Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ayn Rand, Freedom and “The Virtue of Selfishness”

We are in an era of constant crisis. Why? Because our corrupt government is now making decisions about our lives that formerly we individuals made for ourselves. Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness” makes this point clearly: when individuals make decisions that best reflect what’s best for themselves and their families you have a successful, prosperous society. But when government decides what type of car you drive, what type of fuel you use, what temperature settings you keep your home thermostat set to, and where you get your health insurance coverage, you no longer have decisions being made by individuals, and society deteriorates. We’re now at this point.

Government has now taken over so much of our lives and our money that jobs are gone, individual freedom to choose is gone, and prosperity is slipping away. The current legislative terrorism and corruption in the Obama administration are the greatest threats our nation has ever faced, and it’s enlightening to note that the threat is internal and coming from our own elected officials, not from an external enemy.

If we don’t stop the spending; if our next Republican congress doesn’t repeal TARP, stimulus and bailout bills and return all unspent money to the treasury; if we don’t repeal ObamaCare in its entirety; if we don’t fully support Israel in its war with terrorists; if we don’t re-establish legislative practices and procedures based on respect for rules and principles; if we don’t repeal cap and trade; if we don’t defund Obama’s czars; if we don’t get out of the U.N.; if we don’t wake up and call environmentalism the fraud and threat to our way of life that it’s been proven to be, we will fail as a nation and our children and grand children will never know the prosperity and freedom we have grown up with. We can, we must, do these things for the sake of our children.

The next congress has an awesome task ahead of it. Our nation dies or survives based on the decisions they make. Voters must choose wisely in November.
By Dave King

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Alice-in-Wonderland World of Obama’s Violent-Left Supporters

So the left, using corrupt, legislative terror tactics, passes radical legislation that will deny Americans the best medical care in the world, end research on miracle drugs, and in addition will cost us our economic prosperity, and then to give themselves cover from the national outrage a majority of Americans are justifiably feeling, they launch their current campaign stating that the Tea Partiers are threatening liberal legislators with violence and the nation is breaking down because of the anger from the right. The truth is that the violence has always been from the left (ObamaCare is legislative violence).

Those who remember the 1960s and 1970s will recall the rioting, burning, street fighting, killings and bombings that the left committed. Obama’s Chicago friend Bill Ayers says he has “no regrets” about his involvement in some of the bombings, and that he “didn’t do enough” of them when he and his wife Bernadine Dohrn took part in robberies and bombings that killed several people. David Horowitz, who is now a conservative but was a leader in the radical movement in the 60s and 70s, reminds us of how violent the left was and still is. Some additional examples of the left’s violent radicalism:

Ann Coulter just yesterday (March 24th) was violently prevented from speaking (she only wanted to speak) at a college in Canada. During the Reagan administration Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Reagan’s U.N. ambassador, was violently prevented from speaking at Harvard. SEIU members beat a black man at a town hall meeting in 2009. The Unibomber (who was a big reader of Al Gore’s radical writings) and the Earth First group committed numerous acts of violence for their radical environmental causes. The left produced both books and movies seeking George Bush’s assassination during his administration.

The list goes on and on of the left’s violent thoughts, speech and actions, but the press can only tell us of the “alleged” violent statements of some “alleged” people on the right. They completely ignore the ruthless violence of the left, and in fact seem to admire it. Conservatives must not apologize for the supposed radical statements of the right, because we know that most of the violence against the left is perpetrated by the left on themselves, and then attributed to their opponents on the right.

But now Obama’s supportive media repeat lies about violence and threats from the right, which is now embodied in the Tea Party movement, and they are all outraged at opposition to the takeover of the United States’ medical services, which is against the will of a majority of the population, not only the Tea Partiers.

The truth will set us free, and the truth is that the left is violent, and their violence, in deed and in words, will increase now that they have taken over and nearly destroyed America, which is, after all, their goal. Americans must vote wisely in November. The nation is at great risk and we must elect people to Congress who will repeal and defund the left’s legislation and bureaucracies or we will cease to exist as a nation.
By Dave King

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Betrayal of Trust

Just as doctors have their Hippocratic oath of “Do no harm”, there has always been an unspoken trust between Americans and their elected representatives that there would be no harm done to the citizens by those they elect. As long as citizens obeyed the law, worked hard and saved their money they would prosper and remain free. This trust also extended to the population of the world and was a beacon of freedom and an example of what it means to be American and to be free from the shackles of an oppressive government.

Now the citizens of this great nation are being herded into cattle-cars of junk, never-ending legislation that is intended to do measurable harm to our freedom, to our economy and our lives, and we have the betrayal of the American people by their elected representatives to thank for this punishment. The current executive and legislative branches of government have done in 9 months what no enemy power has ever been able to do: they’ve brought defeat and economic destruction to the citizens of America. This immoral spending and the continuing onslaught of unconstitutional legislation, along with the equally unconstitutional takeover of private corporations and the undermining of our economic base, have brought measurable pain and suffering to the citizens of this great nation, and it must stop at once.

Stop the betrayal, stop the spending, stop the legislation, and let us be free once more.
By Dave King

The EPA Declares War on America

If the EPA leftists in the Obama administration think they are intimidating the American people with their proclamation that they will enact “command and control” of our nation if congress doesn’t enact the destructive Cap and Trade legislation, with its draconian measures to control anything that is a source of energy, they are badly mistaken. What they are saying is that if congress doesn’t cripple the nation and take away the freedoms of Americans by enacting Cap and Trade, the EPA will destroy the nation completely without any legislative input.

How do these bureaucratic fools threaten the people of this great nation and not be called Hitlers? How dare they! And this is our own government that threatens us with economic destruction, not a foreign power, and in the middle of a depression with 10 % unemployment! Global warming and the health threats of CO2 emissions are base on lies, and bureaucratic control of our economy threatens us with impoverishment if we let them win.

My response to this unbelievable threat is “Bring it on”! If the Obama administration thinks it can make us buckle under to their threats they are wrong. I want Cap and Trade legislation to die a miserable death, and for the administration to threaten us with even meaner controls on our freedoms and economy if there is no legislation, is true stupidity.

Congress must defund the EPA immediately and repeal their enabling legislation, and send these idiot bureaucrats home to join the lines of the unemployed where they belong. Any knowledgeable candidate for congress in 2010 should include this plank in their platform, and the American people must assure the unemployment of the Obama administration in the next presidential election.

But whether it’s legislation or administrative edict that causes this nation to suffer, the engaged and already enraged citizens will fight back, and the unengaged will join them in outrage at the national destruction being done by the ideological leftists in Washington, and they will fall at the ballot box.

The only hope for us is to ignore the Obama administration’s threats and insist that legislators reject ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. If these bills become law, the citizens of this nation will suffer more than they can imagine.
By Dave King

Liberals: Evil and Wrong

Recently I attended a showing of the DVD entitled “Not Evil, Just Wrong” which described in part how the liberal/environmental pressure groups got DDT banned from use in Africa, causing millions of children to get sick and die because mosquitoes were no longer being killed by the chemical. This made me aware that the title of the DVD was inaccurate. Liberals are “evil” because their policies hurt, and even kill people.

We can see the destructive and immoral aspects of liberal policies in America today with the jobs that have been lost since the president unconstitutionally took over the auto industry and the banks, throwing the stock market into a downward spin; the planned Cap and Trade legislation that is assured to cause massive economic pain and destruction on top of the depression we are already experiencing; the takeover of healthcare by the government that will, in addition to depriving us of our freedoms of choice for healthcare coverage, cause the insurance companies to be forced to lay off thousands of employees, if not go out of business altogether. One can even go so far as to imagine that these disastrous economic and healthcare policies will cause some resulting deaths as people can no longer afford food and medicine due to the rationing that will follow government controls.
By Dave King

With A President Like Obama, Who Needs National Enemies?

So, the American president spews tons of carbon to jet off to Copenhagen (pronounced Kobenhaagen by the elites like Obama) to attend a meeting on climate change in order to meet with some of the most evil dictators on the planet so he can negotiate away hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars along with much of their national sovereignty.

Who is this fool Obama? With a president like this, who needs national enemies? This man is defeating the American nation and its citizens with no help from our sworn enemies.

Maybe Obama is not aware that we have no money left to give to anyone. He’s wasted all of it on political favors and pork. And congress is planning to spend trillions more that we also don’t have. For people who hate capitalism, American liberals certainly love our capital. And to give money that we don’t have to dictators, ostensibly for “green” infrastructure improvements, is to assure that the people living under those dictators’ oppression will only be treated worse and live under more wretched conditions, while their dictator acquires a new limo and a fatter Swiss bank account.

Plus, the whole reason Obama is in Copenhagen is a lie: there is no man-made global warming, and in fact there may be no warming at all, man-made or otherwise. So why is this fool Obama making America appear to be guilty of poisoning the air and causing death and destruction to the citizens of the world, and then volunteer to buy our way to forgiveness with money? How does he intend to survive politically when he loses congress next year, and when he finds himself without hope of re-election in 2012? What is this immoral man planning that he thinks will allow him to retain power in the face of great and rising American opposition toward him and congress? I believe whatever Obama has planned, it will be to the further detriment of America, and its citizens’ freedom and prosperity.

Just as the Democrats lost congress in 1994 because they tried to take over healthcare, so the Democrats will lose congress in 2010, because they not only tried to take over healthcare again, but also because they tried to give away our sovereignty and wealth to the entire world. These people must be defeated, and ALL of the socialist legislation and agreements they proposed and passed must be repealed, rescinded and made null and void by the new congress in 2011. Then we must never trust these evil, immoral fools with power over this nation again.

Obama, and his slavish congress, has done more damage to America, its prosperity, its citizens and its sovereignty than any enemy has ever been able to do, and he just keeps on working at it.
By Dave King

Does Congress Legislate, or Merely Enable Liberal Lawyers?

During the recent flurry of congressional legislation a question has occurred to any thinking person: do legislators know what’s in their legislation before they vote on it? And to make matters more worrisome was the idiotic statement a few months ago by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) when he stated that he felt it was ridiculous to expect legislators to actually know what’s in a bill they are voting on. He stated that to know the contents of a bill would require two weeks and the assistance of two lawyers, meaning, it would appear, that the wording of his own legislation was too difficult for him to understand. Does this sound like an idiotic statement to anyone other than me? How can anyone, in good conscience, vote on something that impacts the entire nation, and not know exactly what they’re voting on? Are all liberals fools, or only the ones in congress?

There was a time when legislators actually legislated, and didn’t just vote on bills placed before them by a staff of lawyers. It seems that our pampered, overpaid legislators are becoming too lazy and self-important for the nation’s own good.

Since congress admittedly doesn’t read the bills they vote on, how can they be certain that one of the actual writers didn’t undermine the bill itself and include wording that would indeed hurt the nation and the reputations of the legislators voting for the bill? If a private business were run with this total dependence on staff, and indifference to oversight, quality control and outcome, congress would be calling hearings, and Obama would fire the CEO, nationalize the company and give all of its stock to a union that donated to his presidential campaign.

If congress actually had to write legislation maybe they would thereby productively occupy themselves and produce less junk legislation that is invasive to our freedoms, and perhaps they would produce legislation that would actually benefit the nation, not destroy it as currently proposed bills would do. And think of the money congress would save if the staff lawyers were all fired. This move would indeed benefit the nation.

The liberal fools who currently occupy the Senate and the House of Representatives must be relieved of their positions in 2010 and be replaced by thoughtful people who will take legislation seriously and not think of themselves as making history by taking over a large portion of the U.S. economy. It’s not the roll of congress to make history. It’s, rather, their role to protect the nation and further the freedoms and Constitutional rights of the nation’s citizens, which is exactly the opposite of what they’ve been doing lately.
By Dave King

ClimateGate: The Good News is the Bad News was Lies

Just when our own congress was on the verge of causing Cap and Trade to tax us into personal and national poverty, and just before Obama is due to fly off to Copenhagen to agree to give our national wealth to “developing” countries in a carbon exchange scam, some divine person has exposed the lies and temperature doctoring of the global warming/climate change industry. Although I’m not a religious person, this is surely proof that there is a God in heaven.

This scandal strikes a devastating blow to the leftists/liars in the global warming camp, but it also hurts science and scientists in general because of the lies that have been told, which were supposedly backed by undeniable science, and which we now know was only politically-correct science. Now all is exposed as lies, and the mutli-million dollar global warming industry is crippled. The major proponents, Al Gore being the most celebrated, are now made to look like the fools and liars some of us have always known them to be. They would never allow debate about the warming scare (although 30 years ago Carl Sagan was crying the blues about a new ice age that was imminent), and any scientist that challenged the “facts” that supposedly proved warming was threatened with having their career ruined by the larger (leftist) establishment. These Stalinists are now exposed and we must push our advantage to the max to stop the Cap and Trade bill now in the senate and be sure it dies a miserable, final death. Write and call your senators to be sure they bury this immoral legislation, and in 2010 vote out the members of the house who voted for the bill when it passed their legislative body. We’re in for the fight of our lives, and a literal fight for our freedom, with the filthy, immoral legislators and president we have in charge of our lives at present. Let’s please not let them have a moment of peace until we can vote them out of office.
By Dave King

Fifth Columnists in the White House

With the recent finding from the EPA that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and endangers health, these is no longer any need for a legislature because the Obama administration is ruling and establishing economic and personal behavior guidelines without any legislative/Republican opposition, taking over the entire economy of the United States and taking it directly to destruction.

In the next few months expect the EPA to cause electric power, gasoline and jet fuel prices to increase, of course with the reasoning that these much higher prices are helping you and making you more healthy, while driving you into poverty. And this finding that carbon dioxide is a pollutant comes on the heels of the leak of data and emails (called ClimateGate) from the climate change/global warming industry showing how they cooked the books on a temperature increase and were able to threaten and hush any scientist that objected to the false data presented to the world (in other words, global warming is all based on lies).

Meanwhile the leftist hypocrites in Copenhagen are belching more carbon, via private jets and limousines, in two weeks than half the nations of the world, combined, expel in a year, while dining on the finest foods in the world, at a time when most people in undeveloped countries are going hungry, and Americans are increasingly going jobless.

It seems to me that, with all of the hits our nation has taken recently (Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Card Check, Terrorist trials in New York, Fort Hood, etc) that Americans are in much the same position as the Poles and the Czechs prior to the outbreak of World War II: they knew that war was coming, but they were trying to carry on their lives as normally as possible, even with this threat hanging over them, not knowing when it would fall, and that their lives would be changed completely and forever when it did. But the threat we find ourselves under is not from a foreign source. It’s rather from our own elected officials, which makes it even more threatening, knowing that we’ve been deceived and betrayed. We are experiencing legislative and administrative terrorism directed against the citizens of America by the legislative and executive branches of our own government.

Back to the EPA subject, one thing the next Republican congress must place at the top of its “to-do” list is the defunding of the EPA, followed immediately by repealing the enabling legislation for this hard left group and getting these destructive ideologues out of our nation’s capitol.
By Dave King

It’s 3AM in the Morning, Mr. President (And Little Obama Doesn’t Like His Options)

Our dithering president, little “Neville” Obama, who is so occupied with blaming America for the world’s ills and getting along with the world’s tyrants that he’s unable to learn the lessons of history (the lessons Neville Chamberlain learned the hard and expensive way, of the necessity of punishing bad actors on the international stage before they cause massive damage and destruction, not after) and who fails to give requested troop support to fight the “necessary war” effort in Afghanistan, finds himself awakened with the predicted 3AM phone call to save the world, and our little president doesn’t like the options he’s presented with and wants to delay a little longer while men and women are dying in Afghanistan. Wake up and answer the phone, Mr. President, this call is important, and dithering while Americans die is not an option.
By Dave King

For This Tipping Point We Can Thank The Left

We can thank the far left Obama administration and its enormously overreaching, arrogant, leftist policies for awakening the broader, sensible population to the dangers of the left (cap and trade, card check, single-payer healthcare, terrorist trials in civil court in New York) and its anti-American, anti-capitalist policies.

Over the last 40 years Americans have become accustomed to the slow, incremental, leftist creep of our government as it has grown larger and more intrusive and as it has taken away more of our money and freedom, and although we have often squirmed and complained, we have not been sufficiently alarmed to take an active part in opposing this assault on us. But the Obama administration, with its fell swoop power grab has awakened the sleeping giant and Americans are both enraged and active in their opposition to current proposed legislation and policy.

Now we are united to take back our nation and its economy for ourselves and our children. We must keep the pressure on them and not tire as we approach 2010. The very future of our nation and our culture is at stake.

It’s been reported that Bill Clinton is telling members of Congress that the reason republicans took control of Congress in 1994 was because the liberal attempt at healthcare takeover was unsuccessful and the voters punished Democrats for not getting single-payer coverage at that time. Bill Clinton is only fooling himself if he believes the story he’s telling. The truth is that Democrats were voted out of office because of their attempt to nationalize healthcare, not because they were unsuccessful in doing so. So another lesson is due the liberals in 2010 as we expel from congress the people who would deny us the freedom and dignity of deciding our own health needs and protection.

For those fools who refuse to learn the lessons of history, history will repeat itself, time after time.
By Dave King

Unwelcome Visitors To The White House

There’s been much made recently of a couple of uninvited party crashers who got past White House security and attended Obama’s first state dinner for a foreign dignitary. How did they get in, and how are we to keep such people out of the White House in the future?

But I think a more important point, rather than harmless party crashers, is how the Obamas got into the White House in the first place, and how do we prevent them from renewing their lease in 2012 and further destroying the freedoms and the economy of our nation. In 2010 we must begin chipping away at the liberal hold on our government by defeating all democrats in the house and senate elections. Then our more conservative legislative members can begin to undo the harm done by liberals in the last year, and begin legislating like responsible adults and get ourselves back into a realistic budgeting situation.

If Obama’s agenda is halted he’ll lose his liberal base, and with more Americans all the time realizing the absolute destruction that Obama and his capital hill gang have caused this nation, he’ll be easy to defeat in the next presidential election.

We must reverse the harm that’s been done and get our nation moving in the right direction again. Conservatives know how to do these things: lower taxes, limited government, fiscal responsibility, full employment, respect for the constitution, rule by laws. We must stand united on these principles for the sake of our children and grandchildren.
By Dave King

Liberals Will Pay Dearly

Just as the EPA will soon pay dearly for its “Command and Control” declaration of war on the American people, so shall the Obama administration pay for its traitorous looting and willful and intentional destruction of this great nation’s economy. We will never forget nor forgive the evil of this liberal/fascist administration. They will pay dearly at the ballot box.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Obama’s non-efforts to stop spending will only lead to more destruction to the economy and misery and financial ruin to individuals and families. And although this may result in the liberals’ intended outcome of more dependence on government and a larger dependent payload, we will not be able to forget that this forced socialization of our population is immoral and criminal.

Republicans must object to any further government takeover of healthcare and the economy (cap and trade), and in fact must start getting rid of the EPA for it’s unbelievable attempt to tax carbon use to a point that will bankrupt Americans and make them paupers.

One has only to ask oneself why the liberals are still trying to ram their Obama-care down our throats and one will learn that single-payer is the quickest way to control a citizen’s life and make a maximum pull on our bank accounts. Liberals posture as disregarding money and wealth, while actually they are the biggest money-grubbers in our society. All they think about is how to get more of our money.

After a year of having the government threaten to undermine our health and destroy our financial futures, we, as a sovereign people, are sick of our own elected officials trying to ruin us. These big-government fascists must be removed, via election, from our government, and honest, moral people elected in their place. The American people have spoken loudly via tea parties, emails, phone calls, congressional office visits and demonstrations that they DO NOT want big government anything, especially health care involvement from the government, but these arrogant idiots don’t want to hear from us. With too many of our current elected officials we are truly dealing with a criminal class unprecedented in United States politics, and we must rid ourselves of this vermin.
By Dave King

The “Spate” of the Union Address

Watching the Obama rooster strut during the State of the Union address was enlightening as well as frightening. The arrogance, and his inability to recognize that Americans don’t want the socialism he’s pushing on us is puzzling. Only ideologues continue to push a lost cause to a public who are staunchly against it.
With the tennis match left-right-left-right jerking of his head as he switches from one teleprompter to another, it becomes difficult to concentrate on his words, but when you take the time to listen you realize there’s nothing to hear. This fool man still says we need Cap and Trade and Healthcare reform and then claims he’s not an ideologue.

His casually crossed wrists resting gently on the podium and his thoughtfully clasped hands belie his out-of-control theories and his destructive political ideas and goals. The man appears about to crack.

The “solutions” Mr. Obama pushes prove his fascist, ideological mindset. He claims he wants no lobbyists in his administration while packing it with Goldman-Sachs executives, the very people who caused the financial hit in the first place, and exempts the government-owned Freddie and Fannie from any meaningful or common sense controls or regulations that he forces the private companies to abide by.

Conservative politicians must be prepared for a new Cap and Trade and Healthcare push from the liberal fools in congress, and it will be a sneak attack, hoping the voters are not paying attention or are fatigued after a year of opposing these idiots.
Remember the EPA and its threat to exert “command and control” on the nation if Cap and Trade and its economic destruction was not made law? Congress must withhold funding from the EPA and then generate legislation that will eliminate this anti-American nest for good.

Mr. Obama is a liar, a disrupter and a destroyer. From Cap and Trade and Obamacare to don’t-ask-don’t-tell, to unconstitutional corporate nationalizations, he lies about what he is doing, disrupts lives, the military and business as he does it, and destroys dreams and fortunes along the way. He obviously fundamentally hates the very things about America that has made him a multi-millionaire; he has his, but the rest of us will be denied our shot at the American dream.

Responsible legislators MUST oppose the destructive and irresponsible budgeting and spending proposed by this immoral, evil administration.
By Dave King

“It’s a truck. Everybody can buy a truck.”

These derisive words by Barack Obama directed at Scott Brown’s vehicle tell worlds about the left’s arrogant, immoral outlook on America and Americans. I’m sorry Mr. Obama, but in the present economy that you created, “everybody” can’t buy a truck because millions of people don’t have jobs. This statement, made in Massachusetts during the recent special Senatorial election, was an arrogant, elitist slap at the blue-collar Republican candidate, and an upper class statement about truck drivers. Massachusetts voters were influenced by a number of things as they gave Teddy Kennedy’s senate seat to a truck driving Republican, including the takeover of healthcare, controlling our lives with cap and trade and being soft on terrorists.

But the left just doesn’t get it. America is a free country and we aren’t agreeable to our elected representatives telling us what we must do and what we must not do, and threatening to imprison us if we don’t do what they tell us to do. And we’ll vote and demonstrate against fascist policy when we see it. The big problem for leftists is that they’ve been able to incrementally sneak their socialist policies into law a bit at a time for the last 50 years, and now that they’ve tried to enact the whole enchilada in one fell swoop the people are steadfastly against it, and the left is confused.

Obama is fond of telling us that change is hard and we must bend to his ideas or remain in the past. But Mr. Obama had better learn that freedom is not an outdated idea and doesn’t need changing, and he’d better heed his own words and learn to be a leader instead of a ruler, because we aren’t going to stand for his heavy-handed approach to governing.

Thanks to Massachusetts for showing the rest of the nation the way, and for halting the liberal/progressive steamroller that is the Obama administration. And Mr. Obama, please stop already with the southern preacher voice when you’re attacking other Americans. You’re a Columbia grad after all.
By Dave King

Legislative Terrorism is Making Life More Cruel and Violent

The world has long been a cruel and violent place filled with widespread suffering and deprivation, and now the U.S. government is moving America in the same direction. At the same time that the United States experiences its second depression, the Obama administration and congress seek legislation that would raise taxes and cause fuel to increase to a point where family vacations would disappear, winters would be colder and summers hotter for all Americans.

Our own government is pushing these destructive changes gleefully, with legislators cheering like school kids at their passage, in spite of strong and growing opposition by the population at large.

How has the greatest, freest, most prosperous nation in the world been brought to its knees? By liberal government, that’s how. And in addition to Americans being made impoverished slaves to government, the actions being taken by the ruling class is also making the outside world a meaner place by removing our great nation as a source of escape for the suffering peoples of other nations. As an example, many Mexicans have returned to Mexico because the government-induced depression has killed jobs, especially at the lower income levels. With no jobs to offer, and a more restrictive president in the oval office, the entire world is now without the safety valve of the U.S. to escape to and prosper. And Americans have no means of escape, either.

And to top all of this off, we have an idiot president who sees nothing of terrorist coordination and planning in a series of “isolated incidents” hitting us like a swarm of bees as airliners are attacked and military posts see unarmed soldiers shot by an Army major, who happens to be a Muslim. The president is a complete fool, and his administration will cause the death and injury of many Americans in the next 3 years, either because they just don’t get it, or they want it this way.

The best way to identify the evil of our present administration is to consider what the future of our children looks like. With a dithering, undecided president we will never be able to defeat the terrorists seeking to kill us in every way they are able. Our children and grandchildren will grow up frightened, afraid to travel abroad, afraid to fly in a passenger aircraft. Before long airlines will shut down due to lack of passengers, and this will lead to greater unemployment, which is exactly what the current administration wants, because it makes more people dependent on government for the little livelihood they will have.

The future is bleak and cold for all Americans, especially our children. Our government is passing terrorist-laws that make it more difficult for companies to form, make money and employ people, and the current ten percent unemployment rate will look good in 10 years. If we don’t get these immoral legislators out of Washington our nation will shut down and decay like eastern Europe did under Soviet rule. To all appearances our children and grand children will have miserable, hungry lives ahead unless we make a serious change in Washington.
By Dave King

Promises Conservative Candidates Must Make To The Electorate

In order for the Republicans to take control of the House and Senate in 2010 their candidates must let the electorate know they are real, principled conservatives, and the way to do that is to be specific and clear as to exactly what the candidates promise to do once they are elected. Some of the top issues that must be done are:

1)Repeal, and make null and void, Cap and Trade legislation.

2)Repeal, and make null and void, Obama-care legislation.

3)Subpoena Obama’s czars to testify, under oath, that their actions are constitutional. So far their actions have been suspect at best.

4)Deny funding for the EPA, then set about legislating the disbanding of this radical group. This agency can never be forgiven for the declaration of war against the United States that it made with its “command and control” of the U.S. economy announcement in 2009.

This promise to undo the enormous harm done to our nation by the executive and legislative branches of our own government in no way suggests that new and on-going issues would get less scrutiny, but we must have people elected to office in 2010 who really understand what is wrong with the current legislation, and why it’s wrong and harmful to our nation, and how we can get back to making certain we are building a solid, safe and prosperous future for our children, a future that is highly uncertain at this critical and dangerous point in our history.

The Libs Who Stole Freedom

The Libs Who Stole Freedom

‘Twas the night before New Year and throughout the lan’
The nation’d discovered what’d become of “the man”

He’d dithered and postured and thought it all through
While our brave military the muslims they slew

He’d undermined our constitutional law
And nationalized every company he saw

The oath that he’d taken to protect and defend
The liberals thought that the year’d been tres bien

Economically speaking it’d been a depression
And congress had screwed every citizen this session

Junk legislation that had curbed all our freedom
Was offset by taxes, said the liberals, “We need ‘em”

And, too we can all kiss our healthcare goodbye
But Harry and Nancy and ‘Bama are sly

While they spent all our childrens’ futures with pork
The Tea parties stuck their balloon with a fork

So off to Hawaii pres Obama he flew
While the panty bomber used his shorts, not his shoe

To give us another” isolated incident”
But this one and others had not set a precedent

While this great nation teeters on the abyss
The commander-in-chief doth the people he dis

We’re citizens, not subjects we tell our great leader
But it doesn’t phase him, with peace prize is his ceder

And to us “the one” spoke as he flew out of sight
To Copenhagen or Oslo or Hawaii tonight

Happy New Year to all

It’ll turn out all right

A Conservative Candidate's To-Do List

Here are several things a conservative candidate running for the senate or house MUST commit to strive for upon election, aside from the usual legislative issues that accrue to the position:

1)Push to quickly start drilling for oil on federal land, including ANWAR.

2)Vote to repeal, rescind and make null and void, all stimulus and bailout legislation, and assure that any money authorized under those extremist umbrellas, but not yet spent, is immediately and permanently impounded and halted, and can never be resumed. The reversal of liberal policy would of course extend to healthcare, cap and trade, net neutrality, card check and other liberal bills, if such bills pass in the mean time.

3)Insure that ACORN is permanently and forever barred from receiving federal funds.

4)Immediately begin the defunding of the EPA and the Department of Education.

5)Depending on what happens in Copenhagen, any deal the president signs that limits U.S. trade or competition must be challenged and defeated by congress.

6)Begin the process of liberating ourselves from the United Nations and any of its anti-capitalist, anti-American mandates.

7)Members of congress MUST start writing their own legislation, not just passing vague enabling legislation and then delegating the specific wording of the bills to staff lawyers. Legislators must know and approve of every paragraph of the bills they pass.

Is there a Republican candidate who has the courage and conviction to promise to make the above items a priority from day one of taking office? We’re waiting to hear from you, and to vote for you.

HEY: Had Enough Yet?

Had enough yet of higher taxes?
Had enough yet of the attempted confiscation of your healthcare?
Had enough yet of blame America first for everything that’s wrong in the world?
Had enough yet of cap and trade, which will make the cost of everything you do and buy increase multi-fold?
Had enough yet of the unconstitutional takeover of the auto industry and the banks?
Had enough yet of the government trying to tell you the type of light bulbs to buy, the type of car you should drive, the food you should eat?
Had enough yet of the government trying to tell you what radio programs to listen to?
Had enough yet of the abusive spending our government has done, which will cause deep deficits for decades, and that will cause taxes to rise while at the same time causing more jobs to be lost?
Had enough yet of being told you’re a racist just because you want the illegal crossing of our borders stopped?
Had enough yet of the corruption of passing legislation representing massive deficit spending without allowing the legislators time to read the bills?
Had enough yet of a government that would seriously consider removing missile defenses from our coasts at the same time that North Korea is threatening to launch a missile toward Hawaii?
Had enough yet of a government that calls you a homophobe for defending traditional marriage in the U.S?
Had enough yet of tax cheats in the government devising ways to increase the taxes you must pay under threat of imprisonment if you don’t pay them?
Had enough yet of a government unconstitutionally taking over the auto industry when they have no experience of running any business at all?
Had enough yet of a government that won’t allow drilling for our own domestic oil while recognizing the threat to our nation from dependence on foreign sources of oil, but instead insist on using alternative fuels that aren’t even developed yet?
Had enough yet of a president who wants to unconstitutionally force government health care on you and your family?
Had enough yet of your Congressman voting for cap and trade, in the middle of a deep recession, thereby raising the cost of all of your purchases, and adversely impacting the people with the lowest incomes the hardest?

The liberal legislators in Washington believe that we will tire of objecting to their unbelievable onslaught of bills designed to take freedoms away from us. We must continue to call and email them with our comments on these subjects. HEY, keep the objections flowing!