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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beware of Liberals Relocating To Your City

People from Northeastern towns, in states like New York or Connecticut or New Jersey, will move to places like Florida because of the lower taxes, fewer homeless beggars blocking the sidewalks, less racial strife and the more pleasant surroundings which exist in non-liberal locations. Unfortunately when they relocate to a more pleasant location they bring the reasons they left their Northeast, liberal-bastion homes with them as they relocate to the newer, cleaner, non-liberal environment. Then, if they are liberals, they will immediately start initiating typically liberal big-government things that they left behind, like a state income tax, blaming police officers for any increase in crime, more compassionate treatment of the homeless, more compensation for those on welfare, etc, thereby introducing all of the things they moved from the liberal Northeast into their new home to get away from, and in the process they ruin their new home for themselves and everyone else already there.

This tendency to ruin a good thing in an attempt to improve one’s own existence is not limited to American liberals living in liberal cities. Mexicans are good people, but when they relocate to the United States by illegally crossing our border, they are bringing the unpleasant things that caused them to leave Mexico, like unemployment, corrupt government, lack of education and poverty, and importing them to America. And add to this list the fact that they have been encouraged by our own government, especially during the Obama administration, to disrespect our way of life and our flag, and you have an explosive environment for them to live in, along-side American citizens.

Middle Eastern residents, too, often bring with them hate of America, a Jihadist environment of terrorism and a strong disregard for our legal system, and they also bring a hatred for Jews an all non-Muslims.

The United States has always been a fluid, free-flowing nation of people who seek success in whatever part of the country in which they can prosper, but following the Obama administration, those who come to your town in order to escape uncomfortable circumstances in their old home, may cause your piece of heaven to become  a living hell.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Liberals Strive To Fulfill Obama’s Promised “Fundamental Transformation Of America”

First they attempted to take Christmas from us, and no matter what the CNN Anchor Don Lemon says, I have never heard Barack Obama wish anyone a “Merry Christmas”. And during the Obama administration no official in government nor in the dominant, leftist press ever uttered such a simple, traditional wish during the Christmas season.

Then the leftist party of choice and diversity took the rule of law from Americans with their unconstitutional Obamacare, illegal immigration policy and a reduction of national defense expenditures during the eight years of the Obama administration.

Next liberals attempted to deny the electoral choice of a free nation to select their own president when  the formerly respected FBI allowed its top agents to try to keep Donald Trump from occupying the Oval Office because they personally disliked. All President Trump ever promised was to make America great again, unlike the radical Obama who promised to use his office to make America poor and subservient to the rest of the world.

Now the left is taking romance from future generations of Americans by making traditional boy-girl relations improper, if not illegal. Recently I saw an old black and white movie from the 1930s in which Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were, as they often did in their movies, arguing back and forth about their romance, and I felt uncomfortable because today’s liberals would pounce on Astaire for being cruel to Ms Rogers by opposing her and trying to kiss her as they argued about their future together. Whether the male actor was Rudolph Valentino, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant or, in latter years, Elvis Presley, each film had scenes where the male and female roles fought and argued, and today’s liberals would probably characterize these scenes as groping by the male and violently manhandling the lady, and the man would lose his job and be publicly shamed.

Such boy-girl relations were accepted as part of normal life, until some leftist movie producers allowed their violent urges to be a part of the flashy Hollywood life, and it spread to many public media areas with the final result that leftist, abusive practices were expanded and became part of American life for the rich and famous. And all such practices, no matter how tame and innocent, were condemned as aggression and abuse by leftists.

Now the cute romance movies of the 30s and 40s are examples of what not to do in the 21st Century, with the next logical step being the removal of romance from the lives of too many Americans. Liberals are a controlling bunch of fools who destroy everything they touch, and every effort must be made to keep them out of public office at every opportunity.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Where The Real Russian Collusion Is To Be Found, And Why

One can find various examples of the belief that if Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election, in light of all of the millions of dollars of influence-buying money that the many crooks and dictators around the world “donated” to the criminal Clinton Initiative fund in anticipation of receiving preferential treatment from President Hillary Clinton, that Hillary would be in big trouble from these international rogues if she lost the election and was unable to return the favor of their donation. Some of these bad guys have armies to launch against those who displease them, and the smallest of the rogues have at least some very dedicated, nasty, well-armed gangs. Well, she lost the election.

And now it seems she is in the process of trying to placate these nasty foreign strongmen and convince them that she still has a chance to become president, with all of the liberal crap about Trump/Russian collusion and insisting that Trump be impeached. Hillary’s henchmen, to include Congressman Adam Schiff, CNN and MSNBC among others, are daily at the forefront and seemingly always at the nearest microphone trying to make a case of Trump collusion so Hillary can take the Oval Office before her thug donators bring her to their form of justice.

But one wonders: what is the definition of “collusion”? We know that Hillary was very chummy with Russia while she was Secretary of State under Barack Obama (who can ever forget Hillary’s completely stupid Reset button and Obama’s recorded session with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev in which our brave president begged Medvedev to intercede with Putin and give Obama time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding in Eastern Europe) which included the Uranium One fiasco in which she gave Russia a substantial percentage of America’s Uranium supply in exchange for one-hundred million dollars or so, and one suspects that Vladimir Putin, and the other bad guys already mentioned, may not be pleased that Hillary blew her side of the deal by not being elected and not therefore, being able to dole out favors to her friends.

It’s been Democrats for the last 60 years who have been colluding with the Russian Commies and plotting to undermine Republican administrations and American welfare by taking sides against America at nearly every opportunity. Where, in this great nation of America, does common sense reside in these confusing times?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

It’s Not So Much The Illegality And Corruption Of The FBI, It’s Their Arrogance

As outraged as I and many other thinking Americans are about the absolute corruption and anti-Trump attitude of a supposedly impartial FBI, and the inappropriate actions that FBI officials have taken during the Hillary email and the Trump collusion investigations, it’s probably the arrogance of these people that is most disturbing.

Democrats and never-Trumpers thought that they could roll over Trump during the latest presidential election. Then when they learned that Trump was elected and not their hand-picked Hillary, they did everything they could to keep him out of office, and then schemed and developed a possibly impeachable offense to blame on him.

When the Special Counsel’s staff was put in place they made no attempt to hide their negative opinion of Trump, with FBI investigators even exchanging abusive and offensive emails that were blatantly anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. How smart can a person be to not know that email records and text messages can and will be found? Investigators must at least create the impression of impartiality. But agent Strzok actually stated that he and other agents could not risk having Trump in the White House. What the nation  can’t risk is having fools like Agent Strzok and his squeeze conducting investigations of any kind.

The fool Democrats who swooned and got all teary-eyed when Barack Obama took office and proclaimed that he would “fundamentally transform America”, objected to and took illegal steps to prevent Donald Trump, who swore to “Make America Great Again”, from taking office, are beyond my ability to understand.

Fire the whole bunch of lunk-headed fools and disband Mueller’s band of merry idiots. The danger that America faces in the 21st Century is that the Washington swamp of leftists believe that they are justified in breaking the law if they disagree with a political opponent. This attitude is an immediate threat to our nation and our way of life.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Ex Post Facto Nature Of The “Laws” Of Feminism

Unpublished “laws”, generated and made up on the fly by leftist feminists, are getting harmless young men in trouble. This subject was brought to light by Tucker Carlson on his Wednesday night Fox News program when he confronted a young woman who claimed that “society” was making these laws to punish college men for expressing an attraction to “hot” women on campus. And all along I thought that ex post facto laws were illegal.

Of course the young woman said that these self-generated “laws”, intended to punish men who have never hurt a woman nor ever intended to, are the result of the many rapes and other sexual abuses women experience on college campuses these days. Tucker intimated that it was difficult for men to obey laws that are not published and understood by the broader population, because these “laws” of feminists on college campuses are only announced after the offensive act has been completed. And one wonders why we haven’t heard of these numerous rapes and sexual abuses occurring on college campuses each year. We certainly heard about the many rapes at the University of Virginia a year or so ago, all of which were found to be lies.

It would be interesting to know exactly what male actions are considered to be sexually abusive by these college feminists. It seems, from what the young woman on Carlson’s program said, that she considered verbal expressions by a young man, spoken to other young men, of his attraction to a “hot” female as being abusive to that woman, so her standard of abuse is set very low to start with if words are a punishable offense.

The last time I checked, laws controlling the actions of citizens, or in this case, the words and thoughts of citizens, were to be written down by elected legislators, not by young women who are probably not “hot” at all and are not the subject of the men’s comments, and we might thereby assume that the complaining feminist was possibly jealous and resentful of the ‘hot” lady who did get the men’s attention.

What today’s feminists don’t understand is that it’s nature, and nature’s demand for sexual attraction and eventually reproduction of the species, that causes young men, today and every day prior to today, to be attracted to women. The men who go to the extent of rape or physical molestation must be punished, but the men who only talk about their attraction must not be punished. It’s only natural that men would be attracted to women, and I’ll bet that those “hot” women don’t mind the attention they get from polite men, while the feminists who are unable to attract the attention of men object because they are being left out of nature’s game.

But maybe the leftist feminists, after so many years of wading through the mire of their 1960s sexual revolution, are becoming more chaste and see the error of letting everyone “do their own thing” and want to put some control on their own sexual liberation movement. And also, just maybe, feminists would like to see college campuses adopt some Sharia controls to protect “hot” women and insist that all college women begin wearing long, black, non-revealing robes so men could not see their “hot’ bodies and would stop looking at them and talking about them.

Additionally, one wonders what the hell liberals mean or intend in reference to anything and everything they say, because these are the same people who are proud of allowing LGBT males who self-identify as females in order to enter women’s restrooms, which is a rapid way of getting young women attacked and hurt by complete beasts.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Democrats Are At Risk Of Becoming Chaste Prudes About Sex

After decades of leftists looking down their up-scale noses and mocking religious conservatives for their prudish and narrow-minded attitude on the subject of sex and lewd public behavior, which the left has only wanted more of since the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s, Democrats are now seemingly criminalizing any sexual contact between men and women.  But of course all the Democrats want is for Trump to be removed from office because he supposedly ogled a beauty contest participant years ago in one charge, and he had the nerve to ask a woman for her phone number at some point in time years ago, in another charge.

This new leftist prudishness follows decades of Democrats claiming that Bill Clinton’s sexual attacks were “only about sex” and not something for a president to be concerned about. But are Democrats becoming the subjects of Obama’s abhorred reference to a “guns and Bible” crowd? And does this turn of events make Democrats members of Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”, as she so cleverly phrased it, because they are being so prim and proper about formerly normal exchanges between the sexes? Is the line between real sexual harassment and abuse, and normal boy-girl relations, being blurred by Democrats in order to  try to undermine the latest presidential election and get Trump removed from office?

Could efforts to get Trump impeached be considered election tampering after-the-fact? Could we call these attempts to get Trump removed from a duly elected office a form of “collusion”? Is Mueller going to next delve into Trump’s past amorous adventures as part of his already corrupt Russian collusion investigation?

One wonders how dependable the women are who have, in the last few days, claimed to have had harmless but unwelcomed contact with Trump years ago? They mysteriously showed up a year ago and then after the 2016 election they quickly disappeared, and now here they come again with their politically-motivated accusations.

As Hillary and other Democrat supporters have repeatedly said about Bill Clinton’s woman trouble: “That’s old information that’s already been exposed and publicized, and we need to place those things in the past and move on”. So I suggest that we do move on; Republicans have heard all of these charges about Trump and in spite of them we voted for him to be president, we’re happy we did and want him to stay there.

Thinking people wonder if all of these leftist cries of “wolf” in matters of sexual innuendo and sexual gamesmanship could possibly undermine the serious subject of sexual violence and rape, which would weaken the cases of women who have actually suffered from violent men. But Democrats are not concerned about real sex crimes, they only care about leftist political causes.

The leftist political class should stop their political whining about a political opponent who won an election they thought was theirs. So what if the current occupant of the Oval Office maybe asked a woman for her phone number 30 years ago? He didn’t have sex with her in the Oval Office, as a 1990s Democrat president did.

Liberals are insane and coming apart at the seams, and I say good riddance to them as they melt-down in frustration at Trump and the way he‘s conducting his administration.

Monday, December 11, 2017

America Is A Nation In Serious Trouble

After more than a year of fake, anti-Trump news and after watching an FBI set-up prosecution of Trump officials, it’s obvious that Americans are no longer safe and free in their own country, and we also know that our sources of news are horribly corrupt and suspect, to state the case mildly.

Fake News: The liberal press topped its lying-news reporting last week when CNN reported the total lie that WikiLeaks, whom they equate to a Russian state organ, offered the Trump team access to secret DNC emails that they had obtained, thereby supposedly proving collusion between Russia and Trump staffers, when actually the email that CNN identified as proof of collusion came from a private citizen who no one knows, and the email was sent to the Trump team ten days AFTER the DNC documents had been released to the public by WikiLeaks, a date which CNN willfully and happily misread and misunderstood prior to offering their lying report. All CNN wants is anti-Trump reporting and to hell with facts and the truth.
And this ground-breaking lie came after a year of similar instances of mal-reporting , if not the total fabrication, of the news from a free press that is protected in its lying by our constitution.

FBI Set-Ups: We’ve seen Scooter Libby and now General Micheal Flynn face serious, life-altering charges from the FBI during two of its political investigations into Republican administration employees and advisers. Libby’s and Flynn’s prosecutions and penalties resulted from trumped-up, lying charges and evidence that each person was forced to plead to in order to avoid more serious charges. These coerced admissions were intended to injure the presidencies of George Bush and Donald Trump, and enabled the FBI to prove their use and value to the leftist Deep State.
And when one adds to these prosecutions the obvious guilt of Hillary Clinton for her email server crimes, from which charges she skated free and clear of FBI blame or prosecution, you have proof that America is in serious trouble.

Now we know that we can’t trust any news we get from the liberal press, and, sorry to say, we can no longer trust the FBI. In fact you may go to jail for even speaking to the FBI in an innocent attempt to help them with an investigation. It’s a shame that honest, patriotic American citizens must now fear the FBI, formerly one of America’s pristine investigative agencies. But now we have to fear them just as Russians were wise to fear the KGB.

In spite of President Trump’s Herculean efforts to the contrary, Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is still moving full-speed-ahead as CNN, formerly the “Most Trusted Name In News” proves itself to be “The Least Truthful Name In News”, and as the FBI ruins citizens financially in order to serve the ends of the leftist Deep State.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

We Live In Dangerous Societal Times

A year ago Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were highly respected members of the liberal leftist community, and today these men, and many others of liberal persuasion, are out of work and shamed by their actions. (And don’t forget our beloved Bill Clinton, who knows no shame, but is now taking hits for his 20-year-ago blue dress incident.)

This situation of being on top one day and on the bottom the next shows a society that makes 180 degree swings in its reactions to its bad actors on the spur of the moment and will not monitor these  bad actors and stop them in a timely manner before they hurt more people. Last year executives in positions of power over today’s culprits refused to react appropriately when the unwanted acts were presented to them, but today even possibly untrue charges are quickly responded to with a quick firing for those employed by private companies, and at least demands for their removal from office are made if they’re politicians.

For America this indicates a banana republic trend based on shifting political winds and a reluctance to punish like-minded comrades. A society that doesn’t punish criminals and lesser misbehavior in a timely manner, whether because of personal friendships, political associations, racial considerations or business acquaintances, is undermining its foundation, and that society will wither and die. Examples of the above are:

The Kate Steinly verdict that slapped her murderer on the wrist for his multiple crimes. The lack of prosecution in the Obama administration for Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch during the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server. James Comey’s lengthy list of laws violated by Hillary Clinton that did not get prosecuted. The NBC executives who would not discipline Matt Lauer for his actions. The refusal of a New York publisher to publish information related to the Harvey Weinstein situation, in spite of the fact that the accuser in Harvey’s case had recordings of the unwanted attacks. All of these delays of punishment and attention by people who have the power to stop them, but don’t stop them, are a threat to our nation and the trust of American citizens.

Were liberal bad boys protected a year ago because they were liberals, and not protected today because of the honesty and openness inspired by the Trump administration? Have liberals seen the error of their years-ago protection of bad men but now want them punished? Are leftist feminists now in opposition to their creation of people like Bill Clinton of 20 years ago, and do they now really believe he should have been punished then, and that bad acting on the part of other liberal men should also be punished in a timely manner? And why the delay in going after men like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein, who liberals knew were guilty at the time but did nothing to stop them?

The Trump administration has set the world of the liberal establishment on its ear, and is causing the Washington swamp to collapse in a downward spiral. As proof of this statement, just look at what they are doing to their own, at-one-time protected, celebrities.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Leftists Think President Trump Is Mentally Unstable. Look Who’s Talking.

Consider that the very same people who celebrate and encourage a man who self-identifies as a Filipino woman, and a Lilly white female Senator who self-identifies as a Cherokee squaw, and don’t forget the deluge of mostly-liberal men who have been fired and embarrassed by revelations that they have groped, grabbed, assaulted, harassed and raped women, and you have a demented bunch of liberal Democrats who are simply calling the kettle black when they have the nerve to call President Trump mentally unstable.

So, after three presidential administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have kicked the nuclear can down the road and allowed North Korea to test and now develop a missile able to deliver a nuclear payload, the idiot leftists blame President Trump, the only president in the last 30 years with the stamina, vision, common sense and courage to stand up to the Commie Koreans and threaten them with war in an attempt to get them to stop threatening America with an attack. President Trump is the one who is the victim in this situation because the can is no longer kickable, and the road is at a dead end.

How could anyone who knows the insanity of Kim Jong-Un not threaten military action now that Rocket Man has actual nukes and missiles? At a similar point in the Obama administration Barack would probably preemptively surrender to North Korea and use our own aircraft to fly Nork troops to America as an occupation force to show that we mean no harm to anyone.

President Trump is doing exactly what the situation calls for with his bluster against the pot-bellied dictator, and he’s using all available non-military approaches to get the chubby nut to back down and be reasonable, in an effort to avoid war if at all possible.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Democrat “Icon” Has A Short Life-Span

If Nancy Pelosi had any sense at all she would go back to California and enjoy her family’s vast wealth and remain out of the public eye as her mind goes to pieces.

It was just few days ago that she defended liberal Democrat Congressman John Conyers against accusations of sexual offenses, stating that he was a Democrat icon and must be left in office to continue his heaven-sent work for the nation, and then two days later, dizzy Nancy is telling him to resign. My, how the mighty Democrat, liberal Icons doth fall.

Liberals have only relative standards of conduct and behavior, if they have any standards at all, not fixed and solid standards that they adhere to. Even Democrat politicians ignore the laws that they themselves have passed in Congress and open our borders to all illegals who want to come here and enjoy our welfare system, and then they have the nerve to say that they want to re-negotiate a new immigration bill, after trashing and ignoring the existing one. Are these people fools, or what?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Liberal Self-Identity Is Cool. It Works.

On November 29th I posted an article titled “Senator Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Of High Cheeks, Is The Racist, Not Trump” in order to have a little fun with our Pocahontas impersonator in the United States Senate. A lady named Elsie responded to my article stating that she considered my word “squaw”, used to address Elizabeth Warren, as being racist (what else would a good liberal claim, other than racism?).

Being a concerned person myself and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I decided to use the liberal tactic of self-identity to get to the bottom of this serious matter, and after a fashion I became convinced that I was, indeed, a female Indian squaw of the Cherokee tribe, just like Senator Pocahontas, and I applied the title of “squaw” to myself, and was relieved to find that I was not insulted or offended in any way with being called a “squaw”.

I was very happy I tried the liberal self-identity trick, and now I can state for a certainty that the word “squaw” is not offensive, insulting or racist, thanks to the LGBTQHUA trick of self-identity.

Attention liberals: what goes around, comes around. I’ve learned that being a liberal is really cool because you can always fool yourself into believing that all the crap you spread is true. Being a liberal Democrat is really, really cool.