Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Only Fools Trust Government Over Corporations

Businesses must compete with other businesses, which makes them deliver a safer, better product or service, and they must make a profit in order to continue to exist, and this effort makes them more efficient and careful with their customers' money, which is voluntarily given by the customer in exchange for the desired product.

Government, on the other hand, has no competition and has no need to make a profit, so they are inefficient and sloppy, unlike private corporations which must please and attract their customers in order to make a profit. Government is all overhead all the time: it costs the citizens of the nation money to support it, money edicted from them via taxes under pain of imprisonment if the taxes are not paid.

Only fools such as those who are participating in the "Occupy" movement would demand money and jobs from government, whose income derives from taxes, which makes it possible to redistribute the money the OWS fools demand, then block the coastal ports and the roads of major cities, keeping workers from their jobs and keeping products from reaching markets, which halts the very revenue the protesters are trying to obtain from government.

The OWS crowd blame corporations for the financial problems that Obama and other leftists have caused, when it's the government that failed to exercise oversight of Fannie, Freddie and the financial instruments being created all the time by the finance industry. And why did government fail in its oversight responsibilities? Because government employees (Senators and Congressmen) are in the pockets of the very finance industries they are supposed to oversee and control. One can't say that industry is above blame for its excesses, but government is ultimately culpable because it writes the laws and has the legal power to halt bad practices. And because legislators need the campaign contributions industry doles out, congressional overseers will not do their jobs, and have created the financial mess we're in today, which was caused by the fraud of sub-prime loans that government literally forced on mortgage companies, leading directly to our current economic troubles.

It's government, not industry, that has borrowed and printed us into national poverty.

It's government, not industry, that denies drilling for the oil and gas that literally keep us alive and fed.

It's government, not industry, that has blocked projects we badly need in order to expand the economy and create jobs.

It's government that issues regulations that cause industry to fail to grow, or cause it to actually shrink as a result of the government's intrusive regulations.

It's government that fines farmers (who provide our food, if anyone has forgotten) for raising dust when they plow, but won't prosecute admitted acts of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, and won't control our borders from illegal entry.

It's government, not industry which has grown enormously since Obama became president, and which will not control the spending of the tax money that it forces us to pay on penalty of imprisonment, while industry is having trouble making ends meet and keeping productive employees at work.

It's government that is destroying the best healthcare system in the world via Obamacare and its draconian and massive regulations.

And in particular it's the executive branch agencies of government that are unilaterally making laws in direct contradiction to the expressed wishes of congress, which created the agencies and assigned them their responsibilities in the first place, and are bringing our economy to a halt (the most egregious example of executive agency abuse is the EPA's insistence on pushing cap and trade regulations piece by piece, although congress specifically rejected these practices).

To save this great nation we must reduce the size, cost and intrusiveness of government by eliminating the EPA, the Departments of Energy, Education and Commerce and elect a new president and Senators who understand the value and importance of private industry. I was, after all, private industry that created the most robust economy and the largest and most comfortable and wealthy middle class the world has ever seen, and it has been government, under Barack Obama, that is well on its way to destroying that middle class forever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Leftist Vermin "Occupy" Obama's Hooverville America

The filth that is the modern American left (and by filth I mean actual filth and dirt, to include rape, shootings, defecating in public, drugs, arrests and lice) are now officially "occupying" the Obama-created and encouraged Hoovervilles throughout America. With this recent "Occupy America" event, we can easily see what lies in store for our children and grandchildren if the American left, led by these fools and their allies in government and unions, get their way and finally redistribute our hard-earned wealth. It will end the possibility of prosperity and the potential of living comfortably for not only Americans, but the entire world, as over-spending governments (including our own) go down to debt and the inability to sustain their borrowing and lavish, unnecessary, unconstitutional spending.

For the last 80 years or so America has been drifting toward the leftist's objectives, and the last 3 years have seen this effort go into overdrive with massive E.P.A. regulations and a score of Obama's executive orders that have destroyed jobs, undermined retirement funds, caused vast numbers of people to lose their homes to foreclosure and caused small businesses to fail.

Some may call the Occupy Hooverville crowd an exercise in free speech, but their criminal actions are not "speech", their anti-hard work and anti-thrift demands are neither realistic nor sustainable, and their objectives will not lead to any form of freedom, except the left's continued insistence to freely take our property and personal liberties away. These idiots must be firmly opposed by the police and must be defeated in November 2012 with the removal of Obama and his leftist pals in congress.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Obama Laments, Then Forbids "Big Projects" For America

Recently Obama lamented that Americans are lazy and will no longer engage in big, imaginative projects like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge (these two projects would be stopped dead in their tracks by the E.P.A. and other environmental groups if they were proposed today), yet for political reasons our Barry is blocking a big project (the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada) that would deliver much-needed oil that we are currently getting from unfriendly foreign sources, to the United States. We desperately need new and dependable sources of fuel not only for national defense but also to assure that we can get our food to local markets and get ourselves to work. Our socialist Barry proposes worthless bills to congress that he calls jobs bills, and blocks real job-creating projects like Keystone XL simply to gain favor from his diminishing base as he runs for re-election next November.

Our president's ignorant proposals for fake jobs and his blocking of real jobs is psychotic, the man is demented for the suffering he is causing America. If this 747-hugging, golf-playing fool would stay in Washington and work for a change and try to get past his more radical tendencies we might get back on the road to prosperity once again. But don't bet on it with this truly lazy, pleasure-loving dedicated progressive-liberal man in office.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Are Democrats Trying To Recruit Herman Cain?

Given all of the publicity and dubious charges the liberals are registering against Herman Cain about sexual harassment, we must consider that they are not being critical of the leading Republican candidate for president, but instead it's possible that they are just feeling him out (no pun intended) to see if he is sufficiently Clinton-filthy to become a Democrat and run on their ticket. After all, they've only found two women who have very tame accusations against Cain, while Clinton had numerous women with serious charges, one of which was a claim that Clinton raped and beat her, so the liberal press needs to dig much deeper to bring Cain down to the level of Bill Clinton, but they really need a good candidate to run instead of the loser currently occupying the Oval Office, so I'll bet they keep trying.

But I don't think Herman Cain would make a good Democrat candidate. I can't see him advising to "put some ice on that" or sympathizing that he "feels your pain", and I doubt that he is sufficiently fashion-conscious to recognize a good blue dress when he sees one, as our old dog Clinton did.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 And The Destruction Of America

Considering the story line of the Ray Bradbury book "Fahrenheit 451" can give some insight into what's happening in this great nation under the current anti-American administration as well as provide some parallels with our current lives.

The book describes a society whose firemen set fires instead of extinguishing them, and a society which crushes free, independent thinking on the part of its citizens. Here are some parallels:

Consider our current Department of Education: are children learning more now than when the Department was formed? No! Students are learning less and are being indoctrinated more to socialist/communist thinking.

Does the Department of Energy provide fuel at a lower cost and in a more plentiful quantity than before this group was formed? No! We have much more expensive fuel and the quantity we are allowed to produce domestically has been greatly reduced, negatively impacting national security and our balance of trade with unfriendly nations.

And let's not forget the EPA which is issuing regulations in direct contradiction to the expressed wishes of Congress, and is issuing these regulations at a pace that is killing our nation's ability to create and maintain jobs and make products we need to live and provide comfortable lives for our families.

So why do we permit these executive departments to survive and undermine our prosperity and our freedom? Why hasn't congress refused funds to these anti-American groups? Each department mentioned should have their enabling legislation repealed and be disbanded immediately, saving us trillions of dollars each and every year and getting rid of liberal staffers and trouble makers at the same time.

Given the unbelievable deluge of executive orders and injurious regulations coming from the Obama Administration (and the fairy tale news reports we've been hearing lately) it's easy to imagine the formation of a Department of Religion in which Muslims can have the Crucifix removed from Catholic classrooms because it offends them, and where Catholic hospitals can be forced to perform abortions because liberals want them. After all, we already have Obamacare which was shoved down our throats with a promise to reduce medical costs and provide better medical assistance, but has in fact been shown to greatly increase medical costs and will reduce medical care for the entire nation.

For the last 70-plus years liberals in government have been intruding into our lives at an ever-increasing rate, but under Obama the pedal has been pushed to the metal and the intrusions have increased in quantity and with greater speed than ever imaginable in the past, propelling us to a totalitarian state, and our Barry still has a year left to push us nearer the brink. Can we survive? Only if we defeat Obama and retake the Senate in 2012, and we'd better begin by getting the House or Representatives to push their pedal to the metal and actively oppose the terror Obama is imposing on Americans, and remove the funding that is allowing this to happen.