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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Frightening Similarities Between The Taliban And Weeping Joey’s Administration

 After the Taliban took over the capital city of Afghanistan they released thousands of violent terrorists from prison and turned them loose to commit more crimes of terror. After the woke, defund-the-police, Democrat allies of Weeping Joey took their positions in California and New York, thousands of murderers, rapists and muggers were released from California and New York prisons, to prey on citizens all over again.

The Taliban has confiscated all private weapons held by citizens in Afghanistan. Democrats, along the same vein, are trying to take weapons from Americans, or will tax weapons and limit the production of ammunition to effect the same end, which is a violation of our constitution and our right to defend ourselves.

The Taliban force all women to wear masks. Democrats force all American citizens to wear masks.

The Taliban leaders are aged, hard-line, anti-Western freedom haters. America’s president  is an old, mentally failing, woke, progressive, hard-line, constitution-and-liberty-destroying Democrat.

If the Taliban doesn’t like what citizens say, they imprison them or kill them outright. If woke, leftist Democrats don’t like what a citizen says, or doesn’t like the questions a citizen asks, even if that citizen is the president himself, they hire big-tech giants to silence them.

The Taliban won’t allow a trusted and free election of officials to rule Afghanistan. In America, Democrats will not permit elections free of fraud.

Americans like to think we’ve been fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq the last 20 years, only to find that our Democrat leaders want the same thing the terrorists want: the silencing of citizens’ statements and questions that threaten Democrat power.

Friday, August 27, 2021

America’s Weeping-Pussy President Must Go

 It has become almost physically painful trying to watch our weeping-pussy president lie to the American people and blame Donald Trump for his every mistake, and then cry and bow his head because he’s too stupid and brain dead to be able to address the critical issues our nation is facing.

For a year and a half no deaths were reported in Afghan, and now that Biden has been president for a few months he gets a dozen or more military people killed because of his poorly-thought-out policies and military decisions. The man’s a fool.

As Joey was speaking on Thursday afternoon he gave us some John Wayne, tough-guy lingo by claiming that the deaths would be answered in the future, at a time and place of Joey’s choosing. This idiot president will never do anything to punish our enemy for the deaths of these brave Americans. What this fool man should have said to the stone age psychos who killed our American soldiers is:

A cruise missile has been launched and targeted at the American Embassy in Kabul. This missile     will arrive at its destination in seven minutes. Have a nice eternity!

And then other missiles should be launched at whatever Taliban encampments we can locate, and then maybe they would believe that weepy Joe Biden means business and will do more then just talk mean for public consumption. But that will never happen.

During the Thursday speech, called to explain what went wrong in Afghanistan, Joey took time out to tell us a little story about his son, then he quoted from the Bible, and then he asked for a moment of silence for the dead Americans whose deaths he is responsible for, and then he bowed his head in complete retreat from his duty to defend this nation and its citizens.

I’m sorry, but a man who became president under fraudulent voting circumstances and who has been parading around mandating one idiotic order after another in contradiction to the constitution is not a person I can stomach nor have any compassion for. This old man should never have even been considered for the Oval Office, his family should be put in jail for abusing the old cogger, and his White House staff should all be fired and sent home to reflect on their participation in the traitorism that was the Biden Presidency.

America’s Thanks Go To Afghan Joey

 Because of the historic goof-up committed by America’s aged and mentally-ailing leader, NATO no longer trusts America to conduct successful military operations, and has removed America from their list of nations to call for assistance in case they are attacked by a rogue power. Joey and his Build Back Better Bulls**t logo has turned America into a nation that shows its back when the going gets tough and runs away from responsibilities.

China is laughing at America and is getting sophisticated military hardware from the weapons and planes left behind in Afghanistan as Joey cut and ran last week. I guess our idiot president’s actions were just a pay-back to China for all of the money that nation has given to Joey and Hunter these many years.

And Russia is laughing at America for the incompetence of our Afghan failure. I guess they, too, can be thankful for all of the money they’ve given the Biden family over the years and can count these gifts to the Bidens as a good investment, which Joey is only now repaying.

America is seeing our constitution destroyed by Joey demanding the masking of our nation and mandating vaccinations for our citizens who neither need nor want them, and for investigating Trump for his alleged collusion with the Commies. Our once great nation is also suffering from the unconstitutional frame-up that Trump and his supporters have received following the January 6th chaos at the Capitol building, where the FBI and ANTIFA generated an attack, the blame for which was conveniently redirected at patriotic conservatives and Republican citizens, while Hunter’s illegal gun purchase, his drug use and his at the very least improper influence in peddling his father’s V.P. position in Russia, Ukraine, China and beyond have gone unnoticed by our press and big tech, and the Biden family likely will never get the punishment they deserve.

Joey must leave the White House immediately and retire to Delaware so we can try to salvage some national reputation and get America moving again.

Thanks, Joey, and goodbye.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Biden Is Fulfilling Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America

 Anyone who thinks that the vast destruction done to America in just eight months of the Biden administration is just happenstance needs to think one more time. Always a good political soldier, although largely unable to think clearly and act sensibly on his own, Biden is fulfilling Obama’s intent to Fundamentally Transform America. Joey needs the approval of his hero, Obama, and taking up the reins to America’s destruction is a good way to get that approval, even though Obama has openly stated that Biden can goof up even the best paid plans.

One doesn’t even need to mention the destruction done by Joey on the domestic level, with the opening of our southern border to the rabble of the world. Our Joey has also weakened America internationally by making our military and our diplomats look like fools to the world, and now our mentally challenged president has made an international catastrophe of the Afghanistan withdrawal by leaving tens of thousands of Americans Afghans and even Europeans serving there, stranded with little of no hope of getting out before the Taliban reek havoc on all foreigners.

So while over a million people have invaded our southern border, now we have tens of thousands of Afghanis who need to reside here, with the Democrats patting themselves on their backs for the great job Joey has done establishing millions of new Democrat voters throughout our nation.

So while the press criticizes the Biden idiocy in removing American troops from Afghanistan before they safely removed American civilians and our allies, they still adore the way Joey has undermined the American political landscape with foreigners and people who will inevitably have to depend on government to get the goodies they will so desperately need to survive as new citizens of America, and who will vote Democrat in order to keep those goodies flowing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Who Is Surprised That The Woke Group Who Think Men Birth Children, Can’t Even Retreat From Battle?

 Let’s all hope and pray that our nation is not attacked by a non-woke, serious military power during the Joey Biden administration, because the idiots currently running America can’t even retreat from battle in a distant, very backward country, let alone defend the nation from a real attack at home, without screwing it up and causing a national disaster. Our top military commanders are so worried about imagined white supremacy terrorists and rumors of racism that they can’t even plan a retreat from cave dwellers and goat herders in Afghanistan.

It’s a shame that the American fighting forces, once the greatest in the world, are now more interested in serving the mentally challenged Commander In Chief’s wokeness than with doing their one and only job: defending American citizens from foreign bad-actors. Politics will destroy, and is destroying, our military preparedness, and with the increasing power and aggressiveness of China, a nation that our idiot president has been playing footsie with for many years, and getting millions of dollars richer by doing China’s bidding, America should seriously fear an attack by this real enemy, even though Joey has reassured us that China is no threat to America.

If our nation doesn’t begin firing a bunch of politician/generals soon, this once-great country may pay a heavy price in the real, non-woke world of  threats, actions and irreversible outcomes that can’t be undone once committed. Our national leaders must ignore fantasy and wokeness and pay attention to the real, and very threatening, world outside Washington.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Joe Biden’s Increasing Threat To America

 Thinking people assumed that the aging, confused, brain-addled Joey Biden would just be a figurehead president and that his policies would come from more intelligent, actually thinking advisors. But assuming that his advisors are any smarter than our mentally incompetent Joey, which we have reason to disbelieve after last week’s fiasco in Afghanistan, recently we saw Joey sticking his chest out and huffily proclaiming that our allies completely support and respect Joey’s successful retreat from Afghanistan and that all Americans stranded there can simply get to the Kabul airport, show the Taliban guards their papers and all citizens would be flown home in short order.

The man speaking from the White House was denying reality, with his vice president and Secretary of State standing immediately behind him (although they looked more like Taliban tribesmen than American diplomats with their full-face, black masks proudly in place) and they offered no contradiction to his lying words.

Later the spokesmen for the Defense Department and the State Department set the record straight and told the truth about Biden’s complete foul-up, but it still appears that government employees fear Joey and will not contradict him while he’s around. One fears that this old man is pushing the commander-in-chief thing to the limit and that he may do more incompetent and dangerous things and not be opposed by his advisors, who fear his retaliation or punishment.

As though we haven’t seen enough stupidity from the Biden administration, with their open border and the Afghanistan fiasco, we still face a world at war with the liberties we all hold dear, and old Joey will not assure us that these liberties will be protected, considering his January 6th investigation of Trump supporters, his constant threat of a new national lockdown, his command that every American be vaccinated and his mandating masking at a whim. And what if Joey, still beholden to the Chinese for the millions of dollars they’ve given to the Biden family over the years, invites a team of Chinese diplomats to oversee the next American election, and of course the diplomats must be accompanied by an armed company of Chinese troops and a security staff, and they intend to reside in the White House after the election to see to the peaceful seating of the newly-elected Democrats and the transfer of power to the winners, yada, yada.

I have no doubt that the next impropriety committed by Biden will set America back even further than he’s caused us to be to this point, and I have reason to suspect that he will not be opposed in these acts by his staff. Who is going to stop this fool man and his insistence that he is the ruler of this nation?

Joey is worse than a loose cannon, he’s a loose-brained autocrat, and we should all be very afraid of him and his exercise of power.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Winken, Blinken And Nod Are Running The American Government

 Winken (Kamala Harris), Blinken (Secretary of State Anthony Blinken) and Nod (our sleepy, nod-off president Biden) held an address about the tragedy they created in Afghanistan on Thursday in which President Joey belched lies and excuses about his complete failure as president related to events in Afghanistan. The three of them stood ran-rod straight on the stage, with Winken and Blinken wearing black masks that made them look more like the filthy and bearded Taliban warriors than the Taliban cadre themselves look.

Joey told some big whoppers, the most dangerous was his bragging about the great job he did in getting Americans out of Afghanistan, and the most outrageous being his lie about how supportive our foreign allies are with Biden’s performance this last week, and then our president and vice president hastily left Washington in order to get out of the way of the few adults still serving our nation in that insulting city, which means that they are not available to make decisions and cannot apply pressure or make life-saving, instant  suggestions that may help the miserable and frightened Americans who are stranded in Kabul awaiting transport out of that hell-hole. The idea of a Commander in Chief is to have a civilian commander who is ready, willing and able to insert him-or herself and get things accomplished. But Winken and Nod are vacating the premises so Blinken can do his thing, that frightens me greatly, considering the horror show we’ve seen from our government this last week.

Actually getting these dithering, confused top-government fools out of Washington is probably the best thing that could happen toward getting Americans out of Afghanistan, but that still doesn’t excuse Joey from his refusal to tell our trained and ready-to-go military to get themselves situated immediately in-country and get our people out, with whatever means and ways they see fit. I trust the military to do the right thing; I don’t trust Joey and Kamala to do anything except behave with politics, ass-covering and optics foremost in their minds.

It appears that Joey is still afraid of making a decision that his staff will criticize him for, so nothing is being done to help our citizens isolated and threatened in Afghanistan, and the threats to their lives increase every day.

Winken, Blinken and Nod is an adorable child’s fairy tale, but the characters referred to in the title of this piece resemble a ghoul/fantasy comic book trio who are real-world failures and threats to America’s existence as a free nation operating under laws and a constitution. One hopes that history will damn these fools to hell for the mess they’ve made in America, both at our southern border and now in Afghanistan.

Friday, August 20, 2021

When Joey Biden Makes Political Or Policy Decisions, People Suffer

 The best example of the tragic consequences of Joey’s thinking is the current debacle in Afghanistan, where we know many people have already died due to his idiotic and unplanned escape from that sad nation, with many more deaths assured as we try to get thousands more Americans safely out of hell’s way there.

At the open border in America’s southwest, opened at Joey’s specific order so the impoverished people in Central America could get healthcare in America, we’ve seen children literally thrown over the fourteen foot walls and have learned of immigrants who have died in the desert or been cruelly killed by the cartels as masses of people made their way to Joey‘s open arms.

Many Americans who were forced to wear masks while living in the mostly Democrat-run cities and states in the nation, have committed suicide due to the isolation, loneliness and unemployment forced on them by Democrat politicians while the nation was locked down under covid, with the same social isolation now being repeated with new restrictions on freedom and liberty by the imposition of vaccination mandates, from Democrat politicians, of course.

As a result of the open southern border, drugs have been shipped into America in greater quantities than seen in the past, and drugs imported means people poisoned to the point of death, and all thanks to Joey and his know-it-all form of ruling the nation.

Our fool president, who is always in favor of more government rule and executive orders, will of course applaud the idiot governor of New York when he fires all employees in the state who refuse to get vaccinated, and this includes doctors, nurses and medical technicians who have spent the last year-and-a-half working and saving lives without being vaccinated, but are now persona non grata in the world of Democrat insistence on politicizing every aspect of our lives in order to retain power and control over our nation. And Joey will also applaud the mayor of New York City and his denial of any services to people who have not been vaccinated, all of whom citizens will suffer greatly at being denied their civil rights in a formerly free nation.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

From Dumb, To Delusional, To Deranged, To Dangerous, Biden Threatens Us All


Back in the good old days, a week ago, when we just thought Joey Biden was simply a decent-meaning old man with mental problems that a good nap would fix, and who would take the good advice of his advisors and keep the nation out of harm’s way, we were badly mistaken.

Our president has the kind of fantasy-world mental defect that does stupid, illogical things based on voices he hears in his head, and when his policies fail and people are hurt or killed, he insists that everyone else is wrong and that he was right in the things he did, and then uses his powers as president to blame everyone advising him and shut out all criticism. Then he moves blindly on to the next idiotic policy that he also succeeds to wreck, which hurts the nation, and also undermines our constitution, which, of course, is of no concern to Joey.

Killing the Keystone pipeline hurt both the craftsmen working the pipeline and harms American citizens who need the domestic, American source of fuel in a world where the flow of oil may be stopped by tyrants at any moment.

Continuing a national lockdown long after it was obvious that it was doing nothing to rid our nation of covid is another perfect example of Joey’s worthless ideas. But he insisted that he was correct in continuing the lockdown in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary.

Masking against a 99.7 percent survivable disease and a weak deviant does no good at all, but Joey persists in his belief that he‘s saving the world by forcing everyone to wear a cheap, porous, paper mask.

Mandatory vaccinations for all Americans, even for those who have survived the disease and have the anti-bodies to protect them, is a worthless action and allows leftist dictatorial fools like Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to harm the lives of people who don’t need, or just don’t want, a vaccination. The only person who could be harmed by not being vaccinated is the non-vaxxed person himself, so what sane president, mayor or governor would insist on revoking the personal and medical rights of the resistor, and legally force them to get the unwanted drug?

But the Afghanistan tragedy has gotten people killed and tens of thousands of Americans and our allies unable to find a way out of the invaded and dangerous country, and has entrapped an entire nation under the evil Shia control of the Taliban forces from hell. Yet Joey still insists that his every move was the right thing to do, and that things are going pretty well in Afghanistan and will get better as his divine plan works its way to fruition.

Barack Obama is famous for warning us to not “underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up“, and now we know why. May God help us survive this fool, demented, man.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

As Afghanistan Crumbles And Americans’ Lives Are Threatened, Where The Hell Is Joey?

 I’d be willing to bet that the doddering old fool, Joey Biden, has not even been told of the crisis and tragedy his administration has caused in Afghanistan, and I’m certain that the recent statements attributed to our failed president concerning this tragic event were penned by his staff and not him, because the wording of the statements are not at the stammering and stuttering seventh-grade level that Joey normally uses. His staff is probably just letting him nap and suck on his sippy-cup during this trying time, so as not to worry our missing-in-action president. It’s a damned certainty that he’s not providing any leadership.

And how reassuring to American citizens is this Biden-caused disaster, when we’re depending on intelligence and good judgment at the presidential level to deal with Iran, Russia, North Korea, China and the blatant lie of warming/change? I hope that the fools who voted for Biden are beginning to see the danger that his presence in the Oval Office presents to America and our way of life, because old man Joey is not ready to take charge of anything, and is not even able to think about difficult issues, let alone make any decisions about them.

The entire, current executive branch of government under Joey Biden should resign en masse and leave our suffering nation in peace. All Joey has accomplished in eight months in the White House is an overrun southwest border, unemployment, inflation, another lockdown in the offing, more masking, more charges of racism at whites, a debt that can never be repaid, suspect deals with Iran, ignoring the pleas of Cubans for liberty and freedom, and now a melt-down in the Middle East.

Where is the lame-brained Joey during all of this?

Friday, August 13, 2021

Let’s Consider Joey Biden’s Fitness For Office

 Biden abruptly pulls troops out of Afghanistan, then within days, has to order thousands of troops back into that sad nation in order to save Americans in our embassy from being overrun and killed by Taliban forces retaking the nation after America’s departure.

Biden kills the Keystone pipeline, then within months begs the Arabs to increase their production of oil in order to halt the rapid increase in the price of gas and oil products and to ensure the continued availability of gasoline.

Biden’s “progressive” allies call for the defunding of police forces, then hire private security teams to protect leftist politicians and wring their hands wondering why crime is escalating throughout the nation.

Biden advised Obama not to attack and kill Osama Bin Laden.

The Biden administration insists that the southern border is firmly closed, while over a million immigrants, many of whom are infected with the covid disease, freely pass into America.

While Joey is allowing covid-infected Central Americans to cross into our nation and provides transportation to distribute them throughout our country, he is threatening healthy but non-vaccinated Americans with a denial of their civil rights and the withholding of constitutional rights if they don’t receive vaccinations.

While the Biden administration insists on following science related to covid, he mandates the wearing of porous and worthless masks and repeatedly harasses healthy Americans to get vaccinated for a disease that is 99.7 percent survivable.

And while all of this is going on, Joey Biden is hiding away from the public in Delaware or Camp David and we have no idea who is running the government nor making decisions on critical official policy. We can only hope it’s not the idiot Kamala Harris who is in charge, but it’s doubtlessly some radical, leftist “progressive” at the helm. One can only hope that a divine presence is guiding our nation at this critical point in our history, because we sure as hell need it.

Joey promises that all internal combustion vehicles will be replaced with electric cars and trucks by an unspecified, imaginary date in the future, in spite of the fact that Elon Musk and the president of Toyota have emphatically stated that the existing electric grid in the United States cannot possibly support the additional burden of millions of electric vehicles getting charged up after gasoline cars are forcibly retired by government command. And not only does the dim-witted Joey want to further command that we move to all-electric cars ASAP, but he wants to phase out coal-fired power plants in favor of solar and wind power, which cannot provide sufficient electric power to allow us to meet our current lights and air conditioning needs (see the brown-outs California has each and every year), let alone adding millions of kilowatt hours of drain on it. But the wind and solar power Joey loves so much provide fewer BTUs than coal and are at risk of clouds, ice, rain and snow, and they are all made largely in China, which can withhold parts for repairs and growth of these items at their whim, which would choke our nation to death at the pleasure of the Chinese, who have already sworn to intend to bring America to its knees.

Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who served under the Bush and Obama administrations, has been quoted as saying that Joey Biden has been on the wrong side of every policy decision made since he’s been a politician, so one is perfectly justified to worry about decisions coming from the Biden administration, with the mentally deficient Joey as president and completely insane leftist radicals serving in all other positions. If there is a sensible, patriotic American currently serving in the White House, he or she will be silenced by the idiotic decisions of the mass of “progressives” opposing them.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Joey Won’t Halt His Vaccination Harassment Of U.S. Citizens And Tend To More Important Issues

 All super-spreaders are not created equal. If it’s Obama having a birthday bash with hundreds of unmasked revelers, or Chicago having a weekend blowout, Fauci and the leftist press are silent. But let bikers try to ride Harleys in Sturgis  in order to have a little fun, and the full power of the government comes down on their heads.

It seems Joey thinks he’s our mother by the way he pesters us to get vaccinated, he even goes after those of us who have an immunity to this relatively weak disease. With our southern border going quickly to hell at Joey’s personal direction, I think his time could be better spent on that or other pressing national issues, than to keep reminding us to get our shots. I was under the assumption that we are citizens of the United States, not subjects of Joey’s personal direction.

One suspects that maybe Joey wants us to concentrate on a disease that is 99.7 percent survivable in order to redirect our attention so we don’t notice that our nation is being overwhelmed by the warming/change, lying politics coming from the radical, violent, socialist leftists of the Democrat party.

One can think that the Obama birthday party was actually just a Sturgis-east assembly, but without the Harleys and the bikers who are lacking the ivy-covered alma maters of Barry’s sophisticated guests. But the bikers and the rest of us middle class slobs will always get short shrift when the liberties assured us by our constitution are stingily doled out by a compassionate ruling class.

Actually Barry’s Martha’s Vineyard party was a covid super-spreader blowout that could cause the small island to become a disease-concentrated red zone that Anthony Fauci tries to label any non-leftist, unsophisticated gathering with. In fact, the latest covid report is that the Massachusetts county in which Martha’s Vineyard is located has just recently experienced a covid outbreak of over 1000 percent. So it appears that Obama’s “sophisticated” upper crust of our society, even with their vaccinations, are more virulent spreaders than the often-criticized bikers in South Dakota or church goers in Nashville. May all of our ruling political and social class go straight to hell.

American citizens are being dangerously lied to and manipulated by our leftist government leaders. How long will we put up with this crap?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Political Left Is Oh, So Sophisticated With Their Darling Vaccinations

 Gee, I wish I was sophisticated like Obama’s birthday party invitees. They’re all vaccinated and cool as hell, don’t you know.

But, as the also sophisticated Anthony Fauci once told us unsophisticated boobs out here in unsophisticated America, even if we get the vaccination we will still have to spend our lives with a mask plastered all over our faces, unlike the cool set at Barry’s party who are allowed to fly to Martha’s Vineyard sans masks, using their private aircraft and being chauffeured to Barry’s sophisticated seafront mansion in a sophisticated limo.

After all, masks just get in the way of sophisticated guests when they need to run a line of coke, and it’s hard to stick your sophisticated, holier-than-thou nose in the air if it has a cloth mask strung over it. Not cool. Not very sophisticated.

On the other hand, unsophisticated average Americans are ordered to wear masks wherever they go, whether they fly commercial, go by bus or drive themselves in their unsophisticated 15-year old Chevrolet. If they want to live even the slightest suggestion of a real life and exercise the slightest piece of constitutional freedom, average Americans will have to strap that worthless piece of cloth over their noses and hook the elastic straps over their ears, and only then will the Democrat/sophisticated class allow the lesser classes out of their unsophisticated houses to mix with other equally masked hombres outside.

Oh, if only we could all only be sophisticated like Barry and his fancy friends.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Biden Borrows From Joseph Stalin When He Proclaims That “Science Is What We Say It Is”

 Even the evil Joseph Stalin had a moment of truth and clarity once in a while. He’s quoted as saying that “it’s not the vote count that is important, it’s who counts the votes that matters”. That pretty much explains how Communism remains in power, and it seems the American Democrats have learned Stalin’s lesson with the vote fraud generated in November 2020.

Joey Biden’s America is now being run by alleged “scientists” who have re-phrased Stalin’s quip about the vote counters, this time applying it to the broad subject of medical science, with Anthony Fauci and the CDC declaring that science is not about  testable and verifiable scientific method of arriving at an honest truth, it’s what they say it is.

Science, under leftist Democrats, has “settled’ the issue of climate/change, and they’ve come to full knowledge about how to handle covid; except that Fauci has gone from saying that masks do no good in warding off the disease; to declaring that everyone must wear a mask; to stating that they have to wear two masks; to declaring that everyone must get vaccinated; to declaring that even if you’ve been vaccinated you’ll still have to wear a mask, and the unscientific rubbish coming out of Washington gets more frightening and dangerous every day.

Science is the on-going search for truth that can be tested and verified by other scientists. Once a scientific truth is settled, further testing may demonstrate that the former truth had not investigated sufficiently and that an new “truth” has been found. Science is never “settled“, unless the political scoundrels doing the settling have an agenda, as the leftist Biden administration has, for keeping people frightened and dependent on big government.

It’s almost laughable to recall the outrage of the American press at the outset of the covid thing, when Trump said that Americans should remain optimistic and keep in mind that the disease would be overcome and the nation should be careful but not live in fear, when recently Biden said that Republicans just want to instill fear in people, when it’s been Biden’s own administration that has kept the nation locked down, insisted on mandating vaccinations, demanded masking and distancing, all of which is nothing but rule by fear by the Democrats.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Maybe We Need To Give Poor Joey A Break. After All, His Idiot Party Believes A Man Can Give Birth To A Child.

 How can Americans reasonably expect the political party that insists that men can become pregnant and give birth to a child, is able to effectively deal with a  pandemic? Because if they deny the biological truth of the difference between the two sexes, they are already in denial and opposed to the “science” they do so love to throw in our faces when they plot and scheme to keep us in masks the remainder of our lives.

Similarly, what kind of thinking is being done by the political party that encourages biological men to compete in women’s sports events like weight lifting, distance dashes and hurdling? Are they not able to comprehend the unfairness of men competing with women in women’s sports?

Under the Joey administration, if an American leaves our national borders to travel abroad, the traveler will have to pass a covid test when returning home to the U.S., and they may be detained if the test is positive for the disease. But a Bolivian or a Mexican native, even if they are physically sick with covid and have a murder record a mile long,  can pass into the United States, with no restrictions to their actions once here, and they will be transported, at America’s expense, to any city in America they would like to visit. Or, if further travel is not on the invader’s itinerary, they  may be put up at a luxury hotel at no cost to them.

And consider the wisdom of an administration that would allow tens of thousands of illegal aliens into our country every week, and then tell the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California state officials that they can do nothing to block the movements and freedom of the invading parties because the federal government, which refuses to do anything to halt this literal invasion of America, is the sole party, under the constitution, allowed to deal with people entering the nation. And then, when challenged to account for all of the illegals entering our borders, Joey’s administration states that the border is firmly closed and the slight difficulty experienced on the border these last few months was Trump’s fault and Joey will have it under control soon.

And further consider the damage being done to our nation when hoards of people who can’t speak English and have limited work skills at best, are transported to various cities around the nation in order to change the demographics and give preference to the Democrat party and its dependent class of people who get goodies from the Dems and whose increasingly larger numbers off-set the vote of actual citizens of the cities and states involved.

Joey’s party has admitted giving orders to big tech companies to spike texts and articles that are passing on information that is contrary to the policies of the Democrat party, which results in the government controlling and censoring the news.

And what about a political party that falsifies documents and colludes with the FBI to present these phony documents to a FISA court, which then authorizes the spying on the Democrats’ political opponent, and then use the false evidence collected to investigate a sitting president for over three years in an attempt to get him out of office.

How about the anti-police, “defund” scheme that has caused many Democrat-run cites to see a nine hundred percent increase in violent crimes and has caused a vast number of police officers to retire or just plain quit? This situation puts everyone who lives in or visit’s the impacted cities in great danger.

The forced masking of children, who have practically a zero chance of dying of covid, is especially idiotic. Not being able to see classmates smile, and to not have their face seen by others around them, must have psychological effects that we know nothing about, and it must stop. But the party of stupid will not listen to reason or science.

So, since Joey, himself a man of little intellect and no thoughtfulness nor creative thinking at all,  is stuck with the party of stupid. He can’t be held responsible for the stupid and anti-American things that have already been done by his party. But we can certainly blame him for any new, anti-American programs that are on the drawing board.

But as far as giving Joey a break just because he’s part of an insane political party, I would vote NO. After all he’s the fool who hired his own administrative staff (as far as we know), so he’s culpable.

Friday, August 6, 2021

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

 The Truth:

If America’s political left had a brain in their damned heads they would interpret the hoards of people invading our nation across our southern border as proof that America is the greatest nation in the world, with the millions of immigrants offering proof of this fact with their great effort and the misery they suffer trying to get here. The immigrants are risking their very lives for a chance to live in America with its rule of law, it’s constitutionally protected civil rights and its tradition of personal liberty to achieve one’s own personal success in life. But American Democrats identify our nation as being evil and racist.

The Whole Truth:

America’s Democrats opened the southern border to attract the wave of poor people now crossing into America solely to get new voters, in order to assure Democrat rule forever.

And Nothing But The Truth:

At the same time that poor people from all over the world are showing their preference to living in America and are risking health and life to get here to enjoy freedom and liberty, the idiot Democrats are destroying our laws and our constitution by defunding police forces; trying to pack the Supreme Court; getting rid of the filibuster; undermining our election laws; making America dependent on Arab nations for our fuel; destroying personal liberty by mandating masking and vaccinations for everyone; by using big-tech to spike scandals that threaten Democrat candidates and their policies; by allowing BLM and ANTIFA to burn American cities and murder at will with no punishment at all; by spying on the Trump campaign, followed by a three-year investigation and two phony impeachment trials; by the random assassination of police officers; by allowing the teacher’s associations, and not science, to determine the openings and closings of schools and student masking policies; by unconstitutionally demanding that American citizens be vaccinated, while at the same time allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants infected with covid to flood across our southern border and be shipped, at tax-payers’ expense, to any city they desire to visit in America, or be put up at luxury hotels, also paid for by tax payers; to insist that the racist CRT hate be taught in our public schools; by allowing our economy to be destroyed and our personal liberties to be taken away from us based on the lie of warming/change.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is that America, under the current radical-left Democrat rule, is being destroyed right before our eyes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Oops! Andrew Cuomo’s Leftist Privilege Has Run Out, So Can Joey’s Privilege Be Far Behind?

 Even being fully vaccinated hasn’t protected Andrew Cuomo from the New York Attorney General’s decision that he committed sexual crimes during his term of Governor of the state.

But the Attorney General stopped short of bringing criminal charges against Cuomo. One wonders if she would have halted legal proceedings if Donald Trump had received the same decision from her investigation. We know that she would immediately throw the book at him and his family for the slightest legal indiscretion.

Cuomo was the Democrats’ Golden Boy, representing the future of the Democrat party for years to come, similar to Germany’s Third Reich lasting 1000 years. And now that ruling Reich is over for Andy, with a 2024 run for president completely shot down and brought to a close.

One recalls that Joey Biden had very similar sexual charges lodged against him prior to the last presidential campaign, so one wonders if a similar investigation might be brought against our Joey with a similar outcome ending the dunce-like presidency of mumbling Joey.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

What Happened To The Border Children?

 Remember the outrage of the leftist Democrats when they discovered the too-numerous children being kept in cages along the border at the beginning of the Trump administration? They conveniently forgot, or lyingly failed to mention, that the cages were constructed by the Obama administration, but they had no problem attacking Donald Trump for using the cages to give protection and assistance to children who were unfortunate enough to get caught in the border fiasco that has been happening for years. And it’s hard to believe the compassion toward children in general that the leftist press puts forth, given the tens of thousands of abortions they celebrate each year.

But now the border is wide open, with already at least a million people having crossed illegally into America since Joey took office, and one wonders what happened to all of the mistreated children that were so valuable and precious during the Trump administration. When last seen, the cages had grown to corrals and even barracks in which the young were kept, but they seem to have magically disappeared.

CNN doesn’t care. NYT doesn’t care. WAPO doesn’t care. And it’s obvious that Joey, and his border-czar, Kamala, don’t give a damn about the welfare of these forsaken and forgotten children. But the number of children couldn’t have become fewer in the last several months, given the hoards of people headed north to salvation and sanctuary in the racist and evil United States. So where are they?

Under Trump, a relatively few children were an outrage. But under Joey, who directly and personally created circumstances that have vastly increased the number of people moving from south to north by millions, and under whose administration we’ve seen babies left in the desert to die and seen four-years-olds being thrown bodily over the border walls by coyotes just delivering another profitable package to Joey‘s America, and apparently with Joey‘s approval, due to his silence on the issue, and his refusal to take any positive action to stop the abuse, there is no longer a problem.

One wonders why the silence now, after all of the pretend, outraged verbiage during the Trump administration. Hmmmmm.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Why Is Florida Suddenly The Covid Goat For The Nation?

 We all know that the least-closed and least-masked states in the nation, Florida, and Texas, had the best records as regards deaths and business destruction resulting from the 2020 national covid lockdown.

We also know how totally hated Ron DeSantis is by Democrats, who will do anything to halt his national rise in popularity as his state survives the pandemic relatively unscathed because of the common sense way he ran state policy and treated private businesses the last year and a half, while Democrat-run states had miserable results during the same period because their mayors and governors rule with an iron fist with no consideration for the will and the constitutional liberty of the people.

We also know that Democrat states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California and Michigan have had the worst results due to the complete lockdown and the enforced masking in these states with the totalitarian  rule of their far-left governors and mayors.

So it’s interesting that a recent news broadcast has the new Delta variant only related in comparison to the Florida “case” total, with no mention of the Democrat states’ Delta headcount. Do California and New York not have any Delta “cases”? The report made it sound like Florida was the only state with this new covid standard for failure, with Democrat states being pristine and having no Delta “cases“ at all.

But probably the most disturbing aspect of prejudice in leftist news reporting is that they only report the number of “cases” of the Delta illnesses, and never mention the sickness level of the people representing the new “cases”. This absence of information makes me believe that the majority of “cases” are among people who are healthy, feeling fine and enjoying life even though they had a positive test. In other words, it’s proof that herd immunity is working and government should leave us citizens to hell alone.

But Democrats are liars at heart, and lie they will, about anything and everything. It’s clear that the sensory pleasure-rush the leftist politicians got from being able to shut down the nation and make all citizens wear masks at their personal command has worn off, and now Democrat politicians need a quick fix and are using the new Delta variant for that purpose.

Florida showed the nation how a decent and citizen-oriented state should conduct pandemic business, and now the Democrats have to destroy Florida and DeSantis in order to tarnish the successful image of that state, and its governor.