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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Democrat Schemes Are Destroying The Second-Largest Investment American Families Have, Just When They Need It The Most

 The old saying had it that the “American Dream” was home ownership and the financial and personal security it provided. This dream has been threatened in the past with the sub-prime disaster some years ago, and now the Bank Of America is renewing that threat with their recent decision to give preferential loans to minorities.

But Democrats and other leftists are not satisfied with just threatening the value of a family’s largest financial investment, now they are threatening the second largest investment most families make by completely destroying the value of their present automobile.

The governor of California has prohibited gas-powered vehicles in his state by 2035, which completely negates the entire value of automobiles, since they will be outlawed in a few years with no one to buy them. It also instills fear in California citizens that they may not be able to afford personal transportation after their present car is outlawed, because they are unable to afford an electric vehicle, and even if they can afford an EV they may not be able to charge it because Gavin Newsom’s solar and wind power is too weak to provide sufficient power to the homes of the citizens of California to keep the lights on and charge an EV at the same time

And what will Newsom’s dictatorial ruling do to all of the auto dealerships, gas stations and automobile repair shops in California? This idiotic decision of the radical-left governor will destroy what’s left of California’s green-weak economy, and although one wonders if the ruling from the leftist nirvana of Sacramento is even legal, it’s certainly immoral and improper. And to top this idiocy off, many Democrat-run states in America are taking the same radical position as California and are also outlawing internal combustion engines, which threatens the freedom and liberty Americans have, until now, taken for granted.

Life under the Biden administration has been a sharp leap to the political left in which liberty and freedom are curtailed, and justice is lenient to those who favor unconstitutional and often blatant illegal practices, and fast and harsh on those who oppose Biden’s disastrous rule.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship On Display, And Will Be The Destruction Of This Country


Due to constraints of space, titles of opinion pieces such as this one must be short and concise, but if space allowed, the title to this piece would be “The Radical, Anti-Capitalist And Anti-Democratic Green Movement Is Pure, Raw Dictatorship, So It’s No Surprise That The Far-Left Biden Administration Is Pushing It”.

And it should come as a surprise to no one that this final Green push to take control of the American nation comes at the end of the covid era, during which the political far left Democrats finally developed the scheme that would allow them to take control of hundreds of millions of lives and halt all opposition to its rule with the simple appeal of: “It’s for your own good and for the welfare of the nation“.

After decades of the radical left telling us that the oceans will rise and drown us all; or that the oceans will die of all aquatic life within five years; or that heat will kill us all in fifteen years as crops fail and we all die of starvation; and who can forget Barack Obama promising to Fundamentally Transform America, which promise is coming to fruition under the Biden Administration, it finally comes down to the Democrats telling us they are finished with trying to gain control of our nation within the constraints of our Constitution, and now they are dictating how we must act and how we must live, period. These scoundrels finally hit on the idea of declaring an emergency that would kill us all and only their effort and devices could save the world from certain destruction, and their efforts could not be opposed without threatening life on earth, so our government began Fundamentally Transforming America with the health mandates of 2020, with its masking and worthless vaccinations. And now we have the lie of warming/change that the left is throwing at us, in spite of there being no provable or obvious heating of the planet that can be attributed to humans, that would convince us dummies that we are on the verge of death-via-climate-change. So they just declare that our automobiles and air conditioning are killing us, and they will undoubtedly soon make an official declaration that any opposition to government rule and declarations on this oh-so-serious health issue will be punishable with imprisonment.

In World War II the Nazis had the imagined attack from Poland to claim that total war was necessary, with the accompanying total control on the civilian German population; the Russians had the evil Capitalists to blame for taking over the government; and Joey Biden has carbon and the Ultra-Magas, or just anyone who opposes his dictatorial mandates, to shame as he alternately whispers and screams vile rhetoric from his blood-red pulpit of hate and division.

And the most laughable lies coming from the radical left, such as Gavin Newsom ordering Californians to not charge the electric vehicles that he has ordered them to purchase, because the alleged environmental saviors of wind and solar power are too unpredictable and weak to provide power to a public dependent on commercial power, all of which proves what liars and charlatans the far-left dictators are.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Nero Fiddling While Rome Burned Has Nothing On The Deaf and Dumb Biden Administration, Who Party While America Dies

 Our woke and stupid, aviator-glasses-wearing president is so disconnected from reality, common sense and decency that on Tuesday of this week he held a massive celebration to let everyone know what a great bunch of woke-folks the Biden administration is, laughing and bragging about the end of inflation in America with his Build Back Badder Plan (now more commonly known as the Inflation Ending Bill or as The Environmental Savior Bill or something close to that), while the United States stock market was melting down, leading to a major hit to its valuation, and while inflation was, at the same moment as the partying, announced to have taken a new move upward against the dollar, thereby hurting Americans of all stripes with money that is worth less, and under Biden may soon be worthless.

And even though Emperor Nero had fiddle music to soothe him as he watched the destruction of Rome, the Biden crowd only had James Taylor to jangle their nerves with his 1970s, depressing music that didn’t seem to offset the gay and happy mood of the assembled elites, and all the while, America burned.

If anyone in the Biden administration even pretended to care about the series of destructive events caused by this bumbling administration, one could have pity on them for misjudging the date of the celebration and the aura of self-aggrandizement surrounding it. But instead of hanging their heads in shame and apologizing for the messes they’ve created, they strut, party and celebrate and expect the public that is forced to live lesser lives due to these fools’ policies, to thank them.

But the arrogance of the Biden celebrants who party as inflation, border invaders and increased violent crime on the streets of American cities makes life difficult for all Americans, is beyond belief. And Biden supporters enjoying themselves while Mar-A-Lago is raided by the FBI, and the FBI putting Trump supporters in chains at airports and Trump supporters having to surrender their personal phones to the FBI for a through government investigation as they try to visit a restaurant, has the flavor of a totalitarian state all over it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Considering All Of The Political Lies Democrats Have Told Us, Why Should We Believe The Lie Of Warming/Change?

 The slew of lies Democrats have told the American public these last few years is vast. Presented below is a list of reasons to not trust these lying fools any longer:

Democrats created, spread lies about, and then investigated Donald Trump for years for the wholly fabricated crime of colluding with Russia.

Democrats lied about Trump’s misbehavior in office with two fabricated impeachments.

Democrats lied to America about the ineffective practice of masking during the covid years.

Democrats lied about the Wuhan “vaccine” actually being a vaccine and not a before-the-fact therapeutic.

Democrats lied, claiming that voters who were required to produce proof of their identity in order to vote were submitting to racism.

Democrats intentionally lied about the deadliness of the Wuhan disease by imposing an economic lockdown that destroyed our economy and negatively impacted the lives of many children.

Joey Biden likes to assure us that the very expensive gasoline we are now buying is the fault of the drillers and the refiners. Joey is obviously brain dead and has forgotten that he halted the KeyStone pipeline and most drilling on federal land as soon as he hit the Oval office.

Democrat leftists like to tell us that electric vehicles pollute less than gasoline-powered cars, but they don’t understand that a BTU is a BTU, whether that BTU comes from a coal-powered plant to charge an electric vehicle or from a gallon of gasoline made from oil.

The Democrat lie of a “closed” border really rankles Republicans, because after criticizing Trump for four years for building a wall to keep illegals out of our nation, Kamala Harris now states that the border is secure under Biden, but that the problems we see every day on the border are Trump’s doing, which is just another lie. The millions of people illegally crossing the border are the result of Biden’s halting all of the Trump policies that were working to protect our border while Trump was in office.

Biden also lies when he remains silent about the drug Fentanyl that is being illegally carried across the border, which Biden asserts is securely closed to illegal traffic, but this dangerous drug is killing thousands of Americans each year, and Joey doesn’t even care.

The Afghanistan retreat by American forces was both an insult for America and a personal tragedy for those who were trapped in Afghanistan when Biden prematurely ordered the retreat. But to hear our president tell the tale, it was the most successful military decision in recorded history.

Democrats lied to us about the ferocity of the inflation that the Biden administration has imposed on us with his big-government spending initiatives.

Since the late 1960s Democrats have lied about the rising oceans resulting from melting icebergs, threatening weather patterns based on planet warming and warning us of five-years-to-this-catastrophe and ten-years-to-that-environmental-disaster, none of which has happened. And now we’re in the predicted twelve-years-to-doom (due in 2030 per AOC and Bernie Sanders) and we’ve seen absolutely no temperature increase in the past four years since their dire warning was issued. But if we follow the green plans that the radical left has presented to us, we’ll all live like paupers forever by giving up the benefits of life that the left will deny us, and the population of the world will die in misery while the nut-case Democrats celebrate their successful environmental plans.

And last but most important to every individual is the escalating, out of control crime rate, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. After watching America burn from far left Democrat rioting in 2020, Democrats went on a defund-the-police campaign, which resulted in an increase in crime and misery throughout America as criminals were allowed to run wild in our streets. And now the lying Democrat position on crime is that Republicans were the ones in favor of defunding the police forces in America, not the criminal-loving Democrats. If Democrat mouths are moving, they’re lying.

So why should we believe the obvious lies of warming/change, when we know that this is just a ruse for Democrats to gain dominance over the lives of all Americans and forever assure their rule over us? Americans must vote these fools out of office in November.

Friday, September 9, 2022

How Stupid Are Woke, Racist, Leftist Democrats? Well, The Bank Of America Is About To Show Us.

 Can anyone who was alive and aware of their surroundings only a few years ago not recall the financial crisis of 2008, with its sub-prime scandal and its gift wrapping of worthless, mortgage-backed securities which were sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as secure real estate investments? And can no one recall how deeply involved Bank Of America, and its subsidiary Country Side Financial, was with that scandal and the upheaval that resulted?

And can one try to imagine the permanent damage that this scheme did to the minority individuals who innocently took the offered loans, with no proof that many of these families had the wherewithal to make the payments needed to keep the loans, and then to have this tower of corruption crumble and the loans buckle in spite of the good intentions of the loan recipients, thereby further ruining their credit ratings?

Well, the geniuses at Bank Of America are at it again with zero-down, community affordable loans for blacks and Hispanics.

On top of all of the disasters being caused by the fools in the Biden administration, what we don’t need is another collapse of the real estate market that this idiotic move may well create. Are leftists trying to cause the financial collapse of America, or is it just an accompanying side-benefit of their stupid rule?

And in addition to possibly being injurious to the borrower and to the nation as well, this sort of loan is illegal because it‘s racist, but the Biden administration just sits on its hands and pretends they love this new form of “equity” that is being offered. Our far left Democrat government doesn’t care if what BOA is doing creates another real estate/housing crash, because an economic crash is obviously what they want to happen, since that would mean every American would have to depend on big government for their food and housing, and that serves the ends of leftist governments, like Joey Biden’s, by keeping citizens subservient, dependent and in poverty.

Life in America just gets more idiotic every day, and we must end this idiocy at election time, and boot these far-left fools out of office.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Making The Case For Trump To Run For President In 2024

 In my opinion there is no question that Donald Trump should be the Republican candidate for president in 2024, and here are the reasons I feel that way:

1) The tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 can only be more in favor of Trump in 2024, following the disastrous performance of the weak and woke Joey Biden.

2) Now that the Hunter Biden crimes and influence peddling have been exposed, it’s a cinch that at least tens of thousands of Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 would now favor Trump in 2024.

3) Biden’s favorability ratings are at rock bottom because he’s shown us what woke, progressive hell is in store for America if we don’t get rid of the current Democrat policy of employing and voting for only complete fools to impose their ideas of government.

4) Trump has been proven correct when he advised Americans to remain calm, practice habits of good health and stay the course in the face of the pandemic, and he said that eventually we would be able to put the fear and danger behind us, which is exactly what has happened, in spite of the Biden lockdowns of our economy, the mandated vaxxings that don’t work, the requirements to wear the useless masks and the firing of at least tens of thousands of Americans who would not get the useless, and seemingly dangerous, vaccinations.

5) Trump’s warning to the Europeans to not trust Putin and his Nord Stream pipeline has proven to be accurate now that they are staring at an upcoming winter without fuel to keep them warm, and Trump would certainly also make a similar warning to Americans to not trust the Biden lie of a warming/change crisis which would require a dependence on wind and solar for our personal and national energy needs.

6)Trump had nearly halted the flow of illegals immigrants crossing our southern border, but Biden and his woke fools have so far allowed over two million illegals to invade America with their joblessness, and health issues.

7) California should love Trump because Biden has told us we will be required to drive only Electric Vehicles in a very few years, while Governor Gavin Newsom recently told Californians not to charge their EVs because the wind and solar power which California is so proud of, are insufficient to charge the electricity-hungry vehicles.

8) On top of the proven lies of Russian collusion and the two impeachments that Democrats voted for, Trump was the first former president to have the FBI raid his home on the FBI’s trumped-up charges. All of these items prove that the Biden administration is horribly corrupt and is not enforcing the law equally for Democrats and Republicans.

9) In the post-Trump America we now have gasoline that is too costly, inflation that is eating up all of the public’s expendable income, run-away inflation, a hate-filled president making speeches from a Hades-style platform, a very divided populace with everyone fearing a future with no personal transportation and too-expensive fuel to heat our homes, along with everyone fearing a new depression coming soon.

10) And don’t forget the millions of Americans who don’t have a college education or who paid for their tertiary education as they received it, who are now required to pay for the current Biden brainstorm of college loan forgiveness for the very people who make fun and mock these solid Americans with every breath they take, such as the far left AOC who despises all people who love America and who like the life we are able to live here.

I’d say the coast is clear for a second Trump presidency.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Religion Of Warming/Change Is The Worst Possible God To Worship

 If you haven’t paid attention lately you’d be surprised to know that your comfortable, Capitalist, logical world is disappearing rapidly. The reason Joey Biden was placed, not voted into, the White House in 2021, was that the dictatorial forces of the radical political left in America had to get a weak, dithering old fool in office so they could get control of America’s  energy and transport apparatus and implement their power-concentrating controls, all under the lying umbrella of saving the world from warming/change. Emergency powers worked  to silence objections to the lockdown during the Wuhan disease, so leftists believe it can be made to work under a climate scheme just as well.

Another sign of the times is that because Europe would not listen to Donald Trump’s warning of their depending on Russia’s Nord Stream pipe line to get energy delivered to them, they are now having to take extreme means to preserve the otherwise plentiful supply of gas and oil that Putin now threatens to withhold during the winter months. So the Europeans are facing a miserable and dangerous winter with Russia controlling their supply of warmth, and the lie of warming/change and a threatened environment is at the core of the entire situation.

It’s all related to the same idiotic brown-outs and black-outs that California is experiencing, with its insistence on retiring all coal and natural gas electricity plants, and many locations in the rest of the United States will soon follow California with this idiocy as the Biden administration’s solar and wind power stations replace the dependable coal, natural gas and nuclear power that has served our nation so well for the last 100-plus years.

And the dependable gas-powered automobiles that have provided us with convenient and always-ready transportation for over 100 years are being phased out by our authoritarian government in favor of electric vehicles, not because anyone other than the fools in the Biden administration are demanding this act, but because they are using the lie of warming/change and the vicious power of the radical-left government to force Ford and General Motors to make their manufacturing changes, or face the dictatorial power of big government and its ability to destroy any person or company that doesn’t play along with their schemes.

Biden has already begun the shutdown of oil production in America, solely with his executive powers to do so on a whim, which is the main cause of the high cost of gasoline and the high inflation rate under which Americans are currently suffering. These circumstances will only get worse as the oil companies are choked financially by woke financial/political groups and as they become unable to get financial backing to replace aging equipment and to drill new wells, all of which is due to the radical-left ESG ratings now in place on oil companies, which punishes them for not doing what the woke, radical, left, Nazis demand they do in order to remain in government’s good graces. Just drilling for oil is socially unacceptable to Biden’s woke, elite Harvard-educated administration. And even though, in the minds of woke Democrats, drilling for oil is a crime against humanity and the continued health of the planet, thereby causing damage to a drilling company’s ESG rating, China can use slave labor and massive pollution to pump out its products and no one cares, and China doesn’t take an ESG hit for these crimes; the woke world just looks the other way and lets China keep on rolling, enslaving people and dirtying the air, while American companies are punished and shamed even though they are infinitely cleaner in their operations than China.

The left’s insistence on electric vehicles is because these computers-on-wheels can be remotely controlled by the government, either by taking control of the vehicle’s computer or through use of power black-outs that will cause the garaging of all electric cars, with the government outlawing all gasoline-powered cars by 2035, at which time only the rich will have comfortable transportation because only the rich will be able to afford the already pricey EVs.

It’s illuminatingly interesting that the people who have the most to gain from manufacturing and selling EVs, namely Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota, have both warned of the danger of forcing us all to buy EVs, because the power grid in the United States is already stressed, and plugging in thousands more EVs will collapse the grid and leave us with no power to homes or businesses or grocery stores, and may also halt the pumping of water to our homes and farms. The sticky place big government is forcing us into threatens our very lives, as proven-safe power generating services are forced to shut down and cause social destruction around the world, based solely on the leftist religion of warming/change.

Recently Sri Lanka has become bankrupt trying to please the World Economic Forum’s ESG rules of reducing carbon-based products and moving to “renewable” solar and wind power, and Holland is not far behind in adhering to the ESG foolishness and gibberish. But the elite rulers of the world keep driving their luxury limos and flying their private jets while we see our gasoline-powered Fords and Chevys being denied us by a government that gets sexual pleasure issuing mandates and executive orders, and corporate leaders who are too frightened of the total power of big government to risk opposing the leaders of this idiocy of moving to electric vehicles.

We are still hearing the horror story of how costly the Wuhan shutdown, masking mandates and required vaccinations were, and following close on these disasters the next government-devised “emergency” most likely will be a health emergency which in Biden’s mind is caused by too many gasoline-powered vehicles and too much pollution from traditional power plants and manufacturing facilities, which will be the final blow to liberty and constitutional rights in America.

The 2022 mid-terms and the 2024 general elections will determine the future of our nation and the world, and voting honest, patriotic, sensible people into positions of power is critical if we want our children and grandchildren to live prosperous, free lives, in contrast to the poverty and squalor which woke, leftist masters controlling the population will cause, given these evil fools trying to push their religion of hate and destruction on us.

These controls on our lives are already moving like a freight train out of control with the woke financial establishment refusing to loan money to fund oil discovery and drilling, and refusing to allow credit cards to be used to buy self-defense weapons or ammunition. And when credit cards and debit cards no longer permit the user to buy gasoline to get parents to the store to buy food for their children, or to go to work to earn money to support a family, the power of the ruling class becomes critically, deadly serious business.