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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 27, 2016

More Leftist, Anti-Trump Violence Is a Yawn For The Leftist Press

After weeks of our beloved leftist press warning us and predicting that the Trump sympathizers will become violent as the presidential campaign proceeds, but seeing only leftists get violent at the Sanders delegates’ outbreak in Nevada (and Sanders’ troops made a promise of more such violence to follow at the Democrat convention if they don’t get their way), and after seeing multiple instances of violence from the left’s Gestapo troops at Trump speeches in Chicago, Costa Mesa, Santa Fe and, Anaheim, the press has strangely lost interest in condemning and reporting on any political violence, since it’s all from the left.

At the first Chicago anti-Trump demonstration the liberal networks were wetting their pants predicting violence from Trump supporters, which never happened because conservatives believe strongly in obeying the law and want to conduct their political rallies and speeches peacefully and legally. So the press has now forgotten about the political violence issue that they pretended to so deeply want to prevent, since it’s only the left that is hiring these professional thugs to disrupt citizens’ lives, damage private property and put police officers at risk.

As I am writing this document the anti-Trump demonstrators are out in force at a Trump rally in San Diego. They are throwing objects at the police, which of course put the police at risk of serious injury. It reminds me of the occupy forces and the “hands-up”, “can’t breathe”, “don’t shoot” rabble who ended up making the police forces, who risk their own safety to keep the populace safe, look like the bad guys, and the illegal demonstrators walk away with no negative references or outrage expressed about them by the liberal press.

The rights of Trump supporters to peacefully attend the speeches they wish to attend, and the right of Trump himself to gather his followers at sites he rents, are being stomped on by the typical liberal/progressive/Democrat forces of filth, wearing masks and bandannas as though they are playing the part of the bandito Zorro in a low-rent movie. The masks are a sign of shame for their illegal acts, and keep them from being identified as part of the rent-a-mob protesters that Obama and Hillary like to dispatch to act-up for them and keep Americans riled up. This is just another aspect of Obama’s insistence that he will “fundamentally transform America”.

This is how the left makes those “fundamental transformations”: not by gaining public support for change, but by performing violent, subversive acts which the likes of Obama will then eventually decide to dispatch federal troops to curtail, declare martial law and cancel all constitutional rights for the entire population. That’s how Hitler did it, and Obama has learned from the best of the fascist teachers.

When An American President Hates America, World Affairs Appear Different From One Who Does Love America

Obama is expressing fear of Donald Trump for the alleged negative impact Trump’s comments about Making America Great Again are having on foreign governments and foreign diplomats. Our president says that Donald Trump is too unsophisticated to deal with the delicate sensitivities of the persons who really make the world run. Obama is also very concerned about race relations, the condition of the poor and how America can continue to exist if Donald Trump is elected president.

These concerns are coming from the same fool Obama who has caused record joblessness in America; more than doubled our national debt; presided over the down-grading of America’s credit rating; allowed ISIS to roam free and continue to kill at will; was successful at “containing” ISIS, until we learned that they were indeed not contained, and proved the lie and idiocy of this point with the killing spree in Paris last November; has created a record number of welfare recipients; made a deal with Iran which assures the Mullahs will have a nuclear weapon shortly; has embarrassed the Israeli Prime Minister in front of the world and made Israel feel completely isolated from the traditional partnership between America and that nation; made England angry by sending back a bust of Churchill that Obama found offensive; has denied Americans any choice in their healthcare; caused the death of an American agent with his Fast and Furious scandal; allowed the IRS scandal that prevented Republicans from competing with Democrats in the 2012 presidential election; has taken over many police departments and deprived them of local control; makes executive order proclamations that hurt individuals and the nation on subjects that the constitution forbids him to exercise; has blamed the police for violence in Obama’s increasingly violent inner-cities, thus causing an upward spiral in our national crime rate; has opened our borders to a completely uncontrolled illegal immigration flood; is moving to bring Syrian refugees to America in spite of ISIS’s promise to infiltrate terrorists in their number .

And this fool man is worried about Donald Trump?

Barack Obama (please recall his intention to “fundamentally transform America”) hates America, and all of the problems he’s caused, internationally and domestically, are right on track to making America the third world disaster that he thinks our nation deserves to be.

We Didn’t Know We Were Going To Have To Take Hillary To Raise

What parent, when trying to correct a misbehaving child, hasn’t had the child respond with the excuse of “well, Johnny did it, too”?

That’s exactly the response Hillary gave after hearing the report of the Inspector General of the Department of State, a report that severely criticizes her for breaking the laws and procedures of her former position of Secretary of State and placing the security of the United States at risk. She claimed that Colin Powell did the same thing when he served in a similar position, but the comparison between Hillary and Mr. Powell are not quite the same. Nevertheless, Hillary has no other defense than to try to blame other people and pull them into the mix in order to extricate herself. And please be reminded that that the IG is a position within the Obama administration, not some wild-eyed conservative waging a “war on women” or a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary usually blames her troubles on.

Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to our nation for her lies and her actions that threaten the security of America. When a grown woman uses the same weak arguments and excuses that a child would use to justify her illegal and dangerous actions, imagine the danger she would present if she became president.

Any child that did such a thing would be spanked and sent to bed without her dinner, but in Hillary’s case, she should also be sent to prison.

But probably a more important and confounding side of this whole issue is: how stupid and tone deaf do Democrats have to be to continue to support a lying, misbehaving, immature candidate who will never admit any fault among her many scandalous acts over the last 20 years?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Obama’s Criticism Of Trump Is Trump’s Greatest Advertisement

I’m unable to recall a time when a sitting president, like Barack Obama, would interfere in a political campaign from the presidential podium and make official statements attacking candidates by name who oppose his party’s policies (and just wait until this fool man is out of office and see how much he meddles in governmental affairs and how deranged he will become when a Republican successor makes moves to undo his many idiotic “legacies”).  But that interference is exactly what Obama is doing: he’s campaigning against Donald Trump from a presidential podium, with the inflammatory statements he’s making. What our limp-wristed, America-hating president is unable to understand is that Donald Trump offers a nostalgic return to a federal political philosophy of allowing the citizens to run their own business while the government concentrates on the more limited subjects of keeping a strong military stance and a return to economic sanity that will allow America the respect and influence it rightfully deserves in the world.

But I believe his totally unprecedented comments that Trump is not qualified to be president and that foreign leaders fear a Trump presidency, will work to the detriment of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and will instead help elect Trump, because in this year of the political outsider, the one who discards Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s way of conducting government business, especially with Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” mind-set of undermining the institutions that have made America great, Obama’s loose lips will surely sink his and the Democrat candidates’ ships. And considering the anti-America, and often even death-to-America, stance of most of Obama’s foreign leader pals, making these dictators and rogues fear America is exactly what we need in order to get our nation, and the world, back on track. Obama’s dealings with Iran’s Mullahs, Russia’s Putin, and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have all worked to the detriment of America, and I’m glad to hear that they are opposed to a Trump presidency, because I hope and pray that the next president will restore America’s place in the world and stop apologizing for our wealth and our secure way of enjoying it.

Obama’s involving himself in our current political campaign is not surprising given his lawless breaking of duly legislated laws and his stomping on the constitution and its insistence on a rigorous separation of powers. The lawless, lying Obama administration has repeatedly allied itself with foreign leaders who only want America weakened or destroyed and a Trump presidency would reverse that negative trend, which was begun, and then accelerated, under Obama.

In the political era in which we find ourselves, where Obama’s lawless presidency has demonstrated why we need to revert to America’s proven path to prosperity and an allegiance to our constitution, and the vast base of evidence as to why we must reject more of his crony capitalism and the Clinton’s money-grubbing power grabs, Obama’s criticism of Trump only drives more people to support him.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Donald Trump Must Use Vicious, Factual Attacks Against Hillary and Bill In The Upcoming Campaign

Our liberal pals at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post are thoughtfully giving the Trump campaign the very valuable advice to not attack Hillary on Bill’s scandalous behavior toward women and to steer clear of all of the Clintons’ scandals when campaigning against Hillary this election season.

I certainly hope that the Trump campaign will quickly and strongly reject this kind advice knowing that it is being given from a position of weakness on the part of the liberals, and outright fear of what an airing of the truth about the Clintons will do to Hillary’s leftwing campaign. To not attack Hillary from every flank possible only serves her ends and could lead to her election in November.

What we need is for Trump to be “Trump” and continue the method and the tactics that have gotten him so incredibly far in the primaries and made him the most successful Republican primary campaigner in history.

The liberal press is terrified of the power of Trump and fearful of the true record of the numerous Clinton scandals becoming dinner-table conversation, which would destroy Hillary’s campaign for office. Here are a listing of must-dos for the Trump campaign:

1)      Honest attacks are what Trump excels at and has been successfully doing for months.
2)      Most young people don’t know the truth about the various and multiple Clinton scandals, especially the mistreatment of women that Bill and Hillary have both engaged in.
3)      Even liberals are awakening and becoming angry at the Hillary campaign when they learn the truth about Hillary and Bill.
4)      Bill Clinton’s impeachment is not known by most young Americans. He lied, as a sitting president, under oath, to a federal judge about his mistreatment of a female White House intern, and every American must be made aware of this. And Hillary aided and covered up for him in this situation at every turn.

Every time the liberal press give conservatives advice to “help” them campaign against a liberal politician, the conservative must totally reject this advice and take the opposite course of attack. The liberal press will never do anything to help conservatives and will only suggest approaches that will aid the liberal. The press is scared of Trump and the things he’ll do as president, and that’s all we need to know to understand that Trump is winning and is on the right course.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Under Obama, Bridges Are Falling And City Water Is Dangerous, But There’s Plenty of Money For Immigrants And Refugees

Obama got everything he wanted at the outset of his presidency, with the main item being a nearly trillion dollar stimulus that he promised would allow him to solve long-overdue problems like decaying infrastructure and abandoned “shovel-ready” jobs that he claimed the evil Republicans would not allow to be completed.

So how is it that we now see the bridge collapse in Oklahoma City, a bridge closure in Kansas City, crumbling highways throughout the nation and contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan? Weren’t these issues addressed by Obama’s life-saving, economy-boosting stimulus bill that dumb old Joe Bidden was going to oversee to be sure no money was misspent and that no project would go un-funded?

Schools are also failing our children even though the Department of Education gets more money each year from the tax payers, thus allowing it to grow its staff and meddle in local education boards’ affairs, and in turn these filthy bureaucrats threaten school districts in Texas with a denial of funds if they don’t implement the radical and totally illogical Democrat/progressive LGBT scheme to open all restrooms to both (maybe that should be all) sexes anytime for any reason. Add to the schooling issue that fact that Bernie Sanders wants to make college “free”, which will destroy higher education in America, and you have a plan that will assure that America drops off the map as a great nation.

Then we see a great city like Chicago being taken over by gangs that kill frightening numbers of Chicagoans each week, while Obama’s hand-picker Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, dithers and watches black gangs kill each other, and you might well ask: where did all of the stimulus money go that was supposed to create jobs and inspire people to work and not have the time to lay around on welfare and plan the next gang killing?  And while you’re pondering this question, you might wonder why America’s police forces are increasingly being investigated and taken over by Obama’s Department of Justice, while police officers across the nation are being attacked and killed in the newly lawless cities of America. And not even mentioned is the VA scandal, which is treating veterans no better today than when this issue blew up more than a year ago. Obama just doesn’t give a damn about veterans as long as there’s an America left to destroy.

Well the answer to all of these problems is simple: Barack Obama. He would rather fund and LGBT takeover of restroom facilities, and he would rather fund illegal immigrants entering our nation freely and brazenly, and he would prefer to pay to have Syrian refugees flown to America and infiltrate this country with terrorists in their midst, more than he wants clean water and safe bridges.

You see, it’s all part of Obama’s expressed desire to “fundamentally transform America”, and he’s getting away with it while the idiot Senate and House Republicans stand by and watch our destruction as a functioning nation. But the Republicans are doing more than just standing and watching, they’ve happily funded Obama’s evil intents and made no effort to impeach this radical fool for the destruction he’s merrily doing to America. May the see-no-evil, stop-no-evil Republicans be damned forever for their inattention to the harm Obama is doing every day he’s in office.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama’s LGBT Bathroom Scheme Creates Some Major Problems. Example: How Does One Know Which “Sex” One Is Opposite From?

Being a straight male in Obama’s 2016 America, am I the opposite “sex” from the woman who thinks she’s a man, or the man who thinks he’s a woman? What if the person is a male-lesbian? Which heterosex is opposite from that?

In addition, if a heterosexual woman fears that a man in her restroom is up to no good and raises an alarm against him for whatever offense he’s committing, will she be accused of a hate crime against a member of a minority group, under Obama’s LGBT initiative? And what if a man believes he’s a woman who is having his “period” and needs to borrow a tampon?  Must a woman give “him” one of hers for fear of being accused of discrimination? And how about the French language, which assigns gender to its entire lexicon of nouns? Does Obama’s edict make it required that the gender references be dropped, or can they be used by the speaker at random and be cross-assigned as one would cross-dress?

Even in English we often call boats and cars “she” and computers “he”. Will these references become hate language under Obama? And if anyone thinks that the reference to language and gender is a frivolous point to bring up, they should only consider the idiocy and potential danger the whole LGBT restroom thing is and that it came from out of the blue, from nowhere, except the political designs of leftists. After all, we are now being told that white children can grow up to be black adults, and vice versa, and we’ve seen Rachel Dolezal actually make this transition, so there’s no telling what liberals will force on us next in order to prove that America is a racist, sexist, war mongering nation that must be put in its place for all of its past sins.

Consider further what may happen when an LGBT couple (are they limited to only two participants at a time?) has or adopts a child and then try to redefine the sex of that child to be opposite from the genital assignment that nature provided.  This could prove to be very upsetting to a child who is instructed and dressed to be contrary to what they want to be, and all because the LGBT crowd are given the freedom to assign themselves, and likely their children also, with no reference or respect given to nature and its assignment. Such an anti-nature sex assignment of a child may eventually be considered child abuse and add great confusion to the life and development of the young person. Will there eventually be court cases where a judge must decide the true gender of a child because two (or more) LGBT people want to raise the child as different sexes? It’s obvious that the whole LGBT thing is an anti-Darwinian attempt to stick a finger in the eye of the dominant population of America, with special attention to the established religions of the nation.  They only want to shock and disrupt.

One would be making a serious mistake if they believed the LGBT restroom crap being put forth by leftists who are trying to assist Obama in his “fundamental transformation of America”, were really an attempt to reverse discrimination that does not exist and cannot be demonstrated. It’s an issue of LGBT privilege, which Obama is providing for them, and a grab for power by a miniscule minority. This entire kerfuffle is simply a case of Obama’s brownshirts attaining power and being given status, whereas in reality this minority group, which is so small that practically no one personally knows an actual member of the group, will, with the passing of time, become the object of ill feelings by the population at-large, which will work to the detriment of the LGBT group, which from now on will be thought of as a militant political group which the public will automatically dislike, if not hate, for the militant disruption and thoughtless idiocy of this entire movement.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

According to Bernie Sanders, America Was Never Worth Much At All

In contrast to Donald Trump’s red ball cap with the logo stating “Make America Great Again”, we have Bernie Sanders who over the weekend was seen stating that America should strive for greatness under his presidency, while denying that America has ever been great or worthy of praise. This opinion of the ordinariness of America and its non-exceptional place in world history would come as a great surprise to all of the Europeans who gave thanks to the liberating Americans in World War II for saving them from the fascism of Hitler and the looming threat of the Communism of Stalin, and to the Chinese who were protected by American forces from Japanese attacks in World War II. It would also come as a shock to all legally naturalized citizens who had to work hard and wait in line to become American citizens, and who are very thankful to be here and not in whatever hellhole they originally came from.

I will, however, agree with a limited and very specific version of Mr. Sanders’ negative opinion of America: the last seven years of Barack Obama’s administration have seen a stark reduction of everything that has historically made America exceptional and great, and this is what Donald Trump wants to reverse in order to make America great again. The fault that is hindering this great nation is not with America, it’s with our president who insists on “fundamentally transforming America” from the greatness it has always enjoyed to the mediocrity and the illegal and unconstitutional behavior we see coming out of Washington on a daily basis.
But to the likes of Bernie Sanders, any people who are free and able to achieve their own prosperity and success in life are an abused people, and only his socialism, where all possessions in the hands of the citizens were provided by the government, are people truly free.
What would it be like to elect a president who thinks that America is bad and has never done anything right or good or commendable? Just look at Barack Obama: His previously referenced plan to “fundamentally transform America” is a statement that, in his opinion, America needs a total course adjustment because the nation is, and has always been, headed in the wrong direction. At present, with Obama in the Oval Office, I agree that we are headed for a steep cliff. Prior to Obama’s arrival we had policy troubles, but they didn’t rise to the level of the destruction of the nation, as Obama’s debt, joblessness, societal division and illegal immigration are foisting on us.

I like Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, and believe that electing someone with that opinion of our nation is someone we should prefer over an aged socialist like Bernie, who honeymooned in the workers’ paradise of the Soviet Union, despises his own nation and would just be an extension of our existing troubles; or Hillary, who, as Secretary of State, sold government favors to foreign officials in exchange for donations to her “charity”. And don’t forget the casual way Hillary dealt with secure documents, whether on her email server or in any other form of transmission. If she were president all of our nations’ sensitive information would be available to the highest bidder. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Liberals Used To Want Government Out Of Their Lives, But Now…..

Liberals are so silly. If they had any capacity to think and reason at all they’d be dangerous. As it is they are just, well, dangerous.

Back in the day when Hillary Clinton and her hippy buddies were protesting anything that made life pleasant or anything that made America safe from an attack, the protesters were screaming to get government out of their bedrooms, and now the children and grandchildren of those protesters, and probably some of the 1960s and 70s protesters themselves, are protesting in favor of government intrusion into our restrooms. I’m referring, of course, to Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional order to create LGBT restrooms based solely on how one feels that their sexual identity propels them today. It’s a good thing that young people have older people to remind them of the eternal circle that is human existence, but I know that they will not be enlightened by this knowledge.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The New York Times Attempts To Equate Bill Clinton’s Abuse Of Women With Trump, And Fails Badly

In an attempt to beat their Washington Post rivals in their announced investigation of “everything Trump”, which is the leftist rag’s attempt to dig up as much anti-Trump dirt as possible, as quickly as possible, and to demonstrate to the world that Donald Trump’s dealings with women were as violent and unwanted as Hillary Clinton’s husband’s dealings with women were, the New York Times printed a hit piece over the past weekend that they hoped and intended would embarrass Trump and put him on the defensive, but they failed miserably.

Monday morning one of their main female sources was quoted in the article in a way that that they hoped would bury Trump. But to the dismay of the New York Times, she went on television to denounce the tone of the Times’ article and the conclusions reached in the article. In fact she stated in the TV interview that Trump was charming in his dealings with her and that she liked him.

Bill Clinton still looks like a rapist and a female abuser, and Trump is still standing and smiling and advancing toward dominating the delegate count in the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Haven’t the fool liberals learned yet that The Donald is golden and untouchable? I have no doubt that they will continue to try to block his run for the White House with their lies, and I have no doubt that they will continue to fail, because Americans, Republican and Democrat alike, want a return to actual representative democracy and constitutional rule, and want an end to Obama’s dictatorial edicts and unconstitutional and illegal executive orders that undermine America’s established separation of powers and our sacred rule of law. Obama, and Hillary to follow in his footsteps, want to “fundamentally transform America”, but they are in the minority and will be defeated in the next election.

Monday, May 16, 2016

So Bernie Knows How To Run Free Colleges, Huh? Read on…

We’re just getting reports that, because of the actions of Jane Sanders, the wife of Bernie Sanders and the recent-past president of Burlington College in Vermont, the college is closing its doors on May 27th due to “insurmountable financial problems”. Under Mrs. Sanders’ leadership the college incurred debt for a large real estate purchase that the college could not afford, and after 2 years of being on probation the college was unable to meet its lenders’ financial standards and their accreditation has been lifted.

What great timing! At just the time that Bernie is telling the world about how easy and logical, and yes, even necessary, it is to offer free college education to every citizen (and why not offer free education to everyone, whether a citizen or not?) we find out that his like-minded wife has caused permanent and irreversible damage to a great old Vermont institute of higher learning.

But will this kick-in-the-pants to the Democrat socialist presidential candidate cause him to reconsider his pie-in-the-sky scheme to get votes by offering free stuff to his followers? No. He’ll just make the idiotic argument that the college was just not large enough to absorb the costs of his wife’s ill-considered decisions, and then he’ll say that someone else made the decisions that really caused the damage and caused the school to close, and yada, yada the usual crap.

Mrs. Sanders, the wife of the Socialist Senator running for president, made $150,000 a year as president and got a $200,000 severance package from the college when she left after serving as president for 7 years. When one combines the two Sanders’ incomes one realizes how little they really believe in the Socialism that Bernie preaches. They’re worth a bundle and they plan to keep it!

 There are some people in Vermont that suspect fraud on the part of Mrs. Sanders in the land deal that she negotiated as president, which eventually sank the school, so it appears the Sanders couple are going to easily and fully fill the scandalous shoes of Bill and Hillary Clinton as head of the Democrat party. But their deeds will never match up to the Clinton’s White Water scandal, Hillary’s cattle futures scandal, Bill’s disbarment for the blue dress incident and the pairs’ multi-billion dollar, money-laundering and influence-peddling scheme called the Clinton Global Initiative. But at least they’re trying, and that’s what Democrats like to see.

Obama Intends Only T-R-O-U-B-L-E With His LGBT Edict

Our immature president, never shy to introduce social initiatives from nowhere, intended to cause chaos and trouble in the nation, and in the case of gender-preference restrooms, cause political and social trouble for his Republican Oval Office replacement next year, is simply fulfilling his promise to “fundamentally transform America” with his latest edict.

Our national deficit is into the clouds; inner-city murders are enormous and growing; ISIS threatens all western nations; illegal aliens are drowning America with people repelled from the treatment they get in their native nations to our south, seeking goodies from America; Syrian refugees are promised to have terrorists in their midst; our roads and bridges are in bad shape and need the maintenance that Obama’s stimulus bill was supposed to provide; Obama has granted nuclear development, and the means to deliver the nuke, to Iran with his idiotic agreement; government regulations are choking businesses to death; public education is drowning in political correctness and leftist lies and schemes, and the big push of Obama for the remaining six months of his administration is gender-identity restrooms (which apply to all Americans except his own daughters and some other wealthy and privileged families who can make other arrangements).

By way of punishing those states which object to Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal edict, he threatens to withhold federal education funds from those who will not participate, but by doing so he is also punishing LGBT children (is there such a thing?) by negatively impacting their education. But will withheld education funds really hurt education? If the states being refused federal money will also ignore education policy coming from the Department of Education, I believe they’ll find that their education results will improve as they concentrate on real education and not the PC crap that the government pushes.

Even being mindful of the fact that Obama is a radical leftist liberal and is inclined to push a radical agenda that undermines all that America stands for, this LGBT thing still makes no sense, except to rile up the nation and take our eyes off of areas that Obama is playing with and does not want us to notice. Currently no one is being kept from clean, modern restrooms with adequate partitions to assure privacy for whomever enters, but radicals like Obama only want to create a new victim class that will vote Democrat.

So if you want an example of a Democrat actually waging a War on Women, Obama’s restroom-choice issue is a classic one. Republicans would be wise to take note of this angle.

Before long, Democrats will likely take up the cause of smokers who are being forced to light-up out-of-doors in January and February, thereby causing untold numbers of colds, flu and pneumonia, and the government will therefore order that schools and businesses provide separate restrooms and breakrooms for these poor folks who are being treated as second-class citizens.

Obama is a committed fool and must be ignored in this latest push to radicalize and destroy this nation, and every state of the union must oppose his latest unconstitutional move.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

This Is How “So Much Could Go So Wrong”

On November 1, 2015, the Miami Herald published a story titled Brazil: How could so much go so wrong? in which they detailed how a left wing former member of a Marxist Guerilla Group who became the first woman president of Brazil under the umbrella of the left-wing Workers Party, was facing political and financial problems that could only result in tragedy for herself and her country.

Yesterday we learned that the same Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, has been impeached and removed from office while she faces trial by the Brazilian legislature, and has placed Brazil in a very bad position as the economy suffers and the Olympics are about to be held there. Ms. Rousseff has long faced investigations for scandals, beginning with her former position as chairwoman of Brazil’s Petrobras company, and now as president of Brazil.

America could learn much about having a radical leftist with a trail of scandals in her wake becoming president of a modern, prosperous nation which is already having problems related to socialism, and who is seeking election for blatant sexist reasons related to her being a woman.

One of the major differences between Ms. Rousseff and Hillary Clinton is that the Brazilian president was imprisoned in 1970 for her Marxist Urban Guerilla activities, and since Hillary is being investigated by the FBI for scandals while she was Obama’s Secretary of State, she may also soon have imprisonment added to her other leftist badges of honor. For the left, scandals are simply resume enhancements.

Radical leftists and wealthy nations don’t fit well together. Leftists like Obama, Hillary and Bernie believe that your money is theirs to use as they see fit, and modern societies cannot function when they are dependent on yanking income and investments from the private sector and spending that stolen money on unsustainable leftist, redistributionist schemes, if not outright giving it to societies’ takers in order to be assured of getting their vote in the next election.

We know how things can easily go wrong, and now America is on warning and had better make certain that we get the next election right or we may go the way of Brazil.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Liberals Hate Europeans, Unless They’re Mexicans Or Cubans With European Names

Liberals are hard to understand. They love Europe with its public transportation, its wine, its single-payer healthcare and its tiny cars, but they hate European accomplishments, especially when considering the old European colonies in the Americas. Here’s the rundown on this subject as it reflects liberal sentiment today, along with an attempt to demonstrate the intellectual deficits involved in related liberal ideas:

Of course, liberals say, Mexico should be able to regain the territories the United States stole from it in the Mexican War of 1846.  It’s only fair to want to give these territories back to their original, indigenous rulers. But they forget that Mexico (and Cuba) is governed by people with European, conquistador names like Calderon, Zedillo and Nieto, none of them traditional Indian names to whom Mexico and the Southwestern United States originally “belonged”. As in the United States, the European invaders were stronger than the native Indian tribes and the un-unified tribes were defeated.

So where is the logical position of modern liberals who think that returning California and Texas to Mexico is a good idea? As usual, anything liberals dream up is wrong and destructive to even themselves and their own personal welfare. Castro (a European) is a ruthless dictator in Cuba, but our beloved liberal president, Barack Obama, is proud of himself for reopening trade and travel with this murderer’s impoverished, imprisoned nation. He does so because the current trend of Obama’s administration (in keeping with his determination to “fundamentally transform America”) is to return the mistreated “Hispanic” leaders of Cuba and Mexico to their rightful positions of affluence and importance in the world, because, they say, the European nation of America has treated them so badly and ruthlessly for decades and has been the cause of their impoverishment.  Forgotten in this opinion is that the rulers of Mexico and Cuba are of European origin and are only called Hispanic to make them seem more third-worldly and to gain more sympathy for them in liberal public opinion. Liberals ignore the fact that the poverty of these nations is the result of their leaders’ corruption and incompetence, whether they’re call Europeans or Hispanics. But Obama will blame America first in every instance, so expect more blame for the failures inherent with the communist and feudal ruling styles of Cuba and Mexico to be blamed on America, which in reality is these nations’ savior, not their oppressor.

Liberals forget that the native Indians of Cuba and Mexico were enslaved by the Europeans and often totally wiped out by the Europeans’ superior weapons and military tactics or the diseases they carried. But do we ever hear Obama say that Cuba and Mexico should be returned to the Indians, and that the European/Hispanic leaders of today, given their track record of horribly running these abominable nations, should give up their power? No we don’t. Obama loves, admires and envies dictators who possess absolute power, so these two countries and their corrupt leaders are the ones he wants to cuddle up to in the current battle for America’s borders.

Under normal circumstances a nation that is so corrupt and incompetent that its citizens flee to a neighboring country to seek liberty and employment would be ridiculed and criticized for the way it treats its citizens. But not when the corrupt nation is Mexico or Cuba and the neighbor they are fleeing to is the United States. Suddenly the corrupt nation is pristine and beautiful and criticism of it puts one at risk of condemnation and ridicule for being a racist.  This attitude extends most recently to Donald Trump for announcing that if he becomes president he will build a wall across our southern border and that Mexico will pay for it. For identifying a problem impacting all Americans and offering a solution to that problem, Trump has been made enemy number one by liberals this election season. Expect radical liberals in America, exemplified by our dear president, to continue to give emotional shelter to the rulers of Mexico and Cuba, and to allow illegal aliens to flood the United States and illegally influence our national and local elections, while at the same time calling people like Donald Trump racists and bigots because they want to protect American citizens from the illegal actions of neighboring countries.

Radical hateful groups like La Raza would have all of the southwest United States turned over to them so the “rightful” owners of the land could again gain power. But the “rightful” owners La Raza identifies are not the Indians who were kicked off the land by the conquistadors. They are instead the descendants of the European conquerors who have destroyed Mexico and Cuba and caused such suffering in those and other central and south American nations (like Venezuela, for example). La Raza is just another violent leftist group operating along the lines of Castro and Guevara, who live like kings while the majority of their population suffer in poverty. Obama is a pal of La Raza and in speaking to them has made it clear that he is on their radical side in their war on democracy and liberty.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Liberalism Is Plagued With Revelations And Sudden Blasts Of Truth And Light

Probably the most troubling recent liberal/Democrat trend is their ability to have the immaculate light of truth suddenly appear to them, and the whole bunch of them do a full court press to implement the revelation and shove it down the throats of all Americans.

The push for men who claim to identify as being women, to be able to use a women’s restroom is the craziest push of this kind to be seen. And even more bizarre is the number of leftist celebrities who immediately jump on the radical bandwagon and insist that this is suddenly a good idea that wasn’t even thought of a year ago, but must be implemented nationally, immediately under a government edict that claims it’s a necessary part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This is terrifying stuff and is a sign of insanity from the left when their latest push is followed religiously as though it had always been celestial truth recently unveiled only to leftists.

And there are numerous other liberal revelations that are substantially undermining American society:

Homosexual “marriage” that doesn’t even fit the definition of marriage.
Allowing convicted criminals to vote (for Democrat candidates, of course).
Opening our borders to all who would enter.
Banning gun ownership in contradiction to the constitution.
The criminalization of police work and the takeover of local police departments by the Feds.
Assuring that Iran will get a nuclear weapon, and of course, lying to everyone about what the Iran agreement allows.
Refusal to sell a wedding cake to a homosexual couple becomes a federal, criminal offense.
Obamacare is sold as being essential yet destroys healthcare and breaks middleclass Americans.
A president blatantly lying to Americans (keep doctor, keep plan, no Iran nuke) and the liberal press aids in the deception and cover-up.
Welfare housing being edicted for middleclass neighborhoods, which will destroy home values.
Warming/change doubters will be prosecuted and jailed for their opinion.

These trends are Hitlerian in their ability to get liberals to join the efforts in lock-step to a new federal order, and force an unconvinced public to follow in line or be hounded by the press and leftist groups, and possibly audited by the IRS.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Obama Engages In Blatant Racism With Black Graduates At Howard University

Yesterday, while giving a speech to the graduating class of Howard University in Washington, and while performing his patented in-place, loose-necked, side-to-side shuck-and-shuffle stance at the podium, and speaking in a “black accent” that is a phony as Hillary’s “I ain’t no ways tard” accent that she uses when she speaks down to black audiences, our beloved Obama encouraged the black graduates of that university to be proud of their race and, I assume, behave according to their race, whatever the hell that means. But is race really an accomplishment to be proud of? Is hair color, or one’s gender, or the shape of one’s nose, or one’s height something on which to base pride in oneself? I think not! The use of one’s mind and intellectual abilities is where pride and accomplishment come from, not the color of your skin. Mr. Obama once again does a mis-service to the youth of America with his divisive words. Maybe what Obama is really saying is that young black college graduates should not act “white”, should not join a corporation and should not start their own business, as too many whites, Asians and Hispanics do.

Long gone are the days of Martin Luther King and his plea for blacks to concentrate on character and not skin color, of Jesse Jackson’s attempts to get black youth to achieve and be the best they can be in a mixed-race America. Obama, in an attempt to further his divisive and destructive “fundamental transformation of America”, is insisting that blacks behave according to skin color, and that seems to be his prescription for blacks to not become successful business owners and not become doctors and engineers, which Obama seems to be saying are not being black, or at least are not black enough. Instead our president is apparently suggesting that his audience should become more dependent on government and not do the work that financial success in America demands, because that’s exactly the America Obama has created after seven years in office: more dependence on big-government for handouts; more welfare; more unemployment, especially among young blacks; and a poorer population in general whether black or white.

I have to believe that’s the way Obama wants things to be because he’s certainly not encouraging black university graduates to be the best they can be and to use their brains and innate abilities to succeed, become independent entities free of government pressures and influence, and to put racist ideas and identities aside as they proceed with their lives. Obama’s administration has placed many stumbling blocks in the paths of young black people, and they are going to have to work doubly hard to overcome these obstacles in order to achieve and prosper in a post-Obama America, just as the non-blacks are going to have to do.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Establishment Republicans, And Now Even Paul Ryan, Are Harder On Trump Than They Ever Were On Obama Or Hillary

Even though Barack Obama has taken the nation to the brink of destruction and ruin, and in some cases even beyond that mark, establishment Republicans, including the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, are more severe and critical of the so-far presumptive Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, for his words and attitude, than they are toward Obama for his actual illegal, unconstitutional, anti-American actions. It’s difficult to believe the way our public officials are treating their own candidate and the American citizens that have so far voted for him.

To watch this display playout is the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s true that we really know little about Trump except that he’s been a highly successful business man, and that his message is at times contradictory, but the Republicans were completely silent when Obama spoke of “fundamentally transforming America” and bankrupting the coal and energy-generation industries, and they were largely silent when he moved to actually implement those draconian ideas after his election, and even went so far as to publicly tell Obama that they would not attempt to impeach him for his unconstitutional and illegal actions. Then they followed up on promising to treat him nice by passing spending legislation that gave him the money to implement all of the illegal and unconstitutional things he wanted to do. Damn them to hell!

Having done everything in their power to make nice with Obama and not make him mad or offend him, the Republicans are all over Trump for just making poorly phrased statements, the likes of which were never expressed toward Obama and the actual destructive things he has done and still plans to do in the months remaining in his administration.

To rephrase the above sentiments: Republicans have given a specific go-ahead to all of the destructive things Obama is doing, but are savagely critical of Trump for what he is saying. Consider this situation for a while and see if it doesn’t explain why Americans hold their Republican leaders in such low esteem if not actual contempt.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Beck to God: I’ll Fast And Thereby Gain Your Favor For What I Want. God To Beck: Not So Fast, Glenn

Someone should tell Glenn Beck that the power of prayer and the miracles described in the Bible don’t work too well in the modern world.  If they did, ISIS would have been crushed long ago, tyrants and murderers like Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have never remained long in power, and Barack Obama would have lost his first campaign for president. Unfortunately prayer will not halt evil and this lesson had better be learned by cry-babies like Glenn Beck.

A phrase that has been quoted much since Obama became president is “elections matter”, and people like Glenn Beck should understand that a prayer doesn’t cast a single vote. We now see the evidence proving the prediction that a democracy is at risk when fifty-one percent of the voters can simply vote themselves a pile of government goodies by electing the right candidate. And when combined with a failing education system and a constant litany of anti-American and anti-Capitalist sentiment from the press, we are losing our once great nation.

Glenn Beck tried to convince God that Ted Cruz was a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump, and went on a fast to assure that Cruz would win the latest primary election. It didn’t work. Cruz lost the election to Trump and dropped out of the running. But taking a longer view of this latest expression of public opinion, if Trump is able to defeat Hillary in the general election in November, maybe Beck’s prayers will have been answered, and maybe there is something to this praying thing, because if Hillary is kept out of the Oval Office, evil will have been defeated. We must, after all, be constantly reminded that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and maybe Trump is one of those mysteries; I certainly hope so, although I was betting on Cruz being the eventual candidate.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When A Liberal Governor Allows Criminals To Vote, What Does That Tell You About Liberal Policy?

Recently, the Democrat Governor of Virginia, and close Clinton pal, Terry McAuliffe, granted 250,000 convicted criminals the right to vote in the next election. The assumption is that all will vote Democrat in an attempt to get Hillary into the Oval Office, which one would think is a bad referencing indication for the party in power, since criminals are anti-society lawbreakers, but liberals will take any advantage to gain power, even at the risk of being branded as the political criminal class. First we saw Obama ignore the laws of the nation by allowing a steady flow of illegal aliens to cross our border and increase the Democrat voter block, and now McAuliffe is throwing in the towel and just welcoming out-right criminals to the Democrat body politic.

If one just looks at the number of former Democrat governors of Illinois who are in jail, and consider the legal troubles of Hillary Clinton with her email server and nation security issues, Obama’s illegal conduct while in office and the destruction of cities such as Detroit, New York City and Baltimore across the nation, cities which have been severely mismanaged by liberal Democrat Mayors, along with the Obama Justice Department’s determination that the Ferguson police department was the problem in that city and the criminals were without blame, you’ll notice a close affinity between Democrats and criminals.  Can it be that criminals would vote for a strong border, or a strong law-and-order policy, or that they would favor a well-staffed police force and a strong military defending our nation? One doubts it.

These examples of injustice in the current American political system should be a leg up for Republicans running for office this year, if they take advantage of it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wherever You Find Liberals You Find Corruption And Violence

The Chicago Trump protests got the liberal media’s attention for the violence the liberal demonstrators caused and the cancellation of Trump’s speech for fear of more violence, and of course the liberal press blamed Trump and Republicans for the violence. And when the protesters promised more violence against Trump in the future, the liberal press placed the future blame on Trump’s head, again. Liberal Democrat violence is always the fault of Republicans and conservatives.

Then just last week we saw leftists launch anti-Trump riots in California where peaceful meetings planned by Republicans were violently disrupted by the forces of liberal intolerance with a promise of more violence and personal injury to come, and still MS-NBC and CNN insist upon blaming the Trump campaign for the troubles.

One can recall the Democrat convention in 1968 which changed the Democrat Party forever as the leftists took control of it via violent protests and rioting. And remember the Occupy violence and criminal behavior just a few years ago where Obama’s pals tried to force a “fundamental transformation of America” on the nation? And remember the violence in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago and New York City, all of which were liberal Democrats committing violent acts?

When you consider that the latest Democrat actions were meant to prevent Conservative Republicans from exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly, which Democrats exercise all the time without any restrictions, you begin to see that Obama’s plans for a transformation of America to a banana republic are moving smoothly in his direction.

Is it any surprise that Democrats commit violent acts given their criminal pack of liberal leaders? Obama breaks laws daily and offends the Constitution every time he performs an official act. Bill Clinton is a convicted criminal for lying to a judge, under oath, about sexually mistreating a young woman under his employ. Don’t forget the Reverend Wright and his pulpit of hate toward America, and Hillary and her law-breaking while Secretary of State, and then Bill Ayers and his bombing killings. All good Democrats continuing the Democrat policy of gaining power and deciding policy thru the use of violence, whatever the cost to innocent Americans.

And most recently the Democrat governor of Virginia, and a close pal of the Clinton crime family, decided to allow 250,000 convicted criminals to be allowed to vote in the general election in November. Guess who these convicts will vote for: Democrats! Convicts and Democrats attract each other and run in packs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Whether You Believe Al Gore Or The Bible, It’s All About Religion And Faith

There have been many people notice that the global warming/environmentalist groups are only the latest in a long line of new-age religions practicing their newly found faith. Of course, no dedicated, believing warmist would stand for being compared with a Bible-thumping Christian, but the comparison is accurate and on-target. Whether your reading preference is Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb or the Bible, it’s all faith-based. The likes of Al Gore, Barack Obama or Ted Danson would laugh at a biblical reference to Armageddon and the earth reverting to a fiery hell for the sins of humans, but they have no problem trying to make us all feel guilty for excess carbon footprints and trying to make us toe the government line and fear the end of life on earth as we know it due to a rising CO2 level they believe is causing global temperatures to rise by maybe one degree in fifty years; maybe.

Christians have no nation with an IRS and an FBI to spread their message and enforce their rules, but Barack Obama does have these often-fascist organizations, and his government pals are in the process of shoving their warming/change lie and their religion of environmentalism down our throats by prosecuting and imprisoning all who express doubt about their faith-based opinions. Christians can’t prove the existence of God, and Obama can’t prove that human actions are causing rising global temperatures, if indeed they are rising at all, nor can he show evidence of rising ocean levels that are caused by any warming.

The left has always spoken loudly and often about Christians trying to force their religious beliefs on the nation, but these same leftists have no problem at all forcing those of the Judeo-Christian faith to adhere to their false beliefs by using the U.S. criminal code to get rid of non-believers in environmentalism. In point of fact, America has been stern in its insistence that religion and faith play no official role in the running of the nation’s politics nor its business, while being equally insistent that religious freedom and choice be absolutely protected. But leftists know no bounds on their quest for power, and the religion of warming/change is their vehicle to ruling the nation and is just another form of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.

Religion can also spread to political parties seeking power via socialist beliefs, and leftists currently see themselves as having a holy calling to make all of its subjects equal through poverty and the sharing of someone else’s wealth. And make no mistake about it, if elected, socialists/Democrats will force all of us to suffer along with them and participate in their welfare state.

Liberals, through their typical insistence that no opposition to their policies be heard nor be tolerated, are attempting to make America into a religious nation with the worship of their socialist/environmentalist teachings, which will doom future generations to a grinding poverty that our parents and grandparents had conquered and put an end to in the 20th Century by replacing serfdom and centralized government edicts with Capitalism, which those American citizens currently living have enjoyed and taken for granted, and will soon lose if Democrats and their radical ideas continue to control the government of the United States.