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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Bloomberg News Fears What An Investigation Would Dig Up On Presidential Candidate Bloomberg

Bloomberg News Agency recently announced that they will not do any investigating nor any reporting on the presidential candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, the man who founded and led Bloomberg News for many years. The Bloomberg News people also announced that they will also give a pass to all Democrat presidential candidates, and will refrain from investigating and reporting on them, as well as the Bloomberg candidacy. Exactly what is the Bloomberg News group afraid of in candidate Bloomberg’s past or present that they have to spike the story in advance? My, oh my, is it great being a Democrat, or what!

Of course during the remainder of the Trump administration and during the Trump candidacy for the 2020 election, the Bloomberg News agency will report every lie they can generate and every negative detail they can find on Trump and his campaign staff.

One can assume that this stance in favor of all Democrat candidates for president in 2020 will make Bloomberg News a front-group apologist for Democrats and will assure their favorable handling in the national news, because the lack of honest, and even a lack of unfavorable, reporting, is a favorable report.

But can one also expect CNN, WAPO or NYT to remain quiet at this in-the-open collaboration between the Bloomberg News agency and the Bloomberg candidacy? You can bet your butt they will, while still attacking and harassing President Trump for every possible transgression under the sun, even when it’s an imaginary transgression. Can everyone not see the collusive, investigation tampering and justice dampening outcome that this policy generates, given that every bad thing learned about candidate Bloomberg will be immediately spiked by the news group?

Could this refusal to investigate the Bloomberg candidacy be considered impeding justice for any wrong uncovered, but kept firmly under wraps?

And is it wise or desirable to cover up any negative information discovered to a candidate’s disfavor while that person is still a candidate, rather than wait until he/she actually becomes president and is then belatedly found to have broken a law, and only at that late date, create a constitutional crisis and national chaos as investigations, and perhaps impeachment, are carried out?

There is something very stinky about this proposal of Bloomberg News, and I’d say it will not help the Bloomberg candidacy at all, but rather hurt it.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Today’s Democrats Represent Communism, But Not The Marx/Engels Variety

With the cry of “A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of Communism”, Karl Marx began the largest killing spree in human history as radical revolutionists began murdering and imprisoning people who didn’t agree with them and who opposed losing personal freedom as the radicals took control of everything and silenced any opposition.

The totalitarian political structure we now call Communism was thought to be inevitable by its founders, who predicted that the revolution would automatically arise from poor people living without enough food and having insufficient income to support their families. But it was quickly discovered that this “inevitable” movement took a lot of organizing as too many people opposed losing their personal liberties to a hand full of radical, ruthless mobsters.

But in spite of the lessons of history, the 2019 Democrats, both those candidates seeking the presidential nomination and those hangers-on in the leftist press and on college campuses, all of whom seem to want the things that Marx wrote about, are a whole new entity from old Karl’s ideas.

The vast majority of Americans today are satisfied with their lives and are pleased with the turn-around resulting from President Trump’s economic policies, that have proven that the big government structure of Barack Obama’s anti-American scheming was not working and was just plain bad policy.

The Democrat leaders pushing today’s new Communism are not the poverty-stricken peons of Marx’s dream, but are wealthy and often have influential lives and important jobs, unlike the organizers in Karl Marx’s era, yet they still complain about the wealth and happiness they see around them, and want to destroy in this great nation.

The followers of the Democrats’ new Communist movement are more likely to be students who are attending the top universities, something Marx could not have conceived of, and members of the press, who themselves are getting rich from telling lies about President Trump and reporting on the imaginary excesses of our military and our nation’s police forces, and who weep about the terrible plight of America’s well-heeled university students.

So what happens when members of the ruling class of society begin screaming for free stuff and government give-away schemes while complaining about the cost of an education which they freely entered into? After all, the reason for the high cost of education is the greed, selfishness and grasping corruption of the elite leftists who run the colleges and universities that are breaking the economic backs of students who fear they may never be able to pay off the loans they undertook for what appears to be a worthless education, all of which financial distress was aided and abetted by the leftist Obama administration with their takeover of student loans in America.

But all of the above corruption has fed the anger of the students, which has brought us to the political impasse we are witnessing today.

Not mentioned so far in this piece is the horrible education our young people are getting at all levels of education, private and public, in which they are not taught the lessons of history and how fortunate we all are to be living in this nation at this time. Nor is there any serious, critical discussion of the farce of warming/change that is causing young people to be misled by the likes of fools such as Bernie Sanders and AOC, which reinforces the intolerance of the left and makes them believe that the comfortable lives Americans share is destroying the world in which we live.

The most simple and innocent efforts of the citizens of America are being lied about and misrepresented by our leftist elites, and the mistakes of history, which have destroyed millions of lives (led by leftists like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot and others) are not being studied nor discussed, which causes today’s young leftists to be completely ignorant and intolerant of any position that they don’t understand, and concerning which they will not listen.

So with a lack of historical perspective and little or no discussion about how leaders like Bernie and AOC would eventually deprive every citizen of the things granted in our constitution, our nation drifts toward third-world poverty, self-centeredness and chaos, while the truth coming from a president like Donald Trump goes unheeded and ignored by the radical left.

And, of course, the radical left uses the rights assured them by the constitution to prevent peaceful citizens from exercising their equally assured rights, such as free speech on a college campus. So these Democrats, who are bent on being dictators, never stop to consider that they may not have all of the answers to society’s problems, and they proceed to make things worse, not only for themselves, but for society in general.

One is reminded of the old automobile commercial that said that today‘s new cars “are not your father’s Oldsmobile”, which ad can now be turned around to remind American citizens that “the new Democrat revolutionaries are not your father’s Marxism, they’re much worse”.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mayor Pete Proposes Racist Policies

One hears that Democrat presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, as a result of his constant lagging in the polls and his inability to attract the following of black Americans, has proposed policies that are designed for blacks only, not whites, not Asians, nor Hispanics.

This is nothing but racism and smacks of a “separate but equal” philosophy that was discarded by thinking, caring people forty years ago. Next can we expect him to revive busing across school boundaries to achieve the desired mix of races by the racist Democrats?

The Mayor’s new proposal is called the “Douglas Plan for black Americans“. Asians and Hispanics need not apply to this racist plan. But Petite Pete has failed to see the many black millionaires and firm middle class blacks doing well under President Trump’s leadership and their own hard work and discipline. Why do liberals insult successful blacks by telling the world that blacks can’t make it in America? This stupid, big-government plan is just another in a series of such big brother programs, most of which have failed in the past but have always made Democrats feel good about themselves and has generated votes for the donor politician.

It’s become a bit of a cliché for leftist politicians to appeal to poor blacks with this kind of offering when the major problem for blacks who are falling behind is not taking education seriously and not having a personal desire and drive to succeed.

 Harvard University has a special and separate ceremony for graduating blacks, therefore  bussing is not needed at Harvard. In the recent movie titled “No Safe Spaces”, there’s a scene where we see several young black male students from another university where the makers of the movie have just spoken, complaining about the rough road ahead for them and other blacks in America. They’re attending a better university that I and most other white people are able to attend, and they are complaining about a future they already predict will be awful and terrible.

Anyway, one of Petite Pete’s new programs wants to “disassemble racist structures and systems” in America, even though all of those terrible things were put in place solely to favor blacks, or are non racial things that are based on merit, not race. But in making his new proposal, he’s simply proposing another “racist structure and system” that will just fail, like nearly all such government imposed programs that are based on race. If one were to get rid of all “racist structures and systems” the result would be liberty and freedom for all Americans with no holds barred on anyone, but Pete is not proposing freedom and liberty, he wants preference and a dedicated voter base for himself.

Mayor Pete is also proposing changes to the “health, education and criminal justice system”, but don’t anyone tell him that President Trump has already addressed these areas, and things in this category are looking better as a result.

Our Pete is pandering and gasping for breath as well as desperately seeking black voters with these proposals, because his own little liberal fiefdom, South Bend, Indiana, has  a high poverty/crime rate and is experiencing racial strife, just like nearly all cities run by Democrats, and if he has such great ideas with his new plan for solving our nation’s major problems, why hasn’t he implemented them in South Bend and then he could run on his success as a mayor and could lecture all of us about how successful he‘s been in Indiana? But he hasn’t and he can’t.

Mr. Buttigieg is a failure as a mayor, so he must scramble to let all blacks know he’s a typical leftist Democrat and that he is willing to dole out government favors in exchange for the black vote. And this racist policy is indeed typical of what has gotten America into the mess we see today, because it is typical of Democrats.

America has made a good start with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and we’ll see a resurgence of our old national self if we keep him there.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Forrest Gump On Adam Schiff: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

We all recall the movie about Forrest Gump, who, in spite of his inherited limitations, behaved himself and conducted his life like an intelligent, decent person. On the other hand, Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff, he the star of the Democrat “Impeach Trump” marathon, regardless of his true, inherited intelligence, is quite a stupid person, based on his conduct these last three years, with his lying, his stupid actions and repeated untrue comments, his posturing, and his hate-Trump drumbeat.

Forrest Gump stated that his philosophy was that “life is like a box of chocolates; you never now what you’ll get”. Adam Schiff believes life is a get-Trump, impeachment opportunity, because Donald Trump’s policies and decisions produced increased wealth for Americans within the first two years of his administration, wealth that far exceeds the dismal, if any, growth produced during eight years of the Barack Obama presidency, and this success of President Trump proves what fools Democrats and all other leftists are with their giveaway programs, their open borders, their sanctuary cities schemes, their higher taxes and their onerous regulations and government controls on corporations and private lives as well.

And the radical, leftist press is also proving their stupidity and partisanship by repeating the lies of Democrats, or perhaps it’s the other way around, and Democrats simply repeat the lies of the leftist press; it’s hard to tell the difference between them.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Trump’s Election Began The Democrat Demise, Then Democrats’ Own Actions Assured Their Collapse

Democrats are too self-centered to be able to admit a bad action or position, and they’re too self-absorbed to change their misguided policies. Instead of recognizing the sea-change that occurred at Trump’s 2016 election, and instead of trying to learn why Hillary lost that election and perhaps making some changes to their far-left policies, they doubled down on their destructive policy proposals while at the same time trying to frame and remove President Trump in order to get rid of his ideas and his successes. And now they are staring at political doom for their impeachment schemes, such as the Mueller investigation, the Russian collaboration and the Ukraine phone call, which have all backfired on Democrats and their Soviet-style plans for the domination of America.

Unfortunately a large part of our government is crumbling as a result of the long-term corrupt actions of radical Democrats, grasping to hold on to power in the era of Trump. 
Yet, in spite of all of the roadblocks Democrats place in his path, President Trump presses on through the fog and continues to make his reforms and necessary changes while the Democrats scheme and lie to Americans about everything. And on top of their attempted framing of the president, people like Adam Schiff repeatedly lie and present even more false evidence against Trump related to, of all places, Ukraine.

The American public realizes the depth of the Democrat plague being visited on us and they are rejecting the anti-capitalist, unconstitutional proposals coming from the party of the left, as one Trump rally after another demonstrates.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Earth Is One Year Nearer Doom, But Where’s The Warming?

In November of 2018, AOC, Bernie Sanders or some other elite Democrat fool predicted that global warming would kill every creature on earth in 12 years due to excess heating caused by the cars we drive, our air conditioners and cow flatulence.

So now a full year has expired since that dramatic political prediction, in other words we have only 11 years left until doomsday, and one could logically expect that we would have seen the temperature increase by about 8 percent this last summer as we approach the radical, Democrat death-wish due date with destiny.

Stated differently, about 8 percent of the time to doomsday has passed, so the temperature should have gotten about 8 percent warmer, but it hasn’t.

Where I live the temperature in the Summer months easily exceeds 100 degrees for several days in July and August, but during the Summer of 2019 we only had two or three days that the temperature went above 100 degrees, and it never approached the 110 degrees, more or less, that the 8 percent promised increase in each of the 12 years to destruction would have produced.

So with a cooler than promised Summer, where does this evidence of the stupidity and lies of the radical left and their warming hoax leave these idiots? If they were decent, well-meaning people they would hang their heads in shame and admit that they were wrong. But they are lying scoundrels and they just keep on lying about the whole warming/change thing and making the young people in our nation fear the future that awaits them. If this isn’t child abuse I don’t know what it could be called.

 Our nation has never had a political party that wanted to inflict fear into the younger generation. Both parties have traditionally told the young that they could provide a better life and an increased income that would allow them to live well if they voted their party line. Now Democrats tell everyone they will live lives of misery and poverty as the Democrat party raises their taxes, deprives them of air conditioners, takes away their gas-powered cars, eliminates commercial jet transportation so citizens will not be able to vacation as they please. We are also told that our diets will be controlled by the government because grazing animals are destroying the world as quickly as your Toyota and Al Gore‘s personal jet, so you’ll have to give up beef and all of it’s by-products.

With all of this doom and gloom malarkey being thrown around by Democrat candidates for president, who the hell would vote Democrat in 2020? Citizens should monitor their local temperature the next eleven years and see if they detect any warming above the norm for their region of the nation during the 12-years-to-destruction promised by elite Democrats. This will prove to each and every one who pays attention that we citizens are being systematically lied to by the people who want to control our lives: we call the Democrats.