Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Political Candidacy Is About Judgement, Not Experience

If experience is what we need in a presidential candidate, then no one but top military officers would be fit for the job of our top executive, given their experience at decision-making and dealing with complex military matters. The current occupant of the oval office proves the point, that even after being president for nearly 3 years, he still has not gained the experience to do the job (but of course he's a raving liberal radical with an agenda to bring America down to size, so he's really not trying to learn, just destroy).

Pundits have it wrong when they question the experience of certain candidates. It's not experience a candidate needs in order to run for president or any other public office, it's their judgement that matters, and stating that Michelle Bachman or Herman Cain don't have the experience to be president misses the point. Their judgement when making decisions and establishing policy is the important thing. All politicians have staffs and advisers to keep them informed and give them direction, but it's what they do with that advice that is critical, and if they have radical intentions, as does Barack Obama, then all of the experience and acvice in the world will not cause them to make good decisions.

After all, did not our founders intend for the common laborer and farmer to be leaders of the country? And did William F. Buckley not make the wise statement that he'd rather be governed by the first 100 people listed in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard University? I don't want another highly educated and well-spoken elite liberal leading our nation, I want a plain-spoken average Joe who makes good decisions and knows why the decisions are the best ones for the nation.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama's Actions Are A Declaration Of War On America

If any foreign nation interfered with America's prosperity, wealth, liberties and national defense the way Obama has, we would declare war on them. In March on 2010 I posted an opinion paper with the title "The EPA Declares War On America" which detailed how EPA decisions were hurting America and Americans, but since that time not only has the EPA doubled-down and made things much worse, but the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Reserve, the Departments of Energy and the Interior and Obama himself have issued orders and regulations (the EPA: draconian restrictions on coal-fired power plants; NLRB: Boeing isn't permitted to manufacture in South Carolina; Energy and Interior: halt all off-shore drilling for oil; EPA: make dairy farmers treat spilled milk like Exxon is required to treat an oil spill; EPA: punish farmers for stirring up dust as they plant and harvest; Obama personally: putting in place a health-care plan that has halted hiring throughout the nation and caused vast joblessness;repeatedly proposing the raising of taxes on the wealthy and successful so as to support the lazy and unambitious;proposing new spending bills that will require the printing and/or borrowing of enormous amounts of money that we don't have and can't repay and putting our children and grandchildren at risk of being enslaved to foreign powers in order to make payments on the debt) that are choking our nation to death with unconstitutional, big-government impositions on a free people.

These "declarations of war" on our nation and on our children's futures must be addressed now and halted by congress by opposing the regulations and executive orders, and then in November of 2012 the American people must vote to boot the fool Obama out of office, just like we did the idiot Carter.

And on top of the actions listed above adversely impacting the health and welfare of Americans, the Obama administration's ATF effectively declared direct war on Mexico through its "fast and furious" scheme of providing weapons to Mexican criminals, who in turn killed many Mexican military and police agents with those same weapons. How can such a blatant action not cause urgent and long-lasting trouble between sovereign nations?

We are on the precipice and if we don't halt our criminal administration, Obama will cause irreparable damage to our prosperity and freedom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Racist Emanuel Cleaver

According to a recent news release in the Miami Herald, if a white president had the horrible record on joblessness that Barack Obama has, the Congressional Black Caucus "would be marching on the White House" per a quote attributed to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. But since it's a semi-black man in the White House at present, no such demonstration of frustration with presidential failure is permitted. Is this an admission that the Congressional Black Caucus, and their chairman, Emanuel Cleaver, are a pack of racists?

How can anyone support and vote for blatant racists in present-day America? This is a disgrace and an affront to all decent persons, and Emanuel Cleaver must be defeated along with Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Down-Sizing Government; Social Security Is An Easy Place To Start

If we want a less abusive government we must make it smaller, and Social Security is a good place to begin reducing government, and at the same time we can give an honest break to our younger workers.

Government Reduction:

First and foremost there is no Social Security Trust Fund. When FICA money is sent to Washington an IOU is issued to the Social Security Fund and the money goes directly to the Treasury where it is spent. The reason there is such furor whenever changes to Social Security are proposed is not out of concern for the future of workers when they retire, it's because letting people keep more of their own money and direct their income to their own retirement accounts deprives the government of billions of dollars it currently spends or gives to its pals and political supporters (can you say "Solyndra"?). Letting workers establish their own self-directed retirement accounts with the payroll deduction currently going to Social Security deprives government of money and makes it smaller. That's the ideal. And if we allow young workers to self-direct their retirement we further reduce government because future retirees will not be dependent on Social Security, thereby assuring a smaller, less expensive and less invasive government.

Fairness to Young workers:

We all know that our government is both broke and broken and that there will be no Social Security money left to payout to retirees in 10 or 20 years, so why perpetrate the fraud any longer by forcing workers to pay into an account that will give them nothing when they retire, when we could allow all workers under the age of 45 to direct money to their own self-directed retirement fund and opt-out of Social Security? Of course, they can stay with Social Security if they want to, but they are making a known risky move by doing so, whereas a self-directed account will always be there for them and can't be denied by a bankrupt government.

You can tell you're proposing something good when Democrats rise as a unit to oppose it, and that's exactly what happens whenever a change to Social Security is suggested, which proves it's a good idea. If we don't stop allowing government to waste billions of our FICA money and if we don't give relief to young workers and allow them to begin providing for their own retirement, the future of this nation will be more bleak than it already is under the Obama-meister.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Increasing Threat Of Obama

One may think that when Obama recently told the EPA to withdraw its new ozone regulations that he did so because he was concerned that the new, draconian regulation would cause more job losses and result in more expensive, less dependable electric service to Americans.

But not so fast!

Our Barry only told the EPA to remove the new regulation " this time". In other words, he realized the negative press and opinion the new dire regulations were causing and he asked that they be withdrawn for a few months so he could get re-elected. As soon as a second term is assured, the ozone regulation will be pushed into law and kill thousands more jobs, which has been the concentration of Obama for the last two years.

Barack Obama is a true leftist radical, and the real world of markets and results has no meaning to him. He wants green projects and industries to win, and no matter how many failures his side encounters (like the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which wasted a half-billion tax dollars on a project no one seeking a profit would invest in) he will never stop pushing his idiotic, job-killing projects and regulations in an attempt to make America "greener", even if green means broke and jobless. We must make every effort to assure that this fool man does not get re-elected, or our nation is lost along with the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is Abolishing The Department Of Education A Radical Position? Read On...

In the last congressional campaign (Kansas, 3rd District) I was one of the candidates for the position Kevin Yoder now occupies. One of the several specific proposals I spoke for at every opportunity was the abolition of the Department of Education. Even the other candidates thought this was a radical proposal, but is getting rid of a liberal, big-government group that has measurably undermined education in America and returning to locally-run and controlled school boards, as the founders of our nation intended, a radical position? I think not. (Are grades higher in our schools since the establishment of the Department of Education? Is education better? Are our children learning more and on a par with the education given by other nations? Are teachers and their unions solid patriots or are they operating under the umbrella of a subversive Department of Education?)

Some other "radical" positions I proposed during the 2010 debates was getting the United States out of the U.N. (did our founders or the Constitution speak of handing over control of our internal policies and laws to an outside mob?), Abolish the Departments of Energy and Interior (are gasoline or oil less expensive or more plentiful than they were before these departments were formed?), Defund Obama's czars (are unelected and congressionally unapproved radicals in the executive branch approved by the Constitution?), Abolish the EPA (this out-of-control pack is issuing streams of regulations that will shut down power plants across the nation and cause untold hardship and job loss if they are not stopped by congress). Get rid of the Department of Labor (the NLRB recently told Boeing and AT&T that they cannot build plants and combine workforces at a time when we desperately need the jobs).

Abolishing these big-government groups would not only help restore constitutional rule and get rid of the radicals whose policies are destroying our nation, but would also save trillions of dollars every year by eliminating the overhead these groups present and would also eliminate the regulations they issue that undermine liberty, freedom and prosperity.

In fact the only radicals we have are the leftists/progressives who have established the various departments that are hurting the country, costing too much money and making the nation both poor and jobless. It's the true radicals who have torn up and ignored the constitution, and it's people with my opinions who want to restore the constitution and a rule of law, revert to a smaller government and allow people to be free and prosper.

So, who's the radical?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama-Now Beyond The Tipping Point

Our Barry now can have no pretense of trying to create jobs and restore prosperity to Americans. His NLRB kills jobs for Boeing and AT&T, his union pals are undermining growth by forcing unionization onto private businesses and their employees, who don't want control and subservience imposed on them. His EPA issues draconian regulations, one after another, that kill our energy resources and the jobs that depend on energy (and all jobs depend on energy in one form or another, or the jobs go away).

His Energy and Interior Departments halt drilling and fracking and the importation of energy sources from Canada (thereby leaving us more dependent on energy from countries that hate us, such as Saudi Arabia). His Green energy initiatives, which have soaked up billions of dollars of our tax money, are failing right and left because they have no basis in the real market where our economy and our jobs and prosperity exist. And don't forget Obamacare which has managers fearful of hiring because of the uncertainty of the costs of Barry's government-imposed, fraudulent healthcare plan.

This destruction of our lives is not stupidity, although the people who would do such an evil thing are truly stupid people, it's rather the intentional destruction of prosperity and liberty in one of the last places in the world where these precious things thrive: America. It's the intentional concentration of power and control under a far-left power structure that will leave the United States in much worse shape economically and socially than anyone can conceive, and when the United States is defeated and destroyed, Europe and the rest of the world that are now pleasant places to visit, will quickly follow, because American power and influence are all that has kept the rest of the old-world possible and alive.

Our immoral president goes off to Martha's Vineyard to play golf and gambol on the beach, promising that he will address job creation in a week or two, when he could begin the creation of prosperity immediately by calling off the EPA, the NLRB and the Justice Department and leave the true job creators alone, because the truth is that no government and no process or program can create jobs. Only a free people can create jobs as they follow their passions and talents and generate prosperity, and only government can destroy prosperity and freedom, which is exactly the path our dear Barry is following.

Americans must push congress to force a halt to the administration's job-killing policies via phone calls, letters and emails, because the tipping point for our nation is here, now! There is no possibility of compromise with someone who seeks to destroy our nation as Obama does. He, his Justice Department, his Interior Department and the EPA must be defeated, completely, and our reluctant representatives in Washington must know our sentiments on this issue.