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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama’s LGBT Bathroom Scheme Creates Some Major Problems. Example: How Does One Know Which “Sex” One Is Opposite From?

Being a straight male in Obama’s 2016 America, am I the opposite “sex” from the woman who thinks she’s a man, or the man who thinks he’s a woman? What if the person is a male-lesbian? Which heterosex is opposite from that?

In addition, if a heterosexual woman fears that a man in her restroom is up to no good and raises an alarm against him for whatever offense he’s committing, will she be accused of a hate crime against a member of a minority group, under Obama’s LGBT initiative? And what if a man believes he’s a woman who is having his “period” and needs to borrow a tampon?  Must a woman give “him” one of hers for fear of being accused of discrimination? And how about the French language, which assigns gender to its entire lexicon of nouns? Does Obama’s edict make it required that the gender references be dropped, or can they be used by the speaker at random and be cross-assigned as one would cross-dress?

Even in English we often call boats and cars “she” and computers “he”. Will these references become hate language under Obama? And if anyone thinks that the reference to language and gender is a frivolous point to bring up, they should only consider the idiocy and potential danger the whole LGBT restroom thing is and that it came from out of the blue, from nowhere, except the political designs of leftists. After all, we are now being told that white children can grow up to be black adults, and vice versa, and we’ve seen Rachel Dolezal actually make this transition, so there’s no telling what liberals will force on us next in order to prove that America is a racist, sexist, war mongering nation that must be put in its place for all of its past sins.

Consider further what may happen when an LGBT couple (are they limited to only two participants at a time?) has or adopts a child and then try to redefine the sex of that child to be opposite from the genital assignment that nature provided.  This could prove to be very upsetting to a child who is instructed and dressed to be contrary to what they want to be, and all because the LGBT crowd are given the freedom to assign themselves, and likely their children also, with no reference or respect given to nature and its assignment. Such an anti-nature sex assignment of a child may eventually be considered child abuse and add great confusion to the life and development of the young person. Will there eventually be court cases where a judge must decide the true gender of a child because two (or more) LGBT people want to raise the child as different sexes? It’s obvious that the whole LGBT thing is an anti-Darwinian attempt to stick a finger in the eye of the dominant population of America, with special attention to the established religions of the nation.  They only want to shock and disrupt.

One would be making a serious mistake if they believed the LGBT restroom crap being put forth by leftists who are trying to assist Obama in his “fundamental transformation of America”, were really an attempt to reverse discrimination that does not exist and cannot be demonstrated. It’s an issue of LGBT privilege, which Obama is providing for them, and a grab for power by a miniscule minority. This entire kerfuffle is simply a case of Obama’s brownshirts attaining power and being given status, whereas in reality this minority group, which is so small that practically no one personally knows an actual member of the group, will, with the passing of time, become the object of ill feelings by the population at-large, which will work to the detriment of the LGBT group, which from now on will be thought of as a militant political group which the public will automatically dislike, if not hate, for the militant disruption and thoughtless idiocy of this entire movement.