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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Did Obama Give Putin This Time? A New Iron Curtain?

Now that we’ve seen the deal Obama cooked up that will give Iran everything they wanted in order to continue to develop a nuclear weapon, we know what a hate-America bargainer Obama is. And considering that the last time we heard about relations between Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Obama was begging Medvedev to let Putin know that he (Obama) would be free to make any deal favorable to Putin as soon as Obama was re-elected, we have an idea of how weakly Obama would pursue any negotiations with Putin.  Well our idiot president has been re-elected and he met yesterday with Putin behind closed doors, and keeping in mind the scandalous details of the Iran agreement and how subservient Obama is to Putin, I think it’s logical to ask what Obama gave away to Putin during his meeting.

When big-shot Obama deals with Putin he is way out of his depth.  Obama may be able to dictate conditions to the wussy, spineless Republicans in Washington, but Putin doesn’t care what Obama’s race is; doesn’t care what America’s liberal press will say about him; doesn’t cower and give in to threats about shutting down the government; and like Obama, Putin will not keep his word after any agreement is made.  So what did these two evil men conspire about behind closed doors?
When you add to the mix the fact that both men hate America as it has developed since World War II (Putin resents the demise of the Soviet Union under Reagan and wants his buffer countries back, and Obama just plain wants to “fundamentally transform America”) I believe that this meeting between these two rulers means increased danger for America.

Obama has no trouble giving dictators what they want: The Castro brothers got diplomatic recognition and probably millions of dollars will follow a little later in the form of compensation for all the money Cuba lost due to the economic sanctions which were imposed in 1960 by the Kennedy administration; Iran got a “death to America” deal with its agreement with Obama, and hundreds of millions of dollars will soon revert to Iran as a result to allow it to support terrorism around the world; as already mentioned, Obama told Putin to give him time to get re-elected and he would willingly halt the plans to place anti-missile defenses in Poland; Obama drew a play-like red line in Syria that he allowed Assad to cross with impunity; Obama made no attempt to help the citizens of Iran when they revolted against the Mullahs during the Green revolution; and Obama removed American military forces from Iraq, allowing ISIS to enter the scene and stir up the current international immigration disaster and the murder and torture of tens of thousands of innocent people.  On the other hand, when you also consider that Obama rudely returned a bust of Churchill to England in spite of the fact that England is probably our most dependable ally, you get a picture of the desperate situation America faces with this rogue president in the Oval Office.

If you think Middle East refugees are a problem now, just wait until the new Russian Iron Curtain descends on the area. And did Obama give any thought or consideration to what a Russian presence in Syria will mean to Israel? I believe he did think of Israel by plotting against it, and he’s giving Netanyahu exactly the treatment he intends to give him via the increased threat to Israel.

America is in deeper trouble from the stupidity of its own president than from any outside force, and we still have over a year to go until he’s out of office. And even then his anti-American legacy will live on long after he’s gone.

Next Obama will further undermine our economy by trying to impose additional taxes on Americans via a “Climate Change” agreement in the United Nations.  So logically, it follows that before long the U.N. will be able to force Americans to pay additional reparations taxes to help the underprivileged citizens of the third world because of our excessive carbon use and for continuing to buy and enjoy our automobiles and air conditioners.  Considering that the United Nations is currently made up of hate-America dictators and thugs, the future is dark for our nation and for the future of our children with Obama as president for another year.  We must inundate our Washington legislators with emails and letters insisting that Obama be stopped in his climate change schemes at all costs. Maybe with Boehner leaving the House we can impose the will of the people for a change, not the will of the Washington elite.  One can only hope that McConnell will soon follow Boehner out the door and that real conservative leadership will be installed that will oppose Obama on everything he tries to do.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope Francis The Innocent, And Obama The Evil

Obama so hates the Church that his administration has sued the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to break their vows and pay for birth control and abortion.  But when the Pope joins Obama in his criticism of capitalism and agrees with Obama in “fundamentally transforming America” via illegal immigration and climate change, Obama falls on his figurative knees and worships the pontiff in pretense. Consider that the same Obama administration that is suing the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to violate their vows and the basics of their religion, is using the Pope and his visit to America to push his ultra-liberal agenda, and Pope Francis the Innocent goes along with it.  The Pope is being suckered into supporting the Obama goal of fundamentally transforming America and undermining freedom of religion in America at the same time.

If “Innocent” is not a part of Pope Francis’ official name it should be.  Here’s a man meeting and greeting the Christian faithful on the one hand, while on the other hand forming an alliance against them with Barack Obama as his ally.  He’s obviously an innocent, unworldly man to link up with the likes of the evil Obama.  The Pope has evidently surrounded himself with the same leftist, radical advisors that Obama is employing in his administration, and the two make a powerful presence against logic, a rule of law and common sense in the world.

 Francis enjoyed a nice visit in Cuba with the murderous Castro brothers, but bad-mouths the United States and accuses us of being oppressive and suggesting that our capitalism is destroying the planet.  The Pope is off base for lecturing and criticizing America for the imaginary mistreatment of people, and for our attempting to control our borders from illegal invaders, which is the most basic action any nation cab perform (even the Pope’s highly controlled Vatican city-state).  The Pope missed the opportunity to publicly criticize Cuba for torturing and killing thousands of people who opposed Castro’s totalitarian rule, but lectures our House of Representatives in an open speech about the lie of climate change and controlling our borders.

Question: if the Mexicans and Central Americans are invading our border in an imagined attempt to add their skills to America’s workforce and aide our economy, which liberals insist is the case (recall that they claim to only be doing the work that Americans won’t do) why doesn’t the Pope admonish these people to stay in their own native countries and help the economies of their own nations, while benefitting their friends and families back home at the same time?  Having Mexicans and Central Americans remain in their native nations and work to improve the nasty living conditions they are experiencing in those countries would be the perfect way to keep families together, which, again, is what liberals insist is the only reason they want illegal immigrants’ and birth-right babies’ families to enter America: so as to reunite them. But we know that liberals only want to undermine the fabric of America and create millions of dependent and grateful Democrat voters to keep America’s liberals in office and in the majority.

Why is it always the United States that receives the whippings?  It’s more fun, and socially safer and politically correct, to criticize America for imagined faults than to go after Cuba or Mexico for their real shortcomings.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Devious Campaign By The Liberal Press Against Conservative Presidential Candidates

The United States’ Constitution protects the press and assures that they can print the news that’s needed to assure a free and informed nation.   But lately the liberal press has been taking advantage of this protection and creating the news from whole cloth along with not always reporting the news accurately.  An example of creating the news includes the polls that are taken on a daily basis, and depending on how they are worded by the pollster and interpreted by pollee, they may not reflect the true position of the respondent; the other example is the riding of a candidate for one simple thing they said that the liberal press didn’t like or that the press has mis-represented in their reporting, and making news out of it day after day after day.  I’ll admit that the candidates should be a little more sophisticated than they sometimes are when they speak with the press, but it’s still an abuse of the constitutional protection of the press to make false news in this way.

To the point: While just pretending to be innocently reporting the news and following up on statements recently made by Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the liberal press is really including themselves in the campaign against these two leading Republican candidates by blowing out of proportion statements innocently made on the stump (both were related to Muslims: Trump was asked a question about Obama being a Muslim and Carson said he would not vote for a Muslim to be president). But the press are so obvious in their leftist slant that they embarrass themselves and will ultimately fail in their attempts to elect a leftist president simple by falsely reporting on conservatives.

As much as the American people despise the politicians who are forcing our nation in a leftward direction, we absolutely despise even more the liberal press who support the leftist drift, ask softball questions of liberal candidates while fast-pitching hardball questions and accusations at conservatives.  But to ask Trump and Carson the same pointed and slanted questions every day of the week is an abuse of the constitutional rights and amounts to harassment.

Trump didn’t challenge or refute the question he got during an appearance that assumed Obama is a Muslim (and why should he defend Obama when he’s running against Obama and his anti-American agenda?), and Ben Carson said he would not vote for a Muslim to be president because Muslim positions discriminate against women and homosexuals and has other un-American ideas.  But the press will never let either of these gentlemen come up for air after their remarks.  Even if the press could get Hillary to talk to them they would very quickly get off the subject of her illegal email server, and the national security threat that Hillary’s insecure server assures, and quickly get on to such irrelevant questions as what woman’s face should be on the twenty-dollar bill.  Their bias toward liberal politicians is so obvious that it’s painful to watch.

I’m sick of the liberal press trying to select conservative candidates for us with their slanted coverage of speeches and press conferences, and our candidates need to get used to telling the press to stuff their criticism of their positions and not try to back away from their statements when they are challenged on them from the left.

The liberal press don’t understand the mistake they are making by trying to defend and deflect criticism of their leftist candidates: when they improperly and repeatedly attack and lie about the candidates I like, they are attacking me, and I resent it and will not forget it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Give Unto Caesar…

Excuse me for doubting the sincerity and honesty of the Pope, but I’ve come to believe that anyone who works with Obama also works against the welfare of the United States and its citizens. The Pope and Obama are in league with the economic justice scam and the lie of global warming/climate change, and that’s enough for me to reject the summit meeting between these two political leftists (oh, I know full well that the Pope said he’s not a leftist, but what does one expect him to say? After all Obama has been recorded repeatedly referring to his ”Muslim faith” until the liberal interviewer reminded him that he’s a Christian, whereupon Obama began exerting his “Christian faith”. Faith among leftists is relative to which way the political wind is blowing that day, and we must be strongly reminded that Muslims are permitted to “lie for the faith”, so that aspect of modern life must be kept in mind at all times when listening to the proclamations of our devious leaders in this insane world in which we find ourselves).

The Pope and Obama should keep in mind the Biblical warning of “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and stop pushing harmful, poverty-generating, leftist political ideology down our throats under the umbrella of Christian faith and kindness.  Capitalism has allowed more people to arise from poverty and become self-proficient and self-sustaining than all the leftist good intentions crap ever tried, and the only problem the poor of this world face is having too much government control over their lives and not enough capitalism and independence from government.
When Caesar and Christ get together and start scheming, you’d better assure your wallet is securely in your back pocket, because one of the two, or perhaps both, is soon going to need your money very badly to achieve their goals.  And with your money they also take your liberty and your freedom to choose how your life is lived.  Be very careful, and be very afraid.

But in defense of the Pope (keep in mind that he’s a man of faith and not a man of the modern, cynical, lying world of Obama) I fear that this good man may have been hoodwinked by the aura of Obama.  How else can the Pope agree to work with a man who supports homosexual marriage, abortion-on-demand, partial-birth abortion, keeping a fetus alive until its brain can be “harvested” and Obamacare, under which law the Obama administration is currently suing the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for birth control and abortions. I fear the Pope is uninformed and not severe and concentrated enough in his Christian beliefs.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey, Barry. How Is Getting Along With Putin Working Out So Far?

As Russia further expands to its former empire status, the idiot savant, Obama, finds his foreign policy not only in disarray (he never had one in the first place) but a total shambles and a looming problem for America.  Our self-centered child president encouraged Putin to not be too hasty with him because Obama would have more freedom to work with Putin as soon as Obama was elected to his second term as president.  Well, our Barry got re-elected, trashed plans to place a missile shield in Poland, in order to please Putin, did not give any assistance to Ukraine when Russia attacked and did nothing to punish Russia when its military shot down a passenger jet that had just taken off from Amsterdam, killing all passengers.

 And how did Putin reward these obscene gestures of going along to get along by Obama? He fully invaded Ukraine. He met with Arutz Sheva, the terror commander in Iran. He sold missiles to Iran. He is locating jets and military materiel to Syria to support Assad against ISIS.  And now Israel’s prime minister has scheduled a meeting with Putin because he is so fearful that Obama will completely turn his back on Israel following the disastrous Iran Nuke deal, that he feels forced to be friendly with one of his worst enemies in order to protect the citizens of his nation.

Our beloved president boasted that he was going to settle things in Syria with his famous “red line” comment, but now Putin is going to actually do what Obama only gave lip serviced to with his reference to a red line, and this Russian action will become another threat to America and Israel.  Israel will pay dearly for Obama’s dithering foolishness, and allowing Putin to spread Russian influence to the Middle East will cause tension and bloodshed throughout the area.  How does the world make progress against the forces of evil that ISIS and Russia represent when no one will stand up to them and oppose their murderous ways?

The “reset” between Russia and the United States claimed by the genius team of Obama/Clinton was another in a long line of policy failures that these two have set forth that make the world more dangerous than it’s ever been. Every decision Obama has ever made was to the detriment of the United States: more chaos, more confusion, more military action and more suffering by more people, and it’s all because of Barack Obama and his hand-picked staff of fools.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Would Trump Want To Defend Obama? They’re Opponents!

When Obama attacked Christians for the thousand-year-old abuses of the crusades did any Democrat tell him to apologize for his remarks?

When Democrats use the phony War On Women charge against Republicans has Obama ever told them to stop making such deceitful comments?

When Obama said that the Muslim morning call to prayer was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard, did any Democrats accuse him of speaking badly about Christianity and tell him to back off and maybe praise Gregorian Chants for change?

When Dan Rather lied about George Bush’s military record did any liberal Democrat call Rather a liar and defend Bush?

No, no, no and no!

When Obama was lying about keeping doctors, keeping plans and saving $2500 a year did any Democrat, either before the bill was passed or after, call Obama the liar he is and demand that he tell the truth and veto the bill that the congressional Democrats had passed?  Hell no! In fact, Democrats are such evil, mean combatants that before the ACA bill was voted on Nancy Pelosi said that the bill had to be passed to find out what was in it!  Talk about undermining the legislative process of our nation, Pelosi did it!  And no Democrat, including our lying president, criticized her for it and told her to shut up and open debate on the bill for all to see and hear.

And how about the lie of global warming and Obama’s forever claim that it’s settled science?  Has any Democrat challenged him and presented the plentiful evidence that the whole thing is a sham and a lie and that it’s only goal is to enable liberals to raise taxes, increase environmental regulations and shut down industries that don’t toe the liberal line?  Again: Hell no!

When Democrats begin to lose arguments they quickly change the rules and redefine the whole dispute.  So now they expect Donald Trump to defend the high honor of our immature president, play nice with him and retract what someone else said?  I don’t think so.

Donald Trump has snookered the liberals. They don’t know how to deal with him, and their only way to beat him is to shut him up. I pray to God that the Donald keeps up the good work he’s done so far and keeps pounding the leftist, anti-American party that he wants to oppose as a presidential candidate, because unless these insane Democrats are stopped the United States is finished as a free and prosperous nation!

Donald Trump is giving the liberal Democrats the DTs. Go Donald!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hillary: No Longer Pretty In Pink (Nor Attractive In Politics)

It’s rather pathetic to watch Hillary repeatedly try to launch her 2016 candidacy.  It’s like watching a drunk in a honky-tonk repeatedly launch himself at the restroom door, and each time hitting the wall, falling back; he has another drink for inspiration and courage, then hits the wall again, and when he finally gets through the door discovers that he has already wet himself, or just plain misses the toilet.

Poor, pampered, spoiled, mistreated Hillary.  She reminds one of George Bush, pere, when he first saw a bar code scanner in a grocery store. The press rode him hard for being out of touch with average Americans for that gaff, but the liberal press will not criticize Hillary for her lack of shared experiences with America’s increasingly lower-class living standard.  She just doesn’t get where the nation has gone in the last 20 years, and she looks and sounds foolish. Aging, overweight, out of shape, she still tries to bounce into a crowd or onto a stage (or jauntily descend a jet-way at an airport) but she just can’t pull it off with her waddle and carefully placed footsteps.  Carly Fiorina accurately summed up Hillary’s state of mind when she said that Hillary thinks sitting on a 757 and burning tons of jet fuel is an accomplishment that proves what a good job she’s done as Secretary of State.  The woman has accomplished nothing with all her travels.

And Mrs. Clinton appears rather dim-witted and slow when she repeatedly tells us that having her own email server was legal and that she never sent or received any classified information on the email system she used.  Really?  Then how did she perform her job of Secretary of State?  She further told us that the platform she used was originally used by her husband when he was president and that the use of this 20-plus year old presidential system proved it was secure.  She doesn’t even know that security and firewall standards have changed greatly since Clinton’s presidency and that this antiquated system would provide no security at all in 2015.  And besides, President Clinton didn’t ever use email, so why pretend that the system Hillary is using was used by her husband?

The only people excited about Hillary’s candidacy are those who can profit from it or are nostalgic about the good old days when socialism seemed like a good idea for America. But Obama has blown that idea to pieces for those who pay attention and can think for themselves.  Even old, sloppy, rumpled Bernie Sanders is more attractive to voters. 

One would feel sorry for her if she ever said anything sensible, but her idiotic string of socialist propaganda makes us take pleasure in her discomfort.  At least Obama is a true believer in big government and dictating behavior to the unwashed masses.  Hillary does it because Bill did it and because that has become her genre, but she’s a failure at it because socialism is unworkable and she is unable to express it in a way that makes it appear attractive.

Her cackle of a laugh, the phony eyes-wide greeting of crowds, the stare-over-the-heads of audiences as she speaks, her planned and plotted “spontaneity”, her distant, reluctant hugs of people you can tell she doesn’t even want to touch, make it uncomfortable to watch her.  In fact she has sunk so far in the polls that reflect her standing that Lanny Davis no longer shills for her, and James Carville only comes out of retirement to defend her on the rarest of occasions.  But I’ll say one thing for Mrs. Clinton that one could not say a year ago: now that she has professional handlers to watch her, she at least washes her hair with some regularity.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Better Take That Viking River Cruise Soon, Before Europe Is Gone

A recent petition, originated by a Muslim residing in Germany, told authorities in Munich that Octoberfest, with its dancing and drinking and loud music, offended him and his religion and he wants it cancelled this year and forever after. A week ago this would have seemed like a thing German authorities would at least give lip service to and be given consideration for political correctness reasons only, but now, with the hoards of young Muslim male militants flooding all of Europe, it will be interesting to see how the demand is responded to.

We already know there are areas of Paris where even the police won’t go because of the threat of violence they would face from Muslims living there, and about a year ago we heard of a situation in England where repeat rapes of young women by Muslim men were being ignored by authorities because Sharia law permits it and the Brits didn’t want the hassle if they tried to punish the ones committing these crimes.  So young women continued to be beaten and raped because the authorities were too chicken to oppose this politically protected class.

The Mullahs in Iran, who have been given the go-ahead to develop a nuclear weapon by our beloved Barry, have stated repeatedly that they will eliminate Israel and the United States from the face of the earth, and the current invasion of Europe is a heads-up of what will happen here in the near future, if we are smart enough to see it.

After watching Obama encourage and fund the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his denying of assistance to the Green revolution against the Mullahs in Iran in the early years of his administration, plus knowing he has imported tens of thousands of Muslims into the United States on the sly, we know that our president favors Muslims over Christians or Jews and will do anything to criticize the US and undermine our freedom and prosperity by supporting the Muslims over patriotic Americans. So we need to prepare ourselves for Obama allowing many, many more Muslims into our nation, and never mind that a large number of them are suspected to be ISIS soldiers sent to spread their murder and terror here.  Just watch Obama and see how serious he is about protecting America from terrorists.  That great philosopher Forrest Gump reminded us that “stupid is as stupid does” and Obama’s every decision is not only stupid, but works to the detriment of the United States.

By the way, even if the petition mentioned at the beginning of this tirade is a hoax, it is still a valid example of Muslim thinking and intentions and had better be carefully considered before we in the United States are presented with similar demands that are contrary to our culture.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Obama And His “Administration Of The Impossible”

Despite Obama’s promise of “yes we can”, his administration has made it increasingly impossible to do what was formerly the norm when our nation had liberty and prosperity.  Today American’s citizens believe It’s impossible:

To be able to afford healthcare that they once had, prior to Obamacare,
For children to get a non-political education, thanks to the liberal Department of Education,
For parents to discipline their own children,
For the police to rein in the bad guys,
For the military to defend our nation,
For border guards to keep illegals out of our country,
For citizens to know what part of their lives Obama’s ultra-liberal staff will subvert next,
To punish IRS felons who plotted against conservative groups seeking tax exemption,
For the Secretary of State to keep national security secrets from our enemies,
To keep the president off the golf course and in the Oval Office when emergencies arise,
To get Obama out of bed when an embassy is under attack and the staff are being killed,
To get common sense treaties made (unlike the Iran travesty nuke document),
To retain valuable allies like Israel,
To eliminate or at least seriously oppose our enemies, like Assad and the Iranian Mullahs,
For Americans to prepare for their retirement,
For our grandchildren to be able to afford Obama’s national debt which they will have to pay for,
To find good-paying, long-lasting jobs, such as existed before Obama,
To stop liberal attempts to control our lives by telling us lies, like the lie of global warming,
(It soon will be impossible) for Americans to have plentiful and inexpensive electric power.

Barack Obama’s corrupt administration caused all of these things that were formerly part of the lives of all Americans, but are now impossible for most citizens to achieve, or believe their own government is doing to them.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Governor Moonbeam Is Surprised That His Computer Modeling Is Wrong

Today California’s Governor Moonbeam stated that he is shocked at the intensity of the wildfires his state is experiencing because they are so much more violent and fast-moving than the state’s “computer modeling” predicted they would be.  After all, liberals live and die by what their computers tell them, and the real world be damned.

So what does this disparity between California’s human-programmed computer modeling and the real world tell the good governor about trusting the programs they pay to have built and how trustworthy these programs are in predicting the left’s lie of global warming?  Sadly, it tells him nothing. The question doesn’t even occur to him. He is an ideologue, a liberal and a fool, and he and his liberal/Democrat/progressive kindred will always go for the option that allows them to gain the greatest amount of power over citizens’ lives and grants them the most public money to spend. So he’s still on board with the dire, catastrophic climate predictions that allow him to tax heavily, regulate even more heavily and deny citizens liberties that Americans have always had and enjoyed.

Liberals will always go with the lie that gives them more power; it’s what they do!  And they always will.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Europe Shows America Our Future Under Obama

As Europe defends itself from the Islamic hoards, represented by those Muslims currently located inside the E.U. and those trying to get in from the outside, America must take note because Europe’s battle for survival is also America’s future battle.  Or, stated differently, under Obama, it’s our present battle as well as Europe’s.

Our borders have been under direct attack by outside forces for years.  Obama planned and allowed the recent Central American deluge, which was launched on top of the Mexican flood across our southern border that’s been going on for years.  Obama has also been allowing thousands of Haitians and hundreds of thousands of Somalis into the country for years.  So how will America’s future not result in the same horror story Europe is facing?

The final pieces of the Islamic puzzle were put in place when Obama vacated Iraq (in spite of his military advisors warning him of the danger of this horrible, irresponsible decision) and he failed to keep his word to punish Assad for killing his own Syrian citizens.  These bad decisions, and Obama’s just plain failures to take action while the Middle East was being devoured by terrorists, launched the ISIS killing spree, and the resulting refugees are now drowning Europe.

Obama has planned and coordinated this virtual attack on the West well during his two terms in office, and the Islamic deluge is following closely on his actions.  Obama’s buddies on the left have already begun their anti-America/anti-Christian criticism of America, and the anti-America fervor at our southern border will only ramp up as the refugees from Syria and Iraq are relocated here by Obama’s administration, putting even more pressure on an impossible situation for us.

On top of all the actual and virtual threats Obama has launched against America is the current nuclear deal with Iran. No sensible person could look at the details of this agreement and say that Obama has any intention other than the destruction of America and Israel; and there are actually Democrats who are in favor of it! The Democrat party, along with ISIS and Obama, are at war with the United States, and all the Republican leadership can do is wring their hands and whine that there is nothing they can do until a Republican is elected president.

 It’s said that the darkest hour is just before the dawn, but with the current idiots and fools we have running our nation, dawn had better be less than an hour away or we’re all doomed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Is A Urinal Gender Neutral?

Why are liberals so quick to criticize natural, normal, heterosexual identity when they are so easily offended by anyone who in turn criticizes them?  When anyone disagrees with liberals, their opponents are immediately branded as being haters, biased and prejudiced, but of course liberals themselves don’t hate, can never be called biased and are unable to experience prejudice.  The current liberal lunacy of gender neutrality is almost too vapid to be believed.  Of course there are differences between the sexes and the reason for these differences are attraction and continuation of the species.  Any line of animal that attracted only the same sex to itself would die out quickly.  The fact that homosexuals can adopt babies doesn’t make them real parents.  The child they love and adopt has come from two members of different sexes, not from two people of the same sex.  To celebrate the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce is to celebrate nothing, and instead undermines the fundamentals of nature itself and places more stress on society to survive, as heterosexuals are ignored and insulted.

Most women enjoy being women and likewise most men enjoy being men.  They were born that way and equipped by nature for different roles in life, and to deny these differing roles threatens the existence of the species.  When the occasional man or woman dislikes the way nature made them and identify so greatly with the opposite sex that they want to become one of them, our current society allows that expression to be exerted outside their natural selves, but these desires are not the norm and rarely occur. So why should the larger society celebrate the rare occurrence of frustrated sexual identity just because liberals tell us to?

Now we see liberal attempts to make children uncomfortable with themselves as they were naturally created, by getting rid of gender identity in clothing colors and toy descriptions.  This represents just another liberal effort at the public level to disrupt people’s private lives, but it’s especially offensive when it’s children they target for conversion.  Each child is precious and each sex is important and serves a purpose in society, and children should be left alone to develop as nature intended, not as liberals dictate.  Children have enough pressure placed on them as they grow and try to become comfortable with their place in society without liberals placing additional stress on them and using them for political purposes.  In fact it would be nice if liberals would just leave all of us alone to live our own lives.

The laughing side of the matter is that even with 40 years of repeated sex similarity/neutrality efforts behind the liberals, girls still prefer playing with dolls and boys prefer guns and soldiers. So let the libs continue to believe they are controlling our lives with their idiot rhetoric, because nature will win out over leftist opinions every time.

One hopes the current push of liberals for gender neutrality in all things doesn’t result in their passing a law that requires the manufacturing of only pink urinals in the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Obama Precedes The Islamic Deluge

While America thought it was electing a community organizer who happened to be black, little did we know that we were electing an Islamist who happened to be crazy. It’s a shame that the stage leading to the collapse of the West was set by the Western nations themselves, with Obama firmly established as the leader in this effort, but that appears to be the truth of the matter. Europe was the earliest participant it this collapse in that it wanted to get cheap labor by importing workers from Islamic countries, but America soon joined this effort.

Historically the United States had participated in four wars and expended much blood and sacrifice defending and freeing Muslims (Croatia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan), but liberals allow no good deed to go unpunished, so with the election of Obama came the defaming and criticism of America for the murderous way it had attacked Muslims, exactly like the colonialist power liberals alleged our nation to be.  Our Barry then began the withdrawal of military forces from a barely functioning Iraq, and allowed Syria’s Assad to continue to kill and gas his own citizens, both of which circumstances allowed the Iranians and ISIS to begin a takeover of territory and accomplish more killing, torture and raping than anyone could believe, and it was all Barack Obama’s doing, in spite of all the warnings to the contrary given him by his military advisors. And we can’t forget the famous reset with Russia that was a surrender signal to Putin to try to re-establish the old Soviet greatness by expanding its borders toward Western Europe once again. Quickly on the heels of these actions Obama negotiated a deal with Iran that assures they will develop a nuclear weapon within ten years, and it further assures that they will have either the technical ability to develop a delivery missile or the money to buy one if that best serves their evil goals.

And now that Obama has assured the Iranians the weapons and funds to perform whatever terrorist or military actions they want to commit, we see the absolute inundation of Europe by citizens of the Middle East, mainly Syria and Iraq, trying to escape the horror they face in that part of the world, again, directly caused by Obama. America’s Muslim population watches as our own southern border is daily attacked and over-run by who-knows-what mass of people with who-knows-what devious intentions for America. And add to this inundation the thousands of Haitians and the hundreds of thousands of Somalis that Obama has quietly allowed to enter the country, and we have a perfect storm of America-haters, both in the U.S. population and in the Oval Office, seeking our destruction.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Il Papa Disrespects And Insults The United States

I just learned that Pope Francis will ignore the English-speaking majority of the population of the United States when he visits here on September 23rd. He will be giving a speech, in Spanish, when he visits Washington D.C., and I’m willing to bet he won’t give a speech in English to the citizens of Mexico City when he next visits Mexico.  The Pope is pandering to the illegal invaders of America’s borders and he insults all American citizens by performing this highly symbolic act.

If the Pope is so fond of illegal aliens, he can demonstrate his sincerity by packing his jet with poor, hungry Mexicans and take them back to the Vatican when he returns home, and then allow them to become citizens of Vatican City.  Although I’m not a Catholic, I love the Pope, the office he occupies and idea of having a Pope, but this act by Pope Francis suggests he is a panderer and a hypocrite with this slap in the face of every American.  How dare he involve himself in our domestic politics when he absolutely will not go after Castro or Kim Jong-il for the misery and evil those dictators have perpetrated on their citizens.  But the Pope finds it acceptable to insult peaceful, democratic America and thereby reap the praise of America’s fancy liberal class, rather than to risk imprisonment in Cuba or North Korea for attacking those horrid places.

And the Pope is also meddling in our domestic politics by agreeing with our lying president about the lie of global warming, and that the western democracies have to cut back on their comfort level in order to save the world.  Considering the millions of dollars that Americans give to the church and the Pope each year, and considering that these millions of dollars are what keep the Vatican fat and happy year-round and that capitalism is what allows Americans to have an excess of money to donate to the church, the Pope had better hope that our capitalism isn’t upset by the falsehood of warming or his church donations may dry up, and he would be hardest hit.  It’s kind of a situation of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Capitalism keeps the world functioning, and only where a nation’s ruler will not allow its citizens to have the freedom to participate in capitalism are people found to be in serious want and privation.

I can only hope and trust that former Mexican and Central American citizens who have become legal citizens of the United States will resent the Pope’s slap as much as I do.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Earth To Obama: The Oceans Haven’t Risen

Someone on this fool man’s staff please tell him that the oceans haven’t risen and that storms have not become more intense nor more frequent in recent years.  It’s a shame to watch the president lie through his teeth and it must stop.  The science is not settled and informed people know that the only evidence of warming or change, or whatever these idiots are currently calling it, is the result of computer modeling, which is software programming, not science.  The lies Obama and his liberal pals tell about global warming is on a par with their ignoring of the facts of gun ownership and the crimes related to gun usage.  Regardless of the facts and the studies made, liberals will not admit that bad people and the outlawing of gun ownership are the only problems we face with increasing criminal behavior, but they still blame the inanimate pistol for a high crime rate. In New York City, Chicago and Baltimore the liberal/Democrat/progressive mayors are at fault for the massive killings, and when combined with highly restrictive gun possession laws in those cities, criminals are free to terrorize the honest population and kill at random because the citizens can’t get weapons in order to defend themselves and deter the bad guys.  So terror rules in liberal cities.

 But back to the subject of warming: it amazes me that melting snow during summer is proof to Obama and his pals that the earth is coming to an end, when even by these alarmists’ own predictions and phony computer models, they believe that temperatures will only rise by less than a degree in the next fifty or sixty years, and even if this increase does happen it will not be noticeable and will probably be a benefit to poor people by creating a slightly longer growing season for their crops.

Obama’s real goal with criminalizing the coal industry and trying to put electricity generation out of business is to fool the uninformed so they will support his power grab in league with the United Nations, and the increased taxing ability that Obama and the U.N. will hold over the population of the United States and the restrictions that will be imposed on us limiting our ability to conduct our personal affairs the way we want to. Increased power and control is all liberals understand, and all of this climate BS is just a path to that end, because New York City has no streets that are under water, and it’s been years since a hurricane has threatened our shores.

Mr. President, stop lying to the American people, it should be beneath you.

Hillary Is Not Getting The Usual “Under Investigation” Treatment From Obama. I Wonder Why?

With the Obama administration and its many and sundry scandals, each crime has been  effectively covered up from the outset by Obama shills simply stating that the matter is “under investigation” and no comments can be made about their status or progress.

But with Hillary, nearly every day we see more revelations of Hillary’s lying and cheating personality as the State Department releases more hundreds of her emails that prove the liar she is and the cover-up she is involved in.  I wonder why she gets the maximum evidence disclosure when no one else in the Obama administration has received this treatment?

Could it be that Obama wants her buried and kept busy defending herself based on the revealed evidence and silenced by the facts stacked against her? Could it be that he is settling an account he has against Bill at Hillary’s expense?  Could it be that this is Obama’s way of jabbing Hillary for dealing with Sidney Blumenthal while Secretary of State in spite of Obama’s alleged orders that she not do so?  Could it be that Obama fears a Hillary presidency and what she could do to his alleged “legacy” and is undermining her campaign?  Could it be that he sees in her a political failure who is certain to lose the general election to her Republican opponent, thus leaving Obama and his people exposed and open to successful investigations under a Republican president, which could result in the reversing of all of Obama’s radical orders and actions?  Could it be that Biden, if elected president, is trusted by Obama to keep his mouth shut and toe the line of Obama’s radical administration and his destructive regulations, so he leaks information that hurts Hillary?

But even if Obama, by leaking injurious FBI discoveries, gets Hillary out of the way for the 2016 presidential election, he still needs to keep a permanent gag on her afterward, so he’ll promise to pardon her or commute her sentence if she’s found guilty of her crimes, assuming he even allows the FBI to continue to investigate and expose email problems and security violations she’s responsible for, beyond those we’ve seen so far.

The best thing for Obama now and in the future is to keep Hillary under attack and busy defending herself, and eventually convince her to retire to Chappaqua and remain silent ever after.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All Of Europe Suffers Because Of Obama’s Red Line Denial Of Leadership

Americans are correctly blaming Obama for the horror that occurs daily on our southern border with thousands of illegals crossing and going no-one-knows-where once they get here, and in a month or so, due to a recent court order, the administration must release thousands more illegals held for some time in detention centers, and it’s anyone’s guess where these unfortunate souls will go or be sent, nor is it known which of America’s unfortunate neighborhoods they’ll be dumped on, but it will be someone’s, and the result will not be pretty.

But as bad as Obama has made things in America, our allies in Europe are experiencing the same if not worse circumstances, and much of the European trouble originated with Obama’s direct non-decision making.  Remember the red line he established for Syria, and how the trigger of chemical weapons use by Assad on his own people would result in punishment to Assad?  Well, the red line was crossed and Obama wimped out again and did nothing.  Then ISIS saw the lack of spine Obama has and began a serious campaign of murder and torture across the Middle East which has produced the suffering and pain we see happening almost daily in Europe.

The tie-in between a missed red line in Syria and trouble in Europe is that Syrians, Iraqis and other residents of the Middle East are trying to save their families from misery and possible death at the hands of ISIS, and are now passing through Greece into Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic on their way to France, Italy and other west European countries, and are causing massive problems for our allies in those spots as the hoard of people show up at their borders.  Part of the reason Europe is being sought as a destination is that Jordan has accepted so many thousands of refugees that it can take no more, so the over-flow is Europe.

If our feckless president had done the right thing with Syria’s Assad, and if he had really tried to kill ISIS soldiers instead of merely calling them names and lightly bombing their installations with passive rules of engagement that saw many flights over their positions return to base with all bombs unlaunched, this current tragic situation could have been avoided.  But our Barry likes his golf and doesn’t like difficult decisions, so we, along with Europe, have a human disaster on our hands as our nation faces its own inundation from the south, along with increasing pressure from within as the “hands up don’t shoot” and the “black lives matter” crowds are causing our police officers, due to a lack of proper backing from Obama and the Justice Department, to step back from danger out of fear of possible criminal prosecution for doing their very difficult and dangerous job, which has resulted in sky-rocketing murder rates in our major cities. We need a strong leader immediately but all we have is Obama for another year and a half.  We can only pray that our nation can hold out that long.

While the above are examples of relatively “soft” invasions of a nation’s borders, Obama’s weakness has also caused a “hard” invasion as witnessed by Russia militarily threatening Ukraine, which is also shares a border with our European allies.  Obama was solicitous of President Putin’s good will by telling Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that Obama could be more flexible in his dealing with Russia after winning his last election.  How is Obama’s selling out America to the Russian terrorist working out so far? And how are Hillary’s and Obama’s “reset” button making Europe safer?   Nothing is better under Obama’s leadership.