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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Maybe Biden Knows Something About National Security He’s Not Telling Us.


Maybe Old Weeping Joey is more clever than he’s given credit for. The thing that most frightens China and Russia is a strong and free America whose personal freedoms on the part of its citizens may tempt the Chinese and Russian citizens to want to overthrow their dictatorial governments in a desire to be free like Americans are.

As a result, old Joey may be more clever than we realize, by ignoring our constitutional rights and mandating things that have never been controlled by government in our history. So once America’s liberties go away, the United States will no longer be a threat to Russia and China, and voila: peace is achieved. Could that be what our mentally challenged president has in mind?

After all, we don’t see the current dictatorial states of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia or China threatening each other, so maybe Joey is just trying to make America safe from an attack from our current enemies by making our nation more like theirs, while at the same time making us less free within our own borders. In Joey’s wisdom, it’s a tradeoff of safety and security on the one hand, for less liberty to vote and move about our nation freely on the other, all for the sake of national security.

History may actually support Joey’s theory: rarely have leftist dictators attacked each other, as Hitler and Stalin did in World War II. And make no mistake about it, fighting between Germany’s National Socialism and Russia’s Communism in 1941 was indeed one far-left government attacking and killing another far-left government. But war was already underway when Hitler made his surprising move on Russia, because poor old Adolph needed territory and a victory quickly, so it was a bit of an unusual situation for the thugs involved in that battle, that made their fighting unique among dictatorships.

So, for better or worse, and American citizens can be sure it’s going to be worse rather than better, our president is dividing America and socializing our laws and our economy, but at least we’ll be controlled by our own woke, racist, prejudiced leftists, not a Russian nor a Chinese leftist. 

The stumbling block with Joey’s mandatory and unconstitutional rulings is that only a fool would exchange liberty for security, because once liberty is lost, security is in the hands of the dictator, and there is no security at all in that indefensible situation.

But just remember what the old-west cowboys said when it was time for a cattle round-up and they had their branding irons heated up preparing to brand some steers: Boys, LET’S GO BRANDIN’.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Biden Wishes Americans A Year Of Misery And Death

 Reverting back to his horse-whisperer days, in a televised speech on Tuesday, our lame president hoarsely wished Americans a year of misery and death in 2022 because of the variant Omicron (pronounced “Omnicron” by sleepy Joe, and it must be said that there has been only one death from this new variant, and this single death was probably experienced by someone already sick with another disease, with all other persons having a “case” of this weak disease very likely feeling no worse than the normal cold at this time of year). Joey also fearfully anticipated the enormous burden that will be placed on hospitals because of the Omicron (although the “cases” in other countries have decreased and the same thing will likely happen here).

Weepy Joe is a shaky old man who is using a disease to attempt to keep Americans under his firm control and get used to taking orders, while he diverts attention from his Afghanistan disaster and pushes his nearly equally disastrous Build Back Badder bill through congress.

But after wishing Americans to have a deadly year, Joey sprang quickly into a hard sell of his terrible BBB scheme, a scheme which will fulfill his prediction of a painful 2022 for all Americans, and then ran from after-speech questions that the press threw at him about the latency of available of tests for this latest variant, which of course Joey didn’t want to hear, so he just left the room.

What our dithering and foundering president doesn’t realize is that Americans don’t believe a thing he says and that we only want this old man to go away and take his woke, ultra-left administration with him, and stop trying to dictate our every move and personal decision to us.

Biden is neither the wise old grandfather figure he thinks he is, nor the savior of America he pretends to be. He’s just a dumb, stumbling old man who has trouble using the English language and states an idealistic national direction that everyone can see for the lame, misdirected sentiment his ideas are, while he believes he’s leading the nation to a Democrat salvation. Go away old man, and leave this once great nation alone.

And in response to weepy Joe’s insistence on blaming non-vaccinated Americans for all of the evils of the world, has any of Joey’s woke, White House staff members thought of tell this doddering old fool that fully vaccinated people are also getting sick and dying of  covid?

One wonders whatever happened to Joey’s promise to shut down the virus. I guess this was just another promise not kept, but instead he weaponized the nation’s medical forces against the citizens of America.

And finally I must say that although I wish total failure on the far-left Biden administration and his BBB fiasco, I can also say in complete honesty that I wish him and his family, including his unmentioned and ignored Arkansas granddaughter, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

UFOs And Covid: Should We Be Afraid Of Either Of Them?

 At this point in time we have been aware of  Flying Saucers, now called Unidentified Flying Objects, for about 70 years, and not one of these objects has harmed anyone that we know of. So it appears that we have nothing to fear from these beings, because with the apparent powers they have, they could attack and defeat us easily at any time, given our relatively less developed technology. But if the command of the UFOs was to revert to a new leadership that was not so kindly disposed to earth-bound humans, we could at any time be threatened by them, and fear would be justified in that event.

On the other hand, covid is one of many viral invaders that have infected humans forever and which we have survived rather well. This current version of covid has proven itself to be quite survivable to normally healthy people and to children, but is now being treated by the Biden administration as though it leads to the demise of humanity on earth. We’ve been told by our corrupt government that we must fear it and wear useless masks to prevent infection, that only the vaccine can save us from certain death, (although we know that otherwise disease-free people easily survive the disease), that normal individual immunity and herd immunity do not exist with this disease (although it‘s been no more deadly than the normal, annual cold and flu season). All of this conjecturing is in spite of the fact that even fully vaccinated people can become infected, can infect other people, and at times vaccinated people even die of the disease.

It seems illogical that the term “vaccine” would be used by government medical experts to describe a drug that does not prevent infection from the disease it‘s intended to prevent, but that’s the state of medicine in America today. Rather, the “vaccine” is used more like a therapeutic that’s consumed prior to contraction of the disease, which lessens the severity of the disease if it is contracted.

Like the above example of the UFOs, since the beginning of the Biden administration on January 20, 2021 a new commander has taken office that insists that we all fear this relatively weak disease, that we must all wear useless, porous masks and that the entire population must be vaccinated or we’ll all die. And please be reminded that even fully vaccinated people can become sick from covid, can pass on the disease, and many such vaccinated people have died, even though they were fully vaccinated. And still the unvaccinated are said to present a threat of contagion to the vaccinated, a threat that can kill the vaccinated, without mentioning that the vaccinated have been infecting and killing each other some time now.

The illogic of this vaccinated/unvaccinated situation doesn’t prevent the authoritarian Biden administration from trying to keep non-vaccinated people off of commercial airline flights, out of department stores, from celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends, and Biden has prevented unvaccinated Americans from serving in the armed forces, on medical staffs and in hospitals. The Democrat governor of New York even threatened to close down hospitals by issuing a masking mandate for her state because one or two people in her state became infected with the most recent variant of covid, even though this infection has produced no actual illness or death, but just because she’s a Democrat in good standing and will issue nonsense orders at-will, and will keep people who need hospital treatment from getting the medical attention they need because of the lack of medical assistance, with non-vaccinated doctors and nurses being forced out of their jobs. What good is a well-trained and equipped medical population if sick people are kept out of hospitals because the illness-of-the-day has been detected? There are even Democrat thinkers who suggest that non-vaccinated people should receive no medical treatment at all if they get sick from covid, or anything else, but these same Democrats would not suggest that AIDS treatment should be withheld from homosexuals who have been practicing their dangerous personal habits with knowledge that they could contract a deadly disease, nor that a bicycle rider should get no medical attention if that person were injured while riding without a helmet. Democrats are making critical medical care a political issue.

The Biden administration has politicized covid in particular and medical health practices in general with lies about this Wuhan-created disease, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

So even though our experience would inform us that we have nothing to fear from UFOs, our world since January 20, 2021 proves that we do have much to fear from our government. Covid has proven itself to be survivable, but an authoritarian government that tells the nation that white people and their racist attitudes are the greatest threat to America, and that unvaccinated people should be left to die even when medical assistance is available, should frighten us to our very core.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The American Political Left And The Power Of “NO”

 It would be easy for our ailing, far-left president to say “yes” to citizens’ desires to travel freely, to not have to cover themselves with useless masks, to go to work, to eat at a restaurant, to not be mandated to get a vaccination against the weakest disease we’ve seen in a long time. But “yes”, recently requested from the leftist thugs denominating the Biden administration, was denied by them although such permission has never been needed in America in my memory, because Americans have always been free to exercise their constitutionally protected liberties. But in the age of covid, permission to live the life we desire to live has repeatedly been denied by our Democrat commissars because “yes” gives the administration no power over the populace at all.

Power in government work resides in the word “no”, which Joey Biden and other members of the ruling Democrat autocracy have been using voluminously for the past year. “No” you cannot travel without a mask; “No” you cannot enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving with family; “No” you cannot assemble with friends to watch a football game.

Talk-show host Dan Bongino brought these powers of denial of constitutional rights performed by government to the fore in a recent broadcast, and radio talk-show host Chris Plante has spoken several times of leftist politicians allowing citizens to do anything, as long as it was declared mandatory by the leftist rulers, and forbade citizens from doing anything that the political left prohibited. For the government to allow citizens to exercise the liberties of travel, to go to work, to meet with other people, does not require government to say “yes” to these things, because the government has always been silent on such issues simply because American citizens have been free to do them without permission from the ruling class. But when government says “no” to these same freedoms, they grow powerful immediately and gain more control over those whom they deny. The political left nations like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Soviet Union and Communist China have remained in power by saying ”no” to anything their citizens wanted to do, thereby preserving the power of the state over the citizens.

The power of “no” is always seen to expand where authoritarianism is concerned.  First comes the mask, then two masks, then a vaccination, then a vaccination followed by a mask, then a booster shot, then an additional booster shot followed by a second vaccination, because now a new strain of the Wuhan has developed, so we have to start the process all over again, even though very few people are getting sick, and almost no one is dying, and those who do die of covid are already weakened by another ailment that has saturated their immune system. So logic would tell us that soon the government will mandate a new lockdown to further wreck our economy and ruin lives, because if the emergency declaration and fear are removed from the equation, Biden’s power diminishes accordingly, which is something that leftists cannot allow to happen.

And children, the people least likely to get sick, and almost zero percent of children die from the disease, are now required to get a vaccination, using drugs which have not been fully tested and which are only being given under cover of an emergency health assurance effort. Recent history tells us that fewer children have died from the covid than typically die each year during the common cold and flu season, and nearly every child that has died of covid was already weakened by another illness or health problem. And because the government cannot be sued unless they allow themselves to be sued, any illness experienced by children resulting from prematurely giving the vaccinations to children will be ignored and buried by the leftist news agencies like CNN, WAPO and NYT as simply a thing that must be done in order to get through the pandemic, which has not been a pandemic for months now.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

When A Nation Like America Begins To Fail, It’s The Politicians Who Are At Fault

 The current troubles that America is having with expensive oil, gas, and soon, costly electric and natural gas sources of home heating, have nothing to do with America’s ability to provide our own sources of power, because the Trump administration had made America free of dependence on foreign sources of fuel by allowing petroleum companies to produce domestically what our own nation needs. But Joey Biden, at the influence of Bernie Sanders and other warming/change advocates in the government, made America once again dependent on Saudi Arabia for fuel when he shut off the Keystone pipeline and forbade any new drilling on government land.

Along the same lines, Biden and America’s Socialists, have devised a scheme whereby our plentiful sources of electricity will become scarce in the near future, with the Socialists’ insistence on wind-power, and turning their backs on, and eventually outlawing, the coal-powered plants that now provide power to homes and businesses in the United States. Their big current push is to have everyone in the nation driving electric cars ASAP, but when the coal plants are idled, there is no way that wind-power can provide enough power to meet our current electrical needs, especially with millions of electric cars added to the power demand, as our government insists. The CEOs of Toyota and Tesla have stated that there is not enough electric power coming from America’s current coal-powered plants to be able to support millions of additional electric cars, as is being pushed by the Biden administration, let alone trying to move the current mega-watt load to the less efficient wind power sources and then adding millions of electric cars to the mess on top of that. California’s brown-outs and black-outs will become common for all fifty states if Biden’s plans are allowed to continue, and then just try to charge your Tesla when the wind-power goes off.

In other areas of governmental corruption, the government of weeping Biden has created a supply chain problem where none existed before, in part because too many goods come from China and other foreign nations, and partly because Biden’s staff has no idea what is going on, so of course they have no ideas of how to fix the problem of getting products into the nation following the Biden mandates of lay-offs of all truckers and dock workers who refuse to get vaccinated, and given the restrictive trucking regulations that exist in ultra-leftist California.

And delivery of domestically manufactured and grown goods are also threatened by Biden’s covid mandates and the enormously more expensive fuel needed to get the products and food distributed throughout the nation. And Biden is, of course, issuing new and more restrictive regulations on businesses that negatively impact trucking, dock workers and everything in between.

Add to this mess the fear and saber-rattling we are getting from Russia, Iran and China, a threat that didn’t exist during the Trump administration, because Trump was the essence of power, and Biden is the perfect example of a pussy-wussy who can be dominated by even the weakest nation if they only raise their voice against our weak president. And when you recall the influence that China has on Biden’s personal finance, and on Hunter Biden’s entire income, we can see the danger that our president has delivered to this once great nation with his influence-peddling to nations like Ukraine and China.

The whole mess of covid can be blamed on government, too. Trump shut down the nation because his government “medical science” advisors told him that millions of Americans would die of the Wuhan flu if he didn’t close all business down. But by the time Biden took office we knew a lot more about the disease; we had a vaccine that Trump had pushed to delivery, and we knew that the death rate of covid was less than one-percent for otherwise healthy people, but Joey insisted on turning up the imaginary threat and issued mandates intended to force all Americans to wear the useless masks, and to get vaccinated if they wanted to keep their jobs, so the population remained locked down even though most of the threat was removed with the passing of time. Of course, Democrat governors willfully imposed restrictive masking and vaccination mandates in their states in order to align with the Nazi-like orders of the president, so the misery is still being felt as new variations of covid appear, and even though these new varieties provide little threat of death to otherwise healthy people. The Democrat habit of frightening the population in order to keep them in line with official presidential edicts is still in evidence as they continue the drum-beat of certain death about everything from the lie of warming/change to a new covid variant, and healthcare becomes a political issue, not a medical one, under Biden.

Then Joey introduced his idiotic idea that “white supremacy” was the major threat to the nation, in spite of the hundreds of black-on-black murders seen from Chicago, Baltimore, New York and many other Democrat-run cities that had non-stop riots, murders and burning the entire summer of 2020, that were led and encouraged by Black Lives Matter. The very pasty-white Joey was only stirring up trouble and causing more fright, but that’s what Democrats do.

The leftist government of Joey Biden is causing the murder rate in America to sky-rocket, mainly because Democrats insist on the idiotic policy of defunding the police forces and blaming police officers for the violence and mayhem in Democrat-run cities. We must get rid of Democrats in positions of power. Big government is the problem, and voting the bums out is the only solution.