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Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump Frees Woman From Egyptian Prison And The Lying Press Downplays

The Trump administration recently arranged the release of an American woman held captive in an Egyptian prison for three years. The lying press dutifully reported this event, but of course suggested that the Obama administration had started the ball rolling and that Trump was just fortunate enough to be president when the release took placed and cannot take sole credit for her release.

The reality is that President Trump did in three months what Obama could not do in three years, because Obama resented the Egyptian President Sisi and refused to work with him for the release of this American aid worker. Here are some facts as to why the press is relatively quiet on this issue:

1) Egyptian President Sisi was responsible for removing the Muslim Brotherhood movement from power in Egypt as it attempted to bring Sharia law and Muslim radicalism to Egypt, and this upset the liberal-loved Arab Spring and made Obama angry because he wanted the Muslim Brotherhood, which was allied with the radicalism of ISIS in that area, to have power in Egypt,, which is located right on the border with Obama’s hated Israel and could have caused great trouble for Israelis.

2) Obama was too cool and didn’t give a damn about some non-radical American aid worker falsely imprisoned in Egypt.

3) Trump, not a big fan of either the Arab Spring or the Muslim Brotherhood, invited Egyptian President Sisi to Washington, spoke with him and convinced him of the injustice of holding this innocent American prisoner in Egypt.

By not reporting the release of this woman as a success for President Trump, the lying press is again lying by omission for spiking this news story, and for giving Obama favorable mention that he doesn’t deserve.