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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mayor Pete Proposes Racist Policies

One hears that Democrat presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, as a result of his constant lagging in the polls and his inability to attract the following of black Americans, has proposed policies that are designed for blacks only, not whites, not Asians, nor Hispanics.

This is nothing but racism and smacks of a “separate but equal” philosophy that was discarded by thinking, caring people forty years ago. Next can we expect him to revive busing across school boundaries to achieve the desired mix of races by the racist Democrats?

The Mayor’s new proposal is called the “Douglas Plan for black Americans“. Asians and Hispanics need not apply to this racist plan. But Petite Pete has failed to see the many black millionaires and firm middle class blacks doing well under President Trump’s leadership and their own hard work and discipline. Why do liberals insult successful blacks by telling the world that blacks can’t make it in America? This stupid, big-government plan is just another in a series of such big brother programs, most of which have failed in the past but have always made Democrats feel good about themselves and has generated votes for the donor politician.

It’s become a bit of a cliché for leftist politicians to appeal to poor blacks with this kind of offering when the major problem for blacks who are falling behind is not taking education seriously and not having a personal desire and drive to succeed.

 Harvard University has a special and separate ceremony for graduating blacks, therefore  bussing is not needed at Harvard. In the recent movie titled “No Safe Spaces”, there’s a scene where we see several young black male students from another university where the makers of the movie have just spoken, complaining about the rough road ahead for them and other blacks in America. They’re attending a better university that I and most other white people are able to attend, and they are complaining about a future they already predict will be awful and terrible.

Anyway, one of Petite Pete’s new programs wants to “disassemble racist structures and systems” in America, even though all of those terrible things were put in place solely to favor blacks, or are non racial things that are based on merit, not race. But in making his new proposal, he’s simply proposing another “racist structure and system” that will just fail, like nearly all such government imposed programs that are based on race. If one were to get rid of all “racist structures and systems” the result would be liberty and freedom for all Americans with no holds barred on anyone, but Pete is not proposing freedom and liberty, he wants preference and a dedicated voter base for himself.

Mayor Pete is also proposing changes to the “health, education and criminal justice system”, but don’t anyone tell him that President Trump has already addressed these areas, and things in this category are looking better as a result.

Our Pete is pandering and gasping for breath as well as desperately seeking black voters with these proposals, because his own little liberal fiefdom, South Bend, Indiana, has  a high poverty/crime rate and is experiencing racial strife, just like nearly all cities run by Democrats, and if he has such great ideas with his new plan for solving our nation’s major problems, why hasn’t he implemented them in South Bend and then he could run on his success as a mayor and could lecture all of us about how successful he‘s been in Indiana? But he hasn’t and he can’t.

Mr. Buttigieg is a failure as a mayor, so he must scramble to let all blacks know he’s a typical leftist Democrat and that he is willing to dole out government favors in exchange for the black vote. And this racist policy is indeed typical of what has gotten America into the mess we see today, because it is typical of Democrats.

America has made a good start with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and we’ll see a resurgence of our old national self if we keep him there.