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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Biden Has About As Much Self-Awareness As A Dog Casually Licking Its Backside

 Not only did our out-to-lunch president show no humility or shame for the drubbing he got from Trump last Thursday, and not only did he fail to show any awareness at his own party calling him a failure in the debate, but he immediately went on the offensive in South Carolina and screamed that he stood for the truth, after falsely representing himself as a healthy, aware and alert 81-year-old man.

In front of the entire world he has proven himself to be the foolish and mindless idiot all Republicans knew him to be, yet he goes from being completely destroyed in the recent debate to telling audiences how ready he is for another term in office.

Equally lacking in self-awareness are the audiences that greeted him with cheers and applause in South Carolina. It appears that Democrats who support Biden are complete fools who have no ability to determine truth from outright lies.

I almost feel sorry for the Democrats and the gigantic problem they now have of presenting a candidate for the November election; almost, but not quite. The leftist news agencies have known all along how feeble Biden has become physically, and how raspy and weak his voice has been these last two years, yet they did nothing to fix this problem when it was fixable, and they evidently did not share the facts of Biden’s failing condition with readers and viewers, which is contrary to everything in the second amendment which allows news agencies to have their speech protected.

Anyone who watched the Fox News Channel these last two years was well aware of Joey’s weakness and infirmity. One hopes that the lie of a healthy Biden will destroy the far-left, ultra-woke, Democrat party, and one also hopes that the lies, both expressed and unexpressed, that the leftist news people have told, will cause the collapse of CNN, NYT, WAPO and the other lying, anti-American hate groups.

Shame on the Democrats who thought that a drugged-up Biden would be able to stand up against Trump, but whether or not drugging was part of Biden’s week-long retirement from all duties presidential preceding the debate, and despite advice from his sixteen leftist advisors as to how to defend the greatness of Biden’s administration during the debate, these people are everything America stands against, and they must all be electorially buried in the November election, and their news organizations must be made bankrupt by the public turning their backs on these lying fools.

But despite CNN and the other far left Biden fellow-travelers suddenly trash-talking Biden because of his vacuous stares, his stuttering and stammering, his lack of ability to pronounce words and construct phrases and express ideas during the debate, I’ve not heard anyone on the far left denounce the tragic policies of the Biden years: inflation; defunding the police; high fuel prices; an open border letting in tens of millions of invaders, among whom are thousands of criminals; his edict to halt oil production and refinement; his edict that all automobile manufacturers must begin making electric vehicles for a nation that loves their piston engine cars; the irreversible medical operations and chemical procedures being performed on young people who think they want to reverse their sex, among many other stupid or absolutely insane Biden-era policies. Until Democrats can admit that Biden’s policies are disastrous for the nation, thinking American voters must assume that Democrats will continue the horrible things Biden has been doing, and we must in good conscience vote to rid our nation of all Democrats and their dangerous policies.

Joe Biden is incompetent and would have never become president except for the CIA lie that Hunter’s computer was a Russian hoax, but his incompetence and his inability to think and make common sense decisions are what created the literal insanity of the woke ideas such as men being able to bear children, which his administration has been shoving down the nation’s throats these last three years.

America is in dire need of divine intervention if we are to survive these last months of the Biden administration, at which time we can throw all of these insane Democrats out of office.