Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Anti-American, Non-Voting, Radical, Democrat Minority, Seeks Rule By Violence And Fear

In order to understand how Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist Party (known as the Nazi Party) rose to power in Germany in 1933, all you have to do is recognize what the Democrat party, with its allies, the BLM and ANTIFA thugs, are doing in America today.

From the multiple Seattle city blocks they’ve commandeered, to the businesses they have burned, to the police officers they’ve killed, and finally and most recently, to the statues they’ve torn down and defaced, these totalitarian criminals have shown how they will rule if they ever get power over a nation, and currently the nation they desire most is America. The attempts to defund and disband city police forces also enhances these leftist haters, because once the police are gone there is no one to help the average citizen when anti-American thugs try to force their evil on the population.

Their objective is to destroy this nation and our economy, which is so important to all working and thinking Americans, and they seek absolute power in order to gain control over us. Their idea of a democratic nation will be: One vote, one person, one time.

The statue destroyers create nothing, they only destroy the artistic creations of those who sculpted and formed the statues. And the nation destroyers also create nothing; once they’ve completed their Fundamental Transformation of America, as Barack Obama once so cleverly described it, there will be only poverty and suffering.

The American Democrat party has brought the violent extremists to the forefront and the Democrat mayors and governors have been passive as the rioters have taken to the streets and performed their violent acts. Violence is all the Democrat supporters know, and if the violence continues American citizens will lose all confidence that they have any protection and any say in how the nation is governed, and at that point it all falls down.

If Donald Trump is not re-elected in November the violence will only get worse and future generations will suffer the most having to live with anarchy and without any form of justice or law-enforcement for decades.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Beautify America: Wear A Mask

Remember when Americans were brave; when we had the power and courage to win wars; when we were creative and were the industrial leaders of the world; when states had mottos like “Live Free Or Die” and “Liberty and Independence”, and the states, and the residents of each state, were serious about what these words meant?

Well now, with just the rumor of a virus being among us, everyone reaches for their mask and we quickly look like the James Gang before marching in to a bank to stick it up. How did we get so wussy and weak all of a sudden? How did we lose our common sense and our ability to accept responsibility for our own health? Don’t people know that we have one or another virus every cold and flu season, and we all seem to come out of the season in one piece? But now, with the politicization of absolutely everything, just one nationally celebrated doctor blowing off about the “second wave” of the Wuhan virus, and we all get weak in the knees and reach for our masks.

Have we no longer the ability to think independently for ourselves and not follow-the-leader about everything? Haven’t we, as adults, the ability to judge risk levels and maybe not put the stupid mask on again today? And when did we lose our love of breathing free, as well as living free, and not having to re-inhale our own CO2 several times?

There is one redeeming aspect to this mask fiasco, though: with every mask that’s put on, America gets better looking. So for all Democrats out there: Keep your masks handy, and help keep America beautiful, again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Just Another In A Series Of All-Whites-Are-Racists Lies

As much as Democrats, who actually are KKK racists, want to convince the nation that white Americans are all racists, the truth about each and every such accusation proves the leftists to be wrong.

The latest charge comes from NASCAR’s Talladega race track where black racer Bubba Wallace’s racing team claimed they found a noose in Wallace’s garage. The FBI, while not being able to find the time to investigate and punish the persons who burned black businesses across the United States these last two weeks, was on the scene within hours seeking the white culprit, who would be imprisoned and hounded for his white hatefulness for stringing up the noose, if such a person could be found.

But as happens in nearly all of the cases of nooses, racist notes and cross-burnings, this latest proof of how racist white people are, proved to be false, if not an outright, staged hoax. The “nooses” were merely looped ropes used to pull down the overhead doors on the race car’s maintenance stalls.

The real racists in America are Democrats, who had to be defeated by Northern Troops in a Civil War in order to get them to free their slaves, and then, decades later, federal troops had to force them to allow blacks into white-southern schools, and so on. But the leftist powers that be will not be swayed from their insistence of white guilt and endemic racism, in spite of one proof to the contrary after another.

Is the Subservience Of Taking A Knee Really A Strong, Proud Position To Take?

For a few NFL seasons we’ve seen the most illogical events take place during the playing of the National Anthem. We’ve witnessed multi-millionaire, celebrated, Porsche-driving, gated-community-dwelling, strong, healthy, young black men kneeling to the god of political correctness and self-importance.

There is slavery in Africa and China that these people could be protesting. There are dozens of young black men being killed weekly in Chicago and Baltimore. There are fatherless children living on the streets of America with no hope for their future. And all the wealthy football players can complain about is the imagined racism that exists only in the minds of leftist, radical, Democrats.

It’s odd that strong, wealthy young men would stoop to act out the role of fashionable, woke, subservience that “taking a knee” has become, when a formal, positive action on their part would speak much louder and would get better results. They could loudly proclaim that school choice for young blacks be allowed by the leftist and racist teachers’ unions; they could loudly proclaim that fathers should be responsible for assuring their children are well provided for;  they could insist that young black men stop killing other young black men; they could insist that no further damage and destruction be done to other-peoples’ businesses and property; they should sharply criticize the continued practice of slavery that exists in Africa to this very day.

But it’s much more stylish to blame whites and take the leftist, abused position on such things, because the Hollywood crowd, Washington celebrities and big corporate CEOs are much more fun to play with and be seen eating lunch with than to take a chance at making the fashionable Democrats angry with you and perhaps make you a persona non grata and lose an invitation to their wine parties on Martha’s Vineyard.

Fame and money have certain responsibilities, and our fancy football, baseball and basketball stars are wasting both by being selfish and ignoring reality that is contrary to the leftist jargon that is being spread around, and at a time when they could be doing some real good for those less fortunate than themselves.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Conservatism Good, Democrat Leftism Bad, But Why Is The Difference Ignored?

It seems that everyone, from multi-millionaires, to Hollywood elites, to Mitt Romney, buckle under to attacks from groups like Black Lives Matter, and the future of our nation is bleak if BLM’s brown shirt tactics determine how business and government are conducted in America.

Any family that isn’t buried in credit card debt probably runs their finances and their personal behavior in a conservative manner, even if they claim to be Democrats in regards to their politics. They are responsible, honest and patriotic people just trying to get the most of life and to raise their families to do more of the same with their lives.

With all of the evidence we have from history, and all of the common sense knowledge we have available after dealing with the murderous evils of Communism and Nazism in the 20th Century, how can people not realize the danger Americans face if the SDS, the Weather Underground, ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street and/or Black Lives Matter take control of our government, which appears to be the plan at the moment as we move backwards in history. If any of these radical, violent groups obtained any real power, our constitution, our liberties and our economy would disappear in a millisecond.

Has American education become so shoddy that the dangers we face by allowing violent radicals to demand and receive financial and legal rewards is unrecognized for the corruption it is, and that we can move in the direction of racial politics and not have any patriotic pushback against these totalitarian thugs?

Why do people fear expressing their opinions by defending conservatives from the leftist attacks they receive every day? Because we know the radical left depends on violence, beatings and burning to intimidate peaceful people of good will, and still, too many people remain silent as the threats and the anti-social actions occur.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Gov. Cuomo Threatens Round Two Of His Economic Destruction Of New York

The good governor of New York heard of some New Yorkers laughing, eating and enjoying themselves recently in his state, and the governor was not pleased with these irresponsible subjects. So, since he is pining for the good old days of telling the residents of the Empire State what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, he is threatening to lower a new lockdown on the state and further reduce it to rubble in the Democrat style if his citizens don‘t stop trying to get a little enjoyment out of their lives.

You see, Gov. Cuomo is still riding on a high after being able to single-handedly lockdown the state of New York by issuing his own personal orders, but he evidently believes that he has not yet caused enough deaths in nursing homes packed with elderly, ill persons, and he has not yet destroyed enough businesses in his state, so he is threatening another shutdown if his citizens don’t stop trying to enjoy themselves in the aftermath of the most over-hyped virus in American history, this time, hopefully, inspiring a full depression-era round of misery and destruction to the businesses that pay taxes to New York that keep villains like Cuomo in power and issuing evermore destructive orders.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Governors And Mayors Who Pander To Violent Left Rioters Will Pay An Eventual Price

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, criticized citizens of his city last Saturday for assembling to defend a statue of Christopher Columbus standing in Marconi Plaza, while apparently favoring and pandering to the leftist groups who have made plans to tear down this statue, as has been done in other American cities recently.

It’s the most illogical thing that can be done, when Democrat mayors and governors, elected to their positions by the citizens to protect and serve those citizens and their city, instead pander to violent leftists whose only intent is rioting, destruction and looting. And the citizens who insist that the elected officials enforce the laws and prevent the destruction that leftist mobs want, are criticized and called names by the elected officials.

Any fool politician who panders to leftists has no idea of the filth they are dealing with, because at some point in the future the official risks their anger when he says or does something that is contrary to the mob’s wishes, at which time he’ll be dragged through the mud and cast aside as all enemies of the violent left are always treated.

There is always a price to pay when trying to get along with the violent left, and Mayor Kenney will learn his lesson one day, and he’ll be sorry. By pandering to the radicals now he’s allowed to be a hero and a champion of the people, but he’ll be the subject of scorn and possible violence himself one day, and I hope I’m here to see that day.

Monday, June 15, 2020

All Americans Are Being Punished For The Left’s Hate Of Trump

The national shutdown and the racist riots and burnings have changed the lives of all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. And, unfortunately, all Americans must suffer for the excesses of the violent, Democrat left.

When conservatives became upset with the Obama administration’s outrageous and illegal spying on the Trump’s election staff, Republicans didn’t deprive anyone of their liberties, their professions or their right to move around freely to conduct their personal business. When the Obama IRS discriminated against Republicans in the 2012 election, Republicans didn’t burn buildings in protest. And Democrats have forced our nation to change the way it conducts much of its business by allowing masses of illegal immigrants to flow across our southern border without Republicans taking to the streets and protesting violently. Republicans waited for the next election and voted for the candidate who could correct these outrages and restore the constitution and a rule of law to our nation.

But following the George Floyd atrocity, and with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Democrats have taken to the streets and caused suffering and fear for all Americans in order to show their hate for the sitting President of the United States. If only Republicans were being punished by the criminal actions of Democrats it might make some sense. But the illegal, violent and unconstitutional actions of America’s political left regarding the person who occupies the White House has caused all Americans to suffer and have their  lives reduced to greater impoverishment and misery.

Exactly what kind of people are these deranged Democrats?

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Are Leftists Destroying Confederate Statues To Cover Up Proof Of Centuries Of Democrat Racism?

Anyone who understands history knows that the ranks of the KKK’s murderous, racist organizations of the 19th and 20th Centuries, consisted of Democrats, not Republicans.

Instead, it was Republicans who issued the emancipation proclamation, fought in the Civil War to end slavery, participated in the underground railroad to get slaves to freedom, and were the pressure that got the Civil Rights Act passed.

On a daily basis we see Democrats tearing down statues of Civil War leaders and the war’s participants, and one wonders whether this effort is to hide the racist past of the Democrat Party, or are these just more ignorant, radial Democrats out to damage and destroy anything in their path?

And how about the subject of slavery in America, which Democrats never stop talking about? Slavery in America was ended over a century ago, but slavery still exists on the continent of Africa and in China, so it appears to the casual observer that ending slavery is not on the agenda of present-day Democrats. Instead, all they want to do is blame America for past sins, which have been addressed and corrected. But even more important, they want to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump this November with their constant regurgitation of a settled and very old subject.

One must also keep in mind that the slaves shipped to America in the 17th Century were bought from African tribes, who captured them and then sold them all over the world to the highest bidder. So why aren’t the African tribes blamed for slavery and its suffering, both at the time of the sale of the slaves to Americans, and for the existing slavery being suffered at this very moment in Africa?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

When Is Enough Too Much?

In the 1950’s cowboy show titled “The Cisco Kid”, Leo Carrillo was famous for saying “enough is too much” when he was excited about an event on the program, and now Americans have arrived at that same breaking point while watching Democrats destroy our nation, one neighborhood and one city at a time.

Enough of radical leftists occupying police headquarters buildings.
Enough of radical leftists killing police officers.
Enough of radical leftists burning buildings.
Enough of radical leftists making idiotic demands, and corporate leaders and the Hollywood left crowd pretending that the filth in the streets has a point to make.
Enough of the “understanding” of the rage of the radical left.
Enough of the radical left behaving like spoiled children, and enough of the Democrat mayors and governors giving in to their lying demands.
Enough of elected officials, politicians and the police apologizing to childish, revolutionary, filth as they make their Communistic demands.
We, the people have had enough, and we’ve seen too much subversion and destruction from the anti-American Democrat party.

If these out-of-control fools insist on breaking the law, then force is called for. The veneer is being ripped from America’s successful, free, prosperous society, and soon men with guns must rid the nation of this scum, and all of this is the result of Democrat party policy.

Friday, June 12, 2020

It’s Not About Privilege, It’s About Civilization

Dozens of Chicago’s young black men have been killed this month, not by the police and not due to the privilege of white people, they were killed by other young black men.

A mother has to witness the horror of her two-year old daughter being killed by a drive-by shooter as the child watches a television show.

A grandmother insists that her grandchildren play in the back yard of her home in order to avoid being shot by a passing car if they play in the front yard.

These horrific instances are examples of an uncivilized atmosphere in too many minority communities and have nothing to do with the notion of anyone’s privilege. And where were the fathers of the young people mentioned above?

Many of the homes that black people live in were once occupied by white families, and there were no drive-by murders committed at those earlier times. So why are these killings being committed in American neighborhoods today?

One place to search if you want answers to questions about our disastrously decaying society, is to discover who is running the cities in the greatest distress. The answer to that question is: Democrats have been running our moist dangerous and decaying cities for decades, and the shootings and the killings have gone unnoticed by the Democrat governors and mayors who have caused the destruction, and they don’t give a damn about who suffers under their dictatorial leadership, because to them, no lives matter. Winning and ruling is all that’s important to the Democrat political class.

The suffering of minority citizens has nothing to do with white privilege, and everything to do with Democrat insistence on giving orders and ruling with an iron fist.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Lie To Me Once…..

We’ve all heard the old saying of “Lie to me once, shame on you; lie to me twice, shame on me”.

Well, our leftist political leaders have more than struck out with their lies to the American citizens. A short list of these lies would include:

The lie of global warming/climate change
The lie of a Trump/Russia collusion
The lie that the coronavirus would kill millions of Americans
The lie of there being systemic racism in America
The media lie that hydroxychloroquine will kill you

Personally, I’m finished with the lies coming from our government. I’m tired of hearing the leftist lies, and I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted by the stupid things they come up with. The lies are always of an anti-American nature, they are always slanted against patriotic Americans and their beliefs, they are always anti-scientific, they are always anti-common sense, and when the lies are related to politics, economics and personal liberty, they are always anti-constitution, and most recently, they are always anti-Trump.

 And it’s the anti-Trump aspect that is most immediately critical for Americans to become aware of and to correct, because we have a presidential election approaching in November of this year, and all of the anti-American forces are allied to defeat President Trump with any lie and any damaging actions they can take to make his defeat happen.

If Democrats had good, solid arguments to make against President Trump and his policies that would convince American citizens to vote against him, they would announce them loudly. But there are no arguments that would convince a thinking, intelligent person to vote against Trump or to vote in favor of the lame-brained fool, Joe Biden, so we hear nothing but lies from Democrats and from the leftist press.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Democrats Get Stupider And Stupider

Any citizen of a certain age will recall our beloved Bill Clinton, probably at the time he was being grilled about his fooling around with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office, barking at reporters, saying that their questions concerning his personal misbehavior was not providing food for a starving child, so he ended the presser and said he was going to get back to doing the business of the American people, and then fled with his self-righteous tail  between his legs.

That was a stupid, transparent and escapist thing for President Clinton to say, but our radical left, New York Representative, AOC, has joined Slick Willie’s misdirection tactics by stating that she favors defunding police forces because the money used to pay police salaries is denying children books they need in order to get a good education.

Forgetting for a  moment that today’s public schools, along with many colleges and universities, use the school system to indoctrinate children into a hate-America atmosphere rather than to educate them to be able to think for themselves and participate in a real democracy, if Democrats aren’t lemming-like in their ability to say and repeat absolutely and obviously insane things, and to follow one another to the brink of the precipice by repeating the same idiotic crap over and over, this time about defunding the police, then I lack the words to identify them and their ignorant mouths.

Any person with a few minutes on their hands could find better ways to spend the $175,000 that AOC gets annually as her House of Representatives salary, while wagging her mouth and making a fool of herself on every possible issue, with no knowledge of how dumb she sounds, while the police officers of America risk their lives each and every day trying to keep the Democrat Party and their henchmen and religious followers from destroying our nation with their riots and their burnings and their beatings.

With the proposed demise of the police forces, whom Democrats suddenly despise, it will rapidly become impossible for any child to safely walk to school in even the safest neighborhood, and at night the shootings and gang warfare on the streets of every city, with the absence of a police presence, will prevent them from studying at all. How sub-stupid can a bunch of people be to arrive at the suggestions they put forth for dealing with a twenty-first century America? All Democrats must be voted out of office in November or our nation may not be able to patch up the harm they are doing to it.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Fund The Police, But Defund Leftist Governors And Mayors

Whether the subject is disease, rioters or job creation, America can no longer afford to have leftists in positions of power. Most recently we have heard leftist (that is Democrat) officials insist that the police forces in their cities be defunded and disbanded, leaving millions of citizens in those Democrat cities at the mercy of rioters and marauders, which will only lead to more suffering and killing. It will also cause gang-style protection rackets to spring up in these far-left enclaves. Can you imagine living in a situation like that, fearing to leave your home, fearing to stay in your home, neighborhoods with vacated houses and burned-out structures lining every street? A total loss of your investment in a home that is now controlled by gangs and thugs.

The leftist American press refuses to report the facts of what‘s happened the last week in American cities which have suffered the most from the riots, so pressure is not on leftist politicians to behave honestly and conduct business that will benefit the citizens who live in those locations. In fact our national news agencies are now pooh-poohing the former idea of critically important social distancing, and is now telling our stupid population that it’s okay to pack closely in gangs while burning and looting in our major cities. No threat of spreading the virus here.

Under Democrat rule we’ve gone from businesses and storefronts being shutdown due to the lie of a fatal coronavirus, to seeing these same businesses being burned and looted, all because leftists hate America and the Capitalism that has made our nation comfortable and free, and they hate people who want to run their own businesses and support themselves and not have to depend on the corrupt government for their housing and food, which services will be run by corrupt leftists.

Whether the subject is economics, societal reform, politics or technology, things are constantly changing, but the important thing is that the changes be for the better, not for the worse, which is what we see evolving today. And it’s critical to understand that America’s political left are not the “progressives” they claim to be, but are regressive brown shirts, like the violent ANTIFA.

To be a black person in America is not to be oppressed because of that citizenship, but the political left oppresses black men in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Baltimore where young black men are murdered by other black men on a daily basis. Democrats claim that unarmed blacks are being shot by police at epic levels, when actually the reverse is true: the deaths of black men killed by each other are at an epidemic level, but it’s not mentioned by the leftist press because Democrats don’t care about black lives being wasted, they just use blacks for political fodder.

To be really oppressed is to reside in Los Angeles and San Francisco and have to live among the massive number of homeless and those people here illegally, who are packed into sanctuary cities of one kind or another.

Black lives do indeed matter, and the stores and restaurants providing a livelihood for black owners also matter, so why do the forces of the left, ANTIFA for example, burn those businesses down and destroy the owner‘s livelihood?

And it’s instructive that the latest deaths by police of unarmed blacks have occurred in the states of Washington and Minnesota, both tried-and-true, leftist states run by Democrats. Isn’t that interesting?

Another leftist institution that should also be defunded while we’re at it,  is public schools and too many colleges, because that’s where the hate-America rhetoric is first introduced to young minds, and it’s where it must be halted.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Have Mask, Will (Not) Travel

Our masked hero, Joey Biden, is actually mis-masked to be considered to be the romantic figure personifying the heroic, masked figure of the Lone Ranger; but nevertheless, masked he is. And his only travel is shuffling between the ping-pong room to the card table room in his basement.

He tries to be more like the Paladin character that Richard Boone played during my childhood, a program better known as “Have Gun, Will Travel“. But our beloved Joey only uses shotguns to frighten invaders, so his “Have Mask, Will Travel” logo will be a bit emasculated as a result. But that’s our Joey to the core: talking like a fast-acting, straight-shooting, take-no-guff, gun slinging, fearless, leader, while hiding in his basement and wearing his mask as the signature reminder to Americans of his being out of his mind and out of his depth, in a campaign against Donald Trump for the presidency.

Mr. Biden’s hiding away in his lavish basement is good for the nation, because if he could get out for a while he might say something to make himself appear presidential, so I’d rather he remain inside and masked, and retain the slogan of “Have Mask, Will Hide In My Basement“.