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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Letter To Kevin Yoder: How To Save Our Nation

Below is a letter mailed to Representative Kevin Yoder on Christmas Day, 2011. Christmas has traditionally been a time of rejoicing and looking forward to a new year in which to build stronger futures for ourselves and our children. But those times are long gone. Our nation faces assured disaster if changes are not made immediately. After hearing Mr. Yoder speak on numerous occasions over the past 2 years and reading his most recent newsletters, it's clear that he has no ideas of his own as to how to save our nation from political and financial disaster and prefers to "work with both sides" to resolve the issues (have you heard anything from Harry Reid or Barack Obama lately that would lead you to believe that a Republican could possibly work with them and get any kind of cooperation from them?). I fear Mr. Yoder is just another political suit steering clear of controversy and conflict so he can get re-elected in 2012.


In 2010 we had an election that promised to be a revolution as conservatives and TEA Party members pushed for real, meaningful change in the way politics is played and the way money is spent in America. You ran against several true conservatives candidates and, no surprise here: you, the real politician with organization and money behind you, won. So here's an appraisal of some of your recent words and what they really mean, or don't mean, as the case may be.

In your November 20 newsletter was an article from the New York Times (dated 11-20-11) announcing the $15 trillion national budget. In your December 11 newsletter was an article (posted 8-15-11) describing the immense regulatory growth in government under Obama.

Do these articles, which spell out our national doom, mean anything to you? Why were they posted in your newsletter? Nowhere can there be found an idea from you as to how to overcome these disasters and save our nation from destruction. You were voted into office to make decisions and develop ideas to save the nation, not to play ball-as-usual with the boys and girls in D.C., but you instead seek direction and cooperation from your peers.

Let me suggest an idea that attacks the debt and halts the regulatory blanket that is smothering our nation: repeal the enabling legislation for the EPA, and the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Interior and the NLRB. Abolish these dictatorial agencies (especially the EPA which is issuing regulations that will begin shutting down electric generating plants in the next few months as part of their unconstitutional Cap and Trade agenda) and you will liberate businesses to expand, plus the benefit of un-employing hundreds of liberals who are causing our nation such distress in Washington.

From your November 27 newsletter: "I remain committed to working with members of both parties to find solutions to tackle the looming debt crisis facing our nation."

These are pretty words but what do they mean? We're beyond the point of playing nice with the other politicians in Washington, especially with the liberals who will not debate and who refuse to vote as tradition would dictate, and who only shove unwanted legislation down our throats. It's time to kick some liberal butt and make real changes, but you put forward no ideas for affecting the "solutions" you say you want. Anyone who has watched Obama and his Democrat pals deal with the Republicans in the House knows there is no way to play nice with them. They and their ideas must be defeated completely, no compromises are possible any longer.

Your November 20, newsletter said:"Our crushing national debt could require catastrophic cuts...". Greece has shown us where we're headed if we don't stop borrowing and spending andif we don't return to the constitution for guidance, NOW!! There's no time to just reduce the rate of growth, we must stop the spending immediately. Getting rid of the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Interior, the EPA, reducing the IRS to a fraction of its present size and moving to the FAIR tax would be a great step forward, followed quickly by repealing Obamacare and the Financial Reform Act. Doing these things would save in excess of a trillion dollars each and every year, not the pretend one trillion dollars over 10 years that the politicians insist on referring to in their phony proposals (which would never happen in the Washington we have today anyway) and businesses would surge as a result, creating many tax-paying jobs which would increase revenue to the government, and would allow paying down the debt without the need to raise taxes on anyone, even the evil rich who pay more than their share at present anyway.

Your November 20 newsletter also quoted you as saying: "Congress has the power not only to create law, but to change it and even repeal it". Now you're talking, but you didn't talk to the point, and you didn't mention any suggested legislation you would wish to change or repeal. I would suggest that the enabling legislation for the EPA be repealed immediately, with the enabling legislation for the various Departments mentioned above to follow soon on it heels. All of these executive departments are crushing overhead on government and must be gotten rid of, unless you can make the case that education is better for our children since the Department of Education was formed, or unless you can convince me that energy is more plentiful and less costly than when the Department of Energy was formed, or unless the National Labor Relations Board's blocking of Boeing building a new plant in South Carolina is what the creators of the NLRB intended for them to do.

Let's get busy and save this nation, because we are nearly out of time and the old-boy, insider network of doing the business of government is killing the United States.