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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Letter To Kevin Yoder: How To Save Our Nation

Below is a letter mailed to Representative Kevin Yoder on Christmas Day, 2011. Christmas has traditionally been a time of rejoicing and looking forward to a new year in which to build stronger futures for ourselves and our children. But those times are long gone. Our nation faces assured disaster if changes are not made immediately. After hearing Mr. Yoder speak on numerous occasions over the past 2 years and reading his most recent newsletters, it's clear that he has no ideas of his own as to how to save our nation from political and financial disaster and prefers to "work with both sides" to resolve the issues (have you heard anything from Harry Reid or Barack Obama lately that would lead you to believe that a Republican could possibly work with them and get any kind of cooperation from them?). I fear Mr. Yoder is just another political suit steering clear of controversy and conflict so he can get re-elected in 2012.


In 2010 we had an election that promised to be a revolution as conservatives and TEA Party members pushed for real, meaningful change in the way politics is played and the way money is spent in America. You ran against several true conservatives candidates and, no surprise here: you, the real politician with organization and money behind you, won. So here's an appraisal of some of your recent words and what they really mean, or don't mean, as the case may be.

In your November 20 newsletter was an article from the New York Times (dated 11-20-11) announcing the $15 trillion national budget. In your December 11 newsletter was an article (posted 8-15-11) describing the immense regulatory growth in government under Obama.

Do these articles, which spell out our national doom, mean anything to you? Why were they posted in your newsletter? Nowhere can there be found an idea from you as to how to overcome these disasters and save our nation from destruction. You were voted into office to make decisions and develop ideas to save the nation, not to play ball-as-usual with the boys and girls in D.C., but you instead seek direction and cooperation from your peers.

Let me suggest an idea that attacks the debt and halts the regulatory blanket that is smothering our nation: repeal the enabling legislation for the EPA, and the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Interior and the NLRB. Abolish these dictatorial agencies (especially the EPA which is issuing regulations that will begin shutting down electric generating plants in the next few months as part of their unconstitutional Cap and Trade agenda) and you will liberate businesses to expand, plus the benefit of un-employing hundreds of liberals who are causing our nation such distress in Washington.

From your November 27 newsletter: "I remain committed to working with members of both parties to find solutions to tackle the looming debt crisis facing our nation."

These are pretty words but what do they mean? We're beyond the point of playing nice with the other politicians in Washington, especially with the liberals who will not debate and who refuse to vote as tradition would dictate, and who only shove unwanted legislation down our throats. It's time to kick some liberal butt and make real changes, but you put forward no ideas for affecting the "solutions" you say you want. Anyone who has watched Obama and his Democrat pals deal with the Republicans in the House knows there is no way to play nice with them. They and their ideas must be defeated completely, no compromises are possible any longer.

Your November 20, newsletter said:"Our crushing national debt could require catastrophic cuts...". Greece has shown us where we're headed if we don't stop borrowing and spending andif we don't return to the constitution for guidance, NOW!! There's no time to just reduce the rate of growth, we must stop the spending immediately. Getting rid of the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Interior, the EPA, reducing the IRS to a fraction of its present size and moving to the FAIR tax would be a great step forward, followed quickly by repealing Obamacare and the Financial Reform Act. Doing these things would save in excess of a trillion dollars each and every year, not the pretend one trillion dollars over 10 years that the politicians insist on referring to in their phony proposals (which would never happen in the Washington we have today anyway) and businesses would surge as a result, creating many tax-paying jobs which would increase revenue to the government, and would allow paying down the debt without the need to raise taxes on anyone, even the evil rich who pay more than their share at present anyway.

Your November 20 newsletter also quoted you as saying: "Congress has the power not only to create law, but to change it and even repeal it". Now you're talking, but you didn't talk to the point, and you didn't mention any suggested legislation you would wish to change or repeal. I would suggest that the enabling legislation for the EPA be repealed immediately, with the enabling legislation for the various Departments mentioned above to follow soon on it heels. All of these executive departments are crushing overhead on government and must be gotten rid of, unless you can make the case that education is better for our children since the Department of Education was formed, or unless you can convince me that energy is more plentiful and less costly than when the Department of Energy was formed, or unless the National Labor Relations Board's blocking of Boeing building a new plant in South Carolina is what the creators of the NLRB intended for them to do.

Let's get busy and save this nation, because we are nearly out of time and the old-boy, insider network of doing the business of government is killing the United States.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are You Better Off today....? Part 2

Under Barack Obama the EPA has established emissions standards for power plants that will soon cause power plants in the United States to begin shutting down because upgrades will be too expensive or impossible for older plants. The United States of America is about to reduce its electric foot-print and cause less power to be generated at a time when our energy needs are growing and our dependence on energy is greater than ever.

Why do we allow the EPA to continue to exist when this rogue agency is causing such a crushing hardship to befall this great nation? This idiotic regulatory agency's decision will make our homes darker at night, colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, and could disrupt the pumping of water to our homes, along with causing additional business failures and increased joblessness. This is outrageous idiocy from a liberal administration that has already killed millions of jobs as a result of unconstitutional regulations, torn up parts of our major cities via the Occupy Wall Street rent-a-mob encouraged by Obama, refuse to create a constitutionally required annual budget and are now about to leave us literally in the dark and cold and without electric power to our homes and businesses. We are being controlled and manipulated by total fools, and they will cause even more harm if the presidency and the Senate remain in Democrat hands next year.

Where does Kevin Yoder stand on the issue of the EPA causing the reduction of electric energy? He should be leading us to fight this obscenity and all we get is silence. If you will recall the last few years and the rolling brown-outs and black-outs that California experienced and how we felt superior to them in their lack of foresight to what a lack of power plants would cause, you will realize that now we are all Californians and are heading for bad times as long as the EPA is allowed to exist and dictate to a supposedly free nation. The EPA must be abolished and the fool Obama removed from office.

America: What Has It Become, What Is It Becoming?

Obama says Americans are lazy and won't take on big, imaginative projects anymore, then kills the big Keystone XL project.

Obama says he won't sleep until job creation is back to the pre-Omama employment levels, then kills the job-creating Keystone XL project.

Obama says we must become energy independent and stop depending on energy from nations who hate us, then kills the Keystone XL project which gets energy from our friendly neighbor, Canada.

In the current year-end political wrangling, Republicans are being criticized for voting to extend tax breaks for a year, by Democrats and liberals in the media who want to extend those same tax breaks for two months (if two months of tax breaks are good, isn't a year of tax breaks six times better?). And besides, when did liberals decide tax breaks of any kind are good? They always argue for tax increases so we can grow their precious big-government even larger, and they believe tax breaks will bankrupt the nation. Why do they get to win the argument both ways?

Part of the same year-end tax reduction extension from both Republicans and Democrats is a provision for the Keystone XL project which Obama said he would veto, even though he also recently claimed that America is lazy and needs large projects to make us great again , decrease our energy dependence and create more jobs.

Are the liberals running this great nation crazy or are they just fools?

The Democrats have not created a Constitutionally required annual budget for over two years and are constantly fighting the calendar and the clock to pass last minute continuing resolutions in order to avoid the shut-down of government, and then they blame Republicans for the necessity to push legislation at the final moment by calling them obstructionists and claiming that Republicans want the shut-down of government that Democrat actions and policies have brought about.

What is this nation becoming? Under Democrat rule it's not pretty.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You Better Off Today....?

The age-old political question has always been: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" At times in our past the answer depended on one's perspective, but with this presidential election the answer is clear: "No! We are much worse off than when Obama took office."

Whether the subject is liberty, educational quality for our children, the cost and availability of the fuel we need to live comfortably, our economic security and prosperity, the transparency of government, the honesty and sincerity of our president, jobs and a favorable environment for business, constitutional behavior on the part of congress and the administration, or anti-American rabble tearing up our major cities at the urging of Barack Obama, every single aspect of our lives is worse under the current administration, and if this fool man gets four more years to complete his destruction of this great nation, we'll all probably wish we had been born in another country.

We can't afford to sit out this critical election, and we can't allow a third party candidate for president to divide the vote and assure an Obama win. We must insist that a true conservative be the Republican candidate, and we must all turn out to vote for that candidate. It's go-time in America, and the re-election of Obama assures our destruction as a nation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama Is Wrong Again: Capitalism, Work, Thrift and Freedom Lead To Prosperity

Recently our president visited Osawatomie, Kansas, where he made a speech stating that capitalism doesn't work, while completely ignoring the miracle of prosperity that the United States has permitted its citizens to create, prosperity unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Sorry Obama, old stick, but you're wrong again.

Freedom and liberty are the absence of dependence on anyone, especially dependence on government. Conversely, what the likes of Obama offer are total dependence on big government, and examples of the outcome of this dependency policy can be found in North Korea, Cuba, Somalia and other nations where citizens live in misery.

At present half the population of Mexico disagree with Obama and his belief that capitalism doesn't work, and have demonstrated their disagreement by crossing our southern border, legally and illegally, to work in the United States for the prosperity they can't get at home in Mexico, where corrupt government allows little room for prosperity.

Most of the immigrants in America, whether from Mexico, Europe or the Orient, don't remain poor for very long after coming to the U.S. They become firmly middle class or better because they work, save and benefit from the unique offering of capitalism in this great nation. At the opposite end of the economic scale are those to whom Obama wants to give money, and they remain poor and dependent on government for the meager handouts they receive.

Let's be honest about Obama's intentions: He has no interest in helping the poor and lifting them out of poverty. He only wants the raw power created by a dependent class who will slavishly vote for him and his liberal pals so long as the keep the goodies flowing, and is well on his way to getting the power he seeks with his current, mostly unconstitutional policies. This fool man must be voted out of office next November or we'll all be living like North Koreans.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Liberals Destroy Christmas, Fun and Liberty

The very concept of "fun" is unknown to much of the population of the world. There is no "fun" to be had in Somalia, Sudan, Cuba, Afghanistan or North Korea, among numerous others. These nations have little of the basics that we take for granted, such as fresh water for bathing, drinking or cooking. They have limited amounts and varieties of nutritious food,and the citizens of these nations live in grinding poverty. The governments in each country are the sole and direct cause of the suffering and misery that the people residing there must endure. The ideas of "fun" that we have been familiar with in America (going for a drive in a convertible, having a nice meal at a favorite restaurant, flying off for a vacation in the mountains or at the beach) are literally unknown in a large portion of the world, and it's all due to government over-taxing, over-regulating, denying basic human liberties and the persecution of political or religious opponents and minorities.

It's frightening enough to know that these conditions are keeping vast numbers of people from enjoying the precious lives they have been blessed with, but we're seeing these creeping powers of government beginning to take hold right here at home:

First liberals made us reduce our driving speeds to 55 MPH because Jimmy Carter tried to control the price of gas. Then they began taking smoking rights away from those citizens who wished to enjoy this legal habit (even to the point of denying them the right to smoke in their own homes, in some jurisdictions). then they regulated the amount of water our toilets could use for a flush. Then they regulated salt, fat and sugar in our food. Then they regulated the carbon our cars and power generating plants could produce. Then they regulated the amount of gasoline our cars could use on a MPG basis. Now they are regulating in which states of the union legal and much needed manufacturing plants (the NLRB forbids Boeing from setting up a plant in South Carolina). Via intrusive regulations companies are not allowed to build new and much-needed electric generating plants. Oil companies are not allowed to establish new domestic sources of oil and gas supplies, while at the same time Obama ballyhoos about our dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas and how this must end, along with the contradicting statements he's recently made about Americans being lazy and not investing in large projects, while at the same time blocking the Keystone project which would provide critical sources of energy from a friendly neighbor, Canada. Farmers are being watched to assure they don't create too much dust when they plow their fields. Currently Christmas is being discouraged and scorned by the liberal smart-set as offending the sensibilities of those who are not Christians (while most Jews are grateful for the personal and religious freedoms they enjoy in this vastly Christian nation). Catholic private schools are told they must remove the crucifixes from the walls of their classrooms because they offend the Muslims who attend school there. We're being told by our government that we must buy healthcare, and soon it will only be available from the government. Liberals in government (for example: Obama) vilify and try to punish the wealthy by heaping new and additional taxes on them simply because of their financial success.

Everywhere we look government is in the way of our pursuing our own private lives, our professions, our religion and even our "fun", and there is no end in sight with radical liberals controlling government agencies. Soon we'll be told we can't drive our automobiles more than 25 miles a week, and a stiff increase in the gasoline tax will assure our compliance (after all the government needs the additional revenue, don't you know?).

America is being destroyed from within by Obama and his liberal czars, and we're likely to see destruction come from the outside soon if liberals succeed in gutting the military budget and leaving our borders undefended.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Only Fools Trust Government Over Corporations

Businesses must compete with other businesses, which makes them deliver a safer, better product or service, and they must make a profit in order to continue to exist, and this effort makes them more efficient and careful with their customers' money, which is voluntarily given by the customer in exchange for the desired product.

Government, on the other hand, has no competition and has no need to make a profit, so they are inefficient and sloppy, unlike private corporations which must please and attract their customers in order to make a profit. Government is all overhead all the time: it costs the citizens of the nation money to support it, money edicted from them via taxes under pain of imprisonment if the taxes are not paid.

Only fools such as those who are participating in the "Occupy" movement would demand money and jobs from government, whose income derives from taxes, which makes it possible to redistribute the money the OWS fools demand, then block the coastal ports and the roads of major cities, keeping workers from their jobs and keeping products from reaching markets, which halts the very revenue the protesters are trying to obtain from government.

The OWS crowd blame corporations for the financial problems that Obama and other leftists have caused, when it's the government that failed to exercise oversight of Fannie, Freddie and the financial instruments being created all the time by the finance industry. And why did government fail in its oversight responsibilities? Because government employees (Senators and Congressmen) are in the pockets of the very finance industries they are supposed to oversee and control. One can't say that industry is above blame for its excesses, but government is ultimately culpable because it writes the laws and has the legal power to halt bad practices. And because legislators need the campaign contributions industry doles out, congressional overseers will not do their jobs, and have created the financial mess we're in today, which was caused by the fraud of sub-prime loans that government literally forced on mortgage companies, leading directly to our current economic troubles.

It's government, not industry, that has borrowed and printed us into national poverty.

It's government, not industry, that denies drilling for the oil and gas that literally keep us alive and fed.

It's government, not industry, that has blocked projects we badly need in order to expand the economy and create jobs.

It's government that issues regulations that cause industry to fail to grow, or cause it to actually shrink as a result of the government's intrusive regulations.

It's government that fines farmers (who provide our food, if anyone has forgotten) for raising dust when they plow, but won't prosecute admitted acts of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, and won't control our borders from illegal entry.

It's government, not industry which has grown enormously since Obama became president, and which will not control the spending of the tax money that it forces us to pay on penalty of imprisonment, while industry is having trouble making ends meet and keeping productive employees at work.

It's government that is destroying the best healthcare system in the world via Obamacare and its draconian and massive regulations.

And in particular it's the executive branch agencies of government that are unilaterally making laws in direct contradiction to the expressed wishes of congress, which created the agencies and assigned them their responsibilities in the first place, and are bringing our economy to a halt (the most egregious example of executive agency abuse is the EPA's insistence on pushing cap and trade regulations piece by piece, although congress specifically rejected these practices).

To save this great nation we must reduce the size, cost and intrusiveness of government by eliminating the EPA, the Departments of Energy, Education and Commerce and elect a new president and Senators who understand the value and importance of private industry. I was, after all, private industry that created the most robust economy and the largest and most comfortable and wealthy middle class the world has ever seen, and it has been government, under Barack Obama, that is well on its way to destroying that middle class forever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Leftist Vermin "Occupy" Obama's Hooverville America

The filth that is the modern American left (and by filth I mean actual filth and dirt, to include rape, shootings, defecating in public, drugs, arrests and lice) are now officially "occupying" the Obama-created and encouraged Hoovervilles throughout America. With this recent "Occupy America" event, we can easily see what lies in store for our children and grandchildren if the American left, led by these fools and their allies in government and unions, get their way and finally redistribute our hard-earned wealth. It will end the possibility of prosperity and the potential of living comfortably for not only Americans, but the entire world, as over-spending governments (including our own) go down to debt and the inability to sustain their borrowing and lavish, unnecessary, unconstitutional spending.

For the last 80 years or so America has been drifting toward the leftist's objectives, and the last 3 years have seen this effort go into overdrive with massive E.P.A. regulations and a score of Obama's executive orders that have destroyed jobs, undermined retirement funds, caused vast numbers of people to lose their homes to foreclosure and caused small businesses to fail.

Some may call the Occupy Hooverville crowd an exercise in free speech, but their criminal actions are not "speech", their anti-hard work and anti-thrift demands are neither realistic nor sustainable, and their objectives will not lead to any form of freedom, except the left's continued insistence to freely take our property and personal liberties away. These idiots must be firmly opposed by the police and must be defeated in November 2012 with the removal of Obama and his leftist pals in congress.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Obama Laments, Then Forbids "Big Projects" For America

Recently Obama lamented that Americans are lazy and will no longer engage in big, imaginative projects like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge (these two projects would be stopped dead in their tracks by the E.P.A. and other environmental groups if they were proposed today), yet for political reasons our Barry is blocking a big project (the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada) that would deliver much-needed oil that we are currently getting from unfriendly foreign sources, to the United States. We desperately need new and dependable sources of fuel not only for national defense but also to assure that we can get our food to local markets and get ourselves to work. Our socialist Barry proposes worthless bills to congress that he calls jobs bills, and blocks real job-creating projects like Keystone XL simply to gain favor from his diminishing base as he runs for re-election next November.

Our president's ignorant proposals for fake jobs and his blocking of real jobs is psychotic, the man is demented for the suffering he is causing America. If this 747-hugging, golf-playing fool would stay in Washington and work for a change and try to get past his more radical tendencies we might get back on the road to prosperity once again. But don't bet on it with this truly lazy, pleasure-loving dedicated progressive-liberal man in office.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Are Democrats Trying To Recruit Herman Cain?

Given all of the publicity and dubious charges the liberals are registering against Herman Cain about sexual harassment, we must consider that they are not being critical of the leading Republican candidate for president, but instead it's possible that they are just feeling him out (no pun intended) to see if he is sufficiently Clinton-filthy to become a Democrat and run on their ticket. After all, they've only found two women who have very tame accusations against Cain, while Clinton had numerous women with serious charges, one of which was a claim that Clinton raped and beat her, so the liberal press needs to dig much deeper to bring Cain down to the level of Bill Clinton, but they really need a good candidate to run instead of the loser currently occupying the Oval Office, so I'll bet they keep trying.

But I don't think Herman Cain would make a good Democrat candidate. I can't see him advising to "put some ice on that" or sympathizing that he "feels your pain", and I doubt that he is sufficiently fashion-conscious to recognize a good blue dress when he sees one, as our old dog Clinton did.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 And The Destruction Of America

Considering the story line of the Ray Bradbury book "Fahrenheit 451" can give some insight into what's happening in this great nation under the current anti-American administration as well as provide some parallels with our current lives.

The book describes a society whose firemen set fires instead of extinguishing them, and a society which crushes free, independent thinking on the part of its citizens. Here are some parallels:

Consider our current Department of Education: are children learning more now than when the Department was formed? No! Students are learning less and are being indoctrinated more to socialist/communist thinking.

Does the Department of Energy provide fuel at a lower cost and in a more plentiful quantity than before this group was formed? No! We have much more expensive fuel and the quantity we are allowed to produce domestically has been greatly reduced, negatively impacting national security and our balance of trade with unfriendly nations.

And let's not forget the EPA which is issuing regulations in direct contradiction to the expressed wishes of Congress, and is issuing these regulations at a pace that is killing our nation's ability to create and maintain jobs and make products we need to live and provide comfortable lives for our families.

So why do we permit these executive departments to survive and undermine our prosperity and our freedom? Why hasn't congress refused funds to these anti-American groups? Each department mentioned should have their enabling legislation repealed and be disbanded immediately, saving us trillions of dollars each and every year and getting rid of liberal staffers and trouble makers at the same time.

Given the unbelievable deluge of executive orders and injurious regulations coming from the Obama Administration (and the fairy tale news reports we've been hearing lately) it's easy to imagine the formation of a Department of Religion in which Muslims can have the Crucifix removed from Catholic classrooms because it offends them, and where Catholic hospitals can be forced to perform abortions because liberals want them. After all, we already have Obamacare which was shoved down our throats with a promise to reduce medical costs and provide better medical assistance, but has in fact been shown to greatly increase medical costs and will reduce medical care for the entire nation.

For the last 70-plus years liberals in government have been intruding into our lives at an ever-increasing rate, but under Obama the pedal has been pushed to the metal and the intrusions have increased in quantity and with greater speed than ever imaginable in the past, propelling us to a totalitarian state, and our Barry still has a year left to push us nearer the brink. Can we survive? Only if we defeat Obama and retake the Senate in 2012, and we'd better begin by getting the House or Representatives to push their pedal to the metal and actively oppose the terror Obama is imposing on Americans, and remove the funding that is allowing this to happen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Government Jobs Plans Are All B.S.

It's foolish for our Republican politicians to try to compete with Obama concerning the lie of job creation via government edict. Legislative bills and the creation of jobs via government fiat will not work (I thought our side was trying to defeat Obama, not join him). Only private businesses that make products or offer services in a competing environment, seeking a profit, can create jobs. Any employment the government can create is just overhead and a burden that the private sector has to pay for via higher taxes. Obama and any ideas he's ever had are losers and are leading our society and our economy to total destruction, so Republican politicians must have the backbone to call his blather the lies they are.

Big government and its unconstitutional rules and regulations are the problem our nation is facing at the moment, and only by eliminating the problem will the United States prosper once more. Getting rid of big, intrusive government means abolishing the EPA and halting its destructive regulations; abolishing the Department of Education and letting local school districts again be the controllers of curriculum and start educating students instead of the political indoctrination kids are currently getting at "government schools" with leftist, anti-American propaganda; abolish the Department of Energy and let companies drill for and refine oil once more so we can assure our own domestic supply of fuel and stop wasting billions of dollars buying from abroad. Then we need to adopt a FAIR tax (similar to Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal) and get rid of the destructive and wasteful IRS and all of its rules and threats to our freedom and financial decision-making.

By eliminating wasteful and over-controlling governmental departments we would get rid of the leftist meddlers who are regulating us to death, and we would save trillions of dollars in absolute terms by not having to pay government salaries and the insane regulations that are being forced on us from above. And getting rid of big government and it's burdensome costs would halt the spiraling expense of government completely, not just slow the increasing growth of government, which is the game we are now playing with liberals who only pretend to want to reduce expenditures. And finally, by reducing government and ridding ourselves of its regulations and control, businesses will flourish and joblessness will be reduced.

Get government out of the way and let the American people breathe free again, and they will prosper once more.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama's Continued And Extended Threat To America

Now that the Iranian assassination plot has been exposed the Obama administration has promised to "hold Iran accountable" for the war-like action which intended to kill a Saudi Arabian diplomat on U.S. soil. However, because the Obama Department of Justice itself has in effect committed an act of war against Mexico with its Fast and Furious fiasco in which many Mexicans and one American have been killed, our child president has his hands tied as to what method of retaliation he can launch. If too heavy a response is performed then Mexico can accuse Obama, Eric Holder and America in general of committing war-like acts against that nation. This is the type of predicament a nation gets into when it has a self-centered, coddled, community organizer as Commander-in-Chief, making decisions way above his ability to understand what he's doing. When Obama was using racist and class envy charges while leading demonstrations in Chicago he could always get the power structure to buckle to his socialist demands, and the ramifications of his actions were slight. But with international relations involved with his current job, and with lives at stake, the stakes are much higher, and we are seeing the result of this fool's neighborhood-level decisions producing deadly and disastrous results at the international level.

Barack Obama presents a real and present danger not only to America's national security, but also to our prosperity and liberty. It's no coincidence that we are having all of these crises plague our nation under Obama's presidency, because he is intentionally trying to destroy our economy and limit our liberties via the creation of one bit of chaos after another, spending trillions of dollars of borrowed money we can't pay back, and raising taxes on the earners and the producers so he can shower more money and benefits on the non-producers and the takers, thereby creating even more joblessness and more chaos.

Each and every proposal coming from this White House must be soundly rejected (as the Democrats in the Senate just rejected his so-called "jobs" bill) and this fool man must be replaced in November 2012 with a Republican who can put America back on a stable, productive course once more. The futures of our children depend on defeating Obama in the next election.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Political Candidacy Is About Judgement, Not Experience

If experience is what we need in a presidential candidate, then no one but top military officers would be fit for the job of our top executive, given their experience at decision-making and dealing with complex military matters. The current occupant of the oval office proves the point, that even after being president for nearly 3 years, he still has not gained the experience to do the job (but of course he's a raving liberal radical with an agenda to bring America down to size, so he's really not trying to learn, just destroy).

Pundits have it wrong when they question the experience of certain candidates. It's not experience a candidate needs in order to run for president or any other public office, it's their judgement that matters, and stating that Michelle Bachman or Herman Cain don't have the experience to be president misses the point. Their judgement when making decisions and establishing policy is the important thing. All politicians have staffs and advisers to keep them informed and give them direction, but it's what they do with that advice that is critical, and if they have radical intentions, as does Barack Obama, then all of the experience and acvice in the world will not cause them to make good decisions.

After all, did not our founders intend for the common laborer and farmer to be leaders of the country? And did William F. Buckley not make the wise statement that he'd rather be governed by the first 100 people listed in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard University? I don't want another highly educated and well-spoken elite liberal leading our nation, I want a plain-spoken average Joe who makes good decisions and knows why the decisions are the best ones for the nation.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama's Actions Are A Declaration Of War On America

If any foreign nation interfered with America's prosperity, wealth, liberties and national defense the way Obama has, we would declare war on them. In March on 2010 I posted an opinion paper with the title "The EPA Declares War On America" which detailed how EPA decisions were hurting America and Americans, but since that time not only has the EPA doubled-down and made things much worse, but the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Reserve, the Departments of Energy and the Interior and Obama himself have issued orders and regulations (the EPA: draconian restrictions on coal-fired power plants; NLRB: Boeing isn't permitted to manufacture in South Carolina; Energy and Interior: halt all off-shore drilling for oil; EPA: make dairy farmers treat spilled milk like Exxon is required to treat an oil spill; EPA: punish farmers for stirring up dust as they plant and harvest; Obama personally: putting in place a health-care plan that has halted hiring throughout the nation and caused vast joblessness;repeatedly proposing the raising of taxes on the wealthy and successful so as to support the lazy and unambitious;proposing new spending bills that will require the printing and/or borrowing of enormous amounts of money that we don't have and can't repay and putting our children and grandchildren at risk of being enslaved to foreign powers in order to make payments on the debt) that are choking our nation to death with unconstitutional, big-government impositions on a free people.

These "declarations of war" on our nation and on our children's futures must be addressed now and halted by congress by opposing the regulations and executive orders, and then in November of 2012 the American people must vote to boot the fool Obama out of office, just like we did the idiot Carter.

And on top of the actions listed above adversely impacting the health and welfare of Americans, the Obama administration's ATF effectively declared direct war on Mexico through its "fast and furious" scheme of providing weapons to Mexican criminals, who in turn killed many Mexican military and police agents with those same weapons. How can such a blatant action not cause urgent and long-lasting trouble between sovereign nations?

We are on the precipice and if we don't halt our criminal administration, Obama will cause irreparable damage to our prosperity and freedom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Racist Emanuel Cleaver

According to a recent news release in the Miami Herald, if a white president had the horrible record on joblessness that Barack Obama has, the Congressional Black Caucus "would be marching on the White House" per a quote attributed to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. But since it's a semi-black man in the White House at present, no such demonstration of frustration with presidential failure is permitted. Is this an admission that the Congressional Black Caucus, and their chairman, Emanuel Cleaver, are a pack of racists?

How can anyone support and vote for blatant racists in present-day America? This is a disgrace and an affront to all decent persons, and Emanuel Cleaver must be defeated along with Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Down-Sizing Government; Social Security Is An Easy Place To Start

If we want a less abusive government we must make it smaller, and Social Security is a good place to begin reducing government, and at the same time we can give an honest break to our younger workers.

Government Reduction:

First and foremost there is no Social Security Trust Fund. When FICA money is sent to Washington an IOU is issued to the Social Security Fund and the money goes directly to the Treasury where it is spent. The reason there is such furor whenever changes to Social Security are proposed is not out of concern for the future of workers when they retire, it's because letting people keep more of their own money and direct their income to their own retirement accounts deprives the government of billions of dollars it currently spends or gives to its pals and political supporters (can you say "Solyndra"?). Letting workers establish their own self-directed retirement accounts with the payroll deduction currently going to Social Security deprives government of money and makes it smaller. That's the ideal. And if we allow young workers to self-direct their retirement we further reduce government because future retirees will not be dependent on Social Security, thereby assuring a smaller, less expensive and less invasive government.

Fairness to Young workers:

We all know that our government is both broke and broken and that there will be no Social Security money left to payout to retirees in 10 or 20 years, so why perpetrate the fraud any longer by forcing workers to pay into an account that will give them nothing when they retire, when we could allow all workers under the age of 45 to direct money to their own self-directed retirement fund and opt-out of Social Security? Of course, they can stay with Social Security if they want to, but they are making a known risky move by doing so, whereas a self-directed account will always be there for them and can't be denied by a bankrupt government.

You can tell you're proposing something good when Democrats rise as a unit to oppose it, and that's exactly what happens whenever a change to Social Security is suggested, which proves it's a good idea. If we don't stop allowing government to waste billions of our FICA money and if we don't give relief to young workers and allow them to begin providing for their own retirement, the future of this nation will be more bleak than it already is under the Obama-meister.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Increasing Threat Of Obama

One may think that when Obama recently told the EPA to withdraw its new ozone regulations that he did so because he was concerned that the new, draconian regulation would cause more job losses and result in more expensive, less dependable electric service to Americans.

But not so fast!

Our Barry only told the EPA to remove the new regulation " this time". In other words, he realized the negative press and opinion the new dire regulations were causing and he asked that they be withdrawn for a few months so he could get re-elected. As soon as a second term is assured, the ozone regulation will be pushed into law and kill thousands more jobs, which has been the concentration of Obama for the last two years.

Barack Obama is a true leftist radical, and the real world of markets and results has no meaning to him. He wants green projects and industries to win, and no matter how many failures his side encounters (like the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which wasted a half-billion tax dollars on a project no one seeking a profit would invest in) he will never stop pushing his idiotic, job-killing projects and regulations in an attempt to make America "greener", even if green means broke and jobless. We must make every effort to assure that this fool man does not get re-elected, or our nation is lost along with the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is Abolishing The Department Of Education A Radical Position? Read On...

In the last congressional campaign (Kansas, 3rd District) I was one of the candidates for the position Kevin Yoder now occupies. One of the several specific proposals I spoke for at every opportunity was the abolition of the Department of Education. Even the other candidates thought this was a radical proposal, but is getting rid of a liberal, big-government group that has measurably undermined education in America and returning to locally-run and controlled school boards, as the founders of our nation intended, a radical position? I think not. (Are grades higher in our schools since the establishment of the Department of Education? Is education better? Are our children learning more and on a par with the education given by other nations? Are teachers and their unions solid patriots or are they operating under the umbrella of a subversive Department of Education?)

Some other "radical" positions I proposed during the 2010 debates was getting the United States out of the U.N. (did our founders or the Constitution speak of handing over control of our internal policies and laws to an outside mob?), Abolish the Departments of Energy and Interior (are gasoline or oil less expensive or more plentiful than they were before these departments were formed?), Defund Obama's czars (are unelected and congressionally unapproved radicals in the executive branch approved by the Constitution?), Abolish the EPA (this out-of-control pack is issuing streams of regulations that will shut down power plants across the nation and cause untold hardship and job loss if they are not stopped by congress). Get rid of the Department of Labor (the NLRB recently told Boeing and AT&T that they cannot build plants and combine workforces at a time when we desperately need the jobs).

Abolishing these big-government groups would not only help restore constitutional rule and get rid of the radicals whose policies are destroying our nation, but would also save trillions of dollars every year by eliminating the overhead these groups present and would also eliminate the regulations they issue that undermine liberty, freedom and prosperity.

In fact the only radicals we have are the leftists/progressives who have established the various departments that are hurting the country, costing too much money and making the nation both poor and jobless. It's the true radicals who have torn up and ignored the constitution, and it's people with my opinions who want to restore the constitution and a rule of law, revert to a smaller government and allow people to be free and prosper.

So, who's the radical?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama-Now Beyond The Tipping Point

Our Barry now can have no pretense of trying to create jobs and restore prosperity to Americans. His NLRB kills jobs for Boeing and AT&T, his union pals are undermining growth by forcing unionization onto private businesses and their employees, who don't want control and subservience imposed on them. His EPA issues draconian regulations, one after another, that kill our energy resources and the jobs that depend on energy (and all jobs depend on energy in one form or another, or the jobs go away).

His Energy and Interior Departments halt drilling and fracking and the importation of energy sources from Canada (thereby leaving us more dependent on energy from countries that hate us, such as Saudi Arabia). His Green energy initiatives, which have soaked up billions of dollars of our tax money, are failing right and left because they have no basis in the real market where our economy and our jobs and prosperity exist. And don't forget Obamacare which has managers fearful of hiring because of the uncertainty of the costs of Barry's government-imposed, fraudulent healthcare plan.

This destruction of our lives is not stupidity, although the people who would do such an evil thing are truly stupid people, it's rather the intentional destruction of prosperity and liberty in one of the last places in the world where these precious things thrive: America. It's the intentional concentration of power and control under a far-left power structure that will leave the United States in much worse shape economically and socially than anyone can conceive, and when the United States is defeated and destroyed, Europe and the rest of the world that are now pleasant places to visit, will quickly follow, because American power and influence are all that has kept the rest of the old-world possible and alive.

Our immoral president goes off to Martha's Vineyard to play golf and gambol on the beach, promising that he will address job creation in a week or two, when he could begin the creation of prosperity immediately by calling off the EPA, the NLRB and the Justice Department and leave the true job creators alone, because the truth is that no government and no process or program can create jobs. Only a free people can create jobs as they follow their passions and talents and generate prosperity, and only government can destroy prosperity and freedom, which is exactly the path our dear Barry is following.

Americans must push congress to force a halt to the administration's job-killing policies via phone calls, letters and emails, because the tipping point for our nation is here, now! There is no possibility of compromise with someone who seeks to destroy our nation as Obama does. He, his Justice Department, his Interior Department and the EPA must be defeated, completely, and our reluctant representatives in Washington must know our sentiments on this issue.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stupid Liberals Should Give Up Trying To Make Sense

As thousands of Obama's new regulations flow through the government pipeline, liberals try to offset the destruction these new rules will do to our economy and our liberty by giving us what they believe is the positive side of the new regulations. For example, new EPA Mercury and other regulations will soon begin taking coal-fired power plants offline because many plants will be too expensive to upgrade. As the plants are removed from service there will be rolling brown-outs and even black-outs in some areas, people will be unable to lead pleasant lives, tens of thousands of people will be made miserable and will even die as their air conditioning and heating units fail due to lack of power. Water pipes will freeze, food will spoil, electric bills will "sky-rocket" exactly as Obama promised during the last presidential campaign, businesses will fail due to increased electricity cost or plain lack of power, and thousands of additional jobs will be lost as we become a third-world nation.

But the EPA reassures us that all of this misery will be more than offset by the thousands of lives saved by eliminating the very small amount of Mercury coming from our existing power plants. And this idiot logic comes to us from the same Obama administration that is forcing us, under penalty of law, to throw away our incandescent light bulbs and use only the new curly-light bulbs which bring high concentrations of Mercury into our homes, under law. Are these people complete fools or what? Liberals should leave common sense alone because it's a foreign language to them.

George Bush should be relieved that Hurricane Irene is making her appearance along our eastern seaboard because the destruction she's causing will give him a break from being blamed for all the economic and social destruction being caused by our Barry. Along with the Japanese earthquake, the evil tea partiers, tooth decay and other maladies, Irene will take some of the heat off Bush brcause Obama blames everyone but himself for the destruction we see all around us. But never will liberals address the facts that their own actions, legislation and regulations are destroying the United States from the top to the bottom and from the inside out; after all, they are completely in charge and have been for over two years.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's OK Obama, The Unemployed Can Wait For You To Complete Your Fancy Vacation

While our immoral, child-president takes a lavish vacation on Martha's Vineyard millions of Americans continue to experience not only hard times, but often life-ending hardships and suffering caused in large part by the fool who lives in the White House.

We can all recall the obvious lies of Obama when he repeatedly said he would not rest until joblessness was reduced (while shutting down all off-shore drilling), that his administration was concentrating like a laser on job creation (while allowing the NLRB to halt Boeing jet aircraft manufacturing in Charleston) and that the creation of jobs was the first thing he thought of in the morning and the last thing he thinks of at night (while allowing the EPA is issue new, draconian regulations that will shut down many power plants and cause vast joblessness for years to come, and will also cause power shortages and brownouts that will produce great suffering and a reduction of our living standards). And when you add to this Obama-created mess the fact that Holder's justice department is at it again coercing lenders to make home loans to people who can't afford them, the very same idiotic policy that caused the bursting of the housing bubble and the resulting financial crash that is causing such pain and suffering for our nation today, one must wonder if the subversive Obama administration is evil or just plain dumb. Likely both.

But now our Barry, who has never produced an idea or a proposal, whether about the economy, about spending reductions or about increasing jobs, says that he will solve all our problems later, after he's had his delightful vacation and played a few more rounds of golf. So I can envision his staff in DC slaving away to come up with some elusive, intelligent proposal that will magically reverse our downward spiral overnight, and still be political enough for Barry to go along with (like, maybe it's all the fault of George Bush, Japan's earthquake, Europe's financial troubles, the hot summer weather and the congressional Republicans because they refuse to raise taxes on the jet aircraft that the wealthy travel in), when the solution to our problems could easily be solved by drilling here and now, allowing non-union manufacturing to proceed without government obstruction and road blocks, halting all new EPA regulations, repealing Obamacare and the Financial Reform Act, firing the Departments of Education, Energy, Interior and Commerce, defunding Obama's czars and lowering taxes immediately.

But our Barry doesn't want solutions, he wants to be able to point a finger at his opponents while at the same time making his liberal base happy. I'm anxious to see what Obama's staff produces in September, but it's a certainty that it won't solve a thing, and will instead further divide this great nation and make circumstances worse.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liberals Punish Those Not Guilty And Call It Sharing

Not only do liberals want to treat criminals as some poor unfortunates who society have abused and therefore give them light sentences for their crimes, but they now want to punish those persons who not only didn't commit any crime at all, but are the very people who fight such crimes in the first place.

The crime I'm referring to is the bankruptcy of our nation with excessive spending and borrowing, and the people the libs want to punish are the wealthy and the entrepreneurs who not only didn't get us into this mess, but are the only ones who can get us out of it via their money and their ability to create jobs. And, of course, the remedy the liberals seek (taxing the rich) allows the real criminals who have weakened our nation, government in general and the liberals in particular, to go on committing more criminal spending and borrowing and further undermining the greatest nation on earth.

The only way to rectify the dire financial situation we're in is to allow the wealthy to keep their money and not be tempted to remove it to a safe haven in another country, and to continue to invest and create jobs in the U.S. And we must begin immediately to punish the ones who have over-spent and over-borrowed: we must begin de-growing government by reducing each and every position in government by 25 percent; every cabinet position, Obama's czars, every department, the IRS, the EPA, the president's salary, all legislators' salaries, the White House and legislative staffs, etc. In short: every person and every expenditure in government.

So far under Obama government employment has increased dramatically, and the additional employees have only caused more angst for the nation, so now, given their failure, they must be punished. This is the "balance" Obama requested. Private businesses have suffered in the last 2 years by going out of business or reducing operations, so now it's government's turn to sacrifice. Getting rid of administrative agencies would allow business to expand and hire more people as the regulations that kill business were decreased or no longer enforced. And there would be fewer liberals in Washington to do what liberals do best: control other peoples' lives and spend other peoples' money.

But thanks to Boehner and Yoder and the recent debt ceiling bill, not only has Obama been given another trillion dollars to waste on the unions and his re-election, but the Democrats now promise to tax the wealthy, the very people we desperately need to get us out of this liberal-created mess.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Question for Boehner and Yoder

How does increasing the debt ceiling stop the spending of borrowed money? after all, the very title of "Debt Ceiling" proves that the debt spending will increase (and we know for certain that the idiot in the oval office will spend all of it and ask for more during the next ceiling crisis). And allowing a future "select committee" to decide what cuts to make, at a later date, will only result in another future assault on conservatives for being mean and trying to starve grandma.

So here's what we need to do, and we need it now:
No increase to the debt ceiling, and instead of allowing liberals to claim that conservatives want to cut social security and Medicare, we insist on a twenty-five percent reduction in the size of each of the following: Obama's cabinet and his czars' staffs, the Department of Education, the Department of Interior, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, the IRS and the EPA. Those cuts will be real cuts, and they must be made by the next federal pay period, and they will total billions of dollars, which is not much, but would be actual savings, and would begin to halt our super-tanker of a government. Then when no one notices any reduction of government services as a result of these cost savings, further cutting the size of these agencies at a later date will be made easier.

Of course there will be criticism and finger pointing from the press, but we can point our fingers right back at them, although we will be pointing with our middle finger, and it will be pointing at the sky. We must not go wobbly at this critical time. We must insist on real cuts and savings now, and a halt to spending and indebtedness, or our children will be in increased peril.

Friday, July 22, 2011

We Are Witnessing America's Reichstag Fire

Today (Friday, July 22) Obama made an impassioned speech in which he pointedly blamed the Republicans for not negotiating honestly on the debt ceiling controversy, and bluntly accused John Boehner of bad faith dealing in the matter, and then like the monarch he thinks he is, Obama demanded that the Republicans report to him tomorrow (Saturday) at 11A.M. and present their proposal for solving the debt ceiling issue.

The lie that our immoral president is presenting is that the Republicans have presented no real plan and have been changing their position and making agreement impossible for Obama, when in fact our lying president if so far out in left field that his government has not presented a constitutionally required budget for 2 years, and has presented not one specific proposal himself in the critical matter of the debt ceiling. And one can appreciate Obama's position in the debates: how can the architect of the current doomsday scenario that is our nation's present state of financial crisis, and who a few weeks ago proposed spending trillions more new dollars on a variety of leftist rat holes, present a spending-cutting proposal that contradicts all he's done to this point and would undermine his political allies who have come to depend on government largess and regulations to make them wealthy and powerful? I fear that when Obama uses the term "shovel ready" he refers to the old Vladimir Lenin term referring to useful capitalist idiots selling the rope with which they are to be hung, but in this case the shovels will be used to bury the United States.

The current situation in which we see Obama, who directly caused the spending/debt crisis we are living, going public and blaming his political opponents of culpability for our ills, reminds us of Hitler's Reichstag fire and the resulting show trial of those accused of setting the fire, when it was the Nazis themselves who committed the act. I just pray for the sake of this nation, that the comparison with 1930s Germany ends there.

What Does "Freedom" Mean?

Does freedom as we know it in the western world mean to be free from economic turn-downs, failing business deals, a stock market crash, terrorist attacks, defective automobiles, food gone bad, temporary periods of unemployment or shirts whose buttons fall off?


Freedom means to be "free" from the wiles and controls of government, which controls have been stacking up like logs since the Obama takeover of our government two years ago. And there's no end in sight to the regulations and controls being issued by the Obama administration that restrict our ability to run our own lives.

Freedom is exactly what the Obama administration is taking from us with his takeover of healthcare and General Motors, his cronyism with big business and general government control of every aspect of our lives via the EPA regulations on CO2 emissions, especially those of coal fired power plants. But the ultimate government intrusion into our lives is the tragic debt Obama has run up which threatens the future of our children and grandchildren as well as ourselves in the immediate future. And now our imperial leader has made an enraged speech to the nation stating that Republicans have not dealt honestly with him on the debt ceiling talks being held in Washington, while it's Obama who has run a government that has spent more money than anyone thought possible and achieved a level of debt we may never be able to pay off, and has not generated a constitutionally required national budget for the last 2 years because that would require admitting the tragic level of spending he is committed to. Obama is also the president who a few weeks ago proposed trillions of dollars in new spending, but is now scolding House Republicans, who have passed the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation, for not being serious about spending cuts and a responsible government. How can such a lying, deceitful individual be trusted to deal honestly and seriously with the Republicans on such a critical issue as faces this nation in the immediate future?

Freedom is truly being stripped from the lives of Americans and we are witnessing the act in real time. We must stop our immoral president from accumulating more power and additional control over our lives or we are doomed as a free and prosperous nation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Government "Share And Sacrifice" With The Rest Of Us

Corporations have laid off millions of employees since Obama took office, so now it's time for a governmental policy of "shared sacrifice" with the corporate world, just what Obama said he wants.

Private corporations have always had to pay for their business failures and business downturns by laying off employees, which they have done most recently because of the Democrat-caused housing bubble and crash and the resulting financial failures that have racked our entire economy. But not only has government employment increased vastly during this same period that private companies have been laying off, but the wages of government employees have increased greatly during the same period. Now it's time for a redress and correction.

Government is unknowingly admitting its culpability in our present financial calamity with the debt ceiling negotiations going on in Washington, so I have a way to punish bureaucrats responsible for over-spending and over-promising government benefits for the last 50 years: Congress immediately decreases all funds for Obama's czars' salaries by 50% permanently; all funds for salaries and expenses for the heads of the Departments of Energy, Interior, Education and Commerce will be decreased 50% immediately, permanently; Obama's and Biden's salaries and the salaries and expenses for their staffs will be cut immediately by 50%, permanently; the head and staff of the EPA will have her salary and benefits cut by 50%, immediately and permanently. It's an insult that WE, the people who pay the government's salaries, should have to suffer. And while the pontificating fools listed above tell us WE will have to pay more taxes and live with less income, THEY draw full salaries and benefits and have vast staffs to do all their heavy lifting. And we know that it was these fools' decisions, regulations, lack of oversight and legislation that caused the mess we're in today. They are the cause of our suffering. It's outrageous that they live large at our expense while abusing us and lying to us!

So far the only fix for our financial crisis that the idiots advising Obama can come up, with in an attempt to pay for the enormous over-spending Obama has done, is to raise taxes on those who own private aircraft (which will only lead to more unemployment as the thousands of people who service private aircraft are laid off), but they won't suggest any government decreases to their fat salaries or benefits in order to "share the pain" with the rest of us. And speaking of private jets, why doesn't Obama promise to ground his personal 747 to demonstrate his willingness to deprive himself of his undeserved pleasures. Yeah, that's going to happen. Government never does with less.

Personally I'd rather completely abolish the Departments of Education, Energy, Interior, Commerce, all the czars and the entire EPA and send these people packing, thereby saving a trillion dollars each and every year and ridding ourselves of the liberals who are destroying our economy with their subversive policies and punitive regulations, but I fear our politicians are not up to that task at present.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Professional Politicians" Are The Problem, Not The Solution

As the debt ceiling talks between Republicans and Democrats have heated up, Obama has become increasingly defensive and agitated and has made statements that reveal more about that immoral, radical man than his teleprompter wants us to see.

As regular visitors of Political Chips have seen via video clips, Obama stated that we dummy citizens should butt out of the very cerebral, deep-thought matters concerning the debt ceiling and wild spending and let the "professional politicians" handle the negotiations so we citizen-rubes can go back to our mundane, shallow lives. The problem is that it's exactly the career politicians who have intentionally created this disaster, and they cannot and must not be trusted to resolve matters in a way that will preserve our security, our liberty and our prosperity.

Our brave liar-in-chief betrayed the teleprompter further by exposing the long-held lie of the Social Security "Trust Fund" when he stated that he couldn't promise that Social Security checks would be sent out if the government shut down due to budget-talk failures. The big-government crowd has consistently held that the Social Security Trust Fund is full of cash and will last decades into the future. But the truth is that all of the money that flows weekly into the trust fund is immediately shuttled to the government's general revenue fund and all that's left in the trust fund for Social Security recipients are IOUs, which only make the government's unfunded obligations a heavier burden. Liberals have spoken sternly about the Social Security lock box being a sacred national treasure and a solemn trust for present and future retirees, but we know that "professional politicians" are the basest of liars and that there is no money in any trust fund, Social Security or otherwise, and these funds have only served to provide politicians with billions of dollars of additional money to spend on their pet projects in order to buy favor and votes at the public expense, and is now being exposed by the chief liar as being a broken piggy bank: if there are billions of dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund, why can't Social Security recipients be paid from these supposedly secure funds regardless of whether or not budget talks fail? It's because we're broke and have NO MONEY, and it's because of "professional politicians" like Obama.

But revenues to the government are still enormous, so when Obama says that Social Security checks may not go out if the government shuts down, it's only because he wants to scare Social Security recipients and make the Republicans buckle to his socialist demands, because as the head of the executive branch of government, Obama has complete control over how government expenditures are allocated, and if he would prefer to deny Social Security checks in favor of giving Brazil billions of dollars to build their oil fields or give billions of dollars to Ireland or Greece to bail out their crashing economies, then he's completely to blame, not Republicans.

One talking-head recently made the statement that to remain solvent government will at least make the interest payments to holders of U.S. bonds, but this assumes we can trust Obama to have the best interests of the United States at heart (which he absolutely does not have), and we must look at how Obama handled the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, and recall the illegal way he took control of those companies with the complete denial of bond-holder's contractual rights to be paid first, just so he could quickly nationalize these prize cows and enrich his union pals, and we get the feeling that Obama probably would not pay today's government obligations, thereby not only causing a greater national catastrophe than we currently have, but an international disaster as the U.S. fails to pay its most basic obligations, and that will be the last straw in Obama's intentional and willful destruction of this great nation. The national division, fear, doubt and unemployment Obama has personally caused will bring our financial collapse, much to the joy of the forces of evil in the world that hate us and our pleasant lives.

So Republicans are in a hard spot and must display courage and not concern themselves with who will get the blame for a government shut-down. The spending and borrowing must end, and if Obama causes even more destruction as a result of failed negotiations, then Republicans must identify the culprit without fear and DO THE RIGHT THING by standing uo to Obama's threats to attach blame to Republicans and insist that he make serious reductions in spending and not raise taxes..

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's the Obama Economy, Stupid

For all those patriotic Americans who are paying attention to the deliberate destruction of this great nation, the title of this post says all we need to know about what's wrong with our country and what we need to to do get back on a constitutional, limited-government course once again and assure a prosperous and free future for our children.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Good Are Debt Ceiling And Spending Cut Talks?

What do the Republicans have to gain by talking to Obama and the congressional liberals about our draconian debt and the out-of-control spending the government is doing? Obama intentionally, and with forethought, brought the nation to this disastrous point, and does anyone think he'll really try to resolve the issues to the benefit of the nation? Not bloody likely!

He believes he benefits himself and his re-election chances with the precarious position the nation is in, and his radical views make him convinced that all of the deficit spending is what should be done, again for his own personal gain. So why try to negotiate with the immoral fool of a man we call our president? Republicans must stand up for the nation and "just say no" to the liberal demands of a raised ceiling, modest spending reductions and increase taxes, and let them try to spend additional money without the agreement of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans have the liberals and their tendency to deficit spend and borrow up to their eyeballs right where they want them, and they must not flinch now.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Liberals' Mindless Prejudices Are Destroying Us

Given the liberal/Democrat/progressive failure to understand and heed the warning that "those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them", the United States is facing a dire future. Some examples:

Liberals insist on keeping taxes high, thereby chasing companies to foreign countries where taxes are lower, and at the same time transferring wealth from the United States to those foreign governments and increasing their employment levels while our workers face joblessness. And add to the mix the NLRB's decision to not allow non-union workers to build Boeing aircraft in South Carolina and we see liberal idiocy run amuck, and the intentional destruction of our economy from the highest branches of government.

Obama and his ilk insist on imposing ever-increasing numbers of regulations, and ever-more stringent ones, thereby making everything more expensive, harder to get, and causing the shut-down of businesses that we need to keep our economy running.

Liberals like to control other people's lives and are not offended at all if their counterparts at the United Nations tell the world at large how to behave and how to tax and burden their populations. Agenda 21 is currently being pushed by the UN as a way of placing more government control on everyone, especially the United States.

Liberals hate guns and will do anything to get rid of them, thereby making our streets more dangerous as only criminals increasingly have guns. Obama wanted to back up his lying claim that 90% of the guns in Mexico used by criminals and drug runners came from the United States, so his administration pushed a program of selling weapons to known criminals so as to make his false claim more accurate, thereby becoming responsible for the killing of one of our federal agents.

Liberals want the rich to pay a level of taxation beyond what the current tax code calls for, so they demonize the wealthy, the very people we need to keep spending their money and keep creating jobs for our citizens. The latest scheme is an attempt to make the rich pay higher taxes for their expensive toys, like jet aircraft, having not learned from their previous mistake when the legislature imposed higher taxes on yachts, causing the loss of not only the yacht-building industry, but also all of the related jobs the yachting industry created, and finally ended up repealing the higher yacht tax when they saw the destruction they were causing. Are liberals incapable of thinking clearly?

Liberals are unable to learn from their mistakes, and they're running our nation into a deep, dark hole as they repeat the same mistakes history warns us to avoid.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's Wrong With Obama's Crony Capitalism?

Liberals like to pretend that they want to keep close tabs on the evil capitalists in order to control their tendency to concentrate power and abuse their customers and the public at large. This is a valid concern that books like "The Jungle" adequately describe, but without also reading "Obamanomics" and "Reckless Endangerment" you only get half of the story.

Capitalists have built-in restraints on their power: they must attract customers to their products and services, and they must compete with others selling the same product. It's important for government to control to some extent the baser tendencies of large corporations, but when the government and business work together you have a perfect storm of corruption and abuse, and since there is no competition for the power of government, when government becomes an ally of business you have collusion, not control and oversight.

Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, is Obama's adviser on economic matters. Does anyone think that Immelt will give Obama any advise that doesn't profit G.E? And does anyone believe that Obama, with his zero experience with corporations, except to shake money from them as a community organizer, will make any decision contrary to that given by Immelt? The insurance and big pharma companies are on board with ObamaCare so they can profit from it. even power companies are in favor of Cap and Trade legislation and actively push the lie of global warming because of the extra costs these schemes place on competing businesses, and the additional regulations they generate will eliminate their competition and allow them to profit unimpeded. But this concentration of power is exactly what government is supposed to control, not facilitate.

So when government gets involved things get worse, not better, as we've seen in the last 2 years of Obama. And this worsening situation is made all the worse yet when the press will not honestly report what is happening due to its loyalty to the liberal Obama. But as we've seen with the housing crash (in which government legislated in favor of the mortgage giants and against the borrowing public), the CO2/Cap and Trade liaison (in which industry wants to eliminate and regulate out of existence its competition), and the green/alternative power movement (in which government wastes billions of tax dollars on favored companies for power schemes that are more costly than existing sources of power and won't be technically viable for decades, at the same time that the current price of gasoline increases and the availability of oil dwindles and threatens our liberties, our prosperity and our security), government involvement makes the situation worse because government has total power, and when this absolute power is combined with international companies, the outcome can be disastrous.

Friday, July 1, 2011

American Liberals Blame The Rich and Successful

The Nazis blamed the troubles in Germany in the 1930s on the Jews (many of whom were rich). American liberals blame our financial troubles on the rich (many of whom are Jewish).

In a nation that believes that "all men are created equal", if liberals are able to soak the rich with extra taxes just because the wealthy are able to buy luxury items like personal jets, what will they be able to do to the middle class Americans who don't have tax protections created by fancy lawyers and influential friends in high places?

Obama and his liberal pals seem ridiculously hung up on the rich and are depending on class envy to persuade their base, and those who wish they were rich without being willing to work for it, that wealthy should pay extra taxes based solely on income (note that liberals usually concentrate on income and not total wealth holdings because they would lose the Kennedy, Rockefeller and other wealthy families' support in an effort based solely on total wealth). But placing additional taxes on jet aircraft would amount to nothing of substance when considering the financial hole Obama and his spending has gotten us into, and the amount of money paid for any tax is money that cannot be spent on other things, so if this idiotic proposal becomes law, it would allow the government to go on spending, on the reasoning that this extra money solved the trillion dollar hole we're in, but the general economy would suffer in proportion to the new revenue being diverted to the government.

But the biggest mistake Obama is making is insisting that the rich be denied money they've earned and that this money should be given to the government: in the opinion of liberals the government must never be denied money that it can waste buying votes and lowering the nation deeper into the spending hole, at the expense of private pockets.

And also be aware of the slippery definition of who the "rich" are. During the Clinton administration it was announced that those making $50,000 a year were rich because in 20 years they will make $1,000,000. If this proposal to place extra taxes on the wealthy goes through we are all in line to have our wealth confiscated. Most of us have 401K or other savings and retirement accounts that the government could easily declare to be of a wealthy value, and they could therefore take from it as they please. We are treading on dangerous ground with this, which is one of many dubious actions and proposals from the immoral Obama administration.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama: Repeal Oil Company Tax Credits

The liberals want to deny oil companies the tax credits they have had for years, thereby weakening them in their efforts to compete internationally to provide us with the fuel we need to run our daily lives. Given that the government makes more money on a gallon of gas than Exxon does, and for no effort at all, will the government sacrifice its tax revenue, as well as denying the oil companies their revenue, in order to help citizens of the United States better afford the gas they need to get to work and conduct their personal business? Not likely. The government, which just soaks up money from everyone else's work, will never do with less. Additionally, we know that with Obama's illogical push for ethanol and wind power, that any money taken from the oil companies will be wasted on his pet alternative fuel projects and end up wasted and a total loss as a similar .

Which do we need more, the oil companies or the government? The oil companies' products allow us to drive to work; they allow us to drive to Colorado to enjoy the mountains; they allow us to drive to a favorite restaurant; they allow us to fly to California to see the ocean and to Florida to lay on the beach. All the government has done for us lately is limit our liberties, destroy our life savings, ruin the value of the dollar and destroy our nation's economy. I'll take Exxon!

Exxon can't force me to buy healthcare; Exxon can't force states to turn a blind eye to illegal aliens; Exxon can't raise my taxes because it foolishly overspent and over promised goodies to the nation; Exxon hasn't destroyed education in the United States like the Department of Education has; Exxon isn't trying to force unionization on the population of the nation; Exxon isn't trying to outlaw the use of the word God in private meetings and ceremonies; Exxon wouldn't even try to force gun dealers to sell weapons to known drug dealers; Exxon can't impose the trials of terrorists on cities as opposed to having those trials on military bases or at GITMO.

Liberals don't realize the danger in reinventing a healthcare system from the ground up, or changing the way we get the fuel to power our lives. Systems that have evolved over years and have proven themselves to be successful, especially when they involve something as important as healthcare and gasoline, can cause major disruptions and even a total collapse, when they are changed arbitrarily as the government has done with Obamacare and the president's hate for traditional sources of energy.

At a time of intense international competition for energy and with energy prices souring, the last thing we need is for our own government to discourage and even injure the industry that could provide energy independence for our nation and at lower fuel costs. Our own president and his democrat buddies are working with the intent to undermine our comfort, our prosperity and our national security with their idiotic push of alternative fuel sources and their efforts to hurt the oil industry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Making Things Worse, So Government Can Take Control

Here are a few examples of government actions making things bad in the first place, or making things worse than they were in the beginning, and usually they were bad already due to government action:

Gunwalker (also called fast-and-furious) is an Obama effort to use the Nazi example of burning the Reichstag and blaming it on their opponents. This event was the Obama administration allowing, and even encouraging, legal gun sellers in the United States to knowingly sell guns to criminals, often Mexican drug dealers, knowing that the criminals would eventually be caught with these weapons that had originated in the United States, and then they could blame all of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment for the rise in crime caused by these guns, and a propaganda campaign, or just an executive order, which Obama seems to like best, would be put in place to ban all such weapons in order to keep them out of the hands of criminals. The problem is that an American border agent was killed by a gun which was in the company of these tracked weapons, and now the Obama administration knows nothing about this matter. The Big House awaits someone in the White House.

In the mid 1980s the government looked into the future and saw that a gigantic number of retirements 20 to 30 years down the road would happen as Xers and Boomers began to retire and dip into social security money, so they raised the FICA tax 100% in order to have enough money in the social security trust fund to cover these retirees. The problem is that there never was a trust fund with anything in it except IOUs because all FICA money went directly into general funds, not the specific trust fund it was intended for, and the government spent all the money. And although it was a good idea to increase the FICA tax to cover the enormous number of people retiring in the 2010s and the 2020s, that money, too, went into the general fund and was spent. And in case you don't believe they blew the money on wasteful things, just consider the problem we are facing today: we have no money but yet we have gigantic unfunded obligations running into the trillions of dollars, and we have trust funds with no real money in them. The fact that the government wasted these trillions of dollars now means that the taxes of those of us who trusted the government, even though we knew they were lying to us, will have to be raised significantly, so the government can go on spending.

In 2010 when the Democrats had control of the executive and legislative branches, they were so far in debt and so buried under unfunded obligations that they did not even generate a budget for 2011. Remember the series of continuing resolutions congress fought over recently? The CRs were the result of the Democrats' refusal to abide by the constitution and create a budget for the following year (2011). The reason they refused to create the required budget is that they didn't want to tell the world the extent of the spending/debt problem they had created. Now the Republicans are doing their obligated duty and trying to be responsible and eliminate some of the waste left by Obama's pals, and the Democrats are crying foul and insisting that the evil Republicans are trying to take money from the poorest and oldest Americans, and even from illegal aliens, with their "draconian" and spartan budget for 2012. The Democrats are lying to us once again. The problem was created by them, and the responsible people trying to clean up their mess are being blamed.

Trillions of dollars have been spent as part of Obama's stimulus and TARP outlays, ostensibly to spur the economy back to life, but actually the money went mainly to leftists and unions as a reward for voting for Obama, and now that there has been no improvement in the economy the libs claim that more billions are needed to turn Obama's economy around. We are being ruled by filth.

With the rise of the Tea Partiers we repeatedly heard predictions of right-wing violence and that the guns of all these right-wingers would be used for their violent ends, but so far there has been not one incident of Tea Partiers causing trouble, while there have been several incidents of leftists being violent, some of which were the shooting of the Congresswoman in Tuscon, the raging violence in Madison when the governor kept his promise and tried to cut out-of-control spending, and the beating of a black vendor by union thugs at a Republican rally in St Louis.

The Department of Education has been taken over by unionists and leftists and have established such a touchy-feely and politically correct learning environment that our children are falling behind the rest of the world in most areas of education. The Liberals' solution: spend more money on more wasteful programs, but don't concentrate on real education. The only way our children will get back on a real learning track is when the Department of Education is abolished and the money spent on this liberal icon is left in parents' hands to spend on their own children's education at the local level.

Under the Clinton administration schemes were put in place that have lead directly to the housing bubble that has caused the depression we're enduring today. The scheme called for government, Fannie Mae, regulators and loan companies to work together (can you say collusion?) to assure that people who could not afford a home of their own would indeed be given a loan that they could not pay for, and achieve the American Dream as Clinton put it. Well, they couldn't afford the loans and defaulted at such a rate that financial companies crashed and our economy took a nose dive it hasn't recovered from yet. Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and their pals in Fannie and Freddie are directly responsible for this national disaster, but who do they blame? The "selfish" lenders (who were forced by the federal government to make the shaky loans) and George Bush. And now those of us who have always paid our bills will have to be taxed even more to pay for the improper loans given to those who could not afford them and would not have been given such loans if responsible thinking had been used. As usual, the poorest among were hurt the most by liberal actions, and the Democrats are planning still more waste and destruction as they campaign against the responsible spending and budget policies of Paul Ryan and the Republicans.

We are all being lied to, lied about and are being manipulated and destroyed by our own government. Can we survive it? Will we permit it to continue?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is John Huntsman A Liberal?

John Huntsman recently announced his candidacy for president and stated that we must be "respectful" and exercise "civility" when running against the Democrats, especially Obama, the chief architect of our nation's current dire troubles. My opinion is that, in normal times, unlike today's unprecedented threats, politicians (those people who actively campaign to get control over our lives because they want to use that control and enjoy using it) could talk about and base their campaigns on civility and respect. But these are not normal times and bad people must be identified and repeatedly branded as such. In short, we now need non-politicians (people who just want a small, constitutionally directed government that leaves people alone to run their own lives) running for office who will take the next presidential campaign directly to Obama and call him the immoral, radical fool he is for undermining our prosperity and for reducing our liberties with his regulations and disastrous executive orders. If Republicans talk nice to the liberals we'll lose again just as we did with McCain.

Mr. Huntsman said he "respects" Obama. If he really means that, then Huntsman is a fool and an idiot and does not deserve the support of anyone.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond Imagining: Our Own Government Seeks Our Demise

Three years ago who would have imagined that our own government would actively seek to end our prosperity and limit our liberties? But that is exactly what the Obama administration is doing with its blocking of Boeing from manufacturing in South Carolina; its prohibition of drilling for oil off-shore; its latest multi-page set of regulations from the EPA that will cause electric generating companies to shut down coal-fired plants, increase electric fees hundreds of dollars a year and lay off hundreds of employees; by its quantitative easing which leads directly to inflation which we already see with the increased cost of food and gasoline; with the Democrat refusal to get serious about cutting government spending and abide by the constitution; by drowning businesses with damaging regulations; by suing Arizona for trying to control illegal immigration in their state; with Obama's getting us wrapped up in two additional wars on top of the two we were already fighting; with public education being destroyed by the Department of Education and its politically correct, teacher-union friendly time wasting courses ; with the FDA creating drug regulations that are causing shortages of critically needed drugs, a situation made worse with Obamacare; with the Obama administration's insistence that KSM and other terrorists be tried in civilian courts; with the Obama Justice Department's allowing voter fraud cases to go unprosecuted; by forcing our food (corn) to be used for fuel, thereby hurting poor families already strapped with high food prices.

The United States is being destroyed from within, which is something an external enemy could ever do, and our pal Barry is riding this nation to third-world status as quickly as he can. We need politicians who are not interested in political careers, but are instead interested in halting the damage being done to our nation and restoring our national pride, our liberties and our prosperity. But too many of the current batch of politicians only want to rule us and enjoy a responsibility-free career at public expense.

As a community organizer our president made a career out of demanding goodies from government, and now that he is the nation's chief executive he has the ability to hand out these goodies with virtually no limits. He has no idea how the wealth of our nation was created, and he has no concept that our wealth is finite, and if we chase off the wealth builders we may not be able to recreate our prosperous life-style, given the punitive regulations and high taxes that he has proposed and imposed, and which have driven away the builders of wealth, our entrepreneurs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

By Their Words, We Know Who They Fear

When liberals fear conservative candidates they term them as being stupid. The most successful candidate ever offered, Ronald Reagan, was called a stupid B-actor. A Republican who also won two terms as president, and is now fondly thought of, George Bush, was always called a dunce and a cowboy and laughed at for his verbal slips. And the most reviled possible candidate to date is Sarah Palin, whom the press has abused more severely than any in living memory, simply from their fear of her successful record and fear that she could win. (The liberals even go so far as to make similar references of stupidity to foreign leaders who are closely allied to America; for example their reference to Benjamin Netanyahu as Benjamin Netanyahoo).

Of course Anthony Weiner's actions are not a result of stupidity (one pundit even called his tweeting a result of intelligence because he's working on a much more elevated plain that the rest of us and he needs his outlets); John Edwards isn't called stupid for his predicament; Bill Clinton isn't called stupid in spite of his abuse of an intern and his occasional use of the back-country, Ozark term "might-could"; Barney Frank isn't called stupid for his inability to see and halt or at least control the crash of Freddie and Fannie and the whole disastrous aftermath of the housing tumble; Chris Dodd isn't called stupid for taking favored loans from the mortgage companies he was responsible for overseeing. These people's actions caused great tragedy for our nation, but are topped by Barack Obama whose every action has caused increased joblessness, homelessness, national debt and misery that will set our nation back for decades if we ever get out from under the burden with which he has loaded children, and this fool still wants more quantitative easing and continues to promise further billions in foreign loans and gifts so as to further bury us under debt and undermine the value of the dollar. But, of course, Obama is the brilliant graduate of Columbia and Harvard and his superior intelligence must be recognized and expounded upon at every opportunity. The liberals seem to have forgotten the Forrest Gump admonition that "stupid is, as stupid does", which sums up our Barry perfectly.

Just as the old Jay Leno joke had it that Burger King and McDonalds will only compare each other's products in their commercials, because they don't dare compare their products with real food, so the Democrats/liberals/progressives always offer their candidates as being more intelligent than conservatives , but they won't dare make a comparison of policy and the real-life decisions of liberals versus conservatives (the best example of this reluctance to study conservative success and liberal failure is that the lowering of taxes under Ronald Reagan, and JFK as well in an earlier time, increased revenue to the treasury, but we saw debt increase at the same time because the legislature spent money at a 3-to-1 rate over the new revenue. So it appears that Reagan's "stupid" tax reductions caused a deficit problem, when in truth it was the stupid, over-spending of the legislature, largely composed of Democrats, that caused the trouble).

Democrats and their allies in the press always try to set Republicans up for failure by praising our more middle-of-the-road candidates, thereby encouraging these weaker candidates to run. John McCain is an example, who, with the praise of the press, became a candidate who conservatives could not vigorously support, and then in the general election they savaged him in support of Obama, who was their candidate of choice all along.

Conservatives must stick to the real conservative candidates and not be suckered into another bad presidential candidate just because the press seems to favor that candidate. Because of the constant abuse of the press we know they fear Sarah Palin more than any other Republican because she's the real thing: she's had successful executive experience, unlike Obama who has seen only constant executive failures, and she knows why the things she believes are the correct policies and can explain them (lower taxes and fewer regulations, for example) unlike Obama, who doesn't have a clue why his policies are failing and destroying the futures of our grandchildren, but insists on doing more of the same destructive things that have already failed (except that I believe Obama is intentionally destroying America, and his actions can only support the notion that he has such a clear, willful, immoral intent).

So Republicans must offer their best candidates, and in fact should offer candidates whom the liberals criticize the most (perhaps a Bachman-Palin Overdrive ticket would be powerful, or a Bachman-Herman Cain ticket, either of which would combine legislative and executive experience) but whomever the candidate is for 2012, we must not go again with a McCain candidate whom the liberals say would be easy for them to work with. We need to defeat liberals, not work with them. A McCain-like candidate is the path to defeat in 2012, and an Obama re-election in 2012 would be the certain destruction of this nation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is Anthony Weiner Still In Congress? If So, why?

The filth and ultra-partisanship that is Anthony Weiner finally hit an iceberg that should be sinking his ship, but because he's a liberal Democrat he'll probably stay afloat and survive, but we can't let that happen. This dirty man is part of the problem our nation is having with over-spending, unconstitutional conduct and arrogant ruling and regulating, and we must make our voices heard and force him out. Just consider what happened with Chris Lee and Mark Foley, both Republicans and both exposed with less horrific conduct than Weiner, and Weiner skips while they resigned in shame.

Our nation is sinking under debt and misconduct by our officials that is unbelievable and Anthony Weiner demonstrates the stupidity, arrogance and lack of thought that has caused the current mess we're in. We must call and email our representatives and tell them that Weiner's conduct and probable use of official government facilities for his escapades calls for his removal.

To think that liberal/progressive fools like Weiner are the people deciding the future of this great nation and the prosperity or doom of our children!!