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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The American Political Left And The Power Of “NO”

 It would be easy for our ailing, far-left president to say “yes” to citizens’ desires to travel freely, to not have to cover themselves with useless masks, to go to work, to eat at a restaurant, to not be mandated to get a vaccination against the weakest disease we’ve seen in a long time. But “yes”, recently requested from the leftist thugs denominating the Biden administration, was denied by them although such permission has never been needed in America in my memory, because Americans have always been free to exercise their constitutionally protected liberties. But in the age of covid, permission to live the life we desire to live has repeatedly been denied by our Democrat commissars because “yes” gives the administration no power over the populace at all.

Power in government work resides in the word “no”, which Joey Biden and other members of the ruling Democrat autocracy have been using voluminously for the past year. “No” you cannot travel without a mask; “No” you cannot enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving with family; “No” you cannot assemble with friends to watch a football game.

Talk-show host Dan Bongino brought these powers of denial of constitutional rights performed by government to the fore in a recent broadcast, and radio talk-show host Chris Plante has spoken several times of leftist politicians allowing citizens to do anything, as long as it was declared mandatory by the leftist rulers, and forbade citizens from doing anything that the political left prohibited. For the government to allow citizens to exercise the liberties of travel, to go to work, to meet with other people, does not require government to say “yes” to these things, because the government has always been silent on such issues simply because American citizens have been free to do them without permission from the ruling class. But when government says “no” to these same freedoms, they grow powerful immediately and gain more control over those whom they deny. The political left nations like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Soviet Union and Communist China have remained in power by saying ”no” to anything their citizens wanted to do, thereby preserving the power of the state over the citizens.

The power of “no” is always seen to expand where authoritarianism is concerned.  First comes the mask, then two masks, then a vaccination, then a vaccination followed by a mask, then a booster shot, then an additional booster shot followed by a second vaccination, because now a new strain of the Wuhan has developed, so we have to start the process all over again, even though very few people are getting sick, and almost no one is dying, and those who do die of covid are already weakened by another ailment that has saturated their immune system. So logic would tell us that soon the government will mandate a new lockdown to further wreck our economy and ruin lives, because if the emergency declaration and fear are removed from the equation, Biden’s power diminishes accordingly, which is something that leftists cannot allow to happen.

And children, the people least likely to get sick, and almost zero percent of children die from the disease, are now required to get a vaccination, using drugs which have not been fully tested and which are only being given under cover of an emergency health assurance effort. Recent history tells us that fewer children have died from the covid than typically die each year during the common cold and flu season, and nearly every child that has died of covid was already weakened by another illness or health problem. And because the government cannot be sued unless they allow themselves to be sued, any illness experienced by children resulting from prematurely giving the vaccinations to children will be ignored and buried by the leftist news agencies like CNN, WAPO and NYT as simply a thing that must be done in order to get through the pandemic, which has not been a pandemic for months now.