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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

When A Nation Like America Begins To Fail, It’s The Politicians Who Are At Fault

 The current troubles that America is having with expensive oil, gas, and soon, costly electric and natural gas sources of home heating, have nothing to do with America’s ability to provide our own sources of power, because the Trump administration had made America free of dependence on foreign sources of fuel by allowing petroleum companies to produce domestically what our own nation needs. But Joey Biden, at the influence of Bernie Sanders and other warming/change advocates in the government, made America once again dependent on Saudi Arabia for fuel when he shut off the Keystone pipeline and forbade any new drilling on government land.

Along the same lines, Biden and America’s Socialists, have devised a scheme whereby our plentiful sources of electricity will become scarce in the near future, with the Socialists’ insistence on wind-power, and turning their backs on, and eventually outlawing, the coal-powered plants that now provide power to homes and businesses in the United States. Their big current push is to have everyone in the nation driving electric cars ASAP, but when the coal plants are idled, there is no way that wind-power can provide enough power to meet our current electrical needs, especially with millions of electric cars added to the power demand, as our government insists. The CEOs of Toyota and Tesla have stated that there is not enough electric power coming from America’s current coal-powered plants to be able to support millions of additional electric cars, as is being pushed by the Biden administration, let alone trying to move the current mega-watt load to the less efficient wind power sources and then adding millions of electric cars to the mess on top of that. California’s brown-outs and black-outs will become common for all fifty states if Biden’s plans are allowed to continue, and then just try to charge your Tesla when the wind-power goes off.

In other areas of governmental corruption, the government of weeping Biden has created a supply chain problem where none existed before, in part because too many goods come from China and other foreign nations, and partly because Biden’s staff has no idea what is going on, so of course they have no ideas of how to fix the problem of getting products into the nation following the Biden mandates of lay-offs of all truckers and dock workers who refuse to get vaccinated, and given the restrictive trucking regulations that exist in ultra-leftist California.

And delivery of domestically manufactured and grown goods are also threatened by Biden’s covid mandates and the enormously more expensive fuel needed to get the products and food distributed throughout the nation. And Biden is, of course, issuing new and more restrictive regulations on businesses that negatively impact trucking, dock workers and everything in between.

Add to this mess the fear and saber-rattling we are getting from Russia, Iran and China, a threat that didn’t exist during the Trump administration, because Trump was the essence of power, and Biden is the perfect example of a pussy-wussy who can be dominated by even the weakest nation if they only raise their voice against our weak president. And when you recall the influence that China has on Biden’s personal finance, and on Hunter Biden’s entire income, we can see the danger that our president has delivered to this once great nation with his influence-peddling to nations like Ukraine and China.

The whole mess of covid can be blamed on government, too. Trump shut down the nation because his government “medical science” advisors told him that millions of Americans would die of the Wuhan flu if he didn’t close all business down. But by the time Biden took office we knew a lot more about the disease; we had a vaccine that Trump had pushed to delivery, and we knew that the death rate of covid was less than one-percent for otherwise healthy people, but Joey insisted on turning up the imaginary threat and issued mandates intended to force all Americans to wear the useless masks, and to get vaccinated if they wanted to keep their jobs, so the population remained locked down even though most of the threat was removed with the passing of time. Of course, Democrat governors willfully imposed restrictive masking and vaccination mandates in their states in order to align with the Nazi-like orders of the president, so the misery is still being felt as new variations of covid appear, and even though these new varieties provide little threat of death to otherwise healthy people. The Democrat habit of frightening the population in order to keep them in line with official presidential edicts is still in evidence as they continue the drum-beat of certain death about everything from the lie of warming/change to a new covid variant, and healthcare becomes a political issue, not a medical one, under Biden.

Then Joey introduced his idiotic idea that “white supremacy” was the major threat to the nation, in spite of the hundreds of black-on-black murders seen from Chicago, Baltimore, New York and many other Democrat-run cities that had non-stop riots, murders and burning the entire summer of 2020, that were led and encouraged by Black Lives Matter. The very pasty-white Joey was only stirring up trouble and causing more fright, but that’s what Democrats do.

The leftist government of Joey Biden is causing the murder rate in America to sky-rocket, mainly because Democrats insist on the idiotic policy of defunding the police forces and blaming police officers for the violence and mayhem in Democrat-run cities. We must get rid of Democrats in positions of power. Big government is the problem, and voting the bums out is the only solution.