Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From "Look for the Union Label" to "No Labels"

So now that the liberal unionists are virtually in bed with Obama (like the 1960s television jingle, the union label is all over the Obama administration) they no longer want us to look at their leftist label, and in fact they pretend that there is no longer any label there to see at all.

The liberals and their union lackeys lost the last election and had their backsides handed to them by voters from coast to coast, so now they want to try to convince us that labels like progressive/liberal/green are no longer of value and should not be considered when voting for candidates and speaking of issues. The fact is that progressives/liberals/greens have made every effort to literally destroy this great nation, take away our prosperity and deprive us of our liberties, and we reject the labels they have so recently been proud of displaying and campaigning on, and we want those policies and labels completely destroyed and buried forever.

The only label American patriots want is "Constitutional Responsibility".

Liberals and their leftist-leaning labeling are destroying America with the EPA, the departments of Education and Energy, and a president who has no problem with missiles being installed in Venezuela. The spending must stop, the unconstitutional actions and legislation must be repealed, and the mushy thinkers must be sent home so they can no longer infect our nation with their leftist venom.

The "no labels" movement be damned.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are We Seeing Obama's Comeback Following His Comeuppance?

The mainstream news groups are falling all over themselves insisting that their favorite liberal extremist (Obama) is making a great comeback following his and his party's shellacking on November 2nd.

I don't think so. Americans have only had a single chance to express their outrage about the immoral way Democrats have preformed the last two years, and I believe that they will vote the same way in 2012 when Barry is up for re-election (in other words, they'll shellac him personally in 2012, not just his liberal colleagues in congress).

Here are a few of the reasons why Obama will face enormous opposition on 2012, and it's all because he continues to work against the will of the American people, and against the welfare and liberties of Americans, present and future. These examples are also indicative of the tipping point the nation has reached, with Americans now realizing that liberal/progressive regulations are crippling our economy and undermining our freedom.

We've just heard that Obama has approved death panels, in spite of all the denials that such things were part of Obamacare. The more that's learned about Obama's healthcare boondoggle the more opposition there will be to it.

Net neutrality is being unilaterally pushed by the FCC, without congressional approval and in spite of judicial condemnation. This move will destroy the internet, make use of the internet more expensive for customers, allow politicians to decide internet content and is designed to get rid of the internet phone and ISP companies by concentrating power and control in the FCC. Marsha Black (R-Tenn) in the house and John McCain (R-AZ) in the senate both oppose this move by the government. Call and email them and let them know your opinion of the FCC outrage.

The EPA is moving to unilaterally limit greenhouse gas emissions by power plants and oil refineries, without legislative authority, and in spite of the fact that a Cap and Trade bill, designed to do this very thing, was defeated in the legislature. The EPA is working against the prosperity and freedom of the American people, and their regulations will make the cost of cooling and heating our homes, along the cost of driving our cars to work, much more expensive.

Venezuela is installing missiles that are capable if hitting American cities and destroying what's left of our economy, and the Obama administration is doing and saying nothing. I have to assume that Obama's silence proves that he is supportive of this very dangerous situation. Where's John Kennedy when we need him?

So despite his party's comeuppance/shellacking in November, the comeback kid is still working in contradiction to the American people, and since the message was clear in November that we want the regulations and spending to stop, it's obvious that Obama doesn't care what we want. We must impress on our new legislators that WE WON the last election and we want Obama and his minions defeated legislatively immediately, and that we are determined to unelect him in November 2012. And we'll unelect the new legislators as well if they don't get the message of last November.

The best way to legislatively defeat liberals is to abolish their bureaucracies, and the best place to start this liberal dismantling is by abolishing the EPA for overstepping it's original mandate, and for working against the express desire of the legislative enabling act that created it. Firing the EPA would make us freer by ridding us of their job-killing regulations, and would save hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year by not having to pay their salaries and expenses. Then we can concentrate on abolishing the Department of Education for destroying education in America, and the Department of Energy for destroying our energy sources through it's idiotic insistence on experimental "green" power sources, and for halting the drilling and refinement of our own sources of energy, thereby making us more dependent on foreign sources of fuel, and making us more vulnerable to a denial of fuel from foreign sources, which is a national security issue.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Liberals' Next Step in the Destruction of America

Coming quickly on the heels of the Liberals' lying claims that we must disproportionately tax rich people, and that to allow them to keep their own money would be unfair because of its "cost" to the government and the liberals' need of our money due to their inability to stop spending, expect soon to see a serious, full court press by liberals to tax any and all wealth, not only income; and this will be the absolute end of prosperity and comfort in America.

Even if your IRA and 401K have lost serious value in the last two years they probably still have some value, although depleted, and since this money has been sheltered from taxation, liberals will claim that it has been gained at the expense and cost of the poor and of government, and now this selfish hoarding must be ended because it's causing hardship for the government, so along with your earned income, and in addition to any already-taxed savings or investments you may hold, the total sum of your personal wealth and life savings will be taxed, much of it for the second time.

When you consider that there is no longer a social security account that you can call your own (all social security money is coming directly from general revenue which is being bolstered by the incomes of young people who have no prayer of ever seeing a penny of the money being stolen from them to support retirees) and soon the government will be stealing your life savings, the final dagger in the heart of America is soon to follow.

Of course the government will never consider reducing its great outlays of cash by abolishing the administrative agencies that are taxing and regulating us into poverty (like the wasteful and ineffective departments of Energy and Education, and the immoral and hungry-for-power EPA) but it will tax formerly free and prosperous American citizens into poverty. Any government that taxes its citizens to the poverty level instead of reducing its own bloated staffing is immoral and does not deserve to exist.

The next congress MUST stand firm against this likely next push by Obama and his pals to further destroy this great nation. We'll all need to call and fax our representatives to keep them from taking the easy route and going along with the negative reasoning of the powerful and influential in Washington. The next two years will decide whether we and our children will live free and enjoy prosperity, or whether our government will destroy us all, because that's exactly what they are attempting to do.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Government Must Be Run More Like A Business

Is education in the United States better or worse than when the Department of Education was formed? No sane person would say the state of education is better now than it was 40 or 80 years ago. The same comparison between past and present regarding sources of energy would produce the same conclusion: under the Department of Energy our fuels for auto, trucks, jets and power plants are more expensive and in shorter supply than ever before. And when you add to the mix the increased cost that the Environmental Protection Agency will add to our energy with its administratively-imposed form of cap and trade taxation, it's obvious that we need to get rid of the big government fools who constitute these organizations and allow the market-place, with its competition and a need to make a profit, to restore us back to sanity and energy affordability.

Any corporation performing more badly and getting worse results than in the past would be put out of business by competitors, or its stock holders would be screaming for the head of its CEO and insisting on reforms and changes. But the government just keeps on concentrating power and control in failing beaucracies and misguided policies and making everything worse, and they never consider that they are the problem and that control and power must be relinquished, and competition introduced, in order to make our problems better again.

Our nation is suffering from too much control and regulation, and unless the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, the IRS and the EPA are disbanded there is no possibility that our nation will be able to remain prosperous and free. We must insist of the next congress that severe and deep changes be made to our government. We desperately need less central control of our lives. Abolish the E.P.A. and the Departments of Education and Energy and restore prosperity and liberty to this nation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Democrat Arguments are Stupid!

The current liberal mantra is that an unemployment benefits extension (beyond the current 2 years) is a positive thing for the economy and for prosperity in general because these benefits keep people at subsistence levels, and at that level of income all money received is spent immediately on the basics of life, and this quick expenditure of the slight money they receive is a stimulus for the economy.

If this were true then Haiti and North Korea would be great and powerful nations because everyone in them is living at the poverty level and spends every cent they can get their hands on for food and shelter. A further extension of the Democrat idiocy would be to say that employment is old thinking and that if all Americans were out of work and living on unemployment payments, our nation would prosper as never before because we would all be spending the slight money the government would dole out on food, which, in their lack of logic would assure full employment. Do I have that stupid thinking straight? Does it make any sense? NO!!

Democrats are often people of affluence who are out of touch with what makes an economy prosperous, and they are out to gain favor with their constituents from their give-away programs. These people are self-destructing idiots who don't understand that only when people have excess income that can be invested for their own selfish profit (and does not have to be immediately spent on basic subsistence) can an individual, a family or a nation prosper and have more money than the pittance the government hands out.

Liberal Democrats are fools and must be politically defeated and buried on the "trash-heap of history". Our newly elected legislators must not bargain nor negotiate with these fools. The new legislators won the election and must act like it by taking charge and steam-rolling all legislation proposed by the party of poverty.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How Stupid Can Republicans Be?

The bill to extend existing tax rates (the current Bush policy that liberals claim is a new tax cut) also includes enormous expenditures of liberal pork (ethanol programs are just one example) which are contrary to everything the election on November 2nd stood for, so why are Republicans, who will soon have the majority in the House, going along with this horrendous legislation? The bill may keep tax rates the same, but it puts the nation further in debt with billions of dollars of new wasteful spending.

A principled party, recently made the new majority in order to stop pork and the spending it represents, would tell Democrats that the tax extension bill will not contain any deficit/leftist spending and let Democrats take the blame if taxes are raised on January 1st because of their partisan foot dragging. Then when Republicans take the House in 2011 they would be able to float their own bill restoring the Bush tax rates and look like principled heroes, come to America's rescue.

Cooperation with the bunch that has bankrupt our nation and forced destructive healthcare reform on us is not why we voted overwhelmingly for a Republican majority last November. Republicans must stop being cooperative nice guys and learn that Democrats play hard ball, and Republicans must get in the game and also play hard. No cooperation, no getting along with the immoral crew that was just voted out of congress. The Republicans won the election, now they must act like it and play to win.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Place To Begin

As regards reorganizing the government and balancing the national budget, what would you call abolishing the Department of Education, abolishing the Department of Commerce, abolishing the Department of Energy, disbanding the IRS in favor of a FAIR tax, firing all federal employees not rated as "essential", denying the United Nations any funds whatsoever, and abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency? All of which abolitions could save our nation upwards of a trillion dollars every year, forever and stop the meddling all of these groups do in the business of this great nation.

I would call the above actions: A GOOD START!

When you realize that under the current controls, education is worse than before the Department of Education was formed, commerce is worse under its department, energy is more expensive and less available because of the political use of Obama's green alternatives under this department head, the IRS is going to be used for political purposes to enforce compliance with Obama's tragedy of a healthcare bill, we have a mass of unneeded government employees who are regulating us and our economy to oblivion, the U.N. is trying to impoverish us with carbon and "world" taxes, and the EPA has stepped way over its charter and is about to go around the legislature that formed it to tax and control our every action with carbon controls and taxes. We must make the start of eliminating these enterprises immediately, with the next congress, or we are doomed as a free and prosperous people.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is Obama a Fool or a Liar? Or Both?

Recently Obama made a statement about United States' assistance to Africa regarding help in fighting HIV-AIDS in the African population. The statement was phrased to sound like his administration was the first to give such assistance, ignoring the trend-setting aid of the Bush administration. Was Obama ignorant of the Bush administration aid or was he just not forthcoming about it?

If Barry was ignorant of Bush's aid then he's a damned fool, and if he was withholding the Bush involvement then he's a damned liar. Either way he's an immoral fool who must be opposed at all levels of government by our newly elected legislators. No compromise, no deals, no going-along on critical issues, this man must be politically defeated and his ideas soundly put to rest.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Government Requires Power and Control

Only government can or desires to deny its citizens liberty and prosperity. Corporations depend on both liberty and prosperity to assure their own success in the marketplace, but government enriches and empowers itself via power and control (one of the new P.C.s) with its ability to tax and imprison people who get out of line (in other words, those who try to exercise liberty).

The Obama administration, of course, represents the government-control and power side of the equation and wants to diminish corporate interests. By raising taxes, concentrating new powers unto the government and making our nation indebted to intolerable levels, Obama is well on the way to completely eliminating our prosperity and liberties

Whether it's a raping of our legislative process, a denial of contract law, an unwillingness to protect our borders and enforce federal law, an willingness to protect our population against voter fraud or forcing American citizens into a system of health care in which we have no choice, the Obama administration is choking out all of our liberties and assuring this great nation's destruction.

And they know exactly what they're doing. The immorality, criminality and destructiveness of Barry's bunch is unbelievable, and they have two more years to increase the carnage. Obama has declared war on the nation he swore to protect and the constitution he swore to defend.

The problem with government control is that there is no competition and no profit, and without the need to profit, influence-peddling and corruption take control. At that point citizens are no longer considered in the equation, nor do they matter and their voice is no longer heard by their masters.

We must keep the pressure on our new legislators to oppose Obama at every turn, and repeal or defund the revolutionary and destructive legislation that the democrats forced on us in the last congress. If we don't reverse the trend of Obama our children will be slaves to the power and control of big government.