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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heads Up To Michael Moore: We Just Want Constitutional Governance Back

Recently Michael Moore said that when conservatives/Republicans vote for Donald Trump, that they are, with that action, giving a “giant f**k you” to elites. But he’s using his own motivations and tendencies to determine how and why conservatives are favoring Trump, and he couldn’t be more mistaken.

Although the notion of giving a big, wet, Bronx cheer to the Republican and Democrat establishments sounds like a great idea, all we want is a return to an honest, impartial, constitutional rule of law, and Donald Trump is the vehicle to that end. I don’t see how even a liberal can miss the threat to our nation when we have an administration that decided to not prosecute a political candidate in spite of mountains of evidence that she broke many laws, violated basic national security and deserves to be in jail. And add to this devastating FBI/Department of Justice scandalous circumstance, the fact that Hillary’s staff, the liberal news organizations, various leftist groups supporting Hillary, and the Obama administration itself were all working together and behind the scenes colluding to get Hillary elected by using some of the most illegal and improper methods and schemes our nation has ever seen, including orchestrated violence, a Trump office being fire-bombed and union thuggery at Trump events. These devastating events should prove to even a semi-patriotic liberal that Hillary must never become president, and that they entire Democrat party is skating to destruction and taking America with it.

In a quote from an article yesterday from, Moore was quoted as saying that Trump is speaking to “people who are hurting…beaten down, nameless, forgotten working stiffs who used to be part of what was called the middle class”, and Moore is right about the circumstance the former middle class finds themselves in. But Mr. Moore never mentions why the former middle class is now “hurting” and “beaten down”: because of 50 years of increasingly creeping big-government liberalism, and 8 years of the ultra-leftist, unconstitutional and unlawful Obama administration. Obama has brought this reformist deluge down on himself and his wandering party and now he and Hillary must pay the price.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Liberals Are “Nuancing” Our Nation Directly To Hell

Recently Ash Carter, Obama’s current Secretary of Defense, said that the recent demand of the Pentagon that soldiers return the money they received 10 years ago as a re-enlistment bonus to remain in the service and help fight the nation’s two wars, was a “complicated” issue. With all due respect to Mr. Carter, there is no complication at all. It’s perfectly clear that the Obama administration is a bunch of anti-American, military-hating liberals. The issue is that under Obama’s ant-American leadership, soldiers get no respect, their war injuries go untreated and attempts are made to destroy them financially.

This idiotic statement of Mr. Carter reminds one of John Kerry and his constant, nuanced, flip-flopping. He voted for the money to invade Afghanistan before he voted against it. The U.S. was for slavery before we were against it.

In the world of big-government, nuanced positions replace what is normally called ambiguity, indecision and fence-sitting. Nuance is the same as Mr. Carter’s complexity, and the fools who practice this elitist way of doing whatever they want to do and hurting whomever they want to hurt, is what is destroying America.

Obama’s Pentagon is financially damaging the very people they offered money to 10 years ago to stay in the service and help fight a war. It’s true that Obama was not president 10 years ago, so it must be that he is trying to make George Bush look bad by attacking the soldiers that helped fight Bush’s wars. Mr. Obama forgets that he has been leading a warring nation longer than George Bush, and his nuanced indecisions have lost Iraq and allowed ISIS to become a dangerous and murderous force in the Middle East.

It’s sickening to watch liberal, elitist politicians muck up everything they touch and then lie about it. Borrowing from the words of Barack Obama when he lyingly promised that under Obamacare Americans would be able to keep their existing plan if they wanted it and that they would save $2500 a year on healthcare costs:

The Pentagon is intentionally hurting American soldiers, no nuance or complication about it, period.

Obamacare hurts Americans and is destroying their healthcare, period, no nuance about it.

Open borders hurts Americans and provides new Democrat voters, period.

Hillary’s crimes and constant political plotting tell us how dishonest she is and how horrible she would be as president, period.

Liberal welfare handouts keep poor people enslaved to big-government and assure that they will vote Democrat in the next election, period.

Americans are not fooled by elitists nuancing away their liberties and prosperity and then telling them that they are better off with big-government in charge of their lives, and Americans will vote for Donald Trump for president on November 8th and get our nation back to constitutional, non-nuanced governance again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Press Reports Obamacare Cost Disaster, But No Blame Attached

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our doctor under Obamacare?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we could keep our old plan if we wanted to?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Obama personally promised that we would save $2500 a year with Obamacare?

Has the liberal press forgotten that Nancy Pelosi repeatedly emphasized the word “affordable” when touting Obamacare?

Is Hillary acting as though the sky-rocketing premium increases of Obamacare is something she regrets and is sorry that such a disaster was forced on Americans?

We all know the press remembers every word Obama promised, and Hillary is well aware of the increased costs, but the press loves Obama and would consider it racism to criticize anything this great liberal has done, and Hillary loves the idea of a single-payer healthcare system, so she is quiet on the subject and just keeps shilling for votes, and her uninformed supporters just eat up the liberal crap that comes out of her mouth.

The increases associated with Obamacare mean that many families caught in this trap will take no more vacations, will buy fewer new cars, will visit restaurants less often: in other words their lives have changed for the worse, forever, and it was Obama’s liberal government that did it. And the talk about the increased premiums is only part of a family’s costs. When you consider the heavy deductibles that will cost them thousands of dollars each year and will most likely never exceed the point at which insurance will actually pay for anything, the truth is that they don’t have insurance at all, and that they will go insurance-broke because Obama is a radical leftist who insists on dictating how people will live.

It’s unforgivable that our liberal press can’t take the side of the average family occasionally, instead of siding with the liberal political elite that they will always suck up to. The press hasn’t done their constitutionally protected jobs for a long time, but now they are practicing partisanship and taking the side of the political rulers, exactly what the constitution wanted to avoid with the second amendment, which was specifically listed to protect the press and keep them free of interference from government. Instead reporters have joined the side of the government against the citizens. So the press remains free, but the citizens are no longer free nor well informed.

Hillary must be defeated on November 8th and Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with Medical Savings Accounts along with real, nation-wide, competitive insurance offerings.

Stupid-Face Joe Biden Is a Vicious, Abusive Man; And He’s Baaack.

The Democrat politician who has actually done the things that Democrats falsely accuse Donald Trump of doing (man-handling women, speaking insultingly of immigrants) is back and he’s acting violently again (and this time the subject is not Bill Clinton). This pip-squeak politician, Joe Biden, is telling us he would like to kick Donald Trump’s ass “behind the gym” because Trump is rich, is wiping the floor with Hillary and is making inroads against the Hillary Clinton steamroller presidential campaign. Is Biden tall enough to even come up to Trump’s shoulders? Maybe his plugs reach that high, but that’s about all.

But our beloved V.P. is following the lead of his boss, Barack Obama, who once told his followers to “take a gun to a knife fight”. Does that sound presidential to you? Is this type of violent remark raising the level of the conversation above the gutter? It doesn’t sound like it to me.

Every time I see Joe Biden speak I see a little person pretending to be a man, and he overacts to such an extent that one is unable to take him seriously. He uses words and expressions that he thinks sound masculine and decisive, but are foreign to this wussy individual.  And when he speaks he appears to be only play-acting with his squinty eyes and phony facial distortions and expressions.

One wishes that this man, who seems to have no opinion on any issue until Obama sends him out to attack a Republican, and is kept penned up and out of the public eye until Obama wants him to take a field trip, would just go away, be comfortable and enjoy his life, but stay out of the public eye.

In this current appearance it appears that Joe is just being dispatched to provide an additional attack on Donald Trump since Hillary has stalled out with her campaigning. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

We Have Found The Crook, And It Is She!

After 30 years of government service, pushing big government into every aspect of our lives and shoving it down our throats, Hillary is still making valiant efforts to halt injustice, educate the young, feed the hungry, elevate the poor and house the homeless, and she still just can’t quite get the job done and put her finger on the real problem, which is herself and her form of big government.

And after 30years of campaigning for president, lying about her opponents, promising a big-government solution to every problem for every person, lying about her official positions on critical issues, exposing secure emails to our enemies and fire-bombing Donald Trump’s campaign offices, she is still trying to get honesty into her political campaigns. But her campaigns are the only ones being dishonest and corrupt.

Thanks to WikiLeaks and Veritas, Americans know who the problem is in American politics: It’s liberal Democrats like Hillary and Obama, and if Hillary is elected on November 8th our know-nothing citizens will be the enablers to a further deterioration of life in America under a totalitarian, Democrat regime led by Hillary Clinton.

Vote Trump!

Donald Trump As The Modern-Day Elliott Ness

In the swamp that is Washington, DC, Donald Trump has promised to clean out the crime and corruption just as Elliott Ness cleaned up Chicago eighty-odd years ago by arresting Al Capone and his gang and putting them away. The corruption of Barack Obama and his gang of thugs is not selling forbidden liquor, but is rather undermining our democracy in ways much more destructive to our liberties and prosperity.

Probably the most damning things the government is doing are related to the way liberal Democrats, under the lawless rule of Barack Obama, treat our military personnel. We all know of the way wounded and sick former service people are mistreated by the Veterans Affairs, too often letting them die before treatment is provided to them, all with the understanding of the Obama administration.

But just recently we have been made aware of an even nastier federal government than most people realize exists in America. Up to 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay Obama’s Pentagon up to $15,000 they claim was over-paid to these soldiers as a bonus for remaining in the military during the height of the two wars being fought at the time. Many soldiers are going broke trying to repay the money the Pentagon is demanding from them. When you make a side-by-side comparison of Hillary not being able to explain where a missing State Department six billion dollars went during her tenure as Secretary of State, in very recent times and with no one except we stupid American citizens demanding an accounting, how in the hell can the Pentagon go back a distant 10 years and find the relatively slight overpayments made to soldiers intended to keep them in the service at a time of need?

Americans want to know where the billions of dollars Hillary was responsible for went. Which of her buddies, already wealthy, got even wealthier under her corrupt leadership? If a government audit can pin-point a $10,000 over payment and cause bankruptcy of a soldier, why can’t a similar audit find $6,000,000,000 and determine which corrupt politicians walked away with stuffed pockets? We know the answer is that Obama’s and Hillary’s pals are the beneficiaries, and you’re a fool if you really expect these big-government crooks to find the culprits and get a penny returned.

An additional point of corruption in Washington that Trump, the modern-day Elliott Ness, will address, although not as sexy as Capone’s liquor and prostitution, is the lying, violent, fire-bombing political campaign that Hillary Clinton is waging against her Republican opponent, and that the FBI is ignoring completely. Per the chants at various Trump rallies: “Lock Her Up”!

I have every confidence that Donald Trump will bring common sense and accountability to Washington, and will make America not only great and livable, but prosperous once again.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

“ Free Press, Free People” At One Time Perhaps, But Not Any Longer

I happened to see the Arkansas Press Association’s logo recently in a small Arkansas publication and was struck by the meaning of the attached slogan: “Free press, Free people”. In the state of Arkansas that slogan may be true, but when considered at the national level, the phrase, although it seems logical enough, has a deeper message: that a “free press” that will report the honest and balanced news to American citizens, will lead to a “free people” as the informed citizens vote and discuss events they read about in the press. I have no doubt that at one time the American press was balanced and did report the truth as part of their constitutionally protected rights. But at this point in our nation’s history those days are long gone.

Today’s liberal press remains free to publish what they like, but they like only ultra-liberal positions, like the positions that Hillary Clinton espouses, and any positions contrary to leftist tripe gets left out. So the press no longer publishes to make Americans free, they publish to make Americans liberal drones, which means that anything Donald Trump says will be disparaged, criticized and then buried, while Hillary’s lies and criminal acts just keep on doing their damage to American liberties.

It’s too bad that the press’s constitutional “right” to print the news is not accompanied with a constitutional “duty” to faithfully report both sides of a political issue, but when you place your trust in a scoundrel to do the right thing, the scoundrel will often disappoint you, and that’s where we are with Hillary’s back-pocket press.

For example, the latest WikiLeaks exposures of Hillary’s crookedness, and the Veritas tapes exposure of Hillary’s criminal violations of law, get no coverage in the liberal press and cable news, while any unsubstantiated lie told but Donald Trump gets hours of discussion on MSNBC, CNN, etc.

The current logo for America’s press corps should be: “Liberal press, Unfree and uninformed people”.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump and Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner

At the annual Al Smith dinner Thursday night in New York City, we saw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton giving talks at the event, and although both presidential candidates shot zingers at each other, Trump launched the heaviest and most piercing, humorous jabs, which hit Hillary and her dishonesty hard, while most of her comments at Trump’s expense fell short of the mark and were not at all funny, just petty and whining.

One might say that Trump’s personal shots at Hillary were harsh, as remarks at these events sometimes are, but one cannot be too harsh when criticizing a woman who wants to cause revolution within the Catholic Church and get them to stop their old Medieval ways; who has hired thugs to cause violence at Trump campaign speeches and bomb his offices; and who thinks it’s okay for a president to hold two opposing opinions on an issue, one for personal and political use, and one for public discussion and consumption (in other words, she believes it’s okay to lie to the public on issues in order to get their votes).

Regardless of how Hillary glowingly praises the principle of national unity, taking a strong stance on immigration, and her dream of a strong middle class with full employment, we now know, thanks to WikiLeaks document dumps and the Veritas tapes, that she actually desires racial division and animosity in the United States, wants open borders to get more future Democrat voters in place, and promises more goodies in order to get more welfare recipients enslaved and dependent on big government.

Given the nature of Hillary Clinton, the only honest thing for Trump to have done is exactly what he did: he hit her hard verbally, and he told the truth. Personally I don’t know how one could stand to be on the same stage with someone as dishonest and disgusting as Hillary Clinton, considering her political violence and the lies she tells about any political foe who has the fortitude to actually oppose her ill-thought positions. But Trump did face her on the stage and he deserves the award of getting our votes on November 8th for his effort.

Vote Trump!

Hillary’s Campaign Should Be Listed On The Terrorist Watch List

Now I know why the Hillary presidential campaign reminds me so much of my youth in the 1960s and 1970s. It was the revolutionary and murderous Weather Underground and the various environmental terrorist groups that were doing such nasty work that remind me of Hillary Clinton and her campaign: blowing up the offices of groups that they disagreed with, yelling in the faces of police, or like Obama’s close buddy, Bill Ayers, killing policemen and then becoming a respected and unrepentant college professor, followed by becoming best buds with a radical left President of the United States. Those were the days, my friend, and now the nation is being forced to experience those dark and dangerous times again with the policies and actions of Hillary and Obama.

Hillary has been exposed by WikiLeaks documents and Veritas videos as doing the same things as the numerous radical groups of my youth, but the FBI is not investigating them and the president is endorsing the leader of the group (Hillary) and is actively campaigning with her and stating that she is the most qualified person to be our next president. Will serial killers, rapists and slave owners be the next group to be endorsed by Barack Obama as qualified for his job? If those are the qualifications, I believe I’ll join Barbra Streisand and move to Canada.

What the hell has become of America when murderers are praised and befriended by high officials, and bombers and chaos generators are the most qualified for the presidency? Dennis Miller recently said that he thinks “the ship has sailed” and that America is going over the falls headed for an enormous crash, but one still holds out hope that we can get a very different president in the Oval Office, in the form of Donald Trump, and that his ideas will change the attitude of citizens and politicians alike and maybe we can save this vestige of a nobler, more gentle time and begin to live more sensible, prosperous, meaningful lives.

To Say That Hillary Has Been Destroyed Is An Understatement, But…

With the massive number of WikiLeaks dumps that have occurred, not only should the Hillary Clinton election campaign have been plowed under by now by the explosive exposure of lying and criminal activity, but the Obama administration should also been destroyed. But what’s happened to Hillary and Obama to this point?  Nothing! She’s run an organization similar to the ultra-radical Weather Underground revolutionary group of the 1970s, with its bombings and property destruction, and the Obama administration has done nothing to stop her and bring her to justice.

And why not? After all, Hillary was found to be plotting a violent “revolution” within the Catholic Church because she thinks they are an out-of-date, medieval organization. Hillary was knowledgeable of and had approved the violence we’ve seen perpetrated against the Trump campaign, his supporters and the fire-bombing of his campaign offices. Hillary and the Obama administration’s FBI and Department of Justice colluded on the investigation into her email crimes.

So where is the so-called free press? Are they really free or are they simply an attached, bought-and-paid-for organ of the Hillary campaign?

And where’s the FBI, which should be investigating the abuse of civil rights of the Trump campaign staff along with the criminal violence and fire-bombing being used against them?

I believe that our nation is in a more desperate position today than we’ve ever thought possible. There was a time when one could at least hope that the reason the liberal press is shilling for Hillary was that they, too, are liberals and agree with what she says. But things have gone way beyond that thinking now. With the release of the Veritas tapes every American now knows that Hillary was committing violent offenses when she dispatched her goons to create chaos and confusion at Trump events, hoping to get some violent responses from the Trump people, and she could easily have caused the death of an innocent person when her people fire-bombed a Trump office in North Carolina. And the WikiLeaks releases have given us knowledge of her collusion with the Obama administration regarding her legal/criminal status and have allowed us to see into her closest colleagues’ dealings as they plot to undermine the legitimacy of the Catholic Church and its practices.

So we must now conclude that the liberal mass media is no longer impartial nor are they being used by a persuasive liberal like Hillary, but are instead Hillary’s accomplices, supportive of the violence and the illegal colluding and the destruction of our formerly peaceful political campaigns, which things have possibly put an end to the smooth transition of power to the next presidential administration, which has always been the pride of America. These things are probably gone forever from the American scene, thanks to the power-hungry, leftist, Democrat named Hillary Clinton and the lap-dog American press.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Human Waste In The Street Is Just “An Honest Mistake”? Go Hillary!

The symbolism is too rich to pass up: During a campaign stop in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a Hillary Clinton campaign bus dumped its toilet storage tank into a storm drain along the road. This is, of course, a crime that anyone else would go to jail for committing, but the Clinton campaign calls it “an honest mistake”. And, as might be expected, the liberal press is quiet on the subject. What a load of crap!

The party of environmentalism and unending regulations, controlling the actions of everyone, everywhere, all the time, dumps human waste in the street and they call it a “mistake”. Anyone familiar with the waste storage tanks on these giant buses knows that this action was intentional.

The symbolism is in the verbal crap that the Clinton campaign is spreading across the United States. It’s appropriate that this dumping came from a Hillary “Stronger Together” bus, because the smell from this event, both the actual stink and the symbolic stench, is overpowering.

Then combine this awful event with the release of James O’Keefe’s “Veritas Project” report in which he exposes the voter fraud and the political violence that the Democrat Party, of which Hillary Clinton is a prominent, controlling member, has committed for years. His report details, in the words of the Democrat operatives, and speaking into a camera, the fraud and violence we’ve seen perpetrated against Donald Trump rallies from Chicago to Costa Mesa, and it’s all organized through local Democrat organizations and local labor unions. This, along with a leftist press enamored with Hillary, is the un-American “rigged system” that Donald Trump has been speaking about and whose comments the liberal press has been criticizing and describing as being a threat to the integrity of our entire system of electing officials and is causing a lack of faith in the whole American voting system. With this revelation, all thinking people can agree that the Democrat Party is a threat to the American people and is preventing them from getting important and accurate information that they need in order to be able to vote in an informed, wise manner in political elections.

As usual, Trump is being proven correct in his estimation of the criminal and anti-American actions of the leftist Democrats who will literally do anything to win and retain power. James O’Keefe’s report is right on target, and the corroborating proof of Democrat lies and violence is readily at hand with the recent fire-bombing of a Trump campaign office, and the bricks thrown thru the windows of another Trump office. Democrats are nothing but violent thugs who want to control information and be able to dictate the terms of your life via orders from big, liberal government.

Elect Trump and make America safe and honest again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is Trump A Danger Or Is He The Solution?

Liberals are in a complete, self-righteous huff complaining about Donald Trump’s statement that the election is rigged. They say, among other things, that his words are dangerous to our entire system of elections and voting.

I agree that his words have danger in them, but Democrats are the ones who are at risk from his words, considering the WikiLeaks dump that proved that Hillary and the DNC rigged the Democrat primary to be certain that Bernie Sanders could not possibly win the Democrat nomination. All of the campaigning, all of the speeches, all of the liberal promises, all of the primary campaign voting by concerned citizens, all of the debates, were a sham because the DNC rules assured that Hillary would become the Democrat presidential candidate, not Bernie Sanders. These things are the rigging Trump is talking about, in addition to the total liberal press support of Hillary and their dislike for Donald Trump. And this intentional, designed denial of  American citizens, who happen to be Democrat Party members in this case, to have their votes count toward the Democrat presidential candidate of their choosing, presents a classic case of corruption and rigging, and it’s a national disgrace. Under Obama and Hillary our nation has taken on the air of a banana republic being run and controlled by the Parton in Washington. This crap must end!

And added to the examples of Democrat rigging is the peculiar situation where we learn that dead people vote exclusively for Democrats, especially in Chicago and other Democrat-dominated cities. Who knew? This revelation that corpses prefer Democrat candidates is proof that the human brain does indeed decay after death.

After all of the abuse the Democrats have dumped on Trump and all the lies that have been told by liberal women who proclaimed his alleged attacks on them, and despite all of the liberal rigging of the leftist, Hillary-loving press, Trump is still tied with Hillary in most national poling, so it appears our Donald will do well in the upcoming election.

Donald Trump must win this election so we can begin cleaning out the FBI, the IRS and the Justice Department and get honest people in these critical positions again. At this point, thinking Americans don’t trust their government to be trustworthy and honest at all, and we have to turn this doubt around and restore confidence of an impartial government that will not punish citizens because of their political party or their political positions on issues.

Why Isn’t Obama’s Stagnant Economy An Issue In This Election?

Democrats have been all over Trump so hard and so often about his temperament, his taxes, his health, his locker room talk and the lying women accusing him of unwanted attention, that they have successfully avoided any conversation about the failed Obama economy. Trump discusses the economy and other important issues in his speeches every day, but Democrats want to avoid these subjects at all costs because most if not all of the more important problems our nation has were created, or made worse by, Hillary Clinton as she worked in the Obama administration for four years. Hillary not only did not make any failing situation better in her tenure as Secretary of State, she only made them worse. And of course the press is interested in protecting Obama and covering for Hillary, so they’ve remained mum on this subject and have allowed serious national issues to go undiscussed as the leftist press has rained personal, abusive accusations down on Trump.

In Obama’s failed economy so many people are on some form of welfare from the government that they no longer fear for their next meal, and with the government handing out goodies and promising more free stuff if Hillary is elected, unemployed people feel the big-government safety net has them covered, so why would someone who is already comfortably on the dole worry about a bad economy? It’s the classic “What, me worry?” situation that Obama has created, and that Hillary will proudly continue if she is elected in November.

Vote Trump in November.

Monday, October 17, 2016

WikiLeaks Versus The Liberal Press; Odd Political Times

The press’s understood purpose is to expose corruption, misconduct and lying in the government because the government has no competition, so we depend on the press to right any wrongs governments may commit. This plan works well as long as the administration is Republican and then every belch is reported and diagnosed by the liberal press and called corruption, which is then accompanied with statements that the Republican administration is bad and must be opposed by the public and the congress.

The problem comes about when the administration is Democrat, and especially when it is an Obama or a Clinton administration (or a Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidency). When the subject is a Democrat and some dirt becomes visible, the press dutifully reports the news and then quickly closes ranks and protects the Democrat in office.

This is what makes the WikiLeaks phenomenon so interesting: the documents they have presented are exclusively anti-Hillary, which helps Trump only so far as the press publishes the anti-Hillary documents, which they are not doing to the full extent, and in some cases they are completely burying the anti-Hillary information and keeping it from their readers and viewers.

So we have WikiLeaks taking the place of the constitutionally protected liberal press, digging up dirt on the Democrat presidential candidate, but the mainstream press is dragging its heels and not fully informing the American people of the significance of the information discovered. In ordinary times WikiLeaks would be an ally of the liberal press, but in this case they are sworn enemies.

The fact that WikiLeaks has been so successful in exposing the corruption and lying of Hillary Clinton is what caused the Clinton campaign and the press to become so totally occupied with the anti-Trump allegations of unwanted sexual attention, much of it already proven to be lies, that the Hillary people dug up as a counter measure against Donald Trump’s campaign.

The left hates it that WikiLeaks is exposing devastating things about Hillary and tipping the campaign in Trump’s favor, and the more the press downplays and ignores the anti-Hillary evidence and instead directs accusations at Trump, the more the American public understands that Hillary would be a disastrous president and that the press would make no effort to assure that a President Hillary abided by the laws and the constitution. And speaking of the constitution, the press is shredding it with their partiality toward the liberal Democrat candidate and their refusal to do their constitutional duty.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Vote For A Criminal To Be President, And You’ll End Up With A Criminal Presidency

The statement above seems to me to be true on its face, but liberals who favor Hillary Clinton would probably not agree with it. Who, though, would be stupid enough to vote for a presidential candidate who has for twenty years been plagued with scandals and was recently investigated by the FBI for national security violations and for lying under oath to the FBI and the American people? And who would vote for a candidate that WikiLeaks has told us is plotting to induce a “Catholic Spring” and involuntarily “revolutionize” the Catholic Church? And who would vote for a candidate who was excused from prosecution because her husband had met with the United States Attorney General on the tarmac in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport, the week prior to the A.G. was scheduled to make her decision to prosecute or not? Liberal Democrats are the only ones thoughtless enough and power-hungry enough to make the mistake of voting for a candidate with such a dark background.

We already know that Hillary favors illegally and unconstitutionally keeping our southern border open to all who will enter, and we know that she will raise taxes on the entire nation, at a time when citizens are already scrambling for help with their low wages and their sky-rocketing healthcare costs under Obamacare.

After all, how would someone with a scandalous background and a history of telling lies, even when lying was not necessary, operate in any other way than outside the law and outside of propriety?
But it seems that “firsts” are more important to liberal Democrats that getting a good, honest president. The most spoken of “first” is that if Hillary is elected she will be the first woman president. Next she would be the first president whose spouse was president before her.  She would be the first president who had been lengthily investigated by the FBI for exposing national security secrets to the world, and this evil deed was done while serving as Secretary of State. And from what recent articles have informed us, she may be, as an added incentive, the first gay person to become president, if the nation is so unfortunate as to have the disastrous event of Hillary being elected president become a reality.

But one can only hope that Donald Trump becomes our next president, because his plans for the country seem to be more designed to succeed in restoring our national fortunes than Hillary’s more-of-the-same liberal, big-government crap.

The Democrats’ Mixed, Confusing, Duplicitous, Lying Messages

New York State, a very liberal, Democrat-controlled state, has had a television ad running for some time bragging about the tax breaks they are giving companies that expand in, or establish themselves in, their state. In the ads they describe how valuable lower taxes are for businesses and how many jobs result from the lower taxes, and they brag about the expanding economic growth in the areas where the tax advantages are given.

But when Donald Trump talks of lowering taxes in order to kick-start economic growth and job creation, Hillary and the liberal media become apoplectic describing the teachers who will be fired and the police and fire personnel who will lose their jobs because of the lower taxes, and they wail and moan about how unfair lower taxes are and that the rich just continue to get richer. I guess there are no teachers nor emergency teams in the parts of New York State where the advertised taxes have been lowered? If a state or county cares about teachers, police and fire departments it’s their duty to provide them for the benefit and the safety of the citizens, even if it means that the state or county government employees have to be cut back or get reduced pay. It seems it’s always the citizens who get the shaft when government money gets low, and not the government entity that is supposed to be serving them.

If liberal Democrats didn’t lie they would never utter a word. Does no one in the Democrat establishment ever fact-check anything they say, and would they admit they are wrong if they determined that to be the case? In the primary presidential campaign both Hillary and Bernie competed with each other telling us how much they would raise taxes; it’s what they do. But the big liberal state of New York is actually campaigning against them, although neither the state nor the candidates would admit it if they took the time to think about what’s being presented in the ads and compare the two positions for accuracy and common sense.

Of course, if taxes are lowered then the government may need to reduce its expenditures in accordance, but history and logic tell us that lower taxes help businesses and individual tax payers alike, and in the long run if government is smaller and more thrifty, all entities are better off.

But should the conversation we’re having in this election season be about making government happier, or should it be about serving the citizens better? People and families fare much better and live more enjoyable lives when they are allowed by big government to keep more of the money they earn; after all, it’s their money. And the more of their own money people are permitted to keep, the more they spend and invest, and the economy expands as a result of their expenditures, whereas government spending is a net loss to the economy, and a big loss of both money and liberty to the residents who have to pay the taxes to support the spending.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Is It A Press Pool Or A Cesspool? It’s Hard To Tell.

The main support group for Hillary Clinton, the partisan, liberal press, the very same people whose profession has constitutional protection that they insist on utilizing to the full, are the same people who want to deny constitutional rights to gun owners, religious freedom to Catholics and free speech via TV and radio programs to conservative Americans. And aside from the hypocrisy of constitutional protection solely for themselves, in fact in spite of it, they refuse to even pretend to do a balanced job of reporting the news where ultra-left liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton are involved.

Donald Trump takes it in the shorts all day, every day for contrived liberal stories about women and his taxes, while Hillary skates free of mention for plotting with her staff to disrupt the Catholic Church, for lying to the FBI and congress, for destroying evidence protected by a court order, for possessing an illegal, unsecured email server that was hacked and thus exposed classified, national security secrets to the world.

The press promotes Hillary as the most qualified person to run for president, ever, and ignores her obvious and provable lies and actual criminal actions, while skewering Trump for words spoken or women allegedly approached, and all the while ignoring actual and repeated accusations of rape against Bill Clinton.

Is It 1933 All Over Again?

The things that are happening in America under the Obama administration must have been the experiences of the citizens of the Weimar Republic when the Nazis took over Germany prior to WWII. Some similarities:

The press subserviently pushing the party line.

Threatening to halt opposition opinion (shut down talk radio and block conservative internet).

Government illegally giving their political allies information and talking points.

Government officials being pardoned for crimes without a trial.

President allying himself with national enemies: Russia, Iran, Cuba.

Denying citizens a choice of healthcare.

Lecturing and criticizing religions for their beliefs.

Police officers being assassinated in the streets of American cities.

Blatant voter fraud in supposedly free elections.

We all know who is presently ruling America, often unconstitutionally and illegally, and we know who is responsible for our current malaise and economic downturn, so these thugs must be gotten rid of and not promoted to another four years and more of the same old crap.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Liberal, Democrat “Catholic Spring” Is Hillary’s Surprise To Voters

As per their kind, liberal Democrats seek to dictate to Americans how and whether they will practice their religion. The WikiLeaks dump last week included evidence that Hillary’s cabal are plotting to undermine the Catholic religion by introducing trouble in the church’s ranks.

Using tactics familiar to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, both of whom were dedicated revolutionaries and disrupters who would do anything, and commit any act, to force people to adhere to their cause, Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, plans just such a Catholic Spring of revolution within the church, because, don’t you see, the church has for too long had a “middle ages dictatorship” and needs a little more “democracy and respect for gender equality”. Of course it matters not a whit that the members of the Catholic Church prefer the church the way it is and appreciate, and perhaps even want, the morality it preaches. Hillary’s group, however, knows best and they feel vindicated in disrupting any long-standing tradition that they don’t agree with.

So much for any “choice” and “self-determination” that Catholics may have, because all that matters is what intrusive government leftists want, and if Hillary becomes president she will use the vast power of her office to make the changes that she deems necessary, thank you very much.

The “revolution” that Hillary and her allies want to introduce in the Catholic Church is very similar to the revolution we’ve witnessed in American society under the unconstitutional rule of  Barack Obama and his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, much of which promise he has accomplished in the seven years of his administration, and which will be continued and enhanced if Hillary were to become president.

Some relative examples of what Obama has done to damage America and their relation to Hillary’s Catholic Spring revolution:
Obama’s retreat from the Constitution and a rule of law; Hillary’s retreat from Catholic dogma, policy and teachings in favor of a rule by bureaucracy and social justice edicts.
Under Obama we witnessed a lessening of respect for an individual’s right to choose whether or not to surrender strongly held principles and beliefs (for example, a baker forced to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage, or a pizza restaurant forced to cater a homosexual party); Hillary’s disrupting and effectively eliminating one’s choice of religion and how one worships (and it’s a promise that after they’ve attacked Catholicism they’ll go after Protestants and Jews, but will, of course, not issue any criticism of Islam, the religion of peace, which daily practices discrimination against women and stones homosexuals to death for no other reason than that they are homosexuals).

The WikiLeaks document quoted Hillary’s pals stating the “there needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand an end to a middle ages dictatorship…” But Hillary’s team forgot how similar their tactics are to the feudal tactics of medieval rulers who forced adherence and fealty to themselves at the expense of any freedom to their subjects. Again relating Hillary’s staff to Castro and Guevara, liberal Democrats don’t give a damn what Catholics actually want or “demand”, because ninety-nine percent of Catholics would demand that Hillary and her thugs stay out of their religion and out of their lives. Liberal democrats push revolution and change against the will of the people, and what they fear most is independent people, thinking for themselves and working for their families, who reject the dictatorship that Obama and Hillary are offering, and want it stopped. One wishes that the Obama/Hillary administration hated ISIS as much as they hate economic, personal and religious freedom in America, and we wish they would attack the enemies of America as thoroughly as they attack patriotic, hard-working Americans.

Liberals talk ceaselessly about diversity and free expression in society, but the last thing they want is a religion that preaches tenets contrary to the collectivist, dictatorial rule that liberal Democrats intend to impose under a Hillary Clinton administration. For anyone who is familiar with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s disastrous Arab Spring and the destruction, violence and death that scheme has produced in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Iraq, you absolutely don’t want to allow this fool woman to infuse herself in the Catholic Church and her planned “Catholic Spring”.

What Donald Trump offers is a halt to the religious persecution of Americans that Hillary intends to inherit from Obama, and he assures that big government, as practiced under Obama, will end and a healthy dose of capitalism, wealth and liberty will be re-introduced to America,  making it great once gain.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Seems All Of We Political Slaves Are Demanding Emancipation

At a time when Donald Trump has had the courage to demand that Democrats stop using blacks as pawns in their vote-getting schemes, promising them delivery from poverty if they will only vote Democrat one more time, then forgetting about them until the next election, Republicans are just beginning to realize that they, too, are being treated like plantation slaves by our establishment “Massas” in Washington.

Specifically, Democrats assure blacks that they will be removed from poverty by the kindness of the liberal establishment, as long as black men provide no support for the children they father and as long as the mothers, who are over-burdened with children, don’t work and earn any money in addition to the welfare that they just barely subsist on. And of course, only failing public schools will be allowed to “educate” black children, because private schools, that actually have a track record of educating poor children quite well, aren’t union and don’t support the liberal Democrat cause, so poor children aren’t allowed to attend these schools.

Republicans, as well, are being treated with less than full citizenship status by first being told by the Republican establishment that Donald Trump is not presidential and can’t beat the likes of Jeb Bush and the other Republican worthies that Trump ran against in the primaries. Then they tell us that the “never-Trumpers” will prevent him from being the Republican candidate. Then they tell us that they will not endorse Trump if he’s nominated. Then they tell us that they will not campaign for Trump. Then they tell us that Trump doesn’t have the temperament (these are the exact words that Hillary and her criminal staff use to bad-mouth Trump, isn’t that a coincidence?) to be president.

So how are the lies, be they Democrat or Republican, working out for these two groups of sufferers? Both parties have their enclaves of the lied-to and the mistreated, and we, the people, are insisting that we will not be pushed aside by party elites, and we will not allow them to tell us what’s best for us. This insulting crap must stop now, and it must stop with us.

All American citizens, black, white, Democrat, Republican are being negatively impacted by our elected leaders. Wages are down, police officers are being assassinated, the national debt is beyond what can ever be repaid, jobs are disappearing, healthcare it too costly and provides less coverage, national security is suffering and there is almost a state of war raging on the streets of American cities, and this destruction is all due to our elected representatives in Washington. We citizens must elect smarter representatives and insist that they do what they say they will do once elected to office.

It’s my considered opinion that Donald Trump is the candidate to make a course correction to the downward direction of our country, and the positive aspect of his election to the presidency is doubled when Hillary Clinton is defeated in November, because she represents the status quo that is so destructive to American society.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is In Trouble And Needs Our Help

Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, probably the nation’s premier defender of American immigration law and the protector of our nation’s borders, is in the sites of Obama’s Department of Justice for doing his job and enforcing America’s laws.

To add a little perspective to the issue, one must be reminded that the DOJ, while threatening Arpaio, is on the side of all of the criminals he has put in jail: those individuals that he has caused to be incarcerated want him personally damaged, removed from office and deprived of his power base, and that’s exactly what Obama is attempting to do. The very fact that the DOJ is siding with criminals against Arpaio tells a damning story about our federal government under the brilliant leadership of Barack Insane Obama. And one can only imagine what this proposed law suit against Arpaio presents to other public authorities, like Arpaio, whose job it is to enforce duly passed laws, in spite of the Obama Administration’s edict that the law not be enforced and that the border with Mexico be opened to all who want to pass through. The threat that other law enforcement authorities may themselves be put in prison by their own federal government to serve-time and try to survive among those criminals who they have caused to be there, is chilling, and the White House hopes that this move against Arpaio will help get the minds right of any Sheriff or Marshall who actually intends to enforce laws passed by congress, instead of following the illegal edicts of a criminal, corrupt presidency.

The very DOJ that was unable to find Hillary guilty and prosecutable for massive violations of law and the exposure of many classified, national security documents, thereby risking the exposure and deaths of agents working for America in foreign countries, is easily able to find the Sheriff who defies Obama’s illegal open borders order, guilty and chargeable for actually enforcing the laws that the Sheriff was voted into office to enforce. It’s not likely that the DOJ will dismiss the investigation against Arpaio because they find a lack of intent, as they did with Miss Hillary. Arpaio is an enemy of the Obama administration because he intends to protect our national borders from the future Democrat voters Obama wants to allow in by the tens of thousands, and he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as long as the Obama-Hillary crime team are in office.

Establishment Republicans Are Hereby Forewarned

It would be a good idea for any Republican who is campaigning against Donald Trump, or those just sitting back and not helping him in his run against Hillary Clinton, to be made aware that if they are not actively trying to defeat the ultra-left Hillary and are instead attempting to please their donors by doing less than everything possible to put Trump in the White House, they’d also better hope that their donors are located in their congressional or senate districts and voting for them, because if Trump doesn’t win in November the old dependable Republican voter base will dry up and establishment Republicans will soon be unelected from their cushy positions. To not support the Republican candidate that the people have voted for in the primary elections is to undermine our entire system of government. They’re working against the will of the American people and the will of their voting fellow Republicans, and instead they are obeying the special interest groups who shovel money at them in exchange for favorable legislation and regulations, kind of  like what Hillary Clinton did while Secretary of State by issuing favorable decisions for foreign rulers and thugs who donated money to the various Clinton family slush finds that have made Bill, Hillary and Chelsea wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Recent revelations about the timidly investigated, but not prosecuted, Hillary Clinton, along with data from WikiLeaks document dumps, show us a presidential administration allied with Hillary’s own presidential campaign, operating without regard to the law, stacking the cards in their own self-serving favor with no regard to legal parameters nor constitutional guidelines.

One must realize that with this bunch in the White House there is absolutely no way to control their actions. Their disdain for the constitution and their control over the DOJ, the FBI and the liberal press make them a direct and dangerous threat to every American.

With the running start that the Obama administration has given Hillary with his efforts to “fundamentally transform America”, imagine the destruction that four more years of this hateful, power-hungry, lying woman will produce. She will certainly put a damper on conservative radio and cable TV programs, she’ll clamp regulations on the internet designed to hush conservative thought and expression, and there’s little doubt that the IRS will become her partner in ridding the nation of patriotic American thinkers like Donald Trump and others who have been speaking out and warning the nation about the threats and evil of this latest generation of Democrat politicians, most particularly, Hillary Clinton.

We must elect Trump in November!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Is Skewered For Words. Hillary Is Forgiven For Criminal Acts.

After witnessing years of Hillary Clinton cheating old people of their investment in her White Water scandal; wholesale firing of the long-time White House travel agents; making an impossible $100,000 on a one-time cattle trading deal; suddenly discovering, in her White House, private FBI files that she and Bill claimed had mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again, they hoped; viciously attacking women who dared to even claim to have had romantic relations with Bill, let alone those who claimed he raped them; her declaration that as first lady she landed in Bosnia under fire from enemy snipers; traveled the world as Secretary of State, at public expense, only to produce one failure after another for American foreign relations; claimed to have had only one personal digital device, only to learn that she had up to thirteen such devices; claimed to have obeyed all federal and State Department regulations, then discovered that she broke multiple laws; to have had personal digital devices destroyed by beating them with a hammer; to have claimed she never handled nor passed on classified email messages on a non-secure server, then it was revealed that she did, multiple times; to have had emails deleted after the FBI, a court of law and congress ordered that they be preserved and protected; being investigated serially by the FBI, which investigations found many crimes had been committed by Mrs. Clinton, but she was excused from prosecution for the unbelievable reason of lack of “intent” to commit the crimes (remember the hammers?); then we discovered that the FBI had given her entire staff immunity from prosecution, and then had their computers destroyed so we could never find out what crimes the immunity covered up, I’m more than a little sick of this lying felon being held in high esteem and protected from laws that the rest of us have to obey.

But then by contrast to Hillary’s dark past, one of the most successful businessmen in the world, Donald Trump, runs for president and he’s being hung out to dry because he uttered words eleven years ago that nearly every man, and probably most women, have said at one time or another, and Republicans run for the hills and disavow him as an untouchable and horrible person.

Where in the hell is there any balance between the treatment of these two individuals? Liberals always circle the wagons and protect their own when under attack, and the liberal press helps in this protection by pretending that the deed was never committed and that the charge against their liberal colleague is old news, and that we all just need to move on and get it behind us, and the subject is silenced by the liberal press until the next liberal scandal comes along, which will be dutifully reported and then dropped.

Liberals are nasty, close-quarters fighters (Obama once publicly encouraged his supporters to bring a gun to a knife fight) who will do anything, absolutely anything, to win. Republicans think fighting and defending their own side of the argument is beneath them, and they prefer to act like gentlemen who are above it all and forget the argument and make nice. Thus they become losers.

The problem with this method of governing is that liberals continue to win and undermine the constitution and the rule of law with every such battle they convince Republicans to just forget and put behind them. The further and much more severe problem in this political season is that the Democrat candidate is pure evil, who doesn’t believe in representing the people nor protecting the constitution, she just wants to win, and with that power to socialize America, raise taxes and give favors to the international scum who, while she was Secretary of State and selling the influence she had in that position, have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the various Clinton family money-laundering foundations. When the very essence of our nation is threatened and we are at great risk, Republicans need to support their candidate and not run and bury their heads in the sand because some rough words may be exchanged in defense of America.

Donald Trump won the second presidential debate last night by taking the argument to Hillary in no uncertain terms, and the foolish people who have been elected to positions of power and influence in the House and the Senate must do some of the hard work and make the difficult decisions that they always proclaim to be best suited to make when they are running for office, and get behind Trump immediately. We are doing battle with leftist Democrats not only for ourselves and our children’s futures, but for the continuation of our nation as it was founded, under constitutional parameters.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Coming To A Liberal University Near You: Forced Separation Of Races

After decades of punishing and abusing school children in the late nineteen hundreds by busing them across cities to the other side of town in order to achieve the liberal dream of “diversity” and “racial balance”, liberal whites and liberal blacks are now demanding the separation of blacks from the evil white students in a college near you, which practice, once started by liberals, will probably lead to renewed busing to get blacks away from the influence of whites in now-integrated public schools. The idea of separating the races in college, which is, in its simplest and least-racial terms, actually just the forced separation of young Americans from each other at a very important period of their lives, all of whom will have to live together the rest of their lives, is only the latest liberal fad meant to stir up racial animosity and resentment in the most liberal and formerly inclusive, supposedly non-judgmental environments in America: the universities. After all, the expressed need for grade school and high school students to be bussed miles each day in order to achieve racial balance was the logical outcome of the Ku Klux Klan hate, racism, separatism and bigotry that existed under Democrat Party rule in the southern states since slavery was introduced.

Following college, the next step in the normal progression of peoples’ lives is getting a job and supporting a family. Liberals are intentionally disrupting this natural process of education and work by breaking with the logical flow and making blacks feel resentful of the whites that they will be competing with for jobs after college. Liberals, black and white alike, are constructing a wall between Americans of differing ethnicity and dividing our nation, while teaching young blacks to be resentful and suspicious of other races. And what could possibly go wrong when large numbers of young black men are made to feel resentful, mistreated and abused by the white masters? How about Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte, for starters? But that’s where liberal policy is taking us, and they should be ashamed.

In the universities, white students and teachers are being counseled on the evils of being white and the resulting fantasy of “white privilege” in order to combat their idea of racism. But counseling, based solely on race, is itself racist, as being practiced by universities, which are run almost exclusively by Democrat liberals. And of course in this new-normal world where one can self-identify as anything one wants to be, or whatever one thinks one is, white students will not be allowed to self-identify as blacks in order to escape the harassment, intimidation and criticism from liberal faculty members. And all this hubbub is based solely on the students’ skin color. How many times have liberals lectured the nation about judging people based on the color of their skin, and not on their character?

The whole thing is reminiscent of the first non-smoking signs that went up in commercial passenger aircraft, introduced as only intended for the tightly confined spaces of an aircraft, but the practice was ultimately and inevitably extended by liberals to a prohibition of smoking even in one’s personal residence. Allowing the soft, campus racism of “black studies” and “multi-cultural centers” that exists at most universities, to get its toe in the door, has been expanded to the extent that liberal racists on university staffs are now able to assign white guilt to any pet peeve of theirs, and the occasional student attending the university who is actually desirous of getting an education, has no recourse but to put up with the stupidity if they want the college degree. It has now become “white” to seek a real education in order to prepare oneself for a good job after college. Formerly both black and white students actually wanted to learn on their way to economic success, but those times are long gone, and all due to liberal/progressive/Democrat racism.

We used to consider it part of the American dream to get a college education, but now it’s become a nightmare of leftist, Marxist political activism, if not just plain racism, that Democrat/progressive/liberals practice on campus.

Hopefully Trump’s influence and leadership as president can reverse this trend, but it’s a cinch that Hillary will only expand the hate, racial division and intolerance on campus, on our city streets and in our neighborhoods, if we are unfortunate enough to see her win the election.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Results Are In: Republicans Are Stupid, Cowardly, Non-Thinking Fools

The current uproar and kerfuffle over some derogatory words Donald Trump uttered eleven years ago, words similar to what virtually every man, and I’ll bet some if not most women, have also spoken at times when partying, entertaining friends and speaking freely, is so stupid it’s difficult to express one’s frustration without calling the anti-Trump fools the same words Trump is reported to have used.

Bill Clinton actually physically attacks women, and Republicans just shake their heads (liberals don’t even shake their heads at Clinton, they adore him and all his violent flaws), but all Donald Trump has to do is use harsh, although currently-common language, and he’s run out of town on a rail. And where was an equal outrage when rap music was calling women hos and bitches and inviting the murder of police? Some religious groups spoke up, but our gutless establishment Republicans kept their mouths closed lest they be called bad names by liberal/black groups and the always important moderates and undecided voters. And it’s an absolute certainly that the Clinton’s and other Democrat establishment elites didn’t see a problem with the violent, misogynistic “music”.

The words Trump spoke have nothing to do with national policy and saving America from the likes of Hillary or Biden or Sanders, or Pocahontas Warren. Hillary lies about policy every time she opens her mouth, and policy is what is important in the upcoming election. Her announced policies would further destroy the wealth and liberty passed on to us by our parents and grandparents; policies like tax hikes, open borders, packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges, single-payer healthcare, allowing TPP to go forward, not rescinding the idiotic Iran nuke deal, and other such far-left policies.

Over a year ago Donald Trump took a chance and spoke out about all of the anti-American policies and actions our government, and especially the Obama administration, has been performing, and the vast population of America took to him quickly, voted against his several Republican opponents in the primary election, and have shown a continuing appreciation for his wisdom and intended policies, and if establishment Republicans have any political sense, they’d damned well better stick with Trump, because in the words of Bob Dylan “The Times They Are A-Changing” and sitting Republicans who desert Trump at this point and allow Hillary to become president, will be on the shit-list of all true patriotic Americans. The Trump train is about to leave the station and any Republican who is not board will be left behind as it blazes a trail into America’s future prosperity and liberty.