of the Democrat party, and that’s a purview that I can believe, because that is exactly how the two-year national embarrassment was conducted, whether Mueller is alert enough to be aware of it or not.

The whole Special Counsel thing was a Washington swamp attempt to get rid of Donald Trump because he actually abides by the constitution and accomplishes things and does what he promises he’ll do, unlike the parading, pompous fools who make up the largest percentage of our national government, who disregard the basic tenants of decency, of our laws and of our constitution.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What’s Worse: Russia Helping A U.S. Political Candidate, Or A Sitting U.S. President Corruptly Destroying A Candidate?

We have the administration of Barack Obama to thank for the horrible political corruption they put in place when they lied to the FISA court and allowed the FBI and the State Department to illegally spy on the Trump presidential campaign and accumulate false data to be used against Trump as “insurance”, in the texted words of FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, one of the chief FBI investigators assigned to get dirt on the Trump campaign, to assure that Donald Trump would never occupy the Oval Office.

During the Mueller investigation thirty indictments not related to any collusion on the part of Trump people, were activated against people for events distantly, or not at all related, to the Trump presidential campaign. At the same time there were no indictments against anyone related to the Clinton campaign, even though the current FBI Director at the time, James Comey, listed on a public television broadcast, the many crimes he knew Hillary had committed, but he decided not to present the evidence he had on her crimes to a Grand Jury because he believed her crimes were unintentional.

Is it appropriate for  an investigator to wear a blindfold while investigating a crime, ignoring the crimes of one culprit and going after people distantly related to another? It has become obvious that investigating criminal activity during the 2016 presidential campaign was not the intent of the Mueller investigation; the only outcome Democrats and the Washington swamp wanted was the destruction of President Trump, and our Donald out-smarted them all.

Anyone who watched the Mueller fiasco when he appeared before the House Democrat attack committees on Wednesday will come away convinced that Robert Mueller was AWOL during the entire investigation process attempting to bury Trump, and because of his lack of knowledge of any part of his published investigation report, it’s obvious that the pro-Hillary and anti-Trump forces were in total control of the investigation, and that the evidence presented against Trump during this two-year travesty was all fabricated.

Unfortunately for Robert Mueller, his name will forever be linked to the final nail in the Democrat collusion coffin and he will go down in history as a partisan, uninformed hack in whose name the greatest political disaster and scandal, and the highest level of traitorous corruption ever committed against the constitution of the United States and the American citizens, was perpetrated.

Let there be no mistake about it, when leftists control policy, they destroy everything they touch, and beginning with the Obama administration and its radical leftist turn, our legal system of investigating crimes has been badly injured, and the assumption of innocence for people suspected of crimes and the legal, transparent investigation of wrongs, has been overturned by the radical leftists in the DC swamp.

Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What Is A Person Of Non-Color?

Since the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, and in recent weeks radical, regressive government leftists have pushed the subject to extreme levels, one has heard a lot about people-of-color being mistreated, abused or discriminated against. The majority of these people-of-color are so light-complexioned that we have to be told they are indeed people-of-color in order for us to know they fit this category.

Actually many of those people complaining about being discriminated against are themselves quite successful and wealthy, and many of them are elected government officials who are at the top of the national pecking order and have nothing to complain about regarding treatment or income. America doesn’t care much about skin color because our system rewards individuals based on their value to a profit-making enterprise, so people who work hard and produce are rewarded with greater pay and benefits. It’s not based on skin color, it’s based on ability to produce.

In truth, all skin has “color” so the claim of liberals about people-of-color is somewhat lame and vague. There are no persons of non-color, but we do have leftist Democrats who use skin color to get what they want and to punish people who block their corrupt power grabs. To use skin color for punishment or reward is a dirty thing to do because no one can control the color of their skin.

But, of course, we know that this select protected group of people-of-color consists of Democrats who, in their own opinion, are not deferred to freely enough, but one wonders, with all of this discrimination going on, why so many dark-skinned people living in America are multi-millionaires. One also wonders how Hispanic and Arab people were able to jump on the people-of-color bandwagon and partake of the benefits intended for the descendents of slaves, who were genuinely injured by just being someone else’s property, and often they were the property of other “people-of-color“.

Idiotic people like AOC and her two Muslim fellow America-haters, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, collectively better known as the “Squad”, all of whom are as light-skinned as President Trump is, constantly complain about how mistreated they are because of their skin color and how their pigmentation is the reason why they are repeatedly abused by the House of Representatives leadership, when it’s their own anti-American mouths that cause them trouble. These self-identifying “colored people” should be ashamed of themselves for taking a serious subject, intended to right America’s past wrongs, and maddeningly using the subject as a tool to get sympathy for themselves and to more conveniently bad-mouth America and further divide the American citizens along racial lines.