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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Democrats Find Out Why It’s Best To Not Always Get What You Want

 In 2020 Democrats were so desperate to defeat the incredibly successful Donald Trump, that they rigged and cheated in the presidential election that year in order to gain the votes needed to get the weak and stupid Joey Biden into the White House.

This is a classic example of carefully considering what you want to achieve, because the radical, woke, ignorant, stumbling, stuttering and stutter-stepping Biden and his destructive and anti-American policies are destroying the Democrat party, perhaps forever, along with the fabric of America, our constitution and our economy.

Oddly enough the theme song for Donald Trump’s campaign for much, if not all of the 2020 election year, was The Rolling Stones’ song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, and the Democrats would have been wise to consider the ramifications of  a weak-sister like Biden actually gaining the presidency and thereby getting what he wants. Biden’s hero, Barack Obama, had previously warned the Democrats that Biden was so stumbling and stupid that he could “f**k up” even a winning hand, and he has indeed made a total mess of the presidency that was handed to him on a silver platter as a successor to the Trump administration.

The radical leftist totalitarians have pushed old Joey into doing the dumbest things, the worst of which is opening the southern border to a full-fledged invasion, accompanied by establishing a Governmental Bureau of Disinformation, forgiving college loans, running from Afghanistan without proper thought and preparation, forcing masks and an ineffective vaccine on the nation, raising the price of gas, ramming his Green Mess down the throats of a nation that at most doubts the lie of warming/change, and at least holds it in low esteem and of little importance to their lives, and Joey is imposing high inflation on the nation just as it was recovering from the pandemic lockdown injuries.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

“We Think The American Public Are In A Good Position…..”

 The arrogance of the Biden administration and the fool man who is responsible for it, knows no bounds of decency and honesty. The quote in the title of this piece is part of the idiotic statement that Biden’s Shirley Temple look-alike press secretary used when she told Americans that their eyes and pocketbooks are betraying them, and that Joey’s plan to cut off domestic oil production and spend trillions of dollars on waste-time efforts, and his allowing millions of illegal aliens to cross our border, and his attempt to force a bureau of official government disinformation on us, and his plan to forgive college loans, and his lie to citizens that inflation is transitory and will be “short-lived“, are actually to their benefit, not to their detriment.

Americans are watching their homes be repossessed and their gas tanks run empty because of all of the idiotic, partisan moves Joey has made in his first year in office, and no one on his staff is smart enough to see the lie being told about Biden’s “expanding” and “successful” economy and the alleged blessing Joey has bestowed on the American nation by just being in the White House, instead of the evil Donald Trump. People know full well when their lives are being harmed, and the Biden bunch only look as stupid as they actually are when they try to apply colorful words to such a stark, uncolorful landscape of failure and lies.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Modern Political Left Threatens Our Entire System Of Government

 Equal rights under the law. Due process. A free, impartial press informing citizens of current events. Free and fair elections. These things are important for the proper operation of government in the United States, but the far-left press and the lying, cheating Democrats are undermining the whole experience of government as we‘ve always known it.

A Justice to the United States Supreme Court has been targeted by a murderer to eliminate him from the Court at a time when far-left political demonstrators are illegally protesting in front of the homes of this and several other conservative Supreme Court Justices, and CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WAPO, along with the other main stream usual suspects, after at least announcing the murder plot was in process, have remained completely silent on this horrible event, or in the case of the newspapers, they’ve relegated the stories to the back pages of their rags where the article will likely not ever be seen. If such an event as the threat to Kavanaugh had had a Democrat-appointed Justice as the subject, Fox News and other conservative news outlets would have been covering it in great detail, because it’s a matter of national importance concerning our legal process, and it should be known and talked about and abhorred by the entire populace. But since Republicans are depicted by the leftist news groups as being racist hate mongers, attacks against them don’t need to be denounced and discussed, or at least that’s what we can assume by the silence we‘ve witnessed following this event.

Similarly, when the Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, shot and nearly killed Republican House members at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, in June of 2017, there was not much coverage by the leftist press, and there was absolutely no demand of Bernie Sanders for an explanation about the radical nature of his leftist supporters and their willingness to shoot and kill their Republican opponents, nor was there any investigation into how Sanders’ supporters became so radicalized, and are there more such Democrat freaks planning attacks on Republicans.

Equally silent have been the leftist press on the discovery of the Hunter Biden laptop computer and the damning evidence it contains about the collusion of Joey Biden with China, and how corruptly old Joey might behave regarding national dealings between the U.S. and China. And of course there’s the invaluable political protection the silent press gave Biden as he campaigned from his basement for the presidency; if more people had known of the laptop, the Democrat candidate would have received many fewer votes in the 2020 election, so silence in the leftist press was critical to elect the preferred Democrat candidate.

But when a weekend killing spree in Chicago or a mass shooting occurs at a school in America, Republicans and the NRA are immediately blamed for the event, and the finger-pointing news reports continue for months following such shootings, detailing how culpable Republicans are, even though neither of the accused conservative groups have any involvement in the crimes.

Democrats are the party of violence because they are the party of the left, and leftists always want radical change in order to protect their political power, and since most citizens have investments in the status quo, they must be forced to into accepting the change that the left wants, and that brings us full circle back to the violence needed to get people to accept the radical changes Democrats want. The problems America is facing today are very simple, and what the Democrats are doing to America is very evil.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

All Known Evil Comes To A Head Under The Biden Administration, And It’s Not A Coincidence

 Massive school shootings. Enormous numbers of weekend murders in Democrat-run cities. Violent threats to Supreme Court justices. High inflation rates. An intentional and dangerous depletion of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves, done simply to make Joey Biden‘s domestic fuel shortage less obvious. American citizens unable to afford to take a family vacation this summer. American citizens finding bare grocery store shelves and inflated prices for the products they are able to find. Criminals running amok everywhere. Democrats attempting to remove guns from peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. Democrats accusing peaceful American, conservative citizens of being racists. Illegal aliens entering our nation in the millions, with the inevitable joblessness and poverty that will assuredly result, with likely lives of crime to follow. The Disney company pushing sexual materials on children and trying to convince boys that they are really girls, and vice versa.

All these things and more are haunting America. And they have all come to the fore during the far-left, woke, Biden administration. And it’s no coincidence that these things fulfill the Obama promise of Fundamentally Transforming America and making America not only pay for it’s success and prosperity, but is part of making America itself an impoverished third world nation, which it’s rapidly becoming.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Poor Joey; He’s Resorted To Throwing Crap Against The Wall, Hoping Something, Anything, Will Stick

 Americans are increasingly in agreement with Barack Obama when he said that Joe Biden has the ability to f**k everything up. Now we know what Barry meant, and it explains why our nation is dealing with so many crises all at once.

And it’s not that Joey is wrong about everything he says, it’s that most of what he says to Americans are lies. For policy statements and speeches Joey’s woke staff puts together a line of leftist crap and talking points, and the feeble fool quotes the lies with passion and anger, causing the American public to scratch their heads and wonder what the old coot is so mad about, and they’re unable to understand the point he’s trying to make, which was, and I repeat myself, a lie in the first place.

With murder rates hitting the ceiling in Democrat-run states and cities, most of which cities have draconian gun-control laws, poor old Joey proposes even more restrictive measures on gun ownership, proving once again that the party of corruption cannot produce a “common sense“ proposal on anything.

And Joey’s leftist pals aren’t much help, with Whoopi Goldberg ranting about getting rid of AR-15 rifles, which she calls “assault weapons“ because in her limited knowledge of real life outside a TV studio, and after nothing but the repeated reports of AR-15s being blamed for each tragedy in which a weapon was used, she is unaware that there are various other weapons that have the capacity to kill people. The rate of recidivism is outrageous in cities with Democrat catch-and-release prosecutors; threats against schools or individuals made on social media are disregarded by authorities as just some poor slob letting off steam and are not followed up on; and while all of these things muddy the killing waters, Democrats can consider nothing short of banning gun ownership as a solution, period. 

If we could just convince our news and entertainment industries to stop making school shooters into celebrities with wall-to-wall coverage of each disaster, and if we could harden schools and end the misguided gun-free zone claptrap that makes schools an easy target for those unbalanced individuals seeking fame and celebrity status, we might just end these attacks.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Democrats Plan To Pack The Supreme Court By “Other Means”

 Since well before the last national election, and in fear that Donald Trump would be re-elected and appoint more constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court, Democrats have threatened to pack the court with five additional, leftist justices in order to get the Supreme Court decisions they need in order to have the power to rule like dictators.

After reading the title to this opinion piece, one may well ask, “By what ‘other means’ do the Democrats plan to pack the Supreme Court”? Well, with “Whirlwind” Chuck Schumer in charge, they will use assassination and just plain old terrorism to allow muddle-headed Joey Biden to be able to appoint more far-left radicals to the court.

The party of leftist activities and methods began the post-Trump episode in American radical politics by illegally releasing the addresses of conservative members of the Court so their mobs could harass the Justices and their neighbors with round-the-clock marchers, chanters and drum beaters. Then they committed another illegal act when the demonstrators actually showed up and began their harassment of the Justices’ homes.

There has been no condemnation of the illegal demonstrators from anyone in the Biden administration, and if there has been a condemnation of this latest murder attempt against Brett Kavanaugh by Joey’s woke fools, I haven’t heard it. Weepy Joey’s DOJ is just sitting on their hands and allowing this travesty to continue, hoping that maybe one of the conservatives will resign or be killed at the hands of an insane member of the Democrat party, and this situation would be acceptable to Biden and Schumer because all the far left cares about is raw power to rule with an iron fist and imprison or otherwise eliminate their opponents as it suits them. But it seems the conservative Justices are made of tougher stuff, and without doubt the supporters of Trumps judicial appointments are being peaceful and haven’t stormed the demonstrators with fists and buckets of water.

Since all we have is silence from the radical left, it can safely be assumed that the murder attempt on Kavanaugh’s life is exactly what leftist Chuck Schumer intended when he said that Kavanaugh would “pay the price” for becoming a Supreme Court Justice, with the price being death. One wonders if the United States is going the way of Germany’s Weimar Republic, with their beatings of Jews by the brown shirts, the bombings and invasions of neighboring countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, secret police rounding people up in the middle of the night and sending them to concentration camps, kind of like the January 6 House committee is doing.

Our nation is on the brink under radical Biden/Democrat rule, and we’re moving downhill fast with the idiot Joey Biden heading the corrupt pack, and leading us all to destruction.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Schumer’s Threat Of Violence Against Kavanaugh Comes True, And I Want Schumer Arrested For Terrorism!

 On March 4, 2020, Charles Schumer, Democrat Senator from New York, specifically threatened newly installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he yelled the words “I want to tell you Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwinds, and you will pay the price.”

And what was Brett Kavanaugh’s crime? He had recently been installed as a justice on the United States Supreme Court and had survived lies told by Democrats about himself and his past as a student. But the Democrats could not get over Kavanaugh succeeding to be approved for the justice position by the Republican president, Donald Trump, and Schumer erupted in rage with his threat, that has now been fulfilled by someone intending to kill Kavanaugh. Democrats lie easily in order to get and retain power, but when a Republican is successful in spite of their lies, they become apoplectic and dangerous.

Yesterday we learned that a demented Democrat believer was actually taking action to kill Kavanaugh, and I want a full investigation into Schumer’s past actions, his cell phone records, his government and personal emails, and his landline phone calls.

Chucky Schumer has been acting a little strangely lately and seems a little unbalanced in his speech and his actions. Schumer’s words are exactly what CNN’s Don Lemon meant when he said that the most dangerous people in America are white male terrorists, and I want Schumer investigated for his untimely but sincerely meant words in March, 2020. This investigation may also uncover a relationship between Schumer’s threats on Kavanaugh and the endless riots that were committed all summer long in 2020 by Democrat criminal rioters who have never been punished for the billons of dollars of property they destroyed and the dozens of lives they took that summer.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Biden’s Green Agenda Is Evidence That Socialism/Communism Always Fails

 There’s a real world out there, and ignoring it is why Joey Biden’s administration is failing badly.

Biden’s lack of ever having had a real, for-profit job in his life and never having to be cognizant to the willing acceptance of his ideas by a large number of people who voluntarily paid his salary, is largely why we have all of the problems our nation is currently facing. Instead of seeking the political buy-in of Americans for his radical policies, by gradually building solar and wind power and proving its effectiveness and dependability which would make Americans comfortable with giving up their internal combustion vehicles for electric ones, he instead ignored the pocketbooks and the opinion of Americans and was indifferent to and disrespectful of the public’s attitude toward this drastic change in our lives. He dove right in with shutting down new domestic oil drilling and refining and his policies have been the direct cause of many consumer shortages and empty store shelves we’ve experienced this last year, and have caused the inflation that is leading to hard economic times ahead.

And because he’s always been in government, which does virtually whatever it chooses to do and then covers it up and lies about it if public scrutiny occurs, Biden imposed his will without any consideration for customer approval of his actions, with the customer being the American citizens, and he cut off new oil and gas exploration and production in order to force everyone to accept moving to electric vehicles, with inflation being the proof of how bad his sudden, inconsiderate maneuvers were. Joey has repeatedly said that he’s a Capitalist, but governing by executive orders and mandates are not how Capitalism works.

Our authoritarian president was so intent on shoving his green agenda down our throats that his first act in office was to unilaterally halt significant oil production, and then make the idiotic statement that we were now energy independent, while simultaneously begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to increase shipments of oil to the United States.

The American citizens have been “serviced” by the Biden administration, but that’s the opposite of the public service politicians are expected to provide.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

How Can The Party Of Idiocy And Incompetence Possibly Produce Anything Called “Common Sense”?

 Democrats claim that their solutions to gun violence are “common sense” solutions, but how can the party of Russian collusion, allowing men to compete in women’s sports, not putting repeat criminals in jail for keeps, continued spending in the trillions of dollars while ignoring impending inflation, ever come up with anything close to “common sense”?  

Every Monday morning we hear of multiple shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, New York and other Democrat-run cities over the preceding weekend, and all of this violence follows a full summer of killings in 2020 in which the Democrat apologists passingly stated that the violence was “mostly peaceful” and nothing was done to stop it nor to punish the perpetrators. 

And especially in Chicago, daily shootings happen with the knowledge that guns are absolutely forbidden, and yet in at least one instance where several gangs took each others’ lives in a major shoot-out, all of the surviving perps were let loose to kill again, because the idiot Democrat mayor of Chicago said that they were just shooting each other, so no big deal. Even when the legally forbidden guns are used, no punishment is given out, and the killing just continues, and yet Democrats are dead serious about taking guns from honest, law-abiding American citizens.

Most recently we had the Uvalde shooting tragedy, and what do the Democrats propose as a solution: more gun control. No consideration is given by Democrats to trying to monitor mentally deranged individuals’ violent messages and postings and stop these people before they commit the murderous acts they boast about. Nor do Democrats want to discuss hardening schools using the billions of dollars that were allotted for covid remedies and ventilating schools and which have been lying unused these many months. All Dems can suggest is outlawing more guns, a policy that has been increasing for years, with only bad results as an outcome, with more negative, deadly results awaiting America if Democrats continue to push their limited, single-train-of-thought policies into the future.