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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama Is Not A Leader? What The Hell Is Jeb Bush Talking About?

In his quest for the presidency Jeb Bush has made several statements about Obama not being a “doer” and not being a “leader”, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the hell Bush is talking about.  Obama has been the most dynamic leader in American history:

He led in taking healthcare away from every American.

He led in removing troops from Iraq after that war had been won, thereby causing death and misery to millions of people living there.

He led in the economic destruction of America with a debt of 18-plus trillion dollars and growing rapidly.

He led in the racial breakdown of America by not backing police in their fight against inter-city criminals.

He led in the insults and criticism of Israel and the increased trouble that nation is having with terrorists, which is also the same trouble we are having with terrorists.

He led in giving money and a nuclear device to Iran so they can continue to terrorize the world. And our fool president considers this horrific event to be his Legacy. Does Obama know who Neville Chamberlain was and what he did?

He led in blocking any Republican attempt to stop spending and get the national budget back in line with income.

He led in the cover-up of IRS illegalities.

He is still leading in the cover-up of Hillary’s criminal email issues.

With the middle-of-the-night vote on Obamacare (and without assuring all legislators had read the bill before voting on it) he led in the undermining of America’s legislative process.

By idiotically stating that Global Warming is the most pressing issue facing America Obama has led in the eventual police state of America via his attempts to give control over this nation to the United Nations and other anti-American international bodies.

He led in the blockage of the Keystone pipeline project.

He led in giving billions of wasted dollars to the solar power industry.

He has led in the intimidation of Republicans on the budget issue by blaming the former government shut-downs that Democrats caused (as well as the ones still to come) on the Republicans.

He led in the opening of America’s borders to all who would come, to do all they wish to do.

He led in ignoring duly legislated and enacted immigration laws.
He led in the sanctuary cities travesty.

He led in the fast and furious attempt to blame guns used to commit murder in Mexico on gun sales in America.

He is still leading in his attempts to outlaw guns for law-abiding Americans by lying about who actually commits crimes in our major cities.

He has led in criticism of America’s police forces, stating that they do “stupid” things.

He led in the successes of ISIS by brushing them off as JV quality and not a problem to be concerned with.

He has led in NOT developing a real plan to kill radical Islamists and win our fight against ISIS.

He has led in demonizing America’s proud record and making us look like the bad guys in the world.

He has led in criticism of Christianity and the crusades a thousand years ago, but has said not a word about current-day radical Muslims.

He led in establishing rules of engagement for our armed forces that assure their defeat.

He has led in making homosexual marriages equal to traditional marriages.

He has led in undermining and destroying our constitution.

He has led in governing America via personality, and not by the adherence to laws.

He has led in the use of “Continuing Resolutions” which means the government just keeps spending and has no annual budget to show what they are spending money on, and there are very few Republicans who are leading by speaking out to stop this idiocy.

He has led in alienating America from all of its allies and being even more hated by our enemies.

He has led in killing tens of thousands of jobs in America through radical EPA regulations.

Her has led in the arbitrary release of tens of thousands of convicted criminals back on American streets to commit their crimes again.

Barack Obama has led this great nation to the brink of destruction by being bold and being a leader in his “fundamental transformation of America”. Our beloved Barry has been a very effective leader in every way except to lead America to greater liberty, prosperity and adherence to the constitution. I just wish Jeb Bush, and current Republicans serving in the House and Senate, would be equally strong leaders in calling Obama the traitor and the evil, demonic force he is and stand up to him on issues such as the budget and his destructive EPA regulations. Jed Bush is not the “doer” America needs if we are going to reverse the downward trend Obama has led us to.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Al Gore Has Finally Made A Statement I Agree With, Sort Of

I hate to admit it, but Al Gore has finally made a statement that seems reasonable, at least it has some reasonableness based on what we know of ole Al.  He recently stated that Global Warming and CO2 are making people dumber.  In Al Gore’s case I can see a tie-in between intelligence and the lie of warming/change:  The closer you get to this liberal lie the dumber you get, and Al has obviously been the climate industry leader for much too long. This man is so stupid that he is willing to destroy our economy and make all Americans paupers just to enrich himself with this foolishness.

The only indicators of any warming/change that liberals have to offer are in liberal-programmed computers, and the computers are reporting exactly the dire warnings they were programmed to report. If the polar ice caps are really melting from all of the warmth the lying liberals are claiming has occurred, where are the CNN reports of the streets of Manhattan and Miami and Nassau being awash with ocean waters?  There are no such reports, and if such things were happening and could be offered as proof of their idiotic claims, they would be showing us the pictures every day.  But they’re not, and in not being able to offer such flooding as proof of the lie being true, they’ve made their own case against their ridiculous claims. But proof to the contrary of liberal claims has not stopped them before, and it won’t stop them now.

But perhaps one can assume from the lack of rising oceans, that Obama’s specific promise to halt the rise of the oceans, a promise made seven years ago at the beginning of his administration, has been what stopped the rising levels, and all because of hero Obama’s efforts?  No, this can’t be so, or he’d be taking credit for saving the earth.  So the only reason I can see for his dire claims is that this effort is part of his “fundamentally transforming America” promise, and we see constant first steps to fulfill this effort coming from the EPA with a deluge of regulations on a weekly basis that are grinding our industries to a halt and will soon cause power plants to brown-out as coal becomes unavailable for power generation, thanks to the EPA and the fool in the Oval Office.

And don’t forget the United Nations and its gallery of dictators and Star Wars rogues who are doing anything they can to bring the United States down to size, and would like nothing better than to kill our economy and be able to tax our citizens via the international body of the U.N. in an attempt to halt the fiction of warming/change.  That’s what’s happening.  We’re being lied to by our leaders who are about to allow radical foreigners in the U.N., scheduled to meet in Paris later this year to seal the deal, to eat our wealth and destroy our nation with confiscatory taxes and CO2 sur-charges, and I would not be surprised if United Nations blue-helmeted soldiers were installed in our cities and industries to assure that we Americans toe the warming/change line and pay homage in the form of our national wealth and treasure to the U.N. haven on the East river.  We’re at a desperate cross-roads with our current government, and the threat to our liberties is growing, not becoming any less threatening.

Once Upon A Time In America…

Once upon a time in America…

We called it going without healthcare. Now we call it Obamacare.

We called them Anti-American liars. Now we call them Democrats.

We called them Nazis. Now we call them U.N. delegates.

We called them Josef Mengele camps. Now we call them Planned Parenthood clinics.

We called them Democrats. Now we call them establishment Republicans.

We called them communists. Now we call them the Obama administration.

We called them an Islamic invading Army. Now we call them Syrian refugees.

We called it a border invasion. Now we call it an illegal alien extended family reunion.

We called it Europe. Now we call it an ISIS staging ground.

We called it voting for conservative Republicans. Now we call it an act of futility.

We called it the Supreme Court. Now we call it the leftist-judicial cloak room.

We called it the oval office. Now we call it the fundamentally-transform-America think tank.

We called it a constitution. Now we call it a fond memory.

We called them a set of duly passed legislative laws. Now we call them Obama’s playthings.

We called it the Declaration of Independence. Now we call it a good idea that should be tried again in order to get big government out of our lives and off our backs

We called them Police Officers. Now the left calls them murderers.

We called them naturally occurring weather cells. Now the left calls each storm evidence of global warming/climate change, proving that the end of the earth is near.

We called them universities of higher learning. Now we call them leftist indoctrination camps.

We called it American citizenship. Now the left calls it living well at the expense of, and on the backs of, the world’s impoverished, starving masses.

We called it chicken-little thinking. Now we call them the left’s catastrophe/disaster-of-the-day alarms that attempt to justify why our constitutional freedoms and rights must be curtailed.

We called it States Rights. Now we call it one of the many things lost via liberal-Progressive government.

We called it a market correction. Now leftists call it criminal activity that the government must take over, and give us more of, in order to save our economy.

We called it getting rich at public expense. Now we call them politicians.

We formerly called them leftists, extremists and loons.  Now we call them White House staff.

We have always called such a thing a fool sucker punch.  Now we call it an Obama Nuke agreement with Iran.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reading Biden’s Not-Running Speech Assures Me Of His Total Stupidity And The Failure Of The Obama-Biden Years

I invite everyone, I implore the entire nation, to read the text of Joe Biden’s speech in which he announces, from the Rose Garden, not that he will run, but that he won’t run for the candidacy of the Democrat party for the office of President.  That announcement requires Rose Garden time?

The speech starts off with a blast of rambling non-thought by Biden in which he stumbles around trying to make a point, such as “I’ve said all along, what I’ve said time and again to others, that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president.  That it might close. I’ve concluded, it has closed…that there’s no timetable for this process”. Finally he says “Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time.”  The man is unable to express himself in the English language.  He just rambles, as in “But I also know that I could do this—I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready. The good news is, the family’s reached that point”.

But aside from this fool man’s near-illiteracy, the points he makes in the text, using words that someone else obviously wrote for him, are at variance with the real world we all know, as well as with the world as Biden states it.  He states that “Obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery”. We’re 18 trillion dollars in debt, the EPA almost daily issues a new regulation that kills thousands more jobs, our cities are witnessing an unbelievable killing spree, illegal immigrants are populating our cities and being protected from criminal investigations by the sanctuary city farce, we have a record high unemployment rate, we have a record number of people on welfare, ISIS dominates the Middle East, Russia is moving into Syria with a full military stance and Netanyahu is visiting Putin before he visits Obama, and Biden thinks we’re witnessing a recovery under the Obama administration?  The man’s an outright fool.

He states that it would be a “tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the Obama legacy.” Obama considers his legacy to be the nuke deal with Iran which assures Iran’s possession of a nuclear bomb and a vehicle to deliver it, and Biden thinks that undoing that legacy would be a bad thing?  Undoing that legacy is absolutely critical! But of course Biden is talking about more than just the Iran nuke tragedy when he mentions a legacy. But after considering the list of problems facing our nation listed in the preceding paragraph, who could possibly pretend that the Obama administration has a record that doesn’t beg to be reversed?  Only our Joe could suggest this.

Further into the speech Biden talks about our nation having a “really solid foundation” but that “we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exist in this country”.  If those quotes don’t contradict each other I don’t know what would.  Biden is stating that “inequality” is running rampant in the Obama administration.  I believe he’s on to something, but I know he doesn’t understand what.

Elsewhere he states that “I believe we have to level the playing field for the American people.  And that’s going to take access to education and opportunity to work”.  Again, Joe is right about our problems and about the disaster that the Department of Education has caused for the public school system throughout the nation, but he’s admitting that the Obama-Biden ticket has failed completely to do anything about it. Of course, his solution would not be to repeal the enabling legislation that created the Department of Education, send everyone working there home and leave the local school districts alone to educate their children as they did successfully until leftists took over education at the federal level.  Ole Joe would just give the Department extra millions of dollars to waste on more-of-the-same and would consider the issue resolved.  And his statement about an “opportunity to work” denies that the EPA and the Obama administration are killing jobs in massive numbers, and that if the EPA had its enabling legislation repealed and our nations’ businesses were then able to concentrate on making money and employing people again, the “opportunities to work” he desires would become a reality.  But this won’t happen with Obama in office.

Joe “believe(s) we need to lead more by the power of our example, as the president has, than merely by the example of our power.”  Clever phrasing, but the reality is that Obama is all about controlling the nation by the exercise of raw political power, even when he states that he has no such power under the constitution. His executive orders are making a mockery out of any pretense of a rule of law, and his unconstitutional edicts are making waste paper of the constitution.

Joe doesn’t believe that “we should look at Republicans as our enemies”, yet he has stood by with his trademark squinty eyes looking on with adoration as Obama and the rest of the liberal establishment rips Republicans to shreds. Republicans have been referred to as being more dangerous than ISIS and of waging War On Women.  But Joe is too stupid to see anything wrong with these liberal positions.  He just squints harder and smiles vacuously.

He lovingly quotes our president (although I believe he is in error with this quote) in believing “compromise is not a dirty word”.  It may not be a dirty word, but it’s also not something practiced in the Obama administration.  Obama ignores immigration laws and calls the Republicans racists when they want our actual laws enforced.  He ignores the frightened voices who point out the immense flaws with the Iran nuke deal, but goes ahead and signs the horrible pact anyway (even though the Iranians refuse to sign the document and refuse to be held to its provisions, and instead chant “death to America” one more time as a punctuation to their refusal).

Biden warns us that “the ugly forces of hate and division, they won’t let up”.  Then what the hell has the Obama-Biden administration been doing for seven years if “hate and division” are rampant in our nation?  Obama has been building this mountain of hate and despair, which we see expressed in the war against our police forces following the black lives matter riots.  Every time there is a police versus criminal issue on the national scene Obama takes the side of the criminals, or at least lets the police go undefended for doing the thankless job these heroes do on a daily basis, and getting killed more and more by the people Obama identifies with.

Biden quotes that “Washington though, just has to begin to function again. Instead of being the problem, it has to become part of the solution, again “.  Talk about missing the point, and you’re talking about Biden.  The nation functioned best, and best served the needs and wants of all Americans when it did the least, but it’s no surprise that ole liberal Joe thinks that a government that governs the most, governs best.

And poor Joe steps outside the PC speech box at the end of his piece when he says “I am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things”. Liberals have been insisting for years that there is nothing extraordinary about America, so how can we “accomplish extraordinary things”? Joe could use some re-education from the PC crowd.

Vice President Biden has been quoted many times stating really stupid things that would have forced any conservative into retirement, and don’t forget his plagiarism, nor the lie he told about his law school standing. So just read the text of Biden’s non-running speech and see if you can determine what this fool man is trying to say half of the time, and I challenge you to determine the truth of what he says the other half.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Liberalism Is The Politics Of Wishful, Squishy Thinking

All political groups must define their raison d’etre, so liberals selected the best sounding, easiest thing to say: “we care” (this term can also be manipulated to be “I feel your pain” which was Clinton’s gig, or “yes we can” which was Obama’s likening to Hillary’s “it takes a village”, all of which are the Dems’ way of stating that no one can succeed without the party and if you try to succeed on your own you will fail and die sick, poor and alone). The term “we care” doesn’t really mean anything and requires no exertion of energy, no proof that their words make any difference nor that they improve anyone’s life (in fact there is much evidence to the contrary, which says that the more liberals make people dependent on government handouts of goodies, the worse the recipients’ lives become) but all liberals have to do is make some idiotic statement like those above, and then spend other people’s money in an attempt to make their promises come true, and their followers cheer.

Liberals make the claim that all ways of life are equal and that we must not prejudicially say one way of living is better or worse than another.  But poor people who depend on big government for handouts are trapped in poverty and will never get out until they become self-sufficient and cast off the pall of government, so it’s evident  that being poor and on the dole of big government is measurably bad.  However, it’s not being poor that’s bad, it’s the dependence on government that’s bad, and the people in government encouraging continued and increased dependence are bad people for continuing the fa├žade that they are doing good works when in reality they are destroying lives and creating dependence in order to further their own shameful political ends.

Liberals want illegal aliens to come to the United States and live off welfare and then, while making the ridiculous, self-serving, phony family-values statement that they just want families to remain intact and together, they make every effort to bring the extended family to America to also go on welfare.  So then instead of having one person on welfare we now have a family, and eventually an extended family, on welfare. I don’t believe that bringing a family to a foreign country where the language is not spoken and the customs are foreign and then going on welfare where there is little or no hope of becoming independent, is the way to raise a family (although it is a good way for liberals to assure continued votes as the goodies increasingly flow to the welfare class).  The family is better off remaining in their native country where they can function with a familiar environment, and if the political climate is corrupt, the people should fight to make it more equitable and a more pleasant place to live, not run to the United States which is otherwise called racist and evil by the same illegals who can’t wait to get here.

 As more illegal aliens come to America our nation becomes poorer with each arrival (just consider the current lack of health facilities in southern California where the inundation of foreigners has bankrupt local communities and forced health facilities to close, so now everyone living there suffers).  And as America becomes poorer our own political and economic situation becomes more corrupt, and eventually America will be as poor as the native countries the illegals are escaping, and then what have the illegals gained by bringing their poverty and joblessness here? Nothing!  That’s why one could realistically advance the notion that strong borders, which keep illegals out, work to the benefit of both the would-be illegals, and American citizens equally.  Let’s try the strong border thing for a change and see if it doesn’t work.  It’s a cinch that the open borders approach of Obama and his progressive gang of thugs has been a dismal failure at serving the needs of anyone but the corrupt American Democrat/progressive/liberal-political class.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To Obama The “General Welfare” Is Just Plain Welfare, In General

One must remember that the constitution was written many years ago and some of its words may have taken on some new and different meanings in the twenty-first century. But the time lag is no excuse for the term “General Welfare” being construed to relate to our present big government liberal welfare state, as Obama’s use of the phrase would indicate.

The words “General Welfare” were meant to serve the population at large and assure their liberty and prosperity.  But Obama’s welfare state effectively imprisons the poorest among us and assures their total dependence on big government at the expense and loss of liberty and prosperity for not only those poorest citizens, but for the majority of the nation as well as they try to pay for the government-imposed dependence of the welfare class.  In this context, everyone loses, but the poor lose the most because as dependence continues, and the government benefits get more lavish, the chance of becoming a fully functioning, prosperous, self-sufficient citizen begins to diminish, especially when succeeding generations of poor children are trapped in the government run public school system which everyone knows is failing badly to educate our young people.

Our nation has truly lost its way, and the press, which was given specific constitutional protection, assuming it would protect our freedom by impartially reporting on events and making the citizens aware of threats to our liberty, instead sides with, makes excuses for and defends the oppressor in the Oval Office and his liberal Democrat/progressive pals in the House and Senate.

Last night the Democrats had their first debate among the presidential candidates and the whole thing was one big enchilada of promised government handouts. From free college education, to single-payer health care, to the lie of climate change, to the breakup of banks that the government doesn’t like, to a big-government imposed minimum wage, to the dangerous distinction between “black lives matter” (but definitely don’t say “all lives matter”), the Democrats are full-blown fascist-communists and their multi-trillion dollar price tag assures the continued American decline if one of these fool idiots is elected president.  The whole program was one give-away promise after another with each candidate one-upping the previous promiser, and no one asked how all of these promises were to be paid for, nor did they ask how a nation can pretend to be free when government issues new rules and regulations on a nearly daily basis as a new aggrieved, dependent class makes its demands.

One of the most repeated claims made by the Democrat candidates last night was that our prisons are too full and we need to incarcerate fewer people.  The Dems may have a self-serving point in this regard: the liberal’s theft of tax-payer money and the related denial of the American dream of liberty and prosperity is a greater crime than any small-time crook could commit, so the Dems appear to be trying to make the argument that crooks like themselves should not go to jail for stealing our money through heavy taxation. But I think they should be behind bars right beside the guy who swiped granny’s purse, because the guy who steals property from an individual is not as great a criminal as the politician who legally steals liberty and prosperity from an entire nation.  All of this scum should be breaking rocks while doing hard time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obama’s Only Foreign Policy “Success” Is A Disaster, Yet He Considers It His Legacy

I knew that Obama’s Iran nuke pact was bad for the United States and critical to Israel and simply a typical stupid move on the part of Obama, but I didn’t know the more recent details and how bad they were until I read more.

A little history about Obama’s behavior concerning his dealings with his fellow Americans compared with his dealings with Islamic zealots: Our Idiot president took a bill (Obamacare) that was duly passed and signed by all parties, and immediately began juggling dates and requirements under the bill in order to hide its negative requirements and provisions from the American people (especially at election time when the draconian provisions would have caused a stampede of votes against liberal politicians).  He’s illegally tweaked the bill so many times to satisfy his political ends and to cover up its real edicts and the harm it is doing to our healthcare that he should be run out of DC on a rail.

More recently he has reached a nuke deal with Iran that has been criticized by all but the most radical Democrats and other anti-Americans, and we now learn the Iranians refuse to sign the “agreement”.  In other words it’s not an agreement; it’s instead another edict from Obama, but an edict that only America will adhere to, to America’s detriment.  And to show Iran’s disdain with the pact, they have neither translated it into their language nor will they even present it to their legislature for consideration.  Obama is willingly and voluntarily giving the terrorist Iranians billions of dollars and the freedom to develop nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles, and our fool president brags about what a good deal this is!  The man is insane!

So we have a president who deals with his own nation in a reluctant, illegal and confrontational manner, while willingly and happily giving a terrorist state money and weapons to become an even greater threat to the world.  The repeated “Death to America” chant of the Mullahs in Iran makes no impression on Barry at all.

The New York Post writer Amir Taheri expresses it accurately when he writes “Obama will be the only person sticking to the deal” because the Iranians certainly will not.  This is what Obama meant about “Fundamentally transforming America” and we’re under more threat from Obama each and every day.  And as far as I know, our majorities in the House and Senate are just letting this fool America hating president get his way.  The likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would find a way to stop their opponents if they were in the majority.  One can only hope that the current Republican shake-up in the House will result in a change in leadership and end up with the installation of real American patriots who will stop this and other threats to America and the world.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Liberals Squeal About Gun Control, But Reality Says The Solution Is Criminal Control

When a mass shooting occurs the first thing liberals want to do is prohibit legal gun possession.  This type of action would of course take guns from the law-abiding, who have never hurt anyone, and would leave guns solely in the hands of criminals, who have no problem hurting everyone.  If guns were to be taken from law-abiding citizens a renewed burst of gun crimes would likely be the result as criminals began to take advantage of the lawful removal of the obstacle to their commission of crimes (the citizen’s guns) and a free-for-all would result.

In the aftermath of a mass shooting we usually learn that the killer was a terrorist, a known criminal or someone who was known to be mentally unbalanced or down-right nuts for some period of time prior to the commission of the crime.  So it seems to the interested observer that if liberals would not be so soft on crime (he was from a poor, disadvantaged family and should be given a light sentence or no sentence at all), or if they would allow medical assistance and needed confinement for those who would hurt themselves or others (he was kept in a modern snake-pit which denied him his human and civil rights, so he should be released to the streets where he can be “happy”, hungry and homeless) we would be better off as a society and halt many such crimes.

A denial of the 24-hour media coverage of mass killings is also a good idea and would tend to limit the gratifying publicity that these perps often seek. But the current round-the-clock coverage, combined with a liberal president who mass-releases criminals from prison regularly, and the same radical liberal president who allows illegal aliens to freely enter our country and seek refuge in sanctuary cities, which in turn comfort and protect them, assures crimes will continue to be committed. Some intelligent restrictions in these areas would go a long way toward putting a stop to this “gun” problem.

Liberals are soft on crime (the daily Chicago and Baltimore gang killings are neither recognized nor commented on by our liberal smart-set in New York and Washington),  yet they are heavy-handed on non-criminals (libs would confiscate legal weapons from peaceful, responsible citizens), while at the same time liberals want to overlook the drooling, smelly, filthy man muttering to himself, searching the local dumpster for food, accosting people on the street and sleeping in the park or on a sidewalk, and deprive him of the option of sleeping in a warm bed and be required, under supervision in a proper facility, to take his prescribed medications to counteract his dementia.

I think Washington and New York liberals are the crazy ones, and when and if they start thinking realistically and not emotionally, we’ll be able to begin to solve some of these problems.  But liberals are so certain of their correctness, their superior intelligence and their immaculate compassion, I fear we’ll never be able to gain ground on the crimes of our times, which rarely or never occurred before the takeover of our nation by liberal crap-talk and non-thought.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Real Declaration of Independence Pertains Today As It Did In 1776

I don’t believe I’ve ever read the Declaration of Independence much beyond the famous words at its beginning, such words as “When in the course of human events” and “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” and “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

These are emotional and persuasive words and expressions, but when one reads deeper into the text one sees words and phrases, used to explain why the colonists broke away from the King of England over 200 years ago, that caused me to realize that these words explain exactly why Americans want to be free of Barack Obama’s oppressive administration and his political mafia in our current times.

Words like “he has refused to assent to laws”, or “he has forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance”.  Or consider the words “he has obstructed the administration of justice”.  Or “he has erected a multitude of new offices”.  Or “he has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution”. Or ”for imposing taxes on us without our consent”.  Or “he has excited domestic insurrection against us”.  Each of these quotes expresses our current feeling of threat and oppression at the hands of our government under the current, radical leftist regime.

And then finally the Declaration of Independence states” We, therefore… do, in the name, and by the authority of the good people of these (states) solemnly publish and declare, that these United (States) are, and of right ought to be free and independent states”.

I believe that these rather ancient words by our founding fathers, though made a long time ago, perfectly and accurately describe our attitude and frustration today.  I have only one question:  How did the United States of America, with our excellent Declaration of Independence and our wonderful Constitution, reach our current desperate state of oppression at the hands of our own government?  We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to happen.  But we should also make certain that this oppression ends and that it never be allowed to happen again, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stop Listening To Our Government’s Liberal/Progressive Liars

In ancient times the religious leaders told people to fear solar eclipses.  The ancients were told that the red moon indicated the end of the world.  Priests told their flocks that the earth was flat and that the sun rotated around the earth.  But we forgive these ancients their mistakes because they didn’t know any better.  People learned the hard way to doubt what religious and political leaders told them, and when science and scientific procedures emerged, the population was finally informed as to what claims are true and which ones are wrong, or even outright lies.

Our own current enlightened times have produced a new variety of huckster that is telling us things that are absolutely not true and have no basis in fact nor science.  Things like eggs and whole milk causing dangerous cholesterol levels which can kill you; red meat causes heart disease; coffee is bad for you; oat cereal will make your heart healthier and offsets cholesterol risks; butter should be avoided at all costs because it clogs your arteries.  Each of these claims have been reluctantly taken back by our smart elite-set as not being true (in fact the concoction called margarine which was supposed to be the healthy replacement for butter had more dangerous side effects than the evil butter did, and some of the miracle drugs developed to counteract high levels of cholesterol have killed more people than the original “unhealthy” food did).

Some of the things we have been misled about in the last 50 years were at least presented with the intention of keeping us healthy, so the warnings can at least be partially forgiven for being innocently wrong.  But what they did is a classic example of liberals/Democrats/progressives trying to run our lives for us and telling us everything we must and must not do to remain alive and healthy.  We can forgive honest errors, but not intentional lies, which some of their statements were.

But now we’re being outright lied to, right in our faces and with the sole intent of making us subservient to our liberal/progressive government rulers concerning the lie of global warming/climate change, and the reason they want us to believe their obvious lies is to get more control over our lives and to be able to tax us higher in order to support their socialist welfare state.  This time, as opposed to ancient times when science was not available and understood, our government rulers have no scientific backing for their claims and are in fact ignoring science that is contrary to their dire statements. The only evidence they have of any warming is computer models programmed to give the results and conclusions the government bureaucrats want.  There are more scientists that doubt climate change/global warming than agree with it, but the warming believers will not let you hear from these deniers because liberals never permit contrary opinion to their lies.

In fact the current warming scoundrels make their devastating claims in contradiction to what we can see with our own eyes is not true.  In the 1980s Ted Dansen said that by the 1990s the oceans would be completely dead; but they’re not.  In the 1960s Paul Ehrlich said that by the 1990s the world would be starving to death and there would be wars fighting for food all over the world.  But science and the agricultural revolution prevented that from happening.

Barack Obama said that the oceans are rising, yet you can go to Miami, Manhattan Island, Honolulu, the Bahamas and the French Riviera and you’ll find none of these locations have water standing in their streets from a rising ocean.  The oceans are not rising. This is something you can prove to yourself that will convince you that your government is lying to you in order to take greater control of your life and to be able to tax you more for the way you live, and force you to live as they want you to live

But our ruler Obama has discovered that if he lies long enough and convincingly enough (remember when he said you can keep your doctor and you can keep your plan, and your family will save $2500 a year on healthcare costs?) that a lot of people will believe him simply due to the repetition.  We must stop believing our lying government rulers because they are on the verge of destroying our lives with their self-serving schemes. Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and he’s serious about it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Next Stock Market Crash Is Near, And Obama Is Largely To Blame

Items that have led up to the impending crash:

1        The 2008 real estate crash that took the economy down (caused directly by the Clinton administration by enforcing the Community Reinvestment Act which, under threat of further in-depth investigations by Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno, forced lending companies to make loans to risky borrowers, which in turn led to the sub-prime bad idea).

2        General economic depression resulted on a one-thing-led-to-another basis and the government, in its desire to run and control everything, frightened the nation and the world with total economic collapse if the government didn’t save the day and immediately begin spending money.

3        Obama gets his trillion-dollar stimulus from congress (which was made up of money borrowed from foreign governments, some of whom are not our friends).  This porkulus bill created a feeling that the economic problems had been solved and that all was well with the world (at least that’s what Obama told us).

4       The Fed imposes near-zero interest rates and introduces quantitative easing, which resulted in pumping unprecedented quantities of money into the stock market.  This move caused the market to respond favorably (which Obama said was good and was a sign of economic recovery) and,

5       Created a new and potentially more dangerous stock market bubble.

6       Because he’s a liberal, Obama repeatedly speaks of forgiving bad college loans and overlooking bad home loans, and his administration created the HARP program to replace the failed sub-prime folly.

There are also some other enduring causes of the current bad economy: Obamacare. A stalled Keystone pipeline. Obama’s war on coal. A deluge of EPA regulations attacking businesses and private property across the nation.

 The first and most natural thing a liberal government feels it must do is control any situation, and in this instance Obama would not allow the stock market to gradually correct itself and regain sanity by letting some companies fail. Instead it picked favorites and made sure they stayed in business and became grateful and subservient to the Obama administration for their bailouts.

  America, under Obama, is in debt over its head and all Obama can do is dig us deeper. Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is well under way and we’re proceeding full speed ahead toward disaster.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Obama’s “New Normal”: Doubt And Fear

A ” New Normal” for America has been established by the Obama Administration, but in place of the touted Hope and Change that was so ballyhooed early in the Obama presidency, we are now experiencing a period of Doubt and Fear, as listed below:
Doubt that big government serves our needs, and Fear that our government is working against its citizens’ welfare.

Doubt that our government is telling us the truth about anything, and Fear that our government is lying to us about everything.

Doubt that government will leave the stock market free, open and competitive so we citizens can prosper, and Fear that the Fed’s meddling in the market will assure our economic destruction.

Doubt that our borders are being protected from illegal entry, and Fear that the government will destroy our neighborhoods by arbitrarily locating illegal aliens next door.

Doubt that the Financial Reform Act will assure FDIC protection of our savings, and Fear that the Act will contribute to the destruction of our financial futures.

Doubt that our retirement money will last as long as we do, and Fear that the government will confiscate our savings accounts to pay for its promised welfare rolls, Chinese loans, etc.

Doubt that our personal health can survive Obamacare, and Fear of what Obamacare is doing to our children’s future health prospects.

Doubt that Obama will allow the military to protect and defend America and its interests, and Fear that Obama’s current weakness and the mounting number of enemies we have in the world will assure that the homeland will be attacked and that when that happens, Obama will immediately surrender.

Doubt that Israel can survive Obama’s Iranian Nuke deal, and Fear of a nuclear explosion in the United States as a result of the idiotic deal Obama made with Iran.

Doubt that our allies will still be allies to America after the two-faced, do nothing, lying Obama leaves office, and Fear that the whole world will become our enemies in the next 15 months.

Doubt that the EPA’s love for regulations will allow any company to continue to prosper and do business, and Fear that Obama’s Green buddies will be given increasing billions of tax-payer money in anticipation of those companies kicking-back large donations to the granting liberal politicians.

Doubt that education will teach our young people what they need to know to survive in the world economy, and Fear that the Department of Education will so politicize education that our children will become liberal, unthinking zombies.

Doubt that any real tax reform will happen, and Fear that the IRS will audit conservatives just because they are conservatives.

Doubt that we have heard any truth from Hillary Clinton about the security tragedy that her email system was, and Fear that Obama will let her skate free after doing untold damage to the nation’s security and then lying, lying, and lying about it.

Doubt that racial quotas will ever go away, and Fear that racial quotas will become more acceptable under future liberal political correctness.

Doubt that the liberals will leave religion alone to be practiced as individuals desire, and Fear that political correctness will undermine our Constitution and allow Sharia law to flourish in America.

Doubt that our Representatives and Senators will ever again listen to the will of those who voted for them, and Fear that they will do the bidding of their large donors while ignoring the will of the people.

Doubt that global warming/climate change is happening because humans are living their lives as they see fit, and fear that Obama will give taxing and regulation power over United States citizens to the United Nations, and that gang of rogues, dictators and Star Wars bar scene characters will lead to our rapid demise.

Doubt and Fear that our children and grandchildren will live lives even near the quality of lives that we lived until Obama was elected president, and the liberal reign of destruction of America began.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is Obama Going Mental?

On Syria:
Our petulant, child president thinks Putin has invaded Syria and begun bombing missions in the area from a position of weakness. Unfortunately the weakness is Obama’s, not Putin’s, but I have one quick question about Putin’s supposed weakness: If Obama thinks Putin is weak, then why, in the lead-up to Obama’s second election, did Obama quietly ask Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to beg Putin to allow Obama more time, and that after his re-election Obama would be able to be more flexible in his dealings with Russia. Why would Obama appeal for more time from a man he thinks is weak?  It appears obvious that Obama holds Putin in high regard, and that he couldn’t wait to please Putin by scuttling the plans to install intercept missiles in Poland. Our president only wishes he had the absolute freedom that the dictator Putin has, as he’s demonstrated by ignoring our constitution and making decisions in contradiction to public opinion on numerous occasions.

Obama is now president and is no longer campaigning for the job, nor does he have to debate Romney about the dangers presented by Russia in the twenty-first  century (Romney was right about the dangers of Russia, Obama was dangerously wrong). The man is now president, but he appears to be unable to tell fact from fiction, because he still has not learned what Romney knew all along about how ambitious Putin is. The future of America and of the Middle East is very much at risk in Obama’s hands.

 One fears Obama is so blinded by his pacifist, progressive, leftist ideals that he is unable to make decisions with a basis in reality that will adequately protect our nation. After all, did he not assure us that Iraq was a stable democracy in order to justify his removal of troops from that nation? But now, with a total collapse in the area, he assures us that Iraq was never stable and that Bush is to blame for the current problems because he sent troops there in the first place. Only Obama can have it both ways and still blame someone else for the misery he causes.

Our president insists on making idiotic statements like the one above about the weakness of Putin, but does the man have no common sense?  Is there not an adult advisor for him to listen to, or are all of his advisors from the college faculty lounge with no concept of there being a real world, nor any idea of what is really happening in Syria as Obama struts and gives silly, illogical, high school-level speeches? I’m afraid the problem is that Obama will not listen to anyone.  He does what Obama thinks is right and all other opinions be damned.  We know the military advised him to not remove all troops from Iraq and he did it anyway.

 Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is going full speed ahead.

On the Oregon College murders:
Following the latest mass shooting (this time in Oregon) Obama passionately lectured America about this latest murderous incident. However, one doubts his sincerity about wanting to halt killings in general because he has done nothing about the massive numbers of individual and gang killings in major American cities, all of which cities have the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation. Because he’s so passive about daily killings in Chicago and Baltimore, I don’t think Obama gives a damn about killings at all, but rather prefers to sound off when a major incident occurs and try to concentrate more power to himself.  I believe he was overly passionate in the recent nationally televised lecture following the shootings because that setting allows him to appear sincere and get in the face of the misbehaving populace. And because the killings appear to be of anti-Christian inspiration, which prevents him from pointing a finger at the evil Christians and conservatives he really hates and wants to destroy politically, all he can think to do is lecture the unenlightened masses for not having his supreme wisdom.

In the gun ownership issue, Obama hasn’t been able to get his way and eliminate opponents like the NRA and the bible-thumpers cross the nation, so he’s become a petulant, frustrated and dangerous man. He’s had neither new ideas nor a change of mind since his youth, when he decided that big government should run the lives of all Americans and dictate their every action. 
Obama repeatedly lashes out at and criticizes especially the National Rifle Association, but the NRA has never killed anyone nor have they been an apologist to a killing, but has instead always spoken out against these unspeakable tragedies, while Obama has been forever silent about the killing spree in Chicago. It’s Obama’s job as president to encourage states and local governments to establish and enforce policies that stop the killings, but all he’s done so far is lecture his political opponents for wanting to be able to own weapons that allow them to defend themselves in the face of his unconstitutional do-nothing non-policies.

In general:

America is at great risk during this man’s last 15 months in office.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Liberal Press Advocates For And Defends Liberal Candidates. Is This In Keeping with their Constitutional Protection?

Not long ago Donald Trump was asked why he didn’t defend Obama’s noble character when someone in Trump’s audience stated that Obama was really a Muslim. First of all, neither Trump nor any Republican should ever even consider defending Obama about anything. However, the fact is that when a Democrat makes a derogatory statement about a Republican the press reverses the tables on them, and instead of insisting that the Democrat apologize and set the record straight for the public to hear, the press themselves take up the cause of the Democrat, and if they themselves are unable to sufficiently defend the Democrat’s remark, they insist that the Republican prove how the Democrat’s statement was incorrect, thereby causing the Republican to get into an unintended argument that was begun by leftists. Likely the Republican will at this time make an off-the-cuff statement that the liberal press can then further use against the Republican, who was not a party to the initial Democrat statement in the first place, but is now called a bigot or a homophobe for something they said as a result of press pestering and harassment. The press now has a new reason for attacking the Republican and to criticize him or her endlessly. Conservatives simply cannot win the gotcha game that the liberal press plays.

 The most important reason that Trump should not even consider taking back any statement about Obama is that Obama is his main opponent at this time.  Let Obama speak for himself.  I didn’t hear the press tell John Kerry to take back his remark that American soldiers were behaving like Nazis in Iraq.  Nor did the press challenge Obama when he said that the Cambridge police behaved stupidly when they arrested a man for apparently trying to break into a house that turned out to be his own home.  The press was silent on these instances because there is a sacred honor among leftist thieves: they stick together and toe the line.

It’s all a plot to defame Republicans for anything they say, even for the recent statement made by Ben Carson when he said that Muslims (who believe in Sharia law) should not be considered for the office of president of the United States.  Talk about a war on women! No liberal can have missed the fact that Sharia law is strongly punitive to women.  But still the press takes up the sacred cause of defaming Mr. Carson by making it sound like they would prefer a Muslim to a Constitution-abiding Republican or even a liberal Democrat in the Oval Office.  Liberals are disturbed people and must be mistrusted for anything and everything they say, especially if they are in the press.

Is the liberal press behaving unconstitutionally by misreporting in this manner? I think they are.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Conditions On Mars Are Due To Climate Change? Really?

When the liberal press makes a statement that global warming is the reason for the bare landscape on Mars, they are dishonestly trying to further their global warming/climate change lie as it pertains to Earth.  But since there are no humans on Mars, how can the liberal press make such an idiotic comparison in an attempt to further their phony cause?

It appears that the hasty comparison to warming on Mars, and the claims of global warming on Earth made by liberals in order to support their 40-year old lie of human-caused rising temperatures, has caused these geniuses to step in a pile of it.  Since there are no humans on Mars, and no automobiles nor air-conditioners, they have lost the main argument supporting their lies. Just consider that scientists have determined that all planets in our solar system are experiencing a slight increase in temperatures. The only thing these planets have in common is the Sun, which is the likely heating source. So shouldn’t the term be “solar warming” or “solar change”?  And exactly how did humans cause “solar warming”?

 But of course if we blame the Sun and not Americans for any warming of the solar system, the left’s main argument that big government should not allow American citizens to be permitted to live their lives without big brother telling them what to do and when to do it would vanish, and with it would go the vast political power related to the warming/change lie that liberals have been building for over 40 years, a lie that has reached a crescendo under Barack Obama.  Also threatened are the billions of dollars that the left can commandeer to “study” the warming issue and award themselves fat salaries via government grants. 

And don’t forget the taxes and regulations they propose that are designed to force people to behave as liberals tell them to, which would also go away. Not being able to blame human action for warming or change would mean that the United Nations is not needed to control and limit the evil capitalism we have in America, which also means the liberal thugs on the East river of Manhattan Island would lose their income and power, and liberals definitely don’t want that to happen. So the members of the press are in a quandary that could trap them into making illogical arguments that undermine their big government desires.

But one thing is for certain, liberal/progressives will fight to the death to maintain the lying mountain of environmental propaganda they have built surrounding the scam of global warming.