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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Biden White House: Where Stupid Meets Stubborn, And Then Becomes Dangerous

 Contrary to any logical, common sense thinking, presidential candidate Joey Biden promised to make the world’s most prosperous and desirable nation free of fossil fuel energy and roll our highly technical and industrialized nation to “green” power, whatever the hell that means, as soon as he became president. Joseph Biden is nothing if not a lying, cheating, influence-peddling politician with a son named Hunter, so not a single person believed him with his leftist campaign promises, but in spite of his lies and his devious ways, he is trying hard to keep the “green“ pledge which promises to destroy economic life in America.

Following his election, Joey killed the Keystone XL pipeline with the first breath he inhaled after being sworn in as president, and shock went through America as Biden removed America from the carefully built status of energy independence that Donald Trump had assembled, with the thousands of high-paying jobs Biden was destroying and with the international harm he was doing by reversing the agreements America had with Canada to pump and refine their oil. Inflation immediately began to raise its ugly head, expressed most obviously with the sharp increase in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Joey became frightened that his already-in-the-dumpster favorability ratings would dip even further, so he began to literally beg Russia and Saudi Arabia to sell us more crude oil, but his ratings fell even further and faster.

Then Joey had the bright idea of robbing America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves of a few million barrels of oil, thereby risking national security if America was suddenly attacked and our military needed those emergency reserves to defend our nation. But the oil that Trump had wisely added to the Strategic stockpile did no good at all in satisfying the nation‘s daily demand for fuel, because everyone knew it was only a political, idiotic maneuver coming from a political, idiotic and stupid Democrat.

Then Putin attacked Ukraine, making the sourcing of fuel imports move from conversational to critical and dangerous, and only after virtually everyone in the nation was up in arms about continuing to buy oil from Russia and thereby helping to fund Putin’s criminal attacks on civilians in Ukraine, our Joey very reluctantly agreed to halt the importation of Russian oil, but couched this hesitant policy reversal that even an imbecile would have done sooner, in the phony cloak of Joey’s humanitarian goodness and compassion.

And to top-off this belated action, Joey then turned to nations not much better than the criminal state of Russia, namely Iran and Venezuela, and began begging those tyrants for some of their evil oil, after the Saudis refused to take his desperate calls for help any longer. But Joey absolutely refused to renew the Keystone pipeline and begin using North American oil again.

This ends the “stubborn” part of this piece in which our idiot president repeatedly understood that his policy of denying America the fossil fuels we need to live our lives was harmful and destructive, but when challenged on this issue, he threw a temper-tantrum and again swore he would not allow the pumping of our own oil, simply because he liked to play the role of the great savior of the world by wearing the mantel of the “green” hero, saving mankind from the lie of warming/change and lowering the level of the oceans. A sensible person could easily confused this stubbornness to be a case of stupidity as well.

But on the stupid side of the story, stubborn Joey sends V.P. Kamala Harris to Poland to discuss strategy in the defense of Ukraine and Eastern Europe from further attacks by Putin, which is the essence of stupid, because Harris has not a brain in her nasal head and embarrasses the United States every time she opens her mouth, because a harsh cackle rolls out with every breath she utters, and mars any event she may be attending.

What a shame that the first female V.P. has to be an advertisement for female scatter-mindedness when there are so many women who could serve well and make America proud and respected in the process.

But this brings us back to the stupid and stubborn title again: Joey made numerous promises based on race (the only consideration he would use when nominating a Supreme Court Justice), sex (his V.P. selection) and fuel ( he insisted that he would quickly move the nation from fossil fuels to “green” power), and even when the security and prosperity of the nation was put at risk, stupid Joey remained stubborn with not only faulty, but plain wrong, thinking, and he had no one in his White House who could drop their wokeness for a minute and advise him to change his mind for the sake of America.