Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, October 31, 2022

“The Only Thing We Have To Fear”… Is Government Itself

 FDR had it almost right when he made the statement rephrased above, prior to World War II. And at the time he was correct in his position that one should fear a tyrannical government, and oppose it.

But in today’s world our greatest fear is not only of government in general, but specifically of our own government and the tyranny it is creating, with unequal treatment under the law, an FBI that attacks anyone critical of the Biden administration, the despotic Democrat establishment of leftist mayors and governors, and a woke set of federal bureaucrats who lie about simple biology and the way the sexes interrelate.

America has always feared foreign governments: England prior to the American revolution, the Germans during World War II, and the Russian government always. But with the woke, despotic administration of Joey Biden, we citizens have come to fear our own domestic government more than any foreign foe intent on harming us.

This mistrust of our own government is a dangerous thing to happen to a democracy that is forced to trust that our elections are fair and that the outcomes reflect the actual votes of the people. But here we are, in spite of warnings of a possible “one person, one vote, one time” calamity, and a further warning that we are only one administration away from a dictatorship in which the next president will allow no opposition to his autocratic rule. We must end the hold Democrats have on our information, our energy supply, our mobility and our economy in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Elon Musk Returns America To Its Constitutional Principles

 Now that Elon Musk has re-established freedom of speech in America, let’s see how long he is left unblemished by the Biden administration, which formerly worshipped the industry and work ethic of Mr. Musk’s various undertakings.

Watch closely as personal and corporate tax attorneys pour over Mr. Musk’s background. Watch as representatives of OSHA delve into safety conditions at Twitter, now that Musk is the owner, and very probably the federal government will propose the unionization of Twitter and other Musk businesses, which have been beyond reproach to this point in the opinion of the Biden administration.

And watch as the government inspects how the Chinese-inspired ESG objectives our leftist government has imposed on American corporations, are being handled by Musk at each of his businesses. And Let’s see how long it takes for Musk’s current ESG ratings to take a hit, now that Twitter is out of the hands of satisfactorily far-left stooges.

And one would not be surprised at how quickly the dirty, unsafe, environmental aspects of building and maintaining electric vehicles are made public and used to prove how bad a person Elon Musk, the former hero of environmental politics, is.

Elon Musk has committed the inexcusable act of exposing the lies and unconstitutional actions of the Biden family and administration, and the leftist power structure in Washington will have to make him pay dearly.

It’s almost funny, but certainly instructive, how a former leader in the Biden Green New Deal has suddenly become the most hated man in Democrat America, and all because he believes in the American constitution and the Bill of Rights, and insists that his new purchase will abide by our nation’s founding principles.

May Mr. Musk be blessed real good, as Billy Graham used to say, in his journey to assure freedom of speech in America. The old saw of “no good deed goes unpunished” is especially true with the crooked and corrupt Biden administration and its intention to destroy America, and with the bump in the road that Musk is presenting to this evil, woke undertaking, the new owner of Twitter must be punished.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Biden’s Marie Antoinette Moment: Let Them Eat Ice Cream Cones

 In a recent interview, our mentally deficient, idiot of a president, Joey Biden, couldn’t stop chomping, slurping and licking his big-boy-size ice cream cone long enough to show a scoop of concern for Americans who are trying to live with his inflation and learn how to behave in the politically correct, trans-loving, free-speech-hating world of his making.

Old Joey is so removed from reality and so imbedded in his administration’s woke, leftist nonsense, that he offended all concerned and struggling Americans with his I’m-the-president grin and his usual disconnected, superior attitude, as he idly ate ice cream. 

 So the president, under whose administration crime has soared, inflation has taken away discretionary cash from citizen’s personal budgets and millions of illegals have invaded our nation, is so self-satisfied and enriched with his personal ill-gotten gains from China and Ukraine, that he can’t express any regret for the decisions his woke, Harvard-educated staff has imposed on America, or even pretend concern about the pain his less-than two years in the White House has caused.

In the fullness of time Joey will be in the old folks home where he belongs and he can eat all of the ice cream he wants when he will no longer be in a position to harm Americans as he does so. But the next two years could place America in a position that will be impossible to recover from if this fool is able to keep the House and Senate under Democrat control, because a Democrat majority will assure that anti-American politicians will remain in place who will slavishly do Biden’s will and allow him to undo the gains of freedom and prosperity that it has taken Americans centuries to accomplish. We must retire all Democrats this mid-term election in order to keep Joey’s harm to America at a minimum and to avoid any more damage to this great nation.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

In A Post-Biden America, Wokeness And Electric Vehicles Will Fade Away

 The leftist excitement of the Biden White House, with woke fools bent on destroying America with their use of the lie of warming/change, will fade rapidly once the Biden-Harris idiocy comes to an end. It’s clearly obvious that the chain of disasters that the Biden bunch has dropped on America are caused by the lack of common sense and/or any real thought, as they have cut off oil extraction and exploration, opened the southern border, used big tech as their agents to crush free thought and expression, forced citizens to endure vaccinations that don’t work and that may be dangerous when given to children, fired heroes from jobs for not getting vaccinations, and caused economic damage to citizens who just want to raise their children and prepare for retirement.

The attraction of electric vehicles will also soon fade as people learn the downside of these monsters and as the reputation of Elon Musk (who is now out of favor with the Democrat left because he is buying one of the Democrats’ far-left disinformation platforms that has been used as a governmental lying machine to cover up Biden’s criminal background) begins to fade in woke circles. And the dangerous policies of the woke staff appointed by Biden will become obvious as being policies that will undermine constitutional life in America.

Along with the woke, ultra-left, Harvard- and Yale-educated characters that Biden has loaded his administration with, Americans are tired of the constant trans-sexual noise, the men competing in women’s sports, and they want a predictable, sensible government that is not always in their face and calling them names.

Every move and every policy Biden has made has become a disaster for himself and for his party, and once this fool is gone, the Democrat party will collapse on its lies and its serious policy failures.

One of the biggest scandal-failures Biden has burdened the nation with is the warming/change lie. AOC and Bernie Sanders presented this idiocy to us in November of 2018, predicting that in twelve years the world will be so overheated that life on earth will end. We are now one-quarter of the way to the twelve-year deadline they gave us (which was 2030), and I ask the logical question that follows from this foolish notion that life will end in a date-certain time due to carbon pollution: has the temperature where you live increased at all since 2018 when the fool leftists made this dire prediction? It has not increased one degree in my part of the nation, so we can believe that this far-left line is no more valid than when Ted Danson gave us Public Service Announcements in the 1980s, stating that in five years from the time of his announcements the oceans would be dead of all sea life.

The Democrat party is full of truly insane, unbalanced people and they must be removed from power or freedom and liberty in America will indeed end in a few years, but from their foolishness, not the global temperature.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

We’re Watching As Joey Biden Gets Bitch-Slapped By The Arabs

 “Watch me” Joey said.

“Watch me” he said when questioned about his ability to serve as president of the United States.

So we watched him stumble up the steps to Air Force One.

And we watched him outlaw our own domestic source of oil as the first thing he did after becoming president.

And we watched him as he said that he supports a one-China policy on one day, and the next day he says he will send American troops to defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack.

We watched this idiot man as he reversed the border protection policies that Trump put into place which successfully halted the flow of illegals crossing our southern border.

We watched this fool man as he reversed the drilling policies that Trump established to make our nation self-sufficient in oil and to not need Arab oil at all.

And we watched this lunatic man go begging to Saudi Arabia, with hat-in-hand, to ask the Saudis to pretty-please pump more oil so he could appear to be doing something to offset his destructive orders that have caused the cost of gasoline to skyrocket since he reversed Trump’s successful policies.

And now we’re watching as the Saudis bitch-slap old pussy Joey with a reduction of two million barrels of oil a day. Thanks Joey, for being such a great shepherd overseeing the welfare of the American citizens. You’re such a strong, persuasive man that even the Saudis disrespect you by giving you the finger after your embarrassing plea for their help.

But of course Joey still pretends to be doing everything possible to reduce the escalating price of a gallon of gasoline, which will only go up more with the new reduced pumping by the Arabs. And we’ll likely see our Strategic Petroleum Reserve further reduced by this idiot man as he pretends to be producing the oil this nation needs by pulling out gallons of this necessary emergency supply of oil, which reduces the volume that will one day cause the deaths of Americans when the stockpile of oil in the SPR is not there to fight a war or provide emergency crews with the energy they need to save Americans in harms way.

Now we’ll watch when the midterm elections turn against the doddering old fool and his intentional destruction of America.

In Attacking Herschel Walker, Woke Leftists Are Fools

 I don’t know whether Herschel Walker paid for an abortion or not (although I’ll take his word for it that he did not), but leftists are just plain stupid for stirring up a tussle trying to indict him for such an act, even if he did do it.

If Democrats have proof that he did indeed pay for an abortion, they’d be better advised to celebrate his joining their side of the argument, take a win on that point and use it to move on with the mid-term elections. But today’s woke, selfish and power-hungry Democrat party is not able to take the high road, they have to attempt to totally destroy Republicans in every instance and leave a path of rubble in their wake. If your opponent is doing things that you, as a political party, want everyone to do, thank that opponent for joining your side in the issue, take credit for being able to show the opponent’s two-facedness and move on with dignity.

But the fact that he allegedly used his own money to pay for the abortion, instead of using public tax money for all abortions as the left wants to do, puts a bit of pressure on the left to use measured tones when criticizing him. One clearly recalls the left’s calls of “stay out of my bedroom” back in the day, so the Democrats need to be careful when the expenditure of money is a private matter, because big government can trample on everyone’s toes if they get the chance.

On the other hand, just assuming his guilt for the sake of argument, Mr. Walker could have avoided much embarrassment if he had used the old Obama way out of a sticky position by simply saying that he had “evolved” to his current position of being an opponent of abortions, because of the harm this does to the mother, and obviously the child. This would have weakened criticism of his alleged act and given him some wiggle room in the argument, and he could have advanced his argument in the left’s own terms by making the appeal to a woman’s right to choose, and that a woman might change her mind once she has more personal experience with this very serious and personal matter. He might even have advanced the argument that he was opposed to the abortion but respected the woman’s right to decide to go forward with it, so he did the right thing by paying for it, based on her insistence.

The American political left is a vicious animal that will destroy their own nation in an attempt to gain and hold absolute political power, and this single-minded power struggle keeps them from being able to think of other ways to win a battle other than killing and ripping to shreds any and all opponents to their power quest. These people deserve nothing but total defeat in the 2022 mid-term elections, because they are undermining all that‘s good about America.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

America Is In The Midst Of A Battle Between Serious, Thoughtful People, And Non-Serious, Political Democrats

 Trump: Serious about serving and protecting America; serious about protecting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; serious about educating our children; serious about border control; serious about lower taxes; serious about protecting the American economy; serious about inexpensive and available fuel for homes and cars, and serious about equal justice under the law for every American.

Biden: Non-serious; prone to giving frightening and loud speeches in front of Nazi-red settings; sells our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China and wastes the rest of the SPR cache on trying to convince Americans that fuel prices are going down; supports men competing against women in sports; supports Critical Race Theory in schools; opened Trump’s closed border; wants higher taxes; believes in a rising ocean; his DOJ favors leftists over all other Americans; concentrates more on the pronouns used in the military than on actual military preparedness. And our Joey and his non-serious Democrat pals think it’s fine and dandy that teachers entice children to undergo sex change operations and drugs and keep these life-threatening activities from the parents of the children attending school in these facilities.

Serious people want to help people; non-serious people want to achieve political power and use that power to silence opposition; and using power for their to own political ends is what the Biden administration is doing.

But perhaps the very essence of a vapid, non-serious person is one who says that men have menstrual periods and that men can bear children. In all of recorded history no serious, reliable person has ever spoken such idiotic, lunatic things as these. And when combined with women being described as “birthing persons” instead of mothers, one can see the non-serious lunacy of today‘s Democrat party.

Democrats cannot be trusted with any important functions of government any longer. It’s too likely they will plot against the welfare of Americans (as Biden has done with his obedience to China in exchange for the fortune the Chinese government has given to the Biden family) and for fear they’ll do something to damage Americans’ ability to feed and house themselves (as Biden has done via his Green New Deal in which he deprives all American of the ability to travel and transport their food to their families via his killing of the Keystone pipeline and halting all drilling for oil on federal land).