Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Damned Democrats Destroy Everything They Touch

 In 1996 a book written by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, titled “Destructive Generation”,  was published. The book told of the crazy fools of my generation (the 1960s) and the thoughtless, selfish destruction they committed during that decade, with their anti-Vietnam demonstrations, the “Mystique“ of Communism, Angela Davis, anti-Americanism, the universities, and the rise of victim groups that are so popular with the Democrat, woke, “progressives” today.

But today’s Democrat party has done ten-fold the damage to America these last ten years than the 60s fools did, and all of the damage was completely intentional and planned.

The craziness of the Biden years was in part due to the shock that Donald Trump presented to Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America verbiage, which frightened the pants off the far-left Democrats, because they had bought the crap of the Obama smoothness and assumed that the destruction of America would continue even after their savior, Obama, was gone. But Trump put a stop to this insidious trash and the rabid left has been trying to imprison or kill him ever since. But in 2021 the Democrats ended up with the stumbling, stammering old fool Joey Biden in the White House, and its been all downhill for America, and the Democrat party, since then.

From environmental wokeness, to the open border; to the chemical and surgical sexual destruction of children; to the continued persecution of Biden’s Republican opponent in the 2024 election; to the wasteful spending that is taking the nation to the brink of bankruptcy; to the steeply climbing inflation that is hurting all working citizens; to a weakened and woke military; to the subsidizing of Iran’s nuke development and their terrorist programs around the world;  to Biden’s highly suspicious and perhaps traitorous closeness with China; to Biden’s dictatorial edict to outlaw oil and gasoline vehicles; and to the wasting of the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve for Biden’s political benefit, Biden’s three years have cast a long shadow over the freedom and prosperity of America and the constitutional protections our citizens have traditionally enjoyed, that protected us all from a dictatorial fool like Biden.

But for all of the stupid, far-left things done during the Biden administration, nothing could have hurt America more, and nothing could have done more far-reaching damage, than the “defund the police” stupidity following the wall-to-wall riots of 2020, along with the anti-Israel terrorism that has caused many Ivy League colleges in the United States’ leftist, Democrat cities, to come near to complete destruction due to the criminal on-campus activities that pussy Democrats refuse to deal with, which means that we will get even more of these outrages in the future.

And why were the colleges sacrificed to anti-Israel terrorists across the nation? Because Joey wants the votes of the Nazi, anti-Jewish, pro-Hamas filth that he refuses to condemn. The political left is always complaining about how such historical things as slavery in America could have existed two hundred years ago, while currently Americans are asking how children can be chemically and surgically harmed, and how can Nazi slogans and anti-Jewish terrorism could be happening in 2024. How could major American cities have been economically destroyed by leftists removing police officers from the streets of Democrat-run cities? Cultural changes come and go. The slavery that American practiced 200 years ago should never have happened, and we’ve tried to make up for it. But the current destruction being done to America is the fault of radical Democrats and their idiotic policies, and they are in no way sorry for the misery they have caused for American citizens who are forced to live in the crap Democrats have produced.

Everywhere the political left gains power they kill liberty and freedom, and leftists imprison political opponents that threaten their continued possession of high offices and threaten to reverse their demented goals.

America’s elite universities have recently proven themselves to be the racists and dictators that they have long accused Republicans and conservatives of being, and they are now being invaded and damaged by the very same students that they have been radicalizing  and teaching to riot and destroy, so it serves them right. Now let’s just hope that real, serious people, concerned with real, actual education, take charge of the almost literally burning universities, which occurrence will make the futures brighter for our children and grandchildren.

The Democrat party is a coven of radical terrorists who are systematically dismantling America, and these fools must be stopped at the ballot box in November.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Biden Slowly Destroys America With ESG, DEI And “Don’t”, And Can’t Comprehend The Actual Destruction of “Death To America”

 Joey Biden thinks the soft but erosive destruction of words like ESG, DEI, CRT and the worthless deterrent of weak words like “don’t” can keep America free and prosperous. But because the American left deals in only feel-good phrases and actions, they cannot comprehend the deadly serious people like Hitler, Stalin and the Iranian dictatorship when those enemy enterprises use phrases like “Death To Israel” and “Death To America”. The American political left pushes only leftist crap that has no real, tangible meaning, while Iran is talking real-life death and material destruction.

Biden is partially responsible for the misery Ukraine has experienced since being invaded by Russia, because he said that he had no problem with a “minor incursion” of Russian forces into Ukraine, and he repeated this stupidity more recently by appearing to allow Iran the right to directly attack Israel, but only attack them “slightly”, with missiles launched into Israel. One can assume that Biden would not like a minor or slight invasion of his Corvette nor his beach house in Delaware, but he prescribes it for other nations, and has imposed destruction on his own nation, whose borders are wide open to invasion by terrorists and criminals from all over the world.

The fool who occupies the Oval Office makes no pretense at making America strong and free, except with his lying words. But his actions and policies are making America the weak-sister, laughing-stock of the world and is forcing us to be the next third world hell hole that his progressive and socialistic policies are assuring. Let’s retire Joey in November and allow Donald Trump to “Make America Strong Again”.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Joey Biden Quickly Shuffles To Pander To The “Death To America” Crowd

 In the current race for the presidency against Donald Trump, Joey Biden is willing to try every trick and exert every effort, even to the depth of pandering to people who obviously hate America and wish harm to us, in order to get a vote. So when a bunch of hate-America Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan chanted the nauseatingly familiar “Death To America” in a display of their opposition to America aiding Israel in an attempt to end the constant terrorist attacks Hamas wages against the Jewish state, old Joey decided that Israel must halt their offensive against those who would destroy Israel and kill all Israelis.

Democrats fear Muslims are deserting the Biden administration so, in fear of losing the November election, he has joined the “Death to America” nut-jobs and their demonic chants, by putting pressure on Israel to stop defending the sole democracy in the Middle East.

Silence has been the policy of the Biden administration about the hateful, anti-Israel and anti-American chants of the Dearborn pro-Hamas thugs, but you can bet that the power-at-any-price Democrat president will withdraw aid from Israel and will join the Muslim hate mongers by taking up the banner of Israel being the aggressor and the murderer, and force a “peace” in the Middle East that will last only long enough for Hamas and their enablers in Iran to re-arm the citizens of Gaza, and attack Israel again.

And not one word has been heard from Joey’s corrupt political party about the Americans being held in captivity by Hamas, while Muslims already in America chant the filthy slogans against our nation.

What Biden is demonstrating by begging for the Muslim vote, is that he doesn’t care about, nor respect, the votes of American Jews or Christians, and he is being his traditional stupid self for giving in to Muslims who would slit his throat in a minute if given a chance. Biden has no such concepts in his head as right-and-wrong, and the fool man can’t tell the difference between good-and-evil. And I’d bet serious money that the “Death” chanters are not even permitted to vote in the November election  in Dearborn, so one wonders what our fool president is so fearful of that he would pander to these crazy, third world nut-jobs.

If Biden is re-elected in November America will be crushed immediately by the millions of world-wide invaders who have crossed our borders to be here illegally, joined by the violent Muslims who only chant hate slogans against America because they know no opposition will be coming from Biden’s pussy-weak government, and they are just waiting for sister-Joey to be re-elected for the go-ahead to put their hateful works into military aggression against American citizens.

The world is full of hate and violence, and with Joey Biden in power, America is the target for all the hate.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

If You Peacefully Enter The Capitol Building You Go To Jail, But Muslims Shouting “Death To America” Is Just Fine

 It seems that Muslims living in Dearborn, Michigan are unable to live peacefully with, and behave responsibly toward, people who don’t agree with them on the subject of mass murder, to the extent that they chant Death to America if Israel continues to militarily punish the terrorist Hamas thugs, who invaded Israel and killed and captured Israeli citizens, and American citizens as well, on October 7.

World War II found the Allies pursuing Nazi forces, just as Israel is pursuing the Hamas criminals, in order to completely annihilate them and the evil they represent, even when non-militants are tragically killed or wounded among the casualties, just like what happened in Germany in the 1940s. The Allies erased the threat of Nazi socialism from the face of the earth, and Israel must do the same with Hamas, regardless of innocents suffering. Israel is fighting for its very life while surrounded by nations that hate it and wish its destruction.

But old Joey Biden is apparently losing the November election to Donald Trump, so he has decided to buy the votes of America-hating Muslim radicals by opposing Israel in its attempts to get rid of its terrorist, murdering neighbor, Hamas. And Old Joey is siding with Hamas even as many American citizens languish, suffer and some are undoubtedly dead, while being held as hostages that Hamas captured during the October 7 invasion of Israel. But our fool president never says a word about the conditions of the enslaved Americans. He’s so wrapped up in trying to get votes from Israel’s enemies that he has no consideration for the captives who are citizens of the nation he presides over. And one wonders if the death-screaming Muslims can even vote in the presidential election in November, or does Joey just side with anyone who opposes liberty and freedom?

Our senile president has prostituted himself to Hamas, and risks having himself thought of as a traitor to America by so-doing, just to get a few votes from the known hateful and violent Muslim radicals, while pro-Israel Jews and Christians watch silently and await their turn to vote for Trump in November. But Jews and Christians get no recognition from the president of the United States, only Muslims.

At this point no one doubts the sincerity and earnestness of Muslim radicals and their clearly stated hate for America, and we’ve long ago become accustomed to Iran’s promise to kill all Americans, so how long can it be until one of the many hate-America groups take military-grade weapons to peaceful American cities and begin killing Americans? From what we’ve heard recently, the illegal aliens Joey has intentionally allowed to enter America these last three years contains a large number of terrorists and criminals from around the world who would like to do that very thing, and may be here for that very purpose.

With an idiot like Biden in the White House it’s just a matter of time until the killing begins.

Thanks, Joey!

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend, Except When Joey Biden And Hamas Join Sides. Then They’re Both My Enemy

 When Joey Biden stabbed Israel in the back and began to pander to the pro-Hamas Muslims and the “Death to America” chanting freaks in Dearborn, he became as much an enemy to me as the Hamas murderers are. And one wonders if the “Death” chanters whom Biden seems to favor, can even vote in the next election.

The idiot of an old man (and I can call him old because he’s only six months older than I am) swung from supporting Israel in their effort to rid the world of the Hamas scum, to pandering to the Muslim crazies for only one reason: to try to gain votes in the election in November. And I suppose there are not many Americans who doubt that Joey Biden cares more about getting re-elected and retaining his power, than he cares about supporting our only ally in the Middle East and supporting the wishes of American citizens.

And the stupid old man immediately lost the votes of decent American Jews and Christians with his treacherous move. Who, exactly, is advising Biden on these matters, and don’t they know that for every vote (if indeed they are allowed to vote) that Biden gains from the pro-Hamas crowd, he’s losing two or three votes from patriotic Americans?

Monday, April 8, 2024

Will You Believe The Lies Coming From The Idiot In The White House, Or Will You Believe Your Own Two Eyes?

 Based on your personal experience and the evidence your own two eyes have provided for you, do you believe that the earth has warmed so much in the last fifty years that the extinction of life on earth is at risk?

The answer to that question is a resounding, NO!

I know that summers are as hot today as they were in the 1960s, and you to, too. But when one considers the continued predictions of death-by-heat coming from the Democrat party, you can be certain that the Democrat party is full of Socialists and Commies. Even though temperatures have remained the same since at least the 1960s, AOC and Bernie Sanders predicted again, only six years ago (in November of 2018), that in twelve years from that date that the earth would be too hot to support life, and with this prediction they pushed the pedal-to-the-metal and hoped no one was paying attention to the reality of these lies. But the reality is right in front of us, that temperatures are about normal for this time of year. Since we are six years into these fools’ prediction of disaster and no global heating has occurred for the last fifty years, I’d say Democrats are caught in a giant lie and they should be shamed for it. But even though the warming lie has been fully exposed as the lie it is, old Joey Biden and his Dem pals still push the fear of death to all of us and are destroying the economy of the United States as a result.

Next, look at the progression of environmental lies that Democrats have pushed our way in the last twenty years: when temperatures didn’t increase as they predicted, they went from calling it “global warming” to calling it the less intense title of “climate change“, which is much harder to test and verify. But the change of title for their chosen disaster is a sure sign that they know that no warming has occurred since their last declaration, or they‘d have stuck with the global warming lie alone.

Far left Democrats are frightened that too many people will wake up to the lies of warming/change, because the truth undermines the lie behind the electric vehicle edict; and the lie behind Biden’s green mandates, that are paying millions of taxpayers’ dollars to his pals and making them rich; and the lie that’s destroying America’s automobile industry, as manufacturers are forced by big government to make electric vehicles that no one wants to buy; and the lie that is undermining the freedom and liberty that Americans have always known, all of which lies will lead to an impoverished end for America if Biden is re-elected this November.

Due to the dishonesty and lying of the Biden administration, it’s healthy to be fearful that if Donald Trump is elected to be president again in November, the Biden administration, which will continue for two-and-a-half months following the hoped-for Trump re-election, will never allow Trump to live long enough to be sworn in as president in January of 2025.

But if you doubt that Democrats are ruthless enough to take a president-elect Trump out prior to his swearing-in ceremony, just consider how disruptive Trump’s next administration would be to their corrupt plans, following the Russia/Russia/Russia claims during his first term; the trumped-up January 6 trials that the Dems imposed on the nation; the Democrat-run states that attempted to unconstitutionally keep Trump off those states’ ballots in 2024; the numerous state and federal indictments they’ve lyingly thrown at Trump in their attempts to keep him off the ballot; and the words of a fellow Democrat, RFK Jr., who said that he believes that the Biden Democrats’ attempts to keep Trump from running again are a threat to Democracy in America.

Today’s Democrats will do anything to retain the power they have, legal or otherwise, and are determined to keep their power to continue to unconstitutionally dictate policy and law to Americans, and Trump is standing directly in their way and threatens a loss of power to them.

These are uncharted waters we are entering during the 2024 election season, and the dangers to our ability to remain a nation with a functioning constitution and a Democrat party that will obey the laws of the nation, will be a frightening experience to us all.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Biden’s Misguided Commands In Afghanistan Got Americans Killed, But He Threatens Israel For A Mistake Made While Fighting A War

 The same fool, idiot president who got American citizens killed in Afghanistan because he refused to take the advice of his military advisors about abruptly vacating that country, now threatens to withdraw support  from Israel, fighting a war they did not want and did not start, because of a military error they made during the heat of battle in which aid workers were tragically killed. Israel has gone out of its way to prevent civilian casualties during this fighting that was forced on them during a cease-fire interval that Hamas refused to respect, while Hamas has repeatedly used civilian neighborhoods and hospitals as locations for weapons caches, knowing that Israel would be blamed if Gaza citizens were killed during fighting at those sites.

The fool idiot referenced above is none other than the demented and brainless Joey Biden, who is destroying America by opening our borders to criminals, denying our military sufficient Strategic Petroleum Reserves to fight a war that is more likely all the time due to his insane decisions and policies, with the favors our president is giving China and Iran, and he is bankrupting the nation by spending trillions of dollars on his green stupidity that is making his Democrat pals rich, and don’t forget the open crime spree in America following the “defund the police” policy that Biden’s woke leftists imposed on this nation, with his approval.

It’s all falling apart politically for the Democrats under Biden’s incompetent rule, and one fears the criminal actions that this pack of America-hating politicians will take to prevent Donald Trump from being sworn in after he wins the election in November, 2024.

America, and our allies, especially Israel, is in serious jeopardy with a fool like Biden in the White House.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Boeing CEO Is Out, But America Is Still Stuck With The Corrupt POTUS, Joey Biden

 Boeing’s CEO is out of a job due to the errors of aircraft maintenance and engineering people he has never met, but we’re still stuck with the stupid, stumbling, incompetent Joseph Biden for president, a man who personally…. 

…. got Americans killed with his hasty, selfish withdrawal from Afghanistan.

….is solely responsible for illegally opening our borders to the world and letting in illegals who have only just begun to kill and rape Americans, and most likely will also perform acts of terrorism on this once great nation.

….leads a political party that has destroyed great American cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York City by allowing repeat crimes to go unpunished by leftist DAs, and who tried hard to get rid of all police officers in sanctuary cities.

….has allowed, if not actively encouraged, the persecution and hoped imprisonment of his political opponent, Donald Trump, in the upcoming November presidential election.

….heads a government that encourages the sexual mutilation of children, and who believe that men can become pregnant and give birth to children.

….pushes for a green agenda that is destroying the American automobile industry and will eventually crash our electric grid, due to leftist ideas of what citizens should be permitted to do without government approval.

….criticizes and shames Israel as it punishes the terrorists who killed its citizens on October 7, a country that is the only democracy in the Middle East, and is our main ally in the region.

So capitalism has gotten rid of an aircraft industry leader who has experienced problems on the job, but the stumbling Socialist fool who leads this once-great nation is still at the helm, issuing environmental edicts that are choking industry and killing jobs at the lower end of the salary scale, by allowing people from Guatemala and Honduras to under-bid and take the jobs of American citizens.

Socialism/Communism kills wealth and people, while Capitalism makes all citizens more wealthy. Socialism/Communism refuses to replace its bad actors while keeping its citizens enslaved to the edicts of government, but Capitalism moves quickly to serve its customers and investors, and allows individual liberty and self-determination to its citizens. And, as we’ve seen with the Boeing event, Capitalists take responsibility for their actions, while Socialists/Communists just press ahead with their corruption and put those who complain about the poverty, lack of freedom and misery that always accompanies Socialist and Communist governments, in jail.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Is Joe Biden America’s Faultless, Eternal, Supreme Leader?

 If you’ve ever heard of a Mao Tse-tung or a Kim Jong-Un engaging in a sport or in an intellectual endeavor with their country-men, you have also heard of their infallibility, their clear thinking and their perfect physical abilities. When North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un plays tennis or golf he’s noted as the best player in the world, as his frightened citizens kowtow for his favor as they praise him.

Recent similar incidents related to Joe Biden and the Democrat party remind me of North Korea’s worshipful treatment of Kim Jong-Un, and one wonders if we should start calling our magnificent president, Kim Jong-Biden? For the last three years Americans, and, increasingly, the world, have watched in stunned awe as our president has stuttered, stammered, tripped, lost his train of thought while reading a tele-prompter, fallen upstairs going into Air Force One and walked woodenly, like a stick figure on stilts. And now his lackeys are proclaiming his eternal strength, youth and energy.

All of Biden’s aging woes were forgotten when he gave one State of the Union Address and got most of it right, as he yelled at and faulted “my predecessor” and anyone who supports Donald Trump on this year’s election ballot. Following this very partisan speech, his staff, and his broader supporters in the leftist press, have taken to calling him “strong”, “articulate”, “fierce” and  references to “no one can keep up with him”, indicating they are taking up the Kim Jong-Un practice of buttering up the big guy with obvious lies. But as soon as the drugs wore off after the SOTU speech, old Joey is right back stumbling, mis-speaking and being the old Biden we’ve become used to since he took the Oval Office.

Aside from the elder-abuse that his staff and family are practicing on Biden, if he continues to take uppers every time he makes a speech, this yo-yoing of an old man’s mind and body with drugs will do him more harm than good, and could make his mental decline more rapid and apparent. But it’s safe to say that no one is fooled about Biden’s lack of ability to think clearly, and no one thinks he’s a young man again.

But Democrats are so power-hungry that they will do anything to prop up their failing president, including perhaps risking whatever health he has left, in order to make him talk and walk like an adult again, even temporarily, and potentially be re-elected president.

So, with all of this resurgence that the Democrats claim Biden has made, I have one question: Have you set a date for him to debate Trump yet? But of course they haven’t and they won’t. Trump would eat Biden’s lunch in a debate.

The old fool in the White House is finally being exposed as the cause of murdered Americans since he swung open the borders of this nation to anyone who wants to enter. And as the killings and lesser crimes committed by persons illegally in this country continue, the resentment of Americans will build against this stupid old man and his many dictatorial policies that are destroying America. Let’s all join together to tell Kim Jong-Biden that we don’t want him nor his policies to control us any longer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The “Unheavenly City” And Democrat Politicians

 In Edward Banfield’s book, “The Unheavenly City”, the author attempts to explain the cause of crime in American cities by stating that criminals simply are unable to foresee their eventual capture and punishment at the time they commit their crimes.

In the last three years of the Biden administration we’ve seen obvious proof of Banfield’s theory by watching crime escalate dramatically when far-left Democrat prosecutors and Attorneys General refuse to punish criminals once they’ve been captured. But Banfield’s theory can be taken a step further when investigating the criminal mind, because even today’s Democrat party has been unable to foresee an unfavorable outcome to an absence of punishment of serious crimes. Also, defunding and firing police officers in spite of an increasing crime rate, which has been a Democrat practice since 2020, has caused some major cities in America to experience a total collapse, due to Democrat stupidity.

But one can extend Banfield’s theory beyond the common criminal, who is often raised poor, uneducated and without hope for the future, to the current elected Democrat political officials in America. If common criminals continue lives of crime because they can’t visualize getting caught and being punished for their crimes, then it’s logical that a lack of vision into the outcomes of official decisions is why the Democrat party has become so devastatingly destructive to the lives of American citizens.

For example, Joe Biden, even with numerous warning signs and expressed warnings  from Republicans, had no idea that inviting poor people from all over the world to cross our borders and enter the United States en-mass would include many criminals and insane people among their number, and that one of them would horribly murder a young woman in Athens, Georgia. Any intelligent person would be able to imagine possible horrors resulting from such a truly stupid decision from a president, but not if that president was intentionally reversing the successful policies of his predecessor, in this case President Donald Trump and his remain-in-Mexico border protection policy. Biden was in such a fit to undo anything Trump had accomplished, that opening our borders was one of the first things he did upon taking office. And that was not the only idiotic thing Biden did; he also halted drilling and refining of gasoline; he bailed out college students of their tuition loans; he ordered American citizens to buy electric cars, which destroyed the value of their current automobiles and left them fearing a life trying to pay for the very expensive and impractical EVs; he imposed the racial and gender woke-ism of the American left on military units, thereby causing uncertainty in those units and a sudden reduction in meeting recruitment objectives for military recruiters; he ordered Americans to begin using only the products approved by government, for example, stoves and water heaters that government approved of; and he set standards for electrical generation into the power grid that would allow only solar and wind power sources to provide power for America.

And how about the idiotic pride of Democrat governors and mayors when they bragged about the heavenly sanctuary that their states and cities presented to the homeless and those good people seeking sanctuary in America from the hell of their own home nations. And now we see the mayors of New York City and Chicago, among many others, weeping at the economic and social destruction Biden’s open border has caused, and the crime that has accompanied the invasion of our borders.

When other-wise intelligent and accomplished people make stupid decisions because they are unable to imagine a bad outcome, the damage they do is often contained to personal or local impact. But when Democrat presidents, governors and mayors make such awful decisions, they can negatively and disastrously impact the entire nation, along with their own local communities. So now America is facing serious economic and social destruction as our major cities are destroyed, our military is undermined by racial and gender charges from government officials, and Biden’s policies assure Iran will develop a nuclear weapon soon. These fool Democrats should never have been voted into office in the first place, but must be kept from other offices in the future.

And Democrat politicians are doubling down on the harm they are doing to America, with the threats they are presenting to democracy itself. They constantly accuse Republicans of cheating in elections and try to make American citizens fearful of Donald Trump seeking re-election, claiming he will use dictatorial powers if he becomes president again, while Biden has repeatedly made dictatorial edicts that have harmed America and are in violation of the constitution of the United States. And no one can have missed the Democrat dual-lane justice system, as Donald Trump has been bombarded with a load of indictments, all of which are political in nature, and all of which have produced no similar Democrat defendants responding to similar trumped-up, fraudulent charges. Only Republicans are being persecuted by Biden‘s Department of Justice.

It’s one thing to say that Democrats always make decisions that create greater problems than the original problem, but there must be a reason for these bad decisions. One can always conclude that Democrats think like criminals and make illogical decisions, or, given the Democrat insistence that men can lactate and that they can become pregnant, they may simply just be insane. Either way, we must keep Democrats from public offices forever.

If we don’t vote all Democrats out of office in November of this year our nation will likely be cast on the junk-heap of history.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Bye, Bye Joey, And Good Riddance. Your Stupidity And Arrogance Have Finally Caught Up With You

 Now, with even his own party seeking his political absence on the ballot in November, Joey Biden will almost certainly be defeated in the next election, if the failing fool can even make it that far without becoming catatonic.

After three years and a string of unconstitutional and absolutely stupid policy edicts from his White House, one of the most dangerous decisions that this idiot of a man has made, and the single decision that I and other policy commentators have warned him against due to the dangerous and destructive nature they present to Americans, has finally happened. And although the usually too-chicken Republicans have been largely silent and not taken full advantage of this poorly thought-out policy, and have not presented sufficient opposition to the bad policy, even they are now dumping on Biden and his decisions. The policy in question is the opening of our borders and allowing criminals to run amok in America, and now we have a horribly murdered young woman in Athens, Georgia, killed at the hands of one of Biden’s invitees. But although this is just one of the millions of criminals Biden has invited into America to commit criminal acts, it’s the one that has finally gotten attention directed at the insanity of our president. Maybe if the leftist press in America would report the news and not feel the need to protect any leftist politician when their policies go awry, this death could have been prevented.

Leading up to this now well-known terrorist murder, even Democrats have for several months been warning Joey of the danger of his open-door immigration policy. The mayor of New York City has been complaining about the destruction being done to his city by the tens of thousands of dependent foreigners invading it. And the mayors of Denver, Chicago and other large Democrat-run cities have been sounding off about the same thing, with many of them even trying to divorce themselves from the sanctuary cities scam, a title that they in the past bragged about with their chests stuck out, proudly inviting immigrants to their cities without a single thought as to the possible danger these hoards of illegals would present to American citizens. But that’s the problem with today’s Democrats: they don’t think, and they can’t visualize possible negative outcomes of their Socialistic schemes before they launch them.

And Biden’s immigration czar, the dumb and dumber Kamala Harris, who was given the immigration assignment to determine the “root causes” of the illegals’ invading our borders, has completely dropped the ball, and now proclaims she is “ready” for the call to become president when Old Joey is finally forced out; she has been a total failure in her current job, but now insists on a promotion. But the reason most of these foreigners are flocking to our borders is because of the lack of a free market in their home nations, and they are escaping the Communism/Socialism that has kept them poor and miserable. And then there the few immigrants that are simply criminals who come here to have otherwise polite and defenseless Americans to prey on.

And now that Joey has been shocked awake to the horrible consequences of his policies, he is unable to take back his decision to reverse Trump’s successful protection of our borders with his remain-in-Mexico-policy, because it would prove that Biden’s insistence on new legislation to “fix” failed immigration policy was just a trick to give the finger to the Trump administration, and that it was within Biden’s power all along to halt the invasion of our nation by these millions of people, if he would only enforce existing law, which the idiot man refuses to do. Trump was right all along with his policies, and now the entire nation knows it.

And finally, we can all say “bye, bye” to Joey because he’s leaving for permanent residence in Delaware, if not in prison, whether it’s because of his failing mental health, his loss of the election in November, or because his party is fed up with his stupid, always-wrong, decisions.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Dual Tracks Of Legal Punishment For Democrats And Republicans Is Now Ingrained In Our legal System

 Hillary Clinton, in spite of a long list of crimes that the FBI discovered she committed, was excused from any punishment by the then-Director of the FBI, James Comey. And Trump made no move during his presidency to indict or imprison her.

Joey Biden has now been excused from any crimes he may have committed, which are being revealed by House Republicans and by the Special Counsel appointed by the White House DOJ, because he is supposed to be too old and senile to stand trial. But should identifying him as corrupt and mentally failing, also be interpreted as his being sharp enough to remain our president and have the nuclear football at his disposal? 

And to make things worse, many of the crimes we know about Biden prove he is a corrupt and anti-American, far-left radical, so it’s to America’s benefit to get rid of this fool man.

But, of course, Democrats claim that, in spite of our corrupt legal system favoring Democrats, Donald Trump is the one to fear of being a dictator after election, in spite of the fact that he did not try to imprison Hillary when he took the Oval Office as president during his first administration. And also recall that Trump is the one currently under legal jeopardy for alleged crimes that no president has ever been tried for, and more directly to the point, is also scheduled to be Biden’s competition for president in 2024. So Democrats have solid reasons for silencing Trump as November 2024 nears.

And one cannot forget the Colorado supreme court decision prohibiting Donald Trump from appearing on a Colorado ballot as a presidential candidate in November, 2024. Talk about dictators and you‘ll be talking about Democrats.

So, between Biden and Trump, who is the dictator, which is the corrupt party, and how can Americans get their country back? The question is a good one for all Americans, because we see conservative Americans being tried for non-crimes all the time (many of Trump’s White House staff have been punished for crimes never thought of before; many innocent people were caught-up and convicted following the Jan 6 event; parents objecting to school board rulings; Daniel Penney in New York, as examples) and this will never stop.

When Republicans are in power they concentrate on things like national defense, job creation and keeping our cities’ streets safe; when Democrats are in power they concentrate on spreading billions of dollars around to their political pals so they can retain that power and control, and then they open the border, give billions of dollars to Iran, kow-tow to the Chinese, defund the police forces and support far-left DAs who will  allow criminals to run free and create fear and chaos in the nation.

Donald Trump was president for four years. He knew that Hillary had committed national security crimes but chose not to press charges against her, and look at the return of that favor that the Democrats gave him, with his multiple charges in wide-spread jurisdictions throughout the nation. If Trump did not behave like a dictator during his first term, then why are Democrats so fearful of him this time? Or maybe they are the dictator and just want to keep him from the Oval Office so they can retain and consolidate their current power.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

If Biden Is Too Senile and Feeble To Stand Trial For His Crimes, Then How The Hell Is He Still In The White House

 The simple answer to the question of why Biden is still in the White House after being judged as senile and feeble, and having his crimes disclosed to the world by special counsel Robert Hur, is that he represents the interests of the absolutely power-hungry Democrat party, and Democrats will hang on to power with every fiber of their being, solely because it serves their own selfish, political ends, not the benefit of American citizens. This Democrat thinking sounds a lot like the thinking of third world dictators.

Aside from Biden’s absolute corruption in opening our borders to every crook and criminal in the world, is the issue of his being capable of defending America from a foreign attack; I don’t fear him trying to nuke France or England, but I do seriously fear his refusal to launch against Iran or China if they decided his weak presidency is the correct moment in time to take us out. Biden has proven his greedy and corrupt acceptance of money that he and his family have received from Iran and China, all of which make him a perfect subject to fumble, fiddle and delay to defend America, and he  may not respond until we’ve already been hit by a first strike, and it will be too late then for any response, even if he weren‘t in China‘s back pocket.

The special counsel assigned to investigate Biden’s obvious, demented aging process, which was specifically mentioned in Mr. Hur’s conclusion, is bad enough by itself. But also accompanying the forgetfulness of dementia, is a loss of quick, decisive, wise and informed responses in emergencies, and severely demented people have trouble reaching logical and conclusive mental decisions to even the simplest of surprises or emergencies.

In short, Biden, in addition to his dictatorially ordering Americans to start driving electric vehicles, stop using our gas ranges at home, stop using our air conditioners in the summers, and get used to living through power brown-outs and black-outs as Biden forces us to become dependent on solar and wind power, he’s also placing America in danger of serious, violent attacks from any number of enemies, plus the danger we face each day from the illegal immigrant gangs we’ve already seen forming and attacking civilians and police officers in New York City, after Biden invited them all to come to America where they can enjoy heaps of goodies at the tax-payers’ expense.

One may recall that when Trump became president, Democrats raised a question about his being insane-crazy and called for the 25th amendment to be used to force him from office. As a result, Trump took a cognitive test which showed no abnormalities, and the Democrats quickly went on to some other idiotic scheme to try to get Trump removed from office.

But now that an official of the DOJ has appraised Biden’s mind and found it lacking, Democrats have switched to being alarmed at Biden’s age, vaguely setting aside the specific subject of cognitive failure in Biden’s specific case, because they can see the writing on the wall, and will move next to attack Trump for his age, rather than his mental competence, and then they’ll whine and cry and state that if old Biden had to go, then old, but years younger and decades younger-acting, Trump, must go, too.

Democrats never stop lying and scheming for power, and they’ll never allow a strong conservative to go unpunished for very long.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Democrats Are Terrified About The Next Election And Have Vacated The Constitution In Order To Gain Total Power And Control

 Most American Citizens of a certain age can remember a time when Democrats and Republicans nominated their presidential candidates, presented them to the American voting public, and either won or lost based on the acceptance of those candidates, and, win or lose, life went on and everyone went back to being civil with each other and loving our country and our constitution. But not any longer! Now we have to beg and plead with the fool in the Oval Office to halt the river of humanity illegally crossing our borders every day; parents risk going to prison when the state insists that gender transforming drugs or an operation be imposed on their children; Republicans have to put up with being called racists when they want our national border secured or want a dark-skinned person imprisoned for a violent crime, like attacking police officers in Times Square.

Now Democrats try to control the campaign process by imprisoning their opponents; they try to bankrupt the other parties’ candidates; they claim that anyone not voting with the Democrat party is an evil, MAGA racist. Following the god-like image created by Barack Obama, Democrats thought that absolute and total power was theirs for the taking, and then Donald Trump stepped in and upset their schemes by becoming president.

When Hillary lost what Democrats planned to be Obama’s third term in office, they went after Trump with all guns blazing because of the blasphemy of his victory over Hillary, and hit Trump with everything they could dig up to damage his real estate businesses and tarnish his presidency, hitting him with a new false charge every day of his administration, and continued to attack him in unheard-of ways even after he left office. With all of the hate-Trump rhetoric and the legal charges brought against him, it’s obvious that Democrats are unwilling to admit their fear of Trump on the political stage of 2024, and they don’t realize that they are admitting that the influence of Trump and the admiration he has gained from the American people, given the Dem fixation on him and their efforts to get rid of him, are driving his success. But Democrats have been struck dumb with the sticking power of Trump after all of the dirty, and probably illegal, attacks they’ve made on him as he runs for his second term in office.

But the shortsighted Democrats didn’t believe that the nasty and mean Joseph Biden, who was pumped up as being able to bring Americans together and return the nation to normalcy and peacefulness, as well as being a true statesman who would win over the world, would become the stumbling fool who alienated and lied to American citizens with his every breath, and invited military attacks from our most vocal and violent foreign enemies around the world, due to his weak-sister, can’t-we-all-just-get-along behavior, and was able to add being dumb and his mental failings to his original qualities of being nasty and mean.

For Democrats there is no longer life after political power, there is only power, and one fears for the life of Donald Trump if he is elected to the Oval Office in November.

So now that Democrats can see their political lunches about to be handed to them in the next election, they are pretending to admit their error in reversing Trump’s perfect control of the border, and now expect us to believe that they have mysteriously changed their minds and really want all of these unwelcome immigrants to be blocked from entering at the border. And to that end they’re proposing a new law that will assure five-thousand illegals entering the United States each day. The problem is that Americans want all illegal entrants to this nation blocked before they get here, not a controlled release of these unappreciative people into our cities.

Trump controlled the border, and out of petty spite for Trump’s success, as soon as Biden took office he threw the border wide open, and now wants to codify this invasion with a new and completely unnecessary immigration law that will only make living in America less safe and less pleasant. We don’t need a new immigration law, we simply need a president who will enforce our current law. The problem is that Biden has the power to control the border under existing law, but he just refuses to do it. The new law just extends the open border with new printing on a new page of the Federal Register, and he’ll abuse and disregard the new law just like he’s ignoring the current law.

Unlike the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could argue about relatively boring stuff and go away friends, today’s Democrat party, personified by the mush-headed Joe Biden and the complete ass, Chuck Schumer, are trying to implement the absolute death of America and will use every lie and trick in the book to put their destructive theories into practice.

What happened to the Democrats’ common sense and their concern for a good life for all citizens? It’s apparent that the planets must have aligned to produce a new age of insanity, and leftist Democrat politicians are the first and most seriously effected by this plague.

Have Democrats forgotten that they hold their elected positions only with “the consent of the governed” as the Declaration of Independence specifies? Americans must remind all elected Democrats of this provision when we vote in November, and vote the bastards out.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Maybe Now Biden’s Faithful, Blind Followers Can Appreciate The Fears Of Good 1930s Germans, And 2024 American Citizens

 In my youth I always scolded the citizens of 1930s Germany for allowing Adolph Hitler to build his murderous regime. But what my youth prevented me from knowing, is that the citizens of Germany knew that if they opposed the building and arming of the Third Reich, and tried too hard to halt the rounding up of Jews and other subjects of the Nazis, that they, too, would simply be made to disappear and never be seen again. Fear of the political leader of Germany kept them quiet and subservient.

Under the hard-fisted rule of Joseph Biden our nation is being led to slaughter by a regime that will permit no serious opposition, as Donald Trump and his family have learned to their great expense. We have been forced to wear masks for no good reason; we have been commanded to take a vaccine that neither prevents contraction of covid nor prevents passing it on to other people; we’ve been told to get rid of our piston-engine cars and accept the government edict of everyone driving an electric vehicle; we’ve been told to simply accept the idea that the electricity we need to live modern, comfortable lives will be dependent on wind and solar power, in spite of the fact that we see the citizens of California going without electricity during scheduled and non-scheduled brown-outs and black-outs, and Californians are told frequently to stop using their air-conditioners and the heaters in their pools and not to charge their electric vehicles at peak hours, because there is too little power coming from the turbines in the desert to support the needs of California citizens. And then we are told to praise the state and federal governments for these abuses of power because, don’t you see, you are helping the political left in America to save us from the existential threat of warming/change, a threat that is a lie and does not exist except in the totalitarian brains of Democrats.

Biden has autocratically demanded that we limit the production and use of domestic petroleum products, while his government plays patty-cake with the murderers in Iran who would willingly bury us under the expensive oil he is allowing them to produce and sell to the world at ever-increasing prices, while forcing us to go without, and allowing them to conduct terrorist operations all over the world, mainly aimed at America and Israel.

While millions of invaders cross our borders, some of whom are known murders and terrorists and a great majority of whom and single males of military age, our idiot president states that he’s done all he can do to stop this inundation at our borders (although Donald Trump halted the flow with one simple and legal order) and Biden argues that we need new legislation that would cap the flow of illegals to a mere five thousand invaders a day. Biden is breaking every law concerning people entering our nation in contradiction to our current immigration laws. What we need is not more worthless legislation, that the Democrats will ignore as soon as it’s advantageous for them to do so, but an enforcement of existing law. But of course the Democrats simply blame Republicans for the massive assault on our borders, and for our objection to allowing Democrats to do what they want to do in spite of the law, and grow their voting base as a result.

Currently, whether related to the presidential lawlessness at the border or in spite of it, the United States is being torn apart by a daily ration of violence and lawlessness never seen prior to the summer of rioting in 2020, and one can now see that this violence, coming exclusively from the political left, is all related to the official DOJ kid-glove treatment of leftists getting in little or no legal trouble for their crimes, while the political right gets slammed every time they turn around (witness Donald Trump, Daniel Penny and the Virginia school board incident where an angry parent was beaten by the police).

This all leads to the theme of this piece: we are being taken over and corrupted by a leftist/Communist Democrat party, but decent, patriotic people fear trying to publicly oppose the regime and push for corrections to the leftist tendency of our government, due to possibly being driven to bankruptcy and imprisonment by a government that hates to be corrected, just like the rulers in Germany hated to be opposed.

It’s as though, after one presidential election in 2020 and with only three years served so far, America no longer has laws to obey and no constitution to follow, and the occupying force in the White House is running amok with power.

The United States is being intentionally destroyed from within by a weak, demented president, or his far-left, hate-America staff, with the White House pushing Barack Obama’s policy of Fundamentally Transforming America, and we will continue to lose our battle with history until we get  rid of the radical Democrat filth occupying the swamp of DC and elect people who sincerely want America to succeed domestically and in the broader international scene. Current laws must be followed and we must reject the Democrat trick of accusing Republicans of causing the problems implemented by Democrats, and then wanting to write new laws that will allow Democrats to legally do the bad things they are doing in violation of current law, and usually in contradiction to our constitution. And we will certainly fail on the international scene if we don’t stop the radical Iranians from developing their nuclear arsenal, and close our border to additional terrorists who we know are already here as a result of Biden’s open border disaster, who are probably actively planning multiple 911 attacks on America across the nation. Even the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has spoken several times to Congress, warning them of the almost certain attacks coming soon, but Wray is too cowardly to tell Biden of his dangerous policies and threaten to quit if substantial changes are not made to defend the nation and stop playing footsy with Iran.

God had better come to America’s assistance, because none of the fools in the White House are going to save us, but will assuredly make us weaker and less safe. The results of the 2024 election will either doom us or save us, if we can last that long, given Biden’s efforts to bury us deeply under mounds of political crap and corruption.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Adolph Hitler May Have Been The Essence Of Evil, But At Least He Wasn’t A Traitor To His Own Nation, Like Joe Biden Is To Ours

 Whatever one feels about the Socialist/Nazi dictator, Adolph Hitler, he never sold out his own nation, as Joseph Biden is doing to America.  As history progressed during and following Hitler’s dictatorial rule, Germany ended up a bombed-out shell of a nation torn apart by the Allies in World War II, but a shining Germany dominating the entire world was his intent, and he wanted all non-Germans kept out of Germany so as to not weaken the misguided state he wanted to build.

All of the policies of our Joey are designed to take our powerful, wealthy, successful and largely happy America apart at the seams by allowing the invasion of our nation by millions of uninvited persons from all over the world, in line with Barack Obama’s proclaimed Fundamental Transformation Of America, and the theories of Cloward and Piven, which schemes are already on the way to bankrupting America as millions of foreigners enter our nation, and we have no idea what evil they may be planning for us once they get here and get comfortably settled. 

Our cities are being destroyed and the daily lives of American citizens are being dramatically disrupted as the invaders occupy our airports, our bus stations, our schools, our hospitals, privately owned hotels, and very likely, they will soon be occupying our private homes as the idiot Joey becomes desperate for pleasant places for these invaders to live, and begins to implement the final phase of the “sanctuary” scheme that the Democrat party has been self-righteously blathering about these last ten or so years. And don’t doubt for a moment that Joey’s autocratic government will use the full force of the government to get these uninvited invaders the pleasant life-style he has in mind for them, and never mind the misery it may cause for American citizens, in their wealth and their property.

One can point to many other reasons to fear the future that Obama/Biden have set for America, like Joey’s forced, dictatorial masking and vaccinations; his never-ending lies about the non-existent, non-event of warming/change; his shutting down of pipelines and drilling that America needs for the discovery and refining of energy products; his push to force everyone into the horrid EVs; his jailing of parents who express themselves in school board meetings; his undemocratic persecution of Donald Trump in order to keep Trump from running against the mush-minded Biden in 2024; his intention to bury free speech with his continued insistence on controlling misinformation/ disinformation by using a campaign that will crush and silence anyone who opposes any of Biden‘s far left, Socialist opinions. But Joey’s intentional destruction of America via the massive invasion of our nation by foreigners is something even the evil Hitler would not have done to Germany.

Then in just the last couple of days we’ve seen the result of Biden’s weak presidency and his suck-up relation to Iran. After over 160 un-responded-to attacks on American forces in the Middle East, we have three soldiers dead and many seriously wounded in an attack by Iran-backed militia groups in Jordan. But Joey and his Defense Secretary have been mostly silent on the issue and have only said that they are really, really miffed at Iran for the attack, and Joey may actually retaliate like a big-boy at a later date, and he made his anger clear by telling the Mullahs to “don’t, don’t” do that again. With the pussy Joey in the White House, war in the Middle East can’t be far away, and the Biden administration may wait to make their retaliatory blow until after Iran has fully developed their nuclear weapons program, along with a delivery vehicle to reach Israel and the United States, and then the consequences will be beyond our comprehension.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Biden’s Woke, Far-Left White House Staff Should Realize That Biden’s Low Approval Rating Harms Their Professional Reputations As Well As Biden’s

 When the boss of a corporation has made such a mess of a product that both the boss and the company are held in disregard by the public, a wise employee would get out quickly before that employee is associated with the failing entity and their reputation is forever associated with failure and their future is negatively impacted. But since there have been no defections from the Biden administration, one can assume that Biden’s White House staff favorably identifies with the loser-in-chief and believe that they are doing good work for the American citizens, in spite of everything in America going to hell under Joey‘s authoritarian rule.

Even with an idiot as the key-man in the White House and being the apparent cause of the damning and insultingly low opinion of the Biden travesty, the woke but seemingly slumbering members of the current White House staff continue without a pause to reflect their far-left, anti-American ideas that have caused the historically low ratings.  It seems like someone along the way would wake up to the reality that Americans don’t like them or their policies, don’t trust them, and will not vote for a Democrat president in November.

One would assume that intelligent staff members would be able to read the writing on the wall and bail out of the ship that Captain Biden in sinking, and perhaps get a better job before they are associated with the failure that is Joey Biden.

So one wonders exactly what is happening at the head of America’s government. What do these people know that is keeping them in place as America becomes a laughing-stock to the world and our enemies attack our military outposts with no fear of any real retaliation, and as American citizens turn away from the Biden cabal and their destructive policies? Perhaps they know of a scheme to keep Trump out of the White House even if he wins in November. We have already seen Democrats try to get rid of Trump with  the Russia, Russia, Russia special council investigation, two failed impeachment attempts, various after-office indictments like nothing America has ever seen before, all of which Democrats will be responsible for as history tells the true tale of their perfidy. And now we are witnessing state legislators and state supreme courts trying to remove Trump from those states’ voting/election process. And with all of this corruption, Democrats have the nerve to talk about Republicans harming democracy in America.

And rumors of the American military being able to keep Trump from becoming president are flying. One wonders how the military can do such a thing, since the military is subordinate to the president. The only way military personnel can keep a newly elected president from taking office is at the barrel of a gun, and isn’t that the treason and sedition that Democrats are so huffy about and willing to pin on people who voted for Trump in 2020? This all sounds rather third-world to me, as the American political left tries to consolidate its power under the radical banner of the frail Joey Biden.

 The 2020 vote fraud that won Biden the presidency probably cannot be used again without a severe backlash from Americans fed up with the incompetence and corruption of the Biden administration and the millions of illegal aliens he has allowed to invade and destroy America. 

When one hears the rumor that the military will be used to keep Trump from taking office, and with January 6 still fresh in the nation’s memory, how can this plan be used without everyone associating it with a treasonous, illegal takeover of the government that the Democrats claimed was the crime Trump committed, which could cause a backlash that would cause the imprisonment of many Democrats involved with that sort of plot?

Monday, January 15, 2024

Let There Be No Mistake About It: The Political Left’s Opposition to Donald Trump Is Not Because Of His Weaknesses, But Because Of His Strengths

  We repeatedly have heard and still hear, both from radical Democrats and from spineless, middle of the road Republicans, that our nation cannot afford another Trump presidency because of the chaos and violence that accompanies Trump wherever he goes. 

One would then ask the question of exactly what Trump did to invite four years of Russia, Russia, Russia; seeing his children called before congressional panels and grilled under oath; being called a murderer because he resisted wearing a mask or mandating vaccinations; being called a racist because he wanted to keep our national borders safe and secure (as required by law) and keep hoards of illegal aliens from crossing our border; being labeled an extremist because he objected to harming our economy and limiting citizens’ liberties by opposing the total lie of warming/change; being falsely impeached two times; having his Florida home invaded by the FBI searching for classified documents that every president (even old Joey Biden) had more of than Trump did; being indicted by numerous federal and state jurisdictions for crimes that no one has been indicted of before, especially not a former president.

The reason Trump has been forced to suffer so badly and with such ferocity by far left Democrats, is that he opposes all of the woke, unpatriotic idiocy that the Democrats have been trying to shove down the throats of Americans for decades, and he stood tall in front of their united mass and told them to kiss off. That serious offense of calling open borders, creeping Socialism and abuse of the laws, bad things that he would not accept, is what has created the chaos that surrounds Trump.

The chaos that accompanies Trump is the most assured proof of his correct policies and the need for his reoccupation of the Oval Office, because he has placed himself between the abuses of government that always accompanies leftist rulers, and the general population of America, and the left fears him and knows that if his policies are followed our constitution will be saved, and prosperity and liberty will return to America, the very things that Democrats oppose with every fiber of their being.

Without the Democrats’ desperate plotting and scheming to get Trump out of office and then attempting to keep him from being re-elected for a second term, there would be no chaos and we would still be living in a nation that didn’t fear a swat team battering down your front door because you attended your child’s school board meeting last week; or you would not be paying four dollars for a gallon of gas that forces you to cancel the trip to the beach you were planning with the family next summer; or you would not be fearful of losing power to your home as Biden’s green revolution phases out your local power generating facility, or at least promises brown-outs and black-outs from your electric power source; or you would not have to cut back on nice cuts of meat and fresh vegetables due to Biden’s inflation and his costs of shipping food on the highways and roads of America; or you wouldn’t have to worry that a spare bedroom of your home would be taken over by a family from Guatemala because the millions of illegal aliens Biden has unleashed on America have nowhere to sleep tonight, and radical Democrat governors and mayors who bragged about welcoming refugees to the sanctuary of their leftist cities have run out of solutions to the wave of illegals drowning their cities with mountains of bodies with no place to go; or you fear not being able to get gasoline for your car so you can get to work, because Biden would not allow the expansion nor the upgrade of active petroleum refining facilities and suddenly, because of Biden‘s inattention to the Iranian threat in the Middle East, we now see a shortage of fuel coming from that part of the world; and perhaps because Biden used our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for purely selfish, political purposes, and now our military is considering having to fight in the Middle East  and we neither have the fuel storage reserves we had prior to Joey or all oil is shut off from the Middle East because Iranian proxies are bombing oil shipment vessels in the Red Sea and Joey has not allowed domestic oil companies to supply enough diesel and gasoline to meet our civilian nor military needs.

The above list of grievances against the Democrats in general and Joseph Biden in particular are all things that people living freely in a capitalist economy should not have to worry about.  But we must worry about them, thanks to the fool old man in the Oval Office who is intent on showing Barack Obama that he can be woke and radical, too. All of Biden’s appointees to positions in the White House should be ashamed of themselves for imposing autocracy on the American people, and the American people who voted for Biden should be ashamed of themselves for believing the obvious crap put out by Democrats, that Trump causes the chaos that follows him, when Trump is the principal target of the chaos that Democrats create.

No thinking person can think anything other than that the United States is in a world of hurt with any Democrat currently practicing politics in America being in a position of power, and especially with the idiot known as Joey occupying the White House.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

When The Number Of A Nation’s Takers Is Suddenly Out Of Proportion With The Number Of Workers, Disaster Follows

 Throughout my lifetime the ever-critical and mostly-leftist press has constantly warned us that our nation is becoming over-populated. And even if one agrees that there seem to be too many people within a city that was comfortable in the 1950s and 1960s, the fact that American citizens were causing the population growth via normal attrition meant that the nation was able to compensate for the pressure of more bodies and a balance was maintained between the makers and the consumers. But then the woke and far left Joseph Biden became president, and to spite the successful and America-friendly policies of Donald Trump, he opened the border of hell and invited a deluge of people to prey on American citizens.

When the idiot radical Joey Biden took office he immediately opened up our borders to every non-English-speaking, poor, sick, mostly young males, likely criminal, and all committing a criminal act just by being here, all of whom wanted to come to America’s land of milk-and-honey. And after ten to twelve million of these people spread out over America these last three years, we even have many of the once sanctuary-proud Democrat mayors complaining about the serious over-crowding currently being experienced in their cities caused by non-citizens in need of a place to sleep or eat, which is resulting in American citizens having to surrender the use of public buildings that their tax dollars paid for, so illegals can live there. And one fears that soon a private family’s home’s spare bedroom may be commandeered by Joey’s government in order to house members of the invading mob.

At the same time, we are seeing low-paid American citizens losing their jobs to the foreigners who will work for less than poverty wages just to get some money to spend, thereby causing suffering and unemployment on the part of low-wage American citizens, in their own country. And after a few years of this less-than-poverty work by illegals, who will likely see no increase in their living conditions, or who will become tired of big government handouts supporting them, these people, who again are mostly young males, will begin to seek other people living in equally miserable conditions, and they’ll take violent measures against American citizens who seem to be continuing to be wealthy and well-fed while the illegal foreigners remain poor, even after steady work at low wage jobs.

At this time the number of illegal takers is totally out-of-balance with working citizens who make America function, and it all crumbles when, as we see in Chicago and New York City, where Democrats used to strut around and tell us how compassionate and caring they were for inviting illegals to their cities of sanctuary, the result is a vast over-crowding that these fool Democrats are dealing with. It’s a shame that only now are Democrats learning that comfortable cities and neighborhoods have to be earned by people working to create and sustain nice places to live, and not dependent on Socialist give-away schemes to uninvited invasion forces.

When foreign, unemployed, poor young men begin assembling on street corners and alleys and comparing how mistreated they’ve been by the nation they’ve invaded, as we’re now beginning to see, wide-spread violence will result, and the rioting and burning of the summer of 2020 will likely repeat itself in American cities from coast to coast, especially when the Democrat party aids the rioters with transportation and weapons, as they did during the riots in 2020, and most assuredly if Donald Trump is elected president for a second term in November. Democrats will make certain that there will be no peace in America if Trump is voted into office a second time.

We have the Democrat party and Joey Biden to thank for all of the ills we are now beginning to see on America’s city streets, and still additional thousands of refugees pour across our border every day.

 Thanks, Joey.

Monday, January 8, 2024

As Much As An Election Is About Gaining Power For The Winner, It’s Also About Surrendering Power For The Loser, And Democrats Will Never Allow That To Happen

 For the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency he was accused, lied about, attacked and impeached in an endless attempt to remove him from power in the White House and to keep him from getting the political corruption out of Washington.

Every thinking person knows that the far-left swamp that is ever-present in Democrat DC and many state governments, gamed Trump’s defeat in 2020, which was just another anti-Trump move so familiar to Americans these last seven years.

Then after Trump left office and gave indications that he would seek the presidency again, here came the renewed attacks from Democrat officials, along with a slew of indictments and state supreme court and leftist state legislative decisions deciding that Trump must be prohibited from running for president again.

All of the above attacks on Trump were attacks on the American citizens and their right to elect the person they want to be their president, and current-day corrupt Democrats are resolute in their insistence that they will not surrender the power they have under Biden, meaning that they have made, and will continue to make, every legal and illegal effort to keep Trump from office, short of directly taking his life.

Trump, and DeSantis as well, frighten Democrats because Democrats know that a truly conservative Republican will rid this nation of Biden’s disastrous open border and the woke, idiotic policies residing in the Biden White House. A Republican will reverse Biden’s forever-harmful green revolution and pronounce warming/change to be the monstrous lie that it obviously is, and America can become free and prosperous again.

But the big question hanging over our nation as we approach our next general election is what will the already-proven-corrupt Biden administration, and the various far-left state sanctuary-loving governments, do to prevent Trump from taking office if he wins the election in November 2024. Thinking people must fear the violence that the far-left will unleash on American cities, like they did during the summer riots of 2020, in an attempt to prevent a new Trump presidency, during the two-month period following the November election and Trump being sworn-in as president in January 2025. 

There can be no doubt that Democrats will create chaotic trouble prior to Trump’s actual swearing-in ceremony, during which time Biden’s army of leftist radicals will be willing to unleash hell on the Trump transition team, not only to stop Trump from taking power in 2025, but to avoid and bypass the transition and allow Biden to retain power. And all of this is in the offing in spite of Biden‘s and the Democrats‘ repeat protestations that a Trump presidency will mean the end of democracy in America.

 Be very afraid of any Democrat politician during this period, because current Democrats have proven that they will stop at nothing to prevent the surrender and transition of the presidency to a Republican, especially with all of the legal troubles facing the Biden family, which requires Joey to hang on to the corrupt DOJ which is shielding his entire family from prison as long as he‘s the president.

I believe that at this point in America’s political history even the optimistic Rush Limbaugh would agree that it’s time to be fearful of the unprincipled, power-hungry Democrats ruling our nation, and their attempts to kill democracy and end prosperity in America.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Why Are Democrats The Cause Of All Problems In America?

 Last Tuesday, the second day of the New Year, radio commentator Erick Erickson brought up the subject of Democrat insensitivity to problems caused by themselves and by government in general, and further considered the harm done to the larger population via Democrat lies and their support of obviously failed and failing policies.

Of course the subject of our open southern border came up as the best example of societal harm done by leftists. Even though we know that all the Democrats want to achieve with the open borders and the resulting deluge of illegals entering America, is to get as many poor, desperate people into America as possible so they will forever vote Democrats into office in order to get the goodies that Democrats and our leftist government promise them.

But when the subject of the dangers that ten million foreign, non-English-speaking people flooding our country causes our society and our citizens, the political left, and especially Biden’s idiot press secretary, assures us that the border is securely closed, but that Republicans are causing all of the trouble at the border because they will not support comprehensive immigration reform, and we’re expected to ignore the fact that the two hundred thousand illegals who entered America in December 2023 were the direct fault of stupid ole Joey Biden, not Republicans, and assuredly not Donald Trump, who had a firm grasp on the border, in part by putting pressure on the Mexican president to hold all people traversing his nation until they had been screened to enter America.

So not only are Democrats blind to what they are doing that causes misery in America, but they blame Donald Trump and Republicans for their own, Democrat/Socialist, failures, which in the case of illegal immigrants is a political policy put in place by Democrats for their own power-grabbing considerations.

Democrats never mention the horrors experienced by the immigrants themselves, especially the women and children walking hundreds of miles across Mexico and Central America, nor the very serious social, medical and economic problems these tens of thousands of poor people cause the American border states, especially Texas, which is already an Ultra-Mega enemy in Biden’s mind simply because they have a Republican governor, until the problem reaches atomic mass and causes problems for Democrats further into the country, like the mayors of New York City and Chicago, both of which cities were and still are proud sanctuary cities, but we now see their Democrat mayors squealing like stuck pigs and trying to blame the governor of Texas for sending bus-loads of illegals to their cities.

And still, even after admitting that our open southern border is a problem impacting sanctuary cities as well as Republican states and cities, the Democrat mayors prefer to blame Republican governors for their misery, and  absolutely refuse to blame President Joseph Biden, the real culprit in this story of suffering and destruction.

The simple truth is that selfish and self-cornered Democrat politicians ignore a problem if it doesn’t directly impact themselves and their families, and will instead blame Trump and Republicans, and blindly refuse to insist that Joey Biden, their own fellow Democrat, close the dangerous border he has opened and which is now passing dangerous people into our nation, in direct dereliction of his duty to protect America and its citizens.

And we see this same blind, woke stupidity on the international front as well, when Biden talks nice to China and Iran, while those nations openly plot and plan the destruction of America and Israel, and are developing dooms-day weapons with which to accomplish that goal. Americans are in a world of hurt with a Democrat in the White House, especially the one called Joey, and don‘t even mention the fool of a V.P. we have; the one who speaks in tongues that no one can understand, and then laughs like a hyena.