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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary’s Uniform Of Choice Is The Pantsuit, But She Forbids Police Uniforms At The DNC

From Pretty in Pink to Lying in White, Hillary has shown a love for her pantsuits, and she wore one again at her DNC acceptance speech, this latest time wearing a more formal white to offset the dark lies she so easily tells.

Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea’s, calm, slow-paced, measured, practiced introduction of Hillary at the final night of the DNC was a bit phony, but it set the stage to introduce a loving Mom and a non-partisan politician who only wants to help the common man and woman survive in a mad, mad world. But Hillary’s own speech was as phony as Chelsea’s intro. During the speech Hillary was still pitching her ”It Takes A Village” ideas and paired that position with the liberal “You Didn’t Build That” pitch that prevents American individuals and corporations from excelling and growing the economy as was always done prior to Obama’s reign of error.

Of course we had to put up with shots of Hillary’s lip-biting, head-bobbling, pan-faced, mouth-breathing husband, our beloved Bill, as he swooned adoringly while watching Chelsea and Hillary on stage, but Hillary soon took a few chunks out of Bill when she made references to her past tribulations, largely caused by Bill, which she claimed she always rose above and overcame. The camera was not on Bill as these critical words were spoken, so we don’t know if he got the put-down or not, but I’m sure he continued to bite his lower lip and grin like a fool at his beloved Hillary (but he was probably recalling the 26 flights he took on the Lolita Express to destinations we can’t discuss in polite, mixed company, and which the liberal press will not mention at all).

Hillary wasted no time lying to the audience, first with her pretend happiness that the “oil industry that just had its best year ever”, but she forgot to mention her own insistence that she would destroy the coal industry and put them out of business, which we’ve seen come to fruition under Obama and his closing of numerous coal production companies via the “fundamental transformation of America” he promised, this time by reducing carbon devils like coal, which provides the majority of our nation’s electric power.

Hillary stated that “In America, if you can dream it you should be able to build it”, except that Obama’s “you didn’t build that” quote along with the mountains of EPA regulations his administration issues, often won’t allow the building and expansion of a business, and frequently even prevents private individuals from building on their own personal residential property.

Hillary also produced a list of things she wants to do quickly in her administration, so with this expression of urgency she must be criticizing the Obama administration for a lack of attention to the items on her list, but she seemed to only adore Obama as she hugged him on Wednesday night, so I wonder how seriously she considers these urgent matters that she didn’t get them addressed while she was a part of the Obama administration. If these things were so important and people were suffering so badly, why wait?

Hillary also said she would address the subject of job creation early in her administration, even though all Democrats pretend that unemployment is at an all-time low. I couldn’t help but wonder how the federal government was going to create jobs for the nation. Will she reduce the cost of doing business by backing off of the punitive regulations in Obamacare? Will she tell the EPA to stop issuing anti-business regulations that stifle job creation and expansion? Will she lower taxes on individuals and corporations? I believe the answer to all of the above is “no”. She’ll likely edict a large nation-wide minimum pay increase, take credit for helping middleclass America keep up with an increasingly expensive world, and walk away leaving millions of Americans still unemployed.

And how about the cost of college loans, which industry the government took over years ago and has only made worse due to a lack of competition? Will Hillary put pressure on colleges to reduce the already high and increasing salaries of professors, and themselves become leaner, reduce their budgets and become more efficient so they can lower tuition costs and help students reduce the debt they carry for years after graduation? Hell no! Government will tax all Americans more heavily, even those without college-bound children, to provide the “free” college Bernie was so fond of, and in the process make the situation even worse. Liberal Democrats never solve any problem, they only make the existing problem worse.

Hillary’s health, as well as her in-your-face dishonesty, is also an issue in this election, and her repeated grunts and growls throughout her speech as she constantly cleared her throat is concerning for anyone who recalls her lengthy coughing fits in the recent past.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is Bill Clinton Completely Tone Deaf?

Last night the forty-second president of the United States, the mouth-breathing, pan-faced Bill Clinton, made a speech at the Democrat National Convention to “introduce” Hillary to America, as if we don’t already know this law-breaking, criminal, lying woman. But among the first words Clinton spoke to introduce his wife were: “I met a girl”. He was, of course, referring to Hillary with these words, but could also have been speaking about Monica, Jennifer, Paula, Juanita or numerous other women we know nothing about, including the 26 trips he took on the “Lolita Express” aircraft owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and offering, instead of coffee or tea, massages by under-aged “sex slaves”.

Yes, the girls thing has been Clinton’s weak spot and I kept expecting him to make additional references to other women throughout the speech in order to give us a full accounting of his lady friends. Maybe it’s just me being ultra-critical of the Clinton crap and the slavish worship of this pair of hypocrites by their foolish Democrat followers, but he and his staff must have seen where his “I met a girl” statement would lead to in many minds while listening to the speech.

Then at the end of the speech he assured us that every situation Hillary becomes involved with turns out better than when it began, but I guess Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans just slipped his mind. And maybe he forgot about the Muslim brotherhood taking control in Egypt; and what happened to Libya when Gaddafi was deposed; and the claim that Syria’s al-Assad was a reformer; and he forget about the Russian reset button, all things that got much worse for America and the world with Hillary in charge as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is a truly bad person and everyone should be aware of that fact by this late date.

During his speech Clinton listed a series of things Hillary did that he claimed helped people, and I know that in each case her so-called accomplishments was another big government intrusion into the lives of Americans that deprives us of another block of our constitutionally provided liberties.

Occasionally during the speech the camera in the convention hall swung to the Clinton’s grinning daughter, Chelsea, the white-liberal-privileged woman who lives in a ten million dollar penthouse in Manhattan and is married to one of Hillary’s hated and despised financial company moguls, which shows how serious Hillary is about the promises she has made to destroy Wall Street insiders and their cheating companies.

We need to also be made aware that, amidst the cheering and lies, the DNC forgot the police officers who are being murdered at an astounding rate throughout the nation, while celebrating the dead black criminals shot by police in the line of duty. And we should also notice that the American flag was an endangered species at the convention, as the anti-American Democrats/liberals/progressives spoke and cheered in anticipation of taking control of America as this great nation goes down for the third and final time, drowning in government regulations, illegal immigration and unconstitutional executive orders.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Democrats Scandalously Attack An Immigrant Woman’s Attempted Public Speech In English

Last night an immigrant woman, to whom English is a second or third language, gave what was broadly acclaimed to be a great speech, and because a phrase or two, or perhaps only a few words, were similar to the words spoken by a native-American Democrat woman a few years ago, the liberal press claims these words, which, to repeat, are foreign words to the immigrant woman, to be their own words and forbid that they be spoken by anyone else.

But imagine how this young, immigrant woman feels when Democrats criticize her for perhaps mispronouncing some of the words or placing an emphasis in the wrong part of the sentence. This poor woman, who dared to try to speak English in public at the Republican National Convention, must be devastated at this criticism from the liberal/progressive political left.

The immigrant woman’s name is Melania Trump and the speech she is accused of quoting from was supposedly made by Michelle Obama some years ago, long before this immigrant woman with the last name of Trump would have or could have heard or read Michelle’s speech. This is such set-up deal and is so beneath Democrats (well, maybe not beneath them) that I hope Melania blows it off to be phony bunch of crap that one can expect to come from liberals when they are being beaten in the area of public opinion and need a target to shoot at in order to deflect attention from the own Crooked Hillary.

But it’s such a shame that an immigrant should have to take such abuse from rich American liberals, but of course she’s a legal immigrant, and therein lies the difference in the way they treat her. Maybe the liberal press has forgotten about the speech that Joe Biden plagiarized a few years ago, and a phrase Barack Obama lifted in a speech he made during his administration. I wonder who Michelle stole her speech from in the first place. After all, it’s a liberal tradition.

It’s a scandal that someone who has chosen to become an American citizen and has achieved success here is abused by Democrats who only want to admit illegal immigrants who will accept dependence from big Democrat government and will vote to keep big brother liberals in power in exchange for the tax-payer provided goodies they receive.

Baton Rouge Police Killings Accentuate Liberal Policy Immediately Prior To The Republican Convention

The American people are fed up with Obama’s placing blame for shootings on privately owned guns and on police officers; they’re fed up with terrorists committing attacks at will; they’re fed up with a president performing illegal and unconstitutional acts in order to achieve his unpopular, leftist goals of “fundamentally transforming America”; they’re fed up with a Democrat presidential candidate committing crimes as Secretary of State, as clearly defined by the FBI director, James Comey, but getting no punishment at all from the Department of Justice for those crimes; but on the other hand Americans are eating up the Republican convention which follows on the heels of the murders of six Baton Rouge police officers. Americans see a stark difference between the leftist, blame-America-first Democrats and the patriotic, law-abiding Republicans.

The Republicans under Donald Trump have promised to right all of these and other wrongs imposed on us by Obama and Clinton during the last seven years, and have promised they will seek out and kill ISIS terrorists and not sit back and wait for them to attack another American city.

The idiocy of Obama allowing and promoting all of the evils that have occurred during his administration is brought home with the tragic killings of six more police officers the weekend before the Republicans have their convention. The differences between the two parties could not be more clearly delineated than they are this election season.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

And now, In A Long Line Of Similar Tragedies Under The Obama Administration, Baton Rouge Mourns Assassinated Police Officers

Obama, just today, July 17, 2016, stated that “nothing justifies violence against law enforcement”, referring to the police killings we’ve seen this weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But our dear president has forgotten his former position on a lesser matter regarding the police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and other police matters as well, when he stated that the police responded “stupidly” to an event before he even knew what had happened.

Our president now also has taken the new attitude that “we need to temper our words and open our hearts”, and “we need to avoid divisive rhetoric” following the tragic events in Baton Rouge this weekend. It appears our president suddenly realizes that his former racist, anti-police statements were not only listened to by the rabble that would kill police officers, but these thugs have taken his former excessive words as encouragement to move forward with their shooting and killing, knowing that Obama would once again not blame them, but would divert attention to the guns used in the murders as being at fault. At least Obama, with his new-found soothing words, has finally dropped the idiotic anti-gun and anti-police rhetoric that has always been his fallback position, and is now taking the position of the great unifier and healer, following the destructive words he’s spoken in the past. Why has it taken our punk president so long to begin absorbing his on-the-job training and finally, although probably temporarily, begun blaming the killers and not their guns?

Obama, while disrupting peoples’ lives as a community organizer, could make grand denunciations of the police that he was aggravating and protesting against in Chicago and his words would be heard by few people, understood by fewer, and taken seriously by nearly no one. But as president his words of criticism for the police have caused an enormous divide in America, which has resulted in an open hunting season on police officers, based on Obama’s own words, and it’s all on him.

Barack Obama had such a blessed opportunity to unify the nation and bury racial animosity when a majority of Americans, black and white alike, elected him president. And now, nearly eight years later, he’s blown the chance to heal, based solely on his intention to “fundamentally transform America” and has caused more racial divisiveness and violence than we’ve ever seen before. This division and hate, I fear, is what modern-day liberals/progressives/Democrats do, and I know it’s a practice that Hillary will continue and expand upon if she’s elected president.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Is Obama’s Solution To The Nice Terrorist Attack Truck-Control?

Liberals are running out of things on which to blame the crap that’s happening in America. Hillary shoots off her mouth about how terrible life is in America (education is bad; wages are low; the poor are getting poorer while the rich, like Hillary, are getting richer; crime is increasing; the nation is more divided than ever; race relations are bad; we expect a new terror attack at any moment; joblessness is high and rising) and states her idiotic plans to fix them and, oops!, we realize liberal Democrats, like Hillary, have been in control of our nation’s policies and law enforcement for the last seven years and gotten everything they wanted during the entire duration of Obama’s presidency. So where’s the beef, and who’s to blame?

 Race relations have become increasingly testy, but surely this couldn’t be the fault of our liberal/Democrat/black president of the last seven years, could it? And now we have another mass terrorist killing, this one in Nice and, darn it, the weapon used was a truck. So now the object of blame, used successfully for seven years under the leftist/liberal Democrat administration of Barack Obama, the gun, can’t be blamed. Liberals are running out of ways of trying to deflect blame and criticism from their worn-out, ineffective policies, but don’t expect them to vacate their favorite source of evil in the world (America), and don’t expect them to actually wage war on an enemy that has sworn to kill us.

But doubly frustrating for Obama’s blame-America-first crowd is their inability to blame ultra-liberal France, which has an enormous and growing Muslim population, for the killings. So, in order to find a proper culprit and blame the truck for the killings, will Obama now propose legislation to specify engine-size, wheel-size, weight, height and horsepower restrictions on trucks used throughout America in order to make them of less use to terrorists? It makes as much sense as blaming the lump of metal that a gun represents for the more traditional terrorist killings, and it prevents the Obama administration from having to face the facts and call terror attacks the fault of radical Islamic terrorists and Obama’s own pandering to the religion of peace, and not waging all-out war on them in Syria and Iraq and Libya, where they live, instead of in cities in America and France.

And on top of all our other troubles, Obama insists on importing at least 50,000 Syrian “refugees” who can’t possibly be even minimally vetted before entering our borders. Our nation is in deep, and deepening, trouble with Obama/Hillary in the Oval Office.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Obama Allows An Increased Threat Level To America

Just as the Clinton administration was accused of being satisfied with a certain level of crime in the 1990s to bolster its case in favor of unconstitutional gun-control measures, today it’s easy and logical to assume that the Obama administration is not only comfortable with a moderate terrorist threat level from the Syrian “refugees” they are encouraging to settle in America, it appears obvious that they are encouraging this increased threat of a terrorist attack. Similarly, a case can be made, based on empirical evidence, that Obama can also tolerate an increased nuclear threat level on America and Israel following his catastrophic Iran nuke deal.

The Syrian “refugee” situation is completely lacking in logic and common sense. The State Department claims to be performing “comprehensive and robust security screening”, per the Wall Street Journal, but a moment’s reflection would make a sensible person aware that meaningful security checks cannot be performed on citizens from nations like Syria, which has no functioning local or national government, is in a state of total shambles, and doesn’t much like the United States anyway. So why would they work with us and warn us of potential threats to our security? And how can security checks be made when the entire region is little more than a bomb crater? Then also consider that the Obama administration is rumored to be using the United Nations to make the actual security checks on each “refugee” entering America from Syria, and we all know how fond of America the United Nations is. Letting them be responsible for security in the United States does not give me a warm feeling.

The subject of the Iran nuclear agreement is an even more distressing area of consideration of Obama’s evil intent for America. The Wall Street Journal reports that this year-old agreement has produced “illegal proliferation of sensitive procurement activities by Iran in Germany” regarding nuclear technology, and all of these dealings by Iran “violate Iran’s explicit commitment to go through an official procurement channel to purchase nuclear related materials”. Meanwhile the Obama administration pretends that “Iran has met all its obligations under the deal” and deserves additional weakening of the sanctions against the terrorist state.

Obama honestly and openly claimed to want to “fundamentally transform America”, but it’s also clear that he is not completely uncomfortable with a terrorist attack or a nuclear device being used on America, but has so far left these sentiments unstated. After all, if a nuclear device were to be detonated in an American city it would give Obama the excuse he needs to declare martial law and lock us down absolutely and completely under his total control. The constitution would be suspended immediately. There would be no more elections, no more talk radio, no internet, no more interstate nor international travel.  We would be serfs serving the leader in Washington.

Why does the United States deserve this fool man and his evil intentions towards this great nation?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama Disproves The Notion That Things Can’t Get Any Worse

The devious, anti-America schemes of the Obama administration have tentacles working undercover into every area of government and American society, undermining our lives, our nation and our homes, in keeping with Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.

Things in American life have only gotten incredibly worse under Obama’s rule, and this downward trend will continue long after Obama leaves office because he has imbedded the destructive, unconstitutional changes into executive orders, law and department policy and bent the opinion of the uninformed citizens among us to cause and permit this continuing destruction.

Obama proves that, no matter how bad things currently are, they can always get worse, and have done so each moment of his administration. The election of Hillary to the presidency would only further tilt the downward angle of this slippery slope, and our nation’s decline would occur more rapidly than is currently happening with Crooked, Grossly Negligent Hillary in the Oval Office.

Obama’s Thinking Is Clouded By Prejudice

Barack Obama sees racism when a police officer, whether black or white, acting in the line of duty, tragically shoots and kills a black suspect, and he reaches this conclusion long before there is any investigation into the actual facts of the event, but he claims he can’t determine the reason for a black man’s expressed, racist, hate-filled desire to kill white people and police officers, after this man does, indeed, kill five white police officers in Dallas. Mr. Obama is blind to clear evidence of hate and race-mongering. Our president almost appears delusional on this subject and the related anti-gun rant that he seems to revert to each time a terrorist or an insane, hate-filled person shoots innocent people.

Given the nonsense that comes out of the Obama administration and its inability to see racism clearly and call it what it is, it’s obvious that Obama’s judgement is out of sync with reality and that he is unfit for his position. His prejudice prevents him seeing true racism when it raises its ugly head, but imagines racism at the slightest provocation where it doesn’t exist at all, except in his America-hating mind.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Obama Is The Last Person To Turn To For Healing And Peace

Let’s first review only Obama’s timeliness in judging his accuracy and wisdom when making statements about events important to our lives:

First, he called ISIS a “JV” team just prior to its becoming a major international killing force threatening the world.

Second, he declared that he had “contained” ISIS the day before the November 13, 2015, attack on Paris, and just prior to the San Bernardino terrorist attack in California.

Third, he declared the police killings of black suspects in Louisiana and Minnesota as racist killings just prior to the mass attacks on police officers in Dallas, Texas, at a Black Lives Matter gathering. And these examples are only proof of Obama’s bad timing in shooting off his mouth about critical events; we haven’t ever gotten to the subject of his accuracy and intent yet.

It’s clear that when Obama announces a judgement on something, if all he is trying to do is put citizens’ minds at peace about the threat, then he’s a complete failure and a counter force to peace. But add to this infinite fallibility his bad intentions and his dislike of Americans and the American way of life under our constitution, and you have a disaster in the making with such a president.

Any leader who claims he is going to “fundamentally transform” the entity he is leading will not do the job that most people under his rule want done by their leader. So when Obama promised he would “fundamentally transform America” during his administration, those citizens who paid attention to his words expected nothing but disaster from an Obama administration. And that’s exactly what we got. The current disaster is racial divide, and this is the one area where Obama, the community organizer and professional agitator, is right at home and needs no advice from his leftist staff as to how best to divide the nation.

When a police officer shoots a young black man in the line of duty Obama immediately assumes, and openly proclaims to the public, that it was the officer’s fault due to his racism, even though the deaths of most young black men are at the hands of other young black men, not police officers. Obama rules out the possibility that the police officer was justified in using violence against the suspect. Our president forgets that decent black Americans depend on police officers to protect them from young black men who commit crimes, and whose crimes are way out of proportion to their percentage of the American population. So when he dumps accusations of racism on police, he hurts the decent black citizens who depend on these officers for protection from the young men Obama defends, at great cost to America’s police officers and law-abiding black citizens of America.

In addition, leftists like Obama never look inward to themselves and their policies as being culpable for rising crime rates and terrorist attacks. The Democrats have established their future voting block and re-election efforts on poor people, disproportionately black under the Obama administration, whose population is also disproportionately unemployed and poorly educated with no fathers in the home and whose mothers are swamped with too many welfare children to raise alone on a barely existent welfare budget and living in crime-ridden areas.

And what is Obama’s idea to help welfare recipients? He wants their sub-standard buildings constructed in traditionally middle-class neighborhoods, not to help the welfare recipients, but to stick a finger in the eye of hard-working, middle class Americans, destroy the value of their homes and make them subject to living in high crime neighborhoods. Every program and policy of the Obama administration, and liberal policy in general, only make matters worse and lessens the quality of life for all Americans.

The current dangerous racial/police situation can be placed right at the feet of Barack Obama, because he will never encourage people to withhold judgement on police shootings until after all of the facts are in and we know exactly what happened. Even when his own Justice Department cleared the police officer of any wrong-doing in the Ferguson death of a young black man who attacked the police officer, Obama lets the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” go unchallenged and he makes no attempt to calm those who believe the police were at fault, but instead he agitates and makes harsh, untruthful and inflammatory charges against the police, and more people die as a result, this time Dallas police officers.

And we should also recall that the trials in Baltimore that accused police officers, both black and white, of causing the death of a young black criminal, have found the police officers to be not guilty. So it’s not only Obama who is stirring up racial feelings and causing trouble in America, it’s all liberal/leftist/Democrats who are destroying the lives of Americans for their own political advantage.

Then add to this mess the fact that Obama is pushing to nationalize all local police departments and place them under his personal command, and we’ve got even greater problems ahead if a big-government Democrat like Hillary Clinton becomes our next president and continues Obama’s destructive, unconstitutional and totalitarian policies.

Obama’s Idiotic Logic Bites Him In The Butt

Recall if you will for a moment, President Obama repeatedly lecturing Americans that calling ISIS terrorists “Radical Islamic Terrorists” would offend Muslims and would cause them to become recruits to the murderous ISIS forces, while at the same time we heard our president repeatedly brag about his personal bravery and leadership in giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. I also recall the fool Joe Biden making the braggadocios statement that under the leadership of Barack Obama, Bin Laden was dead and General Motors was still alive. So what would make border-line terrorists angrier: calling terrorists what they are (terrorists), or assassinating their leader?

It always confused me when Obama claimed that words encouraged radicals to kill, but killing Osama Bin Laden had no impact on them at all. So now we get the report from England’s Daily Mail that Bin Laden’s son wants revenge, not for words spoken about terrorists that he finds offensive, but for Barack Obama’s order to assassinate his father, and he wants more attacks on America as a result.

There is none so stupid, nor so dangerous to this nation, as a leftist, America-hating president and his big mouth. Obama had an opportunity long ago to fulfill his red-line promise in Syria and halt the spread of ISIS, and he turned tail and ran from his responsibility. Obama is a liar and a coward who punishes and repeatedly criticizes his own nation for living freely and comfortably, but refuses to punish bands of stone-age terrorists who are killing and raping their way around the world. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

One Small Example Of The Larger Unprincipled Democrat Mode Of Conduct

Democrats have always been money-grubbers, but as long as they were being outspent by Republicans in elections they pretended to hate the cost of campaigning and proclaimed that they wanted to get money out of politics, or better yet, go to a government-subsidized financing system. But the rant against Republicans for raising and spending too much money for elections came to a halt recently when Hillary announced that her campaign had accumulated more money than Donald Trump, who is self-financing his campaign for president, and she suddenly began bragging about having more money than Trump, and expressing pride in this formerly despised accomplishment. At this mid-stream attitude-change, Hillary suddenly became proud of the larger pile of cash and the larger expenditures of money her staff was able to make to buy ads and spend money on campaign events. All at once money was a good thing and no longer a problem that undermined a fair election season and an open democracy, such as America has.

On a different money-related, government issue, Democrats are belly-aching loudly about the Republicans spending seven million dollars on their Benghazi investigation in an attempt to determine Hillary’s culpability in the attacks and the deaths of the four Americans that reported to her. But then we learn of the Democrats wasting eight million dollars on the lie of global warming, all of which is completely political and an attempt to gain more control over the lives of Americans and get a lock on controlling the economy to favor Democrat demographics and policy. So when the subject is really an attempt to punish a wrong-doer and make government more open and honest Democrats aren’t interested.  But when it’s pure politics and the promotion of lies and deceit, Dems are fully on-board.

One wonders if Democrats have any honest principles at all or are they interested only in blaming opponents for doing what they themselves, as Democrats, do. Or are they solely and only interested in winning elections and getting control of government and the nation’s wealth?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation Of America” Becomes All-Out War On America

The idiot in the Oval Office, who loves to play at being the president of the United States, is finally seeing his promise of a “fundamental transformation of America” come to fruition with the mass killing of police officers in Dallas. We’ve been watching this fool man’s policies cause increasing misery and suffering as the border is left wide open for illegals to enter; sanctuary cities protect criminals who should not be here; ISIS is ignored and called a JV team while killing hundreds of innocent people; Obama pretends war on Syrian ISIS encampments but does very little to actually eliminate them; he withdraws from Iraq and loses a war already won; he makes a nuclear deal with Iran that assures the Mullahs will obtain a nuclear device in a few years; he accuses the police in American cities of causing racial problems and criminal activity; and now the police are being attacked in full military style on the streets of America.

Now we see the latest realization of Obama’s words and policies with the killing of many police officers in Dallas, Texas, which indicates to me that the terrorism that Obama promised was “contained” in Syria is indeed alive and well in the United States, and it was brought here and allowed to grow by Barack Obama and his far left Democrat party.  In just over seven years Obama has indeed transformed America from a prosperous, free nation to one that is looking more third-world all the time and finds that any of its citizens expressing doubt about global warming are threatened with prosecution for their words and ideas, and has legal, law-abiding gun-owners facing unconstitutional confiscation of those weapons.

So it had better register with the citizens of America that leftist policy will destroy this nation just as it has destroyed all nations that have tried it in the past, most recently Venezuela, and that Obama’s hand-picked successor to the presidency, the “totally qualified” Hillary Clinton, will only make things worse and drive us more quickly to total devastation, domestic terrorism and poverty, if that fool woman is elected in November.

Let this be a lesson to Obama’s followers, that when you proceed to “fundamentally transform” a nation you necessarily weaken its institutions and cause it eternal destruction as unforeseen elements enter the weakened fabric and expand the “transformation” in unintended ways. With all of the unconstitutional and illegal ways Obama has personally attacked America, and with his intentionally racially divisive language, all of this destruction and the killings are on his head, and it would not surprise one at all to learn that the opening of our borders to all who will illegally enter might not have been a contributing factor to this latest killing spree.

We have Obama to thank for this mess.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

DOJ Forgiveness Of Hillary Is Proof Of Liberal Political Privilege

Liberals make a lot of noise about “white privilege” in America, but when it comes to liberal political privilege the white population can’t begin to keep up. Just ask Republicans like Scooter Libby and Bob McDonnell how they were treated by the liberals that persecuted and prosecuted them with very little or no evidence of wrong-doing.

The true scandal of Hillary being allowed to avoid prosecution is that the FBI Director, James Comey, in the televised statement in which he officially announced that the Department of Justice was dropping their investigation of Hillary, spent ten minutes carefully and fully listing her transgressions and announcing that she was grossly negligent with the way she handled her email servers and secure messaging, then said “never mind” to paying any penalty for these crimes. Any one of the numerous crimes that Comey listed would get a normal person sent to prison, but not anyone associated with Barack Obama and liberals in government. After all, what’s the purpose of being a liberal if you have to respect and obey the law?

Some of the liberals who have been forgiven for committing crimes like not paying taxes and lying under oath to a federal judge are Charles Rangel and Bill Clinton. And don’t forget that Barack Obama got favored treatment under the law when the Supreme Court illegally rewrote Obamacare, from the bench, so it could remain in place as the law that nationalized healthcare in America.

America is being ruled by swine and if this practice does not end with a course-correcting vote this November we may not be able to continue on our nation’s traditional course of liberty and freedom.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016: A Spaced-out Political Oddity

The Movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was on TV recently and it was noticeable in this odd political season of 2016, the close relationship between what the two humans on the space craft experienced compared with what HAL, the computer interface system, was telling them about what they saw and heard taking place during their voyage, and how these events can be compared with actions of the Obama administration.

The humans saw what they thought was a computer error occurring, but HAL, the computer’s human input/output communications system, insisted that the 9000 Series Computer had never made a mistake and never had an error. This sounded strangely like the Obama administration stating that it will be the most transparent administration the nation has ever had, and then we learn of them making secret nuclear deals with the Iranian Mullahs; opening up our borders to all who want to illegally enter, while simultaneously claiming that more illegal border crossers had been sent back home than ever before; getting an American agent killed with their Fast and Furious scheme which attempted to blame our constitution for deaths with rifles that were legally sold in America; promising Obamacare would allow all Americans to keep their plan, keep their doctor, and would save them $2500 a year; and other underhanded if not illegal acts committed by the current administration.

HAL then kills one of the astronauts and insults the intelligence of the surviving crew member by claiming that it could not determine what caused his death due to lack of sufficient data on the subject. Sounds kind of like a multi-pronged, multi-month FBI investigation into Hillary’s time as Secretary of State being ended by the Obama administration with a claimed lack of proof that she did anything wrong.

If we can for one minute associate HAL with our big, bloated government which claims perfection in all things yet makes one decision after another that either limits the liberties of American citizens or gets patriotic Americans killed, there is a lesson to learn from this movie. The HALs of the world, in this instance, the Obama administration and its enormous and intrusive government, have forgotten that the mission of the United States is liberty and freedom and not the leftist, freakish desires of the Obama administration. They are subverting the mission defined by the constitution and in the process they are destroying the nation. Presidential administrations are supposed to maintain the nation as founded, not change or destroy it.

The FBI has been investigating Hillary for months on suspicion of money and influence peddling and government security violations while she was Secretary of State, but HAL/Obama tells us he doesn’t believe any security violations were committed; Bill Clinton meets secretly with Obama’s Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) at an airport in Phoenix; then Mrs. Lynch announces, in a carefully worded statement, that she is prepared to accept the advice of the FBI director as to the next step to take on Hillary’s email investigation; then Hillary states that, if elected president, she will retain Mrs. Lynch as her Attorney General; then James Comey, the Director of the FBI, forgives Hillary and halts the investigation, but only after properly listing each of the crimes the investigation found she was guilty of and finally labels her as being Grossly Negligent.  

HAL in the form of Obama is trying to take over your life and the lives of future American citizens, and time has almost run out to save ourselves and our nation from a president who swore to “fundamentally transform America”, and he’s almost completed his sinister task.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Crooked, Grossly Negligent Hillary Is Sprung By The DOJ

If Donald Trump doesn’t start using “Grossly Negligent” in addition to his “Crooked” descriptor of Hillary, he’ll be missing a strong point to be used against her and will be passing up a ripe target that the DOJ itself has placed on her chest.

When the Department of Justice representative, in this case James Comey, the Director of the FBI, describes a presidential candidate that has undergone deep, extensive investigation as being “Grossly Negligent”, he has hung her politically in the eyes of any citizen paying attention to current events. In an age of constant and increasing terrorist attacks on America, who in their right mind would want a “Grossly Negligent” president?

Hillary as president would be the final nail in the coffin of America, and every tool must be used to block her election.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Caught With His Pants Up For A Change

The slick-meister is at it again, but this time his pants were up and buckled. Bill Clinton, whose wife, Hillary, the current Democrat heir-apparent to the Oval Office, is not only a candidate for president but is up to her eyeballs in more than one FBI investigation for email usage and security violations as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, had a private thirty-minute meeting at the obscure location on the tarmac of Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, with Loretta Lynch, the current Attorney General in the Obama administration and the boss of the FBI investigators who will decide the fate of Hillary Clinton. Who can question the wisdom and appearance of this meeting? But it’s typical Democrat operating procedure.

There’s probably no relation at all, but the same day that Bill and Loretta met it was disclosed that the State Department requested a two-year delay of release of Hillary’s emails related to the Clinton Foundation. This means that Hillary’s dishing our promises to foreign rulers in exchange for a donation to her alleged “charity” will not be known until she is half-way through her first term as president, at which time she can just have the emails buried and forgotten forever.

So let’s review the chronology: Hillary is being investigated by the FBI; her husband meets privately with the Attorney General; foundation emails will be covered up; the Attorney will someday soon decide whether to place Hillary on trial of just slap her wrists for putting the nation at risk by exposing national secrets to any hacker who wants to invade her unsecure system.

Although Bill had his pants up this time, both he a Loretta Lynch let their guards down and have created a large storm about their honesty and professional behavior. Bill is just Bill and will always be a fool, but Loretta must be impeached and removed from her job and have no decision-making input on how to proceed with Hillary and her tribulations.

See Something, Say Something?

Our esteemed president, in his pretense of wanting to protect America and the citizens of this great nation, encourages us to raise the alarm and if we see something, we are encouraged to say something. So I will.

I see an administration that despises America.

I see a president who wants to “fundamentally transform America” to something unrecognizable.

I see an Attorney General who has private meetings with the husband of a women currently being investigated by the FBI.

I see Syrian “refugees” invading America with sworn terrorists in their midst.

I see a president who lied about our doctor, our plan, and saving $2500 a year with Obamacare.

I see a president who in effect has given the go-ahead for Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

I see a president who cares more about LGBT bathrooms than he does about giving our children good educations or protecting America from terrorist attacks.

I see a nation being overrun by illegal aliens who don’t want to become functioning citizens but are after short-term goodies only.

There I’ve done it. I’ve stated what I’ve seen after seven years of watching Obama operate, and what the hell good will it do with people in elected office, and this reference includes the fool Republicans in the House and Senate as well as the Oval Office, who are only concerned about their continued political careers and eventually drifting into a lucrative lobbying position, and don’t give a damn about the welfare of America and its citizens.

So what good does it do to say something when officials will not listen? One might as well stick one’s head in the sand and remain silent because the current administration in intentionally walking us to national destruction and will not be diverted from that goal.

Why Do We Assume That Evolution Advances Toward Human-Kind?

It’s long been assumed that evolution caused monkeys and apes to have evolved into humans. Evolution is religiously believed mainly by the anti-religious left. And especially in the evolution of lesser species to more advanced species, the left has always believed that the evolution was from monkeys to humans and not the other way around. But what if evolution is actually from human to monkeys? This would blow up liberal theories of evolution and the assumption that humans are of a higher order. It would seem to be more in agreement with liberal thinking, and is in agreement with their disbelief in a God, that liberals would prefer the theory that apes are superior to humans because apes are more “natural” and more closely attuned to nature.

Conservatives, on the other hand, assume that God is supreme in the universe and that humans were created in the image of God, so humans occupy that place or state that all lesser beings evolve to. Could this assumption be incorrect?  This position, if it is correct, doesn’t weaken the idea that the logical-thinking, concept creating humans are at the top of the food chain, but it may be that the idea of evolving “up” is a mistaken idea that should be reconsidered, especially since the wealth and liberty-loving United States, which would seem to be at the top of the international community pecking order, is being systematically dismantled by liberals, and our nation seems to be in a free-fall toward second- or third-world status at the hands of the Obama administration and the big-government liberals currently ruling our nation. The thinking that would cause this fall from grace, and it’s all liberal in its intellectual source, can’t come from a higher-order brain, so it appears that liberals must be a sub-species of humans who have devolved from full human membership to the lesser status of liberalism.

As a partial justification for entry into war with Iraq, President Bush spoke often about all peoples’ desire to be free and prosperous and to live happily in a democracy, but America’s leading anti-constitution soldiers, Obama and Hillary, are taking America in the opposite direction of freedom and liberty, so why shouldn’t Mother Nature and evolution descend in a similar direction?

Given the current political climate in the United States, and around the world as well, freedom, prosperity and independence of thought don’t seem to be held in great reverence by many people, and it appears that the United States is evolving “down”, and it’s a certainly that if this nation dies, all of human-kind will die with it as terrorism and mob rule will become dominant, and that’s not what one would consider to be evolution in the “upward” direction.

Liberals Want Gun Control For Purely Symbolic Reasons

Liberals distrust independent, self-sufficient people who don’t depend on the government to make a life for themselves, and want these peoples’ independence limited. Gun owners are relatively independent from the authorities for self-defense so their guns must be taken from them in order to limit their independence. In addition, guns are dirty, oily and loud, so these yucky things must be confiscated, according to the liberal smart-set. Liberals are just generally distrustful of all people who are free and independent of big-government, so these free-spirited gun-owning people must be brought under control.

Of course, there are those totalitarian leftists who want guns taken from all Americans because being gunless is being defenseless and at the mercy of those possessing guns, an example of which is when the Hitlerian left decides it’s time to stomp out all liberties under the constitution and place a yoke around the neck of America. It’s simply a matter of practicality and convenience for leftists to get rid of any real resistance to their ultimate plans.

But most liberals want guns removed from the populace because only then will they consider themselves to be as cool as the French, British and Germans who don’t have guns, and they’ll feel like equals when mixing with these gun-deprived foreigners. After all, it must be hard for leftist Americans to put up with having the terms “cowboy” and “gun-slinger” cast at them by an EU member while trying to dine on the Champs-Elysees or on the upper east side in New York. This is the symbolism referred to in the title above, and it dominates leftist awareness of the world.

Whether to make American leftists feel more comfortable around Europeans or to limit armed resistance to a martial law take-over of a city, state or the entire nation, liberals wish to remove our constitution from the list of documents that assure America’s liberties and rights. Either way, liberal/Democrat/progressive/leftists are a danger to liberty in America.