Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up Barry, It's 3 A.M.

In the 1930s Neville Chamberlain taught us that if we don't respond to tyrants, especially when they clearly state their evil intentions, we will pay a very high price at a later date, and World War II was Chamberlain's high price. Today Obama dithers while North Korea and Iran gain nuclear capability and threaten the entire world, and most particularly Israel, with destruction.

President Barry is fast asleep and we can't wake him up, so the threat deepens. It's likely the Israelis will take care of Iran by themselves if we don't assist, but it will be shameful for the United States to turn its back on this great ally in the middle east and force them to proceed alone. Many of the Arab nations in the region will actually passively assist Israel in its effort to rid the area of nuclear weapons, but when Israel does act and attacks Iran, just watch how quickly Barry springs from his slumbers and verbally attacks Israel for war mongering. Barry pleasantly negotiates with our mortal enemies, but he aggressively attacks our allies and friends.

It's customary for presidents to "grow" in office and learn from the historical events that break around them during their administrations. But our Barry is still the wet-behind-the-ears community organizer he was upon election. He is so steeped in hate for western values that he will not recognize the correctness of Israel's positions, nor is he able to see how valuable Israel is to the interests of the United States. We must assure Israel's security, and Barry's pussy-footing around the issue only encourages our, and Israel's, enemies. This is just another example of Obama breaking his pledge to protect the United States and our Constitution. Our new legislators must impeach his immoral man and prosecute his czars or our nation will be completely undermined.

Barry: Man-up, awaken from your slumbers, stop negotiating with our enemies, and ACT! NOW!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama-The One Man Wrecking Ball

First of all let's satisfy the Republican tendency for self-criticism and admit that George Bush spent too much money, that he started the stimulus thing, that he started two wars, that he was running up a deficit, yada, yada, yada. Now do we feel better having hit ourselves first?

Now let's face the truth that Obama took these excesses, which were dangerous for our nation, and has attempted to destroy, with full knowledge of what he was doing, this great nation and has taken over massive sections of private industry, while the companies he hasn't taken over are quaking in their boots for fear of what draconian steps he will take next to injure the remainder of our economy. This fear of government is directly related to our stagnant economy and the high jobless rate, and the Omama-meister knows it.

America was built on industry and hard work, with immigrants being able to take part in building a better nation than that from which they came, while living a better life than those they left behind in the old country. Now the descendants of those immigrants, all of us, are seeing the work of their forebears destroyed by Obama out of "fairness" and "economic justice".

Obama himself lives the high life, and while telling us we should not drive or fly so much, and that we shouldn't vacation in Las Vegas, he's flying nearly daily on his 747 smooching with various important and nefarious people all over the world, while his own nation's population is increasingly jobless and penniless. But that's acceptable because he's the Obama-meister, and he's special.

In spite of the criticism the left heaps on the United States for real and imagined errors of the past, the proof of the goodness of our nation, is not only the success of immigrants who have come here from all over the world seeking a better life, but of the way we've treated the nations we have defeated in war. Japan and Germany currently live as well or better than we do because we defeated their former totalitarian governments and then built them back up to the point where they are our competitors on the world stage. That's a record we can be proud of, but one that Obama and his leftist buds will never recognize and applaud. That's just the way it is, and that's why our new legislators must oppose him at every step, and why he must be defeated in 2012: because he wants to injure the nation he swore to defend and is selling us out to the worst characters in the world. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's Embrace Obama's Own Words: "WE WON"

When Obama assembled himself and the Republicans last year to discuss how they would work together legislatively he was very outspoken and precise when he told the Republicans that he and the Democrats had won the executive and legislative branches, and his message was clearly that they would impose their will on the nation, despite the fact that numerous demonstrations and the polls showed that the liberals were not only opposing the more conservative side of the aisle, they were openly opposing the will of the American people with their proposals of Obamacare, card check and cap and trade.

Republicans won in a landslide on November 2nd and they know what they were elected to do: reduce spending, reform Social Security, repeal Obamacare, control our borders, obey the Constitution, reduce taxes (and tell the United Nations, in non-diplomatic terms, to "stuff" their proposal of a world tax on carbon in order to control the fraudulent lie of global warming), reduce government overhead, oppose the E.P.A.'s plans to administratively impose cap and trade on us since the legislature won't officially approve it, reduce regulations on commerce and business and get companies hiring and profiting again.

Our side won the recent election, and we insist that our legislators impose the will of the American people on Obama and other leftists, and push our agenda day after day until we wear them down. The newly elected House majority was not put there to bargain, negotiate and try to get along, they were put there to save this great nation from the evils of liberalism, and if they don't hit the ground running and never stop running, we'll elect a new bunch of legislators in November, 2012 who will.

We won, now let's act like it and do the things we know must be done.

Restoring Prosperity: FICA Taxes and Fairness to the Young

The fraud on Americans that is Social Security is bad enough, but the continuing fraud perpetrated on the younger workers of the United States is an additional scandal. We know that there is not a penny of value in the Social Security Trust Fund and that it operates only on a pay-as-you-go-basis. The Trust Fund is now running a deficit trying to pay benefits, so to continue to force young workers to pay into a money-hole from which they will never draw a cent of retirement money is wrong and it must stop. No one currently in their 20s, 30s, or even their 40s will see any benefit from their current FICA payments, so part of a Social Security reform must be to allow them to opt-out and invest their money in sources that will have value when they eventually retire.

The liberals/progressives continue their idiotic argument that we must continue to feed money to the government for our retirement because, given the recent down-turn in the stock market (a down-turn that was begun and made worse by government action, by the way) the. Tell that to the citizens of Greece! And the way of Greece is exactly the direction we're heading. The government can cut off any spending, payout and benefits any time it so desires, as Greece has recently demonstrated. But if you have money invested in corporate stocks or bonds, even if the market crashes, you have some value left, and the value will restore as the market recovers. And if you lose all your money in a market crash then it's your fault for not sufficiently diversifying your investments.

People with actuarial skill and training need to determine the age at which full Social Security pay-ins are reduced and what ages are completely exempt from paying into the phony system, but we are destroying the futures of our children and grand children with the current program, and that's immoral.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attention Politicians: This Time Failure Will Be Punished

Americans are angry with the direction their country is being taken, and since they elect representatives to make decisions about that direction, if you as their representative are not successful in reversing the dangerous drift toward the precipice that we now face, they will punish you with a one-way ticket home at the end of your term. In the past no one (except other politicians) really tracked how politicians performed in their elected positions, but this time we know that the future of our nation, and our children's futures, are at stake, so you will be watched and evaluated carefully.

There is no reason why elected officials, with their celebrity status and relatively high pay, should be treated differently from the rest of us who work in less illustrious jobs. If we who are employed by corporations that must make a profit or go out of business, fail to do our job, we are dismissed. So if you fail to do your job, we will fire you when your term is up.

Aside from repealing Obamacare, keeping taxes low and preventing cap and trade legislation from being forced on us, we want the architects of our current economic disaster (the Obama Administration officials and the czars) all of whom have lied and plotted against the nation and its citizens, investigated, prosecuted and put in jail if found guilty of a crime. Use your subpoena powers liberally on these leftist rogues. And you can tell the U.N. that we won't pay any taxes to them related to the scam of man-made-global-warming, or whatever they're calling it presently; it's a hoax and a lie designed to make Al Gore and his buddies a few more million dollars richer. (Google the recent closing of the Chicago Carbon Exchange as proof we are winning this battle).

Then kindly inform your political associates that if we reduce the size and expense of government we can more easily grow the private economy and jobs without having to raise taxes. Simply by eliminating the worthless, counter-productive E.P.A., the dictatorial departments of Energy and Education and the I.R.S (and begin implementing the point-of-sale FAIR tax in its place) the nation will be able to save $1 Trillion each year, minimum. Then include the enormous savings that will result from repealing Obamacare (which savings will be every year, not just once) and our nation will bounce back to prosperity quickly.

The United States is in a position where our own government is doing more damage to our economy and liberties than any foreign enemy has done or could possibly do, and we need our elected officials to correct the imbalance and restore normalcy to this great nation. We're watching you and taking notes on your progress toward this end.

My daughter recently reminded me of a quote by Edmond Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Let's not allow the evil of Obamacare, and liberalism in general, to destroy this great nation. We must actively and legislatively fight them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Notice to Newly Elected Republicans

First of all, congratulations on your hard-earned elections. I voted for those in my congressional district and my state and did volunteer work for most of you, so I'm invested.

Now a warning: You were elected to reduce the size and intrusiveness of government, reduce spending, repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, halt the EPA's radical carbon tax agenda and above all else obey the Constitution. You'll be evaluated by the electorate on how you behave and vote on these critical matters. If you don't produce results I, and many like me who worked and voted for you in this election, will work and vote against you in the next election.

From Obama's remarks since his party's losses on November 2nd it's clear that he doesn't get it and is not willing to review and reconsider his very radical agenda. If you don't oppose this evil man and his ultra-left policies we will vote your butts out at the end of your terms. No compromise, no getting-along, and no excuses, we want Obama defeated absolutely and completely (even though Obama has the veto power, you have control of the country's purse-strings, and we expect you to use them to best advantage against Obama). If you are not successful in this endeavor there may not be another opportunity to save our liberty, our economy and this wonderful nation.

You've been warned, and we're watching. Now good luck.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Should Sarah Palin Run For President?

I recently heard Shanin and Parks (the local radio duo on KMBZ) discussing the advisability of having Sarah Palin run for president in 2012. These gentlemen usually try to combine urbane low-level political correctness with conservative sophistication and end up missing the point they are trying to make, so I'll assist them in this endeavor.

Their argument was that Sarah Palin is too divisive and because of that we need a more low key candidate who won't cause friction and controversy. The point they miss is that the divisiveness and friction comes from the liberal establishment and the network/print news and commentary, along with the few Republicans that want the left's favor, not from conservatives who favor Palin nor from Palin herself.

An example of a Republican candidate who was loved and promoted by the liberal establishment was John McCain. The press did everything they could to praise and promote him for the Republican candidacy because he's very liberal in many of his positions and he was said to be "reasonable" (meaning manipulable by the press). But once the press got him nominated for the presidency they then began tearing him down in favor of whatever liberal Democrat came along. The result was that McCain lost because Republicans listened to their political opponents about who they should run for president. This idiocy must stop! These are critical times for our nation and when Sarah Palin speaks on relevant, serious topics her remarks should be responded to seriously, not mocked for being confrontational and controversial. Controversy and conversation is exactly what we need as regards the numerous problems our nation faces. The liberal press wants to silence us, and we can't allow that to happen.

Palin is an excellent choice for a presidential candidate precisely because she causes controversy and frightens leftists, which means she's telling the truth and will likely appeal to conservatives. An effective, true conservative will always get vicious criticism from the leftist media, but does that mean we should nominate Arlen Spector or John McCain (again) for president solely because liberals praise them? No. It just makes sense to support the person that your political opponents fear and criticize the most, and that's Sarah Palin. In fact, simply having the adoration of the opposition press is and should be a negative for any conservative candidate.

Under Obama The U.N. Investigates the U.S. for Human Rights Abuses

According to a Breitbart article in the Drudge Report, for the first time in its existence the United Nations is investigating the United States, under the Obama administration, for human rights abuses. From this report it would appear the U.N. agrees with Republicans that Obama is bad and must be defeated and removed from office in 2012, if not impeached sooner, for his blatant abuses of power.

In addition, a United States group, the U.S. Human Rights Network, seems to also be siding with Republicans against Obama by asking him to adhere to "international standards" (Stop laughing. International standards on human rights, such as those practiced in Cuba, Venezuela and Russia, are serious stuff that the United States can learn from) as regards human rights issues.

Poor Barry. It seems everyone is abandoning him in his hour of need. All of his pandering to the U.N. and every despotic leader in the world, plus his constant bad-mouthing of the United States and its past actions, has done him no good at all.