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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Joey Biden, Now Starring In A Re-imagining Of The Movie The Hoarse Whisperer

 What the hell is wrong with Joey Biden? He literally is unable to speak understandably most of the time, and when he really wants to impress an audience with his poorly thought-out ideas and power-grabbing schemes, he leans into the microphone and with a raspy voice, hoarsely whispers his maniac, yesterday thoughts.

And we still have over three years of this kind of child-like, demonic activity left in Joey’s administration, while he pretends to lead our once great nation down a path of liberty and prosperity.  This nation is in deep trouble. Joey’s insane actions should be of great concern to us all.

Now that the radical left has seen how easy it is to get radical CDC officials to declare an emergency health alert and close down the nation and its many individual businesses, more such alerts are inevitably on the way. The new covid variant Joey likes to frighten us with will be the next one to require a good masking and possibly another thorough national shut-down, if our failing president has anything to say about it.  

And under Biden’s tenure, the Surfside condo collapse will likely be declared to have been caused by warming/change, because the heating of the earth has caused the ocean to become more active and violent, don’t you see, so we’ll have to stop using our gas-powered cars in order to save the planet. And never mind that China is on-lining a coal-powered power plant each and every day of the year and using dirty coal to power them as well, while our clean coal power plants are already scheduled for shutdowns under Biden‘s radical-left plans to support our electricity needs using wind and solar, which will only leave us in the darkness of brown-outs like California experiences too frequently. Under Joe Biden, America, our constitution and our economy, will take the hit for Joey’s belief in the lie of warming/change.

This fool man is the same person who is investigating numerous Trump supporters for inciting a government takeover on January 6th, and currently has them in prison, although not one of them was carrying a gun and none of them caused personal injury or death to anyone. He’s the one who is running an administration that is blaming white people for every ill our society is suffering, and calling all whites racists, with the exclusion of himself and his white staffers. He’s the one who is daring people to NOT get a vaccination, although no one has been blamed nor kept from living their lives for not getting annual cold and flu shots the last ten or more years. He’s the one who is still insisting that everyone who enters a post office or other government facility must wear the worthless mask. He’s the one who has already set in place the next covid lockdown and masking, by warning us that the new variant is among us already and is much more deadly than the old, familiar covid. He’s likely the one who will announce in the near future that another national health emergency, this one blamed on the lie of  warming/change, has occurred that will require significant lockdown restrictions on our personal and professional lives, because global warming is knocking down condos in Miami. So now we must all suffer and live in the dark in order to save the planet, and we’ll be required to stop driving, stop shopping, stop going to restaurants, all because the carbon emission from our cars is dangerous to our planetary environment and the very continued existence of the earth, per Joey‘s line of bull..

Get ready and be prepared, because when the radical left in any nation is in power, heads will roll and lives will be irrevocably changed at the left’s leisure, and at their command. And Joey loves to issue orders and issue commands.

We’ll soon find that freaky Joey is dangerous Joey, because he’s in charge and he knows what’s best for everyone. Joey’s instruction from Obama has been to Fundamentally Transform America, since Obama didn’t complete the job during his eight years in office. The hoarse whisperer will let you know your roll in this very serious matter, and you had better be listening-up and obey your master.