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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hillary, Four Americans Died, It Makes A Big Difference

Hillary Clinton is not accountable for a failure in her State Department?  She says she accepts responsibility, but will not resign for getting four Americans killed in Benghazi, and doesn't think she should be removed from her position for incompetence.

When an oil tanker spills some oil, our liberals won't stop berating the tanker's CEO for that event, demanding his resignation, forming hostile groups on his lawn, threatening his life and frightening his family.  But when the head of the United States Department Of State gets four Americans killed because she was out-of-the-loop concerning letters from her subordinates asking for increased security at their sites in dangerous locations, she weeps and goes on the offensive stating "what difference at this point does it make" to blame and punish her.

The difference is that government is held to a much lower standard of performance than private industry is, but governments get people killed for their incompetence and their mistakes.  I predicted in a BLOG statement a few months ago that Obama, with his blame America first attitude and his penchant for disarming and weakening the United States, would get Americans killed, and Hillary's hands-off, big shot way of managing has done exactly that.  If we don't identify the people who are doing bad jobs or worse, and if we don't get rid of them, we'll have more disasters like Benghazi, and I fear that the killings will soon be inside the United States with massive numbers of civilians being the victims.  We only have to remember the World Trade Center towers to be reminded of what can happen, how quickly it occurs, and how many lives can be lost instantaneously.

Hillary should resign in shame after firing the staff members who didn't make her aware of the pleas for additional security (if that really is what happened).

And can someone tell this sophisticated, dignified woman to wash her hair once in a while?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Schooling Obama: To Be Anti-NRA Is To Be Pro-Nazi

When Bob Schieffer made his doltish comparison of Obama's opposition to the NRA as being opposition to Nazism he got it completely wrong: to be anti-NRA is to be pro-Nazi because the Nazis confiscated all of the weapons of the German citizens so only the government had guns. This is such an obvious reality that only the love-fest the press is having with "our lord and savior, Obama" could possibly blind them to the truth.

Prediction: Just like the events following Watergate caused the press, and the Republicans as well, to wonder if the Republican Party was dead forever (and we know the Republicans resurged strongly within 10 years) so the current events have the Libs crowing about the demise of the Republican Party.  But I believe the dictatorial cockiness and the unconstitutional actions of Obama and his pals are setting the stage for a big liberal overreach that will sink them in the next 4 years, and do they ever deserve it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bob Schieffer Was Wrong About Obama And The Nazis

Bob Schieffer was wrong when he favorably compared Obama's confrontation with the NRA and his attempts to take away America's Second Amendment rights, with the defeat of the Nazis.

What Obama is in the process of doing is exactly what Hitler's Nazis did that allowed them to completely control Germany: they took all of the weapons away from the German citizens thereby making them unable to stop the holocaust and tragedy that was to come.  Our Constitution must be defended from the Constitution-hating Obama or all of our rights, which are being chipped away by Obama and the radical left, will be completely denied us.

The recent movie theater and school shootings are just part of a number of crises that Obama is not allowing to go to waste in his charge to remake America into something our founders would not be able to recognize.  And the pity of it is that not one of the gun control changes he's forcing on the nation will delay or prevent the next mass shooting tragedy, which will again be celebrated by the left and paraded before the public in an attempt to spur emotions and support their radical changes being made to "protect the children".  Liberals have been too lenient with criminals and too protective of the rights of the mentally ill for too long to fix the problem of violence that they've created with a few executive orders.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Further Treason Of Al-Gorezeera

When one understands that ultra-leftist and environmentalist Al Gore would not sell his rag of a TV network to Glenn Beck (because Beck's ideas of the greatness of America and its Constitution were too extreme for Mr. Gore) but that he would sell it to Al Jazeera (who paid for the network with the oil money that Gore so hates when its in American hands, and who wants the destruction of America in particular and Western ideas in general) then one sees clearly the desire of America's radical leftist elites for the downfall of America and our liberties, because, and make no mistake about it, the Obama/Democrat goal is to bring down this great nation and all of us with it.

And I doubt if Al Gore has thought what he'll do with his new-found wealth once the Islamists gain the power that he and Obama seem so intent on granting them.   He's too stupid to realize that they will kill him first for having been such an idiot as to sell them the rope with which they hope to hang all of us in the free Western world.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The President Who Cried Wolf (The theory of not allowing a crisis to go to waste)

The principle of taking advantage of a difficult problem as an opportunity to control people's lives and increase the power and control of government is perfectly expressed in the phrase used by Obama's staff: No Crisis Should Go To Waste.  From the first days of the Obama administration he has repeatedly cried "Wolf" and then used government power and control to clamp down on one thing after another in an unending stream.

He demanded the stimulus to ward off the financial crisis and got just short of a trillion dollars, much of which was not spent in a timely manner nor on things that would help relieve a financial crisis, but the money did allow Obama to bolster the support and adoration he gets from liberals, unions and nonproductive companies.

The Gulf oil spill was a crisis that allowed Obama to shut down all off-shore drilling, which hurt all Americans relative to the price and availability of gasoline for their cars, and caused great hardship to the families whose incomes came from this industry, and which also provided another nail in the coffin of the "evil" oil industry and allowed Obama to give billions of dollars to wind and solar companies, which aren't viable sources of energy as a replacement for oil.

The bursting of the real estate bubble (directly caused by the Clinton Administration forcing the Savings and Loan industry to make loans to risky home buyers) resulted in Dodd-Frank which is still producing regulations that will restrict financial freedom and prosperity and at the same time concentrate power in the existing financial giants favored by liberals.

A mouse in California or Texas, or a spotted owl in Oregon can create a crisis that allows the government to shut down the timber and oil drilling industries, or halt the building of new homes on private property.  And the EPA is constantly identifying unheard-of crises (your exhaled breath and rain water are examples of two problems now called pollutants) as reasons to take property from individuals and companies and control the use of that property.

The recent Connecticut school shooting is the best example of government crisis management, with the idiot Biden, all squinty-eyed and pontificating about what must be done in a hurry, and the fool Obama stating that he will further undermine the Constitution and by-pass Congress with executive orders and address the issue of gun control, personally, at the federal level.

Trillions of dollars of debt caused by the policies of Obama is the real crisis that now allows him to insist that the smaller non-crises he has spawned be fixed by giving him the sole authority to increase the debt limit and spend trillions more on stupid, wasteful, government-expanding projects that will cause even more joblessness and suffering by generations of Americans yet to be born. Each crisis identified by Obama, even where that crisis was caused by Obama, is justification to further reduce our liberties and undermine our Constitutional rights.

We must vigorously oppose these big-government fools and force the Republicans in the House and Senate to tell the president that the dictatorship is over and the Constitution will be followed from now on.  And we can start on this new path by insisting that Obama and Harry Reid produce a Constitutionally required annual budget for the first time in nearly 4 years, so we can see exactly that our foolish government is spending money on. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

America Is Being Destroyed From Within Because Politicians Won't Do Without

Our idiot, treasonous politicians are doing from within our borders what no foreign enemy could ever do from the outside: they're destroying our great nation.  So Obama is wrong yet again considering his remarks a few weeks ago about not being able to change the country and our politics from the inside.  No one is more "inside" than the President and he is intentionally wrecking America with his lies, his executive orders and the EPA regulations that are flowing like molten lava and destroying everything they touch.

The offensive "fiscal cliff" game being played the last few weeks in Washington is about as treasonous as it gets.  Our fool politicians are putting on a show to gain position and influence with the least knowledgeable and least productive elements of our society while playing with the very lives, liberties and futures of the other 300 million Americans who work, responsibly raise families and pay their taxes.  This is a display of such crass stupidity that it's hard to believe it's happening.

And an important part of the game they are playing is to point a finger of blame and shame at wealthy Americans (and their definition of "wealth" changes on a whim; please recall that the Clinton administration called people earning $50,000 a year "rich" because in 20 years their total earnings would be a million dollars), not because they have done anything wrong but solely because they have worked hard and smart and/or invested well and have accumulated wealth, exactly what Obama and his liberal allies have done, but of course liberals are exempt from the label of being "the evil rich".  American liberal politicians don't ever make a distinction between legally earned money and inherited wealth (so the Kennedy and Rockefeller inherited wealth is never condemned because they mouth the liberal blather), they just go after earned wealth.  And these fools don't stop to think that they are limiting the futures of their own children by calling wealth a bad thing and trying to halt the achievement of attaining it.  Don't they wish wealth and success for their children and grandchildren?  And by most standards our elected politicians are quite wealthy themselves.

Perhaps the thing most offensive in all of this is that our politicians are raising taxes on the wealthy not to pay down the unbelievable debt they've imposed on us, but to raise additional revenue in order to SPEND MORE MONEY!  The idiocy of the political criminal class (as Mark Twain called them) is amazing for its inability to lead responsibly and stop the run-away spending that is drowning us.  And they also seem blissfully unaware of the possible unrepairable damage that America-hating organizations like the EPA are doing to the economy of the United States with its deluge of regulations, restrictions and the controls they are imposing.  The first place to begin making real cuts in spending is to repeal the enabling legislation that created the EPA, send all of its employees home, and the nation would immediately be on the way to stability and full employment again.  But that would only be a good start.