Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Unfortunately The Question Isn’t “Can We Trust The Iranians”, The Question Is “Can We Trust Obama”

It goes without saying (except when Kerry or Obama are saying it) that Iran cannot and must not be trusted to be honest in their dealings concerning their development of nuclear weapons.  Just like the Nazis and Communists before them, Iran will cheat and lie and will not allow any verifications or inspections to confirm that they have ceased work on a bomb.  But what has never before been suspected of a president of the United States is that Obama will deal for the benefit of Iran and not for the wellbeing of the United States, Europe or Israel.  Obama is a veteran, repeat, professional, well-rehearsed liar, and he cannot be trusted to deal firmly with Iran, nor to tell the American people the truth about whatever agreement is reached with the Mullahs.

Therefore it’s encouraging to know that our wussy Congress has found the courage to press the issue against Obama and are demanding input on the agreement over Iran’s nuclear weapons development.  Obama has always treated Iran and others among our enemies as the good guys while threatening to punish or outright attack our allies and friends (he threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities). The man is pure evil and must not be trusted to conduct himself as one who has any fond sentiments toward America, our allies or our military.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Stupid President Is Preferable To An Evil President

Edward Banfield once said that criminals are people who can’t foresee the logical results of their bad actions.  They are unable to predict that prison will result from their stealing or killing.  They are doomed to keep making mistakes that hurt people and will keep paying the price.  Likewise, liberals/Democrats/progressives can’t foresee the bad outcomes of their liberal decisions and policies: they can’t see that appeasement to Iran and ISIS will result in real harm to America one day (like Neville Chamberlain could not predict that “Peace in our time” would lead to World War II, the destruction of Europe and the deaths of millions of people).

Similarly, in the United States, leftists could not predict that unlimited welfare would result in the virtual enslavement of millions of American citizens who grew up dependent on a big government that hands out just enough money to keep them sheltered and alive, in exchange for these entrapped citizens voting for Democrats in every election in order to keep the goodies flowing.  Even Democrats who recognize that their welfare policies are destructive to those on the receiving end will not propose that welfare be reduced so that these American citizens can become self-sufficient and proud of their economic success in life. Democrats want to continue to get the votes and exercise the power that comes from this dependent class, so they will continue the immoral policies that assures their continued, assured votes.

Likewise, a stupid president (Joe Biden comes to mind) would be preferable to an evil president (Obama).  A Republican legislator recently made the statement that he would not vote to bring impeachment charges against Obama because Biden is so stupid.  But I would argue that a stupid president would occasionally make a decision that favors the United States, its citizens and our allies and would further our prosperity and our liberties, unlike the evil Obama who will always make decisions that are destructive to  our nation and the world.  For example, Obama will always favor regulations from the EPA and the FCC that cause great harm to American citizens (like taxing carbon, which causes higher electric bills for already-hurt citizens, and diverting water from California’s Central Valley and sending the water into the Pacific Ocean, at a time when water is desperately needed to grow the crops that the entire nation needs for food, and that the local valley farmers and workers need to remain employed.  Obamacare has caused the same disruption to America’s medical and general employment situation, all because an evil president wants power and control, and because liberals can’t see the logical results of their actions and policies, and will never, ever admit they made a policy error and take steps to correct the problems they have caused.  But the most outrageous example of Obama’s pure evil is his string of Executive Orders, the worst being to open our borders to all comers, because he is undermining our entire system of government by excluding the House and Senate and dictating his personal will on the entire population.  A true liberal/ progressive will always seek to destroy America when it advances his/her personal power and control over the citizens.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Obama’s Hates Determine His Presidency (and our nation’s future)

If there’s one reason why Obama would reach an agreement with Iran concerning their development of nuclear weapons, it would be to be able to blame Israel for taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities, if events dictate such a move were necessary (and it will be in ten or fewer years based on the recent agreement between the U.S. and Iran). Israel would become an even greater Satan than it is today and Obama and the U.N. would abuse them and ride them into the ground for taking such an action (even if it were justified).  Keep in mind that Obama is reported to have threatened to shoot down any Israeli jet that tried to attack Iran and end their nuclear development, so teaming up with the U.N. to oppose Israel is a logical step for Obama.

Based on Obama’s recent treatment of the Israeli prime minister and his comments about Israel in general, it’s obvious that Obama is already consumed with hate at the Jews and would be glad to have a substantial reason to concentrate world opinion against Israel. Obama’s hate seems to target itself on successful western democracies (at present he’s aiming at his own United States along with Israel, both of whom are having territorial disputes with our neighbors (Obama is destroyed the U.S. sovereignty by opening our borders, and of course Israel is having trouble with the Palestinians, and Obama wants Israel to go back forty years and live by the borders it had in 1967).

Some general rules Obama lives by:
He hates capitalism, unless it’s making him personally wealthy with book deals.
He hates America, but he loves his 747 and his unlimited golf.
He hates Israel and Jews, unless he’s trying to get Jewish votes or money.
He hates the truth ($2500 savings, plan, doctor, red line, IRS, VA, no Iran nukes, etc.)
He hates Christians, but that’s a requirement of all leftists.