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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Did Obama Give Putin This Time? A New Iron Curtain?

Now that we’ve seen the deal Obama cooked up that will give Iran everything they wanted in order to continue to develop a nuclear weapon, we know what a hate-America bargainer Obama is. And considering that the last time we heard about relations between Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Obama was begging Medvedev to let Putin know that he (Obama) would be free to make any deal favorable to Putin as soon as Obama was re-elected, we have an idea of how weakly Obama would pursue any negotiations with Putin.  Well our idiot president has been re-elected and he met yesterday with Putin behind closed doors, and keeping in mind the scandalous details of the Iran agreement and how subservient Obama is to Putin, I think it’s logical to ask what Obama gave away to Putin during his meeting.

When big-shot Obama deals with Putin he is way out of his depth.  Obama may be able to dictate conditions to the wussy, spineless Republicans in Washington, but Putin doesn’t care what Obama’s race is; doesn’t care what America’s liberal press will say about him; doesn’t cower and give in to threats about shutting down the government; and like Obama, Putin will not keep his word after any agreement is made.  So what did these two evil men conspire about behind closed doors?
When you add to the mix the fact that both men hate America as it has developed since World War II (Putin resents the demise of the Soviet Union under Reagan and wants his buffer countries back, and Obama just plain wants to “fundamentally transform America”) I believe that this meeting between these two rulers means increased danger for America.

Obama has no trouble giving dictators what they want: The Castro brothers got diplomatic recognition and probably millions of dollars will follow a little later in the form of compensation for all the money Cuba lost due to the economic sanctions which were imposed in 1960 by the Kennedy administration; Iran got a “death to America” deal with its agreement with Obama, and hundreds of millions of dollars will soon revert to Iran as a result to allow it to support terrorism around the world; as already mentioned, Obama told Putin to give him time to get re-elected and he would willingly halt the plans to place anti-missile defenses in Poland; Obama drew a play-like red line in Syria that he allowed Assad to cross with impunity; Obama made no attempt to help the citizens of Iran when they revolted against the Mullahs during the Green revolution; and Obama removed American military forces from Iraq, allowing ISIS to enter the scene and stir up the current international immigration disaster and the murder and torture of tens of thousands of innocent people.  On the other hand, when you also consider that Obama rudely returned a bust of Churchill to England in spite of the fact that England is probably our most dependable ally, you get a picture of the desperate situation America faces with this rogue president in the Oval Office.

If you think Middle East refugees are a problem now, just wait until the new Russian Iron Curtain descends on the area. And did Obama give any thought or consideration to what a Russian presence in Syria will mean to Israel? I believe he did think of Israel by plotting against it, and he’s giving Netanyahu exactly the treatment he intends to give him via the increased threat to Israel.

America is in deeper trouble from the stupidity of its own president than from any outside force, and we still have over a year to go until he’s out of office. And even then his anti-American legacy will live on long after he’s gone.

Next Obama will further undermine our economy by trying to impose additional taxes on Americans via a “Climate Change” agreement in the United Nations.  So logically, it follows that before long the U.N. will be able to force Americans to pay additional reparations taxes to help the underprivileged citizens of the third world because of our excessive carbon use and for continuing to buy and enjoy our automobiles and air conditioners.  Considering that the United Nations is currently made up of hate-America dictators and thugs, the future is dark for our nation and for the future of our children with Obama as president for another year.  We must inundate our Washington legislators with emails and letters insisting that Obama be stopped in his climate change schemes at all costs. Maybe with Boehner leaving the House we can impose the will of the people for a change, not the will of the Washington elite.  One can only hope that McConnell will soon follow Boehner out the door and that real conservative leadership will be installed that will oppose Obama on everything he tries to do.