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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Under Joey Biden’s Rule, My Good Health Is My Imprisonment

 In Biden’s America, if I want to remain healthy I have to get vaccinated and wear a mask. The disease I’m told I must protect myself against is 99.7 percent survivable at the worst, but I’m told I must fear it, and if I don’t fear it enough, Joey will put me in jail.

I’ve survived all previous cold and flu seasons without ever taking one of the annual vaccines offered, but for the relatively weak and non-lethal covid disease, I’m told that I will either vax or die.

The president is allowing sick people from Central America to cross our southern border and be transported throughout the nation by the Air Force and by commercial bus service, yet I can’t buy a loaf of bread unless I’m masked, even if I’m fully vaccinated. This proposition is so stupid that it’s almost beyond understanding how Democrats could devise such an idiotic plan and hope to be taken seriously.

Democrats cannot rule without fear, and the fear this time is that the Delta variant is on the increase, but we are not told how many of these cases of the Delta are of people who have no symptoms and are perfectly healthy and feel fine. It’s all a Democrat lie to make us dependent on big government, when big government is proving that it’s the problem, not the solution.

If you want to live in America and not have the government throw you in prison because you have maintained health in spite of their idiotic and contradictory rules, you must abide by their edicts and do what you’re told to do. Sieg Heil, mein Furher!!

I’m in the demographic age group that, according to the CDC, Fauci and Joey, I should be dead of the disease by this late date. But I’m robustly healthy, enjoy life out-of-doors and thrive on being active every day. Yet I’m told that I must stop enjoying my life, and that I should be wearing a mask. And on top of that, now I’m commanded to get a shot in the arm first, but still wear the mask until all health threats are gone, which, with a Democrat in the White House, in the various governor’s mansions or in the office of a Democrat city’s mayor, will be never.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I’m Sick And Tired Of The Radical Left Trying To Force Their Drugs On Me

 In my high school days the push from the older students was to sneak a can of beer in order to be a popular bad-boy and gain status. 

In the 1960s it was LSD that the nutty crowd was pushing on people who preferred real life to a drug induced fog, and who didn’t need to take a “trip” in order to get thru the day.

In the 1970s and 80s marijuana became the drug de jour for the smart set, and if you didn’t partake along with them you were forever an outsider. All social pressure was on everyone to join the cool, fashionable set and light-up.

One also fondly recalls Mick Jagger’s song about “mother’s little helper” to help get you thru your day. Opioids also provide the 21st Century relief from daily drudgery, and often kill their users.

For many years now the pharmaceutical industry has been spending billions of dollars on advertising to insist that we all buy their drugs for whatever ails us, many of which ailments could easily be avoided by eating healthfully and exercising regularly. I’ll admit that big pharma performs miracles and saves many lives with their research and their products, but maybe they should spend a little money telling people how they could avoid having to use their drugs in the first place, with a little discipline on the consumer’s part.

Since those remote and ancient times of my youth, more powerful, serious and deadly drugs have been developed and are strongly urged on the populace by the woke among us. And today, Joey Biden and his radical thugs are trying to force the covid vaccine on those of us who are not prone to experiment with drugs. He doesn’t promise pleasure and bliss with this new drug, but it’s still risky and there are many of us who don’t wish to exchange our current good health for the iffy promise of avoidance of contagion in the future.

A large part of the public’s reluctance to take the covid vaccine is due to its still being an experimental, non-approved drug, and my decision to be vaccinated or not is my own business and not Joey’s. How quickly the radical left has forgotten their own slogan of “my body, my choice”. Over the last ten or so years there have been annual virus vaccines developed and I’ve not taken any of them, even though tens of thousands of people have died during the annual cold and flu seasons. My current healthy status tells me that my decision to avoid the vaccines was the right one, because how can one ever be certain that the vaccine didn’t perhaps contribute to the death of at least some of the people who took the annual flu shot in order to avoid death? 

But one thing we can be certain of, is that covid deaths are overblown, as was found when two California counties investigated the reports of deaths attributable to covid and found that twenty-two percent of the deaths were not related to covid at all. Along these same lines, reports of new “cases” of the Delta variant are still lying to us about the seriousness of the disease, since many of those people representing the  “case” merely test positive but are healthy and have no symptoms. But the “case” representing a positive test is all we are allowed to know about, not the actual health of the person tested, and now even the official PCR test used to detect the disease has been recalled by the CDC because it’s completely unreliable. So take that, Joey.

Democrats like to make people fearful of the future and amenable to obeying orders from big, intrusive government so they can feel safe and avoid illness. That’s why the leftist press breathlessly reports the new “cases” of covid, but fails to tell us that a large number of those who have been tested for the disease feel fine and healthy, and never get sick. Whether their health is due to the vaccine, their personal and natural immunity or herd immunity, American citizens deserve to know this very important fact and not be told repeatedly that everyone must be vaccinated.

As regards the risk that is run when un-vaccinated American citizens are allowed to function freely in American society, only those who are themselves not vaccinated are at risk of contagion, which they freely accept, and vaccinated people are at no risk at all. So even those who are possibly harmed by the disease understand the risk and are willing to live with it in exchange for being free to live a full life again without a damned mask.

There are government provided information sites that confirm a citizen’s right to get a covid test, but apparently citizens have no right to deny the vaccine, according to Prez Joey.

But typical of the radical, intolerant left, Joey wants to force compliance with his rules, in contradiction to the constitution, all of American tradition and even the science that is placing covid in a less deadly light than Democrat will admit, which the government is trying to suppress.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Why The Political Left Wins Every Argument

 We saw the Democrat health Nazis coming for years, with their various annual vaccinations that caused the left to become intrudingly more insistent that everyone get the annual shots or not be able to work anymore.

During those years I believe it really was concern for public health that the vaxists made their pitch. But then 2020 happened and the covid came along, accompanied by  the prolonged national lockdown we are all still living with, including the follow-on of masking and the vaccination passport foolishness, and we are arriving at the station of new strains and variations of the disease. The radical left will never allow Americans to live comfortable, non-masked lives ever again.

The left never relents and they never stop pushing their idiotic policies and schemes, which means we’ll never be rid of masking and the boring, relentless insistence on vaccinations of people who choose to take a chance on getting the highly survivable covid instead of living behind a piratical mask the rest of their lives.

You just have to recall the Clinton administration promising to not allow a crisis go to waste, and Obama’s intention to Fundamentally Transform America, and you’ll be brought up to speed on where the radical left is and what they intend to do, which will explain why Biden opened up of our borders to the world of poor people and invited them to enter the paradise of America and completely transform our society. Chaos and confusion can transform the most stable of nations.

And on a non-health-related, but still leftist impulse, Biden’s outspoken prejudice against non-vaxed people is because everyone knows that a leftist government will prosecute non-conformers if they don’t toe the line of leftist dictates, so subservience will follow if enough citizens suffer imprisonment for threatening the current Biden-ordered public health emergency, whatever that is at the moment. 

And if you pose the logical follow-up question of who, exactly, is threatened by select people being non-vaxed, beyond the non-vaccinated themselves, given that everyone else is vaccinated and assumed to be scientifically safe, they’ll quote some mumbo-jumbo about children and greater good and antibodies, and never reach a point that will convince anyone of the constitutional justification of such a radical, rights-imposing judgment.

It’s also why the lie of warming/change policies will be continued forever from far left radicals, and why companies will voluntarily move to “green” products, as the automobile companies are converting to electric cars, not because the public want to get rid of their gasoline-powered cars, but because manufacturers know that, with the Biden or any other leftist administration in power, the government will punish and destroy any corporation that does not do the things the Democrats tell them to do. So we see a leftist drift in advertising and manufacturing to please the Biden radical leftists, because these fool politicians never rest and will never stop until they get their way and get the power they need to retain ruling status, so the big corporations go along to get along and hope that the political left doesn’t destroy them in a pique of anger.

Friday, July 23, 2021

On The Subject Of Guns, Democrats Can’t Distinguish The Difference Between A Gun In The Home, And Guns On The Street

 All leftists want to eliminate opposition to their impractical and unworkable leftist ideas, and when it comes to a democratic society and the subject of guns, leftists are unable to determine the difference between honest people keeping guns in the home for protection, and guns on the street being used to commit crimes. To leftists, and this includes all fascist and Communist nations, as well as America’s Democrat party, any weapon is a threat to them and their violent political initiatives, and must be removed from private hands, even if the owner has never committed a crime, is not a suspect to a criminal event and has a unblemished record of always being lawful and honest.

Democrats get so wrapped up in their accusatory, far-left declarations that common sense  and good judgment completely escape them. Terms like “white privilege“, “racist” and their proclaimed murderous nature of inanimate guns, are just boiler plate talking terms and have no real meaning to these fools.

A gun in an honest citizen’s home isn’t a threat to anyone except a criminal who wants to practice his illegal trade on that citizen‘s property. But a gun on the street in the hands of a criminal, most of whom are allies of Democrats, is a threat to everyone’s welfare.

Joey’s plan is still to send federal officers of some type to the homes of Americans and confiscate their guns, like officials did during the New Orleans flooding a few years ago. All dictators must protect themselves by getting guns out of the hands of citizens, because all dictators are evil, violent people, just like Joey’s administration. Citizens of the United States possessing guns is no threat to the occupant of the White House, but the occupant of the White House can certainly be a threat to the peace and prosperity of the citizens of this nation. All that the left’s holier-than-thou posturing does is allow more empty , nice sounding rhetoric to be expressed to vilify private gun possession, while nothing gets done to protect citizens.

Of course, Democrat mayors and governors across the nation refuse to fully enforce gun laws against criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime, while self-righteously pretending to get tough on illegal gun use by seeking increasingly harsh anti-gun laws, which they will still not enforce as gun crimes increase.

But when it comes to peace-loving, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans who have a gun in their homes for self-defense, Joey and his Democrat mayors and governors, all of whom are soft on crime, are threatening to send out troops to forcibly remove the homeowner’s guns, or go to jail.

Or maybe the political left of Joey Biden actually does know the difference between peaceful citizens who present a threat to no one, and criminals who are not punished for their crimes, and have come to the conclusion that a high crime rate and the chaos, confusion and misery that situation causes, is good for their position of power and their ability to rule outside the constitution, as Saul Alinsky proclaimed years ago with his Rules for Radicals, and they prefer to go with their power grab and to hell with the suffering of Americans as our constitution is ignored, our freedoms are eliminated and leftist induced crime skyrockets.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

To Far-Left Democrats, Life In America Is Hell On Earth

 As people from Cuba, Mexico, Central America, South America and around the world flock to America for the freedom and opportunity this great nation has traditionally offered to anyone who will come here legally and work for it, the Biden administration, the wealthy and pampered leftist press and the Democrat party in general, all complain about the awful, bad, no good, racist nation America is. What is it about this horrible nation, as defined by American leftists, that has escaped the notice of really poor, mistreated people all over the world, that they risk death to get here?

Democrat dreams of dominating and ruling America forever, thereby enriching themselves with the wealth other people have built, via past generations’ hard work and sacrifice, is what the Democrat ruling class has willingly ignored when they framed America as a bad nation. All Americans are able to live comfortable lives, built on Capitalism and constitutionally assured liberties, due to the hard work and dedication of our forebears.

 But Democrats take advantage of this comfortable, pleasant life as though they deserve that kind of living, and they don’t understand that unless everyone living in America today strives to make our nation stronger, freer and more wealthy, our leading position in the world of nations will be certainly lost.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Arrogant, Power-Drunk Democrats Insult Everyone

 Democrats are so superior and so tone-deaf to real world events, that they end up stepping on their own tongues quite regularly. Here are  few examples of their most recent stumbles:

Dems Think Black People Are Stupid:

Remember when the Democrats insulted black Americans by saying that blacks are unable to get personal identification to allow them to vote in elections? Now the fool Democrats are trying to take that charge back, with politicians like James Clyburn and Stacey Abrams (she being the recent loud and angry opponent of  Georgia’s legislation requiring all Georgia citizens to produce identification in order to vote, because the legislation was racist, don’t you know, since she thought blacks couldn’t acquire ID ) suddenly being in favor of identification for the purpose of voting, because polling has determined that the public, white, black and otherwise, thought ID was the best way to prevent vote fraud.

All Rural People Are Too Stupid To Prove Residency:

Now comes that cackling idiot, Kamala Harris, predicting that rural Americans will be unable to prove residency because they have no Office Max stores near them where they can make copies of their identification papers. Harris is so out-of-touch with real Americans that she doesn’t even know that being a resident of a rural area doesn’t mean that they don’t have computers, scanners and their own personal copy machines. And she doesn’t seem to know that ID documents do not need to be copied in order to vote; the documents are just shown when the citizens cast their ballots.

Defund The Police Movement:

It has been only a few weeks ago that the Democrat party was united in their message that all police officers were murderers and racists, and the Dems were pushing, en masse, to eliminate police forces everywhere and replace them with community college social studies graduates who would peacefully clean up crime in the worst neighborhoods using their unique mode of persuasion, without the use of a pistol. But today, Democrats are screaming at the top of their unified voices that it was Republicans who wanted to get rid of the police, not the ANTIFA/BLM-loving Democrats. Once again the stupidity of Democrats is on display as they consider how to get defamed police officers to return to work and save their communities from total and complete destruction, caused by Democrat-induced, skyrocketing crime rates.

Be Buddies With Communist Regimes:

Obama liked to have tea and watch baseball games with Cuba’s murdering Castro family, and Biden’s family has become famously wealthy being best buds with the Chinese slavers and murderers, along with the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Then last weekend we learned that the residents of Cuba were not as happy with things in Commie-land as Barack Obama thought they should be, as Cuban citizens began demonstrating in the streets of Havana. I guess the Cuban healthcare industry is not as lovely as the Hollywood set, led by Michel Moore, said it was, and life in general in Cuba is not as pleasant as leftists have constantly told us it is, because the citizens’ shouts of Libertad has been loud and clear for days now. Cuban people have no freedom, no food, no healthcare and miserable places to live.

Where do fools like Biden’s Democrats come from, and why does America have to end up with them making policy for the United States?

Of course Joey Biden is so consumed with the glamour and political benefit of covid, via which he can control private businesses, personal masking and Americans’ constitutional liberties, by making laws based on the imagined extreme and deadly danger of this very weak disease, that he addressed the Cuban uprising in terms of covid being the trigger that upset citizens of Cuba, not on anything the Cuban Communist government has done for over sixty years to impoverish and imprison these poor people.

Democrats have been wrong about everything they’ve done since Biden took the White House, and now the American public is finding out just how bad leftist, Democrat rule is to live under and the unfortunate people of Cuba are alerting us to the danger of a leftist,  control-freak government, like that of Joey Biden.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

To Democrats, Some Hispanics Are Worthy Of Freedom, But Cuban Hispanics Can Suffer In Commie Jails

 Barack Obama ignored the demonstrations and protests of Iranians during the Green Revolution and allowed thousands of their citizens to be imprisoned, tortured and killed by the Mullahs. Now one fears that Joey Biden will also turn a blind eye to the pleas for liberty coming from the long-suffering people of Cuba.

Democrats swoon, wet their pants and get the vapors when Hispanics assemble to cross our southern border and enter America illegally, because these unfortunate people will eventually be used as pawns to elect leftist candidates of the Democrat party. But when the Hispanics are Cubans who simply want liberty in their own nation and cannot help Democrats win elections in the United States, Democrats turn their backs on them and let the protesters be taken to a Communist jail for a little mind-correcting torture.

What hypocrites the Democrats are with their dual sense of compassion for some suffering people and a cold shoulder for others. All Democrats care about is themselves and their power, and to hell with a constitution that assures rights to all American citizens, because that’s all passe and outdated at this point in the Biden/covid administration.

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Further To The Political Left A Nation Drifts, The More Misery And Poverty That Nation Experiences

 The political framework of a successful or a failed nation is easily observed, and that framework decides the quality of life lived by the citizens of that nation.

Those groups situated on the far right desire no government oversight at all and only want to be self-sufficient with no government direction or involvement in their independent lives. I know of no such group of independent citizens that has ever threatened anyone in America, except those who lived in the old frontier world of the early-to-mid nineteenth century. Today the political right may occasionally gripe about life under the current Democrat government, but they definitely don’t threaten violence against the government. Even the most plain-living and un-modern people have no desire to go back to the old, uncomfortable ways of living.

Citizens in the political center realize the short-comings of government, but understand that a government is necessary in a world of chronic warmongering dictatorships that lie beyond our borders. We need government to defend us and see to the needs of those citizens poorly equipped to deal with modern life. The political center consists of conservatives who support the central government but really just want to be left alone to seek their own fortunes and live freely in a Capitalist society. The liberals in the center of political life have traditionally been good, patriotic Americans, and often founded decent liberal groups like the ACLU, which in the past has done good work.

As a society drifts further to the political left we find people who want other people’s stuff and will either take it from them legally, via taxation, or forcefully, at a more personal level, by attacking a target and possibly murdering them in order to get their valuables. Dictatorships represent this type of government, and groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter represent this type of thinking and acting at the personal, non-governmental, level. They carry out atrocities like the burning of cities that we saw all summer long in 2020, as criminal bands burned Democrat-run cities from Seattle to Baltimore, leaving thousands injured and dead, and billions of dollars in damage to hundreds of small businesses, many of which were minority owned.

The extreme political left is now represented by the Biden administration, which began its existence with the shut-off of gasoline that we citizens need for our automobiles and trucks when it killed the Keystone pipeline. Leftist Democrats are also destroying the very idea of honest voting for our nation’s governmental representatives, with schemes of dominance like the seemingly corrupt and unending Democrat primary voting that happened in Iowa in 2020, the U.S. House votes in New York State in 2020, and the primary voting for mayor of New York City in 2021, which was still undecided a week after voting ended. 

Biden even wants to go further in controlling all political thought in America by threatening to pack the Supreme Court, which act would provide Hitlerian rule by Democrats for decades to come. And by opening the southern border to Central American immigrants, Biden is changing the entire make-up of the American electorate, without the knowledge or acceptance of American citizens, with their flagrant and obvious attempt to pack the nation with immigrants who are completely dependent on big government for their food and shelter, in exchange for a favorable vote for any Democrat candidate in any future election. And one should not forget the Biden administration’s attempt to deprive American citizens of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves after the Democrats have gotten rid of police forces completely. Currently, if you voted for Donald Trump in 2020, you are a suspect for the charge of white supremacist and racist under Biden’s idea of justice.

The far left, whose practices and policies are easily seen in Castro’s Cuba, Maduro’s Venezuela, Mao’s China, Hitler’s Germany or Lenin’s Russia, are alive and well in many nations of the world, including the leftist, Democrat fringe in America. These fool people must be defeated in the next, and all following elections, or our nation will be lost.

Friday, July 9, 2021

When Will Biden Take Interest In The Nation’s Murder Rate And Stop Trying To Force Everyone To Get A Damned Vaccination?

 I wish our demented president would start paying attention to the immigration disaster occurring on our southern border, and would try to devise a way to halt the currently skyrocketing murder rate in Democrat-run cities in America, and maybe even take steps to get bad actors like Russia and China to stop hacking into American computers and holding them for ransom, and stop preaching to, threatening and lecturing Americans who have reservations about getting a still-unapproved vaccine for a disease that they have survived for over a year and who have no fear of contracting in the future.

Joey Biden’s dictatorial aim to keep unvaccinated people off of commercial flights, and possibly keep them from traveling at all, is way out of line to anything government has ever tried to do in the past. We’ve had decades of annual cold and flu seasons in which tens of thousands of people died from the annual virus, but vaccinations were not mandatory or demanded by the president in any previous cold and flu season. 

But this president seems to get some rather quirky pleasure from issuing edicts from the oval office, and making speeches in which he threatens to send government employees to every home in America to make certain all residents have received their required vaccination. And oh, how Joey loves to try to frighten citizens with tales of the easily contracted new Delta strain, and how deadly it is, and how a vaccination can save your life, yada, yada. Maybe Joey, as a mark of government efficiency, could also have the government officials who visit each home and jab a needle into the arms of every American, also confiscate their guns as they leave the victims’ homes. It could be advertised as Joey’s version of a buy-one, get-one sale.

Americans really don’t need advice about personal health from a doddering old man who seems to only be able to order ice cream without assistance, as he stumbles and mumbles his way through each official day in office. One doubts that Joey even knows of the actual situation on the border and has no idea of the murder rate in his own Democrat-run cities.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Many Disabilities Of Joe Biden Are Going To Get Americans Killed

 It’s been politically entertaining and gratifying for Republicans to watch Joey Biden as he has disintegrated in public these last seven months, with his mumblings, stumbling and unawareness of where he is at any given moment, but it’s reached a point that it’s dangerous for the nation to have seriously evil nations like Russia, China and Iran witness the many disabilities of our president. One can just imagine the plans they are making to take advantage of this old, weak man and the nation he is assumed to be protecting.

Poor old Joey seems to think that the biggest problem the nation faces is the few older Americans, like myself, who have decided that covid is not the greatest threat to their lives and have rejected the vaccine, and we’ve grown quite tired, thanks all the same, for Joey’s constant, daily insistence that everyone must get vaccinated, but pays no attention to the cyber threats from Russia and China and the growing nuclear threat his beloved Iran presents to America, Israel and Europe.

And what about the Democrat party, which was complicit in getting Joey fraudulently elected to the White House? This gang of fools got old lunch bucket elected and now all he can do is lecture Americans about being racists and deniers of vaccines, while our southern border is buried under waves of illegal aliens that will change the political alignment of America forever, without American citizens being consulted.

If Americans don’t wise-up and get rid of the Democrat idiocracy currently running the government and get a majority of Republicans into the House and Senate in 2022, our nation is doomed. And in the meantime, Republican politicians at all levels must do everything possible to block the anti-American moves of Democrats and try to shame them for the unbelievable murder rate that is completely owned by them and their “defund the police” foolishness and see if we can halt the skyrocketing death rate in Democrat-run cities.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Alarmists On the Political Left Are Willfully Destroying America

 Oh, it’s not that I don’t believe that the political left has for decades been slowly and boringly destroying the liberty and wealth that America has enjoyed the last 200-plus years, with their over-spending, their inflation, their over-taxing, their denying American citizens of their constitutional rights and their imposition of racism coming from the executive branch of our government. It’s just that the more glamorous and sexy things they support are rapidly killing the will of the nation to enjoy life and achieve personal greatness.

For example, when President Trump said that America would get through the covid pandemic as long as we remained confident and optimistic, the entire political left of America came down on him with all their might and viscously attacked him, saying he was not taking the disease seriously, that we would all die from the pandemic and that we all needed to mask-up and lockdown ourselves if we were going to survive a very weak disease. After decades of experiencing annual diseases that killed tens of thousands of Americans each and every year with no similar outburst of irrational fear and without the politicizing of a disease that would pass naturally if we all just lived our lives and pushed on through, only with covid have Americans resorted to masks and vaccine passports for survival. It’s a disgrace to our forebears that our nation is so weak and easily frightened by the lies of leftist political operatives.

And of course the lame-brained Joey Biden, even with President Trump’s vaccine to help save lives and rid the nation of the disease, is still ordering masks in federal facilities and airports, and has begun using fear instead of unity and intelligence to frighten everyone with a new strain of the disease that Joey claims is more contagious and more deadly than covid 19 and will likely kill additional multitudes of people, even those who have been vaccinated for covid. So American citizens are lectured to remain fearful and follow the government’s draconian orders to the fullest as the new threat spreads: keep your masks handy and be ready when some fool in government, making claims having no scientific basis,  begins shutting down restaurants and small businesses again.

Global warming, a complete lie also having no basis in science, has been revived lately with the heat wave in the Pacific Northwestern states and the collapse of the Miami condos. The political left never allows a tragedy to go to waste.

In spite of at least 50 years of leftists like Ted Danson, Prince Charles, AOC and Bernie Sanders predicting future fatal warming, along with the certain death of the oceans due to rising heat and over-fishing, these fools are still making renewed claims of death in a specified number of years, with the oceans sweeping away coastal cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Yet in spite of the political fear mongering, still those cities stand with no tides sweeping through their streets.

Add to the alarmist danger on the left the idiotic effort of Democrats to “Defund The Police“, due to the infinitely few deaths attributable to police officers killing unarmed black men, while Democrat politicians silently witness the daily annihilation of black men with black-on-black murders in cities like Chicago, which the leftist press completely ignores, or at least blames on white supremacy, and you’ll be able to predict a doomed future for America, if all you do is listen to the stupidity of the left.

When punishment for violent crimes vanishes, violent crime increases. The left automatically blames the police in major Democrat-run cities from Seattle to Baltimore as these cities suffer new waves of violent deaths, mainly in black communities which have the most need of police protection to remain functional and livable. And on top of all of this, our addle-brained president allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, among whom are unknown numbers of people who may be murderers escaping justice from their own Central American nations, hoards of whom are entering the United States with no idea of who these people are nor what their backgrounds are as they, bring more pain and suffering north to America.

And mix into the destruction coming directly from the American left, the idea that white children should hate themselves for their skin color and for their imagined racism, while the black people making these racist charges are occupying the highest political and corporate positions in the nation and being educated at the most prestigious universities America has, and you have a foolishness that anyone who is not wrapped up in a leftist blanket of lies and hate would easily see, laugh at, and discard.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Joey Biden, Now Starring In A Re-imagining Of The Movie The Hoarse Whisperer

 What the hell is wrong with Joey Biden? He literally is unable to speak understandably most of the time, and when he really wants to impress an audience with his poorly thought-out ideas and power-grabbing schemes, he leans into the microphone and with a raspy voice, hoarsely whispers his maniac, yesterday thoughts.

And we still have over three years of this kind of child-like, demonic activity left in Joey’s administration, while he pretends to lead our once great nation down a path of liberty and prosperity.  This nation is in deep trouble. Joey’s insane actions should be of great concern to us all.

Now that the radical left has seen how easy it is to get radical CDC officials to declare an emergency health alert and close down the nation and its many individual businesses, more such alerts are inevitably on the way. The new covid variant Joey likes to frighten us with will be the next one to require a good masking and possibly another thorough national shut-down, if our failing president has anything to say about it.  

And under Biden’s tenure, the Surfside condo collapse will likely be declared to have been caused by warming/change, because the heating of the earth has caused the ocean to become more active and violent, don’t you see, so we’ll have to stop using our gas-powered cars in order to save the planet. And never mind that China is on-lining a coal-powered power plant each and every day of the year and using dirty coal to power them as well, while our clean coal power plants are already scheduled for shutdowns under Biden‘s radical-left plans to support our electricity needs using wind and solar, which will only leave us in the darkness of brown-outs like California experiences too frequently. Under Joe Biden, America, our constitution and our economy, will take the hit for Joey’s belief in the lie of warming/change.

This fool man is the same person who is investigating numerous Trump supporters for inciting a government takeover on January 6th, and currently has them in prison, although not one of them was carrying a gun and none of them caused personal injury or death to anyone. He’s the one who is running an administration that is blaming white people for every ill our society is suffering, and calling all whites racists, with the exclusion of himself and his white staffers. He’s the one who is daring people to NOT get a vaccination, although no one has been blamed nor kept from living their lives for not getting annual cold and flu shots the last ten or more years. He’s the one who is still insisting that everyone who enters a post office or other government facility must wear the worthless mask. He’s the one who has already set in place the next covid lockdown and masking, by warning us that the new variant is among us already and is much more deadly than the old, familiar covid. He’s likely the one who will announce in the near future that another national health emergency, this one blamed on the lie of  warming/change, has occurred that will require significant lockdown restrictions on our personal and professional lives, because global warming is knocking down condos in Miami. So now we must all suffer and live in the dark in order to save the planet, and we’ll be required to stop driving, stop shopping, stop going to restaurants, all because the carbon emission from our cars is dangerous to our planetary environment and the very continued existence of the earth, per Joey‘s line of bull..

Get ready and be prepared, because when the radical left in any nation is in power, heads will roll and lives will be irrevocably changed at the left’s leisure, and at their command. And Joey loves to issue orders and issue commands.

We’ll soon find that freaky Joey is dangerous Joey, because he’s in charge and he knows what’s best for everyone. Joey’s instruction from Obama has been to Fundamentally Transform America, since Obama didn’t complete the job during his eight years in office. The hoarse whisperer will let you know your roll in this very serious matter, and you had better be listening-up and obey your master.