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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Mr. Biden, Put Up That Wall!

 Sleepy Joey Biden’s opinion is that Vladimir Putin should not remain in power in Russia, and the opinion of a majority of Americans is that Joey Biden must not remain in power in the United States. His idiotic and harmful decisions negatively impact the lives of Americans, and then the fool states that he never made such decisions. And we want Donald Trump’s border wall completed immediately so we can halt the mass invasion occurring on the border, with its violence, drug pushing and child-endangerment that we see every day.

It’s obvious our idiot president is out of touch with what’s happening at the southern border, with it’s Mexican drug cartels getting stronger and more violent every day, even occasionally firing rifles at our own military people north of the border. He spends weekends at his beach home in Delaware so that he can escape having to deal with reality at the White House; and meanwhile, the world burns and American citizens are going broke trying to buy enough gas to get to work Monday morning, and it‘s all on Joey.

But Biden insults the intelligence of every American when he equates the chaos at our border with Mexico, with the suffering Ukrainians crossing the border of their nation with Poland and the other neighbors bordering Ukraine. Many of the invaders coming from Mexico are criminals and drug pushers just trying to find a better and larger market to prey on, while the Ukrainians vacating their native land are escaping certain murder and starvation at the hands of the attacking Russian military. Americans know that the corrupt Biden and his KKK party believe that they are just importing more Democrat voters who will come to America for the goodies promised by the far left Democrats, while Poland and the other nations bordering on Ukraine know and accept the fact that the Ukrainians crossing their eastern border are justifiably looking for a place where they can just get some food and sleep at night without fearing a mortar attack that will kill them as they rest.

The fool in the White House is so wrapped up in his own self-importance as president that he is denying American citizens the protection he allows Ukrainians at their border, and he is assuring Americans a future experience shared with the fleeing Ukrainians, by prohibiting us the use of our own nation’s oil that is right beneath our feet, and protection against crime in a time of the greatly escalating crime rates we learn of each day, especially in Democrat-run cities.

The brain-dead old man in D.C. should resign before he completely destroys America.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Biden’s “New World Order” Is Simply More Of The Current Anti-American, Communist, Democrat Party Order Of Things

 If I understood our idiot president correctly the other day, I believe he said that a fearsome New-World-Order is being assembled that threatens our way of life and will end all freedom and prosperity on earth. One wonders if this is just something else Joey has dreamed up that we need to mask-up for and then shiver in fear of as we stay locked-down in our basements.

Well, for weeping Joey’s information, we’ve had such an evil anti-American compact in place for over a hundred years, beginning with Karl Marx’s Communism and finally expressing itself in its current iteration, the Democrat party of the United states, with its destructive open borders policy; it’s prohibiting of fuel to Americans so they can live their lives and transport their goods; its hyper-inflation; its woke racism that makes it look like the KKK; its demonizing of anyone who supported Donald Trump for president; its corrupt selling of access to the economy of the United States to our foreign enemies in exchange for money being paid to the Biden family; the lies the CDC has told, and is probably still telling, about the very weak pandemic that just swept the world, and the nearly non-existent efficacy of the covid “vaccines”, along with Joey’s tendency to spread fear and chaos by insisting that controls be implemented via mandates to keep Americans fearful and locked down, while Democrats move ahead with their next health-emergency “crisis” of climate change, even though no temperature increase has occurred in the last fifty years. And it’s enlightening to mention that fifty years ago the radical left in America was wringing their hands and predicting a new ice age that would kill us all and destroy the earth. The more things change, the less the Democrat party changes, with its mandates and frightening warnings of certain death unless we do the Democrat party‘s bidding.

On the other hand, the confused words and truncated sentences that our stumble-stepping Joey used when describing his New World Order were designed to describe the coming war against the enemies of Democracy and Capitalism, but if that was his meaning then his brain is double-demented, because concentrating power onto big government and ending freedom and prosperity in America has been the policy of the American Democrat party for fifty years, and has been accelerating greatly since Joey moved into the White House. In Joey’s case, he has identified the enemy, and it is he.

But we’ve seen many instances this past week of pudding-head Joey making serious, shocking and self-important statements of policy on many subjects, only to have his staff come forth afterward and tell us that what Joey said was not what our baffled president meant to say, that he meant something else entirely, yada, yada. It’s just more of the same crap each and every day with this pack of woke fools running and ruling this once great and pleasant nation, with no end in sight.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Who The Hell’s In Charge In The Biden White House?

 As the domestic and international situations continue to tank under the Biden presidency, there are more and more things, in addition to the border invasion disaster and the horrible fuel prices, that indicate more bad outcomes to visit this once-pleasant nation, under the autocratic rule of weeping Joey Biden. Here are a few:

1) Biden’s press secretary, his Secretary of State, the vice president and other members of his administration, repeatedly and often made the statement that the sanctions this administration was proposing and putting in place would deter Putin from attacking Ukraine. Well, as with everything else with this out-of-touch, lying president, now pudding-head Joey is stating, in front of the international press in Europe, that he never said that sanctions would deter Putin. And not only did he make this statement in front of the world at a much-publicized meeting of heads of state and the international press (who are in the habit of keeping track of press releases and what was said by presidents and prime ministers) but he got mad at a reporter who asked about the sanctions imposed to deter Putin as not working and bawled her out for making a false statement. America is being humiliated in front of the world by the idiot, Joey Biden.

2) When asked how America would respond if Putin launched a chemical or nuclear attack on Ukraine, our stupid president said that we would respond “in kind”. This fool man doesn’t even understand the meaning of words in plain English, because “in kind” means that we would respond to a Russian chemical attack with our own chemical attack, and that we would respond to a Russian nuclear attack with our own nuclear attack, which the world sure as hell hopes will not happen, even if Putin became so frustrated with the insults and military defeats Ukraine is giving his supposedly superior military forces, that he went completely nuts and ordered a strike.

3) Many foreign heads of state will not accept phone calls from Biden. Our president is held in such low esteem by foreign leaders that many national leaders, including the Russian dictator, will not speak with him when he phones them because he’s so stupid and weak and has such a short memory span that they will not be bothered by his calls, which are likely just whimpering pleas in exchange for some favors Joey can do for the corrupt ruler, which is Joey‘s way of doing personal business and making the Biden family wealthy.

4) At the current international summit our demented president made the asinine statement that the other leaders at the meeting certainly believed that “I can handle the job” of president of the United States. That statement by Joey sounds a lot like Richard Nixon when he stated that “I am not a crook”. When someone has to tell the world that he is competent and in charge of his duties and that all of his peers like and respect him, that person most likely has demonstrated how incompetent he is, and his unsolicited statement to certify competency proves he’s a failure, like Joey Biden is.

America is in real trouble with this fool of a man in the White House.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Why Are Leftist Democrats So Stupid?

 Political scientist Edward Banfield believed that most criminals commit crimes because they can’t conceptualize or visualize being caught and punished for their bad behavior.

Taking this idea a step further, one could believe that political leftists and other Democrats, believe in idiotic things because they lack an ability to gain knowledge from the lessons of their lives and are unable to recognize truths and practices that work, as opposed to things that don’t work, and they can’t employ those working truths in their daily and professional lives. It’s a simple and logical step further to simply state that leftists and Democrats actually believe the idiotic things they profess, even if those things have always ended in failure and misery when tried in other nations, and they’ll nevertheless always propose things that they believe will give them political power. But they always profess ignorance when their non-workable ideas are being criticized and challenged in the real world, and when they are politically unable to answer challenges to their actions and beliefs honestly.

A great example of this inability of Democrats to tell the truth about their weak, woke ideology came on March 22nd when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, was asked for a definition of a woman, and the good judge said she could not define what a woman is. This was of course a political cover-up, because Democrats are violently insistent that men can actually become women at will, and that women can become men any time they so-decide, so the current idiocy of  self-identity as to race or gender forced this woman to take no position on this subject because to accurately define a biological woman is to undermine the radical lefts’ position that there are no differences between men and women, and that men can indeed become pregnant, and that a woman can impregnate another woman, which is biologically impossible, as any sensible person knows. But Democrats are not sensible people, they are just political tools for a radical left ideology that can become violent and dictatorial at the drop of a hat.

Can we really believe that Judge Jackson does not know the biological differences between men and women? Can she not know how to identify the sex of her children, or did she just take the word of the delivering doctor as to their sex? Does she not know that only biological women can become pregnant, deliver a child and nourish that infant with the natural milk that only female bodies produce? The entire position of leftist Democrats is total idiocy and makes them all look like fools. So when they are asked this most basic and obvious question, they claim ignorance.

But just try to make the logical position that a biological man who identifies as a woman and competes physically in high level competition against women in swimming or running, is taking unfair advantage of his female competitors, and Democrats will pull their hair out and rant that women, who were given separate sports programs in an effort to treat women fairly and provide them with a program to compete among themselves and get the rewards of training and competing, just as men have done for years, are not being unfairly treated by the stronger male competitor, even though females lose to the males nearly every time, and a woman’s chances of making a career of the sport and perhaps even becoming an Olympic competitor one day, is destroyed by this grossly unfair, Democrat-created farce we see being played out almost daily.

Democrat pawns like Judge Jackson are caught in a very difficult  position. She is trying to further her career by accepting the nomination to the Supreme Court and she knows that if she upsets the Democrat establishment’s apple cart by giving the obvious answer to the question of what a woman is, that the party of the KKK will crucify her. But if she states the Democrat position that a woman can be a mother or a father depending on her self-identity, the American public may turn on her. So she just shrugs her shoulders and claims ignorance on the subject, and moves on.

Democrats are truly stupid people with their gender-neutral terms like “birthing person” and “chest feeding“ to replace more common words like mother and woman, and they cause confusion and pain to everyone around them, even their own political subscribers. 

And their ideas are destroying America right in front of our eyes. God help us all.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Biden And His Just-Discovered New-World-Order

 In a speech given on March 21st, slow-Joe Biden predicted that a new world order, which he, in his superior intelligence and great understanding confidently asserts, occurs every third or fourth generation, is developing, and he insists that “we’ve” got to lead it, and “we’ve” got to unite the rest of the world in doing “it”, whatever that word soup means.

Hitler created a new-world-order based on National Socialism. Stalin pushed a new-world -order of Communism and Iran is pushing a new-world-order of terrorism and is currently and pleasantly working with the Russians and Putin’s new-world-order of Sovietism, with Joey allowing the Russians to speak and negotiate on America‘s behalf to reach a nuclear weapons agreement with the murderous Iranian radicals. What could possibly go wrong with this demented arrangement, which is supported by our struggling president and his newly designed, new-world-order?

A new-world-order is nothing new in this violent world, but what is new is the position of an American president who shares an authoritarian philosophy that only the rulers of nations can decide how their citizens will be allowed to live, in direct contradiction to our constitution, which explicitly allows for the citizens of America to pursue their own happiness. But instead of Joey blaming one of these new-world-orders on the tyrants who are creating them, it could be that he intends to, or perhaps already has, created a new-world-order himself. But with Joey‘s scatter-brained, illiterate syntax, and the way he speaks in partial sentences and mixes up words, all we can do is try to interpret his words from various perspectives.

As usual, muddle-headed Joey mumbled, was vague and often less than specific in his selection of words spoken in the speech. He didn’t say who the “we” entity is that was threatening our way of life, nor was he specific as to what “we” means when opposing the new-world-order, or supporting it, whichever way Joey intended his vague words to be taken, but I’m sure he was proud of being able to weakly put a few sentences together and complete this idiotic and confusing speech without falling asleep. But regardless of any confusion on the part of Joey, Americans have seen plenty of evidence this past year that his own Democrat party is the organization that will end freedom and liberty in the United States as they finalize this new-world-order that Biden has already begun imposing on America via his radical and too-numerous executive orders.

Some examples of Joey’s new-world-order ideas: Our beloved president has spoken and brokered deals with the Chinese and Iranian governments, who would only be too happy and willing to join him in the destruction of everything good in the world. But so far our pudding-headed president (along with his absolutely stupid VP) and the leftist Democrat party, have done a good job of ending prosperity and liberty in America all by themselves, and appear to not need the assistance of any other tyrants to kill our economy and our constitutional rights.

Joey has excitedly invited the entire world to cross our southern border, to the tune of at least two million people crossing illegally last year and a much greater number of invaders crossing this year. He has shown our foreign enemies that he is a weak fool of a leader, with  his incompetent handling of Afghanistan and slowness in providing weapons to Ukraine. He has done everything in his power to generate domestic inflation, most noticeably with high gas prices and increasing food costs, which are driving the least wealthy Americans into poverty and bankruptcy. He has specifically begun the process which will assure less oil and gasoline to be produced, which means there will be less gas and diesel fuel to power our personal transportation and the transit of our food and living goods, and our president will likely soon declare a health and climate crisis emergency in America, which will curtail or prohibit the use of gasoline-powered cars, and will leave individuals who drive internal combustion vehicles stranded at home with no transportation available to them. But just wait until the fancy people who drive electric vehicles realize that their home electric bill will skyrocket as they charge those expensive vehicles, and that America’s electric grid and our coal-powered and natural gas power-generating capacity is swamped by those with enough money to buy and charge their electric cars, causing power brown-outs and black-outs and eventually leaving electric vehicles without AC power to do anything, because wind and solar aren’t sufficient to keep up with the increased load on our coal- and natural gas-powered electricity plants as tens of thousands of electric vehicles are recharged.

But our confused president either said “we” (meaning his administration or a new cabal of like-minded authoritarian national leaders yet to be identified) will lead the new-world-order, or oppose it, when what America has always done is to oppose new-world-orders of tyrants in order to protect our existing wealth and freedom with that opposition. The old-world-order, which began after World War II and had America as its leader in seeking democracy and freedom for all nations, has served America well, so does Joey want a new, “new-world-order”, still to be developed and defined, or shall we stick with the old one designed with the United States constitution as a guide, which Joey swore to protect and defend, but has neither protected nor defended in his first year as president?

Monday, March 14, 2022

Just In The Nick Of Time, Socialist/Communists Show Western Youth The Political Left’s True Nature

 Because American education has deteriorated to the point where leftist-fascist corruption and rule-by-fear politics are not covered any more, and because Socialist governments are even praised and endorsed by too many professors and school teachers, if there’s any good that can come from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the “good” is only relative when compared with the misery, suffering, death and destruction that the unfortunate people of Ukraine have been forced to suffer, it’s that we are seeing on our nightly television news programs the true nature of Communism/Socialism and the destruction such governments can do, and have done, throughout the 20th Century and so far in the 21st Century.

Even CNN and MSNBC, always ready to spike and ignore news of the political left’s brutalities and lawlessness, are condemning Putin’s destruction and murders, and most shockingly, even Joey Biden, who never met a dictator he didn’t cozy up to and try to get some influence money from for his son, Hunter, is trying to pass the blame for some of his horrific domestic policies off on the international criminal, Vladimir Putin, which is proof of how bad Biden’s policies are, and have been, this past year.

Just as many people feared that the history of these last 100 years, with the death and destruction that’s been associated with and caused by fascist/Communist rulers, was about to be buried forever by dedicated leftists and history revisionists in America and Europe, the true nature of radical left politics, both domestic and international, has become obvious to everyone, and one can only hope that with all of the domestic destruction that’s been done by the Democrat, Joe Biden in only a year’s time, that we can return to teaching our children about the true nature of dictators, and will use our own domestic mini-dictator, Biden, with his masking, vaccinations, open border, inflation, prohibiting of gasoline pipelines, trillion-dollar give-away legislation, and his party’s attempts to bring down Donald Trump’s administration via illegal, FBI frame-ups, as an example of how easily freedom, prosperity and liberty can be taken from us by a stupid, corrupt old man in the White House who has the idea that he will single-handedly change our nation based on his personal notion of what’s best for all of us, and nearly destroys everything our nation has built with his supreme stupidity.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how a foolish old man can use his high government office to buy monetary favors from corrupt foreign leaders that can leave him with no way to respond to foreign invasions and war-crimes, because he’s been bought off, like Joey and his son Hunter have been, and has to sit idly by and watch Putin murder women and children and offer no opposition to him.  And it’s a perfect time for adult voters to realize that Donald Trump’s constitutional and conservative ideas and policies are the way we should be governed, not the woke ideas of leftists like the squad and Bernie Sanders.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Biden White House: Where Stupid Meets Stubborn, And Then Becomes Dangerous

 Contrary to any logical, common sense thinking, presidential candidate Joey Biden promised to make the world’s most prosperous and desirable nation free of fossil fuel energy and roll our highly technical and industrialized nation to “green” power, whatever the hell that means, as soon as he became president. Joseph Biden is nothing if not a lying, cheating, influence-peddling politician with a son named Hunter, so not a single person believed him with his leftist campaign promises, but in spite of his lies and his devious ways, he is trying hard to keep the “green“ pledge which promises to destroy economic life in America.

Following his election, Joey killed the Keystone XL pipeline with the first breath he inhaled after being sworn in as president, and shock went through America as Biden removed America from the carefully built status of energy independence that Donald Trump had assembled, with the thousands of high-paying jobs Biden was destroying and with the international harm he was doing by reversing the agreements America had with Canada to pump and refine their oil. Inflation immediately began to raise its ugly head, expressed most obviously with the sharp increase in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Joey became frightened that his already-in-the-dumpster favorability ratings would dip even further, so he began to literally beg Russia and Saudi Arabia to sell us more crude oil, but his ratings fell even further and faster.

Then Joey had the bright idea of robbing America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves of a few million barrels of oil, thereby risking national security if America was suddenly attacked and our military needed those emergency reserves to defend our nation. But the oil that Trump had wisely added to the Strategic stockpile did no good at all in satisfying the nation‘s daily demand for fuel, because everyone knew it was only a political, idiotic maneuver coming from a political, idiotic and stupid Democrat.

Then Putin attacked Ukraine, making the sourcing of fuel imports move from conversational to critical and dangerous, and only after virtually everyone in the nation was up in arms about continuing to buy oil from Russia and thereby helping to fund Putin’s criminal attacks on civilians in Ukraine, our Joey very reluctantly agreed to halt the importation of Russian oil, but couched this hesitant policy reversal that even an imbecile would have done sooner, in the phony cloak of Joey’s humanitarian goodness and compassion.

And to top-off this belated action, Joey then turned to nations not much better than the criminal state of Russia, namely Iran and Venezuela, and began begging those tyrants for some of their evil oil, after the Saudis refused to take his desperate calls for help any longer. But Joey absolutely refused to renew the Keystone pipeline and begin using North American oil again.

This ends the “stubborn” part of this piece in which our idiot president repeatedly understood that his policy of denying America the fossil fuels we need to live our lives was harmful and destructive, but when challenged on this issue, he threw a temper-tantrum and again swore he would not allow the pumping of our own oil, simply because he liked to play the role of the great savior of the world by wearing the mantel of the “green” hero, saving mankind from the lie of warming/change and lowering the level of the oceans. A sensible person could easily confused this stubbornness to be a case of stupidity as well.

But on the stupid side of the story, stubborn Joey sends V.P. Kamala Harris to Poland to discuss strategy in the defense of Ukraine and Eastern Europe from further attacks by Putin, which is the essence of stupid, because Harris has not a brain in her nasal head and embarrasses the United States every time she opens her mouth, because a harsh cackle rolls out with every breath she utters, and mars any event she may be attending.

What a shame that the first female V.P. has to be an advertisement for female scatter-mindedness when there are so many women who could serve well and make America proud and respected in the process.

But this brings us back to the stupid and stubborn title again: Joey made numerous promises based on race (the only consideration he would use when nominating a Supreme Court Justice), sex (his V.P. selection) and fuel ( he insisted that he would quickly move the nation from fossil fuels to “green” power), and even when the security and prosperity of the nation was put at risk, stupid Joey remained stubborn with not only faulty, but plain wrong, thinking, and he had no one in his White House who could drop their wokeness for a minute and advise him to change his mind for the sake of America.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The White House Idiot Finally Halts Russian Oil imports, But What’s Next?

 The idiot occupying the Oval Office finally blocked the import of oil from Russia, which was helping Vladimir Putin wage war on Ukraine, and stuck his chest out as though he were doing some good deed that no one else had thought of and deserved praise for his humanitarian efforts.  But the reason this buffoon finally took this reasonable and much-belated action is not because he’s a humanitarian, but because Democrats and Republicans alike were pushing him to do it, and he always moves with the crowd and never leads. But after making this announcement to do the logical thing in order to give some relief to the Ukrainian resistance, he abruptly turned his back on the press and left the stage, which is weeping Joey’s typical behavior: just run away, like he ran from the invasion he personally caused on our southern border, like he ran from his horrific decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline (and then blamed Putin for the increase in American gas prices), like he ran from his mandates to force masking and vaccinations on us, and like he ran from his imaginary, hallucinatory, pal, Corn Pop.

So, with gas prices increasing at a steeper ascension each and every day, what is going to replace Russian oil as the back-up energy source for Americans who are going broke paying for gasoline under Joey’s dictatorial rule? Not only is our personal use of affordable energy threatened, but where is the energy coming from in case Russia widens the Ukrainian war and our military suddenly has to be fully activated? Idiot Joey has already looted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of millions of barrels of oil in an attempt to silence the huddled masses buying too-expensive gas (which action did absolutely nothing to lower the price of gas and only proves how stupid Biden is for potentially weakening our military of fuel reserves, should they be needed one day).

The White House dunce is so wrapped up in the fossil fuel/electric vehicle thing being run by the ultra-radical left of the Democrat party, that he can’t see the stupidity of his abrupt halt-oil-at-any-price policy. Joey feels superior for forcing Americans to drive electric vehicles against our will, but as we’ve seen throughout history, when government forces change on a nation at the spur of the moment, the results are never positive and only serve to weaken, and perhaps even destroy that nation.

Donald Trump gave America real energy self-sufficiency by reducing regulations and obstacles to domestic oil production, to the point where we no longer had to depend on oil from Russia or the Middle East, but the mindless Joey Biden reversed Trump’s independence-producing policies, and then told us he was going to replace Trump’s actual freedom from oil-exporting enemies overseas by forcing everyone into an electric vehicle, which a majority of Americans can’t afford and don’t want.

The larger drawback to Joey’s “green” plans was made clear to us when the CEOs of Toyota and Tesla, both of which companies are manufacturers of electric vehicles that they would love to sell to us, is that America currently does not have the power-generating capacity to produce enough electricity to charge millions of new electric cars, in addition to the current electricity load of air-conditioners and home heating, and on top of that lack of thought, Joey also wants to deactivate the current coal- and gas-powered power plants and replace them with solar and wind, which would only make the situation worse because the sun is not always shining and the wind is not always blowing. California’s repeated brown-outs are the future of this nation if Democrats continue their insistence on solar and wind power generation. And, by the way, the CEO of Tesla also advised Biden to drill-baby-drill, which seems to be a strange position for a man who has billions of dollars invested in manufacturing electric vehicles, but Elon Musk is a patriot who recognizes  a threat to our nation and its citizens when gasoline is made into an evil monster which should be prohibited, and Joey Biden is a fool who would risk the end of America with his foolish electric vehicle policy.

But, of course, our fool president will not allow the drilling and pumping of domestic oil to take up where Trump left off, so America is screwed with this geriatric dumbo in the White House.

Monday, March 7, 2022

In This Once Free Nation, Our Woke President Has Yet Another Mandate For Us

 Joey Biden is a man who loves to issue orders, or mandates, as they’re known in government, to control our behavior.  He issued mandates to wear masks that we later learned were completely ineffective against an aerosol-borne virus, and he mandated that all citizens receive the covid vaccine, that we later learned was at best a therapeutic and provided no vaccination qualities at all and allowed the disease to spread even with the required boosters. Each of these mandates were emergency creations that we were told would control and stop the covid outbreak, and that because we were in an emergency crisis situation that threatened the lives of the entire nation, the mandates must be followed completely and by everyone.

We now know that there never was a national crisis and that covid only killed those who were already being treated for other diseases that had weakened their immune systems. Nevertheless, we were intentionally frightened by our leftist rulers in Washington with impending death if we did not do what weeping Joey told us to do.

So now comes a new crisis that we are told threatens human existence on earth with erratic storms and high temperatures that will end all life as we know it, and that our automobiles, our commercial jet airplanes, our air conditioners, our forced-air furnaces, in short, everything we enjoy and gives us a convenient and enjoyable life, are to blame for this existential monster lurking in our midst: CO2, created by burning fossil fuels.

However, we have seen no evidence of this monster making our environment hotter, the summer temperature where I live has been the same for years, with the most sustained temperatures over 100 degrees occurring in the 1950s and have not been seen since. But radical Democrats promise that life on earth will be baked completely in about eight years from now (2030 will be our death by fire per Bernie Sanders and AOC, who gave us only twelve years to live beginning in November of 2018, which means that the rising level  of the temperature seems to have leveled out in the last four years, but never mind that minor error in their lying prediction).

But since Democrat politicians have learned that if sufficient fear can be generated among gullible people listening to Joey and CNN telling us how near death we are from their latest existential threat, they can issue worthless mandates and keep us under their thumbs as long as they want us there, so they are in the process of mandating an end to our gas-powered automobiles that we’ve come to depend on to transport us comfortably and dependably on our personal business and pleasure destinations. The automobile is the enemy of the earth, and the gasoline that powers the auto must be eliminated, per Democrat politicians.

And just as the big pharma companies, and the politicians that issued and enforced the vaxx mandates, made fortunes from the supposed threat to American citizens attributed to covid, this corrupt bunch of scoundrels are about to mandate electric vehicles as the savior of humanity, and the profit from this retooling of our transportation industry is making new millionaires of our ruling class and their pals who donate campaign money to keep them in power. Of course a BTU is a BTU whether it comes from an electric engine (which will greatly increase the owner’s home electric bill keeping the car’s batteries charged, and the charge-time is much longer than it takes to fill your gas tank with gasoline) or whether the power comes from a gasoline engine which we are all familiar with and has been providing us with dependable fuel for decades.

But while the government has forced Ford, GM, Chrysler and other manufacturers to begin full electric car production by silently threatening them with regulations and a lack of government contracts for their products if they don’t follow the still-unmentioned mandates, our society is also being threatened with a shortage of electricity to light and keep the temperature of our homes comfortable, because Joey is on a new and stupid march to revert power generation to solar and wind, which we know can’t possibly match oil and natural gas power to generate our homes’ electricity. In fact, the CEOs of Tesla and Toyota have testified that there is not enough power being generated in America to charge all of the electric vehicles being planned and manufactured, in addition to the existing power demand Americans place on our fossil fuel-powered generators. Soon America will begin having brown-outs and black-outs like California has become used to with their dependence on wind power from their deserts.

The unbelievable increase in the price of a gallon of gas, just since Biden took office, is part of this weaning process to electric vehicles, and is the fault of Joey Biden and his forced halting of oil and gas drilling, with his cancelling of the Key Stone pipe line and his insane insistence on keeping American oil and gas production from expanding to meet our own demand, so he is now begging Vladimir Putin to sell us more Russian oil that we must pay for at market value or greater, while oil and gas under American soil is just sitting there unused because the doddering fool in the White House won’t use common sense and use the fuel that Donald Trump made America self-sufficient with just a year ago. And old Joey doesn’t seem to mind that the money he is giving to Putin is being used by that dictator to attack Ukraine and kill innocent Ukrainians. America is paying for those killings and financing those murders, and all because our old, senile resident in the White House has sold his presidency to foolish, radical progressives in the Democrat party, as well as the ruler of Russia, who has given the Biden family millions of dollars. So our reluctance to stand up to Putin as he murders innocent Ukrainians and threatens a wider and more destructive war in Eastern Europe is the result of a corrupt deal between Joey and Putin to keep the Biden family wealthy and to keep Hunter employed with dirty, influence-derived money from Russia.

The supreme idiot, old weepy Joey Biden, has often said that Capitalism without competition is not real Capitalism at all, so where is the Capitalism when corrupt, leftist, Democrat governmental officials decide to cast gasoline vehicles aside and mandate electric-only cars and trucks for every American? Biden’s orders are Socialistic, dictatorial orders, not Capitalist competition. Let’s allow electric vehicles to be made without first outlawing gas-powered cars, and when people realize the extra cost of electric vehicles combined with the severe operating drawbacks as compared with internal combustion engines, the competitive advantages of today’s efficient and long-lasting piston engines will win out.

In the meantime, our elected leaders must stop ruling by mandate, because there is no scientific evidence that warming/change is even happening, and if it is, there’s no evidence that our cars are causing it. These illegal mandates, and the lie of warming/change, are simply lies to frighten people so their actions can be controlled from Washington, just as the citizens of Russia are controlled from Moscow. So let’s stop this fear-mongering nonsense and allow Americans to live free again.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Putin Is Pure Evil, But People Like Joey Biden Are The Real, Existential Problem With The World

 Although Vladimir Putin has never done anything bad to me, I know he’s pure Hitler-level evil, and I’d like to see him terminated and his body left on the steppes of Russia for the crows to feast on.

But, again, Putin has done nothing bad to me or my life (nor has he done anything bad in the lives of decent, non-woke, non-progressive Americans), but Joey Biden has.

Anyone with an ounce of good sense knows that in the span of five years, from 2017 to 2022, life in America went from free, comfortable and pleasant to down-right nasty, because in that span of years we had Donald Trump making life better for the most part of it, and whispering Joey Biden ruining the last year of it. That one, single year (2021) saw all of Trump’s good deeds in making a recovery from the backwards Obama years completely reversed by the first year of the Biden administration. And Putin was the ruling dictator for the entire span of the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations, so we can’t blame Putin for all of the declines we’ve seen this past year of the weeping Biden administration.

Here are some indisputable facts about Joey Biden that make him more dangerous to Americans than Vladimir Putin:

Putin didn’t open the southern border of the United States, Biden did.

Putin didn’t steal the 2020 election, Biden did.

Putin didn’t deprive America of the gasoline Americans need to conduct our daily lives, Biden did.

Putin didn’t call the January 6th rioters insurrectionists and destroy their lives, Biden did.

Putin didn’t construct fencing around the Capitol building and call in the national guard following January 6th, and then throw up the fencing again because the peaceful truckers are headed to our nation’s capitol, Biden did.

Putin didn’t issue a mandate that everyone wear a completely useless face mask, Biden did.

Putin didn’t mandate that all Americans be vaccinated with a drug that is in no way a vaccine and is at best a therapeutic and nothing more, while that same drug is in fact making big pharma and D.C. politicians wealthy as kings because the leftist politicians have mandated its use, and Biden was the main cause of that forced usage.

Putin hasn’t chartered busses and jet aircraft to move and silently relocate illegal aliens around the nation in order to avoid the CNN photographs of chain-link cages housing those who illegally crossed the border, something that Obama initiated with no fan-fare from the Democrat press and that Trump was criticized for doing by those same far-left fools, but Biden has.

Putin hasn’t caused run-away inflation in America, Biden has.

Putin couldn’t have caused the destruction, suffering and death we’ve witnessed in Ukraine if Trump had been president in 2022, but Biden is in the White House, and Putin used Biden’s weakness to unjustifiably attack Ukraine.

Putin hasn’t proposed trillions of dollars in wasteful, leftist taxing and spending in America, but Biden has.

Putin hasn’t proposed a radical change from gasoline powered automobiles to electric cars in America, thereby threatening the tourism industry and automotive convenience for Americans, but Biden has, and he’s using the heavy hand of government to assure that these poorly thought-out, unwise moves be made, in the name of the lie of warming/change.

Although Putin has made a larger and more murderous military mistake by attacking Ukraine, he didn’t make the catastrophic blunder of ignorance that Biden made with his withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only our jitter-stepping Joey could have done such a dumb thing, and caused the deaths of thirteen American military heroes through his stupidity.

Putin didn’t reopen our southern border to the illegal and deadly drugs and human trafficking that had been halted by Donald Trump, Biden did. 

Putin didn’t make the common sense faux pas that caused France to withdraw its ambassador from America for the first time ever, but Biden did.

Putin doesn’t stumble, mumble and stutter-step through each day, embarrassing his nation in his state of mental decline, but Biden does.

Putin hasn’t been kind and cozy to the slavers in China in order to protect the personal wealth of his family, but Biden has, and has been especially protective of Hunter Biden and the millions of dollars in illegal handouts awarded him from China, in exchange for the influence Hunter‘s father is able to offer to the Commies.

Putin didn’t cause the increasing dependence of Americans on the Socialist tendencies of our leftist government, which has caused joblessness and homelessness in mainly Democrat-run cities, but Biden has.

Putin didn’t encourage the idiotic verbiage and posturing of the AOC/Bernie crowd, but Biden gave life to these fools’ destructive ideas in order to get himself elected.

It wasn’t Putin who ignored the burning, rioting and killing in America from Seattle to Baltimore in 2020, which Donald Trump attempted to end but got no response from the Democrat mayors of the cities nor the Democrat governors of the states involved, but it was the silence of Biden, wearing a mask and huddling in his Delaware basement the entire time, who allowed it to continue.

Putin didn’t repeatedly declare the need to “Defund The Police“, but it was Biden and his far-left cohort of fools who took this position, which they are now trying to take back and pretend never happened considering Biden‘s horrible poll numbers, which are destroying his corrupt presidency.

And in Putin’s current military attack on Ukraine, there is no way Donald Trump would be helping the Russian dictator pay for his murderous actions by buying Russian oil, because America would have remained energy self-sufficient under Trump’s leadership, and would not be begging Putin to, please, sell us more of Russia’s dirty oil, as Biden is doing.

In fact I don’t believe there is any way Putin could ever have so successfully destroyed the pleasant lives that America provides to law-abiding citizens and couldn’t have thoroughly torn up our constitution, like Biden has done in just one short year.