Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama Wants The Rich To Sacrifice

Only under a liberal/socialist administration would people be asked to sacrifice.

Under capitalism the need for sacrifice is rare because people who work hard, save and invest are self-sufficient and they provide for themselves, along with assistance for the truly poor and needy.

Under Barry's socialist administration the economy is sick, joblessness is high, inflation is climbing, businesses are afraid of the next edict from the administration and as a result are not growing, oil and gas drilling have been halted, and the EPA continues to issue punitive and suspect regulations that stall job growth and business expansion and are contrary to the EPA's enabling legislation.

And the rich are asked to sacrifice?

The rich already pay most of the nation's tax bill and provide the jobs we all need. And aside from that, we're all sacrificing every day with no end in sight from the actions of our immoral president.

My only hope is that the unending sacrifice being forced on us doesn't destroy the nation and the goose that lays the golden egg. But if Barry has his way the egg will soon be made of tin, and our dreams for our children and grandchildren will turn to dust.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"657 New Islands Discovered Worldwide"

According to scientists, 657 new islands have recently been discovered worldwide. This of course means that our prescient president was correct when he declared at his election that the oceans would fall and the earth would heal with him in charge. And he may be too modest to take credit for also halting global warming, but we know there is no such thing happening, so our Barry must also have caused this miracle to occur.

So now will he take credit for lowering the oceans and halting global warming and go away and leave us alone? Not likely. America still has a trace of an economy left and a few people are still employed, so he'll stick around and destroy what's left of the remainder of our prosperity first. Let's just hope that we can vote this immoral fool out of office before he completely destroys this great nation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What we need now is Constitutional "Extermism"

It's a shame that liberal, unconstitutional extremism has become the accepted norm in America. What we need as a countermeasure to this phenomenon is for conservatives to propose, and make every effort to implement, even to the extent of shutting down the government for an extended period of time, real Constitutional "extremism". The Ryan budget is a great starting point, but with the latest Continuing Resolution agreement now being reported as draconian and extreme by liberals, while being reported at less than $300m million in expenditure cuts (which are insignificant), we need to redefine the word "extreme" and make truly significant proposals while abiding by the constitution. and we need to prepare ourselves for crying, moaning, threats and accusations by liberals to a level we've never seen before when real changes are made. And isn't it shameful that suggesting we abide by the constitution is assumed to be extreme? But that's where our nation stands at present.

To repeat, the Ryan budget for 2012 is a great place to start, but it's too specific and exacting in its proposals and a bit too pointy-headed to grasp, and there are other enormous constitutional issues that Ryan didn't address which will not only save hundreds of billions of dollars but would also eliminate the liberal mischief and threats to our prosperity and liberty that reside in the executive branch of government, especially the EPA.

The major source of mischief and regulations that negatively impact our lives and prosperity is the EPA, which is inventing emergencies in order to minutely regulate and control our lives and business. We must abolish this bunch of rogues and save in excess of $9 billion each year.

The Department of Education has destroyed education in the U.S. and is a shill for the far left teachers' unions, and the only way we will improve education is to abolish this corrupt department, eliminate the political influence it represents in the education of our children and return control to local school boards, and save $77 billion each year.

The Departments of Energy and Interior have caused oil and gas to become more scarce and more expensive and have shut down drilling in this nation at the cost of thousands of jobs and a reduction of our competitive ability and our security. We must abolish these departments to save our nation, and save $41 billion each year as a result.

The Department of Commerce costs $6 billion each year and restricts and controls commerce nearly to death, so this leftist, statist organization must be abolished.

The IRS costs us $13 billion each year, on top of the cost of tax preparation and the invisible hand-in-the-pocket of payroll deduction. The FAIR tax would save our citizens money and would assure that all illegals and visitors to America were paying taxes that they avoid under the current IRS income tax system.

The Liar-In-Chief Is At It Again

A few weeks ago Obama was proposing to spend trillions of dollars of new, borrowed money in the next few years on things he could use to grant favors to his liberal friends, but now that Paul Ryan's budget has been made public Barry claims that he wants to reduce spending in favor of a more austere budget. Is this fiscally responsible conversion true, or is it just another ruse to shut Republicans up and allow him to spend more borrowed money? Of course it's a ruse, it's coming from the mouth of our Barry.

Paul Ryan's excellent budget has the fool-in-chief on the run and he is saying anything he can think of to try to halt his plummeting pole ratings and get back on another spending/stimulus spree.

Republicans must stick to their guns and insist on a halt to spending and there must be no tax increases for even the wealthiest Americans. If the Democrats won't go along with Ryan's reasonable and necessary proposal then shutting down the government will be a necessary step. But we must insist on Ryan's budget being the Republican position.

Obama is a radical leftist seeking to destroy capitalist America by taxing, spending and redistributing the wealth that has made this the freest, wealthiest and most comfortable nation in the world.

Obama must be opposed at every juncture and turned out of office in 2012. This evil, immoral man lied about the provisions of Obamacare and is still lying about the new Republican budget proposals.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Democrat Leaders Are Lying, Filthy Bastards

During the recent Continuing Resolution show that Democrats theatrically played and that the press joyously celebrated, we heard unbelievable and unprecedented statements from Democrat leaders that Republicans want to kill women (Louise Slaughter of New York said on April 8th ".... and now they're here to kill women", and Harry Reid of Nevada said "Republicans" want to keep "women from getting cancer screenings"). These statements would indicate that Republican men want to kill their mothers, wives and daughters and that Republican women want to kill themselves, their mothers and their daughters, and all this fictitious killing from simply proposing that Planned Parenthood have funds withheld from it that would go toward publicly funded abortions, but would leave Planned Parenthood free to otherwise practice as they do today, only without tax payers' money being given to them. And even though Democrats can accuse Republicans of wanting to kill women, Republicans had better never accuse Democrats of wanting to kill babies, which is exactly what abortions on demand is all about, because that would be contentious and mean-spirited and border on hate speech, and would justifiably get a scolding from our president. This is not the first time Democrat leaders have accused their opponents of the most serious and horrible of crimes. John Kerry once said that our brave military in Iraq was knocking down doors in the middle of the night in order to terrorize the Iraqi population, and Dick Durbin compared our troops in Iraq to "Pol Pot and others" while Bush was president, but they've oddly become good troops under Obama. These are all serious charges from Democrats that cannot and must not be excused by polite society. They are similar to jack-booted brownshirts at the end of the Weimar Republic, stating that Jews were killing Christian babies in order to use their blood in religious ceremonies. How can Republicans deal on a serious and honest basis with these lying bastards? We can never believe anything they say again. And all of this libelous speech is because the Democrats spent and borrowed trillions of dollars we don't have and refused to generate a budget in 2010, leaving Republicans to be the adults and try to work through the C.R. process left them by the Democrats' lack of a budget while having to deal with this filthy vermin and their name calling at the same time. If voters don't get rid of the lying, filthy Democrats in the Senate and the Oval Office in 2012 our nation will cease to exist, and we'll deserve exactly what we get by allowing these bastards to remain in power.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bravo To Paul Ryan And His Courageous Budget Proposal

I hope everyone is thanking Paul Ryan for his new budget proposal. The proposal is throwing liberals for a loop and they are trying without success to defend their old wasteful ways. The new budget of the House Republicans is a large step, although it's only a first step, towards controlling government spending and its unconstitutional control of our lives, our liberties and our fortunes. The next logical step to Ryan's 2012 budget and its spending cuts is to abolish the administrative sources of constant mischief and punitive regulations: the departments of Energy, Education, Interior and the EPA in particular. Mr. Ryan has illuminated the path for Americans and I trust they will follow this path and find their way out of the liberal wilderness that Obama, Reid and Pelosi have created for us. Call Mr. Ryan's Washington office at 202-225-3031 and express your thanks for this important move forward for our nation. Presently, with the 2011 continuing resolution negotiations that are the sole object of attention, we are seeing a full-court-press against Ryan and the other strong Republicans that is intended to cover the backsides of the culpable Democrats. The fact is that in 2010 the Democrats were so drunk with power and spending that they refused to do their assigned duty and generate a budget for this year (2011), and they've allowed republicans to take abuse from the Democrats and the press because they are caught in the trap the Democrats laid for them in 2010, and are having to continually extend spending for short durations in place of the budget the Democrats should have created. The House Democrats, by not creating a budget in 2010, are as gutless and shameful as the Wisconsin Democrats who deserted their state positions to avoid having to make hard decisions and vote as required by law. There should be criminal punishment for such fools, and especially at a time of nation-threatening financial short-falls. This is a time in our nation's history when personal courage and conviction are required of our legislators who must do the right thing despite the abuse the liberals and the press will direct at them as they reduce spending and return to the responsible and limited governing required by the constitution.