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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Devious Campaign By The Liberal Press Against Conservative Presidential Candidates

The United States’ Constitution protects the press and assures that they can print the news that’s needed to assure a free and informed nation.   But lately the liberal press has been taking advantage of this protection and creating the news from whole cloth along with not always reporting the news accurately.  An example of creating the news includes the polls that are taken on a daily basis, and depending on how they are worded by the pollster and interpreted by pollee, they may not reflect the true position of the respondent; the other example is the riding of a candidate for one simple thing they said that the liberal press didn’t like or that the press has mis-represented in their reporting, and making news out of it day after day after day.  I’ll admit that the candidates should be a little more sophisticated than they sometimes are when they speak with the press, but it’s still an abuse of the constitutional protection of the press to make false news in this way.

To the point: While just pretending to be innocently reporting the news and following up on statements recently made by Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the liberal press is really including themselves in the campaign against these two leading Republican candidates by blowing out of proportion statements innocently made on the stump (both were related to Muslims: Trump was asked a question about Obama being a Muslim and Carson said he would not vote for a Muslim to be president). But the press are so obvious in their leftist slant that they embarrass themselves and will ultimately fail in their attempts to elect a leftist president simple by falsely reporting on conservatives.

As much as the American people despise the politicians who are forcing our nation in a leftward direction, we absolutely despise even more the liberal press who support the leftist drift, ask softball questions of liberal candidates while fast-pitching hardball questions and accusations at conservatives.  But to ask Trump and Carson the same pointed and slanted questions every day of the week is an abuse of the constitutional rights and amounts to harassment.

Trump didn’t challenge or refute the question he got during an appearance that assumed Obama is a Muslim (and why should he defend Obama when he’s running against Obama and his anti-American agenda?), and Ben Carson said he would not vote for a Muslim to be president because Muslim positions discriminate against women and homosexuals and has other un-American ideas.  But the press will never let either of these gentlemen come up for air after their remarks.  Even if the press could get Hillary to talk to them they would very quickly get off the subject of her illegal email server, and the national security threat that Hillary’s insecure server assures, and quickly get on to such irrelevant questions as what woman’s face should be on the twenty-dollar bill.  Their bias toward liberal politicians is so obvious that it’s painful to watch.

I’m sick of the liberal press trying to select conservative candidates for us with their slanted coverage of speeches and press conferences, and our candidates need to get used to telling the press to stuff their criticism of their positions and not try to back away from their statements when they are challenged on them from the left.

The liberal press don’t understand the mistake they are making by trying to defend and deflect criticism of their leftist candidates: when they improperly and repeatedly attack and lie about the candidates I like, they are attacking me, and I resent it and will not forget it.