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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Are Liars And Anti-American Politicians Who We Want In Office?

Can America afford to allow elected officials who lie when being sworn into national or local office to continue to serve in positions of importance and ensure our prosperity and national security?

Barack Obama swore to “protect and to defend” the constitution of the United States when he took the oath of office to be president, after which oath he immediately began efforts to “fundamentally transform America” and make America fit into his misguided idea of what it should be by ignoring immigration law and opening up our borders to all who would enter; he disobeyed the constitution by forcing Obamacare on an unwilling nation, arguing, in order to get the votes needed to pass this outrageous legislation, that Obamacare’s financing was not a tax but simply a fee paid by those who enjoyed the insurance coverage, and then changing the lie to calling the fee a tax in order to get the Supreme Court to approve the legislation and deem it constitutional. And forget the numerous lies Obama stated with such conviction about keeping your doctor, keeping your plan, and saving $2500 a year on healthcare coverage, “period“.

Similarly, liberal Democrat Mayors of sanctuary cities are in clear violation of the law by refusing to cooperate with the federal government on immigrant issues and enforcement of the law.  These Mayors also swore to uphold the law, but they lied and they are, instead of obeying the law, committing crimes daily as they allow illegal aliens to avoid the federal government’s attempts to keep America safe from un-vetted people who entered this nation illegally.

And now we have federal judges blocking President Trump’s executive orders to ban travelers from entering America when they come from suspect nations harboring terrorists in their midst, and we have a judge also trying to block the President’s simple statement that he will withhold money from sanctuary cities, which he will do in accordance with written, established law.  Both of these judicial actions by federal judges were issued expressing the judges’ personal opinions or quoting political rhetoric from President Trump’s presidential campaign, and were not issued and argued from a point of law, as judges are required to do and have always done.

So we live in a world where too many of our politicians and judges are liars who swear to be good citizens, public servants and elected officials and then turn on their word and abuse the laws of the land once they are safely in office.  This sort of behavior leaves the nation in a state of lawlessness and threatens the public who just want a peaceful, enjoyable life and to be able to walk the streets without fear of people who should not be here, attacking them, as one such person attacked Kathryn Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. The shame of the current state of affairs is that Ms. Steinle got no “sanctuary”, but her killer did, under San Francisco’s liberal Democrat Mayor and his partner in crime, California’s Governor Moonbeam. We must keep this kind of person out of public office.

It’s an apparent fact that liberal politicians and judges want  to change America to their own anti-American, socialistic, unconstitutional idea of government, patterned on Communism and Nazism, and in direct contradiction to the laws of this land. All voters must be on guard for this manner of politician and both weed them out, and vote them out of office.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Even Glenn Beck Falls For The Hate-Trump Lies

Glenn Beck recently played an anti-Trump audio clip on his radio program in which Trump is heard making a variety of statements about NAFTA, alternately stating that he will not renegotiate NAFTA,  that he will renegotiate NAFTA, he will walk away from NAFTA, etc, and Beck took the recordings, probably packaged by CNN, to indicate that Trump is indecisive about NAFTA and can’t make up his mind about anything. Then he played a follow-up clip of some liberal mouthpiece stating that Trump is hourly and daily guided by his advisors and that he has no personal idea of what he’ll do nor how he’ll do it on nearly every issue he’s considering. What liberals will never admit, and very likely are unable to understand, is that Donald Trump uses the good-cop, bad-cop attitude to confuse the entities he is negotiating with.

Let’s look at how Barack Obama negotiated: With the nuclear agreement with Iran, we knew all along that he favored the Mullahs and would give them everything they demanded with no negotiations necessary, plus our Barry threw in a cargo plane full of various nations’ currencies to sweeten the deal. And when it came to military matters, Obama always told ISIS what he was going to do and when he was going to do it, which allowed them to be somewhere else when the attack did occur, if indeed it occurred at all, which made the attack a waste of time and money. But I suppose the liberal press thought that Obama was magnificent in his decisiveness, even if his military advisors were against this method and even though Obama’s results, after eight years of fighting one war after another, was a total failure.

President Trump keeps his adversaries off balance by announcing plans pro and con on any issue and stating that he will go one way on Monday and another way on Wednesday, and pretending to not even care about the subject on Friday. It’s the way Trump operates, and so far he’s accomplished much with that approach. But the anti-Trump hecklers in the press chalk up such maneuvers to his being weak and indecisive, and they couldn’t be more mistaken.

Just look at what President Trump’s rhetoric has produced:  After making the conflicting statements about NAFTA listed above, yesterday (Thursday) the leaders of both Mexico and Canada called and appealed to him to not wash his hands of NAFTA and asked to begin negotiations with them soon. Members of the anti-Trump press phrased this sudden turn of evens with Mexico and Canada with phrases like “Donald Trump admits he backed down” and “Trump agrees to negotiate with Canada and Mexico--for now”, when the actual truth is that Trump holds the winning hand over both nations and now they are likely to negotiate with him on a fair and level basis in which America can win for a change. And on military matters, Trump got world acclaim for his missile attack on Syria, and China is making inroads in getting North Korea to halt their nuclear program and stop testing explosive devices and delivery missiles designed to hit California and Hawaii.

Donald Trump’s successful and proven negotiating skills are winners, where, by contrast,  the long-standing Washington establishment’s “Statecraft” has proven itself to be a loser because it’s too slow, allows our enemies to gain favorable positions to our disadvantage and has measurably hurt America over the last twenty years or so, and this must change.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hey Libs, We Told You So.

For years the radical left has demanded “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to establish more lenient laws for crossing our international borders.

Of course, the left welcomed and celebrated illegals who crossed the border from Mexico because Democrat need the extra voters to support their leftist candidates, but the pretense was that the new comprehensive laws would halt the flow of illegals, when actually what they wanted was the opportunity to change immigration law so as to give more favorable treatment to illegals, and to wrangle a way to make illegals citizens in an expedited manor. The liberal line was that you’ll never be able to stop illegals from crossing the border with  police or walls, and Jeb Bush even called the welcoming of illegal aliens from south of the border as an act of love.

But now we’ve learned from President Trump that just the threat of a wall on our southern border has staunched the illegal flow of humanity by about ninety percent according to some reports, so the proof is that enforcing existing law is a good way to stop the inflow of invaders.

As usual, on the subject of immigration, Democrats are wrong, and they were also liars. All evidence to this point is that President Trump’s words provide an effective wall of resistance to illegals, and enforcing the law works every time.  And eventually we’ll hopefully learn that a physical wall will work even better.

All of the Democrat blather about “comprehensive immigration reform” was just so much crap, which is exactly what we can expect from liberals.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberal Judges On The Side Of Illegal Sanctuary Cities

I thought that Obama had settled both the law and the constitution when he sued to prevent Arizona from providing their own guards and patrols on its border with Mexico. By arguing that only the Federal government and the executive branch had the authority to patrol and protect the borders, not the various states, he established that fact with the Supreme Court, and liberals were pleased that the border with Mexico would remain open to all comers, because the do-nothing Obama administration was intent on the border not being strictly controlled. The Supreme Court agreed with Obama’s lawyers and Arizona gave up their attempts to protect their citizens from potentially dangerous people crossing their border.

But now that the Trump administration has told sanctuary cities that  the federal government will withhold certain federal grant funds if the cities don’t follow federal law and let the Feds decide how to handle immigrants who are here illegally, liberals, on the bench, in the liberal press and in the legislature, are all offended with this policy, which is exactly what the Obama administration defended. The difference of course is that President Trump is serious about defending our borders from invasion, and liberals know it and fear it.

When a liberal Democrat is president and won’t enforce federal law the judges declare that the states can’t decide how and when to guard the borders and deal with illegals, but when Donald Trump decides that sanctuary cities and states must abide by federal law concerning immigration and defer to the federal government to handle this area of the law, the judges of the ninth circuit court reverse their stand and come down on the side of the misbehaving cities, the exact opposite of their decision under the Obama administration.

This is pure lawlessness on the part of liberal judges and mayors, and this kind of insane decision-making undermines our government and our long-standing rule of law.

Liberals, whether on the bench or in the legislature, are losing their minds with President Trump in office, and they are severely hurting our nation in the bargain.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

After Eight Years Of “Fundamentally Transforming America” Obama Thinks More Community Organizers Are Needed

We hear reports that Barack Obama appeared in Chicago to give a speech to a bunch of community organizers. I suppose he’ll tell them that this organizing thing will set them up nicely to one day become president, just like he did. But I’m afraid that our Barry did not leave a good taste in the mouths of Americans for community organizers. In the wake of Obama and his anti-American activities, unemployment was up, the economy was down, America had been weakened, terrorism was thriving, Syrian chemical gas attacks were continuing, Russia gained a foothold in the Middle East, North Korea was testing delivery missiles that could reach America and Iran is still developing a nuclear weapon. So exactly what were the good things that came from the Obama administration that speaks in favor of more of this ilk being trained?

One suspects that the essence of Obama’s meeting is that he believes we need more people to cause friction among the poorer classes and get more people out on the street to break and burn things, which is exactly what the Obama administration did in eight years and why his reputation is so sullied. Community organizers do not encourage people to get jobs and raise families responsibly, they only foment trouble, which makes the organizers more powerful, not the people being manipulated.

If Obama was so good for America, and if he did things that were so liberating for the downtrodden, and if his community organizing skills raised millions of people from poverty to independence and middle class status, why do we now need to train additional of his type of person to rabble rouse more?

The truth is that Obama’s administration caused a disastrous spike in the number of people in poverty, oversaw the wholesale assassination of police officers, saw the invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants, saw a president who daily disobeyed the constitution, saw a president who daily broke laws, witnessed new and increased terrorist attacks on domestic targets, oversaw increased racial distrust among the American population, witnessed the government nationalization of healthcare and saw the rich get richer while the middle class shrank and became poorer.

So if we need more of this crap in America, then Obama is our guy.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump Frees Woman From Egyptian Prison And The Lying Press Downplays

The Trump administration recently arranged the release of an American woman held captive in an Egyptian prison for three years. The lying press dutifully reported this event, but of course suggested that the Obama administration had started the ball rolling and that Trump was just fortunate enough to be president when the release took placed and cannot take sole credit for her release.

The reality is that President Trump did in three months what Obama could not do in three years, because Obama resented the Egyptian President Sisi and refused to work with him for the release of this American aid worker. Here are some facts as to why the press is relatively quiet on this issue:

1) Egyptian President Sisi was responsible for removing the Muslim Brotherhood movement from power in Egypt as it attempted to bring Sharia law and Muslim radicalism to Egypt, and this upset the liberal-loved Arab Spring and made Obama angry because he wanted the Muslim Brotherhood, which was allied with the radicalism of ISIS in that area, to have power in Egypt,, which is located right on the border with Obama’s hated Israel and could have caused great trouble for Israelis.

2) Obama was too cool and didn’t give a damn about some non-radical American aid worker falsely imprisoned in Egypt.

3) Trump, not a big fan of either the Arab Spring or the Muslim Brotherhood, invited Egyptian President Sisi to Washington, spoke with him and convinced him of the injustice of holding this innocent American prisoner in Egypt.

By not reporting the release of this woman as a success for President Trump, the lying press is again lying by omission for spiking this news story, and for giving Obama favorable mention that he doesn’t deserve.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Geraldo Rivera Is Confused About Sanctuary Cities

Saturday morning on the Fox News Channel Geraldo Rivera made some mistaken, or maybe his remarks were instead misleading, statements; with him one can not be certain if he’s serious of not. He said that sanctuary cities like Chicago should not be blamed for their high murder rate because the murders are of a domestic, gang-related nature, and are not mainly caused by illegal aliens living there. I am unable to recall anyone blaming the sky-rocketing murder rate in Chicago on illegal aliens; we blame the high murder rate on the leftist Democrat Mayor of Chicago. But Geraldo appears to be trying to divert attention from the sanctuary city idiocy by removing a high murder rate from the mix, and this misrepresentation of the facts will not fly.

Even if one sets aside the horrific 2015 murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco, the very idea of allowing illegals to be in this country and to live here at public expense is a crime in itself and is a criminal activity. Then add into the situation that fact that the mayors of these criminal cities will not coordinate with the federal government to get rid of illegals residing in their cities, and you have an untenable situation that must be corrected.

One can recall a couple of years ago that the Obama administration sued the state of Arizona for trying to set up its own immigration controls on its border with Mexico and halt, or at least attempt to control, the influx of illegals crossing the Arizona/Mexico border each day. Obama won the case in the Supreme Court by arguing that only the federal government has the constitutional authority to control the borders of the nation and that states must be prohibited from doing so. Having won this argument, Obama then sat back, played another round of golf and allowed the same influx of illegals to illegally enter the United States, exactly what Arizona had attempted to halt by doing its own border monitoring. Under Obama, the federal government ignored its constitutional obligation to protect the nation’s borders and its citizens, and in fact went so far as to advertise for more illegals to cross into America in order to beef up the Democrat voter roles.

The constitution does not suggest that maybe the federal government should perhaps control the borders, it made it the obligation of the federal government to do so, and Obama was in violation of the constitution by halting Arizona from protecting its citizens, and then doing nothing at the federal level to protect America.

One murder of an American by someone who should not be here is way too many, and that’s why sanctuary cities are criminal entities that must be ended, and liberal mayors and governors who support such a situation be damned. Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, said he will withhold federal funds from any city in violation of immigration laws, and that’s exactly what must happen. And if that doesn’t get their attention, then put the fools in federal prison.

Democrats And Republicans Are Speaking Different Languages

Recently Keith Ellison, the new deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee, said that Barack Obama had not been the best president he could have been. To Republicans this is an enormous understatement because Republicans believe that Obama was about as bad as a president could be and that the things he did to undermine the constitution and the rule of law, on his way to “fundamentally transform America”, will hurt America for years to come

But after reading articles published by The Hill and Mediaite, one discovers that Mr. Ellison was not talking about harm to America and the American public when he criticized Obama, he’s instead referring to the harm Obama did to the Democrat Party, and you can forget all the hand-wringing about old fashioned things like a rule of law and being respectful of the constitution and its limitation of powers.

Mr. Ellison bemoans the fact that Obama ignored Democrat party politics, that he could have been a little better Party leader, that he concentrated too much on his legacy, and Ellison thinks each of these things have caused Democrats to lose state houses, the Senate, the House and various governorships, and finds no room to blame Obama’s abortive Affordable Care Act nor his open borders policy as any reason at all for losing all of the elected positions the Democrats have suffered since Obama became president.

So all Mr. Ellison is concerned about are the selfish, power-related things his party is being deprived of, not the many negative things Obama did that have hurt the nation and caused Americans to have fewer jobs, less money and less personal liberty than prior to Obama. It appears that Mr. Ellison is not aware that the Democrats were thrashed in the last general election because the citizens of America resent the socialist, leftward drift of their nation and the casual way Obama handled national security, the ISIS/terrorist threat and an economy that was floating aimlessly at best. He feels no compassion for American citizens, but is all upset about his precious Democrat Party and its loss of prestige.

Personally I’m glad to learn how selfish and all-consumingly power-hungry the Democrats are, because as long as they concentrate only on the structure of their fool Party, they’ll never swing that radical hate group in a direction that the American people will trust once again and vote back into power.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Destructiveness Of Socialism

Following World War II England became very left-leaning in its politics, and the Labor party began nationalizing various industries in order to become more like the economic and humanitarian failures that Russia was, and still is, suffering.

Then, later, the tides turned as Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and began privatizing some or all of the industries the leftists had nationalized, in order to make them more productive and to reduce the wastefulness and political influence that necessarily follows from government ownership and its negative influence on citizen’s lives.

In America, when Obama nationalized local police forces (Ferguson and Baltimore are only two examples that come to mind) for his own political reasons, and as Obama nationalized healthcare and took control of General Motors while issuing volumes of executive orders and signing massive numbers of EPA regulations negatively impacting the lives and wealth of Americans, thinking people began to realize the danger of socialism and big-government intrusion into their lives.

Now that we have an adult in the White House with President Trump, a person who respects the limitations on government that the Constitution enumerates, we can appreciate that the flip-flopping and the doing and undoing of the damage done by Socialists like Obama as they take control of industries and the lives of citizens, is very costly and undermines any trust in government that the citizens and investors may have. The British economy suffered greatly as one party nationalized and the next party privatized, and this economic disruption was a great cost to the nation and the population living there. With such political and economic instability generated at the highest levels of the government for any nation, investors don’t know whether or not to invest, entrepreneurs are reluctant to start up new businesses, and existing businesses don’t expand, due to uncertainty.

One can only hope that Americans have learned their lesson after watching England suffer tough times following World War II as its governments changed and made the economic adjustments to fit the party in power, and in this country, following the Obama years of little to no economic growth as the Democrats in government tried to control the business environment and convince industry to do big-government’s will, and one hopes that America will not again elect a leftist who will cause increased unemployment and economic woes.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Democrats Are Cutting Their Own Throats

So hateful and resentful are Democrats of Donald Trump and his November victory over their much-flawed candidate, that instead of establishing policies that are what the American people want and need, and instead of ditching the leftist, racist, anti-American rhetoric of the Obama years, they hype every move President Trump makes as either being bad or being contrary to his campaign promises.

But possibly their largest gamble and their greatest level of noise, is in special elections held to replace Republican House members who were appointed to the Trump administration staff or cabinet following his election.

These “Trump slayer” candidates proclaim that the American people are already fed up with the Trump administration and are ready for some good old lying, anti-American, hateful, Democrat input to the nation’s affairs and governmental activity. Unfortunately for Democrats, President Trump’s approval rating is at fifty percent and rising, the Democrat candidate in Kansas lost to the Republican in last week’s special election, and so far the Georgia Democrat has not been able to win that special election against an enormous field of eleven Republican candidates and must again try to get elected in a run-off election to be held in June.

America is not tired of Trump. He has been keeping his campaign promises, he’s letting the tyrants of the world know that America is back from its eight-year siesta called the Obama administration, and the world is learning that a decisive adult is again making decisions in the White House, and we look forward to more leadership from our president as he continues to kick butt both at home and abroad.

So it’s a pleasure to sit back and watch the Democrats cut their own throats as they moan and complain about the Trump administration, while going down in flames with their leftist, hateful, racist ideas and policies.

What Happened To The Trump/Russia Conspiracy?

It seems like only yesterday that the Democrats, headed by Democrat House member “Shifty” Adam Schiff, were in paradise and about to nail Donald Trump to a cross by uncovering absolute evidence that he and his staff had collaborated with Russia to undermine Hillary’s campaign and to negatively impact the last presidential election.

But now it’s been about two weeks since the last ground-shaking charge against Trump, and we have only silence from the liberal Democrats and their lying pals in the liberal press about this issue, and I hope President Trump accepts their silence as an apology from the Democrats for the lies they told about his staff and his campaign, because that’s the only apology he’ll ever get from the Democrat scum.

One wonders why the deafening silence, after so much noise and so many news conferences held by breathless Democrats, who knew they had their prey trapped and up a tree. Could the silence be a result of the Susan Rice revelation in which she illegally made public the identity of an inadvertently surveilled contact within the Trump staff? Or could it be that the Democrat hilarity and pretend outrage at President Trump’s statement that his campaign was bugged by the Obama administration has produced corroborating evidence that has shut these fools up? Or it could be that all of the supposed evidence of a collaborative contact with Russia was always a total leftist fabrication that has completely run out of steam and is now flatter than a pancake?

Whatever has shut these chattering fools up, it’s a welcome change from the hourly onslaught of speeches and news releases that we were pummeled with for a couple of weeks there.

Donald Trump is the most interesting public person we’ve had for a long time: even when he makes statements that seem too outrageous to believe, within a week or two the statements often come true. And every time the Democrats claim they have conclusive and incontrovertible proof that the President is culpable in a shady or illegal deal, their evidence always falls on its face and evaporates.

One has to love having political opponents like the lying, hateful Democrats, and my advice to them is to keep the insane attitude and keep the ridiculous charges coming because it only helps boost President Trump’s ratings, and Democrats are always entertaining, especially when their asinine charges always have a “never mind” ending.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sanctuary For Criminals Is A Policy Of Liberal Crap

A liberal Democrat mouthpiece appeared on Fox News recently and said that Chiefs of Police across America support sanctuary cities as a good policy to practice for illegal aliens, and she did not exclude people who are suspects of actual crimes from being protected by this bad liberal idea of sanctuary.

I’d like to test this great idea for handling people illegally in our nation: Do Chiefs of Police across the nation believe that American citizens suspected of crimes should receive shelter from their crimes? If not, why not? And what’s the difference between alien criminals and citizen criminals? Why give non-citizens more consideration and forgiveness for their crimes than we give a citizen?

Only Democrats, who look at race, ethnicity and gender before they engage their minds and consider facts and logic, would expound in favor of giving sanctuary to people known to be suspects of crimes, and when caught supporting such idiotic policy, they double down and claim to want more of the same misguided behavior.

The truth is in direct contradiction to what liberals believe and try to convince the nation of: If a nation enforces its laws and doesn’t allow criminals to hide from the law, the nation ends up being a safer place to live and raise a family. It may be the case that some Chiefs of Police, in sanctuary cities, favor the idea of sanctuary, but it’s only to protect their jobs, and the cities they represent are doubtless run by liberal Democrat mayors and the city is probably swamped by crime, like Chicago, for exactly the loony left idea that criminals should be lightly punished, if they are punished at all.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Are Republicans Afraid Of A Government Shut-Down?

Republicans have forever been fearful of a government shutdown because even when the Democrats are responsible, they and their pals in the liberal press always blame the Republicans, and the Republicans always either sit and take the abuse, or they crumble and go along with the Democrat increases in big-government spending and wasteful expenditures in order to protect their backsides and get the liberal press off their butts.

But one wonders why Republicans have not heard of Donald Trump’s “lying press” campaign and the mincemeat he’s made of the press by going on the offensive against these liberal liars. Why are they unable to learn from the Trump campaign, which itself was a miracle, and ride his coattails to victory over the liberals using his tactics?

The current budget dealings that Republicans fear this time around, has them quaking in their boots because the Democrats will not allow money to be budgeted for Trump’s border wall, and Democrats will not allow any redundant or unneeded, wasteful expenditures to be cut out of the budget as the government runs out of money. Republicans know that Democrats and the press have traditionally blamed them for a government shutdown when such an impasse has occurred, but that was then and this is now, and now Republicans have the example of the Trump machine to guide them.

Now the Republicans have a successful President to work with, and President Trump has proven that he will stand up for better government and will not just go along to get along, so they have an experienced ally in the Oval Office. Donald Trump was elected in an impossible campaign in which he promised to build the wall, cut taxes and reduce wasteful spending, all of which he’s moved forward on very early in his administration; so how would he react, and how will the American electorate who elected him react, if the Democrats in their stubbornness and big spending style, cause the shutdown that Republicans fear? They’ll be mad at Democrats, as long as the complete story is told.

Trump’s dealings with the lying press have been a major plus in his first two months in office, and he would be glad to again attack and expose their lies if they try to blame Republicans for a new shutdown. Thinking people encourage the Republicans to allow a shutdown if Democrats insist on the same old tired, big-government policies. What else can one suspect of the residents of the swamp?

Republicans supposedly want to drain the swamp that liberal Democrats thrive in, so let the government shutdown and then give a daily account of how little it really causes any pain and suffering for productive, working citizens. This is a winning policy for Republicans, unless Republicans are actually complicit with Democrats as the nation charges toward bankruptcy and if they really don’t want to make much needed economic and immigration changes to save our children’s futures. The American citizens are watching.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Liberals Ask: Why The Violent Reaction To Chemical Weapons Usage?

Now that our decisive President has done what our old President refused to do, protect women, children and other innocent civilian noncombatants, and has sent missiles into Syria in response to Assad’s gassing his civilian population, the American left is filling their drawers equating more traditional bombs and guns with chemical weapons and declaring that if Trump attacks for gas usage he will respond with troops on the ground next, because Assad will, without doubt, continue to fight with traditional weapons.

Only fools would make such a comparison between very different weapons, so this needs to be explained to the liberal Democrats
Not only did the use of chemical weapons get a bad name following its usage in WWI and with its utilization in Nazi concentration camps in WWII, but gas is messy, unpredictable and impacts everyone and everything in its path.

A rifle or a bomb will cause destruction and often death, but there are many people in its area of usage who will escape harm. But everyone in the area of a chemical bomb detonation will be killed or severely hurt, and the damage can last for hours before death relieves the pain and suffering.

And as regards the use of combat troops to get rid of Assad, most Americans don’t have a problem with the tactic of a ground invasion, as long as it’s attack-destroy-and-get-out. But America wants no more of this lingering, fighting and dying with horribly restrictive rules of engagement, as Obama gave us. Just kill the cretin bastards and get out.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

So Putin and Trump Are Pals, Huh?

So President Trump launches missiles against Syria for using chemical gas on its own citizens, and in the process of this decisive action he is humiliating Vladimir Putin, who, according to the idiot Obama administration, had overseen the destruction of all of the chemical canisters that Syria possessed. Now we know that either the Obama administration lied about the destruction of these weapons, or that Obama’s pal Putin, lied to him. Whatever the case, Obama was most likely out playing golf and was unaware of what was going on in the larger and more dangerous world out there, as usually happens when all of the minute details of a situation are being handled by other, untrustworthy, people. Our Obama, the Community Organizer, was too important to get his hands dirty on actually assuring that the chemical gas was being destroyed, so more people have died and another war-threatening situation has developed, due to Obama’s disinterest and arrogance.

So now that Trump has taken a military action that undermines and embarrasses the Russian dictator, Putin, will Chuck Schumer and his fool Democrats in the House, Senate and the lying press stop referring to Trump as a collaborator with Putin and end the stupid and politically motivated “Russia” investigation?

Not likely. The idiocy on the American left amazes more each day.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Thank God Trump’s In Office

Syria, North Korea, Russia, ISIS, Terrorism, Healthcare, sanctuary cities, the wall, the Supreme Court; all of these, and many other things as well, are reasons Americans should thank God that Donald Trump occupies the Oval Office.

After years of indecision, dithering, issuing executive orders that killed jobs, introducing mischievous and divisive things like LGBT bathrooms, pretending to oppose ISIS while aiding them at every turn, “fundamentally transforming America” and behaving like a third world dictator, we can all be thankful that Barak Obama is no longer making decisions impacting our nation and it’s welfare.

Everything that plagues American life was caused by Obama’s leftist, radical ideology and is now coming to a head after the architect has left office, and it’s a blessing that Hillary Clinton did not follow Obama into the presidency or she would be making even more excuses for taking no action on Syria and North Korea, and would be making radical leftist individuals in America feel mistreated and abused if they didn’t get free education, free televisions, free cable service, free internet, free food, free housing, free electric service, free healthcare and time to demonstrate and destroy private property at any leftist gathering Hilary preferred.

We are indeed lucky to have a real grown-up adult in the White House.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Will The Race-Baiting Democrats Ever Stop?

On April 4th on MSNBC, David Corn said that the investigation of Susan Rice for “unmasking” an American citizen is because she is a black woman. How stupid and racist can leftists be?

Let’s put Mr. Corn’s racist attitude to a little test:

Did we despise Bill Clinton and seek his impeachment because he’s a white male?

Did we despise Harry Reid because he’s a white male?

Do we despise Nancy Pelosi because she’s a white female?

Do we admire Ben Carson because he’s a black male?

Do we admire Condoleezza Rice because she’s a black female?

Do we admire David Clark and Thomas Sowell because they’re black males?

Susan Rice is being investigated because a felony was committed under her watch, and she demanded the “unmasking” event that led directly to the commission of the felony.

Unlike liberal Democrats, Republicans don’t view people through a prism of racism or gender, and we don’t seek to punish or criticize people based on their political leanings.

A crime is committed, and Susan Rice was at the top of the chain of command when this crime occurred, so it’s natural that an investigation be called for because even if she didn’t do the actual deed, she may well have testimony that will help investigators find the person culpable.

And wasn’t it the Democrats themselves during the Reagan or Bush administration who put forth the argument and it’s the “seriousness of the charge” that requires an investigation, not the bulk or lack of the evidence? And even with this phony test, we have sufficient evidence of Rice’s involvement in this matter to require an investigation. She’s already given public statements to news agencies that conflict with each other, and given her willingness to lie to the American people during the days following the Benghazi killings, she needs to be questioned under oath.

Trump Check: The “Donald” Always Amazes

President Trump never ceases to amaze. About two weeks ago, after he made a statement that his campaign staff had been surveilled or wire-tapped by the Obama administration, the crap hit the fan with Democrats crying that this type of event could never have happened in the Obama administration and with Representative Nunez being savaged about a visit he allegedly made to the White House causing the Democrats to scream themselves hoarse claiming that he was covering up evidence of Trump’s guilt in shady dealings with Russia and that they wanted Nunez to recuse himself from the committee so the Democrats could gather and publish the evidence against Trump and his evil staff, yada, yada, yada.

And as soon as the idiot Democrats got themselves into a full, wet lather, low and behold if we don’t get evidence that Susan Rice, Obama’s right-hand gal, hadn’t illegally ordered and handled information that got a Trump staffer fired soon after the new Administration took office. So we know that Trump was correct and that the Obama administration was monitoring his activities and discussions, and we can be damned certain and these typical liberals were doing this spying for blatantly political reasons.

Every time Trump states something outlandish that gets Democrats’ knickers in a twist, we find out a few days later that he was right, and the Democrats are left to retire to discuss the next lying charge they will make against our President in an attempt to undermine his credibility and hopefully get him removed from office.

President Trump has made enormous strides to get rid of Obama’s most onerous presidential actions and orders, and I see no way he will ever lose credibility with those who understand the validity and necessity of what he’s doing. I only hope he has the energy and backbone to continue to bury the Obama administration, because those fools left a lot of crap behind that needs cleaning up after.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Even Republicans And Conservatives Are Being Schooled By President Trump

It’s been common knowledge for some time that liberal Democrats are learning lessons from President Trump about how to preside over a free and prosperous nation, but the notable news is that Conservatives and Republicans are also learning how to deal with liberal, lying Democrats and defeat them, day after day, lie after lie. Trump’s lesson is that you don’t have to play nice with Democrats and the lying press in order to defeat them, all you have to do is tell the truth and keep promises made while campaigning, and take the arguments to the Democrats and the press, but never back down to them.

One also needs a strong personality as the lies, false charges and personal attacks on oneself and one’s family are thrown at you, but if you are in the right, these things will become irrelevant. Hopefully, following the example of Donald Trump, we’ll get conservative and Republican candidates with some spine who will go to war their lying opponents and look them in the eye until they cower into a corner.

And don’t even take the idea of offending Independent voters into consideration as you move forward with your policies and fight your opponents with savagery equal to their own. Independents will join you if you’re right and if you know how to explain the correctness of your positions.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Attention CNN: Spiking A News Story Is Just Another Form of Fake News

CNN is doing everything it possibly can to keep from covering the developing Susan Rice “unmasking” controversy, even going to far as to tell its viewers to ignore the story, in case they happened to see it on Fox News Channel.

At least they are covering the story to that slight extent, otherwise their network would be totally denying the real, developing world out there that threatens to unravel the Obama administration with news of illegally exposing and publishing information about an American who was a part of a possibly legitimate surveillance project by national security forces.

So, as CNN and other liberal, lying “news” agencies ignore reality as it is happening, what becomes of these fool, liberal organizations when Rice is sent to jail for this crime? Will they claim that Fox News, because of its coverage, mislead them into denying a real news happening that CNN had a responsibility to cover, at least a little? Or will they insist that the evil Trump administration set her up by creating artificial documents placed strategically to frame the poor woman for a crime she did not commit?

But while CNN makes a fool of itself, the liberal Democrat politicians, led by Democrat Representative “Shifty” Schiff, plod on investigating Trump’s relations with Russia, for which they’ve found absolutely no confirmation or evidence of questionable dealings at all, pretending that this is the Swan Song for Trump, while Susan Rice sinks in quicksand and Obama is missing in action in Tahiti, just in case a subpoena is issued for his testimony. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Who’s On The Side Of America?

Liberals and the lying, leftist press want to force Donald Trump’s presidency into failure, but they ignore the fact that a failure for his new administration would be a failure for America.

When one thinks back to Barack Obama’s election to the Oval Office, conservatives feared that his proclaimed “Fundamental Transformation of America” meant doom for America as he attempted to bury our constitution under a mound of liberal causes, but they didn’t start investigating him for various and sundry imagined acts as soon as he took office. Instead conservatives expressed their reservations and waited to see what Obama would do, hoping that their fear of him was unfounded.

But as it turned out, Obama’s every decision, from a treaty with Iran, to LGBT bathrooms, to a no-big-deal IRS scandal, to opening our borders to every person who wants in, to masses of idiotic and illegal EPA regulations, to unconstitutionally taking healthcare away from Americans and nationalizing it, to establishing sanctuary cities that would protect illegal and criminal aliens from the law, were all indeed intended to “fundamentally transform America” so it would be more third-worldly, less free and less affluent.

But liberal Democrats will not give Trump time to get his feet on the ground before they try to eliminate his presidency, and in particular they want his administration wounded politically before he gets his Supreme Court nominee approved and seated, and before he is successful at keeping sworn terrorists out of our nation, no thanks to the Ninth Circuit Court for blocking this effort.

Democrats are almost literally stumbling over each other calling the Trump administration liars and insisting on their alleged campaign interference by Russia in collusion with the Trump team, which even the Obama administration said did not happen, and all of this flak is being thrust forward to cover up the illegal “unmasking” of former General Michael Flynn by members of the Obama administration, when he was seen in an incidental meeting prior to President Trump being sworn in. This illegal exposure of General Flynn is the only illegal act committed in this entire furor, and that illegality was committed by the Obama administration. But the Democrats repeatedly attack President Trump for a Russian connection for which there is no evidence at all, only conjecture and accusations from the left, who evidently have conveniently forgotten the recording of Obama begging for Vladimir Putin’s patience as Obama campaigned for re-election and his undisclosed promise to the Russian dictator to remove American defensive missiles from Eastern Europe, as Putin had demanded, once Obama was safely in office for a second term. If one wants to find a “Russian connection” they only have to look as far as Putin and Obama.

It’s almost entertaining to watch the frightened Democrats, who only five months ago were on the cusp of locking in a sixteen year reign of terror on the American population, following Barack Obama’s eight year reign of unconstitutional edicts and orders, but whose candidate lost her assured election as the American people were persuaded to vote for Donald Trump and his pro-growth, pro-American and pro-constitution message. The Democrats lost the latest election in rare fashion and fear that they have lost power forever, unless they can now, in an unprecedented post-election attack, injure Donald Trump to the extent that he is no longer trusted.

Frightened people do stupid things, and the establishment Democrats are indeed frightened. But Americans who understand the real problems facing our nation and the real dangers facing America after eight years of Obama’s undermining and criticism of America, still support President Trump and his plans to make America great once again. He’s already done numerous things to aid in economic growth and job creation, and we want him strongly in office as he issues more executive orders, builds a wall, nominates more conservative justices to the Supreme Court and lowers taxes to further strengthen the nation.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Liberal Democrats Are Wearing The American Population Out

Even the least thoughtful and least informed person in America is being worn out by the never-ending Democrat chorus of accusations against President Trump and his policies. He has only just barely been elected and he’s already being called a criminal who’s done everything wrong and sold the nation down the river to Russia, formerly the liberal’s favorite nation when it was the Soviet Union.

One suspects that it’s the loss the Democrats took in the latest election that has energized them and awakened them to such violent action and attitudes against the Republican president, who’s done nothing more than what he promised to do. The Democrats stood by and yawned while Obama illegally opened our southern border and unconstitutionally forced Americans to buy government healthcare, but let President Trump issue a legal order to ban people from entering America from certain foreign nations, which is completely within his right to do, and let him issue orders removing the illegal EPA regulations that have hurt our economy for the lying proposition of warming/change, and Democrats will not stop bouncing off the walls.

The Democrats’ reaction to the new president’s orders is not doing them any good. Rather it’s making them look like the reactionaries, lunatics and radicals we always suspected them to be.