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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary’s Uniform Of Choice Is The Pantsuit, But She Forbids Police Uniforms At The DNC

From Pretty in Pink to Lying in White, Hillary has shown a love for her pantsuits, and she wore one again at her DNC acceptance speech, this latest time wearing a more formal white to offset the dark lies she so easily tells.

Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea’s, calm, slow-paced, measured, practiced introduction of Hillary at the final night of the DNC was a bit phony, but it set the stage to introduce a loving Mom and a non-partisan politician who only wants to help the common man and woman survive in a mad, mad world. But Hillary’s own speech was as phony as Chelsea’s intro. During the speech Hillary was still pitching her ”It Takes A Village” ideas and paired that position with the liberal “You Didn’t Build That” pitch that prevents American individuals and corporations from excelling and growing the economy as was always done prior to Obama’s reign of error.

Of course we had to put up with shots of Hillary’s lip-biting, head-bobbling, pan-faced, mouth-breathing husband, our beloved Bill, as he swooned adoringly while watching Chelsea and Hillary on stage, but Hillary soon took a few chunks out of Bill when she made references to her past tribulations, largely caused by Bill, which she claimed she always rose above and overcame. The camera was not on Bill as these critical words were spoken, so we don’t know if he got the put-down or not, but I’m sure he continued to bite his lower lip and grin like a fool at his beloved Hillary (but he was probably recalling the 26 flights he took on the Lolita Express to destinations we can’t discuss in polite, mixed company, and which the liberal press will not mention at all).

Hillary wasted no time lying to the audience, first with her pretend happiness that the “oil industry that just had its best year ever”, but she forgot to mention her own insistence that she would destroy the coal industry and put them out of business, which we’ve seen come to fruition under Obama and his closing of numerous coal production companies via the “fundamental transformation of America” he promised, this time by reducing carbon devils like coal, which provides the majority of our nation’s electric power.

Hillary stated that “In America, if you can dream it you should be able to build it”, except that Obama’s “you didn’t build that” quote along with the mountains of EPA regulations his administration issues, often won’t allow the building and expansion of a business, and frequently even prevents private individuals from building on their own personal residential property.

Hillary also produced a list of things she wants to do quickly in her administration, so with this expression of urgency she must be criticizing the Obama administration for a lack of attention to the items on her list, but she seemed to only adore Obama as she hugged him on Wednesday night, so I wonder how seriously she considers these urgent matters that she didn’t get them addressed while she was a part of the Obama administration. If these things were so important and people were suffering so badly, why wait?

Hillary also said she would address the subject of job creation early in her administration, even though all Democrats pretend that unemployment is at an all-time low. I couldn’t help but wonder how the federal government was going to create jobs for the nation. Will she reduce the cost of doing business by backing off of the punitive regulations in Obamacare? Will she tell the EPA to stop issuing anti-business regulations that stifle job creation and expansion? Will she lower taxes on individuals and corporations? I believe the answer to all of the above is “no”. She’ll likely edict a large nation-wide minimum pay increase, take credit for helping middleclass America keep up with an increasingly expensive world, and walk away leaving millions of Americans still unemployed.

And how about the cost of college loans, which industry the government took over years ago and has only made worse due to a lack of competition? Will Hillary put pressure on colleges to reduce the already high and increasing salaries of professors, and themselves become leaner, reduce their budgets and become more efficient so they can lower tuition costs and help students reduce the debt they carry for years after graduation? Hell no! Government will tax all Americans more heavily, even those without college-bound children, to provide the “free” college Bernie was so fond of, and in the process make the situation even worse. Liberal Democrats never solve any problem, they only make the existing problem worse.

Hillary’s health, as well as her in-your-face dishonesty, is also an issue in this election, and her repeated grunts and growls throughout her speech as she constantly cleared her throat is concerning for anyone who recalls her lengthy coughing fits in the recent past.