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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Letter To Kevin Yoder: How To Save Our Nation

Below is a letter mailed to Representative Kevin Yoder on Christmas Day, 2011. Christmas has traditionally been a time of rejoicing and looking forward to a new year in which to build stronger futures for ourselves and our children. But those times are long gone. Our nation faces assured disaster if changes are not made immediately. After hearing Mr. Yoder speak on numerous occasions over the past 2 years and reading his most recent newsletters, it's clear that he has no ideas of his own as to how to save our nation from political and financial disaster and prefers to "work with both sides" to resolve the issues (have you heard anything from Harry Reid or Barack Obama lately that would lead you to believe that a Republican could possibly work with them and get any kind of cooperation from them?). I fear Mr. Yoder is just another political suit steering clear of controversy and conflict so he can get re-elected in 2012.


In 2010 we had an election that promised to be a revolution as conservatives and TEA Party members pushed for real, meaningful change in the way politics is played and the way money is spent in America. You ran against several true conservatives candidates and, no surprise here: you, the real politician with organization and money behind you, won. So here's an appraisal of some of your recent words and what they really mean, or don't mean, as the case may be.

In your November 20 newsletter was an article from the New York Times (dated 11-20-11) announcing the $15 trillion national budget. In your December 11 newsletter was an article (posted 8-15-11) describing the immense regulatory growth in government under Obama.

Do these articles, which spell out our national doom, mean anything to you? Why were they posted in your newsletter? Nowhere can there be found an idea from you as to how to overcome these disasters and save our nation from destruction. You were voted into office to make decisions and develop ideas to save the nation, not to play ball-as-usual with the boys and girls in D.C., but you instead seek direction and cooperation from your peers.

Let me suggest an idea that attacks the debt and halts the regulatory blanket that is smothering our nation: repeal the enabling legislation for the EPA, and the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Interior and the NLRB. Abolish these dictatorial agencies (especially the EPA which is issuing regulations that will begin shutting down electric generating plants in the next few months as part of their unconstitutional Cap and Trade agenda) and you will liberate businesses to expand, plus the benefit of un-employing hundreds of liberals who are causing our nation such distress in Washington.

From your November 27 newsletter: "I remain committed to working with members of both parties to find solutions to tackle the looming debt crisis facing our nation."

These are pretty words but what do they mean? We're beyond the point of playing nice with the other politicians in Washington, especially with the liberals who will not debate and who refuse to vote as tradition would dictate, and who only shove unwanted legislation down our throats. It's time to kick some liberal butt and make real changes, but you put forward no ideas for affecting the "solutions" you say you want. Anyone who has watched Obama and his Democrat pals deal with the Republicans in the House knows there is no way to play nice with them. They and their ideas must be defeated completely, no compromises are possible any longer.

Your November 20, newsletter said:"Our crushing national debt could require catastrophic cuts...". Greece has shown us where we're headed if we don't stop borrowing and spending andif we don't return to the constitution for guidance, NOW!! There's no time to just reduce the rate of growth, we must stop the spending immediately. Getting rid of the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Interior, the EPA, reducing the IRS to a fraction of its present size and moving to the FAIR tax would be a great step forward, followed quickly by repealing Obamacare and the Financial Reform Act. Doing these things would save in excess of a trillion dollars each and every year, not the pretend one trillion dollars over 10 years that the politicians insist on referring to in their phony proposals (which would never happen in the Washington we have today anyway) and businesses would surge as a result, creating many tax-paying jobs which would increase revenue to the government, and would allow paying down the debt without the need to raise taxes on anyone, even the evil rich who pay more than their share at present anyway.

Your November 20 newsletter also quoted you as saying: "Congress has the power not only to create law, but to change it and even repeal it". Now you're talking, but you didn't talk to the point, and you didn't mention any suggested legislation you would wish to change or repeal. I would suggest that the enabling legislation for the EPA be repealed immediately, with the enabling legislation for the various Departments mentioned above to follow soon on it heels. All of these executive departments are crushing overhead on government and must be gotten rid of, unless you can make the case that education is better for our children since the Department of Education was formed, or unless you can convince me that energy is more plentiful and less costly than when the Department of Energy was formed, or unless the National Labor Relations Board's blocking of Boeing building a new plant in South Carolina is what the creators of the NLRB intended for them to do.

Let's get busy and save this nation, because we are nearly out of time and the old-boy, insider network of doing the business of government is killing the United States.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are You Better Off today....? Part 2

Under Barack Obama the EPA has established emissions standards for power plants that will soon cause power plants in the United States to begin shutting down because upgrades will be too expensive or impossible for older plants. The United States of America is about to reduce its electric foot-print and cause less power to be generated at a time when our energy needs are growing and our dependence on energy is greater than ever.

Why do we allow the EPA to continue to exist when this rogue agency is causing such a crushing hardship to befall this great nation? This idiotic regulatory agency's decision will make our homes darker at night, colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, and could disrupt the pumping of water to our homes, along with causing additional business failures and increased joblessness. This is outrageous idiocy from a liberal administration that has already killed millions of jobs as a result of unconstitutional regulations, torn up parts of our major cities via the Occupy Wall Street rent-a-mob encouraged by Obama, refuse to create a constitutionally required annual budget and are now about to leave us literally in the dark and cold and without electric power to our homes and businesses. We are being controlled and manipulated by total fools, and they will cause even more harm if the presidency and the Senate remain in Democrat hands next year.

Where does Kevin Yoder stand on the issue of the EPA causing the reduction of electric energy? He should be leading us to fight this obscenity and all we get is silence. If you will recall the last few years and the rolling brown-outs and black-outs that California experienced and how we felt superior to them in their lack of foresight to what a lack of power plants would cause, you will realize that now we are all Californians and are heading for bad times as long as the EPA is allowed to exist and dictate to a supposedly free nation. The EPA must be abolished and the fool Obama removed from office.

America: What Has It Become, What Is It Becoming?

Obama says Americans are lazy and won't take on big, imaginative projects anymore, then kills the big Keystone XL project.

Obama says he won't sleep until job creation is back to the pre-Omama employment levels, then kills the job-creating Keystone XL project.

Obama says we must become energy independent and stop depending on energy from nations who hate us, then kills the Keystone XL project which gets energy from our friendly neighbor, Canada.

In the current year-end political wrangling, Republicans are being criticized for voting to extend tax breaks for a year, by Democrats and liberals in the media who want to extend those same tax breaks for two months (if two months of tax breaks are good, isn't a year of tax breaks six times better?). And besides, when did liberals decide tax breaks of any kind are good? They always argue for tax increases so we can grow their precious big-government even larger, and they believe tax breaks will bankrupt the nation. Why do they get to win the argument both ways?

Part of the same year-end tax reduction extension from both Republicans and Democrats is a provision for the Keystone XL project which Obama said he would veto, even though he also recently claimed that America is lazy and needs large projects to make us great again , decrease our energy dependence and create more jobs.

Are the liberals running this great nation crazy or are they just fools?

The Democrats have not created a Constitutionally required annual budget for over two years and are constantly fighting the calendar and the clock to pass last minute continuing resolutions in order to avoid the shut-down of government, and then they blame Republicans for the necessity to push legislation at the final moment by calling them obstructionists and claiming that Republicans want the shut-down of government that Democrat actions and policies have brought about.

What is this nation becoming? Under Democrat rule it's not pretty.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You Better Off Today....?

The age-old political question has always been: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" At times in our past the answer depended on one's perspective, but with this presidential election the answer is clear: "No! We are much worse off than when Obama took office."

Whether the subject is liberty, educational quality for our children, the cost and availability of the fuel we need to live comfortably, our economic security and prosperity, the transparency of government, the honesty and sincerity of our president, jobs and a favorable environment for business, constitutional behavior on the part of congress and the administration, or anti-American rabble tearing up our major cities at the urging of Barack Obama, every single aspect of our lives is worse under the current administration, and if this fool man gets four more years to complete his destruction of this great nation, we'll all probably wish we had been born in another country.

We can't afford to sit out this critical election, and we can't allow a third party candidate for president to divide the vote and assure an Obama win. We must insist that a true conservative be the Republican candidate, and we must all turn out to vote for that candidate. It's go-time in America, and the re-election of Obama assures our destruction as a nation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama Is Wrong Again: Capitalism, Work, Thrift and Freedom Lead To Prosperity

Recently our president visited Osawatomie, Kansas, where he made a speech stating that capitalism doesn't work, while completely ignoring the miracle of prosperity that the United States has permitted its citizens to create, prosperity unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Sorry Obama, old stick, but you're wrong again.

Freedom and liberty are the absence of dependence on anyone, especially dependence on government. Conversely, what the likes of Obama offer are total dependence on big government, and examples of the outcome of this dependency policy can be found in North Korea, Cuba, Somalia and other nations where citizens live in misery.

At present half the population of Mexico disagree with Obama and his belief that capitalism doesn't work, and have demonstrated their disagreement by crossing our southern border, legally and illegally, to work in the United States for the prosperity they can't get at home in Mexico, where corrupt government allows little room for prosperity.

Most of the immigrants in America, whether from Mexico, Europe or the Orient, don't remain poor for very long after coming to the U.S. They become firmly middle class or better because they work, save and benefit from the unique offering of capitalism in this great nation. At the opposite end of the economic scale are those to whom Obama wants to give money, and they remain poor and dependent on government for the meager handouts they receive.

Let's be honest about Obama's intentions: He has no interest in helping the poor and lifting them out of poverty. He only wants the raw power created by a dependent class who will slavishly vote for him and his liberal pals so long as the keep the goodies flowing, and is well on his way to getting the power he seeks with his current, mostly unconstitutional policies. This fool man must be voted out of office next November or we'll all be living like North Koreans.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Liberals Destroy Christmas, Fun and Liberty

The very concept of "fun" is unknown to much of the population of the world. There is no "fun" to be had in Somalia, Sudan, Cuba, Afghanistan or North Korea, among numerous others. These nations have little of the basics that we take for granted, such as fresh water for bathing, drinking or cooking. They have limited amounts and varieties of nutritious food,and the citizens of these nations live in grinding poverty. The governments in each country are the sole and direct cause of the suffering and misery that the people residing there must endure. The ideas of "fun" that we have been familiar with in America (going for a drive in a convertible, having a nice meal at a favorite restaurant, flying off for a vacation in the mountains or at the beach) are literally unknown in a large portion of the world, and it's all due to government over-taxing, over-regulating, denying basic human liberties and the persecution of political or religious opponents and minorities.

It's frightening enough to know that these conditions are keeping vast numbers of people from enjoying the precious lives they have been blessed with, but we're seeing these creeping powers of government beginning to take hold right here at home:

First liberals made us reduce our driving speeds to 55 MPH because Jimmy Carter tried to control the price of gas. Then they began taking smoking rights away from those citizens who wished to enjoy this legal habit (even to the point of denying them the right to smoke in their own homes, in some jurisdictions). then they regulated the amount of water our toilets could use for a flush. Then they regulated salt, fat and sugar in our food. Then they regulated the carbon our cars and power generating plants could produce. Then they regulated the amount of gasoline our cars could use on a MPG basis. Now they are regulating in which states of the union legal and much needed manufacturing plants (the NLRB forbids Boeing from setting up a plant in South Carolina). Via intrusive regulations companies are not allowed to build new and much-needed electric generating plants. Oil companies are not allowed to establish new domestic sources of oil and gas supplies, while at the same time Obama ballyhoos about our dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas and how this must end, along with the contradicting statements he's recently made about Americans being lazy and not investing in large projects, while at the same time blocking the Keystone project which would provide critical sources of energy from a friendly neighbor, Canada. Farmers are being watched to assure they don't create too much dust when they plow their fields. Currently Christmas is being discouraged and scorned by the liberal smart-set as offending the sensibilities of those who are not Christians (while most Jews are grateful for the personal and religious freedoms they enjoy in this vastly Christian nation). Catholic private schools are told they must remove the crucifixes from the walls of their classrooms because they offend the Muslims who attend school there. We're being told by our government that we must buy healthcare, and soon it will only be available from the government. Liberals in government (for example: Obama) vilify and try to punish the wealthy by heaping new and additional taxes on them simply because of their financial success.

Everywhere we look government is in the way of our pursuing our own private lives, our professions, our religion and even our "fun", and there is no end in sight with radical liberals controlling government agencies. Soon we'll be told we can't drive our automobiles more than 25 miles a week, and a stiff increase in the gasoline tax will assure our compliance (after all the government needs the additional revenue, don't you know?).

America is being destroyed from within by Obama and his liberal czars, and we're likely to see destruction come from the outside soon if liberals succeed in gutting the military budget and leaving our borders undefended.