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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

USA Today Wants Donald Trump “Stopped”. Who Knew That USA Today Was Still Even In Business?

Where else but a rental car desk or the hall outside your hotel room can you find a copy of USA Today? If this rag weren’t being given away it would no longer be visible at all. But even the unheard have a voice, and liberals hear the opinion of USA Today loud and clear with their pitch to have Donald Trump “stopped” before he actually defeats Hillary in November.

This all but forgotten paper is taking a stab at being relevant and a big-time newspaper like the New York Times (and the New York Times, like USA Today, is also going broke), and they thought that maybe they’d even try being journalists for a change, with their pious wording and serious, studied phrasing, while trying to halt Donald Trump’s election to the Oval Office. But in reality they’re just more liberals attacking Trump, and while pretending to be impartial and withholding any praise for the “excessively careless” Hillary, they are nevertheless praising her and promoting her election to the presidency.

If USA Today’s polluted political opinion is the equal of their business sense, Trump will win by a landslide in November. And if USA Today is still delivering papers to newsstands, I want them “stopped”.