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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Ex Post Facto Nature Of The “Laws” Of Feminism

Unpublished “laws”, generated and made up on the fly by leftist feminists, are getting harmless young men in trouble. This subject was brought to light by Tucker Carlson on his Wednesday night Fox News program when he confronted a young woman who claimed that “society” was making these laws to punish college men for expressing an attraction to “hot” women on campus. And all along I thought that ex post facto laws were illegal.

Of course the young woman said that these self-generated “laws”, intended to punish men who have never hurt a woman nor ever intended to, are the result of the many rapes and other sexual abuses women experience on college campuses these days. Tucker intimated that it was difficult for men to obey laws that are not published and understood by the broader population, because these “laws” of feminists on college campuses are only announced after the offensive act has been completed. And one wonders why we haven’t heard of these numerous rapes and sexual abuses occurring on college campuses each year. We certainly heard about the many rapes at the University of Virginia a year or so ago, all of which were found to be lies.

It would be interesting to know exactly what male actions are considered to be sexually abusive by these college feminists. It seems, from what the young woman on Carlson’s program said, that she considered verbal expressions by a young man, spoken to other young men, of his attraction to a “hot” female as being abusive to that woman, so her standard of abuse is set very low to start with if words are a punishable offense.

The last time I checked, laws controlling the actions of citizens, or in this case, the words and thoughts of citizens, were to be written down by elected legislators, not by young women who are probably not “hot” at all and are not the subject of the men’s comments, and we might thereby assume that the complaining feminist was possibly jealous and resentful of the ‘hot” lady who did get the men’s attention.

What today’s feminists don’t understand is that it’s nature, and nature’s demand for sexual attraction and eventually reproduction of the species, that causes young men, today and every day prior to today, to be attracted to women. The men who go to the extent of rape or physical molestation must be punished, but the men who only talk about their attraction must not be punished. It’s only natural that men would be attracted to women, and I’ll bet that those “hot” women don’t mind the attention they get from polite men, while the feminists who are unable to attract the attention of men object because they are being left out of nature’s game.

But maybe the leftist feminists, after so many years of wading through the mire of their 1960s sexual revolution, are becoming more chaste and see the error of letting everyone “do their own thing” and want to put some control on their own sexual liberation movement. And also, just maybe, feminists would like to see college campuses adopt some Sharia controls to protect “hot” women and insist that all college women begin wearing long, black, non-revealing robes so men could not see their “hot’ bodies and would stop looking at them and talking about them.

Additionally, one wonders what the hell liberals mean or intend in reference to anything and everything they say, because these are the same people who are proud of allowing LGBT males who self-identify as females in order to enter women’s restrooms, which is a rapid way of getting young women attacked and hurt by complete beasts.